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August 22nd, 2011. Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Corey Scherbey was found dead in his home on August 22nd, 2011. The RCMP initially investigated his death as a homicide, but in 2014, Corey’s death was declared an accidental overdose. Corey’s family believes he was murdered. The way Corey’s body was found, details at the crime scene, and a strange letter leave some with the belief that this was a murder.

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I will say that I do have some personal were experience with this type of story, so I'll keep my opinions talent. So what that? What are we? about tonight, we're talking about, the august twenty eleven death Corey Scherer be in his home in cello lack british columbia, canada. never been to chill act, but it sounds I got a nice quaint area. canada and apparently over by coover, yet so corey was born january, twenty third nineteen, seventy three he was born and raised in shallow act, british columbia, canada and he worked indy logging industry, as aid joker, whose a person that secures cables around logs he had a twelve year old son, and he was described by his former tenant as a great person. He was a gentle teddy bear
in his obituary. It said he cared depot. For his family and friends and was always the first to lend a hand to those in need said that he was a very happy and outgoing person? Tat people never knew him to be in a bad mood. Now as you already mentioned, the sewers august, twenty in court He is thirty, eight years old. He was last seen alive on august, nineteenth. His father ed, come by the house to drop off some dinner. He rang doorbell and notice the door was a bit ajar and he called out hikori. I got you a couple hamburgers and he went to top of the stairs and there was a woman in there. He didn't recognize. She was wearing a leather jacket. Corey didn't, say much. He appeared to be maybe embarrassed and
Corey shewed his father out and in want him to look again or see what was going on so Corey walked his father out and said good by the very quick interaction, tom It will end up telling his wife. there- was a strange girl at the house. And he says that she looks a little bit kind of spooky What do you take that to mean justin? I think god girl myself, I think black, care, maybe some I make up, maybe not the time of woman, they expected to be with their son or wanted to be with her son yeah. Now he began It was little bothered by this, and so he was talking to his wife, gladys and said I really we should find out who she is, his wife said they shouldn't bother corey just leave him be now. This was before the weekend and
They haven't heard from him or weaken long, so they had tried calling, but no answer and he didn't return their calls so his mom and dad adding gladys decided they would go to the house. This is monday and its twenty. Second, twenty eleven nobody wants the door, so gladys his mother used her spare key to get in edward outside da gladys Walked in and found Corey neil, in front of his leather sofa. His head was buried into the cushions. She lifted him up and tried to lay on the floor and she saw a mass of pool of what looked like blood She said that corey was on nice people, Space was so decay
black and blue that she couldn't recognize her own son, so she ran out of the house screaming and of course, add the father, peterson It's going on, so he jumped up and run over and try. he could her as she trusted. Splain, what has happened, and she's screaming someone has build corey, murdered, murdered there is also a man that lived below and his name was kevin, Mcalpine and Kevin. alpine. You know he'd brenda. From corrie and because the commotion he came up and saw what was happening so there. Actually a couple of calls here tonight when one because this death occur. for some time that weekend it makes it difficult because hi heat. May there wasn't any air conditioning at the time so the high he the state of the body. It was very difficult, even
try to figure out a time of doubts, other isn't one, but they feel here that he must have died. Some time late august, nineteenth or early august twentieth of eleven so that friday, night or early saturday morning is what their think about three days from four they too monday, is the time That's elapsed, its little disturbing, but we do need to cover these details. They do become important. So, like you, Ed Cory's face was buried into this four cushions his body was bent sharply at the waist his Denham jacket, actually covered his face and it was so Ten fluids. when gladys had seen him. She thought that at least one His ears was missing. and then, when she was looking at his face his eyelids and his face were white and his nose was blue had no hair on top of his head and, of course,
was this pool of fluids all over the floor and she thought it was blood. It measure seventeen and a half by seven feet. This fluid had gone through the ouch and all over the floor by the time people arrived, it had hardened into a crust. And it was a reddish color. Anyone could look at that and say: dried blood There were other parts of it, house, you know on the frames and you're the front entrance and near the ouch, that looks like it had some of this fluid on it too, and it said that There was ready residue in the bathtub in the bathroom. It said There were smudges of blood on the door frame on this day near the front entrance. the blood on the ac unit. Next to the couch and his Other ed said that it didn't look like the blood drew to shout, it poured out not simple, until now, they also
found bloody footprints and these appeared to be sock, prints If someone wasn't wearing their shoes- and they were down the hallway downstairs toward the patio doors going to the through from the hallway and going from the dining room and living room area to the kitchen down the hall. way to the bedrooms, turning towards the master bedroom and then whether prince aside from those but because their sock prince- the police when they were looking at them. They said they varied in size from between an eight and a half or a nine, and even up to an eleven. Now this where's bother gladys because- She knew she never took her shoes off and yet she, like it was suggested that the police said that maybe she made those prince when she moved around inside the home and obviously, if Corey been murdered or is dead, these prints
if they are these bloody footprints, it somebody that has walked through this blood or this red fluid and left a trail. So this is after death. This is days after yeah, because again it would take some time for the fluids to appear, and so This is after death, after men, like you, said so we ve eliminated corey, he's definitely not the one who left the prince, but what else they find at the scene, justin So there's a white jacket found on the floor with blood and bodily fluids. Andy family said they didn't recognize either the white one or the Denham jacket, oh jack, appeared to be women's jackets. There was also a cardboard pizza box. It was found in one of his closets it had a weird message on it. That said better. Be a funeral services.
