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January 5th, 1981. Owyhee County, Idaho. To some, Claude Dallas is an outlaw hero who was wrongfully imprisoned for defending his freedoms. To others, he’s a murderer who fatally shot two game wardens after they caught him breaking Idaho trapping laws. Claude had no regard for law and order, and hated law enforcement so much he was willing to kill to avoid arrest. Claude’s early life and years of illegal trapping without being caught contributed to his feelings of invincibility, until his final arrest in 1987.

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So Aaron tonight's cases, sort of one of those folk tale Sort of stories where the man is fighting against the government and achieves this legendary status, but sometimes the legend, the folklore lore exactly match up with reality so with What are we talking about tonight tonight talking about the murder of two Wardens by a man who refer is to give up his old ways. So this is in December. Nineteen, eighty one a man named Eddie Carlin was trapping on his land and tat when you're in this area, which is the bull basin in a why he County, Idaho. Its
big wilderness, sits, there's not enough people around. So when you do come across somebody out wilderness, it's a it's a little jarring and it's a little scary, especially when they're armed with guns and you're out there just trying to on your own land, So, when Eddie out there. He comes across people that have left. Apps, there he comes across poachers and normally there's no problem but on this day, he across a man that kind of gave him a nun. the feeling come across a man named Claude and this man had- the three fifty seven magnum on him was what, will consider a trash trapper, meaning he didn't use modern day methods and the
traps that he would use could also kill other animals unintended for trapping just overall it a crappy method of poaching which again coaching is when you're on, fully or trapping on someone else's land, or unless fully trapping or hunting without a license, so Eddie is taught to Claude and Claude Kind of a few lines like I believe in laws set by man and I've been trapping and hunting this land for my entire life and for generations course at sitting here going well your land? Is your land and my land is mine and your kind of on my land, but because of this unsettling inert, can he has with Claude. He just says: hey ominous just trap over here, and we can just not step on each other's toes, so yeah
trap over there I'll trap over here. It's all good, but he wasn't gonna- let it go because he knew that the sky was poaching and this guy again just left him very unsettled. When gets home. He calls up the game. Wardens and he tells him about- illegal trappers on his land and wow. He saw illegal, Bobcat hides and other things that were all out of season course the game warden that he calls his thinking. Oh great now I'm going to be wandering around in the woods by myself. Trying to find these. These butchers so as game warden is going to bring somebody along he's, going to use the buddy system and I can go out there alone. So it's half sir Bill Poke, who respond
and you know it wasn't easy for him either because, like you said he wanted to use the buddy system, but the first couple of people that he called up They didn't want to go really know why they said no, but it might just have something to do with having dig bites around the woods. Looking for poachers, I mean it could be dangerous. So then he called up a guy named Emily Elms who said he would accompany him out there, but again there there trying to enforce the law here. Doesn't matter if you're a game, Gordon or a regular troll patrol officer fear out in the middle of nowhere and you're, having two gauge with armed citizens can go badly really quick. These two the they actually end up. Spending the night at Eddie house and eating breakfast with them in the morning, because I, It's a small town. There really isn't a town there there's nothing. It's just people that
live on the land, Eddie his friends with the game warden. So there are community these two game, warden stayed really didn't, have much information when they went out there so while they were staying at Eddie's place and Joanne told them about Claude Dallas. you had Eddie felling, been saying you know. I really think you should be careful, this guy threatened to me and he's armed now on January. Fifth, Claude is out there at his camp and friend of his name, Jim Stevens, is bringing him mail and extra supplies for the winter is about. dig in and stay out for the season now before you walk up to his camp the fire off a couple shots from your gun and that alerts him that you our friend and not foe, so Jim Stevens there
MID morning until the afternoon and that's when the. Hortense arrive, but that it is something right there. If you don't know about this war system so that laws aware that you're there and can be ready for your arrival, It means, if you catch him on, announced there. He will shoot. You know that, the whole reason for it. So it's kind of a dangerous guy. So is two game wardens. They find Claude's camp and they see that he has bobcat- skins, they see that he has unregulated traps, but that's sort of a a warning really too mild sense, but they do want to ask Claude about his license and whether or not he He had gotten a licence to dear Hunter. Do any kind of hunting out here now,
