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May 1st, 2001. Washington, D.C. Chandra Levy, an intern in Washington, D.C. was an independent woman with big dreams. As someone who was very interested in politics and law enforcement, the move from California to the nation's capital was exciting for her. In April of 2001, she lost her intern position with the Federal Bureau of Prisons because her eligibility had expired six months before. Because of this she had no real reason to stay in D.C. Chandra started the process of moving back. On May 6th, though, her parents reported her missing. The authorities were informed that Chandra had been involved in a relationship with Gary Condit, a married U.S. congressman. Did he harm or kill Chandra to prevent her from leaving? In May of 2002, her remains were found in Rock Creek Park. As the investigation evolved, two suspects stood out; congressman Gary Condit and a 20 year old man from El Salvador named Ingmar Guandique who had admitted to attacking other women in the same area. At the time, this case received massive coverage due to Chandra's affair with Gary Condit and his possible involvement in her death.

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Who are we to judge ready to stream some crime stories? Hulu? It's a crime not to watch. So what are we talking about tonight? tonight we're talking about what was almost the biggest case of two thousand and one earlier and two thousand one a jogger, a woman by the name, chandra levy went missing this- is something that unfortunately happens from time to time. This. blew up because it was Just a woman who went missing. It was a woman who had been having an affair with a politician who went missing congressmen and california. So there's little bit more to this story than just a missing person, ass, a very sensational case, with a lot speculation back then and Just like another case we were discussing as weeks ago. other incident occurred, which stole
the limelight away, and that was the attacks of nine eleven. What are we looking at here? Where was this and when was it while this is in our nations? Capital, and as you know, there are representatives or senators. We don't have to go into politics here but there are also people who serve as interns for these politicians therein ships for people who are completing their masters work at university, one students was chandra levy who was born in cleveland, ohio in nineteen. Seventy seven, as a young girl. She moved to modesto california with her family. She was to be pretty independent yeah. She was a go, get her. She had thought about modeling, but when she got into schooling, He really started to head towards what I think is more of a law enforcement kind of career, because,
as a young woman, she assisted law enforcement, busting play is that we're serving alcohol to minors or selling alcohol to minors. gets into the university of southern california. She works, as In turn, in Washington dc I'll, say that she's thinking about become fbi agent, I guess when you thinking about becoming an fbi agent, the orientation or the internship that they give all of the new and turns it the federal bureau of prisons, but she internships with governor great Davis and richard Riordan so let's get our timeline established here September, two thousand sandra levy arrived in Washington. get her masses, agree and public administration shoes. going through the university of southern california and He was going to do that. Work for about six months
the public affairs office of the federal bureau prisons. Well, she in a friend who was Jennifer baker She attended the same university they like to go to these. For politicians offices and get their pictures taken with them. Now, come to the politician at the centre of this case. One day they go to the office of Gary condo, who just happens to be shown relieving congressmen and her district well conduct. Likes these young ladys and he invites them to accompany him to the house floor. So they can see him vote. I mean that's pretty cool if you're interested in politics, you got to be there were everything goes down its, I would say, the great opportunity, but with power comes great responsibility and MR conduct,
and married for thirty years and has a little bit of reputation about him. Saunders friend, Jennifer becomes an in turn for gary conduct, and well Chandra goes by the visitor friend, quite often at his office, they spend a lot of time together, hear its november of two thousand and chandra levy tell someone about having an affair with gary conduct. She would tell her parents, that she knows a powerful congressmen who she speaks? highly of, but she doesn't give up his name. Her aunt knows who it is some of her friends. No, but she's telling a few trusted people in her circle in staying tight lipped. Without it whenever one should know is over time, Chandra has told a few people. Some of those people have told other people