britain and sharply on the box. It wasn't cory's handwriting, but again this is an empty pizza box found in the closet. I dont know if that can be. Hide to this are not. But if you're looking for foul play, Then that sticks out just that it was found in a closet, though right here you can If there is a message left that that box would have been out and seen by anyone coming into the room There are also some knives missing from the kitchen counter and there as a search made to look. these knives, but they were never located and according to add cory's father. He said that Cory's wallet had a bloody finger. print on it and their risk ash missing from that wallet to the two of a hundred forty dollars There was a half class, a beer on the table. Evidence of drugs were present, there were needles. Sat on. but the garbage can and the police
found a black bag with tinfoil in it this was in the toilet. Now ten foil is typically used to contain looks like cocaine or heroin. Anything like that. This is sticking to the police as drugs are involved so corps with the cello lack r c m p, found no signs of trauma to korea. Herbie they didn't see any kind of wounds. if he were shot or stabbed, there didn't appeared the struggle, and when they examined the door there no sign of forest century. But of course remember back, I mean When I visited corey? He said that call He seemed to not be expecting company, meaning him the and his door. We hadn't been locked, so that may be significant here and it's possible that his body was so
far along in decay, that they were able to see puncture marks from needles or anything like that, because, again, through The issue days later in a very hot apartment, So what do we know? Just as we know from his father that Corey was with a young woman in a leather jacket she had. the on and when he spoke with, police about her. He told them about dropping off the food he said The police didn't seem to interested in this woman yeah that's his impression ah, but they did. I guess, tape the crime scene initially so now could enter or leave, and that give the impression that there are treating it as foul play, one of the things we don't off and get into just in. Are the crime scenes? What happens after say A residence is given back to the family so that they can have access to it, and in this case, when the sure bees visited
he's home after the police released, it act to them. They are pretty by what they found didn't seem like the crime scene was cleaned up very well and even found a piece of corey scalp on the floor. Yeah it's gonna, be very upsetting to anyone any family. I will say this that I've been to a few crime scene sore scenes were. Somebody has died and having a piece of scalp there. I think they. They could have at least take that up. as far as blood bodily fluids, typically that doesn't get cleaned up at all yeah be interesting to hear from. I know we have listeners who work in crimes, clean up interesting to hear what they say about this. I'm sure some of them will say when we release seen back to the family. Spick and span. Who knows better, be nice to hear about this? What I think have here? Is law enforcement released it back
the family they were going to be doing any clean up there, We're going to leave it to the family to hire a clean up crew to do it, that's the impression, I get, but I wasn't there. I dont know what was said. That's just my own anecdotal and personal experience with this cory's uncle marty, george he said, he was struck immediately by the bloody footprint on the stairs and what he called the staggering volume of blood on the floor and, of course, seeing his nephew scalp, laying in the middle of the living room floor. This actually included in its two thousand twelve complaint, damn alley consulted for family Jeremy Matic said that the police, treated the house like a crime scene for two days than cleared everything out and refused to tell them anything this is where we get different points of view. Justin, police who had started this investigation as possibly being a homicide. They seem too
drift away from that fairly quickly. And then our bees fully believe that corey was murdered, especially The police are really giving them much. They feel like the police, start. Taking seriously enough. When you into a scene where you find your son or daughter, bent over the couch and why appears to be blood everywhere and p as of his scalp or his ears missing blood smears, door frames and bloody footprints and yeah That initial impression is absolutely. This is foul play somebody murdered him and hung out in the area until they were done, Stealing, whatever they're gonna steal or doing whatever their can do, and then they laughed so the fact. We actually comes up with the theory and their theory involves Corey serbia's girl friend. Now they been dating for about ten years ago. the core, his aunt valerie,