it's obvious that he had some bobcat pelts, but Claude said, that they were from somewhere else and gave them kind of a weird excuse and then told him that all he had was deer meat, the claim that officer Pogue had actually tried to enter into clots camp Claude, got very upset and told him that he needed a warrant, because this is his home nuts kind of sparked this altercation. And you have a house which at police officer needs a warrant for, but if you're out camping in the woods. That is not considered your home, and if officer has probable cause, which in this case, it's the game. Wardens are seeing pelts and traps which they interpret as well. You could be hunting out of season while that guy improbable cause to go through clouds. Camp and Claude he's. Not okay with this
What happens next is up debate with some folks, but Claude Dallas claims, that the officers threatened him and she had to defend himself. Will pull out his three fifty seven and shoot the two officers after the officers are incapacitated on the ground. Claude will pull out a twenty two caliber rifle. The police, behind each of their ears and give them a kill shop. So you There is some dispute about what is here and why but what we do know is that Claude had three weapons on him. He had a twenty two's trap pistol. He had a twenty two rifle three. Fifty seven handgun there is eight about how this exactly went down and why, but we do oh, that Conley, never drew weapon
really comes down to whether you believe that officer Polk would have drawn his weapon to threaten Claude down us or not, there are clear friend Jim Stevens was far away, but he who's. He did not witness the first two shots is facing the river at the time any spun around, and he only saw the end of the altercation, but not how it started. But it's when he asks his friend Claude. Why, did you do this. But the answer is pretty interesting his answer was I swore I'd never be arrested again. They were going to handcuff me. And he also said this is murder one for me. So I would say, even though this is debatable in some circles it. By his own friend and his statements It certainly sounds like Claude knew that he did wrong, These are game wardens which essentially their police officers. They have
the right to arrest you and detain you, Claude that this isn't going to go well for him and he is now thinking of ways to dispose of the bodies and Jim who is just witnessed him two police officers he's not about to tell Clark No, when Claude says help me move this body, they take off Elms body down to the river and tall. Sudan. Claude had suggested cutting The bodies up, but would be a little messy and leave a lot of evidence. So instead they just I did to drag it down to the river. For some reason. They decide I to take elms body to the river, but then take off POE's body,. to Jim's truck guess they how to mix where they put these bodies to throw if the trail club
It also took out a can of kerosene and poured it on of the blood spots on the ground and set them. Fire to destroy evidence, This is something that I guess, isn't shocking. He always you're about friends willing to do things for us friends doesn't matter what it is. They have their back and Stevens is here helping to cover up these murders and now they're taking officer pokes body too, A man named George Nielsen another one of friends who owns a local bar in Paradise, hill and there talking to him about hey. Can you help us get rid of this body Jim and Claude, are telling him. This is self defense, but we still need help, so they get to George and Liz Nielsen's house at eleven at night till they give story now they they have some hope. With him because George?
one of those guys that always runs his mouth about how much he hates law enforcement? How much he hates cops and game wardens? All of that, so it doesn't take convincing, so Stevens is with claws. At at George's house, but he's been just thinking about getting the hell out of here this whole time. He really didn't want to help disposal. Bodies Claude, is terrifying and now that George has offered to help Claude gems go to leave and it doesn't suspicious, so George helps Claude, quite a bit here, He lets some use this truck. He gives him money as well as some supplies so that when he goes on the run he and beyond the run for awhile, and it's about five hundred and thirty in the morning when George draw Claude off about fifteen miles away, but just him
here we go on what did he do with officer pokes body while he took it to a coyote's den and buried. in a shallow grave, so just a few hours after gym away from the situation here, to see Nielsen at the local hospital and they were on the same page. They were both thinking. We they go to the police and they met. With they county prosecutor to explain what happened now this interesting, Justin Claude, had these friends he had Jim. He had George, they help them, but now Jim words and Liz are now talk to the police and telling them everything they now they in part of this and Jim Everyone involved here. This is the difference between Somebody who helps you.
