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July 2017. Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Over the course of three days in early July 2017, four young men, Jimi Patrick, Dean Finocchiaro, Mark Sturgis, and Tom Meo, went missing in the Philadelphia suburb of Bucks County. The investigation quickly led to a 90-acre farm owned by the DiNardo family. The son, Cosmo, seemed to be connected to the missing men and detectives and the county district attorney knew they would have to play their cards right to close this case and achieve justice for four families.

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From wonder he the tonight, I'm feeling okay, Then? How are you feeling I'm doing much better anything good. Lately They yeah true crime, show and done by people magazine we've a number of really interesting cases, but I came across one that
from Maine that really caught my attention. Murder of Joyce Mclain, who is from EAST Millinocket this case and in nineteen. Eighty she was getting ready for soccer season and a been going for a jog, but never returned days later they found her body and she had been struck in the head She had been de clothed and her hands had been tied behind her back. This case went cold for decades. Now I want to say that the reason I found it so interesting is because they immediately looked at her friends. Her classmates anybody that might have been an acquaintance. For instance, there was a guy that showed up outside height of the Mcclain home and he's also the same person that ended up finding her body. People were like he didn't associate with her. So, he was kind of on the radar they check them out and he had an alibi one of her closest
this- was a guy grant Boynton they re he looked at him, especially after another guy by the name of Scott, pointed the finger at Grant's and said Everyone was at this party and he went out into the words which always and then he came back alone, so I think he killed her. They really really looked into grant. They key stem of course, but the thing that really weathered me about all this. Is same night when this went missing. Scott head stolen a truck from a gas station. He actually just back down through a garage door and fled- and it up in a horrible accident that put him in the hospital for weeks, so it took them quite Wild actually talk to him, and he said it becoming the person to talk to for the police for the next so many years. and over time he would give them different names in different scenarios that he thought of occurred, so they kept looking at different people, but
to me the whole time I kept thinking this guy tried flee the town in a vehicle his behavior dictated that there was something wrong, but there's It's really cool moment where the detectives discover going through the original notes that at some point Scott had gone to a priest or asked her and in turn had been told. You should go talk to the police. They decided to go. talk to this man again, he we're talking to him and he said he tell me you didn't or anything he had to say and of course detectives are like well, he just kept giving us front stories he's like I tell you about how he murdered her it's kind of important right. I guess my point is we so often think cases will be solved by DNA, by forensics and those things are very, very important. We free
we had this idea that someone had to have seen something had to have heard something, but really it comes down to it. It's a lot of good detective work that can solve cases, and in this case they ended up. solving something because they took some notes and of these details. only known by the killer and by the coroner When he related that bit of information to the police and then they used it in court again, this suspect, but this one detail. Is what stung him and judge ended up ruling that he was I spoke for Joyce, Maclean, smarter, and so is a really really interesting episode possibly, we might have to cover it some time, but it's the image of Joyce Maclean and happened in east milliner get Maine no fees or minimums banking with capital. One is the easiest decision in the history of decisions even easier in deciding to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast with no we're draft ease, isn't he
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your podcast to stay up to date, with what they're watching next. so tonight's case man. I think A people wish they knew, though, why to this because it seems very senseless, it seems very just meaningless. Jason atrocity with that. What are we talking about tonight, Aaron Bland before I get to that I should say when we seem to get some answers. I don't think they help Sometimes in life we run across sense crimes, crimes that define I reason and you might say that's a lot of them, but some really and out like that in tonight's case, which involves the disappearances and later murders of four young men and bucks, Pennsylvania in two thousand seventeen? It was a case that cost a lot of concern, the first Damn that we're gonna talk about. He was last seen on July. Fifth, at six p m,
his name was Jimi Taro, Patrick Jimmy, born on May thirty, first, nineteen, ninety eight in twenty sixteen he graduated high school. He was on the back about team. He went to who Loyola University in Maryland, for scholarships and he was going to major in business. He lived in Newtown Township Pennsylvania it's a west of Philadelphia with his grandparents hit the church and worked at a restaurant now Jimmy I didn't tell anyone where he was going. He just after around six p m and next day his grandfather, Richard Patrick, reported him missing. He had failed to show up to work and didn't contact any of his friends or family, so The authorities for like will start asking around we'll see what we can find here- the next man to go missing was dean then a Caro
born on December eighteenth, nineteen, ninety seven, he played ice hockey and He started working at a ice cream company he enjoyed outside, he was really into racing, schools in skateboarding, even road dirt bikes is fair. Quote- was love the life. You live and live the life. You love. He was a great guy and again he goes Dean was last seen getting into a car on Hampton Drive and Middleton Township in pencil being you at around six, fifty four p m he sending a text to his girlfriend when he does shop, to work that night, his mother Bonnie. will end up reporting him missing to the police. Now Dean was actually friends with a man named Mark Sturgis and Thomas Mayo, now they end up going missing also so this for men
