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January 16, 2009. Chattanooga, Tennessee. In October 2019, Angel Bumpass was found guilty of first-degree felony murder and especially aggravated robbery for the 2009 murder of Franklin Bonner. Her fingerprints were found at the crime scene, the main evidence leading to her conviction. The problem is, Angel was just thirteen years old when Bonner was murdered. Hundreds of thousands of people believe that Angel Bumpass was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder, and that the real killer still walks free.

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covering cases that aren't you really popular, and I like to give a little bit of but why to lesser known victims and their families, so I guess with fat were on earth. Are we talking about tonight tonight talking about the murder in two thousand nine of franklin bonner when the detectives went on a hunting find out who had murdered him. They ended up with a a surprising suspect. Let's talk, who franklin Bonner was and what happened on january. Sixteen two thousand and nine will frankly, bonner was sixty eight years old. He was married to Man named linda, Annie, Retired public works employ buds here, add a reputation in his were heard as a numbers runner or lottery. Man
sky wasn't a millionaire running around in a gunnar anything he he might have just done some hustling on the side. People liked him people knew that he probably had large amounts of cash on them, and he was also apparently selling marijuana that people. Will target you if they think you have drugs or money from drug cells, so it could spark for somebody to do him harm this case. Eggs place in chattanooga tennessee in two thousand nine january sixteenth of that year, Linda honor came home, she had been working at goodwill and she came home to have lunch with her husband when she got there husband was ironing his clothes because he wanted to be ready for a party that evening, a birthday party. Now after work, she got home five, twenty p m and her spends car was in the driveway, which she wasn't expect,
because he was supposed to be on the route to pick the numbers up. So he was going to get the lottery results, and that was common, so when she saw his car there. There is a little bit of concern. He should not have been home, so she would into the house, and she found husband on the floor and when she saw him he had duct tape wrapped all over his head. Even his face So she immediately called nine one one, and she said please something's wrong, my husband help I come home. My husband's tied up he's not breathing help me between low and some of the neighbours. We know that for Glenn Bonner was still alive that around two p m, that day now his legs were also duct tape. They were to a chair in the living room and His arms were also wrapped in duct tape. and behind them.
The next door. Neighbor was watching tv when there door bell rang, and it was Linda bonner. She was screaming help me they're, killing my husband and so or her neighbor lawrence desi lawrence got a gun and went with back over the house law goes around and checks being our house to make sure no one is there. I mean that's true some concern for Linda and then after the house was shown to be clear. He then, It's down had touched franklin's neck looking for a pulse, but he couldn't detectable. And of course, as soon as the police arrived, he put his on the floor, like said the last time anyone had seen. Franklin Bonner was at two o clock, so we know because it when Linda got home. Whatever happened to him happened in those two point: five hours between two and five thirty, no the police, they check out the scene. The houses
thrashed there's stuff everywhere. Whoever done. This obviously was looking for money in raw being and stealing whatever they could there dusting for fingerprints, their processing, the scene. They get some late fingerprints from the scene, but getting any hits they're, not getting any matches because of this man, and being pretty well known in the neighborhood there talking to witnesses there talking to friends, but It seems that nobody dislike term and they couldn't really find any leads for suspects, and this goes. for quite a while. So really they're starting out this investigation, have nothing to run on zone. His where Linda is actually able to give them some information. he tells them is one of the customers, meaning the marijuana with shirley bumpers, now
surely bumpers is important because when they checked the phone records is last person known to have called frank, bonner on the phone, and so when the play talk with? Surely she admits that she was calling him to arrange the purchase of some marijuana which occur. Two linda her huh and only soul, to people and very small quantities and only the people that they really felt like they knew a small time operation if you will and they find out, of different fingerprints at the scene. I have heard up to nine different fingerprints being like nine, different people, possibly whose finger were found at the scene. While this is he just because you're talking about fingerprints on the sticky side of duct tape, it's very latent or barely usable fingerprints,
