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Cullen Davis. 1976-1978. Fort Worth, Texas. An oil heir from Fort Worth, Texas is estranged from his second wife. While the divorce process continues, the judge seems to be a real thorn in his side. Increasing his monthly payments to her and having him cover legal fees. Worse yet, she gets to stay in the house and all business decisions must be cleared by Judge Eidson. On August 2nd, 1976, the man's estranged wife, Priscilla, returns home with her boyfriend and they are ambushed by a man wearing a wig and carrying a gun in his hands and wrapped in black plastic. The man will shoot them both. She will somehow make it to a neighbor's house and the police will be called. Found dead at the home was her boyfriend as well as her youngest child, 12 year-old Andrea. Another man was injured with a shot to his spine who had arrived with his girlfriend shortly after. Priscilla, as well as the other two survivors, would name the attacker. They said it was Cullen Davis, who was married to Priscilla. He would be brought to trial for the murders, but these were not the only crimes that he would be charged with. He would also be caught on tape by the FBI paying a man for the murder of Judge Eidson. His divorce judge wasn't actually murdered, but Cullen was tricked into believing he was and handed over $25k. Two trials occurred with very good evidence against him in each. The results of these trials puts Cullen Davis right up there with Robert Durst and OJ Simpson. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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tomorrow are doing fine, just how are you I'm doing ok through my back out then curve crummy this week, but we launched our patriarch. After many many requests of people saying shut up and take my money. So are hatred is live and we be doing many
episodes minnesota, I dunno what you want to call them now. People are calling them many minnesota. Basically just and I will sit down and talk about something our first one will be about a hearing that we went to. We went to a hearing for one of the convict it in the kansas city, firefighters case. We sat in the federal court room and listen to the hearing for four or five hours, interesting, so yeah, there's that we ve already posted a premium episode out their israel keys to get to our patria on page, go to double w, w dot patria on dot com forward, slash generation. Why? I also to think patty from northern ireland said in a great email, and it was great to hear from you man thanks returning in so tonight's episode, I feel, makes j simpson and robert durst look like child's play. I feel that
those cases as elaborate and crazy as they are have nothing on this one. So what are we talking about tonight? Aired tonight we're talking about the oil are thomas cullen. Davis usually referred to as calling Davis. He faced two trials, the first a murder trial and the second trial, a murder for higher, and he beat both of them and he beat the charges, despite pretty good evidence against him. He was born in nineteen thirty three one. Two three brothers is father oil company, the largest in texas at the time yet can Davis industries.
growing up was probably a very interesting experience for four colin. Instead of going to like camp during the summer's, his father would build a campsite in their backyard. That was hundreds of acres where the kids would be allowed to do archery in canoeing later on when their own to drive his father would get colon air and impala correct. But Collen wasn't happy with this cause. He wanted a porsche noddy impala. but you know beggars can't be choosers. I guess very rich upbringing, old money, they're, pretty much growing up
What I would consider the most opportune best environment you could ever imagine, but that doesn't really help with some children. As we know the actually windsor situation and other things sometimes children are really taught general care about others or sharing, or things like that, and it seems that Collen might not have learned how to play well with others as you'll. Soon find out. When also, he seemed to not appreciate that his father was making him live. Modestly, when there was all this money, cullen had to live at home and drive this this cheap car,
is the best way to describe it and even when he gets married for the first time he's living under his father's roof with a real turning point for colin is, he seems to get tired of being married to his first wife she's, not very exciting, for him. He's got all this money and he's ready to start making moves. In fact, he's been collecting things for his is your dream home, while he's playing tennis one day, he sees a woman by the name of priscilla and she really catches his eye. She has these big golden locks. She has a zero waste, the typical bombshell blonde and for her the the way I understand it is she saw him, but he was just another rich guy at the country club. He didn't really stand out to her, but they would connect and at this time he was definitely still married, but he was moving on to priscilla. Hear me
priscilla, was actually in her own marriage, but going through the divorce process, It's also so both of them are married technically when they first meet, but going through separation and divorce. They kind of have something in common to talk about and she's enamored with Colin, and he loves her he's really into material possessions and me brands. So obviously a trophy wife kind of experience for him is what he's shooting for with priscilla. Yet Priscilla didn't come from money, but she was taught wait a bit about culture, so I think
there was more to her than just looks. She had already been married a couple of times she had an older child named d. Her real name is Angela D, but she went by d. She was eighteen in the year in question, which would be seventy six. She had a son named Jackie and her youngest was andrea, Jackie and andrea had the same father, their father resided lay the man that she was leaving at the time yeah. He was a car salesman. He was pretty well to do mean they were probably middle class, but nothing like what colonies. There was times that they would hang out together and she completed the divorce process with her husband but She was hanging out with colony in a hotel room one day the door was kicked in and some private detectives and her ex husband barge in
and throw tier gasser sprain with mace and take pictures of them together. So it was a really crazy situation of her ex husband coming after her, and you can only imagine that she had other issues with him before this incident, quite a scene with jack, her first, her second husband and these private investigators coming in here, asking them and taking pictures of her running off to the bathroom and taking pictures of key. all and who has no idea what's going on, because her crazy ex husband is, is behind this whole thing. So she's not had a lot of good men in her life up until this point, I think that that prevented her from seeing red flags with common cause he's rich he's.
