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Baton Rouge Serial Killer - 196

Baton Rouge Serial Killer. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From 1998 to 2003, a serial killer was following, stalking, and violently murdering women. There was never any visible forced entry to the victims' homes and, for quite some time, law enforcement was sure that a white male in a white pickup was their suspect. The brazen killer would eventually be discovered and once his past was exposed, a clear picture of who he was and how he operated became chillingly clear. This episode was sponsored by Third Love. thirdlove.com/genwhy See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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I guess I'm doing good just and how are you do a good? You just give me a really good chocolate chip cookies. So I'm happy. We are some big news. First september, modern of its big it. Bad! It's local news for us, Kansas city, a meet up september, seventeenth, yes, I've got reservations, granite city
and his rosa in the atrium room at four p m on september. Seventeenth. So if you can make if your local in kansas city or if you're in the surrounding areas in nepal sk our pretty much anywhere it of you. Feel like driving, then show up. We we ve had a few other pod castors threaten to come and the town for their so we'll, let you know, they end up joining us, but right now it's alternative right, but we could have some surprise guests tonight. We are talking about a serial killer because that's always a recommended topic for us. and it is the batten rouge serial killer. This one was suggested to us by carry so thank you. Carry I'm so glad to keep track of it's I don't always say by this terror,
with names and terrible were tracking people, as is done. I am, I feel, like a bad person for it, but it's all right here and usually when I mention a name. It's because I spoke on the phone with the person or exchange numerous emails, we're going to start in April of ninety ninety eight in Zachary louisiana, so who's in Zachary. and what happens here. There's a young woman name, randy she's twenty eight years old. She works in batten, ruse, batten, rouge and Zachary are two places that will be focusing on intimates episode. She's divorce she has a son and the son of course will split time with both parents, but he's three years old. His three years old randy is someone who's fit, so she exercise,
regularly and she's, also dating, and then at this time. She's seen a guy named Brian who she seems to really like any other things about you want to mention? No, but we're going to go the evening she's putting her son to bed its some time after this that something bad happens. We don't have a story to tell you for one. We don't like to go into the graphic violence too much by randy goes missing the next day Of course. No one knows yet, but hers Michael, whose three is wandering around over neighbour's house and he wants to play with another kid deny barricades mom is asking Michael where's, your mother, you can play, but you have to have permission. I can't just let you in the house: let's go
talk to your mom and in a three year old, walking next doors, not exactly probably in normal thing either. No, it's usually an alarming thing like oh you snuck out, let's get you back home, so she takes Michael back over to his house she's, not getting an answer. She goes in and she sees blood right away. So she know something's up right. Unfortunately, they can tell that there was a terrible, terrible fight inside of the house there's blood everywhere, and one of the thing that really stands out in this scene is that it appears as though her head was probably smashed into the headboard in the bedroom. in the blood on the floor where her contact lenses. They can also tell that she had been dragged out of the house against her will now and that investigation vestige they look at the boy
friend or anything or was it just they assumed it. Home invasion, and somebody abductor her well per ex husband was a suspect because he had a bit of a temper and, of course, he's the acts. So possibly he had some sort of motive here either he was upset that he wasn't with her or he wanted his son for himself. They have to check his alibi, because if he did it then you know obviously his alibi won't stand up, but his alibi does stand up. They know where he was so it's not him, but he had threatened her in the past. So it's something they could work with, but once the alibi is established and it's backed up Facts then there's not much more. They can do their true. It's interesting how, if
There is a random murder, they could go after your spouse and if it can other somebody, that's close to you, because that's normally how it goes down. So close call for him, so September twenty. Fourth, two thousand and one Gino, Wilson, grain Gina is forty years old, and she was found murdered in her home near Alice, you, her phone and purse, were missing. She was brutally beaten, wore her friend who worked for her notice. She was missing that day from work. In all likelihood, she was killed the day before she was killed on the twenty third but he went to the house after while because he knew that there was no way she would be gone that long. Unless there is something wrong, she had told him, because he was a friend of hers.
