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Amelia Earhart - 140

Amelia Earhart. In the history of aviation, one woman stands out. Dreading a mundane life spurred her on to be a pilot and to attempt flights that most wouldn’t dare at the time. An inspiration to women around the world and an ability to draw large crowds meant that she was a celebrity and an […] The post Amelia Earhart – 140 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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personalized help when you need it and an easy to use website all backed by a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee do at all today at custom ink dot, are you doing tonight and now I'm doing great man awesome, have a quick up date from our sandra bland episode. There is a need to do a correction, we spoke about sandra. I wanted to bring up a example of law enforcement. Doing the right thing
and I brought up the main officer that pulled over a man and the man was buried- the officer and the officer- was cool and you know whatever was brought to my attention that that off- sir actually might have tampered with the camera. only started recording after he had already agitated the driver and then the driver was berating him. He behaved as if he was taking it. He it it sounds like he had multiple. complaints against him and he was trying to prove that he was okay with the public and he was a good officer. So he made the kind of fabricated video which man I didn't question arises,
search, the video, because it was my ace in the whole of this is a perfect example of a cop doing the right thing, and I mean got that wrong it. It's kind of sir send it sad because I feel like all of a sudden that the whole episode is very low, I decided against law enforcement, and that was not my intention by any means, so I have to find another good officer to point out and the police officer that wrote to us and told us about this other main police officer? I know he didn't want us to use uses name your they get officer because you pointed out stake that one of another police officer made and that's all we really want- is honesty and fairness and when there a bad apple messing up. We would like it pointed out- and we would like other officers to point it out. So you did that today. So hey
you are the the hero officer and you're, the guy- that I would buy a beer because you pointed out that this office there wasn't one of the good guys even know. I thought he was so interesting plot to us there yeah. The other note is, I didn't interview last week, sort of an impromptu thing came together rather quickly, but might carruthers of perfect your PA Cast he contacted me and wanted. The interview me about just nice show and so, if you want to listen, you can go to perfect your podcast dot com. It's episode numbers free, and it's also on itunes. If you'd rather get it, there oh and I almost all the way through the air more murray, podcast de more murray documentary, one so enjoying it. So what are we talking about tonight in
tonight, is all about amelia air heart. This is our second attempt at this edifice we had some issues on the first one, so I think this one's going to be so much better and she is probably the most famous female aviator in history, and we can't even Another one can we now. I can't sadly so win when was she alive? When will this would be from aids ninety seven through nineteen, thirty seven. I believe yes, she was born in atchison Kansas, her parents move to consider This or casey K we liked call it, but she ended up staying with her grandparents back and atchison, and ass a little girl a little rebellious and very independent. Her grandparents were fairly old school
and I just didn't joe while with her so event- Lee? She ends up, navigate flying around the planet, the equator and she is up disappearing. So at that point a lot of speculation, alot of theories, lotta issues with what happened to the most famous famous woman in the world at that time. So many crazy stories out there, there's that she, asked on this small abandoned island? That was two hundred miles away from where she was supposed to be. The japanese captured her then used her as a propaganda device. All the way to alien abduction- or something as simple as heard or navigator, took often live day. You know a secret lie,
I think, by the end of the episode yo, he probably will understand that some of these ideas and theories, my appeal a little more far fetched in, and sometimes Our heroes go down and a very non spectacular way. taylor you now. I'm laotian as a child. She was, she rebelled. hence the norm. She would write a bicycle and girls were not supposed do that. She would jump fences and her dress. She would pay much do anything and everything she could to not be ladylike and to doubt you know the disapproval of parents and grandparents, but was it so much that she was rebelling or is perhaps she's just doing things she enjoyed? Will ya Exactly you mean it, it's sad when it's a fall,
of rebellion when you're just doing things that you enjoy at society or your family bills is taboo, but it you know in today's culture and world that these things are so minuscule compared to what's considered taboo. Today it was said that she liked to play with bugs and bones, even when she was a child, not that you know she was a murderer, serial killer and in training, as she was just a you, no more the tomboyish and there So he gave her a nickname of doktor bones because she was rearranging in trying to reconfigure horse bones back into a shape of a horse or whatever. I am sure that you know that was very unladylike, but she she goes on to play football and soccer and other sports.