and so we ve- we ve covered this in the past, and sometimes when you don't get headsets, because the prince aren't good enough. or sometimes they just don't match anyone This case goes call right, they lit We don't have much to run with here. They dont have any evidence that leads them to a suspect all they have as the suspicion like you were talking about where If someone is selling drugs and they might have cash in the house, some of my want that cash and since he had a small number of people that he sold marijuana to relatively speaking. Those are but they can question than they did question people, but it lead anywhere, they didn't get anything interviews. Now two thousand and nine. We have a ten year old girl, whose an eighth grade at brown middle school, her name is angel bump Now she was a good student,
she regularly attended school and even on the honor role, lived with her grandmother and grandfather because her mother was not the best person angel again thirteen years old in two thousand and nine no prob almost run ins with the law and she's gone We up to be a normal citizen of the united states. China just make her away and do good and go to college and all of those things we fast or to twenty. eighteen, where angel is now twenty three years old. This is nine years after this murder has to children. And she's going to jefferson community and technical college she's been kept it into a full time, nursing programme
and she works a full time job to support her family now angel. She got a speeding. make it not is terrible. Erin I mean I think I've had a handful of those in my life and I guess. Angel was busy taking care of her family and either didn't pay this speeding ticket or maybe her I've got lost in the male who knows She was arrested for failure to appear in court for that, speeding, take it and twenty seventeen and because of this, her finger prints were taken, put into the database, she was living in kentucky at the time, but you know back to twenty eighteen there's a new detective working franklin bonner, murder case and well, besides to run those One more time, but this time he gets a match, the two of them to get em.
Ouch there are like one hundred and fifty ridge is or something like that on your thing, each finger and well you only have to match twelve of them A thorough match would be between fourteen and twenty is what most standards are but to get ahead according to detective between nine. and twelve mocha got it yeah. The thing so like when there's there's a hit of nine to twelve. means there are actually multiple people they look at, but the the one They boil it down to when they actually do the you know when they actually really analyze the formation the prince, they get a name angel bumpers, which is surely Mrs granddaughter, do they come all in question angel. Do they? her in
questions about why her fingerprints might have shown up somewhere do they. investigate this at all. Learn now they get a warrant too. arrest angel for felony murder. And they do that on june, fourteenth of twenty thousand and eighteen at six am two detectives showed up at our house and showed her the warrant or her arrest, and they said dear being charged, first great felony, murder and act. robbery. Angel, is confused perplexed and has no idea. What's going on well, seemingly has no idea at least right, Nobody and her family has a clue, going on and they have to sit here and pull teeth to get details of what she's being arrested for and
finally comes out that she is being arrested for a murder in two thousand and nine when she was thirteen years old. and claim to have known the victim. She I claim to have known or had any information about what happened that day So let's try and understand this. Just in her grandparents new, the victim new franklin bonner? They would pay, this marijuana from him so why is it that angel bumpers would know this person? I mean to the police that she would accompany her grandparents to go and purchases marijuana, that's ass. The assumption and top of that her good. Father was a handymen, you do maintenance and stuff and its assume that he did do some work around banners, ass well for a discount or something you know, whatever works warm and when
you're doing work around the house. Well I know one of my favorite tools is a rule of duct tape now they are able to verify that angel, who was in great at the time had a did school that day in that typically would have gotten out of school and gotten home from the bus at on two forty five, being that she's thirteen years old she doesn't own a vehicle. That would mean she would have to walk forty five minutes to the bonners house, which now closer four a clock and then commit this act, if we're just assuming angel, did this alone now angel She doesn't have a lot of money. Because she's got kids she's got a full time job and she's trying to put herself through school, so she gets a couple of defence attorneys