all ranging in ages, between nineteen to twenty two almonds and have a couple of days. This is. very suspicious, and none of them have really told anybody where they were going. They do said they were leaving hanging. our friends all separate instances authorities. Of course we're getting calls very concerned pretty sure from my reading. All of these guys were really well liked at work and at home people wonder action right away and the authorities were responding. They were searching. They were getting word out to the media saying we need to promote this. We need to find these skies and know there was a lot of assistance here. Law enforcement Next, the dots pretty quickly says: how do we have four guys missing all at once. They, immediately treat this as a criminal investigation. They do I say all they must have ran away or their adults. They,
do what they want enforcement, saying something's wrong here It is something that we often harp on Morocco. In cases that are well, adults? They can decide, they can just go off and have a good time they'll be back later, but this Enforcement agency listened. Is where they actually took in the information and treated it like. It was the truth finding that information and then putting it to use so enforcement is putting out the Phoebe's, the all points bulletin. They know that four hours after Mark Sturgis. Had met up with Thomas that a license plate reader happened to scan his car license plate. While it was park next to another person's truck. So this is PASA. Their first lead of. We know Car was parked along this
dirt road at this time, and there was another vehicle with it, but on Saturday afternoon, or were able to trace Dean's cell phone and they find that it pinged off a tower that would place him on a ninety acre farm at sixty. Seventy one, lower york, road and so Perry, township, that's Northeast box. County happens to be owned by sand and Antonio Dinardo. Looking at this couple, nothing really alarming there right. This is a couple that had invested in real estate for many years. That's they are really known for, but they own. property in Montgomery and bucks counties in Pennsylvania and also owned a metro, ready mix and supply concrete business. But while the couple raised the alarm bells. Their son did he known by law enforcement, not
anything major, but he had a record yeah. They said since he was fourteen, he had about thirty contacts with the bench lamp department, which means Well, they did know him. like you, said nothing major, some traffic stops. minor infractions, but it is what it is Sensei's, I guess say in the age range of these guys baby. He knew them right. Well, that truck who males car was part next to belong two Cosmo Dinardo. That's a link Dean's phone is pinging off the tower, placing him on his land on his property. Please moving quick on this. This isn't search and we need some leads. This is pretty fast response here, fast response and looking into his background, the other thing that they
and that might be of interest in his case, was when went study at Arcadia University. He was Biology but- after one semester, the school, I a certified letter to his family, letting them know that they were banning Cosmo Dinardo from the campus, which it makes me wonder what did his parents? Think of that because he had made what they said were on urban comments to members of the university the following year. He was to a mental health institution there he would be diagnosed with schizophrenia, when you're committed to a mental facility against your will or involuntarily that goes on your record. Do you lose your right air arms. So was not allowed to be in possession of any guns or firearms, but February of twenty seventeen there
gunfire in a neighborhood where Cosmo lived and police found him in a car with a twenty git shocking. Where are they immediately charged him with a second degree, felony weapons charge now that charge would end up getting dismissed because of beer accuracy of the paperwork and the legal system and the mental health system, but it really sets the stage here on the Sunday. After this police do a rudimentary search of the property and they find a. I guess you, I would call it a garage error, detached Roger carport, where they find Thomas Males car, we have multiple people missing we pings and we have his car's license plate scanned with a truck Investigators want to talk to Cosmo. In connection with these disappearances when they ask him
where were you on July Seventh, no admitted to hanging were deemed on that day. Here investigators that he'd gone and picked him up at around seven p m in his silver, Ford, pickup truck dean. I cosmo that he wanted to do a big coke deal which caused said he didn't want to do he. Said that he made dean get out of his truck in an area around route hundred thirteen from there he went fishing until about ask any claimed he was never in the area where Dean went missing so that one man that went missing, who Cosmo has admitted to being in contact with that day, but just by admitting that he was in contact with them. The authorities Thinking will year, the last one scene with them are known to have been with them now. You're definitely on our radar right, not just because they found time
car in the garage. But now they've got his admission that he was with dean. This is people missing he's connected, two them now. What are the odds investigators are hunting anyone that knows Cosmo and they come across friend of his and they said hey: where are you with Cosmo lately or recently My friend says: yeah Cosmo called me on Saturday, at around five p dot m went and Cosmo offered to sell me an older Nissan Maxima for five hundred dollars, but the friend didn't buy it from him and that Car was the same car that belonged to Thomas Mayo. So cosmos trying to sell this car for five hundred box of a man that went missing? Doesn't like he went missing, Justin sounds like something happened.
