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September 17, 2009. Malibu California. 24 year-old Mitrice Richardson was arrested by Los Angeles deputy sheriffs in Malibu, California, on charges of “defrauding an innkeeper” and “possession of (less than an ounce) of marijuana.” She had been acting strangely at a restaurant that evening and the manager and waitstaff were concerned for her. Richardson was brought to the remote Lost Hills sheriff’s station where she was held until shortly after midnight, and then released into a dark deserted nowhere. She had no ATM card, no purse, and no phone as it was all in her car that had been impounded. She would disappear until nearly one year later, when her body was found in an inaccessible wilderness area called Dark Canyon, in the Santa Monica Mountains. From the time that she was arrested to the time that her body was discovered, the LA Sheriffs Department was uncooperative. Join us as we discuss a tragic case involving a woman who didn't have to die.

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by her mother and her stepfather Larry Sutton in California, convened to be exact education was very important to my treats his mother and my trees, god very good education. She had it ba in psychology from cow state, she was an honours student her father Michael, had spent some time in prison, but I mean It looked like he had really turned life around after that and began working in the health care industry becoming a man. major eventually be treasured his daughter, let's about what was going on around the time of her disappearance. Just in what do we know bout my trees. At that time she was and turning at a psychiatric office, she was a dancer, go go dancer, not an erotic
answer you, you may not know that go, go dancing, still offenders, multiple clubs and big cities where they pay dancers to get up on it former and a stage. I've been too many of them. It's pretty cool she was saving money for graduate school right, continuing her education, she was encouraged by a family friend rhonda hampton who is a psychologist who she was, and turning for. The other thing to note is that about this time my trees head, broken up with a girlfriend tests, a moon. They had data for about two years. This is just one thing might want to keep in mind going into This case is that she had certainly had a break up in the Days leading up to her disappearance maurice was starting to act a little
range. She was sending odd tex to her mother. She was posting weird things on facebook and because of these weird tax, her mother, actually reach to her and tried to get a sense of what was going on with her daughter. She was concerned and my three send her strange, answers. This is an example. Utah me. I can be anything I wanted. You told me I was miss america, you told me I was America's next top model, How do you know what I want to be when I grow up? Miss mother nature cause miss america is a fake, ass joke long with everything else we see so I'm trying to my way to michelle obama to see if she will talk Mr Obama about create my position within the white house, and her mother is worried about this response so She tried calling her daughter my trees, wasn
answering those calls. Now my trees lived in los angeles, proper within the city, but on september sixteenth wednesday. two thousand and nine she drives to malibu. I grew up and west like village, which is about ten minutes from malibu or about ten miles, but the only way to get there's through these long windy roads through the mountains. I trees shows up in malibu. She goes to Jeffreys, which is a high and restaurant, it's actually down the street from Steven Spielberg mansion. So you can kind of gauge the level of this neighbourhood that she, then she pulls up in her hand, a civic. She
acting kind of manic. Andy valet says that she's speaking very fast and that she's there to avenge the death of Michael action and she's murmuring vanessa, Michael jack, and had died june. Twenty four two thousand nine, so this must have been on her mind and vienna, sir, was the name of woman that my trees had a crush on Now the valet is asking like what what are you talking about and my traces Spot supposedly was its subliminal. The valet gets into a car to park it and my trees goes over and gets in the valleys car and starts rifling through his cds. This is kind of weird and The valleys car was parked right off to the side and the door was open because he was sitting in his car waiting for someone to pull up to not nor
to go jump in someone else's car, the valet and everyone at this restaurant, his really very chill and he walks over. He gets in his own car. He talks to assurances You know what's going on Maybe you should get out of my car and he walks into the restaurant sorts telling these staff you know the host and the manager there's something wrong with her there's something very off about her, the restaurant. they are accommodating, so there, like a war, just see what happens and she walked and she walked to another table at the restaurant kind of it invites herself to sit down and tells them I'm from mars, they're nice to her and is welcoming because she's not being aggressive or hostile their like coke,
whatever the restaurant manager comes organs is, are you guys, ok, checks on them, like he just random lady walks into the restaurant, sits down with you. If you dont want- or here we could make her leave. My trees ordered a cobra stake. An ocean breeze cocktail, everything's getting finished up. The czech comