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June 18, 2013. Los Angeles, California. Journalist and author Michael Hastings was killed when his Mercedes, traveling at high speed, crashed into a palm tree and burst into flames. Hastings was said to have been working on a big story and there were rumors that the FBI was investigating him. Was he researching something that the federal government of the United States felt threatened by? Join Justin and special guest The Captain from True Crime Garage on this special crossover episode as they lay out the story, the conspiracies, and their opinions on the death of Michael Hastings.

Aaron and Nic (True Crime Garage) also did a crossover episode that you can find by searching for True Crime Garage in your podcast app. The episode is Debra Sundstrom #315 and is a true crime case that is sure to create some discussion.

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I do not captain I'm fine. How are you I'm doing great its awesome have you on the show for anyone that hasn't been paying attention? We did another cross over where I came on True crime garage and nick came
on the generation Y yeah. Everybody thought there would switch host, but we decided stay with the same team. Yes exactly, and I think we were right here too, as the year my favorite murder of the couple- and there is nothing wrong with that they have a million less heinous. Whatever maybe three million, so you always get to talk about murder and true crime on the garage in you don't really delve into all the other things that we get to talk about it. Generation. Why I figured we would cover a conspiracy which are always my favorite episodes of generation wise as the conspiracies or aliens or even big foot. I couldn't even come up with a good alien one to cover with you. So I chose a conspiracy instead,
Maybe we could talk about the conspiracy of katy perry being germany ramsay, but we're we talk about Michael Hastings. What makes Michael, hey. things a conspiracy while Michael Hastings did some reporting either I would say that he is a very hard hitting investigative journalist of his stories to me provoke mystery, and entry and you want to dive in two more of what he is talking about and because of his big stories. He had a car crash that much. People can explain and we will try to explain it and a lot of people think that his death is a conspiracy Some of his stories have shook top ass in the military in the government and all The stories were pretty anti government.
or anti war, and then he dies mysterious die out. So this is just a problem for a conspiracy yeah any time. There's a death and there I am like three I am for, I am that always chemists me. My ears can a perk up Michael Hastings was born january, twenty eightth nineteen eighty and died June eighteenth, twenty thirteen, he was a kid orbiting editor to the rolling stone, ended up working with Buzzfeed and lot of other media outlets, just a ton, so I dont want to minimize him to just the rolling stone and Buzzfeed he's published multiple books and started covering the iraq war. With his fiancee at the time. I think he ended up covering
all of our foreign wars. For over a decade this life, which is crazy and a lot of people have heard people like Joe rogan talking about Michael, hastens work and his death in Jos. A big conspiracy, theorist or he loves talking about them at least so I purse what what your thoughts on Michael hasting, just as a person anytime that you're looking into a case. It's always nice when there's footage of the person talking, And so Michael hastens I've seen him on cnn. A million other shows and very intelligent, but kind of pot stir I found him to be a man of principles and not people. Yes, that's I think perfectly said people would probably suggest that he was a
more left, leaning or liberal rapporteur. Yet he was report on the war reporting again the war against the obama ministration. So that really put him at odds with just about everybody. That's very ass deigned to me, because we see in today's politics, especially in and the last several years, if you're accordingly, investigative journalists that leans left? You dont report about the left. You a report about the right and saved goes as if your hard right. Well, we don't talk. At about the right. Well, it's a bad about the left, and I quote: Hastings had integrity so exactly whatever he uncovered, he thought the american people, should now on june, seventeenth, twenty thirteen one p m,
Michael Hastings sends out an email to his friends and family, and he says: hey The feds are interviewing my close friends and associates, perhaps The authorities arrive Buzzfeed, she q or H. Q may be why is to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about art. he was gathering practices or related journalism issues, also I'm onto a big story and need to go off the radar for a bit all the best and hope to see you all soon, Michael which is an interesting email, because pardon me here that and wondered if it is even mike Is this a warning shot that he's sending to his friends, saying: hey they're, looking into me, something is about to go down or is this a set up for whatever the bigger group that is trying to get rid of
Michael Hastings, to send out an email like this to all of his close friends to say the feds are looking into me. I got a big story which is not imply in the feds but implying that there's a big story go away for a while you're going down the radical. Now captain we go down their fast. The following day june eighteenth at for thirty in the morning, Michael driving his twenty thirteen mercedes. Two. Fifty coop is a nice car, though I really like it. I'm a car guy but not in the sense that I know like the model numbers somewhere. Take your word, for it I mean any time it's a coop, it's nice because it it's a more sporty car. There were several witnesses and even dash camp footage of his car driving down the road and this is in Hancock park. It's not technically. I guess it's
technically a residential street, but it's kind of a thoroughfare sort of open street, but there are houses on either side. They cease works coming out of the back of his car One person says it's travelling at top speed a world people actually said that they saw spark. As he's driving down the road and when they said how fast you think his car was goin. There replied as fast as the carp possibly could go so the top speed of this nice coop. I just assume that that's a hundred miles per hour. I know that's not the top speed but once you're getting over eighty two hundred miles per hour, you can't really tell how fast the cars going any more without a without radar yeah. I agree, I think we we we think of it as
a residential area in your driving a hundred miles an hour that is floating and in this area the streets. at every intersection they have dips. Or rain, and you know drainage because Fournier has some of the worst storm drainage I've ever seen in my life because they do say, doesn't rain there. So you know, but if he had hit one of these, dipson bottomed out or causing damage to his car. I couldn't stand why they would see sparks they say the car fish tales and then pops occur. And slams into a palm tree thing about going over that curb over a hundred miles an hour. This is gonna pay much destroyed the front end or the side of the car, whatever part hit the curb and it hits tree and burst into flames.