in a kind of gets around in the family that he's having this affair with very kind, and so there is obvious concern there and saw even know that Chandra has dreams of taking this further and becoming his wife at some point late April. Chandra has received her masters degree in public administration from university. southern california, but this as is it breaks, offer turn ship at the federal bureau prisons. Mama, She has to leave, I mean, that's it she's packing up to go may first and that
kind of the last time any one hears from her and then may. Sixth, her parents will call in report her missing. They haven't heard from her in five days may seventh, her dad will call and say that she's having an affair with congressmen, but he doesn't know who may eighth he'll call back and say it's. gary conduct, along with her aunt calling law enforcement and saying ass, she was having a relationship with congressmen conduct, so we have multiple family members calling in to law enforcement and reporting her missing and connecting gary to this. Yet these are dots being connected having an affair with congressmen,
and she's suddenly deciding that she's going to leave now she's gone, she disappeared, it sounds like a heck of a coincidence. May tenth police will search her apartment. They will find partially pack suitcases her cell phone her purse, all of her credit cards. They also find that her answering machine is full when they check the messages they find too from gary conduct. The rest are from her family and friends. Looking for her now she didn't we. For him really directly, she was an intern, therefore corresponding with him. she was never assigned to him. As far as I could tell so far. To be calling her in trying to make plans, and checking in honour is obviously a sign that there is something more here but based on saunders activities. We know,
that she was playing believe because she was cancelling her Jim membership and talking about breaking her apartment lease, she was notifying people that you leaving, though it wasn't a secret and some were wondering. If that's what caused her disappearance in a foul play, the police will gather evidence from her apartment. They'll get her laptop. and somehow they'll either format the hard drive or just corrupt, all the data on the hard drive that takes talent. I don't know how you do that, but wow now you know whenever anyone says that the authority have a laptop and then somehow formatted the drive I dont stand. It makes no sense to me. They don't know what they're doing No, no, even if you didn't know what you were doing, it takes talent, It tells you what's going to happen to your data, it's going destroy your date. It lets you know that
They do it anyway. I order this is the What it says to me is that they have some working on this who, like you're implying, isn't qualified but maybe worse, and that may be there just stupid know enough to be dangerous. Yeah. I feel like bowling tearing to be a forensics. I t hard drive recovery guy. Sometimes when I hear the stuff anyways another thing they, on a botched here is theirs cameras oliver her apartment, complex. You would think, let's check the security footage. She was reported missing back on new may, sixth, but then I'll go after those security cameras for several weeks and they ve been recorded over. We,
no, what happened at her apartment complex if she left on her own accord or she was taken but little things like that little details here and it's a good question, because some neighbours heard a scream early one morning. What was it like? Four in the morning yeah they actually called nine one. One reported a woman's screaming police. All the area, they didn't see anything out of the ordinary, they didn't know where the scream came from so didn't do, knock and talks and plus its four in the morning, so I cant get it, but he added fine like a door open somewhere stuff strewn so they just eventually left written small part so The last time anyone saw Chandra was on April thirtieth because cancel her membership added Jim near her apartment. So big of all the questions about china,
your levies rumoured affair with very kind it her mother, susan levy, calls conduct. She wants a couple. Things from anything. I think she wants to know if he is willing to help in any way because Isn t he had some of relationship with her. Maybe he cares and then the other This is she you know what kind of relationship they were having and conduct for is denying anything right like now that wasn't happening yeah he wore eventually come out and say that she was just a friend. He says, she's, just friend, oh baby yeah, but they find nowhere at her apartment, complex that has his dna, meaning seamen. All over it so he's not being forthcoming. And this is
very suspicious behaviour of him to go into full denial more mode. He could be playing damage control for his political reputation, but when there is a myth, in person. It looks really bad, I think a lot of but don't understand that especially politicians that when you come out in full deny things when everyone knows you're lying its act, doing more harm at some point. They actually get her search history from her laptop. I don't know if they got this from the laptop itself or checked her I s p, but they found that she had actually done a search for rock creek park, They do search, their search teams there and they go a hundred yards off of the road glover road.
