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October 22nd, 1999. Bald Head Island, North Carolina. A police officer radios dispatch to report that she has stopped three people. Soon after she is heard telling one of them that there is no reason to have a gun on the island. A loud squelch noise will be heard followed by radio silence. By the time another officer arrived on scene it was too late. Officer Jones was dead. Her death was ruled as a suicide. A single shot to the back of her head with her own service weapon had ended her life. Rumors of a coverup seem to explain why what appears to be a murder would be interpreted as a suicide by officials. But was it a murder? Could officer Jones have staged her death so that her family would receive money? Or could there be another explanation? We break this case down using the known facts and even include a piece of evidence that you may never have heard about until now. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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The second one is more of how he gets caught and we have a conversation about how he stacks up against the original night stalker, which is a completely different killer. part two gives you resolution either If you send a par one, and you didn't listen to part two just kind of left in the dark in this evil world, and you need to go back and listened apart to and get that, sir this faction of knowing that this guy was caught and put behind bars, and we bring this up because had people right into us and say: oh my I'm not sure I can listen to part to this episode is do. You buy peacock bridge did the original limited series a friend of the family based on story of the Jan roper kidnappings from nickel, oscar executive producer of the act and candy and after producer eliza hip and comes a dark compelling. Look at the harrowing story through new lands produced which amber
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calm, slash, gaeta BP were text J, w p, two five hundred five hundred: that's audible, dot, com, slush judah, BP or text gdp to five hundred five hundred to try audible, free for thirty days or more time, audible, dot, com, slash gdp. We have a mystery to me it and I'm really They dig in this. This crate, story here. So I am glad that it was suggested its bout, a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. But was it a homicide or was it suicide it just weird any time these things happen. So what are we talking about tonight? At some concerns? mysterious death of officer divina buff jones, known as d to her friends so north carolina bald head island, and ninety nine. A summary of this
this would be. The officer was out that night with her partner, they had responded to a call and after that they separated she ends up calling dispatch, saying she's out with three meanings. He's talking with three people and then soon after that, her voice is heard over the radio again and says. There's he's and have a gun here on bald head island, her partner he will head over to where Sir Jones was- and he will do cover that she has been shot in the back of the head. with her own duty weapon. Now when First arrive on the scene. Of course they don't know that she was shot with her own weapon for sure as a result of the autopsy and inquiries There is a real question about whether she shot herself or whether she was murdered divina above Jones. She had parents, Loi and harriet buff they lived in charlotte north carolina, they own day
restaurant, the peddler steakhouse and Inna and her sisters worked there when they were teenagers. This is where a lot of people got a good feel for her personality and she could be very talkative very outgoing. But people saw that there was another side to her where she could get a little hostile little hyperactive they say this was probably because she's the classic middle child and they feel like they're in the shadow of their siblings. absolutely where there are always trying to live. To their older sibling, an being overshadowed by the the youngest who always gets all the attention. when she was younger. There is, I guess you could say a bit of concern about her when she was an eighth grade. She'd looped a belt around her neck, and it's not as though she was actually going through a suicide. As far as I can tell. I guess that sort of
anything to see a belt around your child neck. It, especially if they're, not playing a game. If this is sort of out of context, it can be really dangerous and when she was in high school, she ingested a bunch of tylenol and she was taken to the hospital where her stomach was pumped. That looks like a suicide attempts yeah, but this is high school so she's very young hormones and emotions are raging, kids do dumb stuff as a child. She was considered to be a tomboy, You would see her spitting, she would use vile language and she would smoke today- confrontational young girl as an adult as a thirty three, world as she is in ninety ninety nine she's fourfold, eleven and ninety pounds, and she has to australians birds, lord Adam and precious queen. That's awesome!
