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Brandon Lawson. August 9, 2013. Bronte, Texas. A 26 year-old man leaves his house late at night after an argument with his common-law wife. He had planned to drive to his dad's house to stay elsewhere for the night and cool off. His truck would run out of gas and he would make a number of calls. He called his wife but her phone was charging in her car. He called his brother who drove out to help him. He also called 911. When his brother and a sheriff's deputy arrived, the truck was empty and Brandon was nowhere to be found. Hauntingly, the 911 call seems to indicate that his life was in danger. Was he running from someone? Or did something else happen to Brandon Lawson? http://www.missingbrandonlawson.com/p/case-questions.html See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Two thousand and thirteen zero, fifty and thirty eight seconds or emergency I order to purchase our daughter What about that reality out Ok now what the fuck is wrong to already. Uranium job. Ok, like the car. Ok, anybody hurt.
new idea tonight, I'm doing fine just an hour. You do an hour. I you just heard a nine when one call a man by the name of Brandon lawson. If that was the first time, you heard that nine. When one call it's really hard to understand about the only thing you could
decipher, possibly is he's out in the middle of nowhere and he needs the cops. I know a lot of listeners have heard about this missing person. I know a lot of the listeners have analyzed the hell out of that nine one. One call so we'll get into it later, but I just wanted you to hear it right off the bat and you can see how hard it is to understand. So there's a lot of debate over what said in that call. The disappearance of Brandon lawson, so date he went missing. Was august. Ninth, twenty thirteen and it was between brought texas and tennyson. Texas along the highway to seventy seven story and
not shell is that he was at home with his girlfriend of about ten years. They had three children together and at some point that night they got into a really bad argument and he decided to get in his truck and drive toward his father's house. Only he doesn't get there. His truck runs out of fuel hands at placing some calls. after a deputy as well as brandons brother shows up to see. What's going on here, is missing, he's not there anymore. His truck is there, but he is gone
And he has never been found since Brandon lawson has been with his girlfriend, let s aloft in for about ten years. At this point, they moved from fort worth texas to saint Angelo the year prior to this incident and he's been with her since, like way the sixteen right since about time, he was sixteen because at this point brandon is twenty six and he and the data have three children. Together He also has a child from a previous relationship. He has three girls and a boy yeah you. You see that he has one kid from the time you like fifteen to sixteen years old and he has three more over the net ten years so. Really young guy, Out of his element being a father, so young so little bit to that
I mean in he lives in a very small town and taxes. So, let's You marry your high school sweetheart, you have had with them, but he sounds like he kind of his life's started a little sooner than maybe he might have wanted, and two of these children were very young at the time that he disappeared. The mean the timelines pretty simple you're at ten fifty five p m. He calls his father and says fighting with my girlfriend, so I'm gonna come over and his father. maybe you shouldn't. Maybe you should stay home and stay with your family rest. Maybe his father could tell it he was irate. Maybe his father could tell that maybe he'd been drinking or something we don't know, but his father says you should stay home and not come out, while the other thing at play here is probably that his dad didn't want him driving at that time of night
yeah and implicits. You know almost eleven o clock at night. They say it's about it our drive, Maybe he doesn't want to stay up to one in the morning waiting for a son to show up. You know he. Actually won't leave for a little bit after that phone call. Twelve thirty eight Brandon had called his brother to tell married ran out a gas at twelve. Fifty seven m a truck ever had called nine one want to report that there was a pickup truck parked on the shoulder, but it was kind of parked crooked and it's the back into the was hanging out, ended the lane traffic, so its pre dangerous, especially if you think this is a very desolate highway, there's nothing around occurs and cars driving through here one a m in the morning. They could be doing ninety miles per hour and there is a vehicle- that's out lane, so pretty dangerous truck
calls in that nine, when one call you heard Brandon, called in two nine one, one at twelve, fifty a m so just before the trucker called them d. county down there. You know it's a small police force that supports in serves a large area, not a lot of budget, funding down there. So when you call at least twenty thirteen you call nine. When one actually gets rooted to a arrest home, a nursing home, the nurses, there actually take the call and are the dispatch. They don't feel the need for a full on dispatch. Face and to say that their they might be under trained and overwhelmed by sir situation like this might be an understatement. I heard that nine one one call I didn't know it was said and people are like
Why did they asked him where he was? Why didn't they ask him who he was your basic information that didn't happen I heard the coroner MIKE. I wouldn't know what to say to the sky was just yelling into the fire. incoherently. So brain calls at twelve. Fifty the tracker calls at twelve thirty seven, and so his brother and a police deputy showed up At one ten am and the police deputy was More or less showing up because of the trucker nine on one call, not because a brandons, nine one call, because what's the lady that took the nine on one call. Gonna say there is guy somewhere in a field who needs help and once the cops is no idea who, where, when and why she doesn't know anything so They are called in really go anywhere. The cops there because of the truck or call kyle.