story this girl, free? was considered nice but possessive and she wouldn't allow them to break up essentially is the way it said. This is, of course, just hearing the family has to say we're not getting her side of things, but cory's girlfriend not see him that weekend now they restock have lunch on saturday, the twentieth- and this is where this theory comes from is normally Corey doesn't show up for a day if they're supposed to meet and he doesn't show up, all hell would break loose. She would know, they call him repeatedly or just go and find him, and when the fan got cory's phone records they notice that his girlfriend didn't region to him at all. That weekend just as if she knew as what is how interpret this budget. Calling at about p m on that monday, and so the families wondering did she go there. Did she go to the residents the police do talk
we're just him. What are they learn? Well, she, made a statement to police that she inquiry had an arrangement whereby, if we, them didn't show up for a date. It didn't matter that much. She also said that corey had been assaulted in the past by people with bad connections. She did not know who they were but thought they might. In a gang of some kind. She He also states that she never noticed corey using drugs. She said that these almost every day and she never noticed him being drunk or high now who were these other bad. People he's hanging around with. We don't get alot of insight into that. Just yet now is aunt. Heads, open with unsolved. Mysteries, according to her at court, funeral his girlfriend was just hysterically crying and shaking and trembling, and Apparently the family found that very unusual. They said she was
shaking so hard like out of scared or fear. you just in, but it's kind of difficult to try and imagine how someone supposed to react and if she's been dating corey shabby for ten years. The emotions are an all time high there and ass if you're looking for, I guess suspicion dear look for signs or tells that somebody knows something. You can interpret a lot of things different ways, but somebody hysteria, we crying out a funeral that doesn't stand out to me too much another, theory they were working on was that possibly this was it's a money. His death serbia's hired, a private investigator, According to that investigator, they found out, that corey had invested in a real estate project and loaned a substantial amount of money. Now add new about
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cove. Smart dotcom dig mom what, from our sponsor gang their good. I mean that where rumpled suits and are all roughen graphic whatever, but they get the job done. Sometimes it seems like the poor might have had him fooled, but that ironclad alibi, sorry through that were that tiny teeny lie the killer, told them the first interrogation boom. He may wonder how is going to end, but that's kind fond of a good crime story. Are you ready to stream some crime stories right now? Hulu, it's a crime not to watch. Now they sort of get a break, don't they just in in of september of twenty eleven when tammy burden. She knew quarry since elementary school came forward with information today was she went to end gladys, his house and she, them up by banging on their door and she said I have to tell you something: Corey was killed over money and drugs, but she was too scared to tell them who was involved
that cory's girlfriend either knew about his murder or was responsible herself and she said, if they knew I was talking to you. I'd be next, and then to add a weird spend two things. Tammy, wouldn't her finger dying of blood poisoning in fabric twenty twelve So if following a long. She has forward told the pair instead, there son has been murdered and she is too scared because of repercussions, and then she dies of what consider a mysterious death. So if you part of the serb family. This is just and forcing the belief that- son corey was murdered. We talked about this complaint Marty Jordan was part of he filed a fire. page letter to the rcmp. This is on behalf of the shelby family, to complain about the instigation, the condition of the home and a request
for the case to be open. It really fell to them. Like the police. Again, upon this case turkey's spy two years using the access to information act to get a copy of cory's case file, where they need an attorney beer. They hire. Attorney Doug Christie to help them now he went Do the coroner's report- and he said it- is felt like something was off. Problem is once again where they think they're getting some information well again. The case takes it and because Doug Christie passes away on march eleven twenty thirteen, so there lawyer is dad and they're just left hanging with wax to our saw, but the art impede, does respond on june twenty first way. Thirteen chief superintendent Brien can Tara concur. who did that the officers conducted a thorough investigation and the police have now
