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Clifford Olson. British Columbia, Canada. 1980-1981. A career criminal, Clifford Olson escalated his crimes from scams and thefts to rape and murder. From November 1980 through July 1981, he abducted, raped, & murdered kids ranging in age from 9 to 18. He would be arrested in August of 1981. In a controversial move, he was offered a 'cash for bodies' deal that would pay 100k dollars into a trust fund for his wife if he gave up information on 11 murders. The families of the victims were disgusted. Olson wasn't merely content with committing his crimes. He also taunted his victims' families. We discuss how Clifford's life began, how he operated, as well as whether or not the deal the Attorney General authorized was a reasonable one. Olson was a serial killer who preceded Robert Pickton and Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo. The Beast of British Columbia may have murdered many more before finally losing his freedom forever. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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calm, slash gaeta BP were text judah, BP, two five hundred five hundred; that's audible, dot com, slush judah, BP or text gdp to five hundred five hundred to try audible, free for thirty days or more time, audible, dot, com, slash gdp. So what are we talking about tonight so they were talking about the beast of british columbia, also known as clifford olsen clifford olsen was a career criminal responsible for her possession of firearms, committing fraud, theft, armed robbery, forgery, rape and murder, his killing spree at least the killing spree they we know of lasted from november, nineteen. Eighty three july, I have nineteen eighty one claiming Levin young victims. His victims, ranged in age from nine years old to eighteen years old
the ones that we know of range from there, but we suspect there could be more. That could be even younger, we'll start by talking about of the victims. Here in november, nineteen, eighty in surrey, british columbia a twelve year old name, christine weller, who lived with her parents in the banana The motel was hanging out with friends at the surrey play small sum: She realizes at five o clock and she to get home so She borrows a bike from a friend to get home quickly. It's about three minutes by bike to get to where she lives from where she sat. She doesn't make it home her parents, don't really suspect any trouble because they assume she's just staying with a friend days go by and her parents then believe that she's just run away police will discover her bicycle behind an animal hospital and, at this point
they suspect foul play on December twenty fifth christmas day a man walking his dog discovers her body at the back of a dump. She had been strangled with a belt and stabbed multiple times the next year April, sixteenth nineteen, eighty one thirteen year old, calling Daniel She was shy, teen living with her grandmother. She had stayed the night at a friends house and was due back around four o clock. The next day she never arrives. Her grandmother assumes she's staying longer, but after a few days shall be reported missing five days after calling goes missing. Darin Johns rude will go missing. He had arrived in vancouver two days earlier, because it was such a short amount of time to be there. It was obvious that he had not run away and that this was foul play.
sandra wolf, Steiner was sixteen years old. She was at a bus, stop she went missing, may nineteenth nineteen, eighty one eighty court Thirteen years old, she went in june twenty first nineteen, eighty one she was walking on north road and co quit lamb when she was abducted July, set and nineteen eighty one nine year old, Simon parting, ten witnessing the morning he got up. Eight breakfast got dressed and was heading out on his bicycle to a friends house. He'll disappear just blocks from where Christine weller went missing. Fourteen year old, Judy cosmo was abducted, July nineteen. Eighty one near weaver lake re king Jr ten years old in July, nineteen eighty one he was picked up at a bus depot and the police whom that he's a run away. They say now there is no signs of
problems at home. He wasn't the press. There was no issues here, but it's kind of a running theme with a lot of these natures see grown armed eighteen years old, exchange student from germany. She disappears July nineteen. One witnesses saw her with a strange man, both at a pub and later on a train. Two days later, terry lynn, carson fifteen years old terry, was headed to the bus. Stop to catch a ride to the guilt for more people say that she was going to apply for a job pet shop, but she disappears from the bus. Stop then, just a few days later, Louise shower tran. Seventeen years old goes missing, They believe that she was hitchhiking to get to her waitress job. Her co workers at vinos restaurant called her family after she didn't show up for a shift,
and the family reported her missing the next morning there was a teenage boys name, randy ludlow. He was hanging out with clifford olsen. He had met clifford because Randy's father was part of a boxing Jim Clifford said he knew his father from the boxing jam turned out to be true. He hung out with them on several occasions. He would show off to Randy, it was in July of eighty one. He was in clifford car and they offered a young girl, a ride given alcohol things like that, but clifford would drop ludlow off at a mall and then leave with a young girl who looked