And in their now she moves by it. I guess she's at this point she's kind of visiting her her parents on the summers and living with her grandparents but she's she's growing up in she's kind of thee, the king pin of her group of her friends and she's the leader. I think that kind of assets sets the personality in the stage up for a woman that ends at breaking records later on in life. Yes, she stays with her grandparents, basically to go to school and Acheson. Her grandparents had a much nicer place to stay at, whereas her parents, they didn't, really have as nice a place to live in because Her father would move for work. So when you look to see where they live, they sort of lived in all kinds of places because he would just go and
fine work and then they would move their hair. The reason her dad move. So much is because he developed a drinking problem, and I dont know for certain, but I the feeling that the reason why he started drinking was because of his job, he was a lawyer. I could imagine it being stressful and sometimes you're habits come you're. Bad habits become your crutches in this sort of contributed to or because they move so much. I dont she's, probably very much like some military kids are. they're not really rooted in a spot. This would go on to affect the rest of her life. I think gear. They I think they moved her. Parents moved can't. City, Kansas and then I they moved up till I am going iowa and then back to kids, eddie Missouri and now something that I actually didn't know was she's from the same
cities are so how's she she just she want to do our own thing. There's something else that made me relate to her besides location is, it is she didn't go to her high school graduation and pick up her diploma. Neither did I I graduated high school but I didn't go and buy a capping gown on ngo walk. The stage has adjusted didn't mean anything to me. I knew I graduated and that's all I cared about same with her. I had better things to do so very practical sense of the world. I guess so after she moves there's a point at which her parents or into mine iowa, and she moves up there. And she and I going to the state fair and it's the first time she's been too long,
and she sees an airplane there and funny enough. She takes a look at this airplane and she hasn't think much of it. She thinks it looks pretty poor. I guess, like I said her. Father was an alcoholic, and this ended up causing a problem between. He and his wife, though his mother leaves him. Let's kind. go over the family roadwork there's Amelia and there's her younger sister muriel and the father is edwin and the mother is Amy as the alcohol ism and because he just not consistent, he can't keep a job a meal his mom takes the kids and moves to saint Paul minnesota. So this is a nineteen thirteen. A few years later
Amelia is graduating high school and she graduates high school in Chicago. So again, as we talk she's all over the place, yeah poor girl never really probably had any foundation or solid friendships. Back then, I didn't go to deep into my reading on where she went to high school. I just understood that He chose thy school because she had an interest in science and apparently they had a well regarded science programme. There it s seem like anything. She put her hands on or any, she put her mind too. She was really good at it. She was determined you now I mean if she's called doktor bones as a child, I mean it's, she probably could have been a pathologist or you know one of the early archaeologists or something you wanted to go that rout sight. She had so much potential, there's something that I find interesting, which is when she
is a teenager. She kept a scrap book and she would collect newspaper articles about women who had excelled Firstly, in fields where men were typically excelling, not women, she seem to want to aspire to the great too you could see that in the scrap book, so sort of ay, inspirational book or roma a book or something she noticed. She knows where she wants to go. Yes, he wants to go up. She wants to do something great in nice in eighteen, which is this is ten years after she saw her first airplane and remember then aeroplanes were not not common like they are today. So a nineteen eighteen she's with her friend at the at the current. State, fair whatever, but when, when the, when the air shows going on her friend either,
just not dig in hanging out the family or whatever, but they kind go off to a little area by themselves to see the airship better to have a better view, while this stunt pilot is putting on a show and at some point, dives at the crowd not not to take them out of court, but just to do a fly over, make it calling for the audience and his friend, she is she's freaked out. Amelia stands or ground and just takes it in, and this is obviously the this moment where she's impressed and that the plane really strikes her tat taken in by the bye flight she's taken in by it the love of flying. That's that's the seed right. There, I believe, is a nineteen eighteen. She goes and teach to attempt to go into medicine. She does a year a pragmatic, columbia university, but she doesn't stick with it.