his brother and the cop are at the scene. Not too long after the initial incident the initial nine one call. So whatever happened happened, quick Brandon would make of nother call get a hold of kyle's girlfriend now. Why does he call kyle's girlfriends lightweight, whereas the phone out do you know that will secure and like kyle's, obviously at his truck. So why is his girlfriend answering his phone? Well, I don't know exactly it could be that they have a landline that he's calling okay. So he talks to kyle's girlfriend and says I'm bleeding in about ten minutes down the road kind of a weird conversation there. It's only a weird converse,
because that's all were told yeah. This isn't something that's been recorded and were lying on this other person to tell us exactly what brandon said, but it seems a sketchy on details or again he sounds incoherent, possibly death. Plus there's really bad cellphone reception out their wireless reception and the calls or dropping are getting signal. So the nine. When one call, I can't tell if it's just a horrible call or what but it's if it drops or if he hangs upon them so that night out the middle of the highway looking for Brandon and the police officer while he ran off he's not here now so not much. We can do also police officer came one way on the highway, whereas kyle's brother came the other way. So now,
one of them saw anyone walking down the highway. So we know that Brandon wasn't walking along the highway and when you analyze that nine, when one call a little bit more, you hear him say standing in the middle of a field, so obviously not on the road. Well, at least at the time he could have reentered the pavement yeah but obviously no one saw em so they're, not while I'm not sure it s dependent. If they were looking. I could imagine kyle looking as he drove possibly near, but was the deputy looking he was just answering a called about a truck. I would. I would think that the deputy saw some guy walking down the road and then came across this abandoned truck kyle's they're saying this is my brother's tracking see here. You know, and I dont know where he is. I would hope that deputy would say I
guy walking down the highway but its very desolate road yeah, it's not well lit. So you're, depending upon some one paying attention to both sides of the road as they drive down the road- and I can imagine the deputy not really doing that. I just don't think Brandon was on the highway I think you ran off the highway for whatever reason and stayed off the highway. This So it is brought to you by peacock bridge. Wanting the original limited series, a friend of the family, based story of the Jan roper kidnappings from nickel. sky executive producer of the act and candy and after producer eliza hip and comes a dark compelling, look at the harrowing story through new lands produced which amber burke herself the series stars, anna pack, when jake lacy college hanks LEO Tipton and mckenna grace stream? Now only on peacock. Affects, is a chess and Y see. Is the next instalment of the award winning anthology series? American horror story created
ryan murphy and brad fell chuck with to all new up it's airing each week. It promises be a season like no other it s an y, see stars returning favorites like Zachary window and Billy lord, along with some fresh says, including Russell Toby and Charlie carver. Something evil is coming: ethics age, ass and Y, see premiers october nineteenth on ethics stream on hulu according to the family, the police say He must have run off the police say that he he had another girlfriend that he must have gone to there, not zactly, treating it as a missing, persons case they're, not ringing, the alarm bells and searching thee, the hills and surrounding area if I were compare this to the alford right case, I personally view the Alfred right case as the police did initially take it.
Very seriously, went out and search the area. and they might have stopped searching sooner than they should but in this situation the police are not searching anything there. really taking anything seriously seriously. They have the car or that they have the pickup truck toad and impounded. They check it, for his keys is found, they check it for anything and they notice that the keys and his phone are missing from the truck there's no blood. There is no sign of foul play in their mind, a trap on the side a highway and according to his brother kind. There's no gas in it. So he ran out of gas and called his brother for help and then ran into some sort of trouble in that half hour twenty minutes time between I'm out a gas and this nine one call None of them know that he's called nine one one.
