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Bermuda Triangle Mystery - 132

Bermuda Triangle Mystery. A triangular area, covering at least 500,000 square miles, has its vertices at Miami, FL, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the island of Bermuda. Within these boundaries it is said to have cost the lives of over 100 people and more than 1000 ships & planes. Stories have been told of the […] The post Bermuda Triangle Mystery – 132 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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This episode is brought to you by peacock bridge did the original limited series a friend of the family on the story of the Jan proper kidnappings from again Tosca executive producer of the act and candy and direct. Producer, eliza hip and comes a dark compelling look at the harrowing story through new lands produced which amber burke herself, the series stars. Anna pack, when jake lacy college hanks LEO Tipton and mckenna grace stream. Now only on peacock fx is yes and Y see is the next instalment of the award winning anthology series american horror story, craig by ryan murphy and brad fell chuck with to all episodes airing each week. It promised to be a season like no other It s an y, see stars returning favorites like Zachary window and Billy lord, along with them faces, including Russell Toby and Charlie carver, something Evil is coming at boxes
yes and Y, see premiers october nineteenth on ethics stream. On hulu, Are you gonna do about it doing just fine in arson tired day added sleep very well ass, my the dog's got fleas and they were eating and scratching all night long and in my ear, so guitar, was tonight a request, store something that we decided to do. I'm sure it's been requested. It's just that the first person who suggest it was you so it's justin's request.
I don't remember suggesting, but If your mirror back when a kind of came about, because I say we need start, we need to start covering mysteries and crib days and things like that, and so we had discussed either. in big foot or the bermuda triangle emerald covering bigfoot first eyes, I said bigfoot is massively popular and we should do that person. You said sure, and then I say will cover bermuda at some point, and here we are our eye. So you know if you go back to Jeanne hundreds early, nineteen hundred there's theirs documented mystery is about bermuda and and there's ship racks and disappearances and whatever
but when did when did bermuda, actually kind of get called the bermuda triangle or the devil's triangle as best I can tell it they. First, it was known as the deadly triangle by if you just call something the deadly triangle Who will sable where's that at nasa and they needed something descriptive named socks, If your band was called the deadly trying on in plenary, your ring the dinner triangle- and oh, it's deadly mean its nathless sukhi name, you gotta be more foreboding. Devils triangle balance good.
right, and I I do believe that it's been called that as well, and that has to do with bermuda by the way. Why is it deal with bermuda in the devil's triangle? It's had nicknames like the devil's isle, or something like that. If you're not a, how do I put this like people have shipwrecked over there because of the the makeup, so you can't just coast through and and think you're. Okay, you kind of have to know where you're going or because you could run your ship ground or get it punctured, you'll sink. So it's a triangle because burmese the is up at the top an porter rico is down at the bottom and then what is it my Florida is out of the way after the war, so that makes the triangle though I seen people draw this triangle in many different shapes informs sometime. Triangle, overlays Florida, sometimes it over.
plays bermuda other times. It's just like little peaks or tips to the each of the points. So that that's why, depending on who you're reading there may be a different square mile area that you're dealing with it could be five hundred thousand square miles, it could be more, could be less the it didn't, become the bermuda triangle until Vincent Gaddis wrote about it in nineteen sixty four article and but that's not work, that's not where it became popularized and I think, there's a distinction here. You can call it bermuda triangle, you can coin that name, but when it comes down to it, Charles berlitz wrote about the bermuda triangle
and when he wrote his book. That's when it took off this thing became very popular, and that was what nineteen seventy. When he wrote his book, it was a nineteen, seventy four okay. So it's ten years after this magazine article, had ten years to work, it's magic, but the mat magazine article from what I can see didn't have a huge impact, but Charles berlifitzing. whose family was well known. His grandfather founded the berlin language schools, so he sort of already had a name, and then he publishes this book and it began. He's a big hit. Did. Did you see the movie charles movie, book made into the movie yeah? I don't know. If I have I I may have many years ago, the acting deserves oscar, it's great.
