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February 11, 2013. Wilmington, Delaware. Christine Belford and her ex-husband, David Matusiewicz, had a contentious relationship after their 2006 divorce that culminated in David and his mother kidnapping the couple's three daughters. Four years after she got her children back, Christine and her friend Beth Mulford stepped into the county courthouse to attend Christine’s child support hearing where they were shot dead. What prompted the shooting and why could no one prevent it?

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So our in tonight's case wow, I'm so glad you picked up because I no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we You first sent me over the documents and research. I how to say that for the last two days, I've dug into this case and rollercoaster of just madness and crazy family behavior. So with That's how? What are we Talkin about tonight? We're talking about the killing of Christine Belford February eleventh, two thousand. Thirteen this happened at the you castle, County Court House and Wilmington Delaware, but before we then too that there is a whole backstory. We need to get through because this This is quite a journey, you can say that again, we need to
start with the Matusa wits family, the Father. Thomas Matusa wits was born in nine forty five hickory hop in New Jersey. His wife, he Join the Navy after that, and then they had three children, David, Michael and Amy. And in nineteen. Seventy four Thomas, joined the police department in violence. New Jersey around for years later though he violated. treatment policy and took option to resign, rather than face punishment there's not a lot of information on what he did: but if it was if he was enforced out. Let's just say that he was probably going well outside department policy. Now said that around that time, Family started to isolate themselves from the rest of the medusa with family, Nineteen eighty six, their son I call pasta
way from leukemia now covering this story, and we ve titled it with Christine for its name, and the reason is because she married David matusa wits. The Son of Tom David was an optometrist. and Christine had an associate's degree from Goldie Beacom College and work office administrator at the Optometry practice Now she had already been married once so had David So this was their second marriage each and she already had a two. Daughter from her previous marriage named Catherine. So David, Christine got married in two thousand and one on October. Thirteenth, and they were married, at the when estate at the Dupont, country Club in Delaware is apparently very popular spot. I watched, I think, a few wedding videos on Youtube. Then they bought The house north of middle too, New Jersey
within two years had a couple of daughters, Laura and lay, and then two thousand and three Thomas his wife Lenore decide to move to Delaware and Tom was worse. As a postal worker. Lenore was working with disabled people well because were looking to buy a home and hadn't found one yet I moved in with David and Christine, but after about ten months, Christine had had her fill of having the in laws there and so Tom and Lenore finally bought a home Christine late said that David did. Want anyone, but his pain the babysit their daughters, and I get that Nothing like having your family watch your kids, but I think, Christine was feeling like we're too involved little overbearing parents there in July two thousand and five David Christine had a third daughter Karen, but
our marriage was very, very rocky at this point and it headed words divorce and it was, November 30th, two thousand and six that that divorce came finalized. But in this the key to the case. Here there was a did he battle very. Can anxious, custody battle and you it starts with David, claiming that Christine is mentally unstable and the psychology, was brought in to evaluate the parents and they concluded that Christine wasn't a threat so that wasn't a good excuse for David. He was trying to get full custody and that's real the sad, because you know she give birth to these children. She suffering from postpartum and then he's using that against her he's, trying get custody by saying, she's, crazy and a danger to the children. It's very underhanded. If you want to talk about
having issues David had stress, anxiety, depression. So in and, though on very thirteenth, of teeth. seven they were a war. the joint custody. The girls were with David, but every other. weekend. They stayed with Christine and sometimes had visits with her during the week. some time that year, Christine Bottom, their home and in our even though they're apart, it still looks like this couple is far from done with each other, and I don't mean that in a good way on August six, one two thousand and seven David and Lenore. This is the father of the girls and his mother picked up Laura Lee and Karen they supposed to go on a family vacation. At this time the girls were five four and two respectively and The word was, this is what they told Christine they were going. You go to Disney world for two weeks, they're going to do down south and have a