reason to believe that any person is responsible for cory's death. This is a reviewed, austin That seems to actually finally give the family a lot of details and kind of a cause of death to write this review concludes that the large pool of blood as the family saw. It was not an unusual amount of body fluids in relate. Into a body well into the process of decomposing. this is where I kind of have to, Ask for some empathy for the farmer, here because they may not understand decomposition. All they understand is an especially from gladys, his point of view what she saw but stay. Three of de composition is active decay and this but I read online, but this should at least explain it to you at this point, the body again to drain itself of what is known as perch fluid. This is the liquefied waste of our own energy, which will see from the mouth knows or any a as org,
his muscles and skin begin to liquefied. So I won't read the whole thing. Essentially, that's where we saw there, it was liquefied nation wasn't necessarily blood. It was a lot of things from his body day. Also go on to say that the bloody footprints and smudges at the crime scene must come from tee body. Removal crew now did add an gladys, see these smudges when they initially went into the home or they see them later after the boy it was removed, their memory wrong. This what d at least a year, or so m p is saying is they did see these smudges and footprints, but they were after the fact, not there, at the time when they called men when one in initially reported the body and they went on to acknowledge the unfortunate event,
of leaving quarries scalp behind they called it fortunate yeah. They said the family, was not informed about sanitation services and then Finally we get to the autopsy and the coroner's report ruled his death. accidental overdose, it was an it combined cocaine and ethanol intoxication, meaning cain and alcohol which Cocaine on its own is pretty bad, for you in cocaine and drinking alcohol. It causes coca ethylene coca athletes it is when you mix cocaine and alcohol ah is the risk of stroke it true the blood vessels raises your heart rate ambled pressure and can cause sudden brain bleeding and blood clots along with.
putting tons of stress on all of your major organs. It's even worse, though, if you inject cocaine, We know there were needles found in his home there was ten boil found in a bag. The bathroom and finding cocaine and alcohol in his system. So therefore This is what the toxicologist and the autopsy report is. Gonna show They also say that there were no signs of struggle at the scene. Was no signs of. May trauma or injury to his body, so yeah, when you first look at the scene, you might think that here got it. Unlike his, that's an all. His blood came out, but they're not finding any puncture wounds or any kind of marks on his body. So This bodily fluid, like you said We came out of his orifices and not from a stab wounds or anything else now wit.
Report. Obviously the authorities believe that they have proven that korea, Arby's, death was accidental overdose right one thing that I've read: that when you mix cocaine and alcohol like that you're gambling, but when it comes to it. The family. There not shaken this news they're not everything on their belief that Cory's death was a homicide. Their legal researcher, jeremy matic. He has a number of points after reviewing this, this report, and he says that there is no evidence that Corey was drinking excessively before he died. He said the police never tested the zip block bag that they suspected contain drugs. This bag was even found near cory's body. He said that he too use needles in the garbage can well then found needle marks inquiries body and the hour. impey never tested the needles for drugs because they assumed the death was an accident. The last point,
makes. I think this one's a very interesting point is he said the police note that the house was locked. After all, remember gladys had to use a key spare key to get in Corey had remote garage doors, so someone could opened the garage door hit close and then slipped out just in time which may appear as if the house was locked and nowhere else, had been there at the time. There is point of contention of bloody smears and footprints left before or after again, the investigator even suggested that gladys, had left them so leaves her her mind spinning thinking they don't know what you're talking about. So that's why The case sat for a while until twenty fourteen when gladys found a disturbing anonymous note had her home and it read, dear MR mrs irby shakespeare, said Hell hath. No, area than a woman scorned, that's
kind of homicide, it was a scorned, woman. Those who know who was belong to too tight group to say a word. I think your son, we decided to late to back off in jeopardy. his well being his life signed a reader of its. H. W k times so that's the church work times, and this story has been in the newspaper so person knows about the story, because read the newspaper, maybe or at someone that knows something right. I think that's what added gladys would believe table. This was a homicide, and now they have this letter note saying it was a homicide, they don't think that their son, used any type of drugs, they dont think even drink alcohol. Really they said that corey didn't even like taking aspirin
