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Circleville Letter Writer. Circleville, Ohio. Letters were first mailed out in 1976 accusing a bus driver of having an affair with the superintendent of schools. At first she simply ignored them. Then letters were mailed to her husband. The threats from the anonymous writer prompted the woman and her husband, as well as a few other people, to mail letters to the person they suspected of being responsible, but the letters and threats only stopped for a few weeks. In 1976, Ron Gillespie, gun in hand, rushed out of his house after receiving a phone call. His truck would be found just down the road crashed into a tree and he was dead behind the wheel. His gun had been fired once, but it could not be determined why. In 1983, his wife Mary, the bus driver, removed a sign that had a box with string attached on her route that seemed to be from the mysterious letter writer. Once home, she took it apart and discovered that it was a booby trap. A gun was set to go off if tampered with. An arrest was made soon after. Was it the letter writer?  See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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in LOS angeles we will be at idle our from three to seven p m, come out and meet us panic vessels happening screen. Land on armor tonight case is a doozy when through this on the schedule. I immediately who ran out to thinking sideways site to listen to their episode on it and Lo and behold they haven't cover this? I was there, surprised this seems like eggs Actually the kind of case that is made for thinking sideways so. not saying you need to run out and do it, but I would love to hear your guises take on this. What are we wearing tonight end tonight is the case of the Circleville letter. Writer was nineteen. Seventy six the year my birth in a car Town of Circleville ohio, weird letters began arriving too many of the area residents,
and these letters had very intimate, details of the recipients, life and often were of threatening or derogatory nature were of the recipients? Was a woman named Mary gillespie who was accused of having an affair with these schools superintendent? She was a bus driver and she claimed that cheap wasn't having one, but over the next twenty five years. These letters would continue and result in a suspicious death, an attack Did murder pie simple wrongful conviction and imprisonment and an enduring question of who is the real circleville letter writer, has just said. This is a duty of a case because it has a lot of interesting characters and there are a lot of questions surrounding this case in terms of what
are the motivations of this letter writer and who could be behind such a long running mission to harass and threaten people, including those at the centre of this case, which I would consider to be married. speed and her husband ron. If you simply go down all the rat holes of the letters who received them, what their messages were every this aspect, but I thank you you focus on the hard evidence, an idea? that played out There is as much of a mystery, but it's still crazy man, gillespie was school bus driver. She received her first letter in nineteen. Seventy six mary go spi was accused of having an affair with the superintendent of schools, gordon massey, but she was married and did
reveal these letters to her husband or anyone at first. It was easy just to hide the letters because she felt like there sent to her, and even though the letter writer was threatening her, she fell, Guess at the time that the only thing to do was to hide the letters. Maybe if she hides them the personal lose interest and will go away She receives two letters, so they're not going away and then her husband would receiving a letter and of course, in his letter, it said Your wife is having an affair with the superintendent. You have to make this stop otherwise violent threats against you which is kind of weird, to threaten the man whose kind of a victim in this situation. But the letter writer is always coherent, and they don't make a lot of sense. One again. we don't know what they're motivation is. Obviously there's something about this affair that has them riled up my fur.
thought is their upset because perhaps their jealous of marries affair make. Maybe they wished she was having an affair with them. On the other hand, it doesn't make a lot of sense because it seems their angry that she's having an affair period. So maybe they re you don't like affairs. I get somebody that is either affiliated or a family member or the spouse. Something like that. those are the people that are going to be lashing out, because if they know that their spouses having an affair if they know that or their pets. It is having an affair. They the biggest d. In the race. Now these original letters were hand written there are entirely in block letters- theirs way to tell who sent them back?