great time at the happiest place on earth. I mean it sounds wonderful and I'm sure Christine is thinking well, you know I can have time off and do my One thing he's got the kids but things don't go well. This is not the family vacation. This is a family abduction. David Medusa wits had forged his Ex wife signature to get a two hundred and forty nine thousand our line of credit from a savings fund and then that money to another account which was at the Bank of New Zealand using his father's name. Thomas matusa wits, and he also cashed out his optometry business. So he pulling a lot of money, his mother, bought a thirty three foot Winnebago for the family traveling this abduction and being featured on America's most wanted now Dave this one, a bag- oh and they drive South south of the border
through Mexico into Central America, they end up in Nicaragua and That's where they'll stay for a couple years. Authorities, look for them! That was it. It about nineteen months federal marshals track down David Manure and these three girls and they were going under the name of the Blanco family. Now they'll, find them in this way the bag. Oh that's just cramped, filthy and disgusting. Then you can't, I have children that mean plan this at all. They didn't and to live off the land like this, they planned the abduction but you can't live out of a Winnebago. For the rest of your lives without sleep eyes. Without knowing the area as though it was partially planned. The family had fake social security cards and passports, but, as you said, they
they ended up parked somewhere. It's as though they didn't have any idea about how travel. Further because they were found. They were brought back to the states. Here's sad thing about this, the girls had asked about their mother and both their grandmother and their father told them that Christine had killed herself She had taken her own life, so you can imagine when they were the states and are returned to their mother that my been quite a shock, a good one, but they had how you been living with the idea that their mother was gone now obviously some things went wrong beyond just the kidnappings. One of I had trouble with abscess teeth with vacation and another one had PTSD so obviously it and his mother are arrested and brought back to the United States theirs.
To be some court proceedings where. family courts are gonna, say we're going to give for custody back to the mother and during these proceedings it will start claiming that Christine was, sexually abusing the oldest daughter, Glebe using her and neglected the other daughters, of course. Christine's going to deny all these are accusations and the I will ask whatever, Insta do. You have provide This was some sort of substance here because you've been going through the child protective services for for many years now, and this is the first time we're hearing of this allegation. You never brought before when we do, I did custody between you and your wife at the time. So the judge
doesn't take any these accusation seriously because he shouldn't without evidence, without any kind of backing Yeah the judge grants for city to Christine. That's the thing about a court anybody can bring anything to a court say whatever they want. but without evidence it's probably going tossed and the Other Lenore said we didn't believe it as with listen. So when you we think back to when there were these allegations about Christine Being stable. I would just remind everyone: she's, not the one that created fake path, sports and social security cards and abduct children and ran off to South America, September of two thousand and nine, when Lenore has pleaded guilty to. Danger in the welfare of a child. She,
I ordered to have no contact with Christine or the three daughters and she served eighteen months in a Delaware prison. Now, David would spend his first two years in a Philadelphia. detention centre. And then his last two years in a Texas federal prison all had no contact orders we'll David. Had pleaded guilty that same month to one count of international parental kidnapping and one count of bank fraud in federal court and it at a sentencing that he apology, ass to his ex wife and his daughters for the trauma they have been put through and promised to re dedicate himself to helping people he made a promise to the judge as well. You will never have an opportunity to see me back in a courtroom if he was granted. Nancy He was sentenced to four years in federal prison. You know just from that
Point there it sounds like David is, maybe turning a new page right. bees realise what he did was wrong. After all his Children suffered the most, but while he's in prison his and Tom and Lenore well star bringing these sexual assault accusations to the Delaware division of and family services, so not really over the matter, which is continue, fight against Christine, so this was looked into. They took it seriously, but I'm fortune for the matusa wits is the conclusion done I the legal advocate for the attorney general, was that all these accusations. They were made up There are also letters written to Christine's lawyer by Amy David's sister, accusing her of all kinds of de in scandalous stuff