that are going to do their best and there to try to tear apart whatever the prosecution has to offer here. But prosecution. Has this duct tape that was found on the victim with her finger? and on the sticky side that pretty bad right, MA heard its attorneys, were andrea, haydock and garth best and hey doc. Is a tennessee innocent project. Lawyer, though you it going in that they would have a good understanding of what they need to do to try and defend angel in this up, mean trial, but mean angel on her end, like you said, she's trying to balance her work and her life with her kids. Well, she the travel five hours as part of this preparation going from Kentucky to Tennessee right and meanwhile she and
of losing her apartment and her job today, these dry up, but something interesting is found while they're getting for this trial, andrea duck found a phone call. This was recorded between angels brothers and this week, recorded, not long after angel was arrested. This is what I heard on the call hey, you heard what happened angel, what happened It's some case that happen nine years ago, a murder and an aggravated robbery and angel It is hooked up on it. in nine years ago. Yeah nine years ago. She was thirteen, come on now think about it think hard, her brothers were younger than she was so the fact. They're talking about it in this context, the way that their speaking about it. Well, they make the attorneys believe that they know something
something that might have happened now. This call doesn't get admitted and evidence for the trial because its determined to be hearsay and We all we have to go on is our gut instincts when we hear this call. So what are you gear hearing. Obviously its appeal but what do you think you hear when there discussing this justin, I can look at two different ways? I can look at it as this sound suspicious think about it think hard. You know what happened. We both know happened or think, think hard, because why, did they arrest her, and why did this happen? Let's think about it The two ways I look at it it stands out to me that one of her there's brings up that. She was thirteen. I think what there finding too, as it seems crazy that their try depend this murder on a thirteen year old
now is a suspicious. No, I don't think it's suspicious at all, because angel is arrested and then there, talking on the phone, the two brothers and there. given how long ago this happened and how angel was just thirteen. So to me this out of the ordinary at all and her attorneys our thinking this Gonna go pretty smoothly for us, there's no way they're gonna be able to. In a murder on a thirteen year old girl? That was an eighth grade at the time did moment get word from you. sponsor. You know when you're watching a crime show and you're like wait. Did they act, we do it. Oh, they definitely did way. Well almost definitely, or are you just meant to think they did nope they totally unless they didn't. If this is you talking to yourself or whoever's next to you on the couch we say, keep talking who are we to judge ready to stream some crime stories? Hulu? It's a crime not to watch.
so it's obvious going into the trial, and we have a lot more to cover about this trial before we get into that, but one that I'm going to the trial, just in which is probably the main problem are facing. Is that angel has oh information on this duct tape? the only way you can help your attorneys is by giving them all the information that you know and despite ray haydock asking her multiple times? How could you Your parents have ended up on duct tape. was found on a victim of murder. Angel has nothing to offer she can't even imagine I guess like I have no idea, so they have to go in there going to trial. with this hanging over their heads, because at the end of the day we ve covered many cases, s where we say they had nothing. had a witness who, as you know, half blind? It was night time this happen for,
did yards away? No here they have to prince now granted there not a full hit. But there are, what do you call it? A mostly hat right on these fingerprints saying that angels prince could be the ones found on this duct tape and that's difficult to get because that's actual physical evidence I quickly enough here I am playing with a roll of electrical tape. While we record this episode and if nine years from now, you were to ask me how my finger prints got on a roll of electrical tape, I probably have a clue either well Only problem here is that her life is on the line. And honestly, if she had an explanation, I think they would have used it against her anyway. So it's better just to say, I have no idea getting into this trial starts in september. Of twenty nineteen angel bump this is the only one on trial. She has a co defendants named