Dispose of a body, because their friend and somebody who's doing it because they're frightened of you, Jim, didn't wait days or weeks. Jim immediately wanted contact the authorities, but he wanted georgian list to be on board with this, because he didn't want them to get in trouble either, and I think this does go a long way towards proving their they only helped Claude because they were afraid of him. They say help this guy, we helped him dispose of the bodies we helped him escape, but Jim's explanation is that Claude had snapped, and I dunno about you Justin, but did he really snap mean That's one way to put it because Here's a little background on Claude Claude. Lafayette Dallas Jr was born March, eleventh nineteen fifty he was born. Winchester Virginia, how very appropriate
He spent his adolescence and teenage years in Ohio in a very rural area, his father pod senior worked as a dairy farmer. and Claude was the second son in the family of nine Father would teach him trap. in hunting at a very young age and Claude's father. He couldn't to be bothered with law, or hunting since he Claude Junior, how to shoot, geese and sell them, and a lot of illegal access, is and poaching his own fan We had taught him this. this is how we do it. This is what we do and we don't care the laws in all they come and go, but we have traditions His father bought him a new rifle as a present on sixteenth birthday, but this one for not smoking cigarettes? Who was sort of a thank you for being a good kid and knots poking you get a rifle Claude
eventually graduate from high school nineteen, five seven when he twenty Eighteen, he was registered for the draft. the Vietnam WAR but TAT. He want to go fight for his country. He went out west in nineteen sixty eight, while he wasn't the only one who didn't want to fight for his country and this a very controversial thing and in fact, you'll hear about it. Even today hear people complain about draft dodgers, he in depth a reputation for being very hard worker being an outdoorsy fellow and having a hatred of the government and nineteen. Seventy three, the F b I caught up with loud and arrested him for failure to report to you dodging? they had hard time charging him in prosecuting him because they could not prove that. He had received his draft notices. Guess it wasn't registered mail, so there
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about the time that he became a trapper full time, and if you beat up on this you'll, find out that he raided in the ITA Ho or again, and Nevada regions butts I did have a license. He wasn't using traps that were legal. like you said his traps, they were dangerous, so I trash crap this whole story just and reminds me of theirs old western show that some people I have heard of it's the rifle and they had an episode about a mountain man who didn't want to abide by law. He had his own way of life, damn he causes a a bunch of trouble, but there there's some the thing about this- that I think there are, definitely pockets sand a car in the United States of America, where people viewer this and say, never give up your way of life. Don't bow
and the government he's just a man living out in the wilderness that just wants to be left alone. I can shit that I really can, and I think that getting arrested and having to be put behind bars for what mostly is victimless crimes is completely unfounded and I have my own opinions about that, but it seems At most of the time when we put somebody a pedestal such as Claude, being a a mountain man who doesn't want to abide by. The rules and laws set forth by our government. We usually don't apply that same logic when it comes to somebody, that's selling, loose cigarettes out in front of a convenience, store or
somebody who's just driving down the street and has a legal license to carry a gun. You don't apply the same logic to other people who probably just want to be left alone by the police and the government, but Claude he's a different breed. He's a different breed, but also you know if, depending on where you get your information from there's an author named Jack Oleson, who I'm sure some people are aware of, and he wrote a book titled give a boy a gun in that book he details, I was based on interviews how Claude We treat animals and it's not pretty we're talking about. Abuse here hitting com. how's dogs, you know with to buy you name it so it's not a guy who would gain much sympathy from most of the public, because We don't believe this is right, so when talk about a guy, that's abusing animals and is most time that is out there, hunting poaching, then
who's really going to be a fan of this guy, except for those die hard. in small pockets of the United States, who are like livery I've don't worry about what the government says most of Us want some rules. We want some regulations he will the Bay RAP Sheet author the seventies, illegal. debating traps using trap, that kill other animals unnecessarily. He will find he will get tickets He will not get an. Tags are deer tags on his hunting. Again he will be fine ticketed over and over and over again. In fact, he probably if he ever legally hunted or trapped. It was probably by accident and not intentional. That's it petition to that's the reputation that you read about the other thing he would do is he would travel to Canada by River his brother and Jim Nielsen would go through the border crossing, so