he was a logger ass, hard labor in your back in your arms, I'm sure her when you're doing not all day long and fur corey not even be an aspirin or tylenol taker from this. Is that impression of their son, so they feel like they can't make any headway here. They feel like the government. The authorities have just literally shut down this case, so in two thousand sixteen the servies higher doktor chris for green, easier physician and a fellow at the amount an academy of forensic sciences, he's tat, with writing an independent report now? Accordingly, doktor greens report. He suggests Corey was the victim of a homicide, but why well here says that the amount of metabolize cocaine in his body was not enough for him to overdosed. He said that check the liver and what not he tested zero for cocaine, meaning
How could he have overdosed if he didn't have enough cocaine in a system? He also says there was no a hole in a system which this is obviously going head to head with the toxicology report. Then there is this explanation that when a body is decomposing, a cat, produce some alcohol. Naturally dont know if that's a thing or not, but even if it. Does he saying there wasn't enough alcohol and a system to kill him really have sing. I feel that he's not saying that corey didn't use cocaine. He saying that the cocaine was fully metabolize in his system before Corey died. We saying there's not enough stuff in his system to cause death according to him, He also says that Cory's body decomposed at a faster rate than normal, which he said as could suggest foul play, He goes on to say that corey may happen
strangled smothered or possibly tortured and suffocated before he overdosed, which is strange because he's saying. There was no overdose. I think he smothered and there were suffocated because of corey's. Body position and how his face was buried into the cushions. I think they're saying somebody held his head there until he stopped breathing what I'm, assuming so he says he's basing this off of a review of academic articles were bodies found in unusually advanced states of decomposition had ever of suffocation as a causing or contributing factor to death, plus, like you the position of his body and the d it goes on to note that the woman who was known to be a quarry on at evening was never found now the police, wrote in their report that she may have been a sex worker now the father, as we stated when
for the house to drop off some dinner and it wasn't cory's girlfriend was there it was the spooky girl remember so this is somebody else. This isn't his girlfriend to me throwing the whole the girl friend scorn woman thing on its head a little because wooden be the last person to see corey alive. Therefore, possibly a sex worker, this strange woman that was at his house both difficult I get. We are saying- and I think that's you know the outcomes razor here, but it's possible that some people would suggest that, after that, woman left that his girlfriend showed up yeah. That's that's a theory, but there's no evidence of it, because there's no communication that we can find on record here there's no phone call, but she could have just shown up his girlfriend. Could it just shown up without contacting them, and then she walked in and caught him in this other women? Something like that. You know it's. It's possible families
still not satisfied and when he seventeen, they apply for the corners office to reopen the case and there requesting an inquest into this entire investigation into every single finding that investigators and the corner have done while the minister refused this. So the Bees asked for a judicial review of that decision and they get it judge to agree with them: twenty eighteen justice, John Steve's and Victoria called for of the case twenty eight arcy mp, commissioner, Brenda lucky to the arcy mps, civilian review and complaints. Commission. And she said she agreed with the commission's finding that the initial investigation was not reasonably thorough and she order the cello whack arcy mp to apologise in it, in change here. Just because all the way up till now it's been we about get it this we just I see a homicide
there was even a sorry, but in when he eighteen because of this justice and because of this commissioner, the arsenal issued a formal apology to glad assure me for how they investigated cory's death. Justin Thank you and I have covered a number of, in cases where drugs are involved and it does seem as you, regularly harp on that the authority, you don't seem to take cases involving drug deaths very seriously compared to drug sales right now and so Think it's interesting that here there is a little bit of a push and there is a change of heart year where they actually do say sorry may we could have done better I'd. No a better way to put this, but the Overall attitude is another dead junkie, we dont care and they move on. If you are law enforcement out there, and you don't feel that way, I'm not talking to you I'm talking!