They ve been mailed from near by columbus, ohio. The letters can be threatening and sometimes very derogatory. One of the letters stated to her that I know where you live. I've been observing her house and know you have children. This is no joke. Please take it serious when I read some of the letters I just I just want to fix, the grammar and spelling mistakes. It's sort of funny now because her husband received a letter now that, that's kind about the bag, at least at her house and I can't even imagine what conversation was like after he read his letter. It doesn't seem like there is any information on this. Is there not really just that they had an argument. you were there. Guessing it. She was denying it showed the
crazy letters that she received as a sort of a way to pacify him like this is just some crazy. Don't worry about it! Whether ron completely believed her and now the allegations against her, it's a little unclear now, fourth letter they received told ron that if he didn't make her admit the truth of what was going on and in full. the school board, then the letter writer would broadcast the truth on CBS. I guess meaning cv, radios, posters, signs and billboards until the truth comes out. So this is Pre internet times this is you troll in real life and slander, without social media and what who trolls create right. They create gossip and they create a lot of fear. A lot of discomfort to
according to run a merry. There are only three people that new about the letters and though included ron sister, Karen, her husband, Paul fresh, our and Paul sister. They were talking about this and Mary say that she thought she knew. Who was sending the letters so five of them got together and rode up some letters and sent them to who Mary thought was writing the latter's okay. So be clear on this Mary ron. RON sister, Karen her husband and her husband sister, all together to try and put a stop to this by writing five letters and Paul wrote these letters and thence send them to the writer that Mary thought was writing that that was sending out these letters that may Thought was sending out these letters now. What came out of this was apparently no more letters were received for about a few weeks ago. in nepal fresh our he said,
we thought we'd scare, the guy we sent him four or five letters. Only there was no violence in anymore, anything just that we knew who he was and what doing, and we sent him the others, so he's inferring that it is a male that is doing this in august of nineteen. Seventy seven On august, nineteen, to be precise, ron gets a threatening, call house and upset him so much tat. He heads Now? What do we know about this call? justin, the collar, letting them know that there is going to be a meeting where the get this all settled we really dont, know because the events that happen shortly thereafter, but we can assume that the collar. That wrong recognised. Collars voice or something they said, because he running out.
We assume to confront this person whether they're going to meet somewhere or wrong. Just knows: hey so, and so- and I know where he lives, I'm going after him, so RON picks up a gun. Goes out and jumps in his car his truck and takes off not too far down the road he rex his truck and he killed himself this accident. This is not very far from his home, I'm also wondering at the collar let him know who they were now you're right. If, there's a good possibility, he just recognise the boys. So he has this tree any dies, when they investigate this accident or PA simple murder, they find that he had a blood alcohol level of point one: six doubled, legal limit? According to those that knew ron, they said he was not a drinker still drunk?
ma am wondering, though, everyone has their breaking point if he and his wife are receiving letters and other people receiving letters about a suppose. It affair that his wife is denying maybe is driven to drink, and he thinks he knows person is that's destroying his life maybe he needs the liquid courage to go after them. It's not clear on how soon, after the call, he leaves his house with the gun so may He drank some more. We just don't know his children say that he didn't appear drunk, but I could imagine, if someone's very determined looking they may. Be showing signs of drunkenness. Alot of people point out that he rex his truck there close to home and they assume that a well. He knew this area. How could he rack, but most accidents actually happen close to home, because it's where you feel the most comfortable and aware because you're like I well, I already know all the streets and all the turns here.
So you kind of go into autopilot. and if you're drunk then you're, probably double auto pilot now and you're, not paying attention but steer your idea that he was murdered like ran. Off the road or something to that effect is because it said that his gun has been fired once now, investigators say it has spent shell in it. Therefore, it's been fired we don't know if he was shooting. at somebody or if he had just destroy the firearm in anger or when possibly did he this gun off earlier in the day we're not that sure the information about its not that clear but the investigator just says it had- and fired once so we go with that. Further more a private, investigator, nay, martinique aunt seems indicate that it had
fired between the time that he left his house and crashed his truck. I dont know if gun powder. Residue detection was even a thing in nineteen. Seventy seven and I'm not gonna google it, but they I can smell a firearm, and you can tell that's been fired recently. So that's good enough evidence for me we have these letters arriving at the gillespie household, probably causing some friction, and now it's resulted in the death of wrong gillespie, so things are escalating here. Right yeah, this is gone from. A stupid troll to somebody dead and its beak of these letters and these phone calls Now immediately paul fresh, our who is married to run sister says that this is foul play here. Firmly believes that this was a murder of some kind and yeah the police after their investigation.