and Christine's lawyer documented all of it, and he said as real hatred there, but he was all kinds of letters that were just slamming Christine from this or family, the parents and the sister Christine filed a personal injury lawsuit against David, his parents and his sister Delaware, superior court. She was seeking monetary damages because she needed counseling and there were expenses related to this kidnapping. It sounds if I to me that she be compensated but Obviously this is just a continuing battle between Christine Belford and apparently Matiz with family so February. as an eleven, Tom Illinois attorney left the case, and going to the attorney it's because Tom and Lenore worried ignoring
vice? He felt like it was too much trouble honestly well. He was advising them to cut off. All ties from Christine to get there ducks in a row, but they wouldn't they wouldn't stop harassing Christine now, Tom and Lenore were having money issues they filed for bankruptcy protection in Texas and Lenore, said: we've lost or spent over a million dollars trying to get our granddaughters to safety, and now there is no money left and they are still in the custody of their mother. Is it true As they say, you only get the amount of justice you can afford. While I guess are going to be getting any they're saying, They spent a million dollars trying to get children to safety from the mother, who didn't kidnap them the mother, whose Ben therefore them from the mother who isn't so
walking or harassing them. Yeah got it Steve, dropped her lawsuit, and I don't really know why. But her lawyer said something that might give us a clue which was. It was time to start the healing process, maybe Christine was taking the advice that now you really just need to find a way to separate yourself from them too. Which is an that lawsuit was just another way to be linked to them and in early. Two thousand and ten she filed a petition to terminate David's parental rights, see when he was in prison. He tried to apply again for joint custody, but she wanted him to off. She also wanted the rights of nor Tom and Amy to be cut off, and that happened August 18th, two thousand and eleven David Spring, rights and Lenore Tom and Amy's familial rights were terminated. This went to this Mean Court of Delaware. They have that decision Once again, the court said
there is no proof that these children were ever abused, never neglected, overtime, multiple. I have looked into this case and have found proof of any abuse So it really seemed as though the mature, his family were Lee trying to take these girls away from their mother and they failed so David is released from prison in April of twenty twelve and he is on probation, for five years. So he miss up. The ass suggest, keep nose, Clean get a job and do what and to not break the law. by around that time. The material which is were living in Texas in Macao in Texas, which is just MILES the Mexico border
Christine and her children were living in the meadow Dale Neighbourhood of Newark Delaware. So this is opposites lights of the country Christy. still paranoid she's, really feeling like the Matusow with, as could show up at any point to take the kids away again, so she saw the security, camera and even ass neighbours to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, now do it was working, as a waiter at a restaurant, but he was having to pay child support, so he I was petition to the court to reduce the amount and that was on November, fifth of twenty twelve and, of course, any time you file, petition to change the terms have to go in for a hearing is His Christine Dry, after law suit to sever ties with this family now she's, back in, because David's asking for his child support to be reduced, take
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Their hearing is at eight Thirty, am at the New Castle county courthouse and at around seven thirty, a m David and his father Tom entered courthouse together now David in the security line to go to the checkpoint, while his father Tom loiterers around in the lobby. Now, I'll, say this: every courthouse I've ever been to the security check point is litter will you walk to that door in your you're, going through a metal detector? So this is a more old school courthouse, where they have a lobby that you can meander around in and then purr through the checkpoint, maybe to stay out of bad weather, but it's at fifteen a m when, Christine arrives with her friend Beth Mulford, been long time. Friends and their daughters played together. So, Chris, seen in her friend, walk into the court house and make them
way through the lobby and Tom makes his way over to them pulls out a forty five caliber semi automatic pistol levels at Christine's chest in it's her multiple times he hadn't onto the security checkpoint the gun on him. This whole time Chris means friend Beth turn to run away, and he her multiple times also this went down in seconds he shot. Both of these women and is now leading through the handicapped door. He he loads his magazine, and he should through the glass. Police are there, because it's a courthouse, so you have armed officers everywhere, and they exchanging gunfire with Tom He fires twenty rounds altogether in action.