Now indoor authorities she's been married in divorce twice in. and he ninety four she go. into a bit of a fight with one of her husbands, babies ma whatever you want to call it and they got into an argument and she charged with simple assault in january, three of nineteen. Ninety nine she has graduated police academy and she is working for the bald head island police department- and she has a partner who is officer, keep kane, he used to be a truck driver, he's been on the floor, for eighteen months and he's considered her superior when they're working together, just because he has more time in but everyone says that they get along pretty good. Now, bald head island can only be accessed by fair, brief, and it's mostly beachfront homes, which are
very expensive, canada, one sent sort of area to live in it takes twenty minutes by ferry to reach the island when visitors arrive, they see bali, which is the lighthouse it was built and eighteen, seventeen, its red bricks, come then stucco it's been breached. Haired and it looks olden aged an antique, but it's it's a beautiful island. The stucco has been re applied over the many years that the lighthouses been repaired or updated, and so it has kind of a path, he looked to it. It really stands out this island. Also in you talk about the one per centres. This is where they filmed weakened it burns, and if you haven't seen that movie, he should definitely rent it. after you listen to this episode because it's pretty corny, but I've heard that it's a fairly accurate look at how this ireland operates. This island is very small. It's like it
couple square miles as far as living area, where there's the knee her hurts and then there isn't a couple more square miles of a nature reserve, but because it such a tiny island there any cars here which is kind of interesting. According to the website for bald head island, it has twelve thousand acres and ten thousand acres of that is beach marsh and forest serves now. So yes, since it so small, the residents air or the visitors there using gulf carts. But if you do so the vehicles on the island, it's because they're government vehicles, so it's people who work for you know, say the police, department and officer jones drives a ford ranger and her partner. Keith kane drives a shit blazer. It is said that officer jones has to use a pillow
she's sitting in the ford ranger to see or the star well. She has somewhat of a reputation on the island for Following the letter of the law she likes to make sure that if you're on the island, your obeying the log she's gotta, idea citation. You will write you a citations, you will call you out on it, and I can only imagine a bunch of rich people who have their vacation homes on an island giddings, crude with over drinking in public or driving their golf carts too fast. I'm assuming this a little bit of tension, their yeah. They don't have to put up with her. I mean how much did she make right yeah there. These guys are millionaires. One of the things that occurred before the incident in question was that she had filed a sexual harassment complaint against in e m s worker. I dunno this really This incident with the ems worker seemed early, bother her and
have been. Are the reasons why, on the night of october twenty said ninety ninety nine? She was updating her resume, but SAM. I dont want to say that everyone didn't care for her. I do believe that there are people that really respected officer jones and understood that she was there to do her job. The sad thing, though, is any time a woman. files of sexual harassment complaint. In a word, environment. It never goes well for them. usually turns out to be whatever The workplaces is going to retaliate against them for being a troublemaker for cars. Trouble where there wasn't any before so. I feel that once you while this complaint saw it wasn't really going her way or that everyone was turning against her on it. She's probably
it's time to move on to a different job, because well she's not going to put up with treatment like that and if her boss doesn't have her back, why is she going to stick around? That does seem to be the situation here. I mean you think about it. This is a a really easy job and it's a very nice area. So why would she be looking for work elsewhere? It has to be because she's not feeling welcome there and she's, probably We had about enough of that year on the night of october, twenty second, ninety, ninety nine everything was Now, I guess fairly normal that night she was work and a resume, and at ten thirty p m, though a call comes in from the manager of the river pilot, restaurant and cheese, because she sang there's a missing golf cart. Now, as we said, if you live there,
you're a visitor. You have a golf cart, so you can get around and when the manager was question she said. Well, I don't think it was stolen maliciously. It is probably just taken by mistake that you know they would like to find it officer jones and officer kane, we'll drive separately out to the restaurant. A has been reported that there were three men who were obviously intoxicated seen taking off. On a golf cart from that location, the two officers arrive the restaurant, but all of the people for the restaurant are already on the ferry which has left. As far as I know, the the fairy will depart from the mainland at the top of our and then leave the island at the bottom of the hour. So it's on a regular schedule. After they may some enquiries with a mere by businesses. They will drive away and they'll notice that there's a golf cart by the old baldy lighthouse,