but they're not going a hundred yards off the walking trails which they probably should have It's hard to find people in the wilderness. Just gonna say that they went in two different directions off road, but if somebody's out upon Look I don't know if their driving around the park or, if they're going to be on the walking trail so little bit of the flood there. yeah from everyone. I understand the officers were actually directed to search within a hundred yards of the trail but somehow the instructions didn't make it correctly animals, it's like the telephone game, but they were. And a hundred yards off the roads crossing the park instead of a hundred yards off the trails. Yeah is some some wires were crossed. there because of the size of rock creek part. We could critic eyes. The search by its so big that it would be
easy to miss areas of the park where a body could be I mean they would have to go in there, knowing that the search every square inch of It- and they just didn't do that now when it comes Gary conned it. He says that he was with vice president dick chain on the afternoon of her disappearance and he has a fairly decent alibi, but that's really during the day we can't say where he was at four a m in the morning or the morning, I guess, but being a congressmen, he has contact with people all day long, so his whereabouts aren't totally. suspicious. Well, if he's hanging out with dick cheney, who corroborated this mean dick cheney said yes, conduct was with me on this afternoon and he vice president. At the time on that
things, mostly conduct was meeting with abc reporter rebecca cooper at tryst he has given police, the investigators, a time where he was seen: to be checking out by cooper. She says that at meeting took place the day after Chandra disappeared. So there could be a question malware. Gary conduct was on that evening and if, if you put together. People already dont trust politicians guys already like a number of times and then one of his. suppose. It witnesses you can vouch for where he was is saying no. We met the day later. This is looking back Gary Condit. Maybe he didn't watch andrew to leave his hold the loot denial of any sort of relationship with her when its proven that they did have revealed
and ship through dna evidence. I don't take any of my friends, have my dna on their underwear, so he's coming off really shady, then he goes on to ask a friend. I think it might be somebody that works with his campaign to help him dispose of a bag and I don't know why you would have to call somebody to help you do this, but throw something away in the garbage another resident nearby sees them doing? This goes and gets the bag out of the garbage, and I guess it's an empty box of a watch or something that was a gift given to him. Now as a watch box from another woman, not chandra, his wife, but now he's probably thinking I'm being scrutinised. I better get rid of any evidence,
of any affairs I'm having, because I am the microscope here- that's fine, don't call your friend to help you throw something away. I think you can handle that on your own law. I mean let's speculate, though I mean I think he's panicking? It's almost like having your blinking with you right. Why do you need your buddy along you? Don't you really don't how old was gary candidate. The time right. He was fifty three at the time right So why does he need another adult with them to throw away a little box I would just assume you could go through the drive through at some restaurant toss. It and trash? They usually have right there. No one's gonna think anything about it. It's time because you know his son really believed His dad defended in was talking about how he did all the right things were
turns out. He wasn't doing all the right things and he must have gone into full panic mood because his behavior is ridiculous. Gary Condit, who was a hard hitting politician, had been reelected. I think five times is now losing ground in the political landscape and the people aren't trusting him quite as much anymore. So it's July, seventh law enforcement, publicly outs, conduit and his affair with leafy and its july tenth day go in search his apartment. Now they don't find anything, really a value that ties him to this, and in fact there are starting to
lose interest in him as a prime suspect. Although he will not take a polygraph administered by law enforcement, he would take a independently run polygraph, which he says he passed. You guys know how I feel about polygraph, so whatever at this point a lot of time is past and we're not getting any headway. So it's may two thousand and two. This is a year later. A dude walk in his dog dog find something odd and it turns out to be a school. This is in rock creek park, a hundred yards off the trail. The walking trail that the police didn't search, they find bones, they find sports bra. That's kind of tied up in knots
they find jogging pants jogging shoes and they would later identify the remains as chandra levies and weren't the. By member of the jogging pants work they tied up in the not too. I do know that their articles clothing were tied up. So it's obvious that someday removed them off of her and did this. This isn't a natural thing that would have happened on its own So just what do you think happened there me? Why would that just take the pants, for example the and we're gonna nodded up would someone do that it could have been used as a AG were used to bind her understand why somebody would just do that and throw it aside so and wits odd is, is there stories about kind it I'll liking. That kind of thing new with
affairs. He was really unto rough sex and maybe even bondage, which isn't criminal. But what we're doing here is its. You can see how the media, at the time we're looking at kind it thinking of the stories and then looking at the evidence where they found and chandra levy and putting that together really bad again. Well, if you're having an affair, with somebody and that person goes missing, word ends up dead. What do you expect to happen? This is based crime investigation, one o one here. This isn't anything that's out of the you. Right, you're, usually saying it's the husband, it's the boy friend, but it's all. where we were having an affair with children His family were here old, a memorial may two thousand and two over twelve hundred people show up. There is one person missing now
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I think there was a sensitive, cooperating little more days coming. A little bit in about the affair, but I think Is that concern there on his part that anything, he said could have been used again stem the site they are, they tell you and I think that's why he was reluctant to say too much you didn't really have anything gave according to him right. No, he would is absolutely playing damage, control hill end up losing the reelection. That's no support. Is me, I wonder if you mean think he go to save himself by it. Really all he was willing to give up. For them was at the last he had seen her was in late April. I think around the twenty fourth or twenty fifth He did eventually admit to having an affair with her. You know, I think, with Although the lies and then just not coming forthwith, information for a long time? I think people did they lost their faith in the sky and