Up: shooting two police officers, one in the chest and another one in the leg, but he's Multiple times and he will end up turning the gun on himself at this time, Erin this is chaos in this courthouse You can listen to the dispatch recording of this where it's been port it to them that there's a shooting happening they don't even know that the police are already responding they're talking about a spring shooting they don't know where the shooter is they don't know. If there's multiple shooters and in fact They say one shooters down, but we think that there's another act of shooter upon this four well, that is where David is Tom's son. They think David is the active shooter. They think that maybe Boo of them were shooting people, but in reality it was Tom, the Father who pay this gun out and started. Shooting, while
it was upstairs waiting in the hearing room, while David is brought into custody, He said he had no idea that his father was going to kill Christine but He had a letter from his father on his person detailing a burial request, so Tom made it clear. Here's how I want to be buried. He wrote it down and gave it to his son that day it it's clear to me. I think that he knew was happening. In fact you know when, was wandering around the lobby. He would go over and talk to his son a couple of times before David actually went through that security checkpoint. So what wasn't with his son. It look like was kind of wandering around keeping an eye out. He was obviously waiting for Christine to show up yeah. I think, pretty obvious. Why would you have final? destination plans. David happened,
have the keys to the car on him to now. Maybe he drove but still David's any knowledge of this act. And by his own father we'll get into that little bit later, but law enforcement is. for a reason now too Re arrest, David, to violate his probation, and let me tell you if there in for a reason to violate you? They will find one and not hard with David, because they find that he travel outside of the area outside the state where he had gotten permission to be. So now that they've deemed David has violated his terms of probation They re, arrest him. and they sentenced him to six months in federal prison, but it's not over as adjusting with this family, the material,
These are not done with Christine Belford and her children yet February two thousand and thirteen Amy Gonzales, which is David Sister file for custody of the three daughters. In the family court of the State of Delaware. So they've been harassing this woman for Here's a spreading false rumors that she is sexually molesting, her children and then she's murdered by the Father and now they're trying to get custody of her children, wow as they fought in court too, Hank Christine, as this abuser add to try and take her children words seem well aware of their nonsense and she is denied custody so the girls are placed in foster care for their protection, the Delaware they police and the FBI look into the shooting now they know who the shooter was. By now. They know it was Thomas, Why choose wet, but now
trying to piece together evidence that would show that the rest of the family, be involved end observing a search warrant on Tom's home in Texas and included in the warrant, was language. That said, that Lenore and David were suspects of intentionally and knowingly participating in a murder, so this investigation is where these family members in the final days before the shooting and Tom before he left this Joe fourteen miles to Donna Texas, where he paid in advance for a storage unit, in that we're unit, he placed five firearms which was a nine millimeter uzi. He put the key and a letter in a white envelope and addressed it to Amy his daughter on the morning of the shooting when Christine Belford and her friend Beth were shot took a forty five caliber handgun and two hand, written death certificates. That name
Justine and her former lawyer with him and of course we know what happened after that. He arrived at the courthouse fairly early and waited around four Christine to arrive there something that they found out from Tom's autopsy, though Justin. yeah. This is a little of an aside here, and it reminded me of the Charles Whitman case, but they did a cat scan. That showed Tom had developed a tumor in his brain he had known about this as the cat scan was done after he had an accident. accident in November of ninety ninety it now, they said it was benign, but that it should be monitored and Lenore said that Thomas's behaviors had changed in the months before his death. He had become more secretive he was starting to lose things. The family claimed that his I went, actions may have been because of the brain tumor, but as far as in
If the medical people knew his brain tumor was benign and shouldn't have caused him to act that way I don't know, brain tumor had anything to do with his actions once we get a little bit further into what this family had done in the past, the saw well seems like a moot point it's February, sixteenth, two thousand and thirteen Christine's friend, Beth, more was bare in a cemetery in New Jersey she had I just three days before her forty eighth birthday she was, survived by her husband, John and two daughters, Christina and Caitlin, Actual statement from her family said her kind, heart and generous spirit were evident. Support for her friend Christine Beth, blessing to those who knew her. She will be deeply missed by her family and many friends.