she writes down the registration number of it, so she can check into the ownership. This is She does she owns anything that's out of whack in sheep is going to take care of it, whether it be return. The golf cart tell somebody hate it. This has been stolen or rest of the people that possibly stole it. Now. It's funny people always say do your job. You had one job, it sounds like officer jones does her job absolutely after this she tells her partner that she's going to go for a ride and he asked hey. Do you want me to go with you and she says now: it's fine, I'm just going to go at about eleven thirty, that night officer jones uses a pay telephone. And she calls and ex boyfriend patently. This was because of their break up. Some people are saying that she was kind to apologize. Maybe she was a little rough with him when they were breaking up now. Eighteen minutes
later, so she calls ended his back with a radio and she says she's out with three and dumb and will play the the radio call for you so that you can hear it. and they have also enhanced at a little bit, because there is some? There are some words that she says that I found very interesting because they're not brought up anywhere that I've read or on any news reports it I've watched online. So here are these calls forty two The corporation about what yeah
yeah? a body five in the book for the lady he thought to buy, and then, while the radio keyed up- and I got it back- he heard the one with the gun down the get
a body that would weaken the body, yeah you got you. Can we the only we contacted the guard they're going to need the help of one also attacked anything further
now, let's get to talk about the calls karlsruhe, because these are important- and this is really at the centre of the case on the suicide or the homicide angle and as far as I can tell she says, she's talking with some people she's talking three people and then shortly thereafter, she sang
There's no reason to have a gun on bald island. You want to put down the gun, come on. Do me the favor and put down, and then you hear the radio. It gets keyed up, it's like allowed squelch, and then you can hear what sounds like d, and this is where I I don't hear or see anybody talking about this, but she says it's very quiet and she sounds very afraid. She says. Oh lord, oh my god, my god- and you will hear this in the calls
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go away and that someone else to get up to her, who has been waiting to have a confrontation with her once she's alone but it there's no real way to nail that now it's just. If you listen to the dispatch, it sounds like she's suggesting that the calls were pretty close, So we will, I guess, assume for now that there were three people that she stopped to talk with, and then something went wrong, so three people. Some people will call into question and when I say some people, I mean people on the internet, questioning on message, forms who question if these two calls are related. How far part are they were just going to go with? It Dispatcher says there were moments apart. People will question There is no reason to have a gun on bald head island. That kind rubs people the wrong way. They think well. Why wouldn't she just say here why
she say bald head island, but, like spell it out, I look at this as official speak. Thus, the way law enforcement talks as their very official and their speech pattern? This is her jurisdiction. So she is letting them now. This is my jurisdiction. This is not allowed here yeah, but she letting them now that's. What here is its ball? Had island yeah and that's official speak, I think it's normal I have some issues with the squelch where the loud sound at the end of the call, because what's causing that the research idea if you have low voltage to your radio. It can cause that or other radios can cause interference, which might say asked one of the assailants his own one, radio. Can I go down there, the whole too much or they just
crappy c b radios and it means nothing, and then he please officer will tell you now. Do they do that? All the time it's possible- and I am sure will hear from- Some officers who have, I would say more experience in this area, the o lord, oh my god that scary, You can go either way on their own now. Dispatch will try to get back in contact with officer jones that fails her partner officer. Keith kane leaves the police station and he gets to wear ideas at about fifteen minutes later and he will find officer jones on the ground next to her truck and she has been shot. in the back of her head. She is deceased. So, let's less paint the scene rockwork her truck has been backed up. Into a alleyway or or drive way, which is typical tactical parking for most long for,
that they always back in so their faces whatever's coming at them, truck, is running in she's out of the vehicle, A little ways away by white, picket fence and she's lang face down, her gun is in her hand or very close to her hand, and she has a weak to the back of her head. Yet her hand is over her service weapon and her index finger is on the trigger officer caned as something interesting. He takes the gun and puts it in sight of her truck on the floor bed of the truck, and then he calls for backup. Now he will say you know when he's asked why he did this. He said that he moved the guy. and out of concern that there was a possible shooter nearby, he doesn't know what happened yet so he's for. Assuming that there is a shooter. Yet you walk up upon your partner. Lying dead face down.