and she is at moving to los angeles california to live with her parents who have now reunited yeah. It was kind of a weird thing because their parents work probably gonna get a divorce, but the grandparents had an inheritance and they had pretty much, not a pre, not a rules or provisions that d husband nor her father would not get the inheritance if there where split up. I don't know all the finite details to it, but essentially it it behooved him to stick around because he wouldn't get the money or he wouldn't get the properties one. Nineteen twenty and by this point, emilius twenty three years old, she enough there is an error, show on long beach, and there is at the time a very famous pilot by the name of frank hawks. He takes her for a ride in his airplane
once she gets two or three hundred feet off the ground. She says she knew who she had to fly. So the experience was, unlike you could look back and say, will be the year pre met it wasn't doing anything for she probably get have done that, but it just it wasn't big enough. It wasn't and enough it wasn't something that when you have a you write down what what your dreams are prima. It is not on that not for her she's thinking bigger. I I think she was just going with the flow of what most women did for work back then, which was take care of wounded soldiers. I think that was just the big popular kind of career thing, then search during a war one she was helping them. Wounded, sir, a soldiers that came back from the war and a lot of them had a spanish flu during her
time, nursing them in assisting them. It said that she actually came down the flu or got very sick herself, and am I come into play later. I dont really see her doing that as her dream, either by the flight. She was up there for ten minutes in the plane and her dad had paid ten dollars for the flight, so not bad. I heard that she loved the flight and it's what sparked her interest in flying but she thought the pilot was a little arrogant and possibly by just gruffer kind. Not not the most she didn't want, she wouldn't want to learn from him more frank hawks had been. in the royal flying core. This is, This is something that also very interesting. Even oh, she may have had a look issue with frank in his ego, possibly when she was volunteering at a military,
hospital, which was the it was toronto. Spina military hospital. There's a man there by the name of mister, roger anderson and- Anderson would tell her stories about the royal flying corps, and she loved to hear stories about about this group. So she had heard about this group and then she ends at meeting the most famous guys from that group later on yeah. She doesn't ask him for fine flying lessons if she had some from in the following year. She starts working different jobs. because she needs money for flying lessons flying lessons. I think we're gonna cost her about a thousand dollars you. I think she ended up spending like two thousand. Where's altogether, which could have bought light for five, hark back. Then I mean it was just. She would have been better off as a retard
for some other outrageous to hobby. But flying is not cheap was working, different jobs, some of those jobs like driving a gravel truck again, not working very well with any of her family. They just they just frowned upon this and said it is not something a young lady should be doing and Amelia did not care what they thought. But the interesting thing is since her mother We had such an issue with some of these jobs. She was working. She started to help her out with the money she needed so that she could get her flying lessons so that she would quit working some of these jobs. I could see that yeah because she doesn't the job. She's doing are dangerous and two point where it might screw up her dream if she were to get injured or whatever. So what says she finds a pilot to help her. and it is a woman internet. Is indeed a snook. This is this is funny, but she
Really love is the look of the pilot and female pilots would cut their harris, way. They redress a certain way and Amelia loved it. So she I didn't have a worn leather jacket. You know the classic yeah or in leather jacket. These pilots were so. She actually would just sleep in her jacket, hoping it would mess it up a little bit, so it it. I guess so it would look like- would have character. It's kind of like how we were faded. Jeans are torn up jeans today. You know you can't have crisp jeans and she wanted her hair cropped short. Like the other female pilots, but her mother did not want her to have boys hair. So she see plan this out. She stopped cutting her hair, but she only cut off so much at a time so that it was very gradual. It wasn't in one fell swoop. She didn't just cut it off one day she action
they took her time and cut it off a little here and there and over time she got to that. Look sees a chameleon. Why? I think it's part of its survival really knows what she wants and she's heading towards it, and her family could trip her up so she's doing the best she can, I think, but she's not giving up any of our dream. That's for sure she gets help from her mother. This is about six months after she starts taking flying lessons from india. Snook she's got a job sorting mail at a telephone company again because mother doesn't want, heard working men's jobs. She needs help Amelie out and Amelia's. Next step is not just flying lessons. Now she wants a plane of her own yeah yeah. She has to buy one so on July, twenty first of nineteen, twenty one. She buys her first plane and it's a use
kintner air stir and it was bright, yellow I've heard some people say she painted it. Mostly though I see that it was just yellow from the beginning. I couldn't tell you, I don't know by it. It was nickname. The can free and had arranged a three hundred miles. Its top speed was eighty five miles per hour. It's cruising speed was, I think, seventy or seventy five and it had a sixty horse power engine. That's it and it topped out at fourteen thousand feet altitude, but it was her plain now. She had something that she could is in and get used to and these planes back. Then this isn't a top of the line plain. I wouldn't get in this thing, but you really had to control the plane. yeah. There's nothing automated about it.
every little aspect. Has to be constantly controlled from what I understand, but sir, but the following year october, twenty second nineteen, twenty two: she sets a new altitude record of fourteen thousand feet as high as she can go in her little play yeah and then because she's got she's flying so much now in nineteen twenty three, she becomes the sixteenth woman to get her pilots licence, which that's somethin I mean I know she's, not the first, or this you want, but the sixteenth I mean come on, that's big deal. I find it interesting because there's there are fifteen women before her I don't know who they are right, I mean we don't have a list. Their names were there they're, not in the newspapers in their not at the fair, as famous as amelia, is today Dorothy
tells me, is that it comes down to her personality, like we said before, she sees got big dream, These other women probably may have even better pilots for all we know, but they didn't make their mark no, not in the way that she had. So I know that when she got her of pilots licence one of the tests they have to do for this say dead, stick landing where your mile up in the sky- and you got your engines in you- have to land the plane with no engines. That's it. saying like that that'll be that'll, the f, a f, a a the. You know that that doesn't fly today, yeah, that's what they would, one of the things that have to do back then, so that scary, it was. Easy to get your pilots licence and when she had it, I think it didn't matter.