for everybody group out there you watch this movie and in the acting is amazing and it it sort of runs you through the the story is correct. Yeah probably a little bit of a hollywood way it IRAN's using the stories it gets. You are introduced to the bermuda triangle right most, these stories, your fine will be the same five stories or so that are there. Popularized the ones that everyone talks about for this, so, I'm not sure how many will cover. I think that something that the listeners can go and look up, because there are stories out there that you can get into and read about, I do know- will be covering flight. Nineteen, which is a squadron, five planes. It was December nineteen, forty five lieutenant charles taylor,
he, the guy leading d, the training run their all flying avenger, torpedo bombers and each plain had a pie a rear, gunnar and Andy my dear and lower gunnar, I forgot the name of the lower gunnar, but it was the bombardier essentially an there. five of these plans right. There were five m you'd say. Well, five of em, but there was only fourteen people missing. There should have been fifteen, one of the got one of the crew members didn't feel like going that day, maybe at a bad feeling courting charles, he did better. not charles taylor, the air, the lead pilot, but
charles, the guy in the name of the gaza, wrote the book. He would say that this one flight crew guy had a bad feeling and decided to back out of the year of that training that day, whether or not he did that sort of up in the air so for the planes had crews of three and then one of them just had the pilot, india, the rear, gunnar or maybe he was the pilot in the bomb. Do I don't know where the second guy with certain rights, its also become known as the lost squadron? So many people would point out that experience, let's their flying, an area that the that Charles taylor knew well so others We have to wonder like what would happen where you lose five planes there they're doing a an exercise to practice so bombing bombing
so they have a charted course. They know where they're supposed to be going and we can kind of get into how these how they operate so back. Then they didn't have the same kind of navigational equipment they have today. They don't have that luxury they therefore have gps. Now they they literally have to pay very close attention to the at all instruments and everything know they have to pay close attention to their heading like where they start from an if they make any adjustments while their flying. They have to be very very aware of those adjustments, because, if you make a large judgments the easier to know. Oh now, we're going south east instead of east, but if you make little small adjustments and you're not paying very close attention, you can easily get off course and they were supposed to leave fort lauderdale, go to the what was it called the
many bimini islands and then on to? and and that's where they were doing, the kind of the bombing training run and then on to the great harbour bay and then on to the grand bahama island and then make a left turn and go come on home. They they have multiple turns in this and returns are literally. Fifteen degree turn go sixty miles. So if you don't make a perfect fifteen degree turn year by the time you fly sixty miles, you might be a hundred off course. So it's really it's detrimental to them. If they don't follow that the correct path, they're in communication during the flight, so they can get assistance because at some point charles taylor says that his compass isn't working
right, yeah yeah, but it's it's towards the end when they're supposed to when they're going up to the grand bahama island in their spouse to pray. Much turn left in head back west. He gets confused and his compasses and reading right, which that's pretty important, because his compass is the only thing. That's gonna tell him, which way, west is an eye. This can be very disorienting because all you have is the whole horizon and the ocean It's not like. You have landmarks here to tell you of your facing north. You know south east or west, so he has to rely on us compass to tell him which way west now he can look at where the sun is in kind of figure out. You know which direction he's going. If he knows time it is and where the sun's out, but Maybe he didn't know that.
the other. There are a lot of questions about this bout, the weather. I noticed that some articles on this do not state that there is an even whether for them to be concerned with, and then others say that the sea weed whipping up gap. In literally every documentary I watched on us to tell a story Some of them said the weather was getting worse and worse during their flight, while others said it it. Fine is a clear day and you shouldn't have been any problem, but will come back to that later because I think they're probably was bad weather for I differ reason he's he's calling out on his radio. He says he doesn't know worry is, he says, is compasses working and he actually gets I think another rob another guy, Flying I don't know if it's another military replaying or if it's just a commercial planes flying he talks to that guy and he actually talks too,
round radio personnel who say were you add, and he says I'm over the florida keys. which is way south of where he should be were cut away out of the way you know further for him to think that he's over the florida keys means he's completely off course and not where he thinks he should be yet can be convened. Because you have to rely on his being able to tell you the truth, or at least the facts. So, if he's confused, which I understand is very possible because if you are flying, you can end up flying past islands that sir look like islands, you think you ve been to or you can identify, and they may actually
They may not actually be those islands that you think they are now so he's looking out of scattered bunch islands, he thinks it's, the florida keys could be Bahama islands could be me I'll any scattered islands. He doesn't know they try to think about which, where he should be given where he last was, they try to piece together his flight path and even his own fellow pilots. They seem to take an issue with his course that he's on yeah there was a. A pilot named powers who was saying we need to fly west. and then the the land. Radio operator was a guy named Jim ward and he was like, while you did you make your final left turn to come back west. He goes. It sounds like you're down the coast of you know on the atlantic side of florida. So if you just fly west you're gonna hit land
And tailor his light now, if I'm down in the keys, I need to fly north, I need to fly. You know up to to get back to land. Is I'm not seeing any if you listen to it, There are literally having an argument over the radio where he's at what direction he's going in that? That's weird to me that did all of their compasses stop working or just Charles taylor. So I think maybe the powers guy and others I think they knew where they were going, but they have to into their lieutenant is leading the way, he's basically, trainees, other pilots, but there
it's not as though they don't have any experience these they flown quite a bit. It's just piloting these planes. It's a b, there's a rigorous course that you have to go through yeah, and so you don't just oh, you can fly so you're good. In fact, part of this exercise is teaching them how to navigate and how to look for certain landmarks and know the the direction of the wind know their time travel. So they can sort of plot where they're at yeah and know when to make an adjustment. I dont use a gps and my car, I don't you know read a map. Just fine I'd know I'm going typically, naturally, when I'm driving and funny when I use a gps, when I totally and completely reliant upon devices and equipment, I get screwed up a little bit, I I get turned around a little bit when I'm.