Believe this is an accident I dunno. we covered so many cases where people are drunk and wreck, vehicles. I guess that's. The perfect murder is run a drunk person off the road because I'm going to assume that they ran themselves off the road. I guess That's how you get away with murder, because I'm never going to just flat out, except that this was foul play. What's interesting about this, is letters start to go out that indicate sheriff. Dwight Radcliffe, the long time sheriff of pick away county sheriffs department covering up this supposed murder of wrong gillespie, ok, I'm sure amy, now I get that blonde, ozma deems that an accident. So if you don't agree with that and you would, of course say that it's a cover up, but when some with the blood alcohol content of point. One six runs there truck off the red
I'm not that suspicious. I'm sure you stand that if people here that a man, even though he's been drinking, has rammed his truck into a tree, but that he has a spent shell in his revolver, that there must have been a crying here right, we whilst what his gun be fired. This is true and the collar and the letter, writers, allegedly say we're watching you, so maybe they were waiting for him to leave this house to run him off the road, but how would they know that he would be drunk? How would they know that you'd be driving fast and aggressively? There's so many factors here? I can't. really by into its after runs, death that mary gillespie admit to having an affair with the superintendent, gordon massey, but they both insist that there are didn't start until after the letters had been sent out, so the letters brought them together for true love. Ok, I do
know anybody who believes this and so right off the bat Mary seems to be sure, be untruthful here. Doesn't she had so little disingenuous? If I'm owing to accept her at her word, going to assume that her and the superintendent had eyes for each other had some sort of interest for each other, but maybe pie possibly didn't pull the trigger until after the letters were written but still emotional cheating in whatever it's it's all the same there. They were doing something and I feel she's being disingenuous by think this is an important point, because we still don't know the motivation of the letter writer, but if the immorality of mary gillespie and gordon massey. Then it she lies about the affair even after admitting to it then I would just cause the letter writer to continue right because that's
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Took a sign down and there was a box and string attached to it. While she gathered it all up and she brought it onto the bus and continued on her route but then after she got home, she looked into it. Discovered that a pistol was placed in the box as some sort of booby trap. So that way she took the signed down. It was supposed to pull the string and fire a bullet at her. course he didn't work, I was a child. Five calibre pistol and there was foam stuff holding it in place to end. sparrow was placed up against the side, which The sign was about you know, just ahead height spoke. The shooter She doesn't calling the police and the police check out this gun and it appears that the serial number on it, which would identify possibly who the owner was, had been rubbed away risks. Away and then
they did some analysis and were able to get the actual serial number off the gun still and gone traced back to paul fresh, our who is right, gillespie his sisters, husband don well. That's pretty close to home right yeah. I guess when I look at this, though I think why would all care about this affair. Unless He light Mary, the sister but the gun, his traced back to Paul, Now he claims that was stolen and he hasn't no its whereabouts. In a long time This time Paul had recently separated from Karen braun sister and he said he had no idea what had happened to the gun because it had been
in the garage he hadn't had any use of it. So he didn't know what happened. He said it must have been stolen, lock your guns up people now later that month, on February twenty fifth of nineteen, eighty three paul was brought into the sheriff's office and he was asked for handwriting samples from what I understand you do handwriting samples you tell someone wrote to write, but in this case he wasn't just hope what right he was actually shown envelopes and letters from the letter writer and was told the copy those so right. Like that and not see how it comes out. This doesn't seem proper as adjusting no, I mean it's block, writing anyone and emulate block writing. For the most part, not getting anything out of this. Unless spell beverly wrong, like anyways, but just looking at block riding in print who knows, Everyone in any one could probably emulate it very well, but this was for long for but to say why
what you ve written, looks very much like the letter, writers, handwriting and they move forward with that This is preposterous to me. I mean there are literally saying right like this and then what He writes like that. It looks just like the letter, writers writing. Of course it does that's what they told them to do now, Paul doesn't seem to be faced by this because he's thinking will I didn't write these letters so This will actually exonerate me, but that's not what happens. There looking at him like you're the letter writer, they searches garage where his gun had been kept supposedly and they either up whatever evidence they can find out? They don't find anything that would tell them that he built this booby trap by it. I do know that that was his gun according to the sheriff, either if you didn't write, the letters that was he's gonna booby trap. So take him to trial