The driver side tyre is reported to of just rolled down the street I was torn from the vehicle and the engine of the vehicle will be found. I think it's like a hundred and fifty feet away from the crash site yeah they and their very, very reports on that. But it seems like roughly about fifty yards eyes what I've heard, which is that the us that's half of a football field, there's a lot of talk about crumple zones and how the engine is supposed to drop down. But to me this is in practice and in theory- and those are two different things The cars specks in thresholds are usually done within the speed limits, not at a hundred miles per hour, had on collision and the tire being thrown from a car. Not that big a deal for me because its hidden that curb at such a high speed chances.
That impact broke those lugs completely off, but the fact that the engine is- round from a car that that much just that doesn't seem right about that- initially ports of the engine stated that was thrown behind the car, a hundred and fifty feet not in front of the car, but we'll get into those reports later, but just Oh, that that was reported media did say the engine was thrown backwards, which would defy the laws of physics. Now, there's multiple eye witnesses to this account but one of the main eye witnesses. He couldn't actually speak english, but he talks about how he saw the sparks. He saw him kind of bounce up and down. He saw him go over the curb saddam had the tree. You know burst into flames,
Firefighters are there within like three to four minutes and then, when he approaches the car as they're getting the fire under control, He claims to seem Michael hastings like head and neck, but does it see his body one that makes sense to me because, if the door, still intact. Then always gonna see as his upper torso right in flames. There was another witness who, I guess lived right there. He came out and used his garden hose to try to put the fire out beyond before the fire department showed up and being, I've lived in California and I know what water restriction laws they have out there. I disesteem this guy was out there watering his lawn at four thirty in the morning, so nobody would see of doing it right now that I'll I live in ohio. for some reason the season we think that, where seattle, so we just
rain every day. So we don't have any restrictions on water, which is nice so leslie when you're in a car wreck at eighty, two hundred miles per hour and the car person to flames urine going to live so at age thirty, three Michael Hastings dies from this car wreck and heavy personally seamen car catch on fire. Yes, I have many times many times tell me about one of these many times weirdly enough. I was at work. I was working in a tense rebuilding there was a parking structure It was probably only three or four. Stories right next to the building, and it was a super hot day in a car. On the top floor, you know the open area of the parking garage just burst into flames wasn't even in a car accident. Now this was
back in the early two, thousands, so different cars. You know different things year, two thousand to know why come on fire, logical I think it was electrical. I think it was so hot that some wire melted and spark something caught something on fire. It was literally exploding, because once it got into the engine and the oil and the gas. It started flinging shrapnel at the windows and they told everybody to stand back, but nobody did hey. Let's go look at the car on fire yeah. I've. Also I watch you do the reading gillis youtube videos when I go down the youtube rabbit hole of when animals attack when cars attack or when ten most thrilling moments- and I see cars rack and burst into flames all the time. So it didn't seem that, weird to me now that said, there are firewalls
are redundancies in safety things in cars to prevent it from bursting into flames. That, I think that's the thing. I got a party one time and high school this kid. That was throwing the party decided to take his car and basically go mudding with his car, which is not equipped to be driving through the mud and he's behind his house. To try again one in circles, acting like your daredevil or something and then all of a sudden, his car gets stuck in the mud and so he's now freaking out, like I get my car out of here cause my parents are going to know, had. This party has my car's stuck in the backyard as I just kept revenue engine revenue ended and and go back and forth, and in this over heated the car- and I just remember all of us watching we see canada lit flame does of come onto the hood of the car and we're like you, gotta get your car and with an I dont, know thirty seconds the whole car was engulfed. I kept
look once it has that gas is gonna go and what I get everybody back up and when it actually blue, I would say it when I don't know fifty to seventy five yards in the air. It looked like like a crazy explosion. Tat was like a geyser, a fiery out shooting up into the sky. So Let us imagine when Michael heads this tree with No, why their sparks beforehand there is some kind of thought process that maybe he was hitting some bumps as he's driving so fast and with a car being as low as that car would have been to the ground that, when he's hidden those pot or something that maybe that's the eyewitnesses c in the sparks, but once he hit that tree and engulfed in flames
That might not be what I killed him initially, but then you have this explosion explosion. I think that he could have hit a dip or pothole. As damage to the bottom of the car. Had some piece of metal scraping the ground that would cause sparks before he ended up wrecking into the tree, but because of his background because of his email that he sent out just get a lesson when he for hours earlier yeah, I wanna talk to allow people. Were I go Michael Hastings you're this reporter? He reported from buzz feed. He reported for rolling stone. These aren't enemies of the state, the entertainment journalism, but I think it was a couple hours before the accident. That Michael actually contacted wikileaks lawyer, Jennifer Robinson.