Or if it was a male or female pilot day. They were all pretty much accepted and that that group, because a viewer, you know a pilot. That means you, you had to go through some dangerous staff to get. There in nineteen twenty, eight theirs going to be a planned flight across the atlantic and she's gonna, be the first woman to quote unquote, navigate the atlantic. Well, I don't know about navigate because she's not flying the plane, This is her off to no end, live and move it. Pisses me off, I think, she's on one hand, sheep thinking. Why do I wanna beyond this? If I'm not the pilot there, I'm just a token one sitting here sheep. I think she refers to herself ass, a bag of potatoes yeah, but I think Gav
It's still gonna put her on the record books yeah. I think that's what gets her on the plane true, but it doesn't go very well. The flight, actually they didn't plan the weight very well and literally, by the time they reach their destination, they're out of gas and judges in a bad way, and they in upon tune plain and a rope off to a buoy and rescued, essentially, both by the time she its land she's a hit. She is on all the news, huge celebrations in the street, This is a woman that is being celebrated for getting stuffed on, unlike paris, hilton and kim kardashian of today, who are famous for being here mate. May people may not know this, but woman on that plane, their friendship was name the plane.
And she wanted to be the one on the slight by her fan. Did not water on the flight. It became too much by hassle for her to try and do this but she still wanted a woman on that flight and one of the people who was part of a group putting this together was publisher by the name of george Putnam, and he liked Amelia, and this is how amelia gets asked to be on this fight now or she asked to agree and she does. As we said, it's a success and she gets very famous, despite her saying I didn't do anything. I was a bag of potato, a bag of potatoes and keeping a log book I think there was five other women that actually had attempted to cross the atlantic before this and A few of them were never found again, nobody made it so she was the first one to actually make it yeah the the fly
it lasted twenty hours and forty minutes well, george putnam who had already worked with charles limburg on a book thought Emily should have a book and this book twenty hours, forty minutes at the time and it's all about her flight across the atlantic. I haven't read it. I dont know what she would say, but I'm sure it was, the time wool and back then flying was the big thing It was the industrial revolution it was. We have accomplished something more now. Flight is still in its infancy, so anyone doing anything flying related is gonna. Get me recognition right there. So because george is worked with her on this book and tease helping to remoter, he becomes your manager. Basically,
I don't know they sit down a drop forms, but they do start working together, george and amelia seen together a lot, so people start thinking, are they maybe there's something going on here, but people that new george george and his wife were going in several directions jam in once they ended up separating his wife was remarried within a month and george guy with Amelia. So it was it was bound to happen. There was a mutual understanding. I think I nineteen twenty nine. He and his wife have divorced. Amelia enters a derby. It's the women's air derby. Although that's not what has famously known as an she placed third- and there is criticism here, because She had easily the fastest blame there, but shoes sportsmanlike and
carried luggage in loads from other pilots who had smaller play and not enough room, so they kind of gave her like a handicap and ape delayed pilots and stuff because she was overburdened with all the other pie stuff right. So, as I said, george and Amelia seemed close, and- You might wonder, are: is this just a business relationship? What's the deal here Currently they had a lot in common. They both really love to do stuff. You know outdoors hiking in fishing in and things like that they had things in common and they are both driven p palatine isn't just about banks and treadmills, it's a team of instructors, ready to motivate you twenty four, seven with palatine. There are literally thousands of class
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I don't think I didn't really see it as a media push because again they had things in common and. people that were in the families seem to verify that when they were behind closed doors, they did act like husband and wife by and here's the interesting part is the day of her wedding. She handsome a letter that tells him he can't really be lock down. but she may need time to just go away into her thing and that
Essentially, she sang I may need time. I can always be your wife and I won't hold you to all of the duties that a husband would normally be held to she's, not getting married to be tied down. She seeing enough good things out this marriage that she's married by it but she's, leaving it open, leaving and now. This is not our traditional marriage, in other words specially for the time, definitely not or traditional merge from even today that's kind of look down upon. Yes, she kept her last name, which I understand that, but it's our independent spirit. I think that we should focus on the most when we talk about this, because I dont think she's being wishy washy, I think she's,
it's really independent, though she knows exactly what she wants. It's not wishy washy, it's she's going to get out what she wants out of it and if it doesn't work out, she can just leave. She never once feel stuck and she never wants to feel like she's, not moving up the ashley is into george. The primary thing is she was independent and that overrode everything but george allowed her to live out her dreams. He was her agent, her manager, and he helped her pushed her pr circuits the the book, all these things conor to that next level he knew well she's them most famous woman in in the world right now. So we have to manage this. Maybe two even his dismay. She would take it up another notch and say:
well we're gonna. Do this now and peep wasn't always on board with all her decisions, but he was on board as her manager yeah they describe as a partnership with dual control. One thing I really happy to see. I think this is something that may be everyone should consider doing, but when they set their bows, the word obey was omitted to love and obey. no obey. She wasn't going to obey anyone but herself. So I like that. I think I don't think anybody should have to obey their partner. I think you do things out of out of love or respect my my wife had it changed a husband and wife, and not man and wife cause man and wife are insinuates possession yeah. So it's great that we know she's thinking about all this stuff. It's! I guess you know, if you think back to the scrap book,
and you see how her wedding, when this is one who is very much needed, man just very pro woman. Yes, she wants women to do more and to strive for more so so you can see where she's already thinking about inspiring other people. Here we went over how she was the first woman to fly across the atlantic. Yeah. There are others that have tried. There are men that have tried that they couldn't do it why nineteen thirty two she fly, solo across the atlantic. This is for reels. Now. This is a really her doing it. Yes, she's doing it, she had a lockheed vega which at the time was a very good playin. It took her fourteen hours, fifty six mats and she flew two thousand and twenty six miles, not an easy flight because she doesn't end at where she intended to go. She actually ends up in ireland. I believe instead
england, but she still did in less time than per first. It's I'd, maybe it maybe. I shouldn't be considered odd that the press darts asking her about if she can bake things like this and you, I think it's kind of insulting, especially this is a woman who is, she is not you're right, What this is someone who's aspiring for more, but she has sort of a sense of humour because she accepts the award on behalf of all women, even bakers, now she's, most famous, though, because at some point she's going to announce to the world that she wants to take a fly around the world and not just around the world, because men have done it. She wants to take a flight. They goes around the equator, which is a much
greater distance and if she had flown up much higher to the north or the south, there's a man by the name of wily post, who was the first pilot my soul around the world and giving idea about the difference here. The trip that he took was fifteen thousand. And four hundred and seventy four miles in june of nineteen thirty one that took him eight days sixteen hours. He did it again, solo is the first time he had a navigator, the second time, He did it solo in seven days. Nineteen hours say don't know of perhaps the weight difference, not another body on their perhaps helps I'm not sure what I mean is not just another body. It's the food in and supplies for that person, also as true by it
and this is something that people may not know about, but they should, because he had a friend who is very, very famous at the time will rogers yeah and he will rogers decided to fly to alaska and they crashed and died in alaska, and that's because the tanks aboard the plane the way understand it we're. check properly. So it created an imbalance because some of the tanks in I think the front had em feed and then the once or the backward full, and so the plane
there's no way it was going to take off the way they thought it was and it crashed and they both died. So will rogers wiley post fail? They didn't make it so as much as a putnam is her manager and keeping her on a tight schedule with everything she wants to up the ante and she wants to navigate the earth herself around the equator and he. He's cool with it, but not now, not onboard really. Really. In fact, I think at one point he he says he wants to go with her and she says no, she said she would rather have a hundred eighty pounds of fuel the plane than him because he would be kind of useless and I just think of the logistical nightmare of planning. This trip out. I mean
Just just imagine planning a trip around the world on commercial airlines in an raining at airports, and just seeing the sites and then finally making it home. It's it's crazy. Now you think back then, where there weren't even airports at half the places she was landing. She had to make sure that there was food and supplies where she was landing. I don't even know how this was possible for her, but she planned it all out and I'm sure, took much if not years well. Well, actually, they announced it. Wouldn't nineteen, thirty, six, cracked, yeah and
in nineteen. Thirty seven is when they attempt, but they had to contact about twenty different countries hm it's it's a huge distance here we said before the wiley posted it and it was fifteen thousand some odd miles, but that was not at the equator. The equator you're talking a huge distance, which is what is that probably close to double that? Isn't it it's a twenty nine thousand miles around the earth at the equator, so you are right. It's about double! On the from the other guy's flight flight path. They actually modified her plane, correct. They took out everything in the whole of the the plane and replaced it with gas tanks.
Big gas tank. So she would have enough fuel to get from some of the long stretches on along her up path. She had to find a navigator to weather the plane is a lockheed electra which at the time was the first off, metal plain and was pretty advanced, her first navigator harry manning is very world renowned as as a great navigator, but he doesn't end up being her navigator for her her flight. happens. There will early on they try to take off from his role. Our YA thing is prohibited and she has an accident where it's either she's, it up or the tire blue or delay in gears suffered a problem either way, I think it spooks him, because amber, she may be holding quite unaware records at this point
and people know who she is, but that doesn't mean it all. The other pilots out there, especially men, are that confidence in her and this may be a sign that yeah. Maybe I don't want to be on this big flight. This is this is never done by anybody successfully not around the equator, so yeah there as well. Take off from hawaii and in point in ireland, but there this was take off from their landing gear crushes during take off. pretty much manning's like. I don't think this is for me cause that's right off the bat they have a wreck, the airplanes put on a boat taken back to california.