They only know that he's called his brother at twelve thirty, eight about the gas situation, and then he called his brothers girlfriend So the second call as around one one, ten one fifteen to kyle's girlfriend, but here's the thing kyle knows of this: He knows that his brothers, on the line with his girlfriend by kyle, doesn't report this to the deputies. He doesn't say Well he's on the phone right now and there could be different reasons for that. If he knows that, while he's on the phone with there Oh friend you'll get it sorted out, then why would the deputies they around your? What? If he's worried about the deputy being the one to find his, other, so yeah, so that sort of interesting that kyle in the family knows about the guy call, and they know about the girlfriend call dont know about the nine when one call, but
he's calling about I'm bleeding, I'm her, I'm in I'm down the road. They know something's up. Es. I won't find out about the nine when one call until she's checking brandons phone records, the verizon records when she sees nine one one has been dialed, so more alarm bells for, for the family will think about it with. the name, one call: what are they have? They have this guy ran out of gas and possibly walked away but that's it that's a little can ever hurt and her that's it it's. Little concerning, but it's not the same as what you hear on the nine one, one call which, depending on what you think you hear, could be a very alarming situation on the extreme end, how you know how concerned? Are they at that point? Without the nine one? One call a mean:
If he does go out to the field lessons. But this way the environment out there is not kind, so he could easily get caught up in the brush and just wandering around out there. yet or we know there are wild animals out their rattlesnakes wild boar, so he can easily get cut one where there they their concern because he says he's bleeding, but when you hear the nine, when one call- and he says- and I'm just gonna summarize cause I there's. So much debate. Overwoodie actually says in this call, so we'll play it again. He says I'm an miller field. I ran into a guy in what sounds like a state trooper or something that has s tea at the beginning of it? in order to protect our government. all the cartridges for two hours and They chased them into the woods.
The border guards. Well out of her warrior and then they ask him. Do you need an ambulance do need medical. How are you hurt? He says: Yeah, no, I need the cops or he says. Ah I know I need the cops, but you definitely hear him say I need the cops now. I need to call okay now I need a call. Okay and we've talked about this- some speculate that it wasn't brandon. That said, if we want to go with that word. But you and I were talking about this- and we think that, because of the clarity of the word yeah, there would have to be someone right there with the cell phone, not someone near by because that's not how cellphones work yeah I know it's, it sounds,
funky to me, but it could just be him sort of blue gathering. I don't know, I mean the the the the call quality is crap and called recording is even worse in the operator on the other line, isn't taking control to call so There's not much! You can derive from this. This nine one call except he's in trouble. You can tell he's afraid you can tell you fear of something You can assume that he ran into somebody after he ran out of gas? He walked down the road and ran into somebody or something that has now scared him away and he's running away now. You say you heard gunshots in the background. Well, there are different ways of looking at the call Sounds like he might have said, they shot the first guy jar, yet
but you can listen to it again and depending on, if you read the transcripts, these are transcripts by people who have listened and tried to type out what they hear or if you're, just listening yourself, you might hear some thing else and one of the things you said it could be. What oh is she? The nine on one operator says you ran into somebody, and he says just the first sky, the second guy or this, the third party. That's an bald, showed up So if you, if you're going off what brand and saying on the call is being you know, gospel, he was walking and he ran into somebody and then somebody else showed up and when we say ran into somebody we mean you approach
buddy. You encounter somebody not that he had a car accident, because his truck had no damage nothing wrong with it, except for they say it's out a gas. So the operator thinks he's had an accident and that's why she ass if he needs medical assistance, but how ran into the first guy and then something went wrong. When I listen to this, I hear they shot the first guy or they got the first guy yeah. That's what I hear you're one of those two things. If he's saying yeah. No, I need the cops. Why would he need the cops now, If someone is getting shot, he would eat cops bar seeing someone getting shot. Why would he need the cops what's prompting this guide? A column request the police that could fit
all gunshot sound in people like to hang on the estate trooper rolled up and shot the first guy. I don't your state trooper, but I hear something that sounds similar to that, but I wouldn't expect a cop rolling up and shooting people in. I would be all over the police radios in every thing like that, wouldn't be just some random gap. Again it comes down to what do you hear? It could be added could be funny cellular, not ocean and then so he's either saying scape or or steeper or something like that, but it could be. If you take state trooper and you lose some of that information. It could come out that way, so it's