He would sneak in hunt there and sneak back out actually floating around customs. Don't we have so that when other people do it anyways. So at this point, plot is on the run and this is going to be an interesting case for law enforcement, track, this man down, he doesn't spin at a time around other people, and he is a self proclaimed mountain man so not easily trackable. They can't go check his credit card records or his phone records or anything like that. He doesn't have the normal means of tracking somebody. Now, after the prosecutor learned about Claude Dallas and his crimes, he contacted of TIM, Nelson and he contact. Did the FBI also It's on January, seventh, when a news helicopter spotted officer body in the river now
Fbi in, and law enforcement there? They have witnesses here. They have a lot of dance, but they know that this is going to be a he'll battle cause there's just happened out in the woods and it's gone his word against their so they need to close all the evidence they can and make a solid against cloth and just in we here, it now and again someone will say: look. This is a remote area. How much investigation do you really expect to happen? Well, they called in the F b I and all these law enforcement officers cooperated and nicholas. They went through the camp collecting all this evidence and they found quite a bit even though a lot is burned up. They found blood that able to match, what about officer, elms and officer Pogue they are, I found some casings there were camping,
applied. There were, of course, to Bob CAT skins and we're going down to the low taverns and towns to ask the residents if they've seen Claude passing through, and I don't know why they be surprised by this, but a lot of the town doesn't want to talk to them blow out of the town seats as a hero. A lot of the town thinks that the FBI's overreaching right now, man don't belong there. Do they Justin nope. not from around here. So what are the first place? as they really search Paradise Hill and George Nielsen's barn trailer behind it, which is where Claude kept many of his things they found inside of that trailer about twenty guns and some manuals about combat training they put up tires and wanted. Posters with it one thousand dollar reward all over the county and in great shop Justin
there's this idea that people I want to go against Claude. They might prefer. inside you know, side with him, rather than the FBI and the sheriff's office. So I don't know about you, but they may not need all these people. I mean they have Jim Stevens, they have George and Liz Nielsen and they so find a bit of information which may help them, which is Claude may. not be as much of a mountain man as he makes himself out to be because any chance he gets he likes stay at people's homes and have them feed him. If he was a real mountain man, he would be out in the wilderness. Right I mean he able to elude law enforcement for fifteen months. But if, he truly was living off the land he could have. I did them for years every time you include a friend or every time you go back into society. That's when they can track you. It might
I'll be able to track your footsteps through the wilderness, but they sure Jackie one. You back in society, There's someone that comes forward and let's law enforcement know when Claude Dallas is expected to return home, da- tells them in a cloth. Going to be staying over at this friends, trailer just outside Paradise Hill. thing is. He also warns law enforcement that trail he'll be in. There are a lot of weapons in there As we already know, he's killed two game. Wardens so we consider him armed and dangerous so f surrounds the trailer on April, eighteenth nineteenth, he too, and they let him know it's time you come out, we have you surrounded, do they get him? There Claddagh he's not ready to give up, so he jumps out the window of the trailer. Somehow It's to his truck gets his
started and speeds off. the arrest team? They didn't air upon him. They just were in the right place at the right time. I guess, but to me I'm thinking you could have ended right then, and there, Claude. On the other hand, is she being at the agents. While he drives off so yeah This is a finally will end up returning fire, but it seems that they don't shoot until they're fired upon and eventually he will pull, truck over and he falls out from the door. starts to do an army crawl through the grass, because he it's been shot and he is injured the esteem, see him because he's in this tall grass but bad are held after aunt em too, because this is the full force of the FBI and the government coming after Claude, so helicopters spot him, and there are
agents all around him and the helicopter again, this is back in the eighties 80s Where is an able to have radio contact with the it's on the ground, and he was a kind of worried that Clyde might get the upper hand but eventually the agents hone in on where he's at and walk towards him agent, George Kelly. will end making the arrest and telling Claude thanks for killing me, how do you take the hedge and because it almost sounds like he's saying, yeah right, you were going to possibly kill me or something I mean there. I am completely surrounded and he was shot so Think agent George Kelly meant it as in he could have taken down the first, It came upon him, but they would have gotten him eventually, yeah yeah possible, I'm just glad they got him so trial get set up fairly quickly? I mean we're talking about from April.
