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Ben Padilla. May 25, 2003. A plane in Angola is being repaired after sitting idle for 14 months. A company had been leasing it, but had not been making payments on it and had accrued a massive bill just sitting at an airport. The owner of the plane had hired a man, Ben Padilla, to oversee a team of mechanics to get the 727 flight-ready. All of the seats beyond the cabin had been removed so that the plane could carry more than 5000 gallons of diesel fuel in 10 large tanks. For unknown reasons the plane would suddenly enter a runway and take off. Onboard were Padilla and a man from the Republic of Congo, John Mutantu. The plane and its occupants would not be seen again. Why was the plane stolen and where are the two men? See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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yeah solely in that's where the complaints we have at the other site is funding. episodes was who always difficult. You know, that's being kind differ, the new site. It's very easy to go through all of the episodes and find what you're looking for, if you're, looking for news updates Things or where to buy shirts trust we were working on getting all that stuff back in in a whole new way so despair with us as we as we transition here so tonight. What are we talking about Snyder tonight, switching things up again. It see missing plain case ends, the reasons I think we chose this one is because it's it's a bit different it. It's actually a case where you may not have heard of it. So some of you have many of you haven't by at center of a case is a man named Ben medea.
And he was supposed to work on this plane because it had sat idle fur- Over a year and- compare own, it was getting it flight ready again. So that's just the basics of it. Better is a plain that goes missing and its also about a man who goes missing. So it's serve a double mystery. I guess you could say where what really caught my attention with this is this happens on may twenty fifth, two thousand three a plain goes missing. I mean this is two years after September eleven, two thousand and one where I thought things, run locked down there as governments watch, king and tracking everything airport and don't just go missing light. They just don't disappear or people don't jump in them and take off and run so
That's! What really struck me about this is this is two thousand and three. I just wouldn't think it would be possible, but it's in a it's in Angola, it's in africa and it happens at an airport yeah. We could attempt to say the name but yeah, there's a chance, we'll get it wrong. aids, the clock row thief, pharaoh airport, don't kill me for that one. It probably is day but yeah and so this airplanes been, it was an american airlines airplane, and the name sold it to the aerospace and leasing company who then was leasing it out too, angola who retro fitted it with fuel tanks, so they pretty much guided the un's
the airplane took out all the seeds and passenger compartments in everything and replaced it with huge fuel tanks and this thing would run diesel fuel up for the diamond mining it that was happening in the ivory coast. So this is a of fuel transport plain dad. Angola was using and they let it sit like you said for fourteen months, and you know I my get some of this a little off, but any pilots out. There know that you can't just fly a plane and landed and airport there landing fees, there's all kinds of fees and penalties and taxes for having an airplane at any airport? And you have to date of its money
this airplane sitting stagnant. You can kind of just assume it's illegally parked and it's racked up thirty thousand pounds in fees and penalties. That's right! Mister Ben padilla is a mechanic and they got to get this airplane flight ready. So they can move it and stop racking up the the fees and penalties and get it, you know, get it out of this airport and moved on right right, some other things to know plain was bill and nineteen seventy five and it was originally in american airlines plain planes are malleable and they stick around a long time as long as they're maintained they have along a long life along service life. The when it was got it they put in these ten five hundred gallon tanks, for, though diesel fuel, while petty is there,
he's supposedly hired another man, John Bruton, to yeah monterrey, close as I assume he's from. I believe the congo republic of congo- and I don't know do you know how they know each other's this. I kind of just got the feeling that it was hired help. is an american from Florida. I've seen different ages, de fifty one years old, and he hired this other man to help him or the company hired him too. ben, not really sure how'd. I goes down, but I think they, I think ben- did the higher because aerospace gave Ben money and so Ben can't just service the plane himself. He needs help now Ben is a pilot, but they call him a bush pilot, because
If he doesn't, he doesn't fly planes of the side that he's certified on smaller planes right. So you can't say he's not a pilot. He is a pilot, but just as with anything else there, there are different kinds of pilots. He's not there to fly the planes there to Get a flight ready in this plane is a it's a seven twenty seven two hundred series, besides the fuel tanks, how much? How much field is this thing have, unlike? What's it stats, it can hold was, I think, it's. Ninety eight hundred gallons orca of fuel in the tail member on this plane- was in eight four for a that's. It's sort of an ominous number now yes, if you want to look up information on this either look up the the number for the plane tell them, the town, member for the plane, or look up Ben pdf and you'll find