october. Twenty fourth nineteen, eighty three and I get this here- would be the prime suspect, the only physical evidence they have is a gun that ties back to him now the day. That she finds this weapon call as work they talked to his boss. and his boss says, the day off so now pause. Looking even more suspicious- and I understand why he is the prime suspect and even understand why an indictment would be passed. But Paul has a lot of friends and people he's talk to the day of this booby trap incident and got a pretty good alibi. He at least as people who place him at home, certainly not over where this booby trap was set. This trial, though, is for the attempted murder of mary gillespie, because even A booby trap wasn't very well set up very well constructed didn't seem like would actually work, it still intent whoever
at that up intended to or murder somebody hands. Poland the trial. The here is something that really starts this trial off badly, at least for me, is that they, to reduce thirty nine letter that were written between march twenty first nineteen, seventy seven, in december, twenty third nineteen. Eighty two thirty nine letters from the letter writer attributing them to Paul there. Just saying hey: this evidence that he had it out for mary, so how these letters- and this was all ok by judge Amor, to be admissible. Paul did not Take the stand, his own defence, because, according to his lawyer to pascal, if I chose to take the stand, his own defense, the judge was going to make over one thousand letters admissible in trial, so that so weird like. If you take the stand, then I'm here, let all this other evidence and but if you don't take the stand I mean this is all the
legal malay that happens and trial that I have Problems with the letter is alone that they ve already released, saying these are from Paul it really. Ex Paul look like a psychotic stalker, but again there is no real tie to Paul and the letters. The old we tie- and here is the gun that was found belong to him The letters are used to set up that this is paul, that it all his doing, but again, all you have our suppose it experts who are saying yeah. He probably wrote the letters, but is that really enough? One of the witnesses at trial, Charles spencer, stated that he helped Paul look for his missing gun. Prior to the day, it was discovered as part of a booby trap. I find this interesting, because apparently, someone else knew it was missing, Paul, it actually asked for now this
would be an alibi right he's trying to set up an alibi. Like oh, hey help me look for this gone it somehow missing, b. it may be added somewhere else and he was going to set this booby trap up and now got a witness. It says yeah totally lost again because I helped them look for it. A co worker of Paul's at an heizer bush where he was a supervisor, testify that he sold that particular gun. The twenty five caliber gun Paul fresh our. So they can say trace that I did see where and when this happens by This was injuries that trial, showing that he did purchase, a gun. I just don't know how long before the actual incident it was purchased in Paul doesn't deny that the gun Guenaud belonged to him. He fully admit that it was his his firearm, we dont.
So what would have happened had taken a stand. You always have that chance that, if someone's on the stand in their passionate that maybe they'll get through to them, it could be a powerful moment, but then you're also opening yourself up to the prosecution. Coming after you and cross examining you at the end of trial, which is just over the course of four days- and we were talking from october- twenty four the october twenty eighth of nineteen, eighty three: that's how long the trial last four days he is found guilty. the attempted murder of mary gillespie any sentenced the seven to twenty five years in prison. As I said, the sheriff was asked about this and he said hey even Paul d write those letters that was his gun that was used in that booby trap and you kind of understand that the gun, captain his garage who would have even known about it. You have sold them the gun. You have his wife that probably knew about it, but who else mohammed People knew about this gun being in that garage and how many people know about his gun and no
out close members of his family and what they're doing on their off hours, a private investigator looked into. Witness is amateur to track down more information about this gun and there was a woman Connie mangus, who statement too private investigator that she saw a man with Paul fresh hours gun the day before was used in the trap. Now I've of questions about this, because I dont know how Conny relates to Paul, but how does she know that that gun was Paul's so when I asked earlier how many people knew about this gun will apparently we got out. So that kind of opens this up to maybe people knew about it and anybody could have gone into the garage to get scan to be used in this trap A lieutenant brown had spoken with Conny Mangas and He said that she never mentioned seeing fresh hours gun at all so
This is, I guess, in disputes, but it brings up this question of. If, gun serial number was attempted to be secured so they and be traced. Was that on purpose so that fresh, our could get away with this, like maybe is behind it. All did summons scratch it or rub it away enough to where they knew it can be traced back to him so that he looks twice as guilty or they not wanting him to be tied to this, and really just trying to make this an anonymous attempted murder right if they knew they could get into the ground and get the gun well Now it is convenient but again in every aspect of this case has me, double angles. There are just so many questions were. Every one of these points so Paul? found guilty and he shipped off to prison.
