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February 12, 2010. Huntsville, Alabama. On February 12, 2010, Amy Bishop, a biology professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville stood up during a routine faculty meaning and shot six of her colleagues, killing three. After the news of her arrest hit the headlines, details of her past began to emerge, including what was ruled as the accidental shooting death of her 18-year-old brother in 1986, in which Amy was on the other side of a 12-gauge shotgun. There was more, too. In the end, many were left wondering how it was that Amy Bishop was ever in a position to do harm again.

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Join wonder plus in the wondering app to listen ad free from wonder. in the How are you doing tonight are good Justin. How are you doing? I'm ok, getting ready for travel and stuff. Has there been anything in the news lately? Yes, I think we had talked about this a long time ago. Just between the two of us
There was an argument that asked related inside of a movie theater in Florida. Back in me and involved, a seventy nine year old man and a forty three year old man. and apparently the younger guy had been texting and the her gentlemen getting more and more ticked off about it and ask late at the point where popcorn was thrown and then a gun was fired. The younger man was killed, so the older man shot and killed him cause, he claimed he feared for his life that was back in what twenty fourteen so this is now getting resolved. Yet this end, up. I could say, as a self defense argument, stand your ground law well. long story short when everything is done, this man was acquitted. He walked free.
He had been charged with second degree murder, but now, She can say that this is how the system decided what to do with them. Yeah I I can't come up, with any reason for stand your ground or any sort of self defence case here because You know if you are having a problem with somebody in a movie theater you can go and tell management. You can go and tell somebody that works at the movie theater. That you're having an issue with another patron and they'll take care of it. That's right, you, don't have to engage with them at all and die. harp on this? A lot? If carrying a weapon on you, a deadly firearm- you need to avoid all conflict at all I would not have a quit at this gentleman would have found him guilty myself because he had numerous ways and escaped to get out of this situation and He chose to use
before force. Instead, he could have got up and walked out. could have gotten management. He could have done a lot of things, but instead this is He chose to do and I don't see how it's justified at all, but I like to hear other people's takes on it why certainly didn't sit through the trial. So I don't know if there any craft e r, it's there, but just basis of knowing that he had if the firearm on him and that was the one engaged? this gentleman in an argument when that guy, in probably aware of him until that point makes me like he's the one who escalated all this on his own, so I I think it's unfortunate that this is how it ends, because for the vote, his family, this aspect very frustrating knowing that. All, he was doing, was texting, and at this other guy picked a fight with them and finished it with a gun. Now, did you see insane to me, but
my condolences go out to the victim's family and as someone who grew up working in a movie theater, but just instead, absolutely correct. All you it is go and find someone who works at the theatre or ask for manager, and they will take care of someone texting and will be there, of course, back when we feel that you didn't have cell phones, but they do in force that but can you do take the law into your own hands? I guess sometimes you can get away with it. So tonight's case Aaron a lot of people use the term they snapped she snapped there's even a whole tv series called snapped where somebody Kelly loses control and commits a heinous crime of some sort. So knight's case is all framed in a way that person didn't have any record
they didn't have any history of mental health issues they just snapped one day. So with that, What are we talking about tonight tonight? We're talking about the February 12th two thousand and ten shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, who was the shooter in this case, because when I first heard about this, I was like who this. You always just assume it's either student or a guy that was just pulled something like that. But in this case the shooter was not your typical shooter right right, the shooter was Amy. Bishop Anderson, who was eighty four years old and married to James Anderson and had for kids and not only that but She was a professor, a little bit
about Amy. She and James met each other at a dungeons and dragons group. They married in nineteen, eighty nine Amy was the one bringing in most of the money and James His career was kind of off and, on and he would usually work in labs. There was funny, I guess some who knew the couple. They had a comment at this. They said Amy had once described Jim as too smart to work I take that as the two loved each other and they probably had a lot in common at Amy started working at the University of Alabama. She and her husband developed the q device. This is something she was known for. This was a. Portable cell incubator, Second electronic, petri dish crackle, she and James.
