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Death of May Greineder. October 31, 1999. Wellesley, MA. Dirk and Mabel Greineder had been married for more than 30 years. Within one year of their youngest child moving out of the home, May was murdered while out for a walk one morning with her husband and their dog. Her husband, an allergist, says that he had gone on ahead after she complained about pain in her back. When he returned about ten minutes later, his wife was gone. Their dog, Zephyr, would locate her. May had been attacked with a drilling hammer and a knife. Both of which would be found in a storm drain. While the doctor says that he saw someone suspicious running away, the investigators find his statements about this and other things to be very contradictory to the evidence. Some of the evidence consisted of gloves, a knife, a drilling hammer, and plastic ziploc bags. When it came time to reveal a possible motive for the murder, prosecutors had more evidence still. Credit card transactions that revealed a secret life that the doctor had kept secret from his wife and his children. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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on peacock, the amazon stuff that is discounted if you're naughty or nice, the sound. So what are we talking about tonight? Aaron tonight we're talking about the death of may grinder this took place on october, thirty, first, nineteen, ninety nine in wellesley situ sits doktor, dirk writer and his wife mabel They were married for thirty one years, drive to more this pond? It suits
between roots, one thirty, five and nine and covers about one hundred acres, is right. Next to the college, to ya wellesley colleges, Pretty well known with them was their dogs. A german shepherd named zephyr. They went for a walk now. The doctors say his wife was throwing a ball and she twisted her back. She was in some pain so she decided to rest on a rock she said. Don't worry about me just go ahead I'll catch up later, but about minutes later he become is concerned, and he doubles back. He just said he returned ten minutes later. He was concerned, but he he returns and after ten minutes, and he cannot find his wife but his dogs if does her body show signs of being brutally attacked with a knife, and her it has been slit open. He will return to his vehicle to his van
and he will call the police from his cell phone that had been charging it that's the case in a nutshell, the first responding officer to show up is officer fitzpatrick. He tells Fitzpatrick what happened. He says that he saw a suspect, her somebody suspicious looking and he took after him down a path which was not back to his car, but actually another path that was away from his wife and then he returned cause. He couldn't catch up with him. He also asked officer fits pattern, is my wife dead, and am I under arrest? Dundee led, invest gator shows up and his name's marty fully and detective fully. Hasn't it
The body doesn't really know what's going on, except for this man's wife has been attacked, a he's speaking with dirt. Getting information from them and dirk tells him I've perform cpr on her and I checked her pulse on her neck. I couldn't find a pulse at that point, detective foley's about a hundred feet from the body for from may and he sees that the ground around her is actually a soft sandy dirt, he doesn't want to go anywhere closer because he doesn't want to taint the scene with his shoeprints. He doesn't want add any additional variables here, but even from a hundred feet he can tell that her neck has been sliced open and he can see all the blood and he's looking
at dirk and noticing that his hands are clean and he asks him. Did you wash your hands and he says no. I did not at that. wait, he says, will I'm gonna need your clothes for testing and he stops questioning him because now, in his mind, this is his prime suspect, and he came to that conclusion. Pretty quick, because this man just said that he was, performing cpr on a woman. Who's been stabbed repeatedly in the chest and checked her neck for poles, which was sliced and yet he doesn't have a single drop of blood on his hands, but the detective doesn't have all the information. Yet, for instance, he doesn't know that detective fits
trick was told that there was another suspicious aspect on the grounds that this man had chase down had gone after so he's taking. Mr grinders word for everything at this point. He's he's just trying to gather information, but already there's a problem, his captain and all these people they show up and they start investigating this. They take MR granted her back to the station where he then ass for a lawyer. The questioning qana comes to a halt. At that point, so they're going to work the evidence that they have an start following leads that they can gather and canvas the area, so
who is mister and missus grinder dirk writer was born october. Nineteen nineteen, forty in berlin, germany, his father, was an interesting character. His father happened to be a ss officer with the german army and was a physician and concentration camp, which I'm not gonna, say anything. I have a lot of german friends whose ancestors grandparents were in the s s, and it doesn't mean anything, doesn't say anything about her character, but his father was a physician and dirt followed, at least in those footsteps in the medical field, the