relying on something. That's telling me exactly where to go so you know here and have the luxury of knowing exactly Where he's going, especially its you know, it's getting to be five. Six o clock at night does Sons goin down he has much to navigate by soon as that happens, but that's another thing is the sun's going down the sun sets in the west, so I kind of wonder like didn't that kind of tip em off to may be his location or direction that what is it about eight o'clock at night when this finally comes to a head where they they say well, we have to. Send some planes to go out and look for him. It was actually the last contact I read was at seven o four p m was the last contact they had with their plane and they heard the we're going to happen
Ditch I don't know. I mean it's december so that its florida sunny florida, maybe sunsets at seven, not sure enough there in a squadron, their flying and formations Oh you, everyone gets hung up on how'd you find planes disappear, well, there are following the leader. I mean you think, lemmings I'd go off a cliff together, well humans, war plan to go off the cliff together and essentially you're more likely to be found if you stay together so as opposed to one guy
trying to get back to land, and then they all crash in different places. They all crash together. So he says essentially, once we get down to you, know ten minutes of fuel we're all gonna ditch in the ocean together will still, but the the question remains: why would five planes with a total of fourteen men? What would cause them to have this trouble? Of course there are many theories on this correct, yeah, yeah. There's I mean why. Why would their compass stop working? I mean campuses supposed to show you, you know magnetic north. So what would mess with magnets? While we do know that that area is one of the it's one of Jesus, maybe two places on the planet where magnetic magnetic north is true. North, your compass won't work correctly yeah, but if he's flown supposedly in these areas,
for when he be aware of this yet The seasoned pilot orb, you know, captain of a boat anything they should be aware it. It begs the question of whether he is looking at his compass and supposedly is not working, but if he was trying to follow it anyway, it it's it's difficult to say, but certainly there are different many different theories and flight nineteen is, I would say, the most popular bermuda triangle case and it's been argued. How would you get all five planes to? disappear. Yeah but, as you have already mentioned, is there is someone in charges, Charles taylor he's in charge so and from the communications? We know that there is some disagreement going on
as as the flight went on. I why? Why do you think he was so adamant that that's going to be guesswork he's in charge? So he needs to make the call, and so you have you have ego you have rank, but it also could be spatial this orientation, which is something that will cause him not to consider other possibilities. Once he settled on something he's locked in on it and much like you might get a hound going after a rabbit and it wont It just won't stop until gets that rabbit or you can somehow capture the hound I have of. I was with my friend my manager at the time, and we parked in this parking structure we went into the building- and we came back out- and I said: hey were parked in this parking structure and he said no were this one and it was either J or K. Just one of the two and
he said wherein K and we walked o k for forty five minutes and every time I said, we're not in this parking lot. wherein the other one he got angry. saying no we're not and we locked around. It was a huge parking structure, so wasn't like we could walk around real, quick and figured out, but for literally forty five minutes I fought with my manager and he would not believe me. Are we covered every inch of that parking structure? And finally, he was like: let's go check out J and we walked over there in boom. There's there was our car. I think I witness Would you just call it spatial disorientation just in a parking lot, I can't even imagine if I'm up in a plane, trying to figure
You know where I am in the horizon, so make sense and their up there with their boss, at mass in georgia, thereby, but there they have of the limited gas tank, whereas we could walk around all day right. You have varying theories out there. You have different so called experts, people who have spent a good number of years. Looking into this case, I guess what it comes down to is the bermuda triangle, this big area. They said that they ve lost over a thousand planes ships. They ve lost hundreds of lives, so it there must be an explanation. There must be an explanation of why these planes we get law,
when they were communicating at their last? They are being told you're going away from us yeah cause. It could tell from their voices over the radio that it was getting they're getting fainter yeah because they were getting further and further away from the tower and so at certain distances. The signal just isn't coming through as well and is not coming through his loud by the way. So you know what we're talking about these planes and their lack of gps. the radio in these planes phil an entire passenger compartment. Like. If you go see one of these plants today, that's been refurbished, there's an extra seat in it. That's where the radio was so these these plants could actually fit for people, thereby But the radio was the size of a kitchen table cause
when hard drives used to be the size of like a coffee table. I mean that's how big the radio was. I don't even know how they'd get these things in the air like cause. The the radio probably caught, probably weighed hundreds of pounds, and you know kind of give you an idea of the technology, and you know nineteen, forty five they sent out two planes to find their mariners riah. They were of p b five mariners and one of them they suspect, exploded in the sky, because it was flying up the coast and all of a sudden, it blinked off of the radar
And some boats nearby reported, we just saw something flash in the sky yeah there is a freighter, see Ashley. That pointed this out said it appeared as though it had exploded. So that's a another mystery, so you have five missing planes. Now, there's a six plane that, as far as they can tell probably exploded like is this all tied together somehow, there is something out in the bermuda triangle that makes flying or or crews. through their dangerous proposition, because it just list this story that flight nineteen? You have these experience, pilots just disappearing, although they they do mention there they're going to ditch yeah yeah, you said seven, oh, for they make that call. It has
who, with their fuel amount, I believe yeah yeah, they said, is very soon as we get ten minutes of fuel or or whatever we're all ditching together. I think it was one of those I thought was one of the plains. Was the lowest and once they had a certain amount exactly they would all ditch together yeah, so they stay together and that's a military thing right. Yeah it's not like, if you and I and t J Maria and Anne Marie, were all flying planes we give probably like. Let's say I had spatial disorientation I'm like. I know I'm right, I'm going the right direction and you all were telling me you're crazy wheel We are not following you that way. I know how good you are with directions there, but I'm not going to direction. So that's why I use myself exactly as the example, so you could all ditch me.
leave me heading my direction that I know I'm going the right way and I can dig in the ocean and die, but you can go somewhere else, but in a military setting like this, you can't just now you that's not your training. Your training is to listen to the Commanding officer yeah and in their their logic, is you ditch together? So there is more to find when they send out the search and rescue. That's the whole point is to be you know, found They didn't actually send out the full surgeon sk for them until eight hours later it is in the middle of the night early morning before they actually sent ring the alarm bells and sent everybody out, and I suspect it's because of bad weather Because I can imagine that they just don't care about fourteen pilots and up and up in oregon, gives me a six plain: that's exploded and
air. Why wouldn't they send the hold the whole navy out for that? I'm suspecting that there was a lot of bad weather that night and that's why it took him eight hours to send out the rescue party. It's pretty obvious that there was the weather, wasn't good that great the people that have written about this and said that it was calm and clear that that is not true that we have war. Have you ever been to florida? Have you done the weather. Wait right in that's that's one thing we read about the bermuda, try go out in that area the atlantic? The weather, can change quickly. So it's not surprising that there would be some some, whether going on it, it rain, every day in Florida. It might only rain for twenty minutes. literally rains every day there. I spend a lot of time florida bring an umbrella is gonna rain or india and it
to be sunny and amazing to the pilots are confused near their disagreeing, especially with with taylor. There are theories out there that suggest that something, and that this is quite a popular theory- is that something could have enveloped the planes to confuse them to make their instruments not work properly and to confuse them. You ve heard about this right. Is it d, electric fog, electronic fog, correct sounds like a disco, buggy yeah? Who was the guy's name that had the little cessna playing over? What was it? Was it bruce girning, yeah is that the name garnet that that sounds right. One was This is why it was like nineteen eighties, he said, flying off the coast in this cloud. Forms like a tunnel.