Mallory, fawn and fine is ten years older than angel pompous, which means at the time he was what like twenty five twenty six years old yeah, now the reason he ended up. There was because he had another fellow basically ride him out and say I was by this guy that he was there that he cause this person's death franklin potter staff. So ass? He was pulled into this by the by the detectives so you know how it works just in in trial the price skeeter and the defense. They have different angles. Their working, the prosecution of cod, is going to attempt to link yvonne, an angel pompous, do this in their language as they go through case as describing vaughan as angels body the thing here is: is it not
Are we going to be believable? Is it if you say angel bump ass, a thirteen year old got the better sixty eight year old man and completely subdued him and wrap them up and duct tape, causing a stir. And then robbed his place and then got back home that doesn't work so essentially by having Mallory VON on trial with her. They can say they work together this does not make any sense to thirteen year old. Did this by themselves so yeah mallory he's not the best character, his god he's got a record, and You got somebody that's pointing to him as the perpetrator of this murder, but VON angel they're looking at each other gone? Who are you and why are you here but yeah This is her continue forward? We
ever happens and trial, just in becomes truth right. I guess so. How many times have you said it? The prospect Your claims that pigs can fly and the defence doesn't object. Then pigs can fly right, well, ain't the attorneys. They never object when the price commission keeps referring to the two of them. Is bodies? angel and mallory. This is a big price. Because juries listening They have it in their heads that, while their bodies but you know for the audience s listening. There is absolutely not one shred of evidence that anybody knows about that, would link the two of them. they're trying them together their co defendants. These aren't so for trials? Were their testifying against one another. This as one trial with both of them being accused in charged, and you have who defendants that don't even know each other
can't give any information about the murder cases, they allege that they don't have any information about the murder. So to your point, its high to explain away any evidence or eyewitness testimony or anything when you're defendant, gesture it's their shoulders and throws their hands up in the air and go. I dunno the jury sees. Crime scene photos and therein. formed about how the house just wreaked of marijuana, the house, Was a mass I mean pretty much you think that was a shelf was pulled out. Cabinets were opened, everything was rifled through that offence, pretty much was arguing that it would. impossible for a thirteen her old, who is five foot tall, made eighty pounds at the time to over. Well franklin bonner and to kill him and also she has history of violence. She has no criminal record, she was,
to be a shy girl so they're saying ok, why would she no franklin bonner? Who is sixty eight? Why would she know a man and by the name of Mallory VON who is twenty six An angel had no car. There are phone records linking her with Mallory VON, so they go in this case and they're trying to show this is possible. It's not true. She, wasn't involved. They. Also, about how she got home at the latest ben to forty five that day in january, two thousand and nine, and that leaves in our in fifteen minutes to walk to. half miles to franklin's house, basically subdue take him up, rob entire home and then make it back home, but see the prosecution sing on another. She didn't walk. Tenant. Walk said she walked with mallory vine, so the defence
about this, and I said you know drove that route from angels, grandma's house to franklin Bob his house and they said there we aren't any sidewalks. So when a look at it in a map it out, they say it takes about forty four minutes to make that walk, which leaves ten to thirty minutes to commit the crime might so its power simple right possible, but just you and I are sticklers for evidence. Ok you have the duct tape and you have some prints on their. But where the establish relationship between mallory an angel. They have no tax, no e mails, no pictures, phone calls nothing I just think back to when I was twenty six years old and all of them thirteen year olds, I wasn't friends with I mean, come on in
and all the thirteen year olds that I would have brought along to commit a crime with me. I mean white again criminals, do dumb things, but you have to prove every step of the way how This went down and the press. houston, their theory, is really weird that twenty six year old man recruited thirteen year old, eighth grade girl to do horrible crime with them. Now, if had been hanging out with fawn Maybe they make sense if they ended up there together. But again, there is no evidence that they even knew each other, mallory was asked about her. He said he had. No, I do she was angel said she had no idea who he was and theirs evidence here of them ever contacting each other, which is weird It's two thousand nine. This isn't nineteen eighty five rightward