What little there is, there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on it. Justin was saying with it being a couple of years after eleven. This plain law with all this fuel is a threat. This obviously is gonna set alight things in motion a lot of concern. Security concern around the world. So what happens that day been and his worker day they say that they're going to bring the plane out of the hangar and onto the runway and run the engines, and I guess this is a normal process just to make sure the engine a fully functional its colleague putting a car on the rulers in your own and driving it on the roller assisted, make sure that everything's going all right, so they they take it out to the runway, which is their normal plan
and the plains maneuvering a radically. They turn off the transponders. They turn off the radio and the plane, taxis out to the runway and takes off engine flies away, yet he said before it actually even takes off that when it was taxing, it was actually driving a little erratically and It makes you wonder, is this because bends at the controls- and struggling a little bit because he's not used to flying a plain that size or is something going on at the time on the plane. Is there a struggle struggle or threat? Could someone have on that plane they say that there were a man seen that day. So that's one of the mysteries of those that them return to guy, because people scriveners looking middle eastern, but I wouldn't think sound from republic of congo
middle eastern. Do you know now there could be a third person involved? What is what we're saying it's possible so may dasso. in two thousand three six p m. This plain takes off now this third man, or this other man is said to have purchased fuel, and they say that they loaded fourteen thousand and gallons of fuel. On this plain before it took off. That's a lot of fuel yanza. If you take the nine to ten thousand gowns a few somewhere in there that the plank can hold, and then you take the five thousand gowns these tanks on the inside can hold that's where you get the fourteen thousand gallons, they Lastly, filled up even the diesel tanks, we're Jeff you it's yeah, I guess so.
here we are at the decline, takes off and it's never seen again or its missing now, d the fbi, the cia. All these The agencies are trying to track down this plane because well, they could be used as a terrorist threat. It could be used for a lot of different reasons. The three theories that the american government are going with. Are it in poor condition, so the owners which would be aerospace repossessed it so that it had to pay the penalties or repossessed it for you whatever, insurance purposes. It was stone to smuggle illegal goods that could be, fuel could be, diamonds could be drugs,
or was stolen for a terrorist threat or terrorist plot, which is very likely, two years earlier. We saw that happen, so those are the three theories that the american garments going off. Odors repossess. or smuggling or terrorist. So one of the things we should look at first when considering that and theories we have to look at the man himself, Ben medea or Ben Charles medea, where no about him because it if we could learn and they want him. Maybe we can make a determination whether he would have knowingly been a part of such a plot, either steel or to turn this in order to people who might use it as a weapon or whether, even if he was on board that plan at the time, which is quite likely that perhaps he was not a willing participant know, he's
In his fifties he's an american citizen. He has family right before the disappearance here, informed at his mother had a heart attack, correct yea, was a pretty serious heart attack and that he was bonded by email, stating that he would, I think, even stated that he would be in touch the next day. because he was concerned and that he never he never got back in touch with them after that, so from what I understand his brother and his Mr, have gone record to state that no matter where he was working, what he was doing. He always maintained a line of communication with them and so for him just to disappear. It didn't make any sense, because he was deaf, lay the kind of person that Stay in touch with his family. He wouldn't they said he wouldn't just disappear by
His own decision he's in touch of those family weed. see a lot of motive here. Well, there is some motive heap, he could still plain and he could sell this point. could still is playing and all this fuel and sell it and make a ton of money and disappear. But his family's looking for him as families concerned about him. So. Is it likely he stole this plain and took took it for himself? I I don't think so. I just doesn't seem like his his pattern. Here I mean he's, never had a criminal record. It never does. Yeah he's got a good paying job, he gets to travel the world, it sounds pretty cool to me and his family still looking for him. I just I can't get into this idea that he stole a plane yeah. I can't imagine, he's gonna, make enough fathers plain and not care enough.