All is well everyone's happy. This psycho who's been writing these crazy letters and attempted to kill Mary is now behind bars and the letters stop right he's in lima, ohio, but the letters continued and there they'll postmarked from columbus ohio, which, is about ninety miles away or more the sheriff who is visiting the prison in saying hey. We saw these letters coming, so you need to do something about paul, fresh, our because each in prison. He's getting these letters out and tired of it. This share If is serious business, because he has a long tenure as sheriff I mean he's possible right he's the man and he's going to the warden and saying put a stop to this? Now so the warden is curious to an he does his own investigations into this? To see of Paul could be saying the letters they intercept, everything coming to and from prison and they even put him in solitary confinement at times to hopefully
up the letters, but they keep calm. So solitary confinement, if you dont know, is usually used as a punishment and its. No joke. It can drive people to insanity are throwing him in solitary, where he is No, he has no access to the outside world, but the letters are still going now. He's actually writing these letters he's having to hide. In other letters and send them to somebody who is then driving to columbus to mail them out or he. telling somebody to write the letter so now he has to be in cahoots with another Person, but regardless I don't believe he is the letter writer at all at this point, because he would have to be telling somebody else to write the letters cause there's no way he can do this from prison the warden did his own investigating he did his and tat ass, he maundered Paul.
put him in solitary confinement, but in the end he does I think Paul had anything to do with these letters either, but that doesn't The share of the sheriff continues to believe that Paul fresh, our is the letter writer Paul is. four parole in december of nineteen. Ninety this seven years city? in prison and being thrown in solitary confinement and being blamed for these letters. His parole is denied because the parole board says you continued. Writing these hateful letters and You show no remorse for this crime, so they tell him you're not getting out of prison. Days after that hearing Paul himself received a letter from the letter writer that said, now, when are you going to believe you aren't going to get out of there? I told you two years ago, when we set him up, they stay set up. This is unbelievable to me and I
aid to say it, but it gives me a veer lack of respect for this parole board because they're not doing any investigation. All they're doing is going with you there told o this guy Still, writing letters even know it is absolutely physically impossible for him to do it and the warden says he's not doing it doesn't matter the parole board Come sit in prison for many more years. When you add the fact that these letters aren't helping his case at all, it's hurting him. It makes no sense for him to be the letter writer at this point now and when he's receiving letters, I guess that could be the new, no dialogue, a plan I reach the letter, so I'm not the letter writer but the wording, everything about it. If he was the letter writer he now mention martinet before the investment reporter he
was continuing to look into the attempted murder of mary gillespie and the letter writer case and he found some additional evidence that networking betrayal. Another. A driver who by where the booby trap was about twenty minutes before Mary did saw, distinctive yellow EL camino parked there with a tall man with sandy hair standing next to it, now when she was driving by when she was driving by turned away from the bus so that she wouldn't see his face persons description does not Paul fresh our at all, but it does fit someone else This person was Karen fresh hours, new boyfriend, so Paul, a strange wives, new boyfriend drives and EL camino has blonde hair thou. Would be called a sculptor evident
That was not brought up and try. Yeah could be exculpatory because it sure, as hell sounds lake some close to this case may have been involved because they were at that scene but it really wasn't investigated. So it's I guess, further evidence that maybe his trial wasn't so fair and Be this man should have been set and imprisoned in arch of nineteen I to grow city, which is about twenty six miles from circleville much closer to columbus, policed if James arm akin received an anonymous letter is very similar to these other circleville letters accept that these were printed in all small or lower case letters rather than capital letters and in it the writer identified the original letter writer. as Mary they said It was a teacher named Mary. Now remember, Mary gillespie was, stryver by
it almost sounds like their inferring, that it was her that she was writing the letters and recall back then The letter writer was accusing her and gordon massey of an affair, and then at some point her husband died in his truck after he had a tree. Maybe she got what she wanted. Maybe she wanted this affair to turn into a real relationship. and then her husband's out of the way right. Most what this sounds like anyway. They added that the same person who killed wrong gillespie in. nineteen. Seventy seven was also responsible for killing a pickup. County school teacher by the name vicky coke three years later. Now that hope. Murder had never been solved at some time later, chief mckeon got a second letter, and the writer went on about how Mary printed her letters and had set up numerous booby traps at the schools that had the ribbon discovered so Please, I guess, took this very seriously and did