Exactly- and this is coming together- pretty quick because now Monday July, tenth The investigators are searching cause. Home they're focused on the farm property. But they're doing an extensive search using eighty vs cadaver dogs and heavy machinery, because there is some evidence that earn has been moved so there's thinking. What did you do these guys and their. back backhoe that is present on the property, said, there were forty to fifty people that were Alden search even The families of the missing guys were there watching over everything. I think Everyone just knew they were about to get bad news This is the middle of July. They have to pull out huge
hence and pop up canopies for these searchers to work under it's just boiling hot it's the worst possible conditions. You can imagine July tenth the police asked Cosmo. Previous felony weapons charge he's here hold on one million dollars bond at the bucks county jail, but the next day, Cosmos Father posted the bond. Get Cosmo out we'll just, and we all know why they did this because their working on building a case against him, but they are happen to have this previous felony weapons charge. From last February they know they can go and grab him and hold him. really just a great tool at this point yeah and his dad is more than happy to get them out the next day, but the following day Wednesday July. Twelfth they go back in arrest, Cosmo again this time on theft,
and receiving stolen property charges. This is, in connection to the attempted sale of Tom's car to his friend and time. The judge character I just had him as a flight risk in sets the bail at five million, because you only have two: but ten percent of the bail his parents are very wealthy, they have a ninety acre farm along with me businesses two thousand dollars: that's not that big of a deal to him, but to come up with five hundred thousand dollars to get him out. It takes a little bit more to come up with the bucks County district honey who was overseeing this case had been involved with the fair from the very beginning, letting them know how deeply involved he was in a house he was going to get justice and get answers and is he who told the judge this guy might flee. So
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but not having a lot of positive results. While they were digging very deep and yet understand. In most cases, people are buried that deep right, and we're talking within six feet, normally they find what they're looking for, but they were digging deeper. Deeper here, because the dogs were letting them know. Something happened here and they would go as far as nine feet and they weren't finding anything. So it took them digging to about twelve and a half feet deep, where they finally found something while they had to get up their own backhoe and dig that deep, they were able to find a large metal barrel and it was over twelve feet down. And inside of it were human remains, just the authorities couldn't wait to interrogate Cosmo and they did that on Thursday July Thirteenth this time they got some answers, didn't they
yeah he's a changing his tune a little bit, because I mean I saw this guy and I just drop them off. I mean come on in look on the web. You can see both of his pictures that were taken once for the previous thence charge and then the next one where they press him for trying to sell Tommy, mayor's, car and, First picture he's smiling smugly and the next one he looks like he's. Sort of given up he had coffee that he could outsmart these police officers, even though they pretty much had solve the case and nailed him before they'd even talked to him in the first interrogation. That's just good, please, work Cosmo will end up admitting to these murders and did that he lied during his first interview. What a surprise now they able to find a three of the bodies in that metal container.