a few hours before he died, saying the fbi was investigating them. So again. We the scenario where Michael sending out an email to all his friends and family, saying I'm being looked into, but by the feds and then contacting wikileaks, which that's an enemy of the state right here yeah. Exactly so now you see said out another email, but is contact in people higher up than he is just to almost protect himself. That's where it becomes a conspiracy people go? He had all this up that came out against the administration against born army, but he also alludes to the fact that he has a big story, and we don't know who that story was about, but that doesn't mean that the people was writing about, didn't know that he was onto them about something. If he was writing about you. You should problem be worried because it's well Let's just go into it when he
released his article for the rolling stone I was back in twenty ten. It was called called the runaway general and it was about we're star general stanley Mcchrystal. He was supposed to be embedded with this military group and normally that's a very supervised environment, so everywhere on their best behaviour, because they know the journalist is in the room and they don't say off the cuff things, it's very formal its. You ask a question. I give you an answer, but at the same time Michael Hastings was supposed to fly out and all flights were grounded because a volcano in iceland erupted and all the volcanic certain cloud. Just covered the sky way, so he was grounded. The vote.
He knows name, I'm not even try to pronounce it. It's like half the alphabet. Anyways you want to try. captain you wanna say now all general crystal and his top brass get stuck on a bus with Michael Hastings. If you seen videos of Michael he's, very personal and charismatic he's a nice guy, danny smart and they kind of get you used to him being around because they're stuck with him. Now in journalism. They say: there's an unwritten rule that journalists don't print anything that is considered off the record, but Michael is follow that kind of rule yazzi my rule of thumb anytime, interviewed anybody let them now worse, starting now and I'll Let them know that if there is anything that were discussing that you start discussing in east,
realising or even you realize thirty seconds after the fact that you didn't want to say that that go ahead and tell me I then, when I tell them, stop talking bless you eve. How did this happen where you ve had a interview, people victims, families or even possible suspects of a crime and you in the interview and then you end up talking for another hour. She well most a time when I'm still talking to him, I'm recording the conversations I could use the audio, but I want it, but can, I think, our roles or allow different and regional list is different, but I We with you on the idea that they were the sky, he seems pretty cool. He seemed very smart. We're stuck! then this is our own record, that they are let their guards down there. They dropped that for sort of professionalism and start talking off the cuff, which is The best idea around Michael Hastings
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how an extent vacations in this article he talks about normally. He expects, I guess the troopers. You know the grunts too Talk smack on the president or talk smack on upper brass, he's never been around a forced, our general. That did it right. I'm like what course they'd they all do it. It's just general Mcchrystal got caught and in even Michael Hastings refers to when he was covering the war when bush was in office is like yeah. They all talk smack on bush. They all talks mac on obama, it's just a thing, but he'd never heard the top brass. Do it, and so he was surprised by this general Mcchrystal. Did like Joe Biden counter terrorism strategy and he was very outspoken against it here.
Called it short sighted or said it would lead to chaos, stand which that got him color addressing down by the administration right. He was told pretty much to shut up and keep a low profile after that but now he's around Hastings and he's still talk and smack and then Mcchrystal refer to obama as uncomfortable and intimidated He was in a room full of military brass. Pretty much suggests that he was out of his leg or didn't know what's going on when he got t ask understand job which, by the way, if you don't who general Mcchrystal is here the general that's in charge of the entire war. On the: u s, side, his big cheese, yeah, so he did a ten minute photo up with obama and thought pierre
think this guy knows who I am he totally just dis the department of defense obama's administration. I mean I have like five pages on all the things that this guy said, I mean we could go. Drew a line by line, but I think he can't get the point. Maybe, as is there anything else that you ve gone? Why what's interesting about all. This is even, I believe, hastings talks about hey this is this has been done by other people may be not as high up officials have been caught doing this. Maybe this is the highest level official, but the administration could have really disrupt this under the rug. They could have read the article said: okay, while you said a bunch of stuff, he doesn't agree with us, but then it comes down to is he doing his job yeah and if he's due,
it's job, okay! Well, who cares that he said a couple of things behind our back, but that's not where it ends. No, in the fact that this story gets published and kind of goes viral, I think it forced the hand of the administration. I think that's the key thing, though, that it went viral. Ah, because can't be the president and not respond to one of your top generals talkin smack you have to do something Otherwise it shows agnes and leadership and govern. I agree, but I also think it show strength to understand that everybody that you're gonna work with is going to agree with you, and I, that you could show our level of we. agree on everything, but I'm willing to work with them and had also shows a sign any administration to say. I don't care what your viewpoint is as long as we're pushing things forward and working together as a team