maybe he just happens, drive through the area and talks to renown again. No. This is in a time when p have phones, it's either the contact people right there, evidence, but it gets worse strangely trial because they try to attack physical evidence here. They can't say that those aren't her prince, but there now really a position to argue that, because they and do their own testing. Why? Because well, the duct tape had and basically mutilated and balled up. after having been tested a number of times. And the still allowed it in to trial. So they gotta hit off a piece of ducks, that was used in a crime one time and then after that day, balled up the doktor, and destroy the evidence. Essentially This is still valid and admissible got it
I'm on board here the sounds totally fair and grandma bumpers, Surely a she testify. At trial and she says you night. I don't really know what angel was up to because when she turned sixteen, we didn't talk anymore. She said: die as for free. Plant bonner she said I dont remember calling him I don't remember going to his house or even buying marijuana from him, which, interesting because she admitted to a before this is approved. Just then we ve gone through all of this evidence and we keep going back to this. Duct tape but you would think someone somewhere would have some information that lets. You know they might be connected somehow they might know what happened right they but they're going up thirteen year old and twenty six year old. Well, at the time they were there, in twenty six back in two thousand nine but Andrea Haydock, had interviewed. The angel grandparents before going to trial and
They told her, oh, be no free. In bonner. We called him cookie, so they have a connection with this man. Yet that's that established so question is, is if they have a relationship somehow with him if they were buying marijuana from him, which of course, as time went on. They started denying. Why weren't they investigated. That's gonna too late for that right, because right, we're at trial where are they have her charged? And easy to charge somebody with felony murder cause you don't have to. and ten you don't have to prove motive. You dont have to prove anything. You just have to prove that they were present at the time the murder was committed That's all that matters. Apparently the detectives This case well, the first one was Karl fields. He the one who was the first one to investigate and Apparently he had destroyed his notes when he moved ohio and twenty fifteen
according to what he could remember. He said that shirley bumpers, did admit to bind drugs from franklin bonner. But he said he couldn't remember all of the details because he didn't know his frame of mind was in two thousand and nine that's an interesting statement since we know that karl feels, and fired later for suspicion planting evidence and some other things, but move on, because he wasn't the guy that found the prince that matched angel right now, we're too about Michael re. He was part of the coal case unit. and he is the one that had reprocess that duct tape and is also the one who interviewed that inmate who said Mallory Vaughan? confess to me that he killed franklin bar but angels. Am father. This is important testimony that he gives because he's therefore
his granddaughter, and he said the angels fingerprints could have gotten on the duct tape because he worked as a happy man and he had duct tape and angel like to play with duct tape, because she did a lot of crafts projects, so he said it may be it's possible that she was playing the duct tape and then after that he and up taking that same role of duct tape too then banners house and work there and then left that role of duct tape there and then whoever committed the crime used it. sounds reasonable. That sounds more reasonable than a thirteen year old, taking duct tape. Planning a whole murderer and walking to the skies housing committing it. Now he said that angel had never been to franklin banners home just Before we move on, we have to talk about the duct tape, because literally I've seen arguments on line for why she had to have been there because of where the prey were found on the duct tape. In other words, they work on it
very edge of where you peel it away from from where you start right. They weren't on the outside. They were on the inside, the sticky part yeah right, but they were per in on that tape than just where, if you were to peel it up I'm trying to say is it's not like. she pulled it away and then put it back on an eye my opinions of even if she had been there, but all we'll get to that later a big to do about whether ainge was even at school, because it would be nice for the prosecution if they could bring into question whether she was even at school. On january, sixteenth, two thousand and nine, but yeah There is no one to really question about that, because this is years later, but the records that they have from the school show that you Is there that day in attendance in attendance, so I feel like there their searching their reaching here. But facts are facts. She was at school that day so on the fourth.