family moved to Beirut, lebanon when he was just five years old and they live there until after he graduated from high school, and that was a nineteen, fifty eight, so a nineteen fifty eight he moves to united states. Any attends, yell university, dirk grind it or can speak for languages, english, german, french and arabic. He majored in biochemistry any graduated from yale in eighteen. Sixty two then attended case western reserve university in cleveland, ohio and graduated with an empty and phd in nineteen. Seventy, but in nineteen, sixty four dirk would meet mabel shag when they would date for a little while and break up, but then get back together a night,
sixty six and mary just two years later so he's a doctor, a pharmacology and his new wife has a masters and medical surgical. Nursing dirt becomes and allergies, that's what he does for a living he's. An allergist really, nothing of note really happens until nineteen. Ninety eight, This is somewhat significant because the last of their three children kirsten callanan, bread, the last of them, is kirsten and she moves of the house. This is something and talked about she said she's a little worried about her parents because well their home lives centred around these kids at they piano they the. What do they call that empty nest, There is a concern there that with their I've centre around their kids once the kids are gone, their lives or shaken up, but it seems
I darken may were going out together a lot and spending time and may did something cheese made a big change. She third exercising she started dressing more stylish lee than she used to it seem like things are really looking good and I think Carson fell. I well know everything's gonna, be fine. May we go back to school to go for her to go for her nurse practitioners degree in ninety. Ninety nine, at this point, dirk, is working at the brighton and women's hospital and working a good number of hours to its one later on october. Thirty. First, when this trip to morse's pon happened, it has just in was saying the investigators after they arrive, are looking for evidence. This is a very well to do. Area there isn't a lot of crime in this area,
there were two other murders that it had happened, though Irene Kennedy who was seventy. Years old and a man named dick ranger, who is eighty years old. They were in public parks and were killed This is a little suspicious because you have a woman and a man in separate situations who are older in public areas that were murdered and they are both unsolved. this might be a murder on the loose right so to older people separate incidents are murdered and oh, you wonder if possibly may had been killed, in a similar way. Well, yeah! That's what jumping ahead! That's what the defence and dirk in his face we will say, is there's a murderer on the loose, but those are two murders were very quick. Almost
robberies other what and were involved, nothing like maize murder, which I think we can all agree, is overkill she's been hidden ahead with a mallet stabbed multiple times and almost decapitate may had ten wounds. She had a two inch laceration on the back of her head and the medical examiner does believe it was caused by a hammer and its drilling hammer. This hammer was found near by it was an s wing hammer it if you No to drilling hammer is imagine. sledge hammer, but the size of a regular hammer, its, handle of a regular hammer, but the head of a sledge hammer. It's pretty mean looking the medical examiner didn't think, though, that
This blow would have killed her or even knocked her unconscious. Now it would have hurt like crazy. It would have done some damage, but this was. This was more of an ambush attack. There were to stab wounds to her chest, but they appear to be post mortem. Since there wasn't much blood. There was a quarter in stab wound to the left side of her head, as well as a fracture in that same area. That was about two and a half inches long. She had five superficial stab wounds to her head as well. medical examiner, measured the wound to her throat that we talked about. It was five inches long and two and a half inches wide. He believes that she was fighting her attacker and that the knife was driven into her neck twice into the same area, to cause this wound and it severed.
All of the veins on the left side of her neck, going through her juggler veins, as well as the draining veins the carotid artery, and he didn't find any defensive wounds at all which, when that occurs, we wonder if she possibly knew the person who attacked her or if they got the jump on her and she was too weak to fight back because of the blow to the head. It would set There was to blows to the head: one was a glancing below and in the second one was the one that left that that lasher laceration, which probably would have knocked down but not not knocked her out, and its surprising, because if you look at this hammer online, just type in asked wing drilling hammer, I wouldn't want to get away with that thing. What their used for is splitting granite. So you make a u scar granite and then you put a wedge of some type there.