You know if you ever need to get in there's a spare key, but he didn't find it, but the house was unlocked and I think that right there was a clue he went in and he's trying to find her and he saw her lying in bed. So first, he thinks oh, maybe he's sleeping or something he can tell by the way her arm is off the bed and a position that its in that she's dead. The way it is it just wouldn't be natural for it too, like that, and so he calls back to where they work and they end up calling for help, and they are to acquire dna evidence from this crime scene. But, as is the case with the law, these victims will be hearing about. The attacks are so violent
that if there were a jewelry clothing, everything starts getting either ripped or will come off in the attack, because these attacks are so violent. Also in the attacks. Most of the time they do not find any forced entry into the home. In fact, I don't think there's any forced entry in any of these cases that we know are positively attributed to this. were generally desoto this it's january of two thousand to endure, de soto is very young, she's, early, twenties and she's married Her husband is known to be very, very possessive very jealous and he bought phone. Specifically, so that he could call her whenever he wanted to, and she had to pick up and there is even a cody could send through the phone that wid alert her so that she would have to call
him and he was he known to be abusive with her or virtually be or anything she the diary so after she was found to be murdered. They it read the diary and they discovered that there was very, very abusive. In fact, she had an entry that talked about how she pretty much given up on of she hadn't. Given up on our marriage because he felt once you marry someone your married to them by it was- Firstly, a very sad entry about how she would remain oil to him, but she didn't feel like it was love. You know you got the feeling of his just too much possession on his part and her husband Darren is the one that found her lying in a pool of blood and reported it detectives are going to focus in on him, he's the husband he found The body his dna finger prints are everywhere on the home. While he had talked
on the phone in the morning and then, after that he couldn't reach her. He did know that she had an interview that afternoon, so he guessed perhaps she was still tied up with the interview, but after a while he became very concerned because in interview isn't going to asked hours and hours. Not this one anyway and he's a controlling guy, so he's gotta know were her whereabouts are at all times. He asked to know what's going on, so he leaves work at the end of the day and he drives home, and even stops on the way home to call the house again, and there is still no answer he gets home. They live in. A trailer and he sees her lying in the doorway of their bedroom. There's just blood all over the walls. He sees a shock on its is shocking. He you were thinking- maybe she's, just killed herself gets down next Stuart and he's looking.
is checking her body to see how she killed herself but the wounds are not from a shotgun on and his crew telling her he's holding her and he's getting blood, over himself and but that's when he can tell when he moves her. He can tell that her neck has been savaged, you can imagine that when the police get their disguise covered in blood, and they'll end up bagging his clothes as evidence? Yes, he's a suspect and in fact they have a older, very distinguished detective, who believes he's responsible so that goes on for a long time that this husband is thought to be her killer. He says interview and he's question by police. He says that he wouldn't want to kill her. They loves her too much there very suspicious
them, they're, always gonna, say they love their wives. Herb. It's not a not a thing here here. It is he's looking very guilty and, of course they interview people that new general in and they say they ve seen bruises on her, they know that Darren has abusive. This man becomes very desperate he's out with some friends they run into. When the day no, who happens to be an fbi agent, and so he talked to him and says hey I, the police, breathing down my neck. Is there any way you can help me because their accusing me of having killed my wife and I didn't do it and he starts laying out the whole case. For this guy, well this fbi agent rights upper report and sends it to the police basically saying yeah, this guy, that you're investigating he tried talking to me and here's all the stuff. He told me which is somewhat more incriminating historian straight. He d,
in changes story. They put a lot of pressure on the sky and he never folded. He never just broke down said, fine, fine. I did it yeah. He could have, though, I'm sure good of apple have done this in the past. As we know in may of two thousand and two christine moore she's in college and she's a successful student. She gets great grades, one of the things she likes to do she likes to go running. everything's looking out for her. She would end up disappearing on may twenty. Third, while she was running her, dad was having a difficult time with this. He would go and by the police and say you need to help me he would but the press and say the police are doing enough missing person, and we hear it from time to time that if there's a missing white girl that its. If national news,