depends on if you're missing some information in there, if the call sort of dips a little bit as in you know his connections already bad he's, not exactly speaking clearly end of the phone, not every word is going to come out clearly, especially if you're, if you're savers speaking a sentence and any of that call gets slightly dropped or you're, not speaking clearly into the phone it could come out. Funny I mean I have spread and every day we talk aaron and every day. I think our call drops at least once and before, drops it's usually so yeah. It happens. People think that the key has been edited. People have an issue with the call party this reason is:
family knew that he called nine one one. They asked the police for the recording and it took the police months. It might be for months before they handed this call over too, family. So why did it takes a long mean how many people work? It does police station, how like how? How long would it take to get a recording of a phone call? Like is obviously not a lot of effort going on there. the next few days. The family is in high alert they're going out there. to search further boyfriend, loved one their father there, their son there's a couple, houses around this area, but for the most part, its isles from anything there trying go to the property owners, houses to say: hey can we
he searcher land and the police, the sheriff sheriff wade, MC cutchen he's telling the family stop harassing the landowners. We were searching areas, so you need to families exactly happy with these statements. At one point, brandons father is out. And the riding around on a tv. in that area and a patrol Our rules up according to bradley his father says what are you know what's going on and the deputy says, I'm just making sure that you don't jump at fence that don't go onto that person's property, not I'm here to help you look for your son, I'm here too, to enforce trespassing crimes. In the middle of nowhere again
The family, brandons families feeling like the police are nodding, actually on their side. There feeling tat, they would rather arrest them for searching for their son, then help search for their son want. It said that the comments by the police were that brand and proper he ran off with another woman in his cell phone wasn't used after that night and he didn't come back for his truck as his truck was impounded He had the keys of the truck any at a cell phone book Doesnt show back up Obviously, he's not ran off with another girl she's, not the deal, the Law enforcement changes turn a little bit and says all pages ran off and he was probably on drugs do we make this assumption
assuming because Brandon had in the past issues with drugs, and he actually had a warrant for his arrest that was issued Years prior, so he had a warrant for his rest for a long time It was never arrested an obviously Pulled over because he had been pulled over, he would have been arrested for this outstanding warrant, but it was, drug related warrant either a he didn't pay off fine, so something happened, but something wasn't taken care of to the point where he had worn out. While let s said that they didn't hide, so their address was readily available to the to the police if they wanted to track him down.
Arrest him, which they didn't do. So it further underlines that this warrant, maybe wasn't a big deal. In other words, it probably is not a factor in why Brandon has gone missing and and found the sheriffs wife happens to work for the local newspaper hand, she writes up a couple pieces about the situation and she puts deed else in her story that are pretty close to the case, meaning only somebody that had a line to the police off. Those involved in the investigation would have known these. These details other media outlets would contact the sheriff and the police department. It not get much of a response.
Oh, the family feels that the police are not working with the media in the one news story that was written about there The son was written by the sheriffs wife who says that the police. the sheriff did everything they could in there and they were wasting their time, because this wasn't even though, big of a deal in brandon had a chequered past anyways and didn't she say that Brandon was not in that counting yeah they at the headline to the actual story was law enforcement concludes man not in coke county, so concludes meaning we look and he wasn't there. They do a search on october, twenty fourth of that same year, in two thousand and thirteen
and their taxes, search and rescue, providing human remains dogs and they can't find Brandon. Of course they say they do the grid search. They have an aerial searched that uses info. Read. But you know I mean if you're using infra red and it's been two months or I guess it would be over two months. How would you find a warm brandon out there? What's he living on? Is he killing wild boar and drinking their blood and eating them mean ridiculous, its preposterous so again to me yeah they mobilise the search, but by using infrared, that's either incompetence or they're, not taking the seriously enough did in certain tell later so me when you have a missing person when you have a murder, when you have any kind of crime, those first.