So my charismatic he's the man with everything so he's not hiring private investigators come kickin door and stuff. So she sees a lie in him and cheap. Very much falls in love with him at that point day I'm going to get married in secret, but Collen knows that his father and family. His brothers are not too into priscilla, because if they want the best for their their son or their brother, and they don't accept her as one of their own. They don't accept her into the family very much. They think that she's, trashy and and of a lower class I think that's really what's going on here. I don't know if there's so much concerned about him as much as they are concerned about how she's going to reflect back on their family
I'm sure they think, while she's just a gold, digger she's just going to come after us for our money and make them look bad in the process right, yeah and in a way their upper class society. She doesn't fit in she. don't play the role, she doesn't have the same etiquette and what have you that the rich upper class do so she would wear short skirts low cut tops and, as she had her favorite necklace that she liked to wear when she was out with Colin. What did that necklace erin?
rich bitch in diamonds which you are you going to any shop need know today and you'll see necklaces. That say that, but this is back in the seventies and a very conservative, texas area. This is rockstar. This is not fitting into the status quo at all, and people do not like her well and give her credit. I mean she's doing what she wants to do. She's, not just filling a role she continuing to be exactly who she wants to be. So it's like an old money, verse new money, kind of situation, the day supposed to get married Collins father passes away, and you would expect them to postpone the wedding
they do not. It might show his respect for his own father were his uncaring of his father's passing, because this pretty much as his end to go ahead and get married to this woman that he loves without the judgment of his father. He ends up by building a house. thus on. I think it's a hundred and eighty acres of land, the house at the time I was I've, heard estimates between three point: in six million dollars, which. A six million dollar house and nineteen. Seventy five would cost roughly twenty seven million dollars. Today this home had twenty rooms in it. He had whose gall tables pool tables too
but the line he had in ground pools, indoor and ground pools. Three sixty fireplaces, A crazy home on the level of almost like hers castle. In the middle of a ranch in texas. Outside of fort worth. He filled this home with designer furniture, this century. Modern, too, But the line it said that he bought entire art gallery out as he drove past he just I did I'm in a by all the artwork in there and ship it to my home. put it up on the walls the unlike his father. He had no trouble spending the money yeah and he had a lot to spend think he was worth a hundred million dollars then, which if six million equals twenty seven million, then a hundred million and and network than yeah. It's it's something astronomical
but all was not perfect and their release ship. They had issues a court, two, the media and some people that parted with them. They would have drug party, he's at their house at their mansion and call and had a temper on him he liked to win. But he didn't like to play the game he just one to win so for a nice gift, priscilla him a custom made engraved poor q universe, papoose stick. It said that He was out and the poor halls and he kept losing any, took the stick, the gift that she had given him and started smashing it against the curve and the law was another incident, was they were at a hotel There is a ballroom and they were dancing and call on was dancing with another woman. They were growing.