twelve feet down in the earth, but they weren't able to find Jimmy's body. The d of course says: hey where's this for body Cosmo, is only admitting so much, but not telling them where to go to find the body. So, as we see a lot of the times a DE attorney will say: well we're going to charge you with the death penalty on Yes You let us know where that fourth body is so we can give these families closure at part of his confession. Justin is, story about drug deals gone wrong. But when we go through his accounts, the way things went down. It's as though drug those are kind of what brought these people together, but I I think it really had anything to do with his killing them. What do you think made you want to go through? these yeah we need
go through it because it's it's weird, and this is the why that people try to understand, with this case on July, fifth, Cosmo, had gotten caught packed with Jimmy and a to sell him four pounds of marijuana for round eight thousand Box Cosmo picture me up at his house and brought him back to the far now Jimmy is now ten years old working regular job. Do you think Amie has eight thousand dollars on him he didn't have eight thousand. He had eight hundred dollars on him. So at this point Cosmo says: well, I'm not going to sell you any marijuana, we'll take easily it's its or even been verified, whether or not Cosmo had four pounds of marijuana, I think it's been verified that he had far less than that
yeah, so cosmos as well. For a hundred bucks. I could sell you a gun, you want to buy a shotgun and Jimmy. I guess. went along with this, so they do bout to a remote area of the property and Cosmo went Jimmy the shotgun to let him look at it and that's when Cosmo pulled out, twenty two caliber rifle and shot him killing Jimmy Now Cosmo for whatever reason thought this was what he had to do, because Jimmy didn't, have the eight thousand dollars to buy weed. I don't think that really what happened because again, Cosmo admitted that he didn't have that much marijuana. They had hardly any marijuana on him. It sounded like both guy showed up with far less than they had promised. So how does it end up with Cosmo feeling like he had to shoot this guy then go and get his back
oh dig, a hole, say a prayer and then put his former acquaintance in this whole the kicker here. Justin is then he takes a hundred bucks and he sets it on fire. His explanation is, I didn't want the kids eight hundred dollars. I did kill him over a hundred dollars? I wasn't robbing him. This was not going to good. For me, the guy would have shot me if I went to meet up with him and I didn't have the money Guy would have shot me. He's referring to his pot dealer that he Claims you is acting as a middle man for budgets here ass, murder, somebody because they showed up without any money, not hey, why don't you come, back when you have the money or you're, obviously not a serious buyer, so quit wasting my time no hear acting like this is some sort of drug. Our tell and they got off people that don't have the money.
This doesn't ring true just that he only had two ounces a weed. The way I look at it is, he decided to kill the guy but I don't know why. I think that's why people continue to quit. in this case the authorities went and talked to Carlos he's the dealer. Cosmo said he was a middleman, for this, how they located Jimmy's body, because Cosmo and told Carlos, where you put em So Cosmo goes on to tell investigators what happened with dean He says that on July Seventh, he had to sell him a quarter pound of marijuana for seven hundred bucks. For some reason, Cosmo wasn't really into this. sale. So he went out and bought a bunch of stakes and fish and then he pay yup his cousin Sean, a little about Sean Cosmo was a cause. if Shawn's, but they didn't know each other that well they adjust
started hanging out. Cosmo is telling authorities about Sean's involvement, okay, It was as calm Sean for now, because he- Remember for quite a while, either what Sean's last name was even though they were related, they did have the same last name. So don't go there, but it's just. We that he's been re gently involved with this guy and he now part of this as well. So now Cosmo and Sean go and get a gun and plan on robbing dean for his money. So again was the drug deal even real, or was this all just sat up and obviously, if you, going to get a gun before the guy shows up They have no intention of selling the sky anything Justin when he met Jimmy. He said he killed them, but not to rob him now? The second victim here, they're going to rob
kill there is no logic here looking at less money from this guy, then what have gotten from the first victim I know it's only a hundred bucks difference, but this makes no sense. so he tells his cousin to rob Dean. No take him out to the middle of, his property in the woods and Robin. But his cousin Sean I guess chickens out at first and they go back to the bar and it's there where now that Sean is around Cosmo. He has the guts and he ends up shooting dean in the head. Now after falls to the ground, Cosmo says he takes the gun and shoots D while he laid on the ground but he swears up and down to the police officers that Sean Fire the first shot, which was fatal, and he was
merely shooting him again because well, why not yeah, I think it's way of saying? Yes, I was involved in this death, but I didn't will kill him because he was already dead and, of course, the had. But want as much information as they can get and they ask him. How do you know he was dead and he tells and that Dean's head was split, open he knew he was dead when he shot him yeah they take the body. And they put it in this metal oil tank, which they for two as the pig roaster, that's where they are hiding his corpse, This is all just out of the blue shark, his cousin stepper killed any before but now that he's hanging out with Cosmo Now he has It's a later that same night that Cosmo we'll meet up with Tom Mayo and Marks-
Burgess in a church parking lot. He told them that he would sell them some marijuana and instead he ends up robbing them. But of course, we know robbing them means doing something else oh yeah. Definitely when Cosmo was involved robbing, doesn't necessarily mean robbing. I think, of the things that happened here was he said that he didn't expect to see mark. He thought Tom going to be alone, but Tom and mark their best friends, so most people, they would say. Oh they were always together, but Cosmo didn't expect. It So he gets Tom and Mark to follow him to part of the prop see family owns, then they get in who is truck and dry over to another part of the property, where he's got Sean waiting cuz again, this is going to be a robbery, so he needs to get I'm to drop their.