Repaired and they literally reverse their entire trip. So, instead of going from the west coast or even hawaii across asia, instead they go across amerika NGO, the opposite direction, while, as your plans change in your dates change their checking. Whether so I think that the head wins and things like that affect the trip, so once the trip has to be moved a little bit. Then they just moved all flight path, so manning doesn't want to go so she has to find a new navigator for this second attempt and what is his name or fred noon, and he had left pan american because he has a drinking problem. Where's the scene, cement, by he's supposedly a very, very good navigator, but he's old school, where manning knew the new equipment and knew how to use a radio,
noon in really doesn't know that stuff he's old school. He uses the stars and- and things like that, and I could see why that might appeal to amelia cause she's kind of old school also when it comes to Our piloting, yes, she's old school. She doesn't know anything about radio were morse or any of you know anything that could assist hurry. You could say the modern equipment it so weird that morse code was the modern Well, it's just something else they could use now they ve taken the most treacherous part of their trip. That was going to be the beginning and they switched around to the end. If you work
fired, if you're, you know the sons in your eyes. If you have this chain of events that is working against you, it's going to cause a lot more problems than if you were fresh and adding to deal with a hard part of this journey. So I think it's a mistake to reverse the entire trip, but Hey, I wasn't there at a given the viceroy every time she takes off from somewhere. She has her plain loaded down with you and then she can make it a certain distance and she asked to calculate what kind of headwinds she may be facing and that determines where she can go. So if she she can fly for ten hours say then she can choose some place. That's ten hours ahead that they ve clear
heard where they can land and get supplies and rest or whatever. But this is a complicated thing, because you're traveling, sometimes over land, where the weather is probably more predictable, but then once you're flying over the ocean, especially the pacific, the weather is less predictable, so she had done extensive tests to see what would happen with her fuel given different wins different altitudes. How much she, when she had a really run the engine to climb She had an idea of how much feel she'd have and how long she could go, given the conditions that were predicted would, which is astounding, because she didn't have doppler radars back, then she did
I built and jp ass she barely would have even ground contact to ask what's the weather like. So this is really really by the seat of her pants. While she, yes, she can contact people and get tat, get their prediction on what the weather is gonna be like by it. This is just something that may be works most of the time, but you can't say it's guarantee, while they're on their their flight around the world. they their landing in different places, and it said that new in, is gone. on benches on some of their there. A little weaken passes that they're going on were ill escaping from their trip. She's, giving up dates about her trip, she's keeping journal entries in one and it is said that at some point along their trip they might-
beginning along so well and could be because he's drinking in sheep. He had an alcoholic father and her life. It's you know the environment she's in this metal plane. So when it's hot, it's really hot, they don't have air conditioning in here crack a window. If you need air They don't have you know if it's raining or hailing it's just loud. She has a funnel she's wearing men's underwear. So she can relieve herself new
This is actually about. They say like ten feet back and he's got this. Stick this long! Stick that he'll put notes on and that's how he passes the notes up to her, because the fuel tanks, essentially in between the two of them, so she has to reach back and grab notes off a stick writer reply. They can't hear each other because you so far away. She is also it said that after the spanish flu and after she was doing her nursing and helping wounded soldiers at her sinuses and all that were never write again then I don't know if it was actually
the spanish flu that had anything to do with it or she just was born a bad sinuses, but I can't imagine being in an airplane, a hot, miserable, uncomfortable airplane for that long and getting along with anybody really beyond the flight. She would. She didn't seem to want to take too much food as because Is she apparently had stomach issues, so she would bring water tomato jews, her hot chocolate? Well, it is interesting to note that one or one hundred chance that macao yeah that's just goin across the atlantic, so yeah think about that. You know that you're gone from too, thousand some hundred miles to twenty nine thousand miles, so she- a one on one hundred chance, but she makes it
all the way pre much around the world, yet almost three quarters of the trip, I guess yeah So where's her her final stop is in new guinea in that, yes, in lay new guinea and new guinea's interesting because the island is actually set out very well for planes. They have to ship things in an out. So that's not the difficult part getting their new guinea's guineas, not the problem. The problem is there. Next up after new guinea is Howland island howland island is not very large. Two miles long, half mile wide, it's very, very small, so What they do is they station a ship that can help guide her in and what they do as they can monitor the radio and as she's in closer, they can help
IRAN, because you know her voice will become louder and clear as she gets close or to how an island now, depending on your outfit you'd, how an island easy there now so easy to find or almost impossible to find its smaller than an airport, so he's up and she has her or she's up there in the all suite. But then a storm comes in now. There's cloud cover. What do you do with that? So she has to go below now. She has to go down to a thousand feet which If you're only a thousand feet up you're not going to find how an island so easy, because the higher. You are the more it's. It's simple neo, if you're in a coup, driving down the road in your seated up higher like a truck you'd, better visuals, then, if