until September, so by September, fifth one thousand nine hundred and eighty two Claude Dallas. The trial and this is a, deal in Idaho. They it got national news coverage and then, of course, the towns around there Owyhee County. You had PETE debating this and saying oh, you know this was a misunderstanding. He was just defending himself and other people saying no he's a murderer, but then there is a of women who were attaining the trial and they label themselves. The Dallas cheerleaders, no relation to the football team, but Claude Dallas cheerleaders. so, I wonder just in what did Claude plea, he's going to plead not guilty to. Two counts of first degree. Murder he's going to claim that it was if the fence is going to. claim a lot of things, yeah he's going,
put this on officer. Po can say it was officer, Pogues fault, that he got aggressive and he had no choice but to defend himself but species has a good point, just Justin, no matter what but Claude Dallas claims how the heck does. Justify shooting officers in the head when they were already incapacitated, were already dead. If they were no longer a threat and then he gives them each a kill shot. I can't justify that that may be but there is one I guess, Significado thing that happened during this trial, which is the jury, was not allowed to know about previous illegal trapping they couldn't hear it is history, that's because in a lot of cases that in police shootings. All we hear about is the even the victims rap sheet and why it justified, but when it comes to Dallas. We can't
about all of his previous arrests and engagements with the law. So you then saying please Dallas is a good man. They also but he didn't have a criminal record. Why? Because the the key issue couldn't bring up any previous offence, I mean this is almost like they're handing the case over to the defense and saying it's your ball run with it, and one other aspect of this case is most of us on the outside or looking at this. We think this is open and shut. There's no problem here, so prosecutor, that was assigned this case. He was knew he was ass. An this is kind of a give me case. This is sort of an easy case that they give the the new prosecutor. They say: hey, you know you need your fur murder trial. So this Executor is never prosecuted, a murder trial before knots. He couldn't do it, but that
one more element to consider so Claude. his version of events, According to him, it was officer Bill Pogue who was threatening him, and allegedly said you can go easy or you can go hard and that ban pokes like if you want me to kill you, I will but Claude, he didn't. want the officers go to his tent because he had illegal kills inside of his ten. He had bobcat and deer inside of his tent that he didn't want them to see. So he said he wanted to see a search warrant not how that works. But what does the jury know right now, but it's dead testimony when Claude says, where officer pokes body could be found, it was in that Coyote DEN, but he said He couldn't remember where he had buried the murder weapon I found that weird, because he knew where Officer Pogues body was, but not the murder weapon. So while should have been it open
that case. It really wasn't the We hear him admit to where this other officers body is, and they think oh well he's trying to help he forming us where he put a body, so he can give closure to the family of the slain, officer, I don't know it's weird. I can't make any sense of it Justin. I think it's because in the time we're living in and where we live. This is just alien to us. If someone killed two officers and it was because they did. Want those officers to go into their tent. That's not good enough, I don't understand how this isn't: first degree: murder, but part of the jury. Well, they feel, like he's being helpful and they can victim of manslaughter, not first great murder, one of the jury, had said they thought Claude, acted in self defense. So here the total conviction are Justin. He was convicted, two counts of manslaughter and one count of conspiracy,
evidence and using a firearm now this does mean that he's going to serve time. I'm each camp had a ten year sentence so nicely. He he sends the thirty years and present so the downside is he wasn't convicted a screamer for killing these officers, who were doing their jobs, but website is. He did get thirty years. The judge her. wasn't as sympathetic as the jury. That's right Edward J Lodge had said that The murders were unjustified and morally reprehensible, and he also went on to criticize the jury now some said that this would have gone better had they have been allowed to run to trials. But you know costs involved with that right. There again. This is rural America, they don't have. They don't have an unlimited budget here so they're trying to make this there. To bring justice to Claude Dallas fast.