Yeah surrounds you and some of the sum of the people that talk about their say. You can actually look up straight up or straight down, but then all around. You is sort of like this tunnel or like a donut where you're inside this fog yeah in your instruments, don't work right and you can't really see yeah so now, you're flying blind and you can end up way far off course in german. He said that he just aimed for the whole the donut hole. Whatever the tunnel and went down this tunnel and he said there were lines, were he perceived as time lines were a spiral kind of thing, and he said it was ten miles long in enclosed. Like thirty feet, he just booked it all his instruments and everything you is. Was it
dead reckoning when all euro instruments or are down and you're just flying by the sea, to your pants centrally they caught dead reckoning. I, like that, and our egos through the tunnel pops out on the other side, and he said he's only been flying for like third, somethin minutes, but all of a sudden he's in miami were flying or miami which should have taken him an hour to get so some sort of time for tax or or sonic. The hedge speed accelerator that he went through, but it's the electric fog that causes your instruments to malfunction. Yes, so this is one of the fairies that people have.
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at a time minimum order ten dollars deliveries jack, to availability, additional term supply, there's another theory that would explain missing ships missing planes, and that is these large methane bubbles that can come up out of the water and so they can actually displaced, or so like part of the ship leg of a u but a ship. water, the bubble will come up and then the density of the water on one end to the ship will change so than the ship will actually tipp yeah and ain't It's a if you imagine when you're in your bathtub and you rip a in little rubber, ducky sinks. That's that's! What's happening to freighters that nothing ass. He goes up into the sky and Europe
interments in your plane will actually detect that the air is thinner and said that you're much higher your altitude is much higher than it is. So. Therefore, if, if it's off that much, you might try to drop the plane down, therefore you're much lower than you think you are disoriented and then you can wreck your plane. So that's how the methane ocean fart bubbles can take out. You know boats and airplanes all at once. It, certainly where there are lots of theories. We can't possibly go through them all, and I think one of the reasons I can't is because, if you just think about the dialogue, the hat between taylor and the other pilots, its clear that there are, doing about which direction there actually going and whither add, and I would think that if they were enveloped by electronic fog,
or if there were, you have foes of some kind that they wouldn't be talking about the direction they were headed and where they thought they were they? be saying: oh, my god look out the window. What the hell is that well, according to the trials guy that wrote the book according to his movie. We're talking about ufos and in the movie they they put, add green filter over the film and made all disoriented screaming and yelling about how they are being followed and stuff. But when you listen to the actual radio transcript or read it, that's not at all. All its actually very little radio communication and charles taylor is taking control in the wrong direction. There's no! Your phone and the transcript you can say: maybe the electric fog messed with his compass,
You can give em, they're right, yeah or or berlin could have been in some sort of fog, yeah. Well, I mean it was seventy four yeah I mean there is. There is some Some fun loving and seventy four in there disco. There is disco, and there is some fact There is the electric slide where yeah slid into some money. I think because this book became really popular. Here's the this is my my problem with all these disappearances iron, it right off the bat they say, the bermuda triangle, and then look at the map, you see the pen points dots were all these disappearances happened. Most of the dots do not fall within the triangle so and you see a different view,
no the triangle or they say well, it's pretty much everything in between bermuda and porter rico, all the way to the floor to coast. Does not really triangle. That's more of an or passageway you split hairs here I guess I am cause gonna call it a triangle and you're going to draw a little picture of a triangle. I mean or I want all like. I want you to come over into the twilight zone of the triangle. You know there. There's other disappearance mean we need to talk about any of those you know not. Where did it doesn't really trust
as there are other cases you can read about. When you look up the bermuda triangle, ships like the: u S, a cyclops, some would say that the Mary Celeste that ship is attributed to this bermuda triangle, the mysterious nus of the triangle- and you can look these up there. There are boats with no people on them that show up. There are boats that disappear. There are planes that disappear their planes that may be explode and can be found. So there is a case history here, and there are people still researching this today and will say. I found this this this in this and all these other cases that have to it were mere triangle and then, though, almost redraw the lines to make it fit, because there are so many cases and the fact that matter is is when you have ships or planes heading out