they say the first forty eight hours, how the most critical. first forty, eight hours, all they really accomplished, was and pounding his truck. They want more searches to be conducted and the police won't accommodate them. They say they need new information before they can put together another search and do they have new information? Well, actually they do get more information. They discover that there's a ping from his cell phone a few miles away, but according to let s and the others, the police, don't fight This compelling enough to act on it. Isn't that right, yeah just well, so he uses his phone and it was a few miles away. Who cares We all know cell phone towers are a little her little flaky as far as giving exact location for somebody, but they can put him
A few miles away within thirty minutes of the initial call depending on if you're running through rough terrain. If you running on the highway that that means Brandon was book in it that means he was running for his life through this terrain and staff and then calling again so he probably would have torn himself up pretty good if he was running through the the brush, but we don't really know we don't know where that call was made from exactly so. We don't know what route he would have taken to get there, but it gives them an idea that he had move further in another direction and wasn't, I would say, wasn't even ten minutes like you said before he was no longer ten minutes from where his truck was. He was much further away, yeah. So, let's, let's recap a little bit because with all these details, I'm sure it's easy.
It a little confused or forget something. He leaves his house before midnight and he gets about forty five minutes, fifty minutes or so away from the house and that when his truck runs out of gas and he calls his brother to tell him if ran out a gas, yes and then he calls, namely one and then some time after that he'll call kyle's girlfriend cows. His brother Also during this time, he has tried calling la dessa, but la dessa has her phone inside of her vehicle, because Brandon took their wall charger with him when he left. So the only way for her to charge her phone was to use the mobile charger. inside the car. So she didn't get any these calls from him and just for clarification or quick. you can charge of own in your car. Maybe she The car running some cars.
In turn on the oxen it'll charger, your phone. So I, If people were asking about that like how is she charging your phone in the car, like that, that's impossible unless she was sitting in it in two thousand and thirteen, I have a two thousand and fourteen vehicle and I can charge without the cab vehicle running I just plug it in and my car. You actually at my car that has to be running. That was, but my car is a two two thousand and seven regardless her phones in the car, she's, not she's, missing the calls from Brandon. We have to theories here. I am I kind of side with one of them and I think you might side or the other, but the outcomes What are the same on either one. My theory is, he ran out of gas he got out of his truck he walking down the highway and he came across somebody that was either parked on the side of the road or they thought he was hitchhiking renewed. When they pulled over and
he ran into somebody and then a third party showed up and something bad happened and he ran away from it whether or not he was attacked by these people- I don't know, but he felt threatened by them and he ran off into the woods and then was either injured and died or ran off and just succumb to the elements. Whatever happened, I think his body is within ten miles of where his truck is a ten mile radius somewhere, I think you re cross, somebody any ran off that she's going off nine on one call and the call to his brother those things.
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Calm, slash, Guida BP or text Judah BP, two five hundred five hundred- that's audible, dot com, slush judah, BP or text gdp to five hundred five hundred to try audible free for thirty days, one more time, audible, dot, com, slash gdp, but we should say that there aren't really woods there yeah it's brush its brush and it's pretty harsh terrain, but we might be nit picking because just begun. He uses the term. Woods doesn't necessarily mean that's indicative of what he's seen. That's just the were at the term he uses. I think that the police didn't take it that seriously, because Even kyle says he thought Brandon might have been hiding from the deputy. The cops because of the war- this is from kyle. This isn't the police, so kyle thought that in its a possibility that hey I'm in trouble, but
I do have a warrant, so maybe I want to hide from the cops it makes sense, but I dont know if I go with that, because I wouldn't call the cops if I'm gonna just turn round and hide from I'm not going to call the police if I'm not going to want their assistance I mean I don't know it's it's a mess. Right thereof, he called he wanted the cops there. He had a problem. I don't see him hanging out to avoid the tops now specially if it's that dire of a situation where he's bleeding and he's been attacked or something to that effect. I guess that's where we come to this secondary theory. I set this up because he's supposedly at his house and gets into an argument with his girlfriend and it's bad enough that he wants to leave. As we said, he ends up calling his father. His father tries it.