and in this quickly to bring closure for the fair, ways of the slain officers. Now one of the issues with having just one trial. For these two murders What I would call them murders is that the press Kishin really didn't get to hammer home Conley Elms officer elms, was shot and I hadn't even drawn his weapon and this something they say. If they had had two separate trials, they could have really gone into that inherited home now. Justin is that We are how you see it. I mean you've been on a jury before there's something to be said for trying to remember all the details of the case. Or can you say, while the prosecutor should have been better with his closing arguments either This was a milder form of jury nullification and I doubt it would have mattered if they would. been able to hammer that home now. The only thing that I could have said might have gone
currently if they had two trials for each of the murders they might have gotten a different selection of jury members who might then more sympathetic, but a play up there where this went down day. he didn't like the government and law enforcement so pay. They felt like clay, was being railroaded by the government so by I have mattered. I know what you're saying you if you have to juries, maybe increase your chances of having a jury, convict improperly, properly, then it's doubtful, maybe because of the area we're talking about they would have had. Get a change of venue and a whole other jury pool? And then I think they could have done something with. But again they thought the open and shut. It didn't that this is going to be an uphill fight and Everyone was pretty surprised when he only got manslaughter charges now. Some disturbing happened after the trial, the judge
in the case, some killed his dog and threw body onto his front lawn. I know, but you, but it seems like Claude defenders who were unhappy with the judges comments. I didn't leave a note, but this, coincided with this case, which was a very high profile case. So we can infer what we want, what we will. So got thirty years and was general for parole at some point, but It doesn't even matter because thirty nine months after being put I am bars, claw disappeared from my Boise prison and this is quite a story in of itself, because how did he get out? said that maybe one of those Dallas cheerleaders had been in communication with him and brought him some bolt cutters somehow which I'm like you, ve
went to a prison Aaron and visited somebody. Don't they search you for things? Like I don't know, bolt cutters well, here's the thing. I think it's anything else just send. It depends on what. prison you're going into- and I bet there are prisons that are just not as well run as others so close, It appears he's on the run for about eleven months before they catch back up to him, but there's a whole investigation about this that will have to get into because there are so many questions about how he would have had bolt cutters. The it was open very neatly, as if someone had been able to take their time- and I guess who know say now if you're, and to get out. You just start cutting away and you get out just seem right. Officers who saw this now that the first that had been cut open. They they said it didn't, look right, it didn't look.
like someone who had escaped prison so what they ended up with were too perfect triangles that were cut into the That's they also didn't find any footprints, even though there was a rainstorm before they did his glasses They were in a parking lot, three hundred and fifty feet away from the field where the fences were had some evidence that this is the way he ran off so corrections director, Al Murphy. Talk to do the former warden of California San Quentin prison about him? to getting this and some are dead, but his report it when Miss and it eventually resurfaced in two thousand and eight and it matches up with the theories that were running around amongst law, enforcement. That said, they think that Claude Dallas simply walked out with visitors and this report makes it seem like yeah. That was definitely a possibility, in fact, I would say:
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does in you, know, It was three hours before even found where he got out through the fence So there is some dispute there, but definitely there. Some suggestion here that may be prison officials, kind of covered up the walk got by making it look like Claude Dallas had used bolt cutters to escape, but it's def play fishy that he was able to get. I hear in any capacity without help from guards or outside folks it nothing proven here. We can't say that he definitely just walked with visitors, but it's def. The possible and you can stand why the prison official I would say: oh now he did this. We didn't know anything he didn't just walk out of here, because it makes them look bad, but the other thing is if you believe that he made it out, maybe with the but a help. Then this This adds to his hero status and his com
men's now, Claude, who, is now a escaped felon. He cuts his hair. And he heads down south to Mexico. To get plastic surgery he wants to get a nose job, so he'll look different in order. You get across the border. He will I d from a man kind of looks I can start a fake idea to somebody else's, and this allows him to get a nose job in a plastic surgery on his chin down. In my yeah. This cost three. Thousand dollars, he had turn the money by working out jobs and a he didn't look very different. It was just different enough: the police are getting tips. He is put on the FBI's top ten most Wanted list, so we're getting weeds and