Vehicle somewhere and he's bringing them essentially to their death after they get out of the truck. most shoots Tom in the back and according to him he said Tom started screaming that he couldn't feel his legs now. Cosmo would show Tom Multiple Times Mark tried to run away and com, hello would shoot him also in the back. He was fleeing TA. was still alive. In pain, Cosmo need to finish the job and he's out of ammo, so he go and gets his backhoe, which is a huge piece of heavy equipment, is now bulldozer. It's got a long arm that has a scooper on it, He drives the echo over in crushes Tom with it finish him off. He killed two men and
finished one off by crushing him under a piece of machinery for Tom, is paralyzed. He couldn't move away. He couldn't do anything. He was helpless, so takes their two bodies and puts them in the Hague Gross So now we have three: bodies in the it's metal, tank and Cosmo. Pores gasoline into the tank and light it on fire he and his cousin will end up, leaving the property a going out and eating, cheese, steaks for dinner, MRS disgusting. They go back you Cosmo's, I guess parents house which is not farm and spend the night there. The next day do act like nothing's happened and no run, errands and visit. his cousin's mother and sister get haircuts and wash his truck now.
Cosmo will get a call from his mother. He's very upset crying, and she says that Dean is missing and the law- last person that he was seen with was Cosmo. This is where it gets real cuz. It's one thing: to kill people in their bodies. But now his own mother is hanging hate dean, finnish Carro is missing you're the last person that was seen with him. So now. this is where he decided to dig a twelve and a half foot deep grave to put that metal tank inside. I guess he thought well by barrier deep enough known will find it these murders. They were and in a sense, but this sky. is not a criminal genius and you have that many people disappear in a two day period. and you are the last
and to be seen with them and have them or vehicles on your property. There phones all ping to your property like I? Don't you dumb it's amazing and stupefying to me that he thought he could get away with this The investigators catch up with Sean His name is Sean Kratz he's the cousin Cosmo Dinardo, and he gets us. Confession is in fact she's very similar to Justin. As you know, it only Differs a little bit: a lot to do with how dean was shot by He seems to put a lot of the blame on Cozmo, basically saying that Cozmo had threatened his family. By saying I could do something to your brother, and so Sean was saying: it's not something. I can do. I can't just let this guy threatened family. I have to protect them
I guess it's his way of saying. Yes, I was involved, but only because I was under the threat from Cosmo Distancing his own actions and behaviors, trying to sulphur. Now I don't know I believe him or not. Cosmo is obviously shown that he is a violent person, so I don't put a pass him to threaten his cousin, but his cousin just shows up. They hang out they're, not greater friends and then pulls out and shoot somebody? It's a hard to understand. It's a tough pill to swallow It's explains it though he says, I told them to take dean out too. Words and kill him, but then instead, he just couldn't do it and then said when they were all in the barn cause gave him a signal, and it was a lot of know you better this and it was reminding them of the threat casino it put. It
and do like a gun shape you know, and so on. Fell felt like you didn't, have a choice, so he said mice and aimed the gun toward dean and just pull the trigger, and then he said, Cosmo took begun fired several. Four times into dean and was laughing John said he had to go out and vomit because he was so sick from what had he had just occurred. part of this investigation. Justin isn't just getting these confessions as we know. If you go to trial you need to have the murder weapons and s case. There were two guns, a Smith and Wesson three the seven an entry, DEC nine millimeter Luger, as well as a twenty two caliber rifle on the Smith and Wesson and the Luger a house in upper Dublin Township They were originally hidden at John's mother's house, but then he moved them because he knew authorities were closing in, but they found them anyway. So it's
July Fourteenth merely seven days. after these appearances started getting called in their formally charging both Cosmo an Sean with These murders. They actually are charging Cosmo with twenty counts, including four. Counts of criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse which glad to see that charge on. There is so many key is where I just think. Why doesn't the prosecutor just throw everything at these guys? And here they are The day before they're charged the town held a vigil for the murdered man. They came together they said in light of recent tragic, events in our county. It is more important than ever that we gather to reflect and remember that we are- a community together, we are strong.