his family, the he'll just take off and never be seen again and if he ever did steal the plane for any purpose, whether as or the company that owned it or for someone who isn't one who is stealing it illegally, then they would know where to if he ever went back to his family get in when would he really steal it for his company? I mean if his company hired him to repossess, explain that be no reason for him to disappear, because he would just be a mean, we're not gonna, extradite him back to you know and gola, because he took off without tower clearance or what yo and didnt pay the fees yeah, but that's the company. It's not him that didn't pay the fees, whether that be air gemini, orb, aerospace and leasing day if the fees were it's not on him. Now he did
something illegal by taking off the plane, but I just can't see accompany pretty much knowing this guy hey take off with this plain and flight back to, order or wherever you know, but it's not american airlines now so that I mean the company could do something shady, but I would did there'd be a smarter way to have the plane meet a fate for insurance purposes, rather than have it go missing because I don't know how that impacts. The insurance is just gone now, van an oil slick and found the tale somewhere than they have something. But it's just missing so does that get covered exactly it can name. You know it's like your phone,
when your insurance on your phone or your car, if it goes missing d, do you have full replacement coverage here for all accounts and purposes? I couldn't find that they actually filed an insurance claim after it went missing. So you know, I guess if you can't prove that it was racked, then how you know it just doesn't really add up. You think about the sp. I was smuggling well, you know if it was filled up with gasoline or fuel right before it was stolen, then I guess that would be well. I guess it was paid for if the, if the guy paid for the fuel, but they could be using it for other things, there was a decade of conflict in africa over there for the blood diamond conflict diamonds. So it's possible to be a smuggler's plane. That's a very likely situation.
There's a lot of different things there, but the smugglers would have been the mystery man that got on the plane. I mean unless been selling at the smugglers, then bins in on this, so the smugglers muster been waiting on the plane were somewhere close to the plain when it took off, so they could jumper. In overpower ban or tell him at gunpoint take off we're out a year. Yeah, the civil aviation director for Angola had said that the plane been grounded because there were a series of irregularities? I think the point here is that way, when you're in africa The regulations are not quite there as they are in the united states or most other first world countries, and on this continent. There are a lot of cases that are just the kind of
I am sure they want money so his where the fees come in, I'm sure it's religious term, wild west yeah, so with it being grounded it's it's not like. They built a fence up around it. I mean no and make they can't because did mechanics gotta work on it and he's gotta, take it out and run the engines and stuff. So you know they have allow some leniency their regardless of the country that a ten moses range to me that they have these fees breathing in every. I understand video, let them know that the fees were work would be taken care of. I do, I think it's it was thirty thousand pounds or closer to fifty thousand us. That's not big money for this airplane
this airplane's, a very nice airplane. It's considered a cadillac of aeroplanes, even if its older, it's still a commodity. You know if you took the fuel tanks out and put the seats back in new gotta passengers, yet again that they could have been retrofitted back to you know an airline What do you think of this terrorist plot? Well, that's the one day seems less likely to me because it never been used for that as far as we in town, and I would think that if it was going to be used for that they had already had it all, fuelled up and ready to go? So to me that's the least, likely scenarios that of a stone for terrorism purposes, I guess it's just how you define it. I mean if it's gonna be used like september, eleventh as a weapon,
to fly into something than yeah would have been used for that already. But maybe it's being used to smuggle terrorists around. Maybe it's being used by the terrorists as transport that I can buy that, but it's obviously hasn't been used in a terrorist plot by any means, but, like I said it's it's a commodity, it's worth something they were obviously getting it fight, ready and as we know it actually successfully took off. This- is where the quest comes in, though, could it have crashed sometime after it took off because you don't have we don't have any evidence of a qualified pilot being on board, so foregoing with it seems as though people think that pity I was at the controls now don't know where they get the idea there was, then they describe it as a white man. Maybe