very much like Judy cosmo a little bit later. Randy would be with clifford again and they pick up a few teenage girls on the roadside and then a few minutes later. An unmarked police car pulled them over arrested, cliff at gunpoint and took him away randy. Indeed, other teens were left on the side of the road. With no explanation a few days later, Clifford would react. Here and say that there was a misunderstanding and that they were more than happy to let him out once they realized who he was. Randy would just take quivered word for this, but once reports of these missing children, randy himself would get himself into trouble with having possessions of knives and different criminal acts, and he would
hell police that he suspects Clifford, but law enforcement would say that they already had their eyes on him and had him under observation, but even during this time for more children would go missing so who is clifford? Clifford Olsen was born January first. Nineteen forty, if you're, born on new year's day. You might appear in the paper. Apparently her mother wouldn't want to be in the paper with her new baby, because she hadn't had been married to Clifford father clifford senior? His mother's name is leona, but at that time back in eighteen, forty, it just one and it was frowned upon living and said yes a woman giving birth to a child by a man. She wasn't married to Clifford senior was in the military, he would end up marrying her when he returned where was born had emergency surgery because he had a stomach blockage and left
scar, on his stomach. It look like it was made by slash from a knife at age for his fifteen year old uncle started to play. Games with me for it, and his cousin, who was young girl, bianca, would strip off his clothing and asked the kids to take their clothes off and then he would play a game or he would lay on them one at a time and when he was done, he reward them with something, usually a nickel, very, very strange around this time. He discovered the benefits of scams people on one occasion his mother and her brothers were drinking. and they ran out of beer. Clifford says hey, I can get you more. His mom is like why but her brothers, like will hold on hold on. Let's, let's see what the young I can do, and he said what will happen? If I can get you more beers, they said I will give you a dollar, so, He went downstairs and filled up empty beer bottles.
water and used a hammer to hammer the cap's back on. So he brings these bottles upstairs and everybody is really excited they like. While I can't believe you found some beer here, dollar and go. they find out had they been scammed, but they don't get pissed off They actually think this is cool and they tell clifford as much they say while you are Really crafty and you're so clever at about eight six clifford begins to stay Oh, when he steals money, he'll use that money to pay for them. means for his peers. He would go into people's gardens and then take the say the flowers or the vegetables. He would take him around front door and sell at a really cheap price, and it's a while it's a deal, but it came from their backyard in his early teens. He stealing, money from nook men. His dad was an old man after the war and in
they say is dad was one of the last milk men to actually a horse drawn cart but because he you, whereas dad kept his money on the cart he knew where one else likely where they kept their money on their carts. So we go around and either still money that was left for the milkman from the houses or he would sneak up to the cart. when the milkman was delivering and stuff Oh jars of money from the carts and this continue on. He started branching out finding new ways to scam people or impressed me but with his stolen money, clifford is on the small side you as an adult. He would end up at five foot, seven hundred and fifty nine, pounds, or so he was often bullied and at some point he decides that he's had enough of the bullying and he joined the jim and starts boxing and his dad says that his son sort boxing. So you get back at the boys who it beaten him up after he starts sharpening his boy,
sing skills. He starts going after the very people that it bullied him and taking on. I read some reports that as a teen, he tortured animals, but I couldn't verify any of it. It was just articles that were written out there and there's a lot of junk articles about the about this guy out there, yet they say he tortured animals, but I have also heard that he actually really like dogs it doesn't seem likely that he torture dogs but again there's a lot information out there, that seems sort of verified at age. Sixteen, he! drop out of school. He was supposed to be an eighth grade and he works at a race to back, but he loses that job because he's forging checks. Sixteen years old in these forging already at seventeen, he is arrested for breaking and entering and actually has to go to jail for it, but after a short amount of time he escapes