and this was a guy who is quite popular. For him to lose his office, like that, that's It's almost like he shot down his own career, but he didn't even he didn't even try there. something else going on at rock creek park in may two thousand and one there was a guy, I'm just gonna say last name. It was one dp who had attacked a woman name, Hayley shilling on may fourteen and you'll end up attacking another woman, named Christie weaken on July. First, he will brutally beat them about the face and head This guy is stocking women in the park and attacking them he's awry, stood for these attacks and he is questioned about. Sandro levy, but not that doesn't really go anywhere
and he will eventually get charged with these to attack. And be sentenced to ten years behind bars, now The chandra relieving case has kind. I met a dead end here and it's not until they start to understand that this guy I could have had something to do with it, which they're not making that connection, and I'm not sure why but does probably a lot People are go missing is probably a lot of attacks that are happening, but for these two attacks to be so close to her. disappearance and in the same exact place, it just seems a little too coincidental, it's not until march of two thousand and nine that the state and prosecution will go after the sky and its with them
help of another prisoner by the name of Armando, miraculous who happens to be a gang member of a again called the bulldogs from fresno and he's a real stand up: guy brags about killing other people, and he claims that one dickie confess to him and said so we have a jail house next year. So when one d, is finally indicted. In march two thousand and nine it six counts one county kidnapping. another town of first degree murder during a kidnapping attempted sexual abuse, robbery and first grew murder during robbery sounds like they're, just kind of hidden this guy up with every single charge they can because
morality is saying: oh, he didn't mean to killer, but this and that there was an exactly evidence of a sexual assault, because when they don't find a body until a year later, evidence is gone. You're not able to, I guess, determine exactly the cause of death, but they did say that her school had partial fractures on it and that her high oil bone showed that it was was fractured, which one could deduce that sheep I had been strangled. So when I think about the Chandra levy running in a park jogging in a park, she was wearing jogging clothes and this guy. This is his m o. He attacks women, he beats them and possibly strangles them. Morales is the key to
Following this altogether right, as you said, the evidence just isn't there to tie him to show, remains, but if they can start, say he was attacking people in that very area. Now they got. You know. I suppose it admission by this guy at least to another in may. Well that happens all the time. Doesn't it does now the trial will start october, twenty ten Nine years after the fact and they're going to bring. holly shilling, Hayley, shilling and christie. The two women our attacked to testify. they also bring on Chandra levy's father to testify. Now this guy has been gunning.
Four congressmen gary conduct this entire time, but when he takes the stand, it's a full one eighty and he refutes all of his accusations towards the congressmen. That's that's really saying something. When the father of the item is refuting that they also bring gary conduct on the stand himself to testify about his relationship where his whereabouts were his knowledge of the case. Of course, he pleased- is when they ask him. I think it's three times about his relationship with where chandra, but you know he says, she's, just a friend one d will end up getting charged with this crime and
found guilty. Miraculous is talking about how conned it had actually paid one dickie, twenty five grand to take out levy, which is a kind of a interesting spin on this is right, put an hit out interesting as a good word for it. You know. If you connect the dots, you have a powerful congressmen, its power simple that he needs to get rid of this. This woman, who is having an affair with to save his reputation, he's not going to do the dirty work himself, so he's going to hire somebody to take her out But where on earth with this congressmen and won, t have met before how would they ve known each other? and you think o a wan dickies attacked women in the park, so easy perfect scapegoat to take out chandra, but he attacked these women after leaving one
sing. The of we locate generally his disappearance and when she was Will they murdered it's about may first, and then you have won t keys next victor If you want to say that Chandra was the first one at this point we don't know, The second one would be may fourteenth and then the third one was July first right yeah. So how would he know higher this guy because of his reputation it just does not add up, but that's there the connection that conspiracy, that miraculous and the inner webs likes to put out jailhouse niches, yeah also morale us on the stand. Testifies that he is not receiving any thing for his testimony turns out he's gonna lying through his teeth yet not receiving any thing. This is just the goodness of his heart, because you know, if you have information and your imprison and you have nothing information,
it's just you know you're not going to take anything for it, we're just going to give it away yeah! No! No! I won't even do that. I'm not that dumb. He says you're, not getting any thing for it and, of course the prosecution doesn't disclose his deals that he's getting to the debate and now there is an extreme lack of dna evidence and him being connected to the crime, except for miraculous, saying the jury deliberates on november. Seventeenth, hey, that's my birthday, twenty ten and schedules. Proceedings of the case get delayed big,
cause of increased security cause. This is one of the biggest cases. That's happened, and after two days all but one of the jurors had voted guilty and on the third day they asked the judge to clarify the definition of assault. So this is more of a technicality thing and then that last juror found one d key tea, but after the trial, adjure even came came pouring said that morale us was a big reason for that a decision in this, this verdict, which, of course he would be because how do you put this guy there? I get. It he's attacked other women in a park at the same exact time that she went missing, but beyond reasonable doubt. How do you get that? Well, you get that. What the confession and that's what morales provides.