Can you use this hammer to give it a whack? So this is a very brutal attack. This is, I think, Asking the other officer is she dead, is a little weird, because I think it's obvious. I think it was obvious from a hundred feet, to our lead investigator, that she was dead. Yes, you describe as ashen and the wound on her neck was obvious, so that very night at around. One something in the morning investigator fully gets a judge to sign off on a search warrant for MR graniteware house. That's how fast they move on this what the husband is always the suspect. We say that how many episodes every month here and he actually did the right thing he lawyer up immediately, so I can't really fault him for that there, sir,
king. His house there going with him as their prime suspect, but they dont want to arrest him yeah. They want to gather as much information as much evidence as they can, because, when their investigating all the way up to the arrest, its law enforcement pace. They control everything as soon as they arrest him or soon, as they arrest a suspect that person has the right to a speedy trial and they no longer control. What's gonna happen next, so there taken their time all, I'm wondering how they don't have enough evidence already, but there really taking their time and a lot more things come to light about this man's per reality and his past and is present exactly but about. Let's talk about what they find near the crime scene, you can find a map that detail
is where all the evidence was found, where his body was found where the vehicle was parked unit it's a very simple map that will you, the whole scene and will give you a really good idea of what taxes were working with involved in. This are a couple of storm drains just money too, them through, where they found evidence and what they found in their search. Well, there is a neighborhood that butts up against this, I'm just gonna call it a park, but it's wooded area with trails. Online shows a road, old turner road, but if you go to Google maps called morris's pond access road in turn. A road is the actual street name that feeds into this. You follow this this road down to the pond and then there's a circle which they describe.
the traffic circle and then there's a few trails leading off into the wooded area, her body was found about thirty feet: north of the traffic circle. Now just south of the traffic circle. They find a buck knife, a hammer and a right handed glove. These search dogs will also find a left handed glove. That is back up towards the entrance to this park and it's in a a sewage drain that happens the right next to where MR grinder has parked his vehicle. So there's one glove right next to his vehicle and then the knife hammer and the other glove just happened. B, where he said he ran after the suspicious suspect. So this cry Aged murderer happened to dump the stuff before dirt, caught up with him,
And then doubled back and left the other glove upward dirt parked his vehicle, the glove. The hammer and the knife you're talking about that suit which drain or storm drain. That's about thirty five feet from the crime scene. So it's really not that far again, the evidence is go through real, quick. They fight and a to pound drilling hammer, it's an asked wing. They find these work gloves. One in one drain, one in the other. There any dot, sure grip, gloves and then they find the charade, old timer knife, but they are so find some plastic bags weird they block bags, yeah and they're out of place. What was with the zip luck bags me? What did they know what they were doing there?
They don't really give much of an explanation. I would assume that either the gloves were kept in them or the gloves were supposed to be placed in them for disposal after the murder or the evidence was supposed to be placed in them, but they were just found, possibly a rushed attack.
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he walked off with a dog with no leash. It's kind of interesting, because there weren't any dog prints around her body in that soft sand. We described not a one, so the dog wasn't around her because we would have evidence of that Obviously when he was doing cpr and stuff, he got blot on him and then he grabbed the dog. Lesion got blot on the dog leash There's no other way, the least would have blood on it unless he transferred it. There maybe that's why in any blood on his hands, because he wiped out
off on a dog leash right, yeah, the detectives, a very confused by the doctor statements, and they can't make any sense of them so they're having trouble with the blood on the leash there. Having trouble with the fact that this doctor would attempt cpr on his wife, who has been nearly decapitated. If you look at this in the knife, wound is horrific. There's no way that she would be alive after something like that, and then he also has no blood whatsoever on his hands. His are completely clean. There's no way for him to clean his hands out their dirk when he's speaking with the police is seems concerned about some things. One of the things he says is that he and his wife had nosebleed that morning at the same time and that they shared a towel. He also says that may gave him back which may have involved some scratching, so she likely had his dna
under her fingernails, and he was concerned about that. He wanted to clarify why his dna might be under her nails. Now we were too king about how his hands were clean. There was blood on the leash there is also some blood on his clothing on his shoes, blood spatter, which he explains because he went on or to perform cpr in all these other things. Also, they find that her body was actually dragged a few more feet into the wooded areas, so, whoever attacker drug her away from the path a little bit, they believe they came up behind her body as it was on the ground and picked her up by what the shoulders or something or the arms and then draw her off further. Their daughter brit also made some statements, and she also spoke with her father at the station when she was speaking with detectives. She said that
dad wasn't too excited about her mother going back to school. and she said that parents this she knew were in love and that they were faithful to one another. She said that her parents had a real big issue with her when she quit the harvard medical programme. I mean the whole family was a medical school. Her to siblings would become doctors. She didn't. I think she became a manager at a fitness place or something like that. But after the questioning she went over to her father and got loud, she said what happened between you and mom. Today. Did something happen now the detectives didn't hear everything she said after that, by after her dad laughed she started. Yelling she said