Christine was also buried in the same cemetery trust set up for each of her daughters, and Former in laws of Christine were prohibited from having any contact with the daughters. But we still have David, his mother and his sister to deal with here, and a federal grand jury will indict all three of them. On August sixth of twenty thirteen one count of conspiring to commit interstate, stalking and cyberstalking to cow, seven or state stocking one count of interstate stocking resulting in death and one I of cyberstalking resulting in death. Tom was named as aid deceased, Coke spirit or because they have to tie the father in with the family. other and Amy were arrested in their Texas hometown. David was already in federal custody because he had violated his probation. All three plead now
guilty to these cyberstalking charges because to them. They were on the right side. There we're trying to protect these these children from a sex the abusive mother and a mother who did not love them, we're doing the right thing and They would even say these Children were a gift from God, so we're almost like on a mission a holy mission to protect these children. David was sentenced in two thousand and nine, so this was years before a letter to his sister from federal prison, telling her to send anonymous complaints to social services, about Christine's character and and parenting skills, and they also asked her to create a website. True story on it, so this web page is created. and on. It is an essay entitled grandmother's impossible choice detailing how Christine at
to sell her daughter's sexually abuse her oldest daughter- and was just all around abusive. It even talk about how Christine try to poison Lenore. So if you you go through this. It's just all these allegations basic character. Assassination. It's would anyone want these girls to be with that mother? This is the dark side of the internet. Anyway, can go out and create a facebook group. And whatever they want. Anyone can go out and create a web page and post whatever they want, and lander, whoever they want. It's just pretty disgusting, so they take These accusations, these allegations and they're included in letters that are sent out to the schools to Christine's church to media outlets and even to Christine and the girls themselves, This is what we mean by harassment, there's something else.
Happened between May two thousand, and eleven and September two thousand and twelve if its high school girlfriend Cindy Bender befriended Christine? and it was just so she could secretly details of her life and information that was posted a facebook, so she could provide that to the family. The Mattoon to its fan, she was spying for David to report back I see this caddy behaviour online all the time and we I think this is some high school dumb, of that, I you know us is it adults shouldn't have to deal with, I'll. Tell you right now, Aaron, I never had to deal with this kind of stuff in high school. It was until I grew up and became an adult that I saw other adults behaving this way, and this is a perfect example. We didn't add these tools back then this family. has a long history of if the of posting
will messages sending slanderous emails and letters to anyone and everyone that Christine had dealings with just two make her life a living hell now but more information on this plan to kill Christ, Belford from February fourth to February seventh two thousand and thirteen David Tom and Lenora traveled to Delaware in a couple of years. also a Honda, Civic and a Honda Crv for every eleventh David and Tom used, the crv to drive courthouse and it contained Ammunition a knife he sets of restraints in different sizes, a bullet proof vest and electric shock device binoculars photos of Christine's house and the girls. as well as a list called H, l of people who the family felt had wronged them H. Dot means Hitlist. I concur
with that conclusion, and again, this just makes the whole idea that the family did not know about Tom'S actual intentions, even more ridiculous regardless of his brain tumor regardless, of whatever ideas they seem to have theyve been Lecter as a family, going after Christine. You know, if you think about it, two guys. You know one guy says: hey, I'm going to go robbed. This liquor store, be my getaway driver and then he ends up, shooting and killing the cashier We charge that getaway driver with felony murder. We don't, I'm a pass because he claims. He didn't know that this man was going to shoot another person in the commission of a crime and that's a spur I meant decision by this person to be a getaway driver. This family had engaged in this behavior for years. and then they claim they don't.