I this is for families destroyed in a for a short period of time, there's magic that happens when you get together in a verb, a vacation home, it's the magic of spilled drinks and twirling hugs, and knowing no matter who you are, there's nothing like spending time with the people. You love verbo a place for download the app to find yours on Wednesday may may two, twenty eighteen Cosmo Dinardo pleaded guilty. This is twenty four counts of first degree, murder, along with abuse of a core. robbery, conspiracy, possession of instruments of crimes and ITALY firearms possession everything at him there. the two hour hearing or so relative of these, four men gave victim impact statements when most spoke. He said your honor. I want the four families to know. I am so sorry. If there was anything I could do to take back what occurred on those day. I would
can't even come to terms with what occurred. I'm sorry, but the judge judge Finley said that well. The statement was false and insincere. And he went on to say. I have no doubt in my mind that should the day ever come that you were released again into the community and had the opportunity to kill again, you would do it Cosmo was given four consecutive life sentences and sent to prison and, like we said he would have been charged death penalty, but because he helped searchers with. Locations of the bodies he got out of that The d also said that he had spoken with the families and I think They also said that This wasn't necessarily something they wanted. Really some of them did so. The deal was very much in touch with the families going forward, making sure that this process was as good as it could be for them one his goals was to get plea deals here.
That would ensure these guys would get lengthy sentences, if not life sentences, because he a justice for them, but he also didn't want to put them through a trial because As you know, you sit through a trial and you have to hear all of the we'll things that happened and so they I have to relive these crimes, murders for weeks on four only in this case Sean Crass, who was looking like he was going to accept a plea deal. Some kind which have given him. I think fifty some years to one hundred some years. I think it's like fifty nine to one hundred and eight or something like that. as many decides, I'm not taking a plea I'm going to trial when the D talk the media about it. He just simply said that's his statistical right and so we'll taken to court I think the way I read it from what he was saying was he may regret it, because this day was very confident in the information they had and he was
like you- want to trial, we're ready for you, it's It's a foregone conclusion, but I'm sure that Sean was thinking. I can put this on Cosmo. I have him as the main person to for all of this- and I can mitigate myself at the gate. My involvement, I dunno, sounds risky to me, but yeah. Well, the one that his defense team really wanted to do was to make sure that his confession tape was not played in court, but the deputy, District attorney Mary Kohler, aid, sure that the judge did the importance of this The judge sided with her, and so that hey was played. Collar was well, to use this against Sean and was able to outline exactly how he was involved and how he did commit murder here and so mitigating circumstances he had a choice he could have left, he could have done
things, but instead he shot Dean and the head. So all the defence, could do at this point just and we say look so involved. But this was real. all Cosmo, if you take Cosmo the equation. All these people would still be alive. Probably you know it's just like if you're involved you're involved, doesn't matter what you say about cosmos involvement reminds me of the Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka case where, if you remove Paul from the equation. Sure all these atrocities probably wouldn't have happened, but they did happen. And you were involved so you are liable for your own actions. No, it's interesting. The jury at one point asked the judge. no question about why Sean had projected the plea deal, which is
because the plea deal was offered and shot down. So it's not even a part of this, but they still wonder about that, I think that's a bad sign for the offence, because they're like why he did that yeah, the Deal actually had an end date to it, but he will end up being convicted and sentenced to life in prison, You should have taken the plea rain he should have, but with does for the families is here, is not put to death, but he will die in prison, both of these men. Will that gives them some solace. you can never really move on from something like this, but you can have some peace, knowing that those who committed these atrocities will never get to see the light of day again, though, be behind bars and I'll die there. No, Alice can be hurt by them. Now the families they don't stop
they're they're not satisfied with guilty convictions, because they're thinking, Cosmo did this. Why was he able to do this? Why did he have access to guns? So in December of twenty seventeen March Sturgis family file, a wrongful death suit against cod. most parents, Antonio and Sandra their attorney, said with this lawsuit the heartbroken parents of Mark Sturgis intend to hold accountable everyone responsible for the horrific death of their son, not just those who pulled the trigger this include It's those who negligently and carelessly permitted either of the accused to gain access to firearms and equipment used in these heinous crimes and it's a short time later and twenty atm, where d