with a gun in her hand, and you assume she's been shot by somebody else. So he's trying to get control of this variable this weapon in it somewhere. sighed out a mind. I kind of get it, but is a crime scene and now here I moved something and changed the scene. The people who arrive after officer kane are the volunteer fire chief kent brown and then to e m s, workers, one of whom is the very person that officer jones had five the sexual harassment complaint against, because this is a very small town. So all these people know each other and have to work with each other. What happens with her partner and the e m t guy the fire chief and
m s, workers put her body on a journey and they transport it over to the fairy doc and they just leave her. There uncovered do you think that they would take a sheet and put it over her or something I don't know explain it as their protecting evidence by not covering her, but I dont believe that to be true, I think that they just left her uncovered, for whatever reason Ok, so her partner has removed the weapon from the scene, and now they have moved the body from the scene and left it the open on a dark. Ok, lol doesn't and they are because the fire chief well, he knows that there is going to your wedding in just a matter of hours and so but he does is he has
the fire hose turned on and some evidence is washed away. There was a bloody palm print on the back of her truck an officer jones ranger. There were drag marks and there was blood spatter. All of this was hosed away at the fire chiefs orders they just hose down me cry seen area even know where to begin with this if die, turkey can be sued for malpractice. If Lawyers can be fired for practising law in an improper manner held accountable. What did they just do here? They just haughtily screwed, a crime scene. She was face down now what we just said. How do you know what the crime scene look like cause? They tampered with it. They tainted it everything's washed away,
there was a spent showcasing next to the fence from what I've gathered Is she held a gun to the back of her head? She probably what hold the gun upside down there are some debate over whether or not the shell casing was in the right place if she was facing north or south, whatever direction alongside the fence. Where would this shit casing be ejected, was the gun held up right side up was held upside down but they come to the conclusion that these casing, probably should have been on the other side. Now, whether can confirm that or not. I am just going with what, The investigators are saying or the right one. The acting police chief that evening the acting sergeant jean hardy, believes
The child casing was on the wrong side of her to have been self inflicted. Yes, There is some investigation on this case. So, even though we're talking about a fire hose washing away everything, they do an autopsy and there's report drawn up about what they fight and they said that there were no unusual footprints. They didn't find any identifiable fingerprints on the gun, which is very possible. When did you clean your hands? What is the humidity? There are a lot of factors that go into this or the her partner who pay it up and move the the weapon, his fingerprints smudged on top of other people's fingerprints but will never know, because he moved again right officer jones used finger less bicycle gloves they tested those. There was. Trace of gunpowder residue on the back of her right hand, glove, but there's no wait. Time stamp that it could have been less
dollars from the shooting range and how many people actually wash their gloves, so it could be from her firing it that night or it could have been there prior there's no way to tell they found blood under her head. Of course, they believed that indicates she fell right where she was shot. The lead from the slug and her head was matched the bullets in her gun. So they know that she was killed with her own gun. Her gun was a forty caliber glock. She also had blood under fingernails, but that was her own blood and the only mark they found on her body was in a race, yours eyes nick on our right wrist, and they know that the pistol was up against her head when it was fine, so this nick on her wrist, I'm just gonna go if she was the one
pull the trigger. If you can imagine, holding a gun before and your head upside down, it's a very awkward position, and when that slide comes back, it could have caught her wrist. That's my only explanation for what this, could have come from if it was suicide and people have tried to figure out how she could have the gun to shoot herself. The first thing I thought of it's so odd that she would shoot herself in the back of the head and, as we stated when we talked about Sean durant's, mysterious death, If you are a police officer and you are murdered in line of duty. Your family will get money Police officer might make theirs. beside questionable or look like a murder so that their next of kin would get the money get the benefits from it. But if you kill yourself, they don't get anything.
There is one problem I have at that in this case, which is, she doesn't really have a next of kin. Now she has her siblings and she added ass, her parents, but not as though she's married and has kids so I dont know how that really works. If is depressed and she took her own life. No is really collecting on those benefits. So why would she bother making it look like a homicide. There was a bloody handprint on the truck. If that palmprint on the truck was from one of the assailants obvious she was murdered, but if that blue, A palmprint was left by one of the medical one the first responders or her partner thou? It makes sense. Because they were handling her body and then they touch the truck and left a palmprint? it's the only feasible way. I would think that
they would be ok with washing a bloody palmprint off of a truck after finding a dead police officer, as they knew that they left at themselves. Otherwise, this is absolutely murder and they should be investigating this palmprint as it might be able to identify the assailant. Well, that's why the word cover up comes up. So often when you read about this case in the DRC, marks. When I hear bloody, palmprint and drag marks, somebody they just shot themselves, isn't leaving a bloody palmprint and drag marks. So this is all things. that look really suspicious not to get to graphic. But why she shot herself in the head. It was as though the the gun was aimed in an upward position so that the bullet went you say: was it up and to the left? Yes, absolutely, which would