yeah. This is in nineteen sixty five b. He starts complain. That trouble urinating that he's dehydrated he's You he saying he has a kidney issue, and so a dock ass for a year and sample, and he his finger and drops blood to the sample, so the doktor will send him out and it works he's taken to a hospital and while is there he, he has a guard and there in the waiting room, but the guard- I don't know if the guards getting order is his new at this, but he ends up taking off clifford hancock and then he leaves the go, find the doktor because it just taking too long clifford just walks out because of this escape they're going to add more time to his ends, and he would end up escaping up to seven times by swindling lying in just making his way
There is one point where he literally walks out of a prison and a man who was walking by talks to the garden says. While that's one happy guy that just walked out of here and the guards is fleets, king about and he said, yeah this guy that just walked past me. I mean he's a free man. Now must you know he? He seems really happy and the guard says I we didn't release anyone today and he goes well. You have one last now than you know, Clifford will spend more time in prison. We're not going go through everything that happens in prison because its its extensive to give you some perspective on just the numbers that we're dealing with, but the guy from the age of seventeen through forty one there about four years, where he wasn't in prison and he had no. really one hundred different charges brought against him. In fact, this guy's whole life is extensive. You could write,
multiple books about certain years of his life. That's how ridiculous it is. How much info She is out there about what he was into who he was travelling around with, but he does end up in a supermax for assaulting a young girl in the befriending. Somebody at that supermax gary mark who was knows you're a prison? He had been paroled after serving five years for the rape of his own eighteen year old sister. They say he raped his little sister as well, who was very young, but they didn't have enough evidence, because the girl couldn't testify. She couldn't she's too, to talk about this kind of stuff, but he was seen playing with a nine year old girl because he was living halfway house next to her house, her body, would be found. They say that she had been mutilated and strangled and tied to a tree and a camping area, weaver lake, because there were
witnesses. That said, they saw Gary with this young girl. Me is the prime suspect in this nine year olds murderer He knows that he needs an alibi and he asked clifford: hey can you me with this. Can you give me an alibi? Clever thinks about and says When did this happen, and there talking bout it and clifford. Like oh yeah. I think I could say that we were hanging out together, so he tells Gary Ok, I'm really gonna be putting my neck out for you, so you have to do something for me and, of course, Gary's all too happy to help him, because it's going to possibly get him out of this. This murder charge clifford says you need to give me a full right up on exactly what happened. you know everything that way. I know how to tailor the alibi and so they start working together Gary is feeding him all the information. Meanwhile, what for it is doing as he's actually taking all this information down and he's going to basically stab gary in the back he's going
turn this over, so that he will definitely be charged with this young girls murmur cliff, its manipulating the situation, so he can take credit. Well, Gary, coups lawyer tells him yeah. You just need to plead guilty they have all this information on you and they have letters written in your own handwriting. It's a confession: don't have any way to fight this, so he does plead guilty. They give him a sense of twenty five years with no pearl.
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indicating that there something in the leaves and Even then, the police service, like, what's with his dog, there's nothing here their standing all around him, and then I realized these laying their the dog is getting more worked up and finally, third kind of comes out. I somewhat, and just as I give up you got me, that's why He gets seven years in prison now, while he in prison. There are some things that occur, one of which is He is not afraid to wrap people out and, as we know in prison, it's against code. You don't turn against the other prisoners you you deal with the other prisoners by yourself on your own terms, its you against the guards hordes the prisoners against the guards in the warden and He actually read it out. Some drug careers and, of course this makes him, really good to the prison. They think he's great. You don't keep be given extra benefits and favours and he has to be protected now because well,