Tom and Jimmy's families, war, follow suit and file. Wrongful death suits against the families. You could say well just because Cosmo had been committed to a mental health facility briefly doesn't make parents culpable for all of his actions, but you and earlier era that he had paid previous contacts with law enforcement, he had been kicked out of college. Let's go through this at age fifteen. He saw two strangers talking to his girlfriend out a mall. He went up in punch them. Violence at age, fifteen also claimed that he was responsible for murders at that same age, he could that he had strangled a man and shot another police were never able to find evidence of this. I will say
maybe he didn't do it, but for a fifteen year or to be talking about how he's killed people and be in there, to get it for it. Then you have the arcade, A university incident it attended a concert and invited a the girls to his house to swim when declined. They said. he ended up texting them every day and asking them to hang out this one girl eventually blocked his number and didn't get his way. He became upset and begins stalking her and that's when verbal incidents as they put it started happening. This is pattern of behavior and These other parents are saying why didn't Cosmo's parents step in and do something it's understandable. You know when you're hurting, really bad. You want to find answers, and so you think well we'll just keep going up until we get answers, but I,
know what to say this. People will always be defend, sit about their family, it seems it may be in their mind. Yeah. There is little bit of violence here, there's little bit of stocking, but not everyone. Puts his much weight on that. Maybe they should and I'm not going to say whether the lawsuits correct or not, but this is what the Please wanted and so it's up to the court to decide, and I don't think every parent is responsible for any heinous act their child does. but if you are still essentially the guardian of your child: they still live at home at age. Twenty. And they're not allowed to have a firearm, yet give them access to firearms There is some culpability there. I think there is some responsibility there. There one more thing I want to talk about regarding Sean Kratz, you know the trial and even before in his confession, he tried to make it seem like this is real,
cosmos doing and he wasn't as involved or There were mitigating factors like the threat against his family, but when it came down to it Sean made a comment right before he got sentenced. This was some I got out to the media, and he said I hope I get the death penalty because then I'll get the federal defenders now being a tory us and people will know who I am and I'll go in a blaze of glory and on there be put to death anyway. Well, when the death penalty was pulled, the DA said he doesn't get to be. No so for a guy who's trying to minimize his involvement, tries to go swinging and go out in a blaze of glory at the end. Well, prosecutors, saw that, and they all too happy to make sure that he was just going to go to prison and he would pretty much nameless from then on out, I mean he gets mentioned here and there, but he will never be notorious
And so this is what we're left with why I did Cosmo all the sudden just start killing people. I think we do have some of the answers. We have a pattern of behavior was a violent individual. He did stock people, but that does always equate to murder and even in his own words, he can't really explain why he killed these people. I think it have the answer, but it's just a gut instinct It's almost like he got irritated with the first guy with Jimmy decided to kill him and he got a taste for it as a power thing. I think he was a guy that wanted to be more powerful. He wanted to be bigger than he really was being a killer gave him that, because later he breaks down and cries and tells law enforcement.
I don't even know why I did what I did. I did it for nothing. That's cuz. He was caught. He was having a great time Justin up until he got busted. took him in that second time. You can see in the picture that I took of him he's not happy anymore, he's not smiling anymore, it's over and, I think people start to do something because it's it feels good when reality comes crashing down, then it's not so good. I think he's someone who just started, wrong thing, got it explore and then when it was, so funny more than he regrets it. I think of the act Windsor kid, I think Cosmo was pretty pampered his parents and was able, to get away with just about anything there's all. This information about these are drug deals, gone wrong. I don't want anyone going away. Suppose episode with this idea this week, as Cosmo Dinardo intending to kill people so throughout the drugs
If you watch any media accounts on this, there are many genes about all the Facebook posts and it's a grandiose and things like that where people free and family are sharing. Memories videos of these guys of time of mark of dean of Jimmy and they were loved. I don't think we should forget that I think we should remember these guys the way everyone else remembers them not just, simply as cost Dinardo's murder victims, because it's terrible human being. He doesn't get anything like that. All we need to know is Cosmo killed four guys with promising futures and loving family and friends, and that's it now he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison at the and
the from wondering, Nikki, Boyer host of the new podcast call me curious. Look.
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