there's it's not like when you're driving a car with your driving the car and you're driving through a place you you haven't been before, and your car breaks down, so I might actually pull over, stop and say: hey, you need some help or were think about. Like I, when I lived in California, I drove on the four o five through the one, oh one in the one ten intersect. You know interchanges, two of the most congested, crazy interchanges and all america- well, there's probably more rex there. Than anywhere else, but nobody it's a mystery because well, it's just cars reckon into each other and their sitting there and saw the road. But the difference between this and the bermuda triangle, or pretty much anywhere around the florida coastline? Is the war her currents there are crazy and in some of the documentaries I watched, I saw these guys finding wreckage at the bottom of the ocean in the year. Dived down
and they would literally have to anchor themselves. These divers would have to link on to whatever the wreckage was to not be carried away by the current so the only refugees the only wreckage they could find were huge ships or large planes that were heavy enough to sink to the bottom and get wedged into them. The ocean floor, whereas smaller bautzen, whatever probably carried off into the goal. For how to see me, the currents there are nutty, so any evidence of the rack it just doesn't it doesn't cow in anyone. That's never been to the ocean or the beach. You know your mom puts the beach towel down and you run out into the ocean, you start swimming around and then you ll
up, and you realize that your quarter mile down the beach away from your mom dear carried by the currents and currents over in the bermuda triangle are, are crazy, so back and add to a lot of this not to mention hurricanes and all the other crazy, whether they have over there. But when you start to dig into some of these cases, I heard about this german couple that had a yacht. Their yacht never found, and they it's a disappearances german couple in their yeah. They disappeared. and then he realized that the german couple actually docked their yacht went and I went on to land in either Somebody stole their yacht or cut their align, their yacht loose and it floated off, and the german couple wasn't nowhere to be found. They were just fine,
they found a plain at the bottom of the ocean, they were looking for the five bomb and they found this wreckage of a plane. And after having some of the peace, his imparts examined. They realize tat it was another like spy plain for the military that had wrecked, I was trying to land on a aircraft carrier. When you start to go into each individual story, it they make sense. around the island of bermuda too weird vulcan, formation, and there hundreds of boat rex, all around the island bermuda so does the tipp of the triangle go to permit island or does it envelop the entire island khazars, hundreds
what wrecks around the island just like most islands, because that's what happens, you run a boat ashore yeah. I think we could come up with all kinds of theories to explain these disappearances. It would be guesswork. So I think the best thing to do is like I said if the pilots are disagreeing with each other they're, not talking about a flying saucer flying information with them, they're not talking about being surrounded by a fog know or not. So to me, these things can just get pushed to the side because they weren't brought up by the very people who you would think would be concerned about it yeah. I think it's most likely that the pilot here who's in charge gets lost
and then perhaps ego or something interferes, and he eventually finds himself opposition where there is no way out a book. I read a while back unbroken about lou zat, bernini and then The movie that annually made the movie wasn't an unbroken louis louis. He he flew over on the pacific and are essentially he's flying these bombers and back or two and I hate to say it our military aircraft back then was crap Louis was in multiple plane crashes, eventually he ends up crashing his bomber plain and he's on a life raft longer than anyone else has survived on arrive life raft
They say that they search form and they search form. Our aircraft was crap back then in I just I hate the slam on it, but when I read that book and hear about all the horrible things that this man went through it, don't make me even think twice about our higher squadron of planes ditching together, because that was just normal back. Then I mean they had jeanne procedures, cassettes how commonplace it was so louis I mean he had problems over on the pacific. So if, if meta triangle is so dangerous. We wouldn't expect
There will be other places as dangerous right yeah. I think it it does come down to that like if, if it's such a high traffic area, we shouldn't be talking about hundreds of people who died and over a thousand ships and planes it should be. While there were a couple hundred that were lost just last year. What constitutes deadly? I heard that they could maybe have thirty boats disappear in a year. Well, if that's true shouldn't number have increased even more in the meantime alone, made on these boats have quite a number of people on them. The magics gone. No, because now we have gps. Now we have one of those things called e g per barrel. pubs. Whatever the emergency broadcasting, it sends out a distressed, beacon, call whatever
the coastguard over their day. They save about between ten and twenty people a day over the bermuda triangle, but they say about ten or twenty people a day upon the west coast in the gulf. Upon by main in new york. They. They say that they are saving essentially the same amount of people in every area of the coastline better. Report any more and less so that's kind of telling the coastguard isn't any more active anywhere else and in our nation yeah they could be covering it. Oh yeah they could be covering. It could be an do you know going back to louis on the pacific side? Well here I have been flying by d.