jointly awarded a prize of twenty five thousand dollars and this cot. her university If grants and financial support she's, intelligent He graduated with a degree in biology from Southeastern University and she He went on to graduate from Harvard and ninety nine the three but the p, hd in genetics. So it's odd that on February 12th of twenty ten. she showed up taught her anatomy and neuroscience class as scheduled, the students didn't really think she was being order behaving in any particular manner. That day, then she headed to the Shelby Center for science and technology, and should room three. Ninety six on the third floor, this was a Meeting that to the file
department had there were twelve to thirteen people attending the meeting they're all sitting around this oval meeting table and all of them said that was acting some normal, but one friends in the room being a little withdrawn, because she's used to any being a little bit more. I guess vocal and apparently Amy didn't say much during the thirty to forty minute meeting. This meeting, concluded at around four p dot m and right at the end Amy Bishop stood up, pulled a nine millimeter semi automatic pistol out her purse and began shooting everyone in the room. She started with the three people closest to her down the row in order aiming for The victim's head Those on the other side of the table dropped to the floor for cover this.
Was such a shocking, horrific seen that it took some The people sitting there a moment to comprehend what was happening While there are being shot in the head she shot. Dopey, be who is the chairman of the biology department in the head, then turn and shot Stephanie Monticello, and then turned and shot at biology professor Audrey Will Johnson and meanwhile after these shots There are dropping the floor, they're trying to get away and so she's just trying to shoot everybody in the room and people going under the table, people heading for the door and just keep, shooting Debra Moriarity. She was of the universities Graduate Programme and professor biochemistry she does but the table and tried to grab at Amy's legs and she was yelling pleading with her saying. Please stop I've helped you before
I can help you again think about my think about my grandchildren and she said Amy pulled away, point the gun at her head, and then there was a click. Deborah said Amy looked very angry or confused, because the wouldn't work and all the sudden they were able to get her out of the room, and then they blocked the door. So she couldn't get back in she kind of letter, end of the hallway and then as soon as Amy was outside. They just was the door in shut the table, against it. anytime, you read about this case. You'll often hear that Deborah was the hero that day, because she deaf They tried to stop. Amy and she's the one who got her out in the hallway. So I I just I can only imagine what that was like just because it must have been chaos who expects a shooting at a faculty meeting. I really ready for this, and I think
going by debars. hence she'd like. She knew Amy Bishop and fell. she needed help, so she of course, try to appeal to her and say I can help you, but whenever was going out with Amy Bishop. She was prepared to kill everyone in that room now, after Amy realize she couldn't get back into the room. went down to the second floor and hid inside of a bathroom stall for a little bit. and then eventually she took off her jacket and wrapped the one up inside of the jacket and stuffed it into, the trash can in the bathroom she did you leave the campus and, as she was walking outside, she asked a student if she could borrow their cell phone She called her husband James and asked and to pick her up telling hey I'll, be out back, I'm done,
very normal conversation and she handed phone back to the student. This is methodical, No emotion whatsoever- and at this point the university is quickly locking down police are descending upon this building. and starting to evacuate. Anyone that's inside her husband, Jim shows up to pick up his wife and he rolls up as he sees. Several police, cars and swat team detaining his wife. and putting her in handcuffs, he doesn't understand what's happening. He has no clue, he just that there was maybe a bomb threat called in or there, fired or something at the school and he's completely shocked to see his wife being
rested. He doesn't even know about the shooting, yet video of the police leading Amy Bishop to the car And you can hear her saying it didn't. and there's no way and there asking about you know what about the people that you old and she said, there's no way, they're still alive when her husband's asked about this he's thing. I want to know why I want to know why I have to wake up every morning and take care of the children by myself. Now. He gives this really heart wrenching statement of was totally out of the blue. She had no criminal history. She no mental illness she was completely fine I want to know why she did this and she's. Not your typical ass, shooter, she's, female, very successful, Harvard graduate, and a professor she's married with children,
she doesn't have any history of drug abuse or anything like that. So what could have up to this Aaron, so The thing that your often going to read about this case is that any bishop was well liked and well thought of and respect did she was by her husband. I think there were other people who did respect her but she had some issues between herself and students and others at this university. There were have trouble with her at this university because she was going to be denied tenure and we can look at how she dealt with her students. Semi there are students that created a petition against her. This was into the head of department. Why? Well? It was in the hopes a better classroom environment. Now they didn't the changes they wanted. She wasn't removed, but this is
other things that led to the university deciding that she was not going to get tenure. there were students that left her class. They did want her as an instructor. They that she was weird. and she would make off jokes or some We should just phone it in meaning she would just read from the textbook and not really engage with anyone. Take moment, get it word from our sponsor Lumineux did you know all that ninety eight percent of oral bacteria are good for you and they're actually essential for your oral health. I sure didn't turns out. The fact that all bacteria are bad is just a myth and lumino is on a myth. Sting mission. Luminal makes toothpaste, mouthwash and widening totally new and a different approach to improving your oral health. They use
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you know they're there to talk about one thing and she suddenly will start going off on a tangent about something else, and they were wondering. Is she in with reality, and this tenure thing is definitely a factor because any professor knows that if you get ten year than your jobs pretty protected, it doesn't mean you can't be fired. It doesn't mean that you're untouchable, but a university would have to go through a lot of paperwork to get rid of you after you get tenure, and if you don't get, Then That means university. Can let you go and that's what they planned on doing was letting her go the following year. So she was essential. you getting fired, but no one would think that that would cause an extreme, action. We can look. Has many ways, but I think it's important for people to know that Amy bit I knew that
people had issues with her and that her tenure was in trouble. She, had received warnings. People have said that she was more concerned with patents than almost anything else it's why some of her work suffered. That's what we've heard so Amy she knew she was going to be denied ten year, and so she started harassing p What university and die. She called the university president's office while she was car she said wants talk about my tenure. Well, they say we're not going to talk to you about it and you can't come back into the building to talk about it. They probably the right decision. But here's the thing So she was upset by this and she watched as the President University was escorted the building by police. So she may phone call to Deborah Moriarty and said she felt as if
They thought she was just going to walk in and shoot somebody she didn't think it was fair, So she sees the the the president with guards around him cause. He feared for his safety with her and then she makes this really snarky off. Color comment that sir, a little foreshadowing. I guess we have a lot of conflict between her and the students and her and some of her peers and, of course, the denial of her ten year. But people might be able to understand that frustration and Think she snapped, but if we go back eight years the two thousand and two Amy Bishop had gone to eat with her family at local IHOP and Peabody Mass and she'd asked for a booster seat for one of her children and she informed that the blast booster seat they had had gone to,
their table. So me Bishop got into a verbal altercation with the the server who told her. They didn't have any more booster seats. and then she went over to the table started. Yelling at the woman who was there with her child in a booster seat, maiming, profanity sadder. customer at IHOP had nothing to do with it. She asked for a booster seat. She got it now. Amy is attacking her and it said that she actually physically assaulted her, but charges were So there wasn't any real record of this, but her to have that sort, reaction to not get a booster seat for her child and going after the pay turn out the restaurant? And I mean I guess it's when trying to justify her response at all, but she's add that our child childcare a booster seat. She
should be mad at the restaurant, but instead she goes after the customer and wash screaming at this person. She says I'm Doctor Amy, Bishop, Let's just say that. I think that sir hell sign of narcissism myself, but I I'm not a psychologist or psychiatry is more. I don't have it. gets the restaurants fault right. These are things that happen right. There's no, his fault really a reason a bull adult would say, but we don't have a boost. Her maybe we'll wait until one becomes available, but not Amy, Bishop that's just one incident, maybe she was having a bad day Aaron. I don't know, but we go back even further to ninety ninety three Amy Bishop, received her Phd in Genetics from Harvard and. she was questioned about mail bomb threat received by a doctor
at the children's hospital at which she was working okay, this is like you, bomber level stuff. Here this doctor doctor Rosenberg package in the mail and the EU bomber case was still fresh in everyone's head, so he thought I don't reckon this package, I don't know who it's from so cautiously started to open it and that's when he noticed that there was a trigger mechanism connected to a bunch of pipe bombs inside and he ended up calling lawn force Amy and her husband were questioned about this because well, as you might suspect, Amy the problem with this doctor, and they at issues at work. So when ass, the doktor, who do you think hates your guts? Who do you think would do this well, Amy Bishop was the only name he could come up with, so we don't have proof
that Amy Bishop was behind this bomb but she's the only person, interest in that case, who else he's, gonna, send this random doctor, a bomb in the Mail he didn't have any other names to give law enforcement. He only I knew that he and his co worker Amy butted heads on a daily basis and he felt she was off now. I think this way a pretty sophisticated bomb. Would she have the knowledge or know how to create something like that pipe bombs? Aren't that hard to make but a trigger mechanism. To set it off. I guess if you're, smart is her. That probably would be child's play to you. I don't know. I think it would be complicated to build something like this, but I'm not a machinist, I don't do stuff like so it's just
very odd situation, but we can't stop or Justin she has more skeletons, the closet more history? Doesn't she so the day after the shooting at the university. The Huntsville Sheriff's department, got a call. The chief of police of brain tree Massachusetts, his name Paul, Frazier and this is what he told them the woman you have in custody. I thought want to know she shot and killed her brother back in teen eighty six. And this is a very interesting- story, because the it went down according to aim parents according the dad he's He and Amy had been arguing over some statement she had made before he left and he said that she went up to her bedroom and he left House, but when he, back home police
were there as well as emergency services and, of course, he didn't know what happened, but the police are questioning him. and they want to know about the argument in oh, so he told him about the argument and see Neil Father said. I didn't if they're thinking, we had some terrible disagreement and then he went on to talk about how he thinks that Robbery that had happened, the more before May, have and traumatic for his daughter, Amy and Maybe she dug the gun in loaded it, but he I that she didn't really have any familiarity with firearms. What happened? Justin with this shotgun was a twelve gauge pump action, shotgun, meaning you low shotgun shells into it. And then, when you, fire it. You have to rack pump the shotgun, to chamber new round, and apparently she had fires
just got off inside the house and when brother and her mom got home from grocery shopping. to her mother. She asked for assistance, unloading, the shotgun so sheep walks down the stairs and asks her brother. Hey. Can you help me unload this. not sure why it needs to be unloaded at that moment, but her breath. Degrees, agrees and as he reaches for the shotgun she turns on him and fires fatally injuring him now at this point She racks and another, shall there's com the decree reports out there, but it said that she fired up the three shots in that home. That day wanted her brother and she a fresh shell in her pocket and she fled the home, what happened after she left the Homeric so from there Amy went to a Ford dealership.
She ran into a couple of guys that work there. She level the shotgun at them and said that she wanted a car and a set of keys, but they. give her the reaction that she wanted so after they weren't really responding. She said that she got into a fight with her husband who was coming after her and she need to get away now, the police, have been called and they intercept her, and the first officer points his weapon at her and tells her to lower her weapon drop her weapon and she doesn't She stands there with a shotgun and officer says bruh moments passed, Until another officer, his backup showed up in the two of them. Have their and out on Amy she twenty one years old at the time and she's just her younger brother and she finally lowers the shocking.
puts it on the ground. Now, at that time, The police considered the shooting of her brother an accident a, budget discharge, if you will but there is a story behind that Justin, because some think it was an accident at all because of actions. This went far beyond just a shooting in a house, so what what happening was is you had medical examiner who said that the cause of death was a gunshot to the abdomen? This is a gunshot at close range which, from a mosque shotgun like that. It's deadly, but he also look at James Sullivan, he's the officer who interviewed Amy on the day that her there was killed. He, wrote down in his notes in his report murder, and assault with a dangerous weapon but see there's, there's trick here. The thing is
the Braintree Police chief at the time, John Polio, you ain't you mom, and he a stop to this investigation. He said indication at this point in time leads to believe it was an accidental shooting. It was his call if it was someone else's call, this would have been instigated and pursued, I believe, and so do many others I mean she had two unspent shells in the shock on me: she reloaded it and she had another shall in her pocket. Like you had said, she knew how to unload the shotgun, because she done it. twice, apparently her if shown, how it how to load the shotgun once upon a time and so is it any wonder that she could do it again? It's not rocket science is not that hard and she very intelligent she's already in college she's already getting her degrees at twenty one. I don't care if
He wasn't familiar with weapons. She could figure it out pretty quick the thing is you know- we often say that you have young people and at the time Amy was twenty. Her brother was eighteen, but we often have younger people teenagers, and now she was just done being a teenager who get mixed, with law enforcement and don't know their rights. They don't know how to handle being questioned while her mother Judy said no, don't answer any more questions. She put a stop to it fairly quickly, you know in fairness to Judy Bishop and two polio. They were. maintained that they weren't real, close but others dispute that apparently Judy was a big supporter of polio back in the mid nineteen eighties. She was a member of the local representative body for the area so that, now. They would have known each other, but they know they can
shove. That aside, say it's not real, but either way he shut this down very quickly. and- and I would argue that by his shutting it down like that, he's ignoring all. The events that took place that day, I we, if you Look at it in a vacuum and say: well, she came down the stairs. There was an accidental shooting, and they interviewed her. Will you ignore all the other things that happened right Justin. I can stand. If you act Bentley shot a family member? maybe running out of the house, but why not drop the shock back on his. What just went off its loud is hell and it It's like a mule, but she held onto it and then she tries to steal the car she tries to carjack somebody with this shotgun now, I understand that maybe you can have a freak out, not know what to do but this seemed very deliberate,
it seemed like she, shot her brother and didn't know what she was doing she made up a lie about her having a husband and tried to steal a car. Now the police chief said: there's no cover up here, I did what I thought was right, but there were deaf the officers that wanted Amy charged or at least investigated. You have to believe that, because she loved a shotgun at how police the officer and refused to lower it or drop it. As she was asked to do you think of there's really want to have a gun we in the direction like that? I'm surprised they didn't shooter shocked the other That comes up because, after the shooting, at the university polio was asked. What do you think how about releasing her back in the eighties after she shot her brother, and he said I enter, dude. Her mother and I believe based on that account that she gave that this was a tragic accident, I'll admit
that sounds very convincing right. He still has to ignore the reports from his officers because, again it didn't just start and end in the home? and then going beyond that. They said if Amy had been charged, it's possible that she would have been evaluated by a psychiatrist maybe we would learn more about going out with Amy, but now that wasn't possibility after that cause at this point her husband says she is no criminal record or no history of mental illness. We can say no documented history, because the I hope event charges were dropped. Her brother's death I was ruled an accident. She never will. Evaluated. She never went and saw a site I addressed. She never was institutionalized, but she obviously has serious rage issues so back to
the day of the mass shooting Amy is arrested. There to locate the firearm and her jacket and that bathroom, Ashcan and there to charge her with one count capital murder and three counts I attempted murder, as you pointed out, she seemed to not have quite a. Aspen reality right after the shooting and he's going to try to. take a an insanity plea, but that's obviously not going to make anyone happy and the prosecutor thinks that this is total bs so stead the prosecutor says: if you plead guilty, we'll take the death penalty, off the table that the families don't have to go through all of this and we don't have to bother with
insanity, plea that you're going to try to take and September 11th, eleventh twenty twelve that the Bishop pleaded guilty. Do all charges to avoid death penalty still a brief trial here, but with her please guilty, like that, you know pretty much guaranteed that she was going to be put away for a long, long time and I know that at the time when we are talking about the death penalty, they were saying there were differ factors that they would use to reach such a decision to put that on the table, and I had to do with how heinous the crime was if it was a no involved a federal offense or his premeditated If you show up to a faculty meeting armed sounds pretty. premeditated to me absolutely so It was a brief trial. The jury was
debating for about twenty minutes before convicting any bishop. I think that's just a do. We have all our ducks and a row here and we're gonna go ahead and go forward. This plea that she gave yeah wanted it I have it on the record. I think this is no small deal here. I mean she shot. What six people tempted to shoot seven before you go. I do want to give the names of those that Amy Bishop shot that day there was the chairman of the biology Department, Gobi Potty law. There is their biology, Professor Maria Ragland Davis Biology, professor odd, El De Johnson. Those that were wounded but survived, were biology. Professor, We were highly o crews Vera Joseph T lay he and stuff me onto cello? She attempted to kill them, Moriarty, who had been a friend of hers, but you know some people have pointed out. that even though they didn't
officially have a falling out Amy Bishop, knew that Moriarty had voted against her gaining tenure, but see this The professional person here Deborah had gone too and explained her decision and said I voted against your tenure, but you will land on your feet because you're a very capable person, but she just six and why she wasn't going to be supporting her tenure at that time. Every single person in that room was The reason why she got denied it, but again, and she will attack anyone and everyone. Even some random person at an IHOP who he feels has slowed her even people nothing to do with her problems. This If trial like, I guess another we know now, you bring that up. Another important part of it is Deborah. Moriarty testified that day and she said,
that Amy would be loud and disruptive and would enter up meetings, and so the that she pulled out the gun and inserting shooting people. She had been very quiet, and so she thought this was, but I'm sure she was thinking well she's, not getting ten year. This is but her last meeting she's, probably a little bummed out but instead of being bombed out, Amy was planning on killing everyone on September, twenty two thousand and twelve. Amy Bishop was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Now after. She was sentenced, apparently there was a rash of people who felt more comfortable about coming out and talking about Amy and the thing that seems very clear, is that these incidents with her would come right after people who wronged
it didn't always mean that she went directly after the person who wronged her, but she would take action after she was wronged in her mind. She prompt, and so even her own father in law came out and talked about, the devil in her eyes. Her. Survivors of the shooting Joseph lay. He too, The media she has just sort of ceased to exist for me, even her own attorney, Roy Miller said, Something is wrong. With this lady, her history takes for itself, but I think the most telling quote from a trustee at the University of Alabama who said people kept sweep in her bad behavior under the rug and now, we're paying a tremendous price from our sponsor Ziprecruiter. According to the latest research, ninety percent of employers plan to make enhancing the employee experience a top priority in twenty twenty two, after all happy workplace is the key to attracting and keeping great employees there.
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when someone's very successful when someone is high the intelligent and educated? We just think there their life together. We just think on what they don't have any problems, but there were red flags leading up to this. Many of them, and we haven't, talked him this really Justin, but Amy has been very vocal about the shooting, now her brother and of her colleagues and maintains that she has no memory of doing that and talks about how that's what trauma cause is she can literally just black it out? It is, happen in her head and if you go back to the video that you can watch online on Youtube. you can see her saying, they're still alive, meaning Colleagues are still alive, they weren't shot and this something she rests on is saying in in my head. It didn't happen, but
obviously she has to accept that it happened because she went to trial. There are pictures, there's video there, people testifying this, and but you know she says that This is a quote. She said, although the emperor, Many in my mental functioning brought some ease to my disarranged and disturbed thinking and whoso hallucinations it all brought with it? The ability to rationally comprehend the evidence that exists in this case so she says, I know, that I must have shot these people. But I considered them friends and I don't know why would have shot them. But then you know go back to her husband, Jim, and he said well, she was really upset about not getting tenure exactly so. What is it people think that she's faking fake being crazy faking. Not remembering I don't know couldn't diagnose her or assume that she had any memory of this. But again just
actions from the past. She definitely had a virus. streak about her, whether she remembers things it's and consequential to me. She should have been getting tree. for something she should have been getting help because I mean, If I went to an IHOP and my partner attacked of a patron there, I would think that there was a problem. I would think that that's enough to be like okay. I think that maybe you need to go talk to somebody, because you have some serious rage issues, but a lot of people we're calling bs when she tried to. Take an insanity plea and a lot of pee. this day will still say that she is acting. She made the whole thing up after the shooting. She knew exactly what she was doing because she the bomb and she allegedly yeah, not a bomb allegedly and then shot her brother on purpose, allegedly,
now with all the his coming out, they going to go after her for the murder her brother, So in twenty nineteen, the Norfolk district attorney announced that there are going. Withdraw the indictment of Amy Bishop. The killing of her brother now the time when they were seeking this indictment, Amy Bishop patent. To take her own life while behind bars, and it said that she had. Another attempt back the time when she had shot her brother so again I have two more examples of times when she probably had a mental health crisis that weren't addressed. This brings up question about what Amy suffering mental health issues according to parents. She didn't Amy would say I was hearing voices after I shot my brother but her parents.
I then said well know if she's having that problem, she would talk to us. She always talked to us about stuff, but who do believe right, just enemy, it's so easy for parents to being an denial and it's enough weird thing to say: oh yeah, my kid would, totally tell me if there is something going on. I think it's it's one thing to say that Amy Bishop may be asked. in because of rage when does the things that she does or has done that is that she did, but Maybe something more to this- that You know we don't understand, but I definitely think she where she belongs. Amy Bishop should not be free, she's a danger to society if I've ever seen one year and if you go through and look every single situation, she's ever you know Part of this is like boss level, Karen right here, you didn't like people riding their bikes in our neighborhood, all kinds of things and she also threw a fit
as there was an ice cream truck that would go through her neighbourhood and our kids, Berlin toast intolerant so she didn't want the truck there at all so again and I think it's I bet that she had rage issues. You know she d We could have used some help, but it's easy to do this. hindsight. Is twenty twenty thing too? I think someone somewhere along the way could have done something and, and certainly at the university, it seemed like the stew He knew what was up. They knew there were problems and they reached out, they got that petition going there were called of Amy's that new that she had issues and yet once again. It was like well she's a professor, not trying to throw blame around, but They said they they could have done something back when, but they just didn't? No one ever. Did They were on their way to getting her out of the college out of the university, so I was good, but it's too late
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