each other a little bit and priscilla cited to call him out on it and stormed off, and he followed priscilla back to her her hotel room and beat the crap out of her for not showing him respect in front of other people too little if ye on how this goes down, but either a he beat, so bad that she was on crutches or or be. She had actually injured, yourself on skiing trip and she was on crutches, but and they had a altercation dispute and he would actually take one of her crutches from her and hit her with it. Finally, there was an incident where I thank you, the daughter, Andrea had not armed the security system. The house or had left a door unlocked and he
worker up in the middle of the night and struck andrea and said we always have to lock the doors, because people will steal mice. Off not people will harm us or harm you, but they might get a hold of my property and that's not acceptable, priscilla, came up to see what the fuck was about and she was holding her cat and calling would grab the cat away from her and smash the cat against a wall until it was dead in a fit of rage, so oscar
worry a sort of rage here said that the police were called out to the mansion on many occasions where priscilla would accuse Collen of striking her in a lot of domestic violence? Of this leads to a separation both of them when in finding new partners, Priscilla would meet a man by the name of stanford far, and he was a former texas christian university basketball player. He was six foot ten, but he was described as a gentle giant. He ran a bar Collen Davis. He got together with care and master. They started a relationship if we go forward a year do we end up in nineteen? Seventy six august, second of nineteen. Seventy six sometime after midnight, priscilla and stan arrived back at the mansion which she has been living in after a night out.
Also earlier that day, the divorce courts had found and priscilla s favour and up her monthly alimony from three thousand too five thousand during the divorce process. Colin was forced to move out of this home that he had built and loved. He was staying with his new girlfriend. An priscilla was hanging out with stand that night and they had dinner, and then they had drinks at the count. club and then they arrived home not expecting. I wanted to be there except andrea when they get there. Priscilla notices something odd about the security panel. It reveals that a door had been opened while they were out. She wondered if it was her daughter if her daughter had opened the door, but it just seemed strange:
they kind of go their separate ways in the home as she's heading one way she notices that the basement lights are on and that's not normal, not after midnight, and then she sees a bloody handprint on the basement door. So now she's calling for stan. She heads back down the other way and out of the laundry room, steps a man who's wearing a black wig black clothing and had a black plastic bag over his hands, and she hears him say hi and inside this bag apparently has a gun and he fires it and he shoots priscilla in the abdomen at the. I believe it's at the bottom of the sternum, so this gets stands attention stand comes, And then he obviously knows that his life is in danger. So he heads through a door and shuts it. The attacker tries pulling on the door but stands really pulling in the other direction and won't let the door open and he's such a. the guy that no one's gonna get that door open. If stands holding onto
the man trying to get in fires his gun through the door. Stand, screams out and pain because he's been shot- and you know, he shot stand through. The other side of the door so now stand comes out from behind the door and goes after him, and their struggling priscilla will say that the man, the attacker steps back after he pulls away from stan and shoots. Him stand, will turn around fall down right in front of her and then the attacker shoots him twice more and stand dies right in front of her she's shot, but she's not immobile. The attacker picks up stand by his feet, like picks up his feet and dragged him away, and she uses this opportunity to get up and get out. The attacker is trying to stop her from running away and She says that she looks at him and she says Colin I've never loved anyone else. We didn't
in it, but I was kind of letting you not mention it, because we were trying to sort of not say it was tall and yet but before he kills stan she's actually screaming collins shot me it's collen. After the attacker drag stan away. She makes a run for it and she'll hide in some bushes than some shrubs. she heard some voices? A car has pulled up and she hears more gunfire happening as the other car pulls up into the driveway, she will run again off the property. Shaft shall have to run over one hundred yards to another residence to ask for help. You know, please call an ambulance I've been shot, so the cops are called. It takes them a while to get there because they live out in the buoys honour hundred nato. the ranch, the cops war walked down the neighbourhood. To make sure that
nobody's leaving they enter the home. They find that there's a man named gus and his girlfriend have been shot at gus has actually been shot in the bullets lodged in his back. So he needs medical attention. Find the body of Stanford and they also in the body of andrea down in the basement. Any sort of a maintenance, closet and she's been shot in the chest scylla is at the neighbor's house and the poor, medics will show up and they'll be questioning her and she's pretty with it and she's telling them. This is my ex husband. It was him he shot me and I said well, do we need to take you back to the house, so you can idea or something- and she said no. I need to go to the hospital and that's when they really. Figured out that she'd been critically wounded with a gun I wanted the admin, so they then up taking her to the hospital pal