The dragons triangle, which people say is he bermuda triangle of japan and the east onion on eastern hemisphere over there. So we have multiple triangles now man, it's not just the bermuda triangle anymore. We have some other places that are just as dangerous but I have to say that there is nothing anyone out there who works for insurance companies cause You know beer. You do a job and you're doing a great job, but all my life I've With my insurance companies, they wool charge me premiums depending on my zip code. They will try to, screw me out of every single claim, and they just bade is really try to squeeze. much money out of me for any reason, they can all the time. When you go and check insurance premiums for boats that
ensure to go through the bermuda triangle. There's no premium. Parents, companies don't target the bermuda triangle is any more or less dangerous than pretty much anywhere else now view driving your boat along like the coast of africa, where there's pirates and stuff like that day, You, moreover premium there, but as far is coastlines around america. Data charge you any more. They don't. I fi that area and they could very easily, but they dont so of all the people there could cash in on this idea that this is dangerous area. Why aren't insurance companies doing that? I dunno I mean that's where I'm kind of that's the nail in the coffin for me that I don't believe that this is any more dangerous than anywhere else will
Thing is its continually pointed out that they didn't find anyone. They didn't find the plane they didn't find a ship. They almost always find something, but does not necessarily true because, while the oceans, a huge place, here I mean a covered, so many square miles, you can't just say well worth ago over here and will find him. I mean, I know exactly where they re. They can try and figure it out by again their starting the gas because they weren't there we are, and in the case of flight flight nineteen, Eight hours later there searching form. How far can you flow in ocean current for eight hours?
you probably flow hundreds of miles. Why didn't they find anything because there's strong currents down there while there were some tests done to try and see how visible a person would be in the water because they can't stand the planes, the planes are heavy enough and the oceans whipped up enough that these planes will just go under. They said that, under ideal conditions, these planes could maybe float for a couple minutes. But given the state they're in they're not going to be floating for two minutes, they'll be singing right away. They had some one in the orange vast go in the water and I think they were in a helicopter. So they took helicopter out and went out a little ways and came back to the area. They were pretty sure they left that person in
whose wearing a bright orange vast that doesn't work out. Well, they have a hard time spotting someone, because there is movement in the water source, constantly different contrasts, darker gray, black, it's and you have some a floating in there you have to know exactly where to look and that's what you said earlier about. You know a debris field, possibly on the water, where, if there's all these planes going into gather, maybe they'll leave stuff that will be easier to spot than a person. It's explainable in that way that they listened to their dirk commanding officer and they ditch that's it. They aren't going to make it there's no way that they would.
Be able to float out there that whole time, no, no, especially when they don't actually start searching for them until eight hours later. What are they gonna find that you, you missed your window. Sorry, and I have read that it was not the fault of the pilots that they should have been told what to do, but it certainly sounded as though they were telling them what to do. They were trying to go west, but down the other side, you have taylor, saying I can't because that that's not the way I'm supposed to go so taylor is not listening to the advice he's been given, yet some people will say: oh that's not his fault, it must be the towers fall, it must be someone else's fault yeah. It must be the fault of the electorate, fog or the fault of the beautiful or the? U s over,
Sadly, they don't want to point the finger at human error, but to err is human yeah? That's one thing, that's really missing when you go he's different sites. Human error doesn't seem to be on their list now, all the cause magnetic anomalies, methane bubbles, water, spouts, you name it rob way. Oh row wave yeah, but but you know, ramis yeah rogue waves are real. I totally believe they're real, but are they that common of an an event that happens all the time to take out boats? All the time is this. methane bubble happening all the time I if it is, then I think we would see it alot more and that just doesn't seem to be, case, I know everyone pray. Much believes that this has been debunked over and over again, but why is it been? Developed most people, disabled, there's no more rex there than anywhere else, but
That's really analyze that there's no more rex there than anywhere else, and the size of the triangle, is changed. All the time to accommodate. More rex insurance companies not charge you anymore, for being there the code. Guard doesn't even recognize. It was the pirates of the caribbean. You know series where the cracking you know they they have man's chance, yeah, they have all these things, but then, by a kind of the end of the series, the west taking over and the magic and the mysticism of the pirates and stuff is kind of dying off in an that's what's happening. Today's were were starting to pull the wool back.
can open the curtain and looked behind it and realise that there's nothing to it and it's just a story that persists. My has come a bummer, because so many people were interested in the law squadron and then, as you read up on it, you discover that these people, that report on this case tend to leave things out so they're doing IRAN a disservice by doing that, because then they can't get to the truth by When you look up these different craft or ships that have gone missing or the If the onboard have gone missing, there seemed to be explanations forum. I know there is one large ship that was carrying carrying cargo and that ship disappeared well come to find out that the ship was not very well maintained and probably shouldn't have been out there to begin with. We've talked about something like that.