and this is one those examples that backs up what may The case the sad case that not everyone's disappearances, equal and I dont want a big deal this, but this is just the way it was Christine more went missing, she's african american. and she's not getting the press I really don't know why I mean every missing persons case should be, but if we look at what interests the pub, look like it or not. People do sometimes judge these cases by how it risks these people are- and this is just not an at risk person, I hate the high risk low risk lifestyle labels that law enforcement has, but they have. These lay note, though the press does it true think about it. If you have someone who's in a poor area, no matter what race there and they go, sing, that's not getting coverage now, if you, live in a decent area, especially if you
when a really nice area and you go missing, debts bigger news, and that is how it is she was in a decent around she's, a college student and she went out for a jog. This should be big news and the press there than one We could talk about me. I mean, if you going to say so. thing about how unfair at all this is because, as you know, the more press you have them likely. It is that someone might have seen something and we'll get that information out their absolute. Unfortunately, in a case like this, where they're not covering her Christine more goes missing and there is now support for her dad, whose obviously very concern it is happy. to a few of the women that go missing their family. There will report them missing and they are told they gotta be for a certain amount of time, and we ve been held about this in the past. Were they say? That's a misnomer, that's not true, but this is directly from family members where they they say. We were
to the police and the police said you know, there's an adult, so we're gonna wait a little while before we start reign. The alarm bells- and there was a little frustration from some of these victims- families that they weren't listen to that police didn't act upon it faster, but I get it. Adults can go take off and do whatever they want for awhile and there's nothing there. do about it, but mostly These people know their family there's no their loved ones and know something's wrong, and they wouldn't just take off their not depressed they're, not on drugs there but you know, there's no issue here. They were supposed to be at a place at school. at a job interview, whatever it may be, and they did not show up. Ebeneezer baptist church is an east batten ruse. There are some deacons that gather to the side of the church after services get out. They say for about two weeks: they had
rest dogs chewing on bones, and they didn't really think a lot of it because they fear was some animal. They were chewing on couple weeks later. they're looking over in that direction and I think they start to have serve a sick feeling that those aren't animal bones little too big little. I'm not sure of that, Lee, but they may end up at calling it in and that's when it's too covered that christine moors body had been dumped by this church, but they don't know who did it they just know that she was out for a run and whoever- Honor head, attacked her and then dumped her body by this church, and it s completely. Decomposed and the dog they got into it. So whenever evidence there was was lost made thirty first, two dozen to charlotte murray,
ace again. This is another successful college student. In fact, on may twenty fourth she was to graduate, as the youngest student ever turn a masters degree in business administration from Alice you that's just a week before her death. Her roommate found her in her apartment. She was twenty two years old, she had been stabbed over eighty times with a screwdriver and raped she had a lot of defensive injuries. Apparently she put up quite a fight might be the reason why the attacker resorted to using a weapon instead of his bare hands. again there able to pull dna evidence from this this when I think they realise that they dealing with a possible serial killer
I'd be putting together that a few these murders are being committed by the same trigger and also there is a neighbour of hers that noticed a man, around the area and gave a description of him to the police, or was that description? The description was that he didn't know if the man was hispanic or some other ethnicity city, that he d get a look at what he was wearing, which was a green sure and dickies pants. He said the guy as he walked by kept looking back at charlotte's house later, when he got back, he notice saw the crime scene. Tape everywhere and that's when he thought I should mention this. So I saw this guy. He was looking kind of suspicious, but I wouldn't think much about it. Until now, I noticed there has been a crime committed. There was something left at the scene that caught detect his eyes and it was a shoe
print in blood they researched and discovered. It was a zip star, size, tenant half shoe that from what they can tell was probably sold at walmart, a first real clue that they can use to possibly tie assess back to the scene. Now, obviously, they have dna but If they don't have a dna record on file that matches the dna they collect, then its use, it's useless. You don't know who it is they? Obviously no, say stronger man because he said to overpower these women and brutally beat them, but They are noticing that he's gaining access to the house without for a century, so possibly Social engineering, possibly posing as a maintenance, man or something there, not quite sure yet, but it