investigating, but they knew found any evidence of another booby trap at any school in the area. This epoch is brought to you by progressive a leader and army insurance you're off to see the country and progressive is here to help with basic liability harvey protection for as little as one hundred and twenty five dollars per year, you and your crew can go from mount rushmore to the gulf of mexico, knowing your packing discounts and service for the trip come on. Let's go get a quote today at progressive dot com to see if you could save progressive casualty. Insurance company in affiliates rate excludes travel trailers and is not available in mississippi new jersey or oregon. So now we have two murders or alleged murders, but I dont know how coke gets, thrown into this. Besides this letter, that's saying hey, they're responsible for what and this is written in lower print now these letters or a kind of a big deal because of the whole trial against Paul, so are other people,
seeing the power of the pen or the pencil, and using it for their own motivations, woman, who was murdered, Vicki coke she was supposedly having an affair as well. We you go down that rabbit hole on everything suggests the impasse part here is that she was also having an affair, and then she ended up murdered and I would say this is a new letter writer personally, because it's written completely different. It still has that same message that there's this affair going on now, they're indicating that this person was murdered by the same person who killed wrong gillespie. So there's I suppose you tie in there paul will get paroled in may of ninety four, which is ten years after being incarcerated, He will maintain his innocence. Believes the actual letter writer is still at large, the tv, show unsolved mysteries. I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with it,
ran a section. Ran a section on this in november of ninety four and Mary and the sheriff didn't agree to be on the show by shortly thereafter opposed I was sent to the office and the people, the pr people at unsolved. Mysteries in it said, forget circle the ohio you come to ohio, you l, Seko's will pay. Now this is a month after the tv show aired. So if letter writer wanted to make an impact they would have more or less wanted to tell them not to come there in film the show and air this episode. Sick goes at. The wording in here is different than the other letters personally I believe that this letter that was sent to unsolved mysteries
the letter writer. I think it is just some other idiot you no more on troll that wants to write a letter and not get any fame for whatever this letter- and I read this letter. Postcard and to me the letters, look very much like this postcard again. It could easily be copied, I suppose, but its very, very similar, if not the same, one thing that stood out to me, though, was l, Seko's, if you remember there was an el camino scene at the scene, and I wonder if and maybe this is just reaching- but l echoes El Camino. I don't now for some reason. It really just popped out at me paul, is now out of prison. He maintains his innocence. He puts up a website and rights One hundred and twenty, then page? I will call it a manifesto because a sort of derogatory, but this
twenty some page just research paper. Now it's not that coke print, but it has a lot of the court documents and evidence and his own thoughts on things, Oddly enough in the beginning he seems some at sympathetic or agreeable to the letter writer, which that just makes you what maybe he was the guy because he's agreeing with it, but I don't know why you would agree with the letter writer that got him put in prison. I don't know it's one of those things where you can take it, a lot of different ways, but he what's out a lot of this information and really. It doesn't answer a lot of questions doesn't have a lot of answer. Is it just put swarthmore questions, but sadly Paul will pass away in twenty twelve,
oh, that's pretty much where the story dies, because some time in the nineteen nineties, whether its in the mid nineties or in the late nineties. The letter writer stops or- Letter writers stop either way you want to look at it, but why Did they stop If you think it was Paul, then hey he's. On his last leg, ease about pass away, and now the letters are gone, so they stop. If you think that its somebody else. Well, the affairs no longer on their spectrum and when you think, the original letters of hay This is a cover up by the sheriff and then look at the letter. That was two unsolved mysteries, forget circleville ohio praying
they say the sheriff had nothing to do with this. So now the letter writer is contradicting themselves or is it multiple letter writers and that's I guess our first question is: is it one person or is it multiple people and if its multiple people are they incur? Who or are they all doing this separately with their own agendas So you have, a myriad of suspects here, mary herself as a suspect- You could say that she said We think up so that her fair was out it, but then she got her husband out of the way right, and then you have these, bring tenants, wife and sun Gordon brown his family, who may have done this to try and get him to stop the affair that Definitely is a motive for them and then Paul fresh our who some say could have totally done this because it was his gun used in the booby trap. maybe he was upset with the affair and
after his incarceration. He had some one else who knew what to write and why continuing to send out letters and because he could get out word to them to stop doing it because it was actually hurting him. While he was in prison, they continued So that's another theory is that Paul, fresh ours was behind it and have you asked the sheriff the sheriff I fully believe that fresh our was the letter writer, but beyond all this, you have a suspects who, also a bus driver and his name was david, long, berry and supposedly He was very interested in Mary ann his motive would be jealousy he was. Hoping to get married to stop seeing the superintendent, because, obviously, if she's doing that, maybe she's not so into her husband. Maybe this is his way of getting in there with Mary right,