he's a rat and this actually follow him, whichever prison prisoner went to because he was transferred around while in and he also suffers the right word by he has insomnia and the prison doktor proscribes chloral, hydrate pills now in nineteen? Seventy six boys at the prince albert penitentiary, Olsen, is sitting around and another prisoners is hey. We're gonna go play some cards, you wanna, go and clifford have anything going on. So he's like sure why not, while he starts playing cards, one guy, that's their starts saying. How do you guys while playing with a rat clifford, here for this at all and says you must be a rat for saying that EL, the tension escalates and the guy says you should cash out or your rat. you saying, like you, need to go clifford and tell them. There are some men there. There are ready to hurt him he's being set up, so he
eggs a run for it and he starts box these guys, essentially while they try to kick him down an slash at him with a pair of scissors and a knife we'll get away from them. He has taken to We family hospital They say that he's not really hurt, I mean he's caught, he stabbed, but he's angry and the warden along with a royal canadian mounted police officer meet with them. They don't expect to get anything out of clifford because again he's a prisoner prisoners. Don't talk Clifford has no problem. Talking about what happened. He said he want something done about it, I'll they're, going to bring attempted murder charges against four men, now, charges against them and stick this course. Only cement sam? As someone who is, he does not follow the prison code at all. In fact, the statue in crime injuries, compensation board notices. That clifford files with them and they
word him money for his injuries. Thirty five hundred dollars. This is just the start of a going pattern of his time in prisons where he will come. In about conditions will soon different departments in for cruel and unusual punishment. Now the board they I see this incident is their fault in a way, because Clifford is due right thing. He read it out the drug couriers. What they you stand happened is some prisoners had gotten into his cell and some notes that he had taken on these drug couriers, and so this was retribution. Well, he was basically acting as an informant for the prison, so feel like they owe him. But he's he's aligning himself now with the press. There's, but with the the prison and the guards? It's all about hey what is cliff, we're gonna get out ass, because now course. The prisons will protect him they'll separate
him from the other prisoners. Nineteen. Eighty olsen is really from prison soon after he meets a woman whose recently divorced named Joan hale part of her, divorce settlement was that she received forty three thousand dollars. Clifford will claim it's only twenty eight, but there is a discrepancy. Their clifford could be very charming very cold to her. In the beginning, he really one her over and even said that he knew her father who is in prison, but he would not approach her home. He would wait outside in a vehicle to pick her up. And her step. Dad would always tell her hey. That's not right. That's not how this is.
to work. A young man should always come to the front door to pick up his date and eventually he would have to just have her meet him down the street or something I mean it wasn't working out between her boyfriend and heard stepped out. They'll get married on may fifteenth nineteen eighty one at the people's full gospel chapel in surrey, month after their sons. Stephen is borne by the time. They're married he's killed three children that we know of within days of their wedding. He go on to murder, sandra wolf, Steiner, while he's out there going church regularly, and anybody who met in their says this is a good christian man. He talks about the bible. He talks about god, he's even posting jobs for teenagers at the church. This is how he would entice some of these teenagers to go with him. Is he
would drive around with pamphlets and his car or business cards that were flashy and he would offer rides to hitchhikers or any one that would get into his car and then say, hey, I know of a job. I run a cleaning business and most of the kids that lived up there, we are always looking for work, they're, always looking for extra money, so they would agree to go along with him, and at that point he would offer them alcohol. He would take them to a non existent job site and then he would end up getting them, drunk, drugging them and then attack making them. There was a typical ammo or he'll offer these pills too young people that are with him in the vehicle who have been drinking and he ill say these are wake up pills, chloral, hydrate pills, the hope you wake up, you're, not so drunk and
of course that will cause them to get knocked out. He learned that from prison, some websites refer to him as a homosexual pedophile. He had no preference in his victim. Besides he prayed on both boy young girls, and it was most likely in opportunity thing because the younger people he could overpower and he was also very charming when he needed to be would drive around and then he would get a year girl in his car and they say: oh, where you going in that he would end offering them a job and offer them a rate of pay. That was just crazy if the minimum wages three fifty an hour and he's offering ten dollars an hour. Are they going to turn that down and then is now just ending. There is not just oh I'll drop you often then we'll get together later and you can start working now, it's I'll pay you. now, let's go out to celebrate, let's go right now, they're ready to make some good money.