in two thousand to that, a composite sketch of who they believe is the killer is released. While the picture looks like a white male with long hair and a long face So you can imagine this goes out everybody's, attributing some of these murders that are happening to this guy in the sketch describe a white pickup truck also without sketch. Yes, they do. They have they have reports from people that say they saw a white pick up. The white male inside of it. That seems suspicious that some in some of these areas, oh- and this goes out in the media reporting possible serial killer white male and a white pickup truck the police pull over. every single white guy and a white pickup truck
in Louisiana? That's a lie guys there was even a joke, bumper sticker that was being sold. That said, I am not a serial killer. That white guys were being on their pickup trucks. They also started taking dna swabs when they would come thus the areas and they would actually come from all kinds of people. All kinds are racist, so just ways to try to pin down who person is so July, two thousand and two Diane Alexander his at her home and a man come stored or asks if he can use her telephone call. Somebody and she says sure she hands him. The foam through the door and clauses and locked the door right. He knocks on our door again and says you know: here's your phone back and when she opens the door to
see the phone he pushes his way and strikes her and the head with the phone fractures her skull and from there he gets on top of her and starts beating her in strangle. Her with a telephone cord. Her son comes home in the middle of this attack. His vehicles, pulling up next to the house, the killer needs to get out of there. Now you here's a car door slam, he hears some becoming and he gets up and he runs out the back door by her son comes in the house and seas. His mother, lying on the ground beaten and he gives chase, and he follows him out the back door and he sees this man get in a vehicle and take off and the man he sees happens to be. This attack will not be associated or connected to
murders or disappearances that have happened thus far. So this is just random home invasion and attempted murder, july, two thousand and two we have PAM kenmore yeah. She owns a an antique shop. Her antique shop is comfortable boys, her husband, is going to be home late. So she closed the shop. She goes into the back door, unlocks it of course, but she leaves your keys in the back door, perhaps yes from what we understand she would do. This sometimes is absent minded sort of thing where I've if my keys in my door all lot in it's scary, but it happens my only saving grace, I usually lock my dead bullet I, but it happens more unfortunately leaving your keys in the back door when
are going in the house to change for bed. This was a fatal mistake for her, but somebody had to have been watching her. Somebody had do taken notice it's not like you just walk along and noticed the back door and see the keys there. This was somebody that was probably following her. I would assume So he was able to get into the home quite easily and- basically lie in wait for her, so he could attack when he wanted she has been taken from home and she won't be found until July, sixteenth by her her husband comes home. He know something's up because he see some blood on a carpet
I think it's like a lamp or something's knocked over, not a huge struggle, but just something has is wrong in something sticking to him that this is out of place. He calls police and says my wife's missing and again He is told. Well, there's not much, we can do about it. You have to wait a certain amount of time before will file amiss and missing persons report so between her husband, byron and her family. There sort of left here now- byron not considered a suspect, and this when we first they dont. Really.
consider it a murder- they were even really a missing person, but they don't really look at him. As a suspect or any foul play, the only things disturbed that her husband knows we're at a place where some pictures on a dresser that were kind of knock and a little bit and a footstool was knocked over, and then there was a little bit of blood on the floor. She may have been taken from the home alive because of some eye witness reports, disabled people, that reported seeing a vehicle with a man and woman in it. The woman looks concerned. Partial plate number was taken and the vehicle was described as a white truck, which coincides with the descriptions that have gone out so far right in one eye. Witness said that they saw a white woman slumped over in the vehicle
Not only that, but they said she was naked. So of course that's gonna raise some alarm bells right how her husband, he actually was confined to a wheelchair from a otto acts. that had happened prior he was in a wheelchair when they first met it's kind of interesting story, because when they meet there's an instant connection, when they plan to get married, his family code, her family and basically ass Are you sure you want your door or marrying a man in a wheelchair response from her mother is if anyone can get him to stand its her and he ends up standing at the altar to take the bow it's really hard wrenching to me, because people always say good things happen to good people in to me. This is a story of something terrible happening to a good person, not not an easy one. Take not to.