that's, I think, we're Michael hastens thought the administration would sweep it on the road, but it kept getting bigger and bigger. So again, I think they had to say ok well, but on some level academic, she look bad to go. What this guy talked a little So now we got rid of them in any respect. To that, I think general Mcchrystal had a spotty record When you go back to two thousand and four with pat tillman yeah, the nfl guy, who was killed general Mcchrystal, he took an active role in creating the impression that Tillman had died at the hands of taliban fighters as as opposed to the reality which was being killed by friendly fire were his own troops by accident Mcchrystal. He had a chequered past. I won't say he was a bad general. He was a complicated person. Has people liked to say between? I think that,
hillman thing, and him talking smack on Biden before this, rolling, stone. Article came out, that's what prompted the from administration to strip him of his position and so Obama's statement was The conduct represented in the recently published article undermines the civilian control of the military. That is at the core of our democratic system, and it erodes the trust, that's necessary for our team to work together to achieve our objectives in Afghanistan But he said that he was distraught. orb saddened to have to do this cycle don't want to do this, but very well liked and very well respected within the armed forces, I think it's, like you said it's the straw that broke the camel's back, there's multiple offensives, so we have to take action at some point. We can't keep
the smack and the guy on the wrist and and hoping that these scenes go away. But when it goes back to Michael hastings- and you go okay- well one, it puts this administration ah in a difficult place. To do they become an enemy of my or hastings or too they look at him. Allies, so that would be suspect one is them the obama administration. Then he started that well what what other connections to the administration? are the cia, so now is the cia: do they have in their sights? it's now, an enemy of Michael Hastings or the f b I's. So there's three, but then you have this. I official that lost his job for a couple of days that he made may have thought were off the record, and now you have the people that support him his close colleagues- is Michael Hastings, now an enemy of them and think about what they do for a living, they go in and win wars
then they see what power the pen has that Michael Hastings has. If he's able to unseat a forced, our general people are listening. People are reading Even the president is reading this guy's articles. So not just random journalist for Buzzfeed but lily really a mover in a shaker and for thirty three europe journalists to have this much power. Look out rum, That gets me and everything that we talked about so far as the email back to the friends and the contact that he had with jennifer robinson the lawyer of wikileaks. This vein, where he says I am working on something I'd be investigated, just electric eyes now, and maybe that's just to tell him friends and family. There might be some stuff that comes out about me, I'm being investigated now, but I'm here
you're on something that huge and made, then that becomes suspect acts. Over who is he all? What's this data is working on a got one of the highest of officials of the military file, shared he's implying that whatever he's working on is bigger than that I know I know right. Waiting well, has hit something that caught. My eye was before the day of the accident He had asked his neighbor. Can I borrow your car Somebody's tampered with my car and I dont want to drive it now. This is all according to the neighbour, I mean that, I didn't even want to drive his own car right, so the story, for the idea of we're gonna really think of this, the neighbour could just making all this nonsense up and there was no interaction along a he could just be somebody that once
be involved in the story once their fifteen minutes here, but I don't know how likely, because you are taking a risk by car. Ford and saying anything by being an eye witness you are taking a risk. If you believe that this is a conspiracy, so this guy then comes forward, I believe it, but then it makes you wonder what was mess, car, having Michael d say, hey look. I think my car's been messed with compromise. What was compromise, what did he believe was compromised yeah and we don't know he just said that it looks like it was too bird with I mean in that could range from the f b. I put a track device on it and were just watching where he goes to. He felt like it
is broken into. There were listening devices put in their to possibly they took over as car. Can we explain that? Allow it to everybody, what taking over someone's car means. Yeah, it's cool car hacking and essentially model cars have computers that run everything there are no longer controlled by mechanical input in oh, you push on the brakes or push on the gas and then Wire or hydraulic hose pushes are poles on whatever needs do now. You push on a paddle and it sends a signal to a computer that then turns around and tells the car to accelerate or break yeah very important been a human. You know you sensing to your brain, that you want your hand, move and then your brain says hand, move now What's in arresting algerians, are may talk about this and the way they explained it was that your car,