and why do these psychotic unexplained things happened to our family, that's kind of a crazy statement for her to make it makes you wonder what that means. Why do these psychotic unexplained? Things happened to our family? What is she talking about? Your guess is as good. Mine, but all the children will lawyer up and stop talking to investigators. I think it all starts to come out a little bit during the trial. Let's face it. This guy has really nothing in his favour. His statements are I'd. Really, the only thing and find that he does. That would point ten trying to be on the up and up is that he does sign off on allowing some searches to happen. Other than that, I can't really see anything. Everything just looks
suspicious. At this point. Normally, if you have blood on your hands, it's a bad thing, but in this case it's the lack of blood. That seems to be the problem. Yet here blood elsewhere, just not on his hands. His hands are wade's who clean and, of course, their first thought. The detectives is that he was wearing gloves and then they find some gloves very close by not only that, but that search of his house that just mentioned well, they does happen to find other loves their looks the same. They were identical, gloves the same brand everything and he use these gloves when he would clean up the dog house or the dog kennels. He was the guy that took care of the docks, they did dna testing and they found dna from both dark and his wife on the knife
and on the work loves, but but they did find an unknown dna profile on the gloves that they say, oh well, there's the there is the suspicious man right, but how did dirks dna get on these gloves by that's weird? That's. Why As far as I can tell it's the doktor saying that there must be contamination he talked about. Oh she gave me rub? We both had nosebleed, we shared a towel, so he, I think, he's trying to say that It's his dna was under her fingers and on her hands that somehow the transfer would happen again to other items. I understand is logic, but in the collection of
evidence they typically bag, it all up separately and they bag it. For its location and the time, and then, though, even sometimes send the evidence to different labs for testing, so you have to really screw up big time to cross contaminate, especially to the murder, weapon and two different gloves dirk grinder has a niece Belinda merkel. She was the one who is supposed to go and identify may at the corners office me add that at the core
winners. I dunno it seemed like he really wanted her involved in all of this, and there seems to be some real tension between them and Belinda. Doesn't trust him as she suspects him of being responsible for this crime. This is where the information about the nosebleeds came from. He told Belinda that he and may had nosebleeds at the same time that morning- and he said he told her- that he didn't think may suffered, he thought it was probably a very swift attack and that she probably didn't suffer. It really bothered Belinda, because later on, when he was talking to law enforcement, he didn't say that he actually said something else. He started talking about how he believed that she may have been raped because of the way her clothes were situated. Think her, what her pants were pulled down, her top was pulled up
and so it looked as though maybe she had suffered an attack before the fatal. Slashing he told one officer that he chased a suspect didn't mention that to the lead investigator. He also asked that other officer if she was dead if he was going to be arrested, his statements aren't jelly at all between the from people he spoke to. I can normally pass this off a little bit. It say heightened situation, it's a very stressful situation, so I can, I can see somebody battling nonsense for the first hour or so. But it's about that I'm when nay, they realise that he's taking a trip to san diego, that they feel that they need to make a move and arrest this man, because that's a little too close to max
Oh and he can just sneak on over the border. We would be remiss if we didn't mention what we know about what dirk had been up to and is, I guess you could say his secret life simply because this is part of what the prosecution will use. Motive. What do we know about what dirk had been up to that? His wife really didn't know anything bout o ye was into a lot of hard core porn sites, which is fine. I don't take. Any action with that he can go subscribe only once, but he also would hook up with escorts, specifically was into three sums that did not include his wife, so infidelity lying and this sexual urge that is obviously not getting for
his marriage, and she never made mention his wife may never made mention of any this. Not. That is something you would talk about, but she never made mention of any issues. They were having either, if your husbands doing all these things. I would think that there would be some sign of that myself well Investigation revealed that dirk had written himself to prescriptions, for viagra, which is interesting because viagra came out in what ninety ninety eight or ninety ninety nine around the same time, as soon as it has on the market. This doctors riding prescriptions for himself what a guy, hiding the bottles in the garage. he also applied for a credit card, a corporate card to use under a phoney company
And this is what he would use to pay for the sex lines they would call, or for the escorts may actually track down some of these escorts, because at this point they have his his credit cards. They have all this information, so it's not that hard for them to find phone logs and craig our transactions. So they're they're going back. There question some of these people that he's engaged with, and there also questioning him about his marriage the way he tells it is that they recently had sex. Now the matter will examiner was unable to find any evidence whatsoever that may it had sex or had been raped recently. So again, just more statements from the doktor that don't add up that. Don't make any sense His trial will take place in two thousand one, and all of these things will be brought up their painting a pig.