Of trial. This trial ass for four days, just him with two defendants, There's a man brought in by the name of Nicholas cheatham, he's the one that had to detectives with the hopes of getting a little bit of a deal by the way that Mallory on had confessed to, murdering frankly bonner and VON apparently told them he was going put a link on someone named the lottery man, so he had talked yvonne ever picked him up from a hotel and vaunted, told him all the details about the murder. He said he messed up. He duck someone like a mummy and it went wrong now. Cheetah and VON know each other because VON sometimes mode his long and did chores around his house for some extra cash, but cheatham was a prisoner. The time that he talked to invest scarce. Like said he wanted to see if he could get a deal,
the typical jailhouse nation, their motives here, but detectives thought to ask cheatham, do you know who angel bumper says? Have you ever heard of name before has Mallory VON ever said that name before and well less cheatham said I don't know who you're talking about weird bright, Why would he know a thirteen year old at the time? At least now we have gone into Vaughan's defence, attorneys, ok he has his own set of attorneys. You know they pretty good job here, and they that cheatham, the end meant here- didn't even know about the murder until Carl fields talk to him about it. They say if you actually look through all of the record His story is never straight at different times is different reasons for why he suddenly knew about this murder, so his story isn't really adding up and they point out here to cut a deal
They also bring up that. He had mentioned a female accomplice a year is very first interview. I dont want to give their name it was an angel right. That's right now the prosecution tries to manage this somewhat because they say well the first time that cheating is asked about someone named bumpers. It see as though he's answering whether he had of relative named angel pompous so they're trying to explain why he may be answered the way he did introduced. doubt about some of his testimony anyway, because even though he testifying for them. Well, this isn't knowing exactly where they want right. Theory: there narratives falling apart a little, so in that field interview cheatham that VON didn't use gloves. In the second interview, he said that bond may have had gloves losses
and then retrieved them later so bonds defence there. going to town discrediting sheet hymns testimony and they're saying, look he's testifying, but he's just saying this stuff, so we can get a reduced sentence. Verify a little bit more fair because the prosecution has to prove beyond benefit the doubt and show intent show all of these things with Vaughan his defence team is able to counter a lot of this sort this case angel is very nervous, and She actually says that she wants to take the stand. Andrea Haydock says we're not losing this case because we're on top of it. If you, get up there prosecution. We all are real so when this ends up in the hands of the jury they deliver
for what four and hours yeah now hold on How did they find Mallory VON in this case there, mallory von not guilty not guilty. So You would think Mallory VON who was thee man who was identified by this jail? How snitch, who bragged about this murder, who would have been capable of taking out a sixty eight year old man and duck taping herman he's not guilty right. This should be a shoo in for angel now, because the odds that she could do this on her own, she had to happen, ah plus, if she did it right river for more than one. But this trial is about angel, pompous and mail, Yvonne and now our yvonne not guilty, but aims rumpus, they found guilty of felony murder and attempting to commit
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a statement in their sentencing- to send a message to all criminals out there not mess around right so what message did this judge To all this ten year old great girls out there well angel received a sixty year sentence for murder and an eight year sentence on the robbery the sentencing went down november. Twenty first of twenty nineteen, how that long ago, but she won't be enable for release until she's served, a minimum of fifty one years that in her sentence will run until at least february. First, twenty nine, Now I realize that at the time she was charged, she was enter early twenties. But again, if you think, She did this or she was at least present for it. That was
thirteen year olds actions, not a twentieth year olds actions and being that VON was found not guilty well, what happens in court goes so We have to assume that a thirteen year old this all on her own, without an accomplice, because there aren't any accomplices isn't that normally the logic and mentality of our court system and the way people spawned to you. I feel like it in this case the prosecution. The court system is basically saying we care, but your story is we don't care what we're capable or able to prove all we know is: is your finger? Prints were on a piece of ev thence that's all we need a p of evidence. That, probably had been degraded for awhile apiece evidence that the defence couldn't even tat
themselves. Honest, a piece of evidence that better lawyers probably could have gotten thrown out as inadmissible, but this is evidence that we have this doctor, was part of a roll right, and it's very possible that someone at their finger prints on that duct tape and then that doctor could be moved and then used by some one else. After all, there were mould, prince on it. They just could only use two of them. it's, because the other ones didn't have hits, or They weren't usable and and we don't have any one too low this playing field because the defence they weren't able to test so now. We just have to believe that whoever This analysis, this one individual, did the right thing: and actually had a match with angel bumpus because you said not quite enough bridges to be a full complete match