you're in a low riding sports car. She knows that this last leg is the most treacherous they have about helping them. She probably would have been better off, which is having an aircraft carrier out there and just landing on. It has opposed to landing on this island, but its it'll work and that's kind of the inn between point between new guinea and hawaii, so she's flying towards Helen island. But there is some factors coming into play that are going to hurt her her trip here That is, she left behind some equipment because both she and fred noon in more familiar with the equipment. They didn't really know how to work at anyway, so she left her trailing wire antenna behind and her morse code equipment behind it added exe wait according to them and it was just wasted. There was wasted,
because they didn't know what to do with it anyway, so if they knew how to it, they knew how to use it. I think they would have kept it it's it becomes dead. Why? when they don't know what you're doing with it anyway, the I think some would call into question leaving that stuff behind, but that's that's the choice they made. She ends up reporting The headwinds are much stronger than she had anticipated. So, as we talked about earlier, if she's flying the winds, are twelve miles per hour. Then her calculated fuel consumption will be fine and I believe that land on how an island no problem, but if it's over twice the amount just eaten the gas it will, it will reduce the amount of fuel. She has more quickly now she's going to run out of fuel before she had planted not if you there's nothing out here, except howled and island, and then there is another
island. That's I think it's like twenty thirty mile things like twenty miles out. Reading that other than how an irish another nothing three hundred and twenty five miles, but maybe there's its You can't land on this other island is just a tiny little rock in the ocean and typically when you're trying to find an island out in the middle of nowhere. You would enders to next to each other. How in ireland in this other island, you would aim in between them so noon in as a experience, navigator would probably told her. turn right or veer right, a little bit or veer east by a few degrees, and that should take us in between the islands and therefore you have two landmarks to spot, as opposed to one flying straight to harmonise and island
now between the uncomfortable illness of the cockpit, between the headwinds, its possible that Amelia said we just gotta go straight there. We can't view right and spot check, landmarks and then circle back around. We just gotta go straight to this island and land is a possibility there. It's it's some it's what some people theorize was abe. An argument happening on the earth and between noon in saying, veer, right and Amelia, saying no, I'm gonna go straight straight to the island. So there's this. is that how an island name the tasker theirs man by the name of LEO bell arts and he's the one that's supposed to be communicating with Emily our heart and he can hear her. But there are some issues here. Emily doesn't We know how to operate her radio so-
Her voice is going out, but then, on the other hand, bell arts, radio frequency that emilius tuned into She cannot receive a signal from belarus because belarus, outgoing signal, as at a frequency that won't transmit voice, so she wouldn't get it anyway, so she's talking but they're they're here an urban she's, not hearing them yeah she's, letting them know what's going on with her and what kind of conditions she's facing aunt says: she's getting updates and that's to. Let them know where she sat. So, even if she can't hear them she's, hoping that they are picking her up and can at least verify oh yea she's on the right path. So I don't know how good that is, but it's something and according to bell arts, she is.
it's coming in clearer and louder so she's coming closer and at some point he actually gets up and heads out. So he can look for because he feels like she is getting really close and Amelia had stated that she felt she was almost on them, so she was expecting to be able to find Helen. I went to very soon, but she doesn't come across it
yeah doubt that we know of and bell arts never sees her ass. He closed his eyes and tries to listen and he doesn't hear her either, which surprised them, because basically he has like ask a rating scale from one to five. The rating he was giving her meant that she should have been pretty close between twenty and thirty miles away. Is her last broadcast? The last thing she says this is the morning of July in nineteen, thirty seven and at seven, forty, two she's speaking to them she's using the radio I she says we must be on you, but cannot see. You began his rang low been unable to reach you by radio calling a task here. We are circling but cannot hear you. This is this is kind of eerie because that's a temporary to by forty three she sounds worried.
very worried and she says we are on the line at one. Fifty seven, three, thirty seven. We will repeat message: we I repeat, we are running on line north and south. The coastguard. Is there trying different frequencies they're trying to reach her so that maybe she would call back in and say? Oh I hear you now, but it's not working. It's almost like she's getting colder and colder like getting further away. I dunno, I think what happens, is she's therefore their flying back and forth in a pattern to hopefully run across and see where the landmarks, like, you said, yeah whether be how an island or baker island. So, because she had run into headwinds that were much stronger and because of the cloud cover and stuff and she had to gunnar engines more than she had anticipated. Her fuel is not going to last her as long as she had.