And ten dollars an hour back in early eighties, that's pretty good money only. He doesn't take them home after his arrest in august of eighty one. This is when they started to piece together who he was. They found an address book and in there they found Judy cosmic name. They move on him, but they have zero evidence that there are unable to find any of the possessions of these victims on him, even though he actually would keep many trophies, as he would call them from his victims. They weren't able to find any of that. So they have very little evidence. They interrogate him for
several days. They actually move him from different jails, doing everything they can to make him uncomfortable, not allowing him to sleep and just switching off tag, teeming on the interviews he won't break, but as soon as There is mention of money, that's boxes interest, and it truly is unclear. If he's the one that brought this up or if the investigators were the ones that brought that up in their desperation there thinking they got nothing on the sky. They know that he's responsible for at least some of these missing children and murders they found for bodies that there
pretty sure his they actually have found more bodies, but there's four of them that they are honed in on and they make em an offer in. This goes up to the attorney general and Williams and they write up a hasty contract with them This is how goes this isn't. undertaking of an agreement between the r c m p and clifford robert Olsen, the following, will be paid by the r c m p to missus, joan olsson for the following information: ten thousand cash for each body of the missing persons up to seven bodies. Thirty thousand dollars for information of four bodies which have already been recovered, which can relate to the above.
seven other missing persons. The agreement should be as undertaken shall be binding in law as to not disclose this information. In this agreement to the canadian press, the following missing persons are covered in this agreement, and then they list out his victims. This money will go to a trust which then will be paid out to his wife. They are paying him for confessions. They are paying him, so they have something cause. They right now they they don't have anything and they're desperate. That's what the attorney general will say. That's what most of the law enforcement will say, but they're in a very particular situation, very bad situation. They know this guy's a killer, a child killer, the worst of the worst, the public outrage against
is off the charts. This is their excuse for handing this man money yeah. They can close the cases they can return. The remains to the families. Inexpensive invested, she can be shut down and a monster is behind bars. That's what they're looking at here. Is it worth one hundred thousand dollars I'd never would want to negotiate with a terrorist. I would never want to pay for these things, because I mean how valid is it I mean if they give them the money and then none of it pans out, but they take the chance and just how peaceful. Our governments. Are, you know, what's one hundred thousand dollars to the government, you know it doesn't go to him, it's totally controlled by the trust fund and his wife, but he gets this money
and then he starts flying around with his lawyer, Robert chance detectives and a whole forensics team. They will go out to different locations and he will gleefully reenact the murders for these investigators town. Exactly how it went down play it out. The investigators said this was the weirdest thing they have ever experienced. There was off putting to them, which, obviously, when you're, going to collect a child's body- and you have the murderer right there, whose playing along its it's very uncomfortable. They actually pay him there in aid
downtown building in an upstairs meeting room and, according to his lawyer, he's up there no cuffs on smoking, a cigar dictating to a roomful of lawyers. What his terms are as their counting out stacks of cash for his wife. It's the most absurd scene I could ever imagine- and this is why the families of these murdered young people are so pissed off. mean they're, so angry about this. That money is basically being traded for information on what happened in weather, remains are that's why they call it a cash for bodies deal and it just doesn't sit right with them, its unsubstantiated, but he claims he were. Twenty more bodies are and he's trying to pull another deal. For another hundred thousand dollars, but when the media catches window this day,
that he's flying out of kingston to Victoria and the journalists are on the way, the properties on the way. So the plane was about the taxi out and then they go back in and they jump and a cop car and then there, at a chase where media and journalists are chasing the cops with this serial killer in the car it just? How can he get to this level and in as much as they wanted to get this man off the streets? What did what did the government? What did the attorney general expect to happen when they made this deal, and they say it's that what the devil. I dont think that they for saw this. They didn't have any idea that this guy would play them again the way- sought, I think, was it's another opportunity to make good. You know for himself really obvious now that they had no idea that he was going to this, that he was.
say: oh, I have more bodies. I can tell you about more victims before this. He had written letters that indicated other victims, many there terms that he only sexually assaulted, didn't murder many other children that he was around in his past. That they're pretty sure that he had molested. This guy now turns ran a court and plead guilty to ten murders, but then the prosecutor lumps one moron. So that's how we get the eleventh and he pleads guilty to that. One too, because of the pressure with the media breathing down their necks detectives. They just there done they can't deal with this anymore. They can't do another cash or bodies deal, because this is just killing their rep.