you have a guy who was not happy being married. He had lost interest in his wife. He was very interested in escorts and in sex lines and porn sites. He just he wasn't happy with his marriage. That's that's the picture. They paint some things that came out as well just two days before may was murdered both dirk and may sign life insurance policies that were worth five hundred thousand dollars each. Now I don't know what This means, because the defence tried sang oh look, they don't even know what they're talking about those policies did not go in effect. Yet so you can't, is that as emotive, there was no money motive with this. That's true, There is a waiting period, but still it seems that they sign these life insurance policies two days before, but the prosecutor they uncovered-
all this extra curricular activity and they say that may must have found him out in this caused a fight in may was going to do something about it, so he had to murder her. That's the mode of they come up with. Like most cases. I never like the prosecutions theory or their motives. I think they're wrong on this. I dont think had any clue I didn't. I don't think she found him out. He didn't need trigger such as she was going to find out. I think he was sort of over it. He was over the marriage and he wanted out. I don't why that's not reasonable enough, but prosecutions. want more bang for there
They want to really pull at those hard string, so disguise a despicable person and she was gonna find it out and she found him out and now she asked to die during the trial. With all these things, they're uncover ring. They find out that the hammer and the gloves were purchased from a particular hardware store that was local to the area and is called deals hardware This is the only place that carries that hammer and this brand of gloves three of them Hammers were sold in the year of ninety. Ninety nine one of em was you an unknown individual who paid in cash early on in the year the second hammer they not say was sold to dirk, but he was
in the store that day buying other things with his credit card and that hammer was purchased within two minutes of his other purchase with his credit card now, this third hammer was actually sold to marty fully the lead investigator on the case, and that was months later, my guess is part of the investigation. Yeah me too. These hammers could have been used. So are we to think that it was the one earlier in the year or are we to think that it's, the on that was purchased two minutes after he was. I nails and other things. Gonna go with the one that was purchased two minutes after an I don't the murderer was standing behind him in line the gloves were all so only available at the store and he had an identical pair at home. So what
chances that the murderer happened to have the exact same set of gloves and bought the hammer at the exact same store before you did. I I dont even I care about the dna evidence anymore, so the defence does their best here. They say that his past and is dealings on line with the porn sites and the escorts should be inadmissible? or should not matter so the judge actually limits it too. I think, seven days before the murder is all they can use and trial. So they can only talk about things that happened seven days prior to the murder, and there is a lot It almost makes it look worse because if they were allow everything in sure that looks bad, but you could say well. This is everything in the past year two yards. A pattern I mean has always doing this is not a big deal, but it Can'T-
Those up at his face is only seven days and they have like to ask words, a mountain of information, a lot of acting in seven days leading up to the murder, and it makes it look like he s just become obsessed with sex. The defence also takes issue with him. Not in moran ized, and this goes down on the trial and it actually will come up later and appeals. Sorry, spoiler alert they say that when he was question when the first responding off, sir showed up to the scene. They should have read him his miranda rights.
now. This is interesting because he's the one that called the police and spoke to the dispatcher he's the one that talk to officer Fitzpatrick and fully and hold them what happened. He gave his statements. They didn't arrest him that day they didn't arrest him intel much later. So is his statements. The day of admissible not an that's kind of a good question, but they're using it against him because of their showing the discrepancies said the defensive saying: well, ok, you can't do that he wasn't miranda eyes. So we can use these statements against him in the judge. At one point bring the objections when they're talking to detective fully agrees and says. Ok, that's fine. The questions need to end and he will limit the amount of statements given the day of, but at that point again the store of work
against him in trial because now there realizing that they are not able to talk about how he was responding to his wife's attack. So the defence sort of flip flops at that point and says: ok, we're gonna question detective fully about his statements, even though they were objecting one. Prosecutor was asking him, but now they don't have any things showing that he was responding to his wife's attack, so they have to come back start doing the questioning again, so it blows up in their phased because their claiming he wasn't miranda eyes, but then they want to talk about what he did that day, that you can have it both ways. It's one of the other day now, wasn't under their under arrest. Why would they read him his miranda rights? They were reporting on the events that day