but the general consensus and attitude that everyone has everyone's section is of law enforcement investigating drug overdoses, and this is based on people with person sperience absolutely and we ve got cases like this again. I'm sure there are officers detectives who take riquet seriously, but we know there are some who doubt because drugs those people don't matter as much, they took their risk and they lost in the other So this is, u find somebody that's oded on drugs. Well, who cares they died they did it to themselves. there's. No the to who sought them. these drugs. Let's check their phone records. Let's do this. Let's do that. Let's find the dealer, but if it They require some investigation into words. got these drugs from that doesn't happen very often, they did end up
king down the person who is possibly his drug dealer and when they, both to this person, he denied everything and wouldn't really talk them so they fell it was a deadly, but like said it seems like they should. Tractors of downright I mean why did they give up so early so easily? Well, I think it's because they said, but he died, of an overdose. We need to move on. We have other cases to work. I wish it was a little different and in this case I really wish that law foresman and the investigation team would have been a little bit more forthcoming with the family and the parents right off the bat its seems like it took years and the family during private investigators and lawyers before they even got. any insight into where the investigation was and cause of death
This is where the interaction between law enforcement and the family matters. I'm not saying you at a fixed it, but I think the way that enforcement interacts with such families. If they'd be a little bit more apathetic, I go a long way because I think like we're. talked about. If you think that someone who overdoses isn't worth your time well, what does that tell the family this is someone they loved and some who many people up Ok, so they use drugs. Should that be it for them. First a people that is it. You might as well be dead because there absolutely zero sympathy out. There for someone that has an addiction problem and its really sad. This path. Disappointed by progressive amira is number one motorcycle, ensure everything is more exhilarating when you're on your motorcycle, just like your biogas, well protected. When you choose progressive motorcycle insurance, they offer coverage for, by starting as low as seventy five dollars per year and they keep things affordable with
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of this because it's not about whether this was an overdose or not. This is letting public know that every case is important so it's twenty twenty. They do their inquest and, of course it got rescheduled delayed because of coated butter hissing wes begins and the first witness at trial was cory's former tenant cabin mcalpine and he rented The basement underneath corey or six hundred dollars a month, didn't Corey was dead until he heard his mother screaming on twenty. Second, he had not. upstairs or anything that whole weekend. He was more ass just renting, so you didn't have a lot of interaction with corey, he said he went upstairs that day and the living room was littered with dead flies, overwhelming stage. It testified that corey
did occasionally use cocaine Sometimes he shut his curtains and locked his doors to avoid him Corey once invited a sex worker into his home and they spent the day doing drugs They got into an argument and corey ended up asking her to leave. Again. This is kevin downstairs. He can hear thing that's going on here, a pretty good idea. What's going on, he knows this person is a sex worker. He knows this person's getting into an argument with glory. He said that Corey had his demons, but would give you the shirt off of his back, which is pretty straightforward, but think the next witness they bring up to date. the file, is, probably the more important one. Don't you think I did both them. but this cab driver is important because he
interacted with corey, that night driving him to and from a location, and so this taxi driver picked up a passenger a cory's house at ten p m on Friday night. This is a few minutes after add, had stop by He saw a male and female leaving the house. He did not recognise those people he drove them to not the best neighbour head in shallow lack, he said the man asked him to stop but stay on call because you need a ride. Back. The woman left, the car, the got back in the car with a different woman. A second woman. driver didn't know her either and they to go back to. man's home this man, korea herbie. He said that the man's Weiss was unusual anymore I've had a speech impediment. But He did not have a speech impediment the taxi, were founded unusual that he didn't recognize any one. He picked up that night. He regularly drove in downtown cello lack and was familiar with the sex workers in the area. So,
just didn t have any idea why Corey would have a speech impediment if he didn't naturally have one. Korea might have been on drugs or drunk and slurring. I think a very simple explanation to what's going on here and the fact that taxi driver didn't recognize any the people that he picked up at night, I don't read anything into that at all. There's a lot of bull and shows a lack of water. People in a lot of different industries and doing a lot of different thing. So there now, having gladys may, tain They never saw corey under the influence of drugs or alcohol right is, That's strange that corey would not want to show them that side of himself if he was using drugs or alcohol. I know it's weird that I have to say it, but especially as mother. Why would he want to use drugs around his mother there and this
something that I feel for his parents greatly but I'll go. alex and drug users are really good about hiding it, especially from her parents or anyone that important to them. More loves them, because not going to show them their addiction. They're, not gonna, show them their problems. It's obvious, he was using drugs. His neighbor downstairs testified to it. It was it that night, it apparently had been going on much longer and there was Drugs and alcohol found at his apartment I don't think someone's showing up murdering him and then planting drugs and alcohol on him. I think They were all using drugs and alcohol together. So the present in coroner over this inquest. Margaret Janson did allow doktor greens report to be allowed into evidence. This was the report that was done at the behest the sharp family now
The genes in she said doktor green, is expert in radiology and neuroscience, not pathology there, are essentially saying all of these different doctors. Different mds they'll have their own discipline. The sky. Do ecology, reports or autopsies so this isn't in his wheel house sure in figure. It out sure he has the knowledge and the know how, but He is not in that field. Therefore we're not going. Take his report or findings under advisement, so coroners jury on november fifth, twenty twenty declared Corey serbia's death, an accidental overdose, not a surprise the jury recommended that the RCMP E division review policy to ensure the collection of all evidence and future death investigations. Just you- and I spend a little time today before we recorded talking about. Did they do enough in Yes, that's where they do
do enough? Eventually they did do enough. what I think and most people's mind, to figure out. Where his cause death was where they absolutely failed was in their communication with the family, especially right off the gecko, but should they of ass, did the needles should they have tested the foil should tested every single thing they found in that apartment? Probably, but it doesn't take. A lot of acting the dots to see, It talks, ecology report, see alcohol and cocaine, and someone system see the drug paraphernalia and the needles connect the dots, they should probably go one step further, but they didn't now the show We family, they talk to the press after this inquest there disappointed they don't like the verdict. Add surely said that he doesn't believe all of cabins testimony here.