that's why they're saying he was at the controls and if he was, could he have successfully flown this plain to wherever was it he was supposedly headed? You can drive a car. You can be licence to drive a vehicle, but are you licence, as a truck driver? You know? Do syria licence to hold different a whole ballgame? I mean I could pay only start a truck and move it forward. Now. Could I drive that drive across country in back into parking spaces? No, so then was fluid enough with this airplane, to pull it out onto the runway and run the engines. I think he could probably take off by Could he landed? Could he fly it? That's a whole different story. Taking off is probably not that hard, but everything else. So is the mystery man flying it,
extreme man got a gun to bends. Head and Ben did his best to take often then crash- I mean they say there was no oil slick or wreckage found. But if this went down in the ocean. Com like the malaysian flight who know is, are we find it are. We gonna know about it is they're gonna, be evidence or wreckage in this is off the coasts of acts. so how hard, where they really looking well, did the malaysian fight and the end up on the land mass somewhere wreckage from the malaysian fire ended up and I reunion island, but that could have been it wrecked in the ocean in the wreckage floated their walk, any time. Someone says what we didn't see. An oil slick. This plane is filled with a lot of fuel but on the other hand it's really heavy, we don't have any idea when you're,
out there searching you're gonna have to know, ago, because it's the oceans of a place, it is say. While we went over that way, and we see thing you're, not you not headed, to a little suburb somewhere. It's it's just vast to say that you know whether there was a crash there or not, We do not even know whether looking they know it for an hour, and there were several places they had in mind where it could have gone. Maybe they were heading to nigeria. That's one of the thoughts. So how plans were looking. I just. I cannot imagine that you can see you can state without any, question. Oh, there is no oil slick, sodden rack here. You can't I'm fine I believe that for a moment that they could have easily crashed, if, if he wasn't certified to fly that plane, I don't know if he could have landed it and and if
He was under duress or, or you know, being forced to fly it by Mr Mann, What if they tried to overpower I'm in two go well and they crashed in their so many, concurrence in everything that, even if they knew it exactly where this plane crashed it. They might not be able to find it. But there was an alleged spotting of this plane in July two months after its disappearance, a canadian pilot name, Bob stroker spotted a plane in guinea. He says it appeared We re sprayed and re registered with tail number of three x geo em, but he said that the original a you know the innate for four a he said. The a was still visible on the tail and he he claims
canadian guy claims. He saw the plain at an airport two months after the fact now why on, was he looking for this plane? You know he peel. Just that he saw it in there's, no reason not to believe them, but at the same time getting a ploy in re registered takes Oh a lot. Take some political movement take some some time now again. knocking Angola in somebody's other place, where maybe, if you broad there if the person you can get some some stuff changed in in that's a possibility, but this this captain this this pilot says he saw the plane two months after it's disappearance. Now, if that's truth, then I I
be surprised if the fbi, homeland security and everybody else didn't track new tail number and if me, and you can find this tale number on line I know the fbi and our american government definitely has this tale number and is looking for but it hasn't reappeared anywhere. So are they stay away from where run airports or are they sticking to? You know africa in other places where it's not quite as structured or they're, not quite as diligent about tracking and entail members are now they try to make a good case that that was the plane? they don't have it. So to me it say I'd say it's a good, citing. I think it's interesting, but to me is not definitive.
Again, if he saw it, I would assume that they would be able to track it or they'd be looking for it now, and it would have popped up on the radar again, but in africa I mean that's the that's where we keep coming back to is in africa. It's not the same. It's not like their people in chicago looking or the garments alerted allay it's it's africa. So and who is really checking all of this information out in where's, been you know, ben, as an appeared on the radar either. So if the plain was stolen, then we're looking at what happened to ban was he. Killed and disposed of cause they're, not gonna, take a captive here and keep em around long cause.