come out of it, and he won't hear of that he's leaving the house now. He could go to another room and chill out, he didn't have to stay, in the room with his girlfriend, so he didn't actually actually the house at all if he wants to get away from her and he chooses to leave, and this could be a good opportunity for to blow off steam. Now one thing we didn't mean was. This is a guy who, according to la dessa, worked up Ninety five hours in a single week, I came Imagine then I've I've worked sixty hours and that's a lot. Yeah I've met people who are chefs and they say they bore. A ton of ours, but for a guy to work. Ninety five hours in a week he's probably being run ragged. He has for kids he's
I know a common law, wife and then he's working all these hours and we know he's had past troubles with drugs. So is it that much of a stretch to say that to blow off steam he decided to use something some kind of substance, apps math, and then we also know that people who have used this drug can experience a disconnect. They start experiencing things that We wouldn't because we're not on drugs. When when you mentioned that he works ninety five hours a week. Well, meth is the drug of choice for for hard workers. I hate to put it that way, but it keeps you going it keeps you up keeps somewhat functional. So if he was on math that would it point why he would have a freak out and run off. I can accept. It is plausible, just as much as I can
set that he ran into somebody along the road has been possible to, but he ran off the road and you making. All of these calls and he's not very coherent, like you, listen to him talk and there's all this debate on the internet about what he sang some people here, gunshot some people. Don't some people hear him saying possibly what is meant to be state trooper other people say no, it was escape. I mean we have all these disagreements over what is actually saying. Why can't we just accept that it's possible that he was of his mind. I mean this is a guy being run ragged, possibly
on drugs and then he's out in you know a dangerous part of his state. There's it's a desolate area, it's very dangerous out there with the wildlife and the terrain and the the kind of brush that's out there. I could see him getting cut up pretty good out there and then, if he's panicked, he she's going to keep going away in out there's another way to set this up is so he calls and then the police and his brother show up fairly quickly varies. You said they don't see him on the road yeah. So if he was wanting help, he would have made his presence known somewhere right. He doesn't do that, so you might say well, but there were people dream, but label were gone by that point here. not know that they were gone, but the people were gone. He had run away from them
and their cars were not on the highway or anywhere around, because kyle nor the deputy saw any one else around. Besides the normal cars passing by, but nobody I saw a group of people or person looking for brandon, so of brandon's messed up everything he does is going to make little sense to us and that's what my point is everybody's trying to decipher what he's saying. Maybe that's the point. Maybe we're trying to decipher the words of someone who's going crazy and, of course, we'll hear what we think we hear he may not even know what he's doing this could be an exercise in futility at this point, so some people think that he
is being attacked that someone else was being attacked as well. I would say: let s go with that. I mean now you have to people that are possibly victims, maybe three, so the police never came across any victim out there. Yet they never came across any other person. No other person apparently called nine when one either yeah and so look at it. This way you have brought and in whose two hundred and thirty pounds I mean who's, going to lift and carry him somewhere yeah. That's a lie I work to do while the cops are on their way. I just to me it's you're talking about such a short window of time. If no one had been called and he just disappeared, no police were dispatched, that's a desolate area. I could really. I could believe a lot could happen in that time.
not not when the police are called his brothers headed out there they're coming from opposite directions. Where are they going? I mean. How do you get away from that? It did just as It makes sense to me when I originally looked into this it. It certainly seem like he was under attack, but when I put together what is screwed friend had said about the amount of time that he was working and his responsibilities and that he was really trying to clean himself up and he had passed the drug test. Recently, I mean you know difficult that is and if he has a really bad fight
who knows when you get a bad fight with someone you dont know. If they're going to forgive you, you don't know what their response will be. The next time you talk to them, you have no idea, that's in their head, you don't know what you're thinking and supposedly they had had fights in the past, but was he working this many hours at the time? Was it really trying to keep straight and narrow at the piano back? Then I mean this is the guy that was really trying to kid buzz act according to his girlfriend. So that's a lot of pressure. I could totally see him when he's gotta how so he could use drugs yeah I could see it in. I could even say that he I've been clean up until this point and this fight or whatever could have thrown over the edge. I still want to believe Brandon on the nine. When one call myself, I still think that he ran into something somebody that freaked him out, but I think
theories, whether he ran into somebody and ran off or he just ran off due to whatever I think, they're, both very plausible. I don't know if I believe in the whole police conspiracy and cover up there's a lot of different rumours going around that depend. police showed up and started, shooting so back to cover this up. There's other. Ideas that if Brandon ran onto a landowners property and heard self or died on the property. There is a liable the key thing going on there and the cops are thinking well he's just some ex drug user, that's now dead, and this is a: u no risk Annabelle landowners, so I'm gonna say no buts not go find because we're going to protect the the landowners rights now and not some some kid that just ran off on drugs. I you know I personally,
I think that the cops in that area dave. they just didn't care, much needed and come off very well, and I don't know if I, if I buy into the conspiracy, but I sure your stand while the wider family would think that, because As we noted day, inform them of the nine one call, probably just because gimme when you're calling into her A nursing home- and you know when the boy had home, take them. any malice there. He didn't his name. You wasn't very good information as location yeah that just took time to figure that out as far as other l, it's too it yeah, the cops. Probably could and a lot nicer provocateur, but a lot more forthcoming. They probably could of work the family more, but they didn't
and guess what they really don't have to sucks. I dont know if the cops are trying to cover anything up. I just think that they were unhelpful. Warn the families been really you lose anybody any loved one is goin. You that's the most important thing to you to the police department. They have to do.