What's going on when their father, their husband shoots and kills two p. And wounds to police officers come on Basically, this was a shocking crime. Prosecutors in figure out how to prove that the cyber stalking resulted in death under the violence against women act that act with author. It in Nineteen, ninety six and because this was kind of a landmark case. It would take a lot of work to try and get a court to find her favour, because this is so unique. They have to prove that this stocking was intended to alter they kill injure, harass, intimidate and cause emotional distress to Christine and they to make sure that this family paid a heavy, price for what they had done, so they have to since the jury, David Lenore and aim
that this family was all in on it. The trial start on June 12th, two thousand and fifteen lasted five weeks: the prosecutors like I said, are trying to show that this family, the misuse of its family, conspired together to torment stock and ultimately kill Christine Belford. So what are they have Justin what did they use as proof that was all true all they tons of letters, emails, internet posts and the physical stalking, add all the receipts as the kids. Like to use today they could paint a very clear pit. when this started in everything this family did. Member me. The sister was writing letters to child active services and the the lawyer. Lenore helped David kidnapped. The children. Theirs multiple pieces here that they can tie together, but
is this enough to say They were planning a murder not Sure if they need enough evidence to prove, murder, but they definitely had enough evidence to prove cyber at up The trial Laura testified. She was thirteen years old at the time and things oldest daughter, she the one that the Manchus was family claimed was sexually abused by Christine, and this was a moment, because they would find out whether this these allegations were true at all. Did anything happen but Laura completely denied being sexually abused by her mother or abuse, all by her mother either be her parents separated divorced or even after she, his returned from being kidnapped by Father and his family. But I really love this quote by her. She said personally, I don't forget traumatic expense,
answers. I mean I was there, so I would now she I googled her name a few years before. and found all these allegations of abuse, and she said now If it was true and it didn't make any sense because, like I never did any of those things or do any of those things she just I the relationship with her mother as awesome started a small business because you had a passion for pottery, a skill for software or a mind for manufacturing and not necessary lay for your know how of the business side of running a small business. Thankfully, that's what quick books is all about providing new small business owners with the tools they need to feel confident from day one, because with Quickbooks you can get paid, Payroll and nowhere your business stands from the start. So While you may not know everything when it comes to the business side of things with Quickbooks, you can you'll get everything done for your business. New business, no problem success. Starts with Intuit Quickbooks Quickbooks Payroll, Quickbooks payments,
quit Quickbooks online Account required. That's really sad. is all this time. This is the first we've heard from the daughter and how close she was with her mother who gun down needlessly by this site how to family. Now there was a doctor who was the girls doctor and had been Before and after the kidnapping, he hi. There was any evidence for sexual abuse, but here's the thing Laura said that when she and her sisters were picked up from school and they were informed of what happened Laura said she was not surprised and her quote was pretty it's like wow, not surprising. I know it would happen at some point And that tells you something that tells you that David matusa wits own daughter knew what he was up to knew, what he was, but the love and was not surprised when he finally killed his Ex wife
that's, says a lot. What says even more is the defense chose not to cross, examine Laura? I don't know about you, but that's pretty powerful. What can they a she's already denied all of the allegations. There is no for them to attack her. You try to get a child to admit that they were sexually molested by the mother, that they loved dearly really has nothing here and there family that accused her are the ones that took her life. So this this is TIM I know this is not pill battle and trying to make these connections between the cyberstalking in the murder and the conspiracy, but really it's, to me like that offences, the ones they are, the ones that are having to work from the ground up and so far in the trial they're, just not getting any headway, so, of course, that fence, continues to say the mature which is meant well, they were just