more more or less dictate how you, if you are holding the gun, with your right hand, cause she was right handed and the dungeon residue was found on her right glove if she was holding it the back of her head, she turned her head to the left, held it back their upside down. It would probably have that sort of a trajectory, but Somebody holding the gun to the back of your head might be able to get that same the same path but again, she's forfeit. Eleven An assailant shooting her in the back of the head is going to happen, you bring their arm down and shoot upwards, as opposed to morning, the gun downward our like an execution style shot so wits that the wound is weird as it is in the center of the back of her head, the path of the bullet I say, leans a little bit more that she was holding the gun then again, what if she were murdered to make it look like a suicide so that its easily covered up idle,
I think this was a murder made to look like a suicide. I just find it interesting that the gun was placed up against the head. You would think they wouldn't need to do that if they were just going to kill her. There are a lot of questions here about how she could have shot herself and one of the ways would beat turn the gun toward her face, with the thumb on the trigger and then too, lift her arms up over head so that the guy it is now against the back of her head, but then doesn't really make a lot of says just because they only found gunshots as it you honor right glove, so she would have had to They used one hand but pull the gun that way in point two There are some one handed to seems ridiculous. I would think you'd be much easier to hold the gun, like you would just regular and just turning side down with the right hand and place it to the back of her head either way
gunshot under the back of the head, suicide is very awkward. If the gun was held upside down, they say that the casing, the shell casing, would have been ejected off. The left, but the casing was found to the right. at a major issue, because that would in that she had to have held the gun right side up to the back of her head. that is very awkward, whereas holding upside down or over the top of her head, which the medical examiner says happened. The shells very questionable they ve, already moved the gun and the body so was this: shell really found where it lay, I don't know, so now you have enough information. You can begin to think about. Was this a suicide or was a homicide
would say the real key to this whole thing is whether you believe that when she radios, dispatch or activates her radio- and you hear her talking about someone having- gun. If you buy that she saw some with a gun. Its murder has to be met otherwise. This is a elaborate. Whose of hers to go out all the dispatch to say She has three people and then call back or just turn her radio on, so they can overhear her saying guns aren't allowed on on bald head island, but the gun down kill herself immediately as not that elaborate. But it's over planned ordeal and again. We already said that what is her motivation? Well, it's the next of kin gets benefits, but her siblings and her father
seemed need the money. So, what's the point of this house, planning of her own death. Why? Wouldn't she just killers of her family absolute believes that she was murdered? Let's talk a bit about the players, because we already talked about her partner. there were a couple of police chiefs, one was police chief karen gravity, and she wasn't acting that night. She did. Let them know that the crime scene needed be contained, but it didn't seem to be really her call because the fire chief, the volunteer fire chief, seem to be making the decisions to take care of the crime scene, because, of this impending wedding of a prominent bald head island family that was going to start later that morning. Police chief gravity is
trying to make a call to contain the scene, but she's, not the active chief that night, she's, not listen to, she is overruled and they do not contain the scene. They do everything but contain the scene. Now he did say that she had been out with three. She had stopped. Three people at it's a m that morning three men were discovered, trying to sneak off the island, and they were briefly question but released because the sheriff said they were good christian men and were cleared. They should not be detained, they should he released did. Did he actually ask him their religion as they were, leaving, apparently he's vouched for them?
the really terrible thing is that these men, according to police chief grassy, had criminal records that tone over forty eight pages. Long, oh, It obviously did this excuse. Instead letting them off the island. Is this bs? What did they tell that police chief when she was calling in that night. Well, it said that she was told to go home and shut up of fellow officers told to shut up when another officer appears to be killed in the line of duty but she's the chief? You can file charges for obstruction of justice, but she's obstructing the normal way of life on the island of. Apparently, we ve seen this before it. Anybody It's ever watch the movie jaws this finds me of when the shark has been active in the water attacking it it's
old somebody opened the beaches open them, just because look, tourism needs to continue the eye, it needs to make money, etc. It's it's a tourist spot and we can't have their property values go down. We can have this wedding ceremony delayed whenever these are People are way more important than officer jones is what they're saying and what do they say? Why would they look into the matter and the district attorney rex gore? besides. This is a suicide not only does he say this is a suicide, but he gets thee. Medical examiner to concur with him. Even though The medical examiner was kind of leaning, more towards homicide, but then said under. The influence of of gore he's gonna go with suicide, but allow