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seen bucks a month- admit mobile dot, com, slash, podcast, never silhouette, giddy staff infection firm, getting shot as well as other complications, including she was still suffering from an all sir, that she was diagnosed with that people said came from this whole drawn out divorce with her husband calling the really sad moment comes when the next night at seven thirty p m, a reverend informs her that her daughter has been murdered, the police would go to Karen's house karen masters house and arrest calling in the middle of the night, and they will take him
the station. It said that he's drunk correct, that is intoxicated judge W. W Matthews sets bond at some seemingly low amount. Some people say it's. Fifty thousand some people say eight thousand. The statement from him is this: man probably will never hurt anybody again. He was just drunk the police. Told me He was quite drunk and they say that when he gets drunk he gets really mad. What do you say that I mean so We have someone has murdered. Some people released alleged to have murdered some people. We can now just make the excuse that they were drunk and it's a one time thing, like he was drunk. So he shot a bunch people in a fitter age, but now he sober so he's, probably not as dangerous appears
The judge has already kind of got the idea that this man's guilty, or actually did this heinous act. It wasn't just the judge making that determination. Really I mean he passes that off on the district attorney's office and said they're, the ones it that the price, basically so I'm just going along with that which eighty thousand dollars for common Davis pocket change right yeah call and will say that he was out at the movies that night watch. The bad news bears by himself Even with his girlfriend. He doesn't produce a movie ticket there's no witnesses from the movie theater. That say they saw their this. Just him saying where he was an it's kind of accepted, he makes bail and he gets out. He goes to the airport where he has a hanger and he has a private learjet. The authority
will follow him there and stop him before they take off He says that he's going on a business trip, but he doesn't have any luggage with them. Nothing. It doesn't look like you act. He says it's a short business trip just fly across texas or it's just a short distance away, but the plane is fully healed up, and it is said, I've got some conflicting statements here that the pilot told long for meant that they were going to south america. You wonder if the pilot would really say that I mean it's like he's getting his boss up it was really they had to ask. What was the you know? What was the itinerary and flight plans had to be documented so
I think that the pilots like well they're gonna, find out anyway, so I have to tell him so talking on flight plans. What was the fight plan according to the evidence? It says that was for the plane to go to Houston, how much fielding ego to Houston. Well, the jet apparently container fuel to fly twenty five hundred miles and that the flight plan can be changed after they take off. So there is some evidence that Brazil could possibly have been his destination, but that's not suspicious that he's going to Brazil right now I mean his family was just shot out by an intruder. He was arrested for it, but not being forthcoming with the police at all about what he's going. Maybe he's worry, he's next, yeah he's afraid for his life, so they have three separate witnesses. That say they saw Collins avis. We have priscilla,
and she's actually screaming at stan collins, shot me run and when she's hiding in the shrubs. She sees him, go through the gate and at this point he's not wearing a wig, so she gets an even better look at him and then gus in bed pull up. They see him yeah, gus nickname is bubba, he apparently hears Bab say something about there's they there's common davis and he opened fire on bubba, so we have been, but who survived? He was disabled. From that point on, because the bullet had gone into his spine and we have bev and of course, Priscilla. We have three witness That said. They saw Cullen Davis there that night, that he was the shooter now
I realise that I witness testimony can be shaky. People bore all give different accounts of what happened I truly understand, but when you have I have relations with a person and you recognize them that's completely different from say stranger, coming into a room, doing something crazy shit some people in running off every one in the room that doesn't know that the shooter might describe them differently But in this situation this is her husband, and everybody knows about their abusive relationship. She had hired see. Security guards because she had bad vibes before this all went down. Stand, as he is, she knows who he is dead. in gas know who he is there not mistaking their identification of him. This is direct evidence, not circumstantial a few weeks of colin
being free. They actually re, arrest him and put him in the county jail and at this, The media is going crazy line these are being drawn in the san there's, the team colin and team priscilla camps here when we he's rearrested they they said. No, Male yak is obviously he's a flight risk, hazel flight rest and they have who people who have been murdered and to people who were attempted murders. They they originally going to have the trial in fort worth, which seem strange, given How well known this couple is, but because of us the with a jerk who apparently went home. Men told their family about the case. It came up that they needed you just move the trial. I mean this was the purpose opportunity to move the trials. They decide to move it to amarillo taxes, and this worked in the defences. Favor
not more yeah, you have colon with many business ties and friends up their, whereas priscilla has nobody. This is more old money, oil folks up there who respect call on this change. Venue only helps him and connected people and these people who are willing to be seen in public with calling, while he's going through this trial, most of the acute used. They will be brought out shackles they will be put back in a jail cell and between recesses of the court whereas colin gets too hang out at a meeting room with the dallas cheerleaders eating stake. This is how he's treated the press interviews him people stand around the court room waiting to get autographs from him. It's just an insane circus.