it is most the way there and if it was her fingerprints, There is a sum reasonable explanation of why they might have been there and innocent reason why they might have been there and then and if we're going to accept that she was there and she was duck taping this man's head. We would have to assume that she had an accomplice? We would have to assume that there was other out there. Now do we assume that she would in on it. Do we assume that she was being directed by said adults who were committing a crime, possibly guardy? and possibly criminals in this neighborhood know this court system. Charged her with felony murder. Somebody was thirteen years old at the time with this stay year, sentence plus eight for the robbery,
well. That was the sentencing. I know you're saying that the punishment is very severe for someone who is thirteen at the time this happened. Now I understand people out there that will be yelling right now saying thirteen year old girl, thirteen year olds can murder somebody she charged with murdering him. She was charged with felony murder, which is different. I have to. that distinction in he's getting a longer. Since then, murderers, get well the stuff here, though, is that she didn't act alone, but they only have her. so the way I look at it is their theory. Mostly smoke theirs out of unknown seer? This doesn't like a complete case that you should be able to bring the trial in the first place and no doesn't this is terrible from them our point of view alone. I would also say when we have brought this up before, but there was a
found on the duct tape that was not tied, anybody now given the way this investigation went. my have gases. Why that is made? They just didn't test it. Well enough. Maybe they didn't tested. I I I think anything as possible here, but when it comes down to it with you. I don't understand how they can the case around to, but cely fingerprint heads say well, she was there. She must have been part of this, but then Have no other names and counting Mallory VON, because that was jailhouse snitch situation and there's no physical evidence to tie him to this crime. He was now guilty by the jury's decision there is no one else to point out If you read a lot of headlines, they'll say angel bump, This was just thirteen when she and some other people we're in this house committing these crimes whatever it's really just
Nicholas, because to me they're, just pay going off these two prints. They have nothing else other than There is a connection with her grandparents and the person who was killed, and I just keep thinking what, if a different set of detectives had worked as key these were to be now because the way it looks to me this is just this: the terrible situation, the I don't feel like they followed, all the leads I can say: oh we talked her grandparents. I think is more significant than these two prints from a thirteen year old. Is the the last call they know is made frankly. Bar was me by shirley pompous now not saying, surely bob. Instead, this But I'm saying They should have learned a lot harder on her when they were speaking to her, because I feel like there's a lot more information there, the lot more than what would be gleaned from talking to someone who had been thirteen at the time. So they didn't get
an arrest warrant for a phone call they did get an arrest warrant for actually a thirteen year olds fingerprints and they didn't question. anyone before they did that this is where I'm having the worst time trying to process this they didn't question her. They didn't try to that her. They do said your fingerprints. Are there and that's all we need her the prince, should had been there That's all we need to get someone for felony murder. Just It seems ludicrous to me that they built this case around these two the visuals walking for forty four to forty five minutes. He had to go, commit murder and robbery. Essentially, that's predict This to me, One hundred percent I feel like, if you're, going to take a case to trial. You should have a good understanding from beginning to end of what the motives were, who was involved. This is Evidence to me of lazy
police work, and I know that we are police officers. Listening, it's not in dight men on all police officers or detectives. This is my vizir reaction to what has gone down in this case, because it's not good enough literally just have the fingerprint evidence. I need more than that. I want to know who she was working with if she was there and in the end What you- and I have been trying to explain here, especially you- is that you have a thirteen year old, if she's part of this crime. Somehow, then she obviously acting at the request at behest of someone else in older person who has power or over her, and I know that bout time. There have been many people saying she must know something me. be it's just a feeling. She has be, she knows who was involved somehow she knows think she never talk to her attorneys about it. She knows more than she lots on ya mean she does and guess what, if that's all
possible. Maybe she didn't talk when she was younger and isn't talking now, because it who that is having her group, mother didn't exactly go to bat for her. Where was her family and all this it feels like she was left out to dry he was the low hanging fruit. In this case it is. These suffocation here is she ass to know something and because she didn't speak up, she now deserves to spend the rest of her life behind bars yeah. I guess so. I guess that while some people are offering here just in, but I'm still now convince those were her fingerprints, not eve her. I would to have seen a better match here and I I too have seen it analyzed again by another person I mean if we ran of our science experiments this way with just one person running the experiment, one time and then up with a conclusion: wow: where would we be today right, where's the verified,