sending information back to the manufacturer all the time. I did not know this, but me he claims. That's what's happened, with new cars and win everything. That's happening to your car. Your brain is collecting information when you a problem with your car and you take it in to the dealership or whatever they can. I up that computer slash brain and our spit out all this information. This is what's goin right let's go wrong so that same technology some can hack in and then tell the car or you can control the breaking. You can control the seller. nation, but you know you can control anything that out of here power, windows or or power locks. If you can hack into that system, you can create even that car pretty much do anything you want it to do. Yeah end your check engine light ever came on. You take it
the auto zone you take it to the dealership. They hook up a computer, the diagnostic port on the car and reads the air. Where's your car is sending out. So that's one way you could have a car is, if you have, access to that diagnostic port. Now, newer cars will even even older car. But new cars started using what called can bus, which is a wireless system so yeah, had that sensor on your tire to tell you, when you have a low error in your tire, yet that's not wired system, that has to be a wireless system to tell the What's going on, they ve kind of gone, the lot of wireless things in a car because it just simpler- and Everyone knows that wireless systems can be hacked remotely. You dont have to hard wire into the system to jack with it. So if we think back
to the crash and we have eyewitnesses saying that his car was gone. Ass fast, ass, his car could go, did some a hack in and then take the acceleration and crank up to over a hunter. miles an hour and possibly that's all that they did and then just able the braking system, be, are very bad game to play. Where are you had to go through a residential area at top speed, aids and remain under control, especially with I haven't, drove a lot in california, but I have heard a lot of bad about potholes and things like that, just like they have in. Like new york city, the roads aren't taken care of very well may take on this is now four days. If you go to youtube and say hack, a car or you know, take control a car hack, a canvas, your foot
a million videos about it, but in twenty thirteen this was sort of safe. I write You would see in hollywood movies, you wouldn't see this talked about it. Wasn't a party their idea at all not to say that it wasn't possible. But this I've been literally the first time you ve ever heard of a car hack in the wild hope. Nobody is talking about this. The other possibility of this is take that same snow and there's a malfunction where the brakes are not working and the acceleration is is gone. past two hundred miles an hour and I believe, that there were several I want to say there were: there were two toy otis we therefore have an ex salaries problem where you pushed on the paddle, and release, and for ever reason at would keep goin yeah I remember, it was at least a
and full of cars that made it onto the news that did that yeah and so here's a situation where it's like. Would the computer system of Michael's car tell us this information it would of if it hadn't burst into flames and everything was destroyed or melted right. So since we have no recovery of the black box, you know we can Does assume, therefore, there's a conspiracy. Here's where I want to back up a bit, because the first thing that was reported by the spirits see terrorist. They say that he was taken out by a drone strike. Ok, because one. The engine was thrown backwards, as they say, and the car burst into flames, so what would the engine being removed from the current thrown backwards? How drones explain that that was. The whole idea is something explosive hit the car, because
Engine was thrown backwards instead of forwards with the momentum of the car, so the explosion through the engine backwards, but a drone strike is a predator. Drown weigh up there in the sky over, allay which theirs, yeah. I don't know that that would be kind of risky to fly drone around a because there's a lot of helicopters and stuff go on there, but it shoots a missile and I lies its four thirty in the morning, but we already had a whole handful of eyewitnesses to this car because allays like new york. It's the city that doesn't sleep in you mean to tell me that nobody, witness this fiery rocket, come from the sky, to hit his guard me out of all thy witnesses, and especially the neighbour claims to see everything from before the crash even happened. You gonna tell me this guy saw all the stuff even saw Michael hastens body in flames in the car, but did not notice
there was a missile that hit the car and also it would be interesting to you get hit with a missile but then also crash into a tree. Yeah then the other idea was it wasn't a missile, but it was a. I e, here are some sort of explosive device within the car in a dozen explain that. That's why I wonder, too, with the eye witnesses, because they claim that there was no may following him, but that doesn't there wasn't some I followed him miles ago and he still drive not a hundred miles our because he's scared for his life. My big question now, if you can answer this for me, but why the heck is Michael Hastings driving at four thirty am as he coming from party why's, he driving I'm gonna, answer that in a second, I want to go ahead and debunk this explosive device thing real quick, so
idea that no missile happened. So an explosive device happened because that's why the car person the flames, but what most people don't understand is expulsion. devices, don't actually cause fire. They just blow up but, of course, if it was in the gas tank whatever so first off the engine was front of the car, not behind it. That was totally a fabrication and for an explicit device how much as an engine way like foreign explode to dislodge and engine and hurl it that far the car would have been shredded to pieces. There would have been nothing left that would actually define the laws of physics. If a bomb went off in the car and through the engine, that far I mean I'm, not a bomb expert, I mean I am the bomb but I'm not a bomb expert, A fire expert either mean, even though I did light on fire over two hundred. I just when I was little eyes to me again, two thousand thirteen.