his own twisted imagination, sure, but at some point this bus driver david long Barry was living with an elderly couple and they had their granddaughter over, and this was on July, eleventh, nineteen. Ninety nine so remember the letters they stopped some time in the mid to late nineties, and while there he rate this girl in the living room. While everyone was home, meaning the elder cup the grandparents of this girl, the grandpa their confronted him after hearing from His granddaughter and David long very fled immediately. He didn't take anything with them. He literally went out the door and no one saw him again. So he, wanted but no one knows where he is, but it turns out- and this is after a number of years, that down EL paso texas, driver had dropped them off at a truck, stop and hang himself behind that truck stop. that news never reached back
where he was wanted for this crime, for this rape, so do its tion, is he was a fellow bus driver who allegedly had an interest and marry the letters stop at about the same time that this incident happens with him, but still a loose connection here so justly thinking about all of the possible motivations or the reasons why there might be multiple letter writers. Do we have any more information we give to people like what are our thoughts on this? But are we really think happened here? Let's just go through the suspect Gordon's family. They wanted him to stop having the affair, so possibly they could have written. The letters David long bury guy had an interest and mary, so he possibly written letters. But when I look at this case- and I have to cut off, the fat away, and just pull my head out of all the rabbit holes. We have
Twenty five caliber gun that was in power this garage- and we have El Camino, that was seen at the sight of the booby trap, and Karen Paul, Strange wife is the only connection here, too physical direct evidence of any of this, at least to be it did murder The question will be what would be her motivation to hurt Mary then again but if this was just all set up to frame her husband so that he would take the hit because My understanding is when they were going through their divorce that he was getting everything she was really losing out on this divorce and then after he went to prison. Well, she inherited everything because he was out of the picture. Now he was going. the kids he was gonna get the house. He was getting everything now another little aside to this is Mary
is getting these letters and its screwing up her relationship with her husband, her husband ends up dying, car wreck, but this booby trap the sign in the box. She ran up took the sign down and grabbed the box and walked back to her bus with it. and then later pride, the box open to find the gun, that's kind. Suspicious. I guess I think, I would you do that, but there are common out there on the inner webs that say mary was in on it. mary, wanted to leave her husband, Mary wanted to have this affair, so her karen were includes. Now we have multiple letter writers. Now we have multiple agendas but again the more you read into it, the more the spider webs out and it's crazy. Yeah really seems like you could really focus on Karen in there but only in a section,
history of the letter writer, because over time change. The motivations of a letter. Writer seems to change and one point. I was thinking wait a minute what this just became a vehicle that anybody could jump into and take for a ride. In other words, I this agenda to be advanced. So now I'm going to write letters, what trolls do on the internet every day? I it's just Old school snail mail- and I thought possibly paul minded in cahoots here, but why wouldn't he come forward and say: oh yeah, by the way that was my ex wife and I was I was, doing this. He lost in the divorce he got thrown in prison, I would think that that would be a motivation for him to turn round and point the thing
somebody else, but he never does and why wouldn't other people jumping and start writing letters when the letters are having an effect fight fire. With fire. They even said they all got together and wrote letters to who they thought was the letter writer to get them to stop so they're doing that in the end the letter writer got their way. They expose people they publicly shamed people the terrorist one in this case, This is allows cases where I question everything, even if you say oh Mary might have been behind the letters I dont know You could say that she wanted her husband dead. Maybe she was just hoping he would get so mad. He would leave her right after all, he was one who was drunk and then took off in his truck They put himself in danger. Now I know you push people's buttons, but I mean who was to say that he would necessarily been drinking at that time unless, if she, behind it. She couldn't let someone out hey. This is the perfect time to piss him off.
in very much unintended, but it soon that she wanted him out of the picture, but in the end it does feel like they were probably multiple letter writers and different times, because vertigo on this long, what kind of an obsession is that we know there are people that get obsessed, but to this point and then their ammo changes at some points. It just seems so weird. It's very much like I said before it feels like this became a You call em, People started to use that vehicle to their own ends and when look at the letters, the agendas change some of the handwriting changes and couple of a more postmarked from circleville and not from Columbus. So I We think that at least a few of these letters were not from one origin, so by all means, go out and read up on his case, read the letters and see what you think and if you have any on this join. Our discussion group on facebook and tell us all about it.
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