Before pam goes missing, the police, I have now linked some of these deaths. Single individual. They I don't know who yet November two thousand and two this one's a little different because it it doesn't happen at home and actually happens at a cemetery. Tunisia column was visiting her mother's grave on november, twenty first two thousand and two and they say that when her mother died it it hitter. Hard. So she wasn't doing much socializing. She spending a lot of time just in iran and not really communicating with her family. This was really really hard on her. They also say that at one point she had tried to commit suicide by taking a bunch of pills. So when she went missing they feared that maybe she had killed herself so on that particular they'd
We had been at the cemetery, but unfortunately for her, there was a serial killer at the cemetery as well, but they found her vehicle parked there. Something was more foul play at hand, cause she wouldn't have just run off without her vehicle and she had been visiting the cemetery every day. So it wasn't a a big surprise for her vehicle to be there. It just was a surprise that she wasn't to be found there. A hunter near Scott Louisiana will end up finding her body. Three days later, the police will say that she died from blunt force trauma to the head. They able to pull more dna evidence and seamen from her and are able to match the dna to the other murders. She also is the first black victim to be late.
Here so again, they think. Well, he was going into people's houses. Now he has abducted one out in public And the other women of all, then why, in this one's black, investigators are a little there. Fluctuating on what they think this man's m o is their fluctuating on what they think about him and his profile, because it doesn't seem to follow an exact pattern yet march third, two thousand and three carolyn yoda she was student going forward science degree she's going for a phd and she was another ellis. You student, another successful, Alice you soon. The very good grades who goes missing is abducted from her Alice. You apartment. Ten days later, she will be found by fishermen near where they found pam can amours by
by whisky bay. So all of these murders and abductions are happening in aid. general area, and at least two of the bodies have been dumped in the same place, They will find that she was beaten, raped and strangled to death. There are able to pull dna evidence and match it to the other murders, whether something about carries murderer. They say her dream was to save louisiana wetlands so that just kind of struck me as we said they they have this description of a white male of a white pickup truck and in may of two thousand three the ban rouge area multi agency task force releases, a sketch of a man one or for questioning about the attacks on women and in Saint Martin perish. This description is completely
print this description is of a clean cut, light skinned, blackmail wish or brown hair and brown eyes he's. Probably in is late twenties early thirties and this one is more accurate because they are? Finally, getting more reliable. I witness accounts and allowing them to put together a better sketch. Dna is being collected and compared there's a certain man. Who has been asked to give a dna swab? They base it on his past, mental history. He sort of honor radar, Andy fits the sketch, they put a rush on this dna. This man's d, nay ends at matching dna samples taken from cannon, more column
pace, green and yoda. This is a serial killer and they have his name, Derek Todd Lee a lot of things that they are able to tide of. This is multiple eyewitnesses. Eyewitness accounts And if you go back and remember diane, Alexander she's able to give them a composite sketch of him with descriptions of his vehicle, so their able to pull that information to and match it up with their current eye witnesses, and they put all that together and so once they stopped focusing on each of the new victims and started. Look for other surviving victims. They were able to pull all this together was actually it was decent police work as much as that as a public outcry for theirs oh killer on the loose.
They were doing what they could and analyzing each of the crimes scenes and pulling dna, but Would you say there was a few missteps if you, mrs here, and there, you have to understand that it's difficult to know what their dealing with here? In some of these cases they had suspects who were married. The victim or dating a victim, or they didn't have enough to go on. They just knew that there was a person at the house. He went missing and there's a missing. Phone. They don't really ought to go on honestly back at this time There are a lot of women who are being murdered, tying weena we like to think oh well. They should be able to figure out because of an m o whose killing who, but, as we have already mentioned, that
his m. O is somewhat consistent. It seems as though he tries to these women to open their door, which gives them access, and then he can attack them. Obviously, Diane alexander is one of the keys here because she's a survivor she doesn't get murdered because luckily his the attack on her is interrupted the attacker as we know, is a serial killer, he's interrupted by her son. So. leaving an eye witness like that. Who can say here's what I saw. Here's what I heard it starts to add up and, of course, with the dna swab coming back as a hit on multiple victims, then they know that they have derek todd Lee as the killer. Unfortunately, for the police he gave the sample up, but
they laughed. He gathered his family up and he split town. He had a family, he had a wife and kids yes there are. There is always stereotypes out there and in one of them is sir: killers are always the middle aged well did you white guy, and in this instance, he's a you know he's younger black eye and he's a family man and he's good looking is charming and he's able to gain access to people's houses, but the initial response was a little misguided between eyewitness accounts and just possibly a stereotype of what a ser. What we proceed as sir killer. Now he ends up being apprehended because of a cell phone. I do believe, because someone gives him a phone and then ends up letting the police know about the phone and their able to track the phone and they track.
down to atlanta, georgia yeah, he doesn't fight extradition or anything. So, once he's apprehended and arrested, he comes quietly for them part I mean was there anything in this guy's past is the real question that would clueless thin or clue anyone in to the fact that he was a dangerous person, he was trouble dare totally was born. On november fifth, nineteen sixty eight in saint Francis Phil Louisiana his mother florence, Lee and his father was Samuel Ruth now, when Derek was born at time samuel Ruth left florence, they weren't married her. Actually left to go back to his wife, who was rosetta ruth, He would end up divorcing her, Some point meringue another woman. The key here, as is his father, had mental issues and would face that charge of attempted man slaughter in ninety ninety one after his
second wife testified against him and told the authorities what he had done to her. Word has it that florence was happy when he left, because they had a couple of children together, but he was unstable, So his mother ends up marrying another man, coleman barrow, who bring structure to the home. He plays with the kids He tries to teach them values, and so you think, This is where things going right. Todd plays with his sister they like to play. Intense in the back yard. He literally, is surrounded by family. They have a lot of family all in the same area. What you could probably argue as his best friend, is a cousin of his named kenneth rally. You're one calls ray and re and Derek would go fish together they play baseball, basketball together and they all
so played in banned at school together, This is a guy that he would grow up with. He would go to the bars with eventually, so they spend a lot of time around each other. When he was young in school he was teased a lot, because other kids thought he was stupid in school. I mean he was tested. and his iq was in the low to me seventies. age eleven. He was caught peeping into the windows of houses at women, heathen had family who caught him doing. At age, thirteen he was arrested for burglary. The police had already begun. beware of him, because people are trying to turn him in for the peeping tom incidents that he was involved in this work. Way, so he's had a lot of incidents, but he's never had to pay for them. There were no real conflict it says here other than the police. Understood who he was, they knew who he was and they He was travel ban.
You, never had to go to like a juvenile detention centre. Anything He when you're a minor. You can get away with a lot of things and get the slap on the risk it probation where he was just basely sent back out liar. I don't do this again. at eight thirteen he met jack. And sims who I had recently moved from California to live with her dad after her mom died, and they say that jacqueline sims known as jackie and Eric god long really. Well- and this is the woman- he would end up marrying. He would finally be rested at eight seventeen he had dropped out after tenth grade, but he still didn't have to go away. You know he was there sent anywhere so in nineteen. Eighty eight he married jacqueline and they would have to children a boy and a girl this old time he would get job jobs and lose jobs and he would also get girlfriends. So he was married
he had girlfriends and they say His wife knew about this by she didn't Caused him any grief over it, she didn't press him to make changes. Anything wasn't gonna, be it a divorce apple offence. Right now. Some interesting things happen in ninety ninety six, and that said, his wife dad die is an explosion at a plant that he works at its the amoco plant. And she inherits they say two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but she does want to house they get a house, but Derek starts going out and buying he by the car really nice car Not start stressing, really nice jury. This is when he starts really hunting for the ladys, because now he's presenting himself like well, look at me consigned consomme is so when it becomes his girlfriend.