If these are terrorists, were smugglers herb, shady people, you know we kind of way through we dont think it was an insurance fraud could be, muddling scheme, not really a terrorist plot, but If, if anyone has seen the movie blood diamonds, were leonardo dicaprio as a really bad accent to decent movie? But it's it's about the conflict In angola and sierra leone, where you had a, huge civil war, going on for almost a decade- and you had the r- u f, who was like a rebel group fighting with the government and the regular civilians, and this goes on
and it's pretty much funded by the diamond trade, the mining of diamonds. It is said that during this conflict, almost twenty percent of the world's diamond market was flooded with diamond, from sierra leone and Angola. During this conflict. It said three million People could have lost their lives now. the numbers are always gonna, be a little little. Is there but three million people, people don't hereby you wanna happens in africa, and three million people die. It's pretty sad that we dont think about that. we hear about a lion being shot, but you know three million people in anger are murdered. The are you have had some really brutal tactics over there. They at once they tried to institute democracy and
voting the r? U F would go into villages and chop off everybody's hands, so they couldn't vote. They say you keeping your hands out a government whether where the leaders here This is the type of people that are in Angola. This is vicious know, thou for human life and this was happening. just years before this point as missing, everybody go out and watch the blood diamond trade the blood diamond documentaries or conflict diamond documentaries, it's sad and its horrifying, but you need to watch it because, If you're going to buy your wife, for you know, Europe can't say an engagement ring. You really should now where, where this is coming from and what you're supporting just being that this is what is happening there and this airport was actually used for reviewing
for the diamond mines there during this whole conflict. I it's not a big leap for me too that there is some shady people, their death alike, stealing a plane. And then just happened to be the innocent standard who gotten their way or was there take it out of the airport? I don't think that's far fetched at all, but what do you think when it comes down to we don't know ban- and we don't know family by when his family both his brother and his sister come out and say he wouldn't be gone. This law without being in contact that he was gone and about his mother, who had a heart attack that I lean towards? He wouldn't have done something to remove himself from his family permanently, not on his own. So, like you said we
no, the other players either there's already enough bad people around there who knows Someone could have easily threatened or put him in a bad position or possibly even killed him, and I would I would lean towards the ass to be dead. in of his family- said that he would stay in touch no matter where he was or what he was doing. Are they in a put on an act for years? Guy does make sense they even for years. I mean men like a decade later there, still, they ve, been in contact with people. There still concerned about their brother I don't know he doesn't have any sign answer or show any traits tat. He would do something like this, so I to decide on the plane was hijacked or stolen
and he does happen to be on it when it went down. When I was looking this up, and I believe this was a request- a listener request. So when I was looking at this over time, it did army it's. This isn't really about a missing playin. It is early early on. This is all about the plane. Forget Ben Charles buddy. He doesn't really matter at this point, because you have a plane that loaded with jet fuel. It would be a it would be an incredible weapon, against a target in the united states or elsewhere. By now that it's two thousand fifteen and it's been gone twelve years, You know like. I said that the terrorism angle doesn't strike me more by being here. For illegal activities. I could see that and why one human life or to human lives. When you're alright
breaking the law or murdering people anyway. So we'll between the value plain in the value of the fuel on the plane a lot of money Someone wrote an article on air tickets TIM right any talking about how There is an area in in africa where men can break down a plain over a period of time. They can break down entire plain topshop, yeah to chop shop and using axes just using regular equipment. They can break it down piece by piece until it's completely gone and it's scrap near they can either just scrap the thing or for scrap metal, or they could result for parts. There's lots of things. They could do now. Reselling four parts as little tricky cause there our serial numbers everywhere, because it's just f a regulation, but if their selling it to other third world