Taken and we're talking about. The royal can aim on police here. They can't afford to have their reputation, go down the toilet because of the serial killer, but that's the way the pub looks at it as they say what you added. If you were doing your job you're doing it right. You would have the evidence against this man and there we wouldn't have to pay him off to get him to confess It depends on how you see this. You see this as a cheat code. If your reply, like ten dough and you could type in a certain code and you get infinite lives or something This is where they literally cheated to get to the end, so they got confessions. They know exactly how these people were killed. And over the the remains were left and all they had do. pay a hundred thousand dollars into a trust fund. That would go to this killers, wife they could keep doing this, I suppose by it On the other hand, you have families who were saying: how dare you, instead of just invest
games that are doing your job you're, just paying the killer to get the information. Why would give that man money. He shouldn't have any money, clifford, not helping the situation because he has contacted the media himself. Told the media about the cash for bodies deal, he got. He writes very inflammatory letters about the victims and the victims, families and-
The newspapers will publish these letters so causing more stress on the victims, families the rose and felt parents of daring, johns room where sued by clifford, because they called him a pedophile. He will send them a letter on deference anniversary of when they found his body. In this letter, Clifford olsen will detail the torture their son endured. He will go on to write that their sons. Last words were. Why are you doing this? To me? The rosenfeld will go on to start a victims, rights, movement and lobby, the federal government to legislate laws to protect victims, families from this behavior, Clifford Olsen. He files, multiple complaints of cruel and unusual punishment. One of them he claims he's being denied his claims, he's being denied a solid pleasure life
size, inflatable, sex star, he wants it installed with plexiglas in front of his cell, deserve their frivolous thinks, he's doing the entire time. He's behind bars. He will be sentenced eleven life sentences, which account for twenty five years, a peace that run concurrently. That means they run all. At the same time, and, as we know, with canadian law and punishment, you time, sir, for stuff, you can get your sentence reduced in nineteen, ninety seven. He applies for early parole under a faith hope clause which allows prisoners to seek release after just fifteen years of a life sentence, so life doesn't mean life. Life is twenty five and they can file after fifteen. And of course he does this, and this has to be called to a hearing all the victims fan.
I have to be notified in two thousand and six. He appears before the national parole board he's spent twenty five years in prison. They reject his application for parole, but each time again the victims- families have to be notified show Why speak against it? In two thousand and ten? It's also reported that he's been collecting eleven or twelve hundred dollars a month in a security retirement supplement plan so inmates that turn sixty five are eligible for this and he's been collecting. This goes viral the public is not happy, so the federal government literally introduce as a new law that suspends benefits for prisoners until after their released. So if he were to ever be paroled, that's when the
it will come out, but as long as these in prison, he cannot collect. But up until that point he was getting over a thousand bucks a month. He applies for pearl a third time, but is denied. This is the problem. Here, though, is he is eligible for parole. He could be released. He made aside comment to one of the officers. If I get out, pick up right, where I left off, he's a psychopath and as much as people say. Well, there was no chance of him getting out. There was a chance, but The government learn their lesson. After all, the wrap. He stirred up all the pub patience he made hopefully, they learned our lesson would never let this man out, but I'm questioning he's in prison. He gets answer he seventy something years old. What then they will now it's your crew on theirs,
The old man in prison that is dying of cancer. Read peace, no harm to anybody. We should let him out that could happen, and that's the sick and scary part about all this. in September twenty eleven he will get corn cancer and die in prison All the families of all the victims are very, very happy. In fact, most of canada is celebrating this. His lawyer was given death threats for simply representing him. His wife went into hiding because the victims families tried to sue for the money. The hundred thousand dollars This went all the way up to the supreme court where the supreme court said sorry, this isn't gonna happen and they allowed the wife to keep all the money
This is below after blow to the victims as much as I hate to say it, but Clifford one, the entire time he manipulated everybody. He was around. He manipulated the system. He got credit for putting another child murder behind bars. He was able to get paroled find a wife live a life. Then he goes to prison in its on his terms, really is able to manipulate the system get paid and then go on to collective retirement. Pay out in this is this is insanity to me and then he gets to dine. Prison peacefully all the people that surrounded him all their lives are affected, whether be the victims, families, teenager randy
low. He is considered an accessory. An associate of of clifford people think that he was helping clifford with capturing or enticing these these teenagers, the vancouver newspapers when, after ludlow, but it's billy. All here say I want to hope, the media would be a little bit more balanced but If you have an association with a child murderer, the gloves are off the theirs. If you are called an accessory to that, there is nothing you can say or do to to fight that his lawyer people
with him. He's a lawyer. He defends people he's defended a lot of really bad characters out there, but he's a defense lawyer. That's what he does. He report that even his children would get death threats or bullied in school because of who he is he'll, get out of defence law practice. He drops it, he doesn't want to do it any more joan clifford wife, they say that she had to have known. She had been part of it and she profited off of it in his proof, While he writes a letter, his entire motivation for confessing these crimes and getting this money was to take care of the wife that he loved. He is such a liar and everything that comes out of his mouth is such garbage he's such a manipulator that even then,
can we take him for his word that he was doing something good for society, because he was a loving husband. I mean. Is that that's really where he goes here as he confessed and got the money for his wife and that's the whole reason why he confessed. Otherwise he wouldn't have confessed it all up one of the trials. During this time he had drawn a graphic picture of a child in a sexual act in waves above his head, so the victim's family sitting behind him would see it when you have a serial killer. You always want to look back and say what happened. What led to this behaviour or to this pattern of murder and with clifford it seemed ass though it was his person. Daddy. I mean this is just the way he was everything he did was. It was all about making himself feel good.