they were reporting on his statements. They got other statements from other people in the park, one of which saw him running from his wife's potty, not crying not calling for help, but just running nobody in the park saw a suspicious suspect. They only saw him doesn't mean that another person wasn't around, but so are they not allow? to use any of these statements, this is sort of a a catch, twenty two, it sort of her. What do you do with that? Similarly, I think it's admissible because he's the one that called the police he's the one that talk to. Police. If he was saying I'm not going to talk to you, that's one thing, but he seemed willing. They have his phone records. They have his his internet history like they do people don't know that they should just open up an incognito browser, clear their history near its real basic stuff. But so,
They find in his phone records the day after his wife murder ride the day after If she was murdered, he contacted an escort, a stressed out. His wife's been murray, needs relief, re, no words idea. This is insane at this point. As you can imagine, the trial doesn't go his way. There's really no way to defend an indefensible man. On june twenty ninth, two thousand and one he is found guilty of first degree, murder in the death of mabel grinder. He is sentenced to life in prison with the the possibility of parole now the detectives who actually say that this was in an open and shut case, and I'm thinking how the hell not, but they were, they were but a lot more hesitant and measured
see to me, I took it s, intelligence, they didn't ever think. Oh, we ve got it, we ve got it. No, I think they said okay, this is good and they kept looking kept digging and they didn't stop till they got everything they could possibly get so that when it came time to put their evidence up against what the defense had, there would be no question. I wonder if that loss here on the defense is really on dirk, because he just thought he just to smart I'll I'll, throw this stuff down the storm drain. They'll never find it. and I'll say. Oh, why I thought I saw someone running away, so it must have been some attack. I mean. Why would I do that? Why would I attack my wife out on a path like that? in an area where there are people out and about that that's half of his defences. What's the motive,
Why would I do this, and why would I do it out in the open and a park which, yet why would you that's the stupidest idea? Ever again, I'm lou at this guy and I'm thinking probably a genius in his field, but doesn't have a lick of common sense when it comes to other things. I think anyone that listens to our podcast watches any of the forest. it shows in prime shows they would have done a better job with this murder than this guy going for a walk breaking away for a few minutes and then coming back and oh, my god, my wife's dead. Who does that that keeps coming up when people here about this case and they write into as they say, wait see your wife was hurting, and you left her behind to walk your dog to x size, the dog, really yeah, that's what he did well, I that's what
and please for anyone whose listening don't get me wrong. I do not find what he did to his wife, funny it at all. I find him ridiculous. His proclamations of innocence, his his assertions that he's been railroaded, he's radically So we're going to get into some appeals here in a second, but let's just break this down. Let's say this was an actual third party crazed murderer, so he walks away his his wife says her back hurts and she has to sit down and he says I'll come back, so he walks away and his phone is charging in the van and then he comes back and he finds his wife. This person has murdered her. He chases this person down one path and then he comes back up. Checks on his wife goes to
his car calls the police from his phone it's kind of fishy, whether he goes to his wife first then then calls or what but we're assuming he went to his wife first and then he one called. But then this crazed murderer leaves the murder weapon and gloves at one sewer drain. And then leaves another glove, add another sewer drain and he never came up ass, this guy when he chased him off. I don't know that doesn't really gel. It doesn't make any sense. You can't make it make any sense, and there were witnesses out there that day
each of them described this doctor running one way or running the other, and they just happen to be in those areas where they ended a finding evidence or near where his wife's body was so now. Let's play it out that he did it. He and his wife took the dog for a walk. Maybe possibly she said that her back hurt and she sat down. Please just assume that part of the story is true. He takes the dog back to the van puts the dog up, retrieves the gloves and the hammer and the knife from the van and he comes back and he killed his wife and then each
as to drag her body a little ways from the path and then he goes and disposes of the the glove and the hammer and the knife and one storm drain, and then he walked back to the van and dispose of the other glove, and the drain literally across from his van retrieves, is phone and then decides to call which that's it. That's what happened right rick is again. They didn't find dog grants anywhere around her back. but there was blood on the dog leash and there is his dna and his wife's dna on the knife and the gloves. It's so simple to me. I think that his ego and his arrogance he thought these people are idiots, I'm educated, I'm a doctor. I don't need to pander to these peons. I am superior and I'm going to get away
this. That's how I think he thinks and he's in more on, because he doesn't have any common sense on how to stage a crime or anything so He appeals. This is an interesting appeal, because it's based on a few things, I guess during a jury deliberation. They were true to figure out how this glove could have left a blood pattern on her glasses. So they took a banana and they posted in the glove, and then they pushed it on staff to stimulate a finger in one of the fingers the glove. Also during the trial during jury selection. It is said that the judge and the prosecutor it because it was a sensitive situation. They closed the court to the public for jury selection. So they can ask these jurors. These sensitive questions about the case and