I'm not ruling out taken over the car and controlling the acceleration. I don't want to rule that out as far as the conspiracy angle and I wouldn't want to rule out some kind of explosion explosion, or some kind of device that was put on the car and then as they monitor him as the? If there's some serious reason that that the government's monitoring him and then he start, sending out all these emails. confirming whatever the reason there followed them. If they are headed device. Implanted into his car, with all they have to do, is hit a button and it takes here the problem. I want it put at past any government they are government by government. You can't prove disprove that a car hack did or did not happen, but it's impossible because everything was destroyed after
the fact I could say that we could somewhat disprove that a device was put on his car because I mean there's arms that go off like the world trade center bomb. That happened before nine eleven. That thing was huge, I mean even even the oklahoma city bombing right there were still, remnants of the bomb left over even after the explosion. Now the argument while they weren't looking for the bomb device on his car because they were all in on it, they do it by experts in time it there's a death with it. Grass. So there's gonna be somebody that actually studies this craft come and tell us what the black box should be telling us. But now we the lapd allay fire department and these acts it's all in on the conspiracy if it was an explosive device to cover up for it, and I think that's too many people
because any time that people talk about police cover ups or police conspiracies, I would say, it's possible if it, if the departments very small as possible. If we're talking about a handful of people wants, it gets pass that there are too many good people that sign up to serve and protect their communities is to make good people that eventually, that will come out and the wash a few bad apples sure, but an entire department money stage one guy to come out and say: oh by the way we prefer, we found some bombed library. But again, that also does not rule out the fact that there was just something wrong with his car yeah and coercion little paranoid when you start thing in them. The feds are following you and then you drive your car one day, and it doesn't feel right and you go. I know the feds are met. Of journalism. Talking to my friends, I know the feds are looking into me. I know that
I kind of know what my next story is and then you get in your car and maybe the tire pressure is just a little off or you put some gas. That's not responding great with your car and you drive it a couple of blocks. You are gone. Man, a car seems a little iffy, maybe maybe it's the feds will to add fuel onto that fire. F b, I came out afterwards and said hastings was not under investigation, but then news, media outlets submitted a freedom of information, act, request and it showed fbi documents rhetoric sing hastings all over the place yeah, but there's a file of everybody with big, huge beetles fan and when they talk about the case with John lennon Yours very fascinating, but John Lennon was one of the most by your people in the world. You know so yeah there's
the files on canoe, west and tons of files on J c intensive files on Eminem in and you know any popular pop culture icon, I'm sure, there's files upon files on taylor, swift, and in the f b I actually responded to them being caught and what people It was a blatant lie. They said just because we reference you in a report does not mean you are the subject of an investigation that doesn't mean I heard tell us the truth: the hull If somebody there are going to the truth. This is that this is problem here is, can we believe give them at their word. I actually don't because the document that they released was heavily reacted and talked about hastings. An article
he published, so they came out and said, Actually, we were investigating, say the occupy wall, street movement right and Firstly, Hastings. If you know his career path, he reported on how the occupy wall street movement. Was being investigated by the fbi? Were is being monitored. They were tracking members of them, so if they, full transparency in the f b I said will actually we were investigating this and Hastings happened to be involved with it. I would buy their story, but that's not exactly what we get yeah. I look. I I like full disclosure most of the time, but when it's the f b, I I I don't know how much they need to tell me to prove a point to me. not say that I dont want information. I want information, I can handle the truth. Yes
we need them on that wall. I want them war I say that I should get it all the time. Well, I'm sure you'll be called, government, shrill for months on end after in that statement will want to know. I think it's fair. I want the information, but I understand why they don't give it an end. If anybody has been apparent out there you know what I'm talking about, there's a lot of information that your hide him from your kid that you'll give in time when they are ready and that your call- and I think that's and in their job in the responsibility that our government has put in place. For the you know, the f b I or the cia yeah. What about drugs? It was he on any type of drug Why was he drinking? I mean this is again the big question for thirty a m. They
it toxicology report. It showed that he had th sea or marijuana in a system and he had Feder means in this system now, let me I emphasise that they were extremely trace amounts and even in the toxicology report it states. These were not contributing factors to the crash. Again, if you go to a conspiracy right that somebody is responsible summit took over his vehicle, some higher power, the I that don't you think they could a fudge. The tar scott report just a little bit. And said. Not only did he give me, I just wanna in this system, but he had crack cocaine there, here's the thing is when that port came out? Half of them. Media outlets were just stated
He had marijuana in math and his system right in fact, mean comes in lots of different forms. And after all, that's totally prescription that anyone could take? Which, after all, is my the number one drug, which is a prescribed drug number one drug use by all journalist? I would assume right, you're flying all over the world trying to report on things. It's a pick me up. I heard it's a good time lapse. We talked about. Your other show I do not like taking medication, and I have also heard some really bad sign effects. I can mass withdrew jaws structure, and you can be very bad for your teeth. So when I look at the toxicology report marijuana can stay in your system for months depending on how
cuba, habitual smoker. You are, and outer all actually metabolize is pretty quickly out of your system, but taking I mean how many people take our role and drive every day. This is their their more. in pill that they take and they drive to work he's gonna get you focus its A lot of people use a raw for adhd. For whatever reason I still I want to know why he's driving I mean, I know that mark wahlberg gets up and starts working on it for thirty. I want to know if my hastings was gone over to his house to pump some iron with no mark aubert. That's all. I want to know why sky are okay, so I'm going to give big long answer here, but his beyond say she died in iraq during an ambush her and her security team were all killed between that in
covering war for ten years can just assume that my hastings suffered from ptsd and he was diagnosed with it? So he had a medical cannabis car medical marijuana carding in California, so we stand. Why would have th sienna system? There was a history of mental illness with Michael Hastings that goes back years the burlington police department had a call it was three a m one night. In june his father, told him to turn down his stereo and michael Hastings left the house and a white buick drove down the street and hit upon The police showed up. They talk to his father, who is a doctor and he said,