Feels like they discredited corey. Now the way Put it. This guy's, a working man work ten to twelve hours a day. All they did is discredit him, so in the end, there feel like all this investigation? All this inquest, all the report dead, was try to pull. Corey in a bad light that he was seeing ex workers and that he was doing drugs and alcohol and get you can kind of where the family wouldn't like this, because Corey a complete person, and yet, if you go through this case and you're looking at just the facts, were they cause the information that the police in the event, figures bound. It looks he's just a drug user, but there's a more to him and that's the things we strive for with our show, just in as we try to put people in the right light. Like you know the vanished does right is not about the one thing you did on a friday night
what was your interaction like with your mother? You know what about the fishing trip with your dad, what about helping her cousins move, etc there so much more to life than in the dose of alcohol cocaine, and so, no matter where we fall. In this case, we have to point out. Korea. Shirley was a well liked man and, like you, started. To show. With I mean this, is a tragedy and are researcher on this case olivia. She had her final thought. She said I don't think there is enough evidence to fully support the conclusion that corey died of an expert on orders. I was surprised by ad in gladys insistence that corey didn't do drugs. Plenty of peace. Oh, don't tell their parents everything about their private lives. She says, in my opinion, it's definitely possible that korea had a deal gone wrong and real state or with purchasing of drugs. and someone wanted revenge on him, and I think that
kind of summarizing, possibly how the parents feel he I had a deal had gone wrong and whether he was trying to negotiate for drugs or for sex. and then somebody killed import, but I have enough experience of my life with a couple of my siblings that I absolutely think this was. accident orders. I know that a body can decompose. Very clearly in a hot rumour apartment and so its bodily fluids everywhere. I know that Peter shoot up drugs or use drugs, intravenous Lee you can shoot up in a chair because your slide out or fall out of the chair dont want a needle on your arm when deciding on falling under the ground so loud, Will it shoot up we'll neil in front of a couch aura chair, so they can all forward into it, that's pretty common knowledge amongst people.
use heroin or shoot cocaine whatever it is there neil in front of a couch because it will break their fall. anything I've. I read about in this case I've What experienced myself when they describe weird positioning of his body. I was like that's not weird at all. That's that's what somebody sheets of drugs? Does? Is nothing What about that? To me, I don't mean to come. Coldly or anything, I have complete sympathy where's parents, but They don't know much about drug use and addiction, and it sad that they were due to it in this way and that his wife, I believe in you likely believe that they can except the findings, because it's not something, they know it's not common knowledge for them. Just in it, not common knowledge for me. Now you have way more experience in this area than I do. I haven't had to go visit a home of someone. I know that's gone through this. You have
So it's sad. I know you have simple for this family. That's not it. I shall just some of them our little naive when it comes to this stuff, because we haven't had to experience it. Unfortunately, for the sharpies, like you said, this is how they were introduced to it, and I can ex and upon this explanation in our after show so check out our patriotic and you'll hear more about this, never miss an episode of generation. Why subscribed to us on apple podcast, spotify, cast box or reverie listening right now also He sure to follow us on social media. Our tik tok is at genoa pod our instagram is at generation. Why podcast, joint wondering, plus in the wondering app to listen ad free the
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