But apparently they fight allied it's not even a year before this money all dries up. I mean he just he squanders it completely jack he's not going to put up a fight about it, because Derek is an abusive person in february of two thousand consign dora because of the use, seeks a protective order against Lee and within three days, he's waiting for her by this popular bar that they like to go to its known as lizzie, lounge and liz has run the place for decades. Well, she pulls up and he attacks her while she's in the vehicle and ends up pulling her out of the vehicle by her hair. So he starts is beating on her and people come over and pull him off of her they're trying to get him away from her and as they're pulling him away. He stopping at her face with his cowboy boots, and he did away from them a jumps on her answers beating her again, they have to pull him off again. She run
into the lounge bar and liz herself tries to hide her behind their dj booth and Todd comes thing into the place and he's going all over he's going to the women's restroom he's going all over the place by bar, he wants to know where she sat well. Police are called, he knows, they're coming, so he fleas the scene gets into his vehicle and just about runs over a cop he's apprehended. He would go away for a year now that the charges that were What he was charged with was aggravated flight, assault and battery simple criminal damage to property and attempted first degree merv. A police officer which was later dropped now dunno about you, but this guy keeps getting breaks void. In Sadly, he doesn't get attempted murder on the woman who is
kicking in the face with put his boot, but he gets it because he drove our car, like I drop at anyway, yeah He has a history of violence, he has a history of criminal activity, but when you put it together he's been spying on women do windows, they know from other reports and interviews that over time here add followed women, so he would learn their habits and sir the women he would actually stalk where they would get to know him. He would just be around and come up and talk to them, try and ask them out, and sometimes he would even go to their doors and try to get into their place a couple of different women actually got him to leave. They yelled at him and said you can't be here, will have to leave or I'll call the police they weren't into. They knew that he was bad news again, even though police were,
Fine, nothing happens to this. Guy I mean it these women saw who he was. They were able to give a name, a description. Nothing would happen And it seemed like allow these times it would just get filed away. I wasn't serious enough while he left. What's the problem right and at one point they even had him on a weapons charge and they went. The paper working out the weapon, I believe in other police it strict because he wasn't allowed to own a weapon because he was in trouble on probation or were heavy rain, spent a year in jail, but yet he was allowed have a weapon and they had this twenty two rifle and the police had in their possession
and then they lost it for two years they could have put them away for five years. So I guess what I'm saying is: is this guy gets lucky and we see this a lot in different serial killer cases where you have competent detectives, but sometimes the information? They have isn't correct, they're looking for the wrong person or they don't have enough evidence to tie everything together, yet so they're at a disadvantage, but the killers themselves seem to get lucky, and some of these cases, like we talked about with BT k, were wasn't that they were smart. In fact, you know his. I q test score just went down over time. Yeah I mean derrick Todd Lee started off in the seventies and would end up in the sixties. They say that it was questionable enough that they had to determine whether, when he went to court, whether he was competent to stand trial even yeah, because his I q score was so low
I mean to put it in the contrast, the woman that he murdered yoda, who was going for a phd. She had an iq of one thirty five. When you look at this profile of this killer, he would use his. He was good looking and he was charming and he was a strong, so they say that he didn't really set off alarm bells for some of these women. Now he would only charged with certain murders. He wasn't charged with all of them, so we was to separate trials. more generally de soto and charlotte murray pace, whether two different jurisdictions, think of it that way, because whether
really trying to do is make sure this guy can't get out ever again, whether its put him to death or put him away for life. They want to make sure that he's just put away and there is no guarantee if you take him to court, that he'll be found guilty. As we know they do have good evidence, though. Yes they do. The dna is pretty much seals the deal with them. Now he gets a licence in sport, soto, and he gets a death sentence for pace. This is interesting because I just wondering about the other families of the victims, and whether or not they felt like their love one wasn't as important. We were talking about this earlier, but Why make sure this guy goes away? So if you were to charge him with all the murders all at once, it's a very strategic tactic for the prosecutor. Not to do that because you could overwhelm a jury
could overwhelm them with the amount of issues here and if the defence, is able to say. Well, you know this is inadmissible or hey this. This can't be used in in the court of law because of whatever reason he could throw all of it, put it all into risk by charging him on this one murder. If they were to have failed, they could go back charge him with the next one and then next one, so by separating them out, they could have seven or more chances to get this guy. They were able to get to different convictions. One was a debt sons and that's where you have to go in and evaluate m, because, according to a supreme court hearing or a supreme court decision, you cannot put the mentally disabled to death, but he is found
competent and he is put on death row louisiana, I think, is possibly second or third to texas? As far as putting inmates to death or totally Lee is put on death Oh only he's not going to be put to death doesn't work out, he will die of natural causes before his execution. at the age of forty seven. He died on january, twenty first two thousand sixteen and he was transferred for emergency treatment. and they haven't, even though they, enacted an autopsy? They didn't want to release the findings. They cited privacy reasons as best as I can tell the reason they don't want to. Let a lot of nation hours because they had to take care of him over time for a heart issue, Derek even had a pacemaker, so you know I don't.