Quite honestly, there's a little bit of a reach here. It is its. I'm not big on the jailhouse niche thing, because honestly, They have a good reason. The lie You said they have nothing so well by lying and giving prosecutors what they want. They can get something out of it. Absolutely the scammer ours has been released from prison. He is under state's protection. How about that you get out of prison and you're being looked after because he's you know a bad dude involved gang, so he has to be protected, but just because he's understate protection doesn't mean that is keeping a low profile. There's a woman who happens to be in
extra on the show house of cards. This is ironic who has taken an interest in this case and she decides to start interacting with miraculous and she somehow gets mondo to go to a storage unit with her and talk to her, which I don't know. If I invite that guy into a story with me, but you know whatever she's on emission and she has a micro cosette recorder that she puts on a shelf that he does not know about she records plus hours with this guy and just get sunday talk about everything now from these recordings that she hands to law enforcement and the defence for one day they start to find that armando morales is not quiet as credible as he came off trial or they made him out to be yeah exactly
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Not come slash easy. There is a bit, argument on whether or not he said that he made the whole thing up and it wasn't true because they couldn't find that peace had the recording. But let's just say that he doesn't do himself any favours or the prosecution any favours between a complete lack of evidence. This jailhouse niche being discredited. One d is gonna, be appealing his ace and it's gonna get a retrial right. As she serve thrown this case for a loop. As you said, though, some of the according to that she claims to have made, are missing and then other Recording she hands over the other please listen to those by it.
spite her asking if he will admit that his testimony was false. He doesn't do that. In fact he backs up. You know what he said in court. So from that standpoint, really work right, it's a little convoluted here because he backs up some of the things he says and contradicts. there's he never outright says that he lied, but he talks about how is under state protection, and that is out of prison. So it's obvious that he did get some benefit from testimony- and if you just listen to him- he doesn't come off as a really great guy. So it's not something the prosecution would want to use or put back on the stand needed, while in part of her motivation seem to be trying to discover whether he was going to go after her ex husband. I guess he has. they stole enjoy from her. So he was this
I was guy- was making threats dogma, how It makes shanks and how he could kill people with them. Buy it at some point. He kind of shift gears because He said I have to how the rules I dont want to go back to prison, but if you think about it no morales was a guy who is a jail. How snitch she's not in jail or in prison, but she's kind another snitch she's kind of snitching on so I think it just demonstrates how weak he really was. As evidence I mean It worked for a jury at that moment, but it doesn't really holed up in a court of law or time. Her intentions were good to discredit this witness. I get it kind of applaud her for it, even though I do think one dickie should be. The prime suspect here is in two thousand and eleven when
aims klein. Who is the public defender for one d is appealing and there All of this is that, while with seventeen page filing the claim that prosecutors had appealed to the emotions of the jury. In other words, they were working with information that they didn't have as factual evidence, just You know what they say was they were working on their emotions, referencing references to facts, not in evidence there is also some issues with the jurors one of em hadn't been taking notes, which sometimes that's allowed. Sometimes it isn't but that one juror was using another juror's notes and that's against the rules so they had a lot of issues with this original conviction, institution had to make decision here. In the end, they
They just didn't want to do a retrial. They fell like this was being yanked away from them, because this was in their minds, this was a ridiculous technicality. In other words, the judge here just overruled and said ere. I get wet that's kind of silly. No, that's not how is ruled it was wrong. it was significant, so may twenty second, two thousand and fifteen there's no opposition to a new trial, so the prosecution drops charges and will not pursue a new trial. And I think is largely due to the fact that their star witness, Armando miraculous, has discredited himself, and they want to put this train wreck upon the stand as their key witness not gonna work, so the house of cards comes down. Yes, I just imagine ray trials for some other cases where the key witnesses discredited like they should be and how those will turn out