trying to save the daughters from abuse and David missed his daughters. They said, no one knew of Tom's plan to kill Christine and Bavan Point two, This grand mothers impossible choice article when the nor asks for an honourable attorney to take the custody case. Pro bono. They say it knowing that they need legal help, they're, not trying to harass, but I think that's how I put this lame. Because we have all this evidence. That said, they were harassing. Cyber talking physically stalking and yet I want to point to and article one line in an article to say: oh here's, your that they weren't stalking an article that they wrote come on. So how did it? and up, we know that the defense kept to their guy they wanted to say Christine. Belpher was ahead, purple person, horrible mother, don't take the it's family down because of her evil acts, but then, of course, the prosecution, had a lot of things like facts. They even had
charity footage. They had all these letters, all the proof of stocking how did an end up on July, tenth, two thousand and fifteen Justin. Well, luckily, the dead we found them guilty and February, 18th February thousand twenty, sixteen that David and Amy are sentenced to life in prison where they belong. Because David's already been sent to prison once did learn his lesson. Continued to go after Christine, with his Emily until she was dead, So as much as David and Amy did not physically pull that trigger. I find that there, extremely dangerous and need to be removed from society now the mother Lenore. She was pretty sick and She was actually hospitalized, so the judge, had a hearing by her hospital bed where
She tried to claim these children were a gift from God and and Christine didn't love them, but The judge just cut her off and said now This is what our hearing is about. Where sentencing you any admitted that either and the lightest sentence I could impose. To her age and current medical condition would for all purposes amount to a life sentence. So Lenore gets finally a life sentence because she's on her death bed, but she end up dying at age. Seventy one on May, sixth, two thousand and sixteen, while in real custody. This was a landmark case, no one had ever been convict for cyberstalking, resulting in death. Under this act which, the violence against women ACT, though people will say. Well, if that's the first time this has happened, you can bet the appeal
or hit. This is hard as they can because well they don't have it prior cases the point two and say this is how it goes. Yeah yeah mean this the precedent set, but it was not base on precedent. So appeals. They have some merit here, David and Amy are definitely going to appeal a license when the ones that murdered anyone you know dislike. Charles Manson says he didn't, kill anybody. There true so in part of this Justin is they keep saying we didn't know Tom was going to kill Christine and they're saying babe. They don't feel that there was any proof that they actively plotted with him on this on September, seventh, two thousand and eighteen, the third district court of Appeals a firm David and Amy convictions and sentences in their seventy seven page opinion, the panel affirm
the convictions and sentences and recognise the trial judge for handling the complicated case with exception, precision and care. In other words, this was old beautifully, and we have no objection. They feel that the government proved its case that the defendants stocking cause Christine Belford, I death. No if they really needed to have prior knowledge of Tom's actions, just like The getaway driver doesn't need to know that the guy robbing the liquor store was planning on shooting the person behind the counter. If a murder happens in the commission of a crime, your head, responsible that the way the law is so they were committing cyber stalking and a murder, happened in commission of that crime they're being held accountable to me, case is Ultimate example of people allowing hate
to take over their thoughts and their actions, I don't know how else to describe this. This is in escalation over time of hatred by one spouse toward another and he hoped his family into it? It back. A family affair to stop harass and ultimately murder this poor woman, who, by our own daughters accounts, was a loving whether even a great friend so their accusations. allegations. They don't hold any water they're, not backed up by evidence whatsoever. All of these people are where they should be I think we see this a lot online. You see but groups or read it groups that are really just dedicated to hating somebody and you have this echo chamber of information bias in this fam.
He was an echo chamber. They got them those to believe that this mother, was horrible and molesting. Her children because that was all part of their narrative and then they literally invoke God to justify their actions. When full time there, grassers they are the bad guys, they're the ones that plan to travel to Delaware Murder. This woman, I think we're at state now where people are finally understanding? The dangers stalkers of people Refuse to let some one go, but unfortunately, I think more people will suffer and die Because of stalking. I don't know that we can wipe it out, but I think we are in strides- and I think that the vial against women act is a good step in that direction,
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