the public, really wants to hear that a murderer. A serial killer on death row on death row is getting expensive hospital care to make sure he stays alive, but that's the states job, that's what they have to do. So to me it's just a given. You have to execute them in a process, and you cannot just let them die as it could be considered, cruel and unusual. But in two thousand three rumours head circulated that derrick Hadley head used the sounds of a child crying to get women to open their doors. This was later proven to be false, as we know he would use the roots of asking for a phone or something like that or saying
He needed to get a hold of somebody, because he was a construction worker or doing work in the area. Something like that. So for anyone wondering about the whole baby crying lure, it's not true. I've came across the debunking of it. First before I even came across the rumor, so I didn't put much
welcome to myself. Well, do you have any other comments about this case? I have one thing that kind of stuck out to me was: there was a crime stopper tipp line set up with a hundred thousand dollar reward for anything leading to the conviction of Derek totally, and if you remember back to Diana diane alexander, she was one of the surviving victims. She was able to give a description of Derek from dna evidence tied all back. She enquired about the reward and they said you are not eligible because you did not call the tipps hotline. You went to police the crime, stopper tips hotline
is different and they have different guidelines in every city in america. So it's not a certain process or procedure some of em. If you give your name and you are no longer anonymous, then you're no longer eligible for the reward. In her case, they said She didn't call the number and nay cited some just any kind of obscure policy to deny her car. She actually hired a lawyer to protest this, but didn't give very far. and I get that you want to gather mason. I get that you want to promote people calling in. I think most people want comes to a serial killer or a major crime. People will out of the goodness of their own hearts, will just call in and report suspicious behavior or what you know just try to help. They don't need a monetary reward to motivate them. In fact, especially when it,
comes to a higher and reward like a hundred thousand dollars in up all you're trying to do with that is incentivize a loved one of the perpetrator of the crime to turn on them, but the random person, that's calling into report this, they are not the ones that your enticing with that. I have issues with the monetary rewards, because I think they cause a lot of false tips, lot of false information. and would then, when they turn around and deny claims it just kind of sours the whole process now. I know they pay out a lot to certain people, typically
in a lower reward and the hundreds of dollars? Not hundreds of thousands is kind of bad to deny alexander her claim, and that's that's. The sad part is this is supposed to be a good thing. It's supposed to incentivize people to do the right thing, but I think doing the right thing is all the incentive they need and the money it causes more issue, is in conflict than it causes good in this situation. But this is just my opinion. I'm sure there's a lot of good that comes from it, I read a lot of stories about people being denied their reward money when they did the right thing, and it just seems pretty wrong to me. I wanted to finish with some words frahm, charlotte murray paces, mother
Who is an pace after hearing what happened with their todd Lee dying from natural causes, rather than being put to death? She talked about how she felt as the mother of one of these victims who didn't get justice and she said think it has to do with murray. her friends and family color murray when she died. I hadn't overwhelming sense of having failed. How could I not have kept my own child, safe, intellectually. I knew that was not the case, but then this morning I realise that this fight, this fighting through the appeals, reign the letters speaking all that was a way to keep being murray's mom to make up for not keeping her safe in its own way. The end of the fight feels like a loss, feels like being armoured for battle. Only to find you have no opponent, it's a good thing to avoid the war but disconcerting in the moment. this episode was sponsored by third love. Third loves
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