and whether that was by making other people feel good or his taking pleasure and hurting other people or scamming them. It was well known that he didn't like to work. Work was for suckers, that's why he robbed people, that's why He would go to elderly people's homes or apartments and ask for change or ass to use the phone or ask for a glass of water and, of course, when they would turn their back and walk away. He would go right where they their money, he knew where to look where there was a cabinet drawer, Sometimes you know they just left their purse on the counter and he would just rifle through it. He really just served himself people that have looked into his past looked into the crimes that were committed, they say that it's it's really there, simple! He just does not have a conscience, and it's like the world's his playground He would escape from a prison just because he wanted to he didn't.
If he got caught in an hour or in ten minutes or got away, that's just that was life. It was a chance, useless. Let's do this now. Let's just suddenly do this. That makes him a very difficult killer to track down and probably why they had so much trouble with him. Is he just he would rent various rental cars? He would travel the different areas and there are probably a good number of victims that they could never tie to him because well on one hand, they couldn't making more deals with him. That was that was deafening off the table. even though he had sort of confessed to some other murders. They need more than that there, in a place where they know this guy has likely committed many. murders in the eleven that are attributed to him and he's it's going to get away with those by people
we find the answers are looking for it, and in this case we don't really have the answer to why he was the way was other than you can look back at his past and see how he escalated from being a scammer to a thief to a rapist to emerge and along the way he had assistance. He had assistance from people, they didn't know what to do with him. They just They will have enough evidence on this guy or his own mother, who would say. Oh you stole this money. I am not going to tell your dad. When was he owing to be held accountable, and it seems like for my. his life. He really wasn't and and even when he was arrested the charges. Seem that bad I mean you know if he had twelve counts of fat robbery they net the same sentence as if he had committed one, because it all once concurrent at no point does it feel
like he was actually held responsible and in even when they this deal with him. The public is looking at this cash for bodies deal and they see it as a resolution they feel cheated. They feel like their loved ones died and the person was rewarded for it. Absolutely so whether you can look at this just on appear number standpoint and see how they probably got off cheap paying him. There is a whole other angle to this, which is the emotional angle, these people's families at stake here, their love and have been brutally murdered, and you know just and I haven't gotten into the real nitty gritty details of it. But if you want to know those things you can find them out? Because you know this. Were left behind manuscripts. And it was turned into a book. You can read the details of what he did, but their horrified. and that's the real lesson here is in canada. Before Robert picked in
for carla homolka and Paul Bernardo. There was this killer and he had a book deal while in prison to his victims. Probably We want to talk about murder and non murder, victims, hundreds at least, and so I think already said at once just in, but this is very much is where the bad guy seems like he one. It was all in his turn, the only thing that wasn't was getting colon cancer, so I can only hope that gave him some amount of suffering. I would suggest. If you want to know more about the entire backstory on this case and there's there's a lot of it start reading justice Well said: the sky was a waste of canadian air,
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