without on a daily basis, that they don't always come off the way that you want them to the quote: unquote bedside manner, not the best. Sometimes I should say that since I believe the drug angle, that he just he had a really bad night and took something and just basically lost It- that ninety eight percent of the time they can be salad people, but you can have a bad moment and that that's all I can take for your life to spiral out of control is one bad moment and we don't understand what it was like for him to have this argument with his girlfriend. We don't know what they argued about. So, according to la dessa, it was just typical relationship stuff. You know they have kids, they have jobs. They're trying to make ends meet it's tough on them and it's just sometimes things come to a head, but this was really important to bran and he's been with her.
For ten years and as we said, he passed the drug test, he got a new job. He was really trying to help us family out, but the amount of pressure he was under the amount of ours. He was working the amount of responsibilities that he has and, like I said, if he chooses to use drugs, house smokers, that's how they relapse. Now they quit smoking in them have a bad day their back out there either during a cigarette or buying a pact themselves and
Someone who uses drugs could do the same thing. That's may be how he chose to blog steam, but whatever happened. All we can say is we agree that he took off and probably succumb to the elements. Somehow, it's not that difficult to die out there, there's no assistance and you're up against nature in the dark, with no supplies. What does he have with them? He has a cell phone and yes m keys, he's not ready to be out there and if he gets injured out there, which is entirely possible. Let s brought that up herself. She mentioned rattlers she mentioned while were, and if you die out there, it doesn't take long for your body to disappear. The wildlife will take care of you. I think that's part of the frustration from the family in at least his father, whose he said he he does
I to bring his son home, I think they have accepted that their son is due. Ed somewhere in that area, and they just wanted to find his body, but because of the police saying don't go harass landowners and a court. to the family. They say that when they actually did go talk to the landowners, the police told them dont! Let anyone come on your land unless you get are ok, first, so the fan, feels like their stock in between a rock and a hard place. They can't ask the landowners if they concern the property and when they do the landowner say the cops said, not to let any one of my men must they approve it. Here we are in a circular argument of there son is gone and they have. No closure is difficult enough to find someone when you're talking about such a large area, so
When you're told there's all this land over here that you can't search, I mean your These are tied, there's a good possibility. He jumped fence and went onto someone's property. We will be playing call again for you, so you can hear it again and it is on you in different it Since I'll say some people have tried to clean it up. Some people have put transcripts up with their videos I know we have a lot of listeners in texas and for ever reason. Some of you may not have been aware of this kind. until now, but I I read off information about
Brandon loss and in case possible you could help brand lawson a white male at the time he was twenty six years old. There would be two thousand thirteen that he went missing. He was five nine, two hundred and thirty pounds. He had brown hair blue eyes. He had multiple tattoos. He was wearing a yellow shirt with camel shorts and white air max brand shoes, though, if you have any information or a few know something, then you are encouraged to call the texas department of public safety or your local police. Also, you can check out the vanished purposes. That Malta has done it's pretty good too, to see around fifty and thirty eight on emergency.
in order to protect our daughter Don't worry about that the border got word. Ok, now we're going to copy uranium you're. Ok, no. In the call, ok, anybody heard
the do you hear that its little space for mindfulness become is a meditation pie, gasped in fifteen minutes or less become your space to unwind, listen exclusively on amazon, music or simply tell your echo device alexa play the podcast become,
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