For yeah honor, a joy to the episode right right in so when you have a ship, basically and in disrepair, then you're taking a chance because, as I said before, you can't just pull off the side of the road out there. If something goes wrong, your ship can just drop under that would be human error once again right. There seem to be explanations in and what I mean by that is, if you like, you can say it was an alien that did it or you can actually read up on it and find out like in the case of that mariner, that ended up exploding, we were literally fine gas tanks, yeah so you even toes of the sky. Yet, Oh yeah. So just imagine they know. This has happened at times where someone on board the plane will decide alighted cigarette and they have oxygen tanks and all of its yeah, it's just bad idea:
yeah. I think one thing that I took away from this is so you can explain what, probably happened, but there are stories that are mysterious there, a little difficult to verify by their interesting stories. And they have to do with electronic fog or what have you, but I notice that most people that are involved in this. They don't seem to believe that at some sort of paranormal thing That's happening anyway. You look at it, there's probably mundane explanations or very good explanations for all these cases, but there are still cases that are mysterious that I dont think everything has been systematically gone through in corn quote debunked, but that's just how house going to beat you're not going to have the answer to every single incident. The happens in world history
so you have a large ship and it breaks apart. It sinks, they don't know exactly where was so You can say, oh well, they looked and they didn't anything sure o mean we. We covered the the malaysian flight, you know we, a pretty good idea where this flight was, but they still can't find it. Yeah, that's modern ere! I noticed that some of these bermuda triangle- investigators will say something similar to that and say. While we were unable to find em, we look forum, we couldn't find em. So, though, actually attempt to find him, though plot with their course likely was- and there have been searches done, I think these simple explanation is that the oceans are very, very large place
if a boat or a plane goes down in it, chances are you're not going to find it because one, you don't know where you're looking at two, the currents are too strong and three lot of these objects are pretty damn heavy, so they just sink right into the ocean, so I wouldn't expect to find them. Just imagine. Dropping a person in this five hundred thousand square mile area drop him into the water What are the chances you'll ever find them? It's too large of an area. Just oh, I'm gonna go out for a couple as I'll be back. I would say, look into this case if, if you are interested in It- and you want to read about all these different stories, there are associated with it, you're only going to be able to take away what you're willing to take away from it. Is there anything else you wanna say and there's one thing I could add to that, is I don't like it when people say? Oh, a police, but sir witness this or o the military's on it. So we had the most
national, you know with its people on the planet, I was in the army will meet. Let me tell you that it's not the best, run operation there they're all human, and they make mistakes, is as much as anyone else and just because they day they do a good job for what they do, but accidents happen and mistakes are made. a member in black hawk down. They got turned around and you know they had to draw Back through enemy territory like three times before they could go in extract the soldiers, it's not as perfect as people like to make it out. You know these are professional people, but mistakes are made there. They are human and can be hard to admit a mistake. So,
Charles taylor could say: no you guys are all wrong. I'm right! You have to think when he's giving him the commanded ditch. He knows you screwed up, because that's got that has to be a hard command to give that you're going to ditch, because there's no one near by He knows when he goes in their their likely garners their likely gonna die. So they said that once they ditched that they just head seconds and then boom the sinking submerged submerged again. I think I would be more interested in these alternate theories if they had given indication of them while they were communicating. Now. Some might say: oh happened after they stopped communicating, may be when, but it didn't happen. While they are communicating, he says compass stop working, then they got into an argument right. It's almost like they were oblivious to what was happening to them.
Even if you are really that the other theory anyway, I mean they weren't, describing a cloud the already settled, as you know, they weren't describing ufos. It just was we don't know where we're going go west, no! Ok! Now you die and again. If it really was a deadly triangle, this number would have increased in all these decades since they ve downward. These theories gone down. What technology, I think The best evidence that we have, I know that there has been research. There have been more missing boats missing planes, but the problem is, as we all have thousands of them. This is not a deadly triangle. Again. We already talked about the the heavy traffic. The insurance rates aren't worse. Even thinking about these of theories seems patently
ridiculous right. The take away from this spatial disorientation can happen to you. So if you have people telling you look, we have already spent forty five minutes. Looking for the car in this parking structure, we ve now, found. It is probably in the structure next to this one. When you're, leaving lollapalooza polluter, whatever music festival, it is in your wasted in trying to find the car just remember this conversation, yet you, you may think you but if he ever when I saw you know you're wrong, let them try their theory first, because you may be suffering spatial disorientation and then you're. You look like a fool. I think we ve all done it at one point or another. We ve all been so. Guilty of this yeah the the bermuda triangle, I know we have at least one list
is headed out that way soon and I told you stay safe. But honestly, I think we all know you he'll be fine. But if you're listening you, if you see any electronic fog take a pitcher yet get a picture of it. Hopefully, your camera survives your phone, but we'd, love to about. If you see some, the.
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