michael, suffers from mental illness. To this day, what a pity de bipolar depression, so he suffered from manic depressive disorder bipolar. There was a litany of things that were listed there, but I knew that he definitely had ptsd, but at the time of this incident, sure how much time you spent overseas covering the war. But it's says the same type, a scenario yeah he took off at three a m in a rage and hit a pole, now his friends and family today say that he drove like a grandma. He drove very cautiously. You I have to drive a radically twice and his in his one time you had the other time he hit a tree. He claimed he was
drinking that night, but he blew a one point. Three, eight on a breathalyzer, so yeah he had been drinking. That a month later, three forty, Six, a m burlington police respond again to a drunk person who is refusing to leave an apartment. officers arrive and then sprang hastings with mace. But Michael, Hastings had, I guess, a try, to attempt suicide by cop and beta. Them to shoot him and reached simply into a shirt again and that august Hastings was arrested a third time for stealing like a turntable or something his father told the police that He had not been mentally well for the past several months, and this is why he stole a turntable yeah, be sure to out where the crowded sing in theatres July, fifteenth based on the best selling
book comes a juicy mystery full of romance murder and deadly secrets. Daisy Agur Jones plays kyar an outsider, who grew up alone in the marshes of north carolina. She finds herself drawn the two men from town. It opens a whole new world possibilities until one of them turns up dead, blamed for the murder the town once answers, but will the truth set kyar free or condemn her forever? produced by reese witherspoon featuring a new original song by taylor. Swift. This is the event film of the summer, see where the crowded being exclusively and movie theatres July fifteenth buy tickets. Now. Sorry, but I could not imagine the pain he went through now. We are saying, but of an another journalist dying, doing what he did. And then you also wonder if he had these bouts with depression, and bipolar and and other things going on there is
part of the reason why he put himself and to those situations as you can do investigative journalism anywhere and cover a multitude of different subjects, but he decided to put himself you're in the danger zone. I would what agree with you on that and he was a man of principle. He was very anti war, but you can her things from anywhere. You don't have to go there and even after his fiance was killed. He went back now. won't go so far as to say he had a death wish, but he definitely wasn't afraid be it's a dark holiday, complex. You know right, but then it's tough from me. in our friends of mine and people close to me out Oh did on pills and and and drugs purposefully. Young artists partying too hard. It was know, hopefully
de on this, and then stops my life. So I've seen that divide haven't seen a scenario orbit friends with somebody that drove them. car off the road or it seems at least at one time that MIKE way seems did this, and then it becomes. Was this the same vein and he was a success for this time. Well, that's the thing, is I do believe that he next door and asked his neighbor to borrow their car because people were saying he was acting a little paranoid a little weird days, leading up to his death, but one of them as also that he was battling with depression battling with these thoughts and figured if he barred his neighbors car. He won it. Have I know that you want to have the balls to wreck somebody else's car. You know like I, who already my car myself I'll ruin my car, but
I'm gonna ruin my neighbors car, because I am a man of principle. So let me borrow my neighbors car and why I'm driving down the road. If I have any these suicidal thoughts on pry won't do it because I'm in the neighbors car, I actually didn't even think of that. That's a very different perspective that I didn't consider I was struggling with- is- having oddly, because he found out something very, very disparaging about the government coming down on him or her. He behaving badly because he's having a like a panic, or suffering from mania. So I think the difficult thing here in this case Is there are so many possibilities? What I don't like is when I hear people say the government took over his vehicle and plain to see you're an idiot. If you don't think they did this, and I think there are a lot of gray here and there
so hard, because I really believe that you have to let the evidence tell you where to go, and I think the evidence in this case anyways points costly to multiple possibility. my problem is the: can spirits sees them start out with its a drone strike. Oh wait! It's an explosive await. My we have to choose something that is coming. Wheatley untraceable and unprovable, such as a car hack, and that idea has garnered so much fanfare mean even the? U s: national coordinator of security, Richard Clarke said this. crash is consistent with a car cyber attack but consistent with what car cyber attack, has never been Wanda beforehand. are we now maybe they're, not one but also
My argument there would be. This is also consistent with the action that since took earlier in his life. Absolute, it's you know almost it's that early morning and those time periods site, we were talking about them, Elliot smith case. One of the things that I had a psychologist deny it's out too. Well, actually they reach out to me. They said: hey, I'm a psychologist. I'd love to talk to you about this, but the thing that they kept on saying was it's very. unlikely that some eight kills himself and the over five was also very unlikely at that time of day not say, that's impossible but suicides typically happen. late at night or early morning. That puts it that in the time period- and I dont know why I know he's our friends with mark Wahlberg. I know that What people that take their own lives? They dont want to burden others. You know it's always
three, a m in the morning when you're lying awake thinking about stuff. That's the dark time You know the answer. I wonder if his thoughts, and all the tragedy that he went through. Did it get the better of him? But again to me, it's a so strange because it's odd way to want it ended, but I wasn't inside his brain, our he was thinking. Well, I think of the something's wrong with aunt diane debt that case we don't know what was wrong with her. We don't know She intentionally did it if she was suffering from something, oh and by a her car bursts into flames too. So it's the question. There was Michael hastings intentionally trying to take his life or was he is driving fast down a residential street, that's not made for or a low writing. Coop card do a hundred miles per hour by the way there's
discrepancies over his speed. Some people say he was doing sixty other people were saying, use, doing top speed, was some camera footage of him driving and some people kind the mass of ok. He got from point at a point b in this amount of time, and they determine that he was doing. At least eighty ninety miles per hour as fast specially on a residential area to supply devils advocate, then the question becomes: is that Michael Hastings for on the gas pedal or something else controlling it, and this is one of the first norman I have a gut feeling erst some way there and which I'm leaning- and this case almost filled dumb, leaning in any direction.