of the initial reactions were homicide so we a change in opinions here, according to The north carolina assistant attorney general at the time dar tannery, say his name officer joan. Had made. One hundred and seventy visits to the wayne county mental health clinic for treatment of depression in ninety. Ninety, seven, that's less than two years before she joined the bald head island police force. She was also taking antidepressants at the time she was working as an officer and he saying hey look. This is stuff that shows that she bad issues but, of course, you and I can say that many people get treatment or take antidepressants. It's not that uncommon and even police chief care. gravity and jean hardy, who is acting police chief that night that officer jones died. They both admitted that
she lied on her job application. They said if she had not lied if she admitted that she was making these visits and taking antidepressants there would not have hired her, but even so, both of them maintain that they believe This was a homicide. Just today on our facebook group discussion, page people were too king about any disorders and mental illness that they suffer from and if any of those people or to die tomorrow, should we just assume it with suicide because they had issues I not willing to do that. Just because, She was on antidepressants does not mean you jump to a conclusion like that, and I feel their jumping conclusions because what hit me analyze any evidence because they destroyed at all. I also and point out that you'll see image is out there on the internet of the wound in the autopsy reports to the back of her head? The first autopsy report? has a wound that slightly offsets,
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this is a suicide and we need to cut back vat up it's very telling and scary. These two reports are different. It's is another discrepancy in this endeavour, negation ended scary, looking to me, brunswick county, sheriff ron. Hewett he's the one that arrived at the crime scene and he's the one they had officer jones body locked in an office. ok away, they put her outside on doc, exposed to the elements and then they moved her indoors to an office changing the climate around her, thus making it even harder. To determine time of death. Ok, I just want to make sure that we're clear on that and police chief grassy says that sheriff you. It is the one who to turn this into a case of suicide, that it was his influence now sheriff
It is a man who warrants some investigation and that's because he was investigated several times and the charges that were possible. Given his history and stories that were being told, they included sexual harassment, embezzlement and even showing up at crime scenes intoxicated. Wasn't there some witness tampering to peppered in yes it. In fact, there are a number of people who secretly recorded sheriff hewett where you seems to admit to witnessed hampering, and he even comes across as as racist. Now I dont want to just throw that word around, because it's it's not something at the you know, I don't want to easily label anyone with that, because we get emails every day, saying we're racist sexist and we're we're terrible people. So why do you think he's a racist
You can listen to him online. There are record calls where he talks about black officers and he one black officer hill, just their name, but then another he'll say I consider him to be a black and the kind of black person who will data white woman comments like that. I would If your curious about this aspect of it, then by all means, look up these secretly recorded conversations because he he distinguishes between the people he likes and he dislikes, and he The assembly points race as a definite factor as regarding somebody or me marginalizing them so yeah, that's pretty racist. I bring this out because for one, it's verifiable but number two if he is
racist? There is also a good chance that he doesn't care about officer jones, because officer jones is a woman in my really take a giant leap here, not probably now all boys club, let's just say that sheriff hewett with later be arrested and charged with deleting federal laws. What did he do? He was charged with? elating federal laws regarding the possession of a firearm that had crossed state lines by phelan after agents from the eighty f and deputies from brunswick county found multiple firearms in his holden beach rode home. So he was, I guess, taking these guns and keeping and from self, oh, but yeah he'd been in under investigation fer a number of years. If he was convicted, he would face up to years in prison, quarter million dollars and fines
and three years on probation, that was in two thousand and fourteen and two thousand eight. He was indicted on state charges of embezzlement and obstructing jack. this he served a sentence of two years or about he served a sentence of less than two years back then, continuing on what the players involved. If you dont, like the character of a few it well here's. What the da rex gore is all about dear gore, was indeed did by grand jury for falsifying expense. Reports. Premature rod, so he could get reimbursed by the state. and get money that did not belong to him. He'll, take a plea, deal family thinks that there's a cover up the family thinks that everybody involved here is corrupt. There wrong. We I don't know if they had a hand in a cover
up, but when they say that everyone involved is corrupt. Well, he can't really felt him for that Have you listened to gore? He really minimizes this whole situation. This all happened in two thousand and twelve, but the the fraud staff was going on between two thousand and five and two thousand and ten. He maintains that nothing wrong happened gore sheriff you. It will appear to influence stay medical examiner to call this a suicide and close the case. and once gore is no longer the d a and a new da comes in. They will actually end up. Reopening the case, but core closed it when they questioned him hey when, when this new guy reopen the key, ace. Does that make you look? and he said now because he doesn't care It's just this sense of complete disregard.