here exactly and this is why I e I always make my statements that science has no place in a court room because you have a bunch of Lawyers and experts that actually they can make crazy allegations that you can time stamp of fingerprint dad, you can absolutely we positively match a bite mark up the summons teeth. You can absolutely proof beyond reasonable doubt, somebody's age at the time, just by a photograph I just insanity things. I've seen that lawyers were prosecutors will say in court and Those against reality is not even that they don't have fax or evidence to back them up denying reality and in case because how this played out? We now have to accept that a thirteen year old did this, all on her own, because that's what
the evident shouts and if you can infer you can say while she to have done this with other people, but there's no evidence that she did it with other people, if I'm gonna use lawyer legal courtroom logic here, they know a thirteen year old that, despite yourself, that's that's where we get to that stupidity of where we get to even if she was there that is, I just sentence at all a felony murder. Charge should not hold a longer since then actual murderer. It just shouldn't end You should have to proven tat. He should have to prove manchuria. You have to prove a lot of things in felony murder. That's like the loop all that we can work around this. We don't need to prove beyond reasonable doubt anymore. We just have to say this person. Was present when a crime committed when a murder was committed, feel like
should be wearing gloves everywhere. I go now because girl strong, and I leave my finger prints on the table the next day comes in and robs the place and shoots a server cook. am I gonna get charges felling murder, because my finger prints happened to be at the scene of a crime that happened with in the time before my fingerprints disintegrate like. I don't want to leave my dna or fingerprints anywhere yeah. It's we have cases where you can. literally point to one piece of evidence, and it matters say there was a victim. who was raped and murdered and date the dna from the ever found in the victim and it that is a person. That's that weighs a lot in my, in my opinion, right when you talk about how wouldn't that evidence is, is it four run with, I think so, but even then detectives take that and star build a timeline they build a case to show This is how it all happened
We, the guy, had priors what have you in this case the angel bumpers had nothing other than those to prince if we're gonna hold that against someone unto prints gap We don't know where this could go. I mean is anyone safe in chattanooga anew? No, no scary. Just then I mean I don't. I don't understand this this. I wanted some to tie all this together and maybe asking like will what? If Mallory VON, have been found guilty to what we say the problem of there is never any proven connection between the two of them. A thirteen the twenty six year old, there's no every day the inner, like, obviously that wouldn't be dating, but you know Anderson, there's no like relationship there, they haven't proven anything, and I guess you die have to prove anything except one thing. that you have one little piece evidence that you can use and say they were there.
There are a lot of articles out their written about this case. One of them I found to be somewhat interesting. The author, the journalist talking about how, angel, didn't smile or didn't. Look easy going during trial. Should It annoyed because she had the resting face. That people like to refer to the jury didn't take pity upon her, because they wanted to see her look remorseful. They wanted to see her look more charismatic and that's why They found her guilty in other it's her behaviour at trial said ass. She two been involved there I'll tell you right now, iron view through me in a court room, for some random crime. That happened nine years ago, probably look pretty annoyed and pissed off to why just wish when it came to two verdict that it was decided upon. The evidence did
prosecution proved their case. Gary world that we can have trials. visions can be made and then those p, bull that are found guilty are pretty much stock with that verdict because appeal, score it send me, the entire system usually seems to just go ass. They found you guilty. Why are you complaining? You had your day in court, but there their petition on this case, demanding The trial right like they should they have over eight hundred thousand signatures, and a petition on changed. Our work says: hey duck and best they didn't present any mitigating evidence they did bringing character witnesses and angels favour. So this, was not a fair trial, damn right now we're waiting for her appeal to be heard. It's been reached get old. Like eleven times at least
we're looking at may thirteen of twenty and twenty two which were passed that point so as a this recording were still waiting to hear. But what happen with angel bumpers is appeal or chordates. I many times and its currently sitting at sixty, for twenty twenty, two social probably be around the time. This episode comes out, I'd like to from the audience. What do you think about this case? You think too, Your parents are enough to convict. at thirteen year old and sentence them to sixty years in prison, plus or do you feel like this was a miscarriage of justice? Please let us know, and if you also inclined find the petition and sign up now miss an episode of generation. Why subscribe to us on apple podcast, spotify, cast box or reverie listening right now, also
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