in other than like. I do agree with you on the idea that if there was a drone strike or some kind of explosion, we should have more evidence of that. But, as far as I can tell you if this was a conspiracy to get rid of Michael Hastings or a self inflicted spare her see- and this was a suicide attempts from micro, hastings or just an accident. I know I don't know which way to lean I think my problem with most conspiracies are the conspiracy theories themselves. Turn me off with their ideas and with them misinformation, but not, but did you find out, a ton in this case, cause I'd. I did it well. Let me list them out. Drone strike explosive device, the engine being behind the car. Instead of in front of the car. They went on to say that Michael Hastings, He was cremated without the permission of the family and the fao.
families come out and said: no. We asked him to be cremated right. It came out that the engine was in front of the car and there wasn't a drone strike so maybe not a lot of misinformation, but enough where it turns me off to the conspiracy a little bit, but I'm saying as far as other conspiracy, is. This was pretty mild as far as the lot of you It has gone, hey we now No, that is possible to take control over some car. You can car hack and most people they eat your hearing them talk about this girl, while it's kind of fishy and that's kind of where it stops when I've done my digging and yeah there's some people out there that are like this really prove something, but but not easy theories where other conspiracies will go
I've ever heard. Any mention of aliens are big foot in this current conspiracy and to me, though, the stuff that I did hear about the conspiracy which by doing true crime garage every week, I feel like I'm getting a little bit smarter, a little bit better as when you start here about the Michael hastings conspiracy, its government, its people that he's already talked about it's, it's, the army, its armed forces, and I would argue yes, that's your first list of suspects, but the big question mark is when he says I'm onto something bigger and we don't know what that bigger is and to me if anything, thou, to me. That would be the number one suspect and that is unknown yeah. That's it! is it hasn't gone completely off the charts with just the craziness Dave stuck?
to somewhat viable fangs, and especially when you land on car hacking, will you can't prove or disprove it when the cars completely burned crisp after the fact if the car was intact, we could have gone and because to me, if you did hack the car, I mean I've hacked andrew phones and what you do is you re emma the phone with the new firmware. So essentially, you would install your own firmware to his car doubt hopefully Peter analysed or forensic computer analyse could determine this. Wasn't the stock image the car was supposed to have, or this was a signal coming to the car from an outside source. They would be able to somehow track. It probably wouldn't be easy, but if it as intact. I think they could have traced back and said yeah that actually did happen. So
Is there a direction that you lean towards? I lean towards either accident or intentional, but I do not discount. Conspiracy, because I just can't it's impossible to say it didn't happen. I guess the only reason why I lean away from the conspiracy is eve listen to the generation. Why, for years, I've never gotten political? I try to stay away from politics we do as well. I have to get a little political here, the current administration has, a very low opinion of the last administration. The current and restoration has talked about. Emails talked about birth certificates talked about wiretapping and accused dealer the administration of all these things, and you mean to tell me that they are not going. To talk about
american journalist killed. on american soil and not to on the last ministration and try to crucify them really. Ah, I see your point: but again we don't know who the next or what the next big story, was gonna, be true, so who's that story about. Is it about the old administration or the new administration, while it wasn t, thirteen, so I don't think anyone knew what the new administration would be at that point, but it could have been about anyone because there are hold overs from the old to the new. So it's it's possible governments bloated. So if its fbi or cia, or something like that homeland security, I mean, if you just take the department of homeland sick, ready this is a new government agency that was just formed after nine eleven
has like two hundred thousand. Employees in it is the size of a huge company in america. The lot of blood there, he got a lotta one hand talking to the other. So I get it he lost in the in the framework. But I feel like would have been used as political leverage and it wasn't is a good point. Well, that's my thoughts. I think Michael haste. I really respect michael hasting. I really respect his journalism. I feel bad that the guy had such a tortured life, but I thought He was doing he loved yeah, I think be a better world. If we had more investigative journalist out there like him, absolutely.
I usually just crap all over conspiracies, but this is one that I can't completely dismiss its heads grandeur and I hope to learn more about it and if baby has thoughts on this, you know I'm I'd, love to hear people's thoughts about what they actually cabin las men. thank you so much for joining me captain. It's always a pleasure to have you on my show. He rather me. I hope that next time we get talk about aliens will make it happen.
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