Calculated. They feel as though that was the last broadcast they they feel like. That, may have been it there I mean they don't hear from her again and they react quickly. They send out ships and they sort of calculate worst. They think she may have gotten gotten to because they did feels, though she was close
so they send ships off in certain directions to look for her and they don't find anything they they. They have a massive search and rescue mission for her, because this is you know the number one woman in the world right now. She is the most famous woman. She is, you know if it, if there's any possibility of rescue they're going to try to make it happen, and they end up searching about the size of texas over there with rescue boats and ships, and I I think they set out pretty much most of the navy and and multiple airplanes. It was ten ships and sixty five airplanes yeah, which was, I believe, the most it was the largest search ever conducted at the time. It was so costly that deep
Presently, the united states was actually criticized for it during the campaigns which she had helped to help the present campaign. Did she not yeah? So here we are she's gone. I don't understand how aliens really factored into this. I dont even under stand how japanese capturing her greenwood did. She happened to come down next to a japanese freighter will if they miscalculated. How far away she was if she landed at another island, it could have been an island where a japanese ship could have come by and noticed that this is again it. It depends on how much stock you put into the reports here
there is bell arts testimony what he says, he felt that she was very close and there is also something called the chaytor report, which outlined exactly what kind of fuel consumption was likely happening and kind of gave you an idea of. What's like the hair. So again, we said it's a huge distance between how an island and anything else that she could have landed on their. So
If you go by that report, it seems to put her either since she didn't land on how an island it seems to put her in the water, because the other island was way south. So if she didn't veer right the way noon and might have taken her in between baker and Howland, then she would have continued straight, which is more north, and I just can't believe that she would have enough fuel to zigzag down to three hundred miles to get to the gardener island.
I'm not even going to try to pronounce a japanese name cause I'll butcher it, but that's one of the theories, but it's so far away that it just doesn't make sense. I know that they say they found items on that island like a pocket watch and they found a woman's leather shoe, but it was the wrong size. It was two sizes too big, so that it doesn't fit. Although the the the the data that fits you know it's a thirty nineteen thirties shoe, but it's too big and then they also found a skeleton which appeared to be a female skeleton, but they didn't have any conclusive evidence after testing it. That would show that it was Amelia earhart skulls,
and yeah. So I I know people want to believe that one, but at the same time people want to believe that their hero went down in a blaze of glory, as opposed to horribly crashing into the ocean I don't see any other way. This goes. I don't if the japanese actually captured her, they would have bragged about it or they would have just given her back and used her as a bargaining token, I don't see that in in the chances of her just happening across a japanese freighter. And somehow this job and his freight are not even being seen by the huge rescue effort. It is doesn't gel for me. You say that people don't want to think that she just crashed that she's, this hero, she's above everyone,
and she's we didn't set records on a flame right. I mean she. She did things that were amazing back then, but you have to kind of understand the risks that were involved in this. She made it clear as she did. She had a letter that she left with george and it basically said that she understood the risks, but that wasn't going to stop her she'd rather have a big risky life than a quiet safe one. Oh it's like r r astronauts. Today, or fire men or anyone that puts themselves and in harm's way there no less a hero there, no less
in idle or air or anything there. They still are doing what they love and it is quite possible that they will die doing what they love and she's no different. I remember when the challenger exploded when I was a little kid and you know that's just the way they went and it's sad state of affairs and I'll think Amelia heart went in any other way. Besides air navigation in a terrible accident wreck, But I was researching this. I noticed that some people throughout history had criticised her for not flying often enough, because she would often fly on weekends, whereas other pilots would fly every day or mostly every day. But to me it wasn't about whether she was the best pilot it was about. She was the most ambitious.
She knew enough. She knew how to fly a plane and she knew how to test the plain to see will how to prepare for these long flights. I think that That is evident in the way that she was able to fly solo across the atlantic. I don't think she did that by accident you can say it is a little luck involved, but enough other people have died. I think what they were saying was in between her flight and charles limburg. Slight, which was, I thinking I want to say, was in nineteen twenty seven when he went across the atlantic. I think fourteen different people had died in the meantime. My garage so not safe and began people criticise here. I think it's ridiculous, because it's not about her being the best. She was just ambitious and give her credit, because she did things on our own terms and she also tried to be an inspiration for women and let them know don't let me
I'll, tell you what you are or what you can't be leave your dreams aspire from war and its people like Amelia that I think have done wonders more people around the world who otherwise might not have thought about giving their dreams a chance. That's my take away on this is that she truly as an inspiration, and she was a skilled pilot and aunts. Why cheesy only female pilot you, and I can name here and not that were into gender planes back she's. The only pilot I can I know there is Charles lindbergh and of course, people will call her lady lindbergh or lady lindy, but I don't know if that's fair, because she wanted to do things as amelia earhart, not charles lindbergh, not
eighty lindy so radically Do you hear that its little space her mind for me become is a mediterranean pie. Gasped in fifteen minutes are, alas, become your space to unwind. Listen. Exclusively on amazon, music, or simply tell your echo device, alexa play the podcast become,
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