countries and other places that just don't care they can make some money offer this either way right. So that really the question to me is why see you had this idea that it's not a tear. This weapon anymore. Then this is a case about a person. It's about Ben medea. I guess, if you believe that he's capable of stealing the plain and selling it in and living in new life somewhere stealing. in plain and living in life. It just doesn't strike me as being legitimate a real possibility so where'd you get pass that as his family member said who would want to keep him captive this long, though even for two years done next month it it make any sense. So it's quite obvious he's probably daddy's deceased. Here I mean, even if you The plan- and you have to know somebody to sell it to you- would have to have all these connections you'd
I have to be literally a a criminal in the underworld over there in africa, which doesn't appear that he is that well, but some would point to the aircraft mechanic they hire john milton to that. Maybe he has actions. He disappeared, also know and seen him since yeah so somewhere? If someone got to him and said, look you're gonna be doing this war as or even if they were just already snub. The plain and waiting on them, then one way or another that is gone near and not just missing. But you know, if you look this up he's considered unconfirmed survivor, but yeah he's not shown up anywhere. Now you can. You can hide a plane in plain sight in africa, but hiding a person at me. I suppose, if the person
I want to be found and they hide out. Africa can see that. But this is an american citizen. He's from floor is from Pensacola Florida yeah. and he's already lived to be- maybe fifty one, why Is he going to disappear now and I am like. I said I disagree that he would have enough money offer this to just retire and lived the good life. Is that really worth losing all of his family? Now I just I feel like when they gave families spoken, it just seems sincere to me? So I know that's not scientific, but we don't really have anything on him dewey. it. It is his brother, has some forgery charges, convictions or something, but Ben has no criminal regime. Whatsoever- and I hate even bringing up that about his brother, because its irrelevant to me right. I it's it so difficult to confirm
or to find out information about people, especially when no one would have ever known who Ben video was. If this plane didn't go missing- and I think other people have pointed this out. This case is interesting because in a lot of cases. We dont know why something happened, but in this case we have a lot of reasons why it did they could have happened. So you could say it's for insurance purposes or fer. You know stealing the play and to the scrap and sell that, because you also have all that fuel there's a lot, of reasons or someone. You wanna take this thing and run off with it. then you have the company they owned. It who'd had other deals fall through with other companies where There is both a lease it from an endless: they didnt pay them yeah. Where was the breaking point on this. I mean the original company really want to steal it and get away with not paying the fees. Where is it now?
I didn't find anything about claiming insurance on this and you'd think that would be part of the the cars of the story yeah. It would be part of the story deaf, yet people would have jumped all over it if the company had oh we're filing for the insurance on this thing, I must They didn't I'm just saying it's not been part of the story line at all, but this is a plaintive etc for fourteen months, if you on a plane that can make you money and it sitting for fourteen months where's the breaking point. Obviously he had some people, working on it along with some angolan mechanics trying to get this plan re to go if they were going to pay fees were they waiting to pay the fees the next day before they took off. That's the story, but is it really true? We have no way of verifying because they didn't have to painting positional plain there or do they have to pay the fees may. If you ve already accrued those fees, an you own, the plane of was sitting there? Is that work
sort of in a grey zone, because some other company had been leasing it, but if they didn't pay kid they take off without paying the bill lower yeah or why would you leave a plain there? That's valuable t that you're not making any money on and someone else was supposed to pay you for the time they These people are not paying you, you can see where there are people that I believe the the owner, the aerospace and Lee. in company why they will want to steal the plane, make sense. If I could get a boot off a car, I would without pan now they ve, not they ve. Found it, but I'm not sure they, but he's really looking for this plane anymore, that Scary time were all the the Trees were alerted in thinking about this plain that time has passed. I dont think their concern anymore. It's not on high tyler high on anyone's radar,
So we could probably agree that no one really looking anymore, so this plank he come and go with its new tab, number, what have you and it would be the wiser and bob other than that. No one would care. The the new economy
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