They follow upon one that he's hiding and Eureka Nevada, Swat team. ended up writing a house, but there was no Claude. Now wasn't clear to me air this! actually was there or if this was a fall, It's lead by a tour. They feel Like they're hot on his trail and he's always one step ahead of them, but again is this more of the hotel- or is this just the cops had the wrong House Claude Ends, set meeting with a friend eventually and his friend well he's an informant. This informant knows that Claude is living under the alias EL shrank and oh here, has shut. his hair and is wearing con Jackson has the mustache, so their plan is get clawed to a motel, that's being watched by the FBI they get in there and Claude goes across the street to a convenience store to get some groceries and Da Ty
with the clerks and staff about Vietnam, and he talks being in the army. For twenty years, which of course is not true, Miss draft dodger, but they see opportunity right to take him down. So it's March, eight nineteen thousand eighty seven, when federal gents seek Dallas at Martinez House this before noon. and Danny's. Like a his first time. I've seen him in years follow Claude to the motel. into the store that that can be store and the What team has this store, surrounded and this time it is wait for Claude to step out and that's when they grab him now Water immediately says you know you're doing there like you Dallas NEWS is: I'm AL shrank. Now the police they have there. This guy looks different right now. they do. Is they hold on to him and they run his fingerprints he's not getting away. Now they can
from the TIM and they're going to take him back to court and charge him with escaping the prison, and the fugitive, a whole litany of charges here, well Claude's attorneys say he's not to get a fair trial on why he because of all the media exposure, but really it doesn't really matter just him, because what they end up doing is they had taken a year off because he had had good behavior in prison. and what they did was they just added it back on for punishment, the court room He had escaped as an act of self preservation because Claudia Prison guards had been threatening him harassing him, planning his death. The sky has good luck. so he's gotten double murder knocked down to manslaughter he's. Escape prison and the only punish
but he's gotten is the one year off for the behavior has been deducted: okay yeah. This is why, people think he's this legendary person. Why does his prison sentence, and on April twenty two thousand and one he had a parole hearing. This is the hard about keeping someone locked up is whenever they come before a parole board the families of those the person murdered, have to go Make statements because they need to say don't let him out right after we live what they went through and they have to see this person that killed their loved one. They go before the Parole Board. The families of Alice and Pogue and they say, disguises echo path, he's a murderer, don't let em out the problem says: okay, yeah, Bert, not letting him out but February two thousand and five Claude Dallas
is finally released from prison. He served twenty two years of his thirty year sentence. He was fit he for years old and yeah, his sentence was actually reduced because he, good behavior in prison. This is actually not a thing anymore in Idaho, but it was at the time because of the controversy, because of that cheerleaders in Ghana, other things like that the state had been very secretive about the time in location of his release. Now what do we know just? And we know that Claude Dallas doesn't do interviews- that's probably better that he doesn't is better, but I'm sure there are people, especially in the news media that would love to talk to him and have Explain himself tell stories about his life, but he teaches get involved. I think his distaste for government is almost mash, probably by his distaste for the media. He probably just doesn't have the time for them now
according to his attorney Bell Mock It's probably not going to go, way back out and go poaching and go hunting again because Apparently his health had declined while he was in prison and as the other work he would do is basically cowboy work. He was probably not fit enough to do that either so he or she doesn't actually ride off into the sunset in a blaze of glory more of an event petering out, but something interesting, happened in December two thousand and eight there was a local, Idaho man. who was using his metal detector and got a hit he found. the hand gun that was used to shoot the officers Alison Poke. What he's already stood trial and been tried and convicted. There's no real dub well jeopardy here. So it's a little too late, but it's interesting that he did find the gun now
We had talked about how Claude has his fans out there, people that, just even though they don't know him just tip their hat to them, they appreciate him. They. I have a lot of admiration for him, then, people who are on the other side and say he's a murderer, is a double murderer. So, his case is kind of alma like a folk hero case and there's a movie a song and some books about him and The one pro Claude book is outlaw the true story of Claude Dallas, and then there's one described as an Anti Claude book. But it's good boy a gun by Jack Olsen. His of accomplished writer, so I can't imagine it's an anti Claude. It's probably just a book about Claude Dallas, the facts. The way he lived wealth, it's all getting put down in the book, so I can only imagine the disappoint, or even the rage,
those in law enforcement had it after this trial after Claude Dallas just simply got manslaughter right mean You really should have been an open and shut case, and I guess it's. It really says more about the area than anything else that there juries. That would sympathize with Claude over the game wardens who were there to do their job hunt, and I think this was not as serious as Claude made it out to be. I think he probably would have just been given a citation or a ticket, but his power behavior, his attitude and action of government. He didn't snap. This was his reaction. This was his response, never miss an episode of generation. Why subscribe to us on Apple podcast, Spotify Cast Box or wherever you're listening right now? Also
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