Meanwhile, the media is now to nice to Priscilla, going with pretty much all the whatever the defence saying about Priscilla there slandering her in the papers there talking about drug driven orgies and stuff and it's a complete character assassination of priscilla. She had been a user of perker dan and they said that's how she ended up hang out with the senior people with the drug dealers because you need, turkey dan, and they also showed how perker Dan, using this expert, witness they brought on board, could cause heard a beacon, fused about who she really saw. The trial will conclude on november seventeen nineteen, seventy seven and the jury will find him not guilty and it took them less than five hours to do
right now. If you're wondering how this could happen, Colin got one of the best defence lawyers in the united states and his name was racehorse. Haines Richard. U S, horse haines, he's good at his job. That's say. The least he character assassinated priscilla. He brought every single thing into question here. Kind of had two theories going. The first. One was priscilla because, they had these raging drug parties that this was a biker gang or drug deal gone wrong and The shooter was just some random assailant from a gang or it was actually priscilla who perpetrated this entire frame. Job against her husband, which I I gotta take a second
not like to accuse her of murdering her own twelve year old daughter, her current boyfriend and shoot at to france, since I mean either there all in on this or she's just gone off the hook here, but she is able to get to other people to believe that its her husband when one of them has been shot. I dont understand and how they paint this weird. pitcher that it was her. I can your stand a little bit of the theory that it might have been a a drug dealer on wrong or biker gang or something to that effect, but nothing stolen from the house. Nothing was missing. Nothin was ransacked, you know, a hundred thousand dollar artwork. You have money, you have all these things, there's nothing missing from the house and priscilla actually doing it herself, I know that parents are kept.
Full of murdering their children, but in this case why she would kill her daughter, her, boyfriend and then somehow gun down one of her friends and make it look like her ex has been that it doesn't make any sense to me, but that's what the defence paints and the jury buys into it. They're still going through their divorce proceedings and apparently collins, not getting the good into the stick from the judge, that's presiding over their divorce. This doesn't make him too happy. Yeah, the judges judge, I'd, send really being more
heir to Priscilla in the case Davis, doesn't seem to like that too much and one year later, Colin Davis is back in court and the reason is because the f b I had recorded him paying someone after seeing photographic proof that judge Eitan had been murdered. So he paid this person twenty five thousand dollars. It was a friend of his name corey right. His name was David Mccrory, and so he pays this twenty five thousand dollars and they have him on audio tape. It. It sounds like he's saying that he wants all the people to be murdered, he's giving a list of like fifteen to twenty people. He wants dead and he's being shown a photograph of the judge who is bound in tossing that and a trunk of a car and has been shot to death and he's approving of this yeah murder for hire.
not just a murder for higher, but actually paying for a job. Well done so they have David mccurry as a witness they have the fbi as witnesses They have calling Davis on tape. It seems like an open and shut case right well, he will reach out and once again get this lawyer for higher richard resource haines, who, I think really can't wait to take this case on, because this is what he does. He only takes on crazy cases, high profile, big money, big stakes, he had been paid. Two hundred fifty thousand dollars for just his services in the first trial, the loft arm itself was paid one point: five million dollars, but this second trial haines will ask.
or two million dollars for himself, and he will get it yeah now they have so much evidence against him. They have em on tape, they have Mccurry, they have the agents. He cannot deny that it was him meeting with him. He cannot deny that he was there They have it all document it. So what on earth could his defence be in the first trial? They just destroyed priscilla s character, so in this second trial once again, priscilla factors into it pretty heavily because in the end there making our I meant I mean they have to bring colin onto the sand. It is this trial really doesn't go in his favor. For most of the way haynes has tried everything he's pulling in call kinds of experts
and other witnesses and trying to discredit the prosecutions, witnesses and their stories. But really it all kind of changes when Collen gives tat the money they lay out this conspiracy theory, where it was pretty Ella, who iD hired killers and that's what column thought he was dealing with were these hilary that we're going to actually get him in the end, but by paying them in and working with them. He was trying to get them to come over his side and testify against her and reveal this plot, which would help him in divorce court, so he was working with playing along with this whole conspiracy to get these people to show that
she's, a bad person and beyond his side. During the divorce now the reason he says that he was working for the f b. I in this instance is what is is. This is what he's saying is because he received a call from an agent named james, occur and he said this person told him that this is going to up and that there is this plot to frame him and he said just play along because you know that The eyes on your side. We're gonna, take care of it, so when he was paying the twenty five thousand dollars wherever he was doing, he thought he was working with the fbi. Yeah, that's a defence so he doesn't deny that it's him talking democracy. He doesn't it I that it's him paying the twenty five grand he says. That's all part of the the ploy the conspiracy any way it's it's actually sort of a complicated trial, but all the
you really need take away from it is that they were able to spin this whole thing back around to wear once again I'll come on, why are you picking on Mr Collins here that the rich guys gettin thrown onto the bus? Again? yeah yeah I mean once again it comes down to his wife, who is trying to steal all of his money, is true, to get rid of him one way or the other she's trying to ruin his reputation. She's trying to take all his money. Charity took his house so. she's trying to ruin him and now he's gotta. Former fees got this guy that he knows MC rory who's trying ruin him to mccurry, had testified for the defence and the first trial, and now he's working against them. So its betrayal yeah gory. Why? Why would he flipped flop like that? It takes a few days before the jury comes back and it's a hug jury right. Eight jurors are saying he's not guilty, and
for our saying he's guilty. They can't reach and agree meant and its deadlocked. Then that's the end of that also the judge, the declares at a mistrial parent, This is a huge blow to the prosecution and the fbi. They were embarrassed and dragged through the mud, so they don't consider retrying him. So let's talk about this and Davis to trials not guilty. and the second one is a mistrial would say you just I mean is this- is what weapons right. If you don't have enough proof, you need to leave person alone. I'm I'm all for not sending the wrong person away I am all for preventing wrongful convictions. We call me leading heart, whatever even a guilty person. If they're, not if it
don't prove beyond reasonable doubt. I'd I'd prefer somebody to walk free than an innocent to go behind bars, but in this case from the murder. They were unable to find the murder weapon and they weren't able to find circumstantial evidence tying him to the crime, but they had direct ever which was I witness and, as I already said, its people that knew him and recognized him. This isn't a mistaken identity and I don't care for on. Drugs are not also the drug deal gone wrong doesn't really make a lot of sense and priscilla perpetrating the crime doesn't make any sense either you I don't know how she could shoot burma and zimbabwe would say I wasn't her and she not herself too. I mean that people can inflict wounds upon themselves. You know whether it be like cut them, miles whatever, but
shooting yourself with a gun in the chest. That's death! I, if she shot, you know she had like a raise wound on one of her arms or something I could understand that idea, but you don't shoot yourself and the torso or in your guts. That's usually that's what killed you. I wasn't air, but he absolutely got away with murder and that first trial and I think his hey you're his, lashing out his anger issues. His need for control in possession of whether be the house or priscilla made him snap and heat had enough money to hire the best lawyer. To get out of this, to emphasise hindsight, twenty twenty he's hiring a hitman to kill the judge. In his worse trial because his divorce isn't going his way now, whether He was playing along or not. Somebody show
you a picture of a dead body of a dead judge. I dont think that would be a oh cool yeah, I'm going to say what you want me to say kind of situation that say holy crap. This is real. There is a dead judge and it could be pinned on me. So the fact that he was willing to do a hit honour on a judge tells me that he was probably very willing to. kill a little girl kills. Why If kill anyone in the house thing when we, look at the evidence. We find a lot of motive here. On July, thirtieth judge edson had informed calling that he could not make any business decisions without his approval. That meant the entire company came to a standstill. All the assets were frozen.