Dismissal of officer jones that all of them have it's kind of sickening to me. even if she did take her own life, the way they just be hey vice, like we just gotta keep moving on, there is a wedding happening or we just this- is the island and nother day another dollar and we're not going to stop and analyze when a fellow officer has fallen. It just seems totally dismissive to me and I think that's the ferris, where to put it. A lot of people wonder, if They had had her murdered and this was a cover up, but it really seems No matter what happened, they just want things to move on, so that it would be This is usual on the island, and people would be assured that they were not endanger, and that
Oh that's wedding. Still on everything's fine go back in the water right, just their jaws. The new district attorney John David would examine the case again, and I think his conclusion is probably I guess you could say the most fair given but he had to work with what do you think we'll yeah? That's the sad part is what did you have to work with when the crime scenes tainted the way it was but he's trying to appease the fan? Members he's trying to? stay in line with what the system and others have said, but he does we want this to be investigated. One of the things they do is they take all of the case files, all the
evidence and they allow a number of former f b. I special agents to review the case. There are four different agents looking at this case and in the end they come to an agreement on whether it was suicide or murder. When this district attorney John David looks at their findings and looks over everything himself, he says this the appropriate determination given the well documented uncertainty which surrounds this case. Justice demands that the cause of death be classified as undetermined by this agency. The file remain open and any new leads will be pursued. That's absolutely because I think it's undetermined, I dont think you can determine if this was murder or suicide because they see rude the investigation. I hope that the facts, really can sue them for this, because that's there,
job is to investigate and instead day wash it over with a hose. I dont, like conspiracies. I dont, like cover ups, hear this how long's razor, which is never a tribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity, Why am I switched out around? I say I never assume malice when in common hence is so abundant and I dont know if this is incompetence or if this is a murderer and a cover up, because if there that incompetent that's horrifying to me, in the way I look at this cases at this was one person who had murdered another whether be their wives, their girlfriend, a police officer doesn't matter they can and up the crime scene. They move body and then nay gave you contradictory statements in information and their character.
Was flawed by prior rests and other things or semi related to what they're doing it. This crime, being corruption. Witness tampering, I would say, a person was guilty is how I would say they look suspicious and they absolutely should be investigated, but instead of an individual here. We have a series of individuals all making horrible mistakes that I could only a tribute to malice and not incompetence because it just seems to be too many of them, but because of the state of the crime scene. I don't think week, I think, Undetermined is the best answer, but I have serious problems with the way it was handled, the other possibility is that either though she was murdered or Mrs suicide, that it wasn't a cover up because they did any wrongdoing or that they were covering up for
what is alleged to be a drug operation that she interrupted that at this very well could just be hey meeting at the beaches open again, there's no shark. That situation where you dont want these wealthy residence to be alarmed you're saying it no big deal she shot? Herself were cleaning it up you and continue with the wedding. It's no big deal would just assume that there is that, thin blue line that officer bond and when one of their brothers or sisters has fallen, they would care. But she was on the force. Only nine months seem D, get along with a lot of them. It seems a complete disregard for her she's, not a part of their system should not part of the good old boys club. In the end, I dont really have a
strong feeling on what happened other than I believe they owed it to her and her family and to justice to properly investigate this, which includes protecting that crime scene so that they can investigate. You know in a complete way in a complete manner, and they didn't do that, and I think, given that I think that Terrorist assessment is to say that this is undetermined, but if I'm leaning one way it's to murder and its unfortunate that this family has never receive justice Only justice they received at all is the fact that law Iran years later, they were given the respect of a more complete investigation, but it just it didn't give them the result that they wanted. I dont think you know it seem like time was. Take in and honest eyes were looking over the materials. That's all they have to go with. They think and then
was determined that they did qualify for the money, so the family received fifty thousand dollars. That's why it's there? That's why they have benefits I don't think they should be denied the money, even if the officer did take their own life. But this is my opinion that would save your interested in learning or about this case. There's a book that was written by officer, joneses sister and if you go on you amazon search for out with three the full title as with three, the murder and betrayal of bald head island police officer to being above Jones. Her sisters name is elaine buff. There are different news reports out there. You can look up. Autopsy materials which has just pointed out are very interesting because their seats to be two different illustrations of where she was shot, and there are so different that just an I actually sat around talked for about ten fifteen minutes before we recorded about it because it really bothers us it does
Look as though the medical examiner was influenced here and it just seems so strange that the actual entry wound would be illustrated so differently in two different areas of the reports. the new weeks
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