So this case is interesting in that aspect that as much as I think this guy probably killed shoulder levy. You can't prove it beyond reasonable doubt and he served ten years for the attacks on the other women, but now these are going be released for the murder charge of chandra levy, but they're going to deport him back to you. El Salvador. So we now have to deal with many more anyways yeah this this case Can I became a mass for them I mean in november of two thousand and fifteen prosecutors told a judge. That their office failed to turn over documents to the defence. I was before the first trial so they're saying there are prosecuted oral errors, though. Really, how do you really prosecute this guy? We can all agree. He makes for a very, very good suspect may be the best suspect
but with the loss of miraculous discovery that well maybe the trial was so strong they just they don't have anything here. Not anything that they can argue is worth taking him back to court who wants to waste their time right. If, if they don't feel very good about getting the result, they want prosecutors aren't going to take this back to court and that's actually the right path for them to take. They know when or when they have a strong case, but This leaves very little justice enclosure for chondrus family. We have a politicians, career destroyed. People still think that guy's guilty, which I think is whereabouts, are fair certain that day? So then you have to buy into he hired somebody to murder her at the park.
When she was wearing her jogging pants, ensure everything she went to the park to jog? I think about that, for a m call. Were somebody screaming. Well, I don't think shoulder was up at four a m jogging so somebody attacked her at the apartment and then took her to the park like that's sort of a leap there. well. One of the theories is that gary conduits wife, Carolyn may have killed her, and that's only because energy is not happy about the affair, they all found. A tube of lipstick Saunders body, not something she would have taken with her, I mean the only things that were missing were Saunders keys the ring that her at her initials on it. It was a gift from her parents,
No one knows where that ring is now. We know that killers sometimes take a trophy or the killer might have taken it, because maybe it's a value, oh speaking, of trophies when they went to indict a one d key in his cell in prison, he had a photo clip of Chandra lady one more piece there. I know that this congressmen looks suspicious as hell, but I think that his actions are in line with somebody who is having an affair and who has committed political suicide and trying to play damage control wrong place wrong time. He wouldn't have hired some guy that attacks women in a forest on a jogging trail. That he wouldn't have any connection with its. It just seems a little out of place also
They say that her laptop was used after four a m that morning, although was it the murderer. Using it or was it chandra? Well, if their forensics teams actually know what they're doing then I would say it was her using it after four a m or the more. of and she was attacked later and then we have the congress men out with the vice president later that day, I think his whereabouts are are accounted for. neither mostly accounted for- and I know you know Gary conduct didn't end on again. note he ended up running a basque and robins in arizona, but in truth it I just don't think he had anything to do with her. I'm sure he enjoyed his time with chandra but amused kind of a player. So I don't. See the motivation for him to do this.
Obviously one dickie looks to be a great suspect, this fits his m o and away. Now he didn't were the other two women, but the way he attacked them could easily had become murders, so he was obviously a dangerous person he was sent back to El Salvador. He did not want to go. He wanted to stay in the united states, but they knew to get rid of that guy people would argue, they rather seem in prison. But again you have to prove things or at least makes connections- and with this case we decide that gut feeling with him. That's what we have and then we have the wig attacked the other women in the same area. That's it that's not enough, and unfortunately we can look to this case and say well what, if the investigators had gotten to the recording soon enough what if they had investigated the park proper.
Really I mean there are a lot of what ifs, but you know it's it's difficult to do. Everything right and in this case it seems like the investigation just hit a lotta bumps. So what you want to blame them or give him a bit of a ass and say no one's perfect and that's up to you but really The sad thing here is that we have shown their lavie a woman who was a spy daring to do great things and one day she for a jog and she disappeared. She had fallen victim to a killer. The
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