and his brothers were pissed, because the company started losing money by the day because he was- allowed to move assets around cause. He could have tried to shelter them because priscilla was going to get a large percentage Another curious thing that happened was d, which was pursues: oldest child had met with calling on the day of the murders. This was august second of seventy six and she was talk new about being at school and saying hey, I need to know what my allowance is going to be like in said you really need to talk to your mother about this and he said don't go to morrow, go tonight, go to the house tonight and talk to her about it. I guess fortunately for her. She already had play. and so she didn't go home that night, despite his insistence that she do so. I see this kind of fishing, and also, I think, give away- and the second trial is the fact that when he was
rested. You think he'd say no. No! No! I was working with the f b. I he never discloses that, and it just seems fishy that he at no point did he ever call in the fbi for help if he thought he was working for them. No, I mean it. He he sees the body of a dead judge and that's that's cool. That's fine! No, no red flags! There and oh here's a list of at least three keen more people that you can go take care of. For me, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Somebody had just posted about her tim. I think his last name's la basses, from as I lay dying the lead singer of that christian metal band, who was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife and he just several years behind bars and they had less evidence against him hiring havana. We need pretty much. He was hiring an undercover cop to kills wife were
is I guess and call on situation because Corey was sort of a middle man or something like it. Just idle know how that fell apart, but money talks and was really strangers. Even many years later, when colonies asked about this whole, twenty five thousand dollars in the dead judge. He said He doesn't even recall why he handed the man twenty five thousand dollars says. I don't know what that was for now now I mean I get it like you so rich that what's twenty five grand, but I think if I'm meeting somebody in a cocos parking lot and handing them twenty five grand and talking about a dead judge that might be so of suspicious or I might have some sort of recollection of what I was paying that man for after the second trial judge edson will step down.
and call will get a new judge to finalize divorce and Priscilla will walk away with, I think three point: five million, as opposed to the half of his estates call and we'll get his house back in so I will have to move out in the nineteen eightys. There was a downturn in the economy, especially in the oil industry, which would severely impact his his company and him, and his brother would end up having to foreclose to some of the bank's they're worth was estimated like five hundred million in nineteen eighty two by within the eighties. It all went down hill. I guess they ended up two hundred million in the red
so they ended up owing losing everything. His beloved mansion would turn into a mexican restaurant and, I think, currently at sayer at the church right we other the restaurant, that there were several restaurants that word attempted add the mansion, but they didn't work out and they say that they just didn't get the traffic. I guess it's too off the beaten path, who wants to go eat at a restaurant where people were murdered and then it became a church and then, after that it became an event centre which it still is in fact refer from some people who have attended weddings there now calling Davis at some point. Became a christian. He found god and became a missionary and
He travels around praying and bringing supplies to the less fortunate. Now, if you remember early on, we talked about Stanford far, who was dating priscilla at the time that some one possibly column, Davis opened fire on them. His son was living in Kansas city and drove down to meet with calling Davis, and it's very strange because there are lawsuits involved between families, wrongful d,
civil suits. Despite this stanford son John still wanted to meet with him people that know John. You know some people supported him and other people thought this was just plain crazy. It just didn't make any sense. He said you have that need for revenge, you're angry! You know his father was killed most likely by Colin Davis, and yet here he is meeting with him at an attorney's office in texas, and he says that this calmness overtook him. He started thinking about forgiveness, and this is something that we've talked about before, but some people believe that when you forgive and you let your anger, go it aids in the healing, it's not as though it lets that person off the hook,
it's it's something you need to do for yourself and wet strangers. They didn't just be once they met twice and when they met again, John ended abstain night at Davis. This place, I thought a conversation with a little weird because Davis says he also forgives, which I don't know. If I take that as a sign of guilt or were what but Davis's statements are really odd during their conversations and you can find some of them online, you I don't know, I think when I heard him talking about forgiveness, I think it's, moreover, I'm innocent and these people accused me of all these horrible things, but I, give them, because I'm a christian- and he is always maintained his innocence. So I'm wondering, if any of you out there believe he didn't do it because
as they insinuated at trial. This could have been just revenge or retaliation against Davis by priscilla. That's what The accusations was that, oh, it was someone else, but then she said: okay, everyone, let's just say it was him because he needs to pay for what he's doing to me. I don't think people, would be on board, especially when there's a dead child involved. I think they'd want justice against the person that actually did the shooting right, but this seem to work in access there, and so I wonder what is at about taxes at this time, back in the seventies where this works because I have a feeling that, if you did this today, even in texas, I dont think it would work
you can say it was a sign of the times that you can say that there was a class difference or us against them mentality. I I wonder if people just liked them enough that they didn't really care that he might have done these heinous things or that she was so horrible that she brought these things upon herself
at the. in the late. Sixteen hundreds, the coast of north america, became a hotbed of piracy, but american pirates, much more than just armed robbery of the high seas. They were also actual figures in the growth of the thirteen colonies. I would eventually become the united states
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