Mr crying wanted his children there, but they were not allowed to access the courtroom during jury selection. So possibly a few hours, but they were there sitting behind him, fully supporting them for the duration of the trial. Also the the collection of dna evidence d, the dna of the third party that was found on the glove turned out to be inconclusive, impossibly just an anomaly then, is appealing on his back. Miranda rights not being read to him. these. Are I mean if you want to give him any kind of credit? These are technicalities at best that's that's. What I'm saying is this is of a giant leap here. These don't change the facts. No, he wasn't comfortable because his kids weren't they to listen to the jurors being asked these questions before
should have been read. His miranda rights as soon as the police showed up If not, how anything works I mean they have to gather evidence they have. To investigate. They can't just show up and say: you're the husband. Ok, come on guys, let's go, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna throw the whole banana thing out, I'm not even get a look at the blood bloody print that the glove left on her glasses out. All I'm not going to I care about his children being there for jury selection, cause that makes zero difference in the case and unless you know what I'm even gonna, throw the dna evidence out, I'm going to go for the all all that. But we know these gloves were used in the murder because they were found next to the knife and the hammer I dont care of his death was found on it or not. What are the chances of them,
you're, having all the same things that he bought it. What are the chances that these items were used in the murder that just happen to his wife that same day, and this doesn't work out in his favour? No matter how I swing it all is appeals, are pretty much getting shot down or have been shot down like they should be yet his children are still going. Public have been very adamant about his innocence for a bunch of yale graduates. I would expect a little bit more intellect out of them, but I do feel exe dreamily sorry for them because they have lost their mother and their father. So I have sympathy, but I'm just wondering what on earth there thinking when they it comes to their fathers innocence. Well, the statements that the doctor made to thee detect is they didn't
any sense. I dont think this entire situation makes sense at all to his children. And so for them. I can see why they can't see this logically, because it just doesn't make sense. They ve lost everything and it's too painful and they're just fighting to keep what they can. This isn't a serve planted evidence, you could say: oh maybe they transferred some dna, but they what mallet in a knife or used they found those murder weapons and they found gloves with those murder weapons. How do you get around that? His statements don't add up? He doesn't have any blood on his hands. The physical evidence is all I need here, it's unquestionable to me. I've never her felt so certain somebody absolutely did the crime, and I am thankful foley the lead investigator. For being,
measured and being pharaoh when he shows up, he doesn't go trample around the crime scene. He sees the ground. He wants this to be done right, he's questioning how many he stops questioning him when he realises this guy's, probably gonna, be a suspect. He did everything right again. You can't defend the sky. it just justin. Actually, when we are talking about this case before we recorded, he said you know, I'd like to be able to show the pro staff the programme it or staff be fair and balanced, yet be fair and balanced, and I just I just shook my head. It's very difficult, I'm not even sure what you could say other than early on. He had signed off on some searches. That's about it and something that the the investigator and a journalist. They actually wrote a book about this case. It's called
murder and wellesley, and it's very well written in the book. They go with a sort of the prosecutions theory of had this. Second, life that possibly his way I found out about, but then they change their mind and they they change their mind because a victim of domestic violence reaches out to them and says you got this all wrong. This is domestic violence in the home and there wasn't any prior reports of views or police being called out to the home, but their exactly right Then, when I think about my theory of he just wanted, this marriage and he didn't want to have to go through a divorce and pay any alimony anything well his solution, is to murder his wife. That's abuse that is domestic abuse.
is his solution is to get rid of her. I think that's what's missed from the prosecutions viewpoint and I think it's a little missed when people look at a case, a lot of cases where a husband kills their wife, even if there wasn't any prior history, it's always the husband as we can. Hell why cause harm onto their spouse there's easier ways to get out of a marriage or relationship, but this is what they gamble on. Send us some feedback on this one. Where does this guy rank among all these husbands who murder their wives and who would you put him up there with or or does this guy really just take the cake? and if you look him up online, look up dirk grinder, there's an image or to wear
It kind of reminds me of jack Nicholson in the shining or dennis rader yeah. He almost looks like a cross between the two yeah you're talking about rankings. I I think he's one of the dumbest, I'm just sad for may and her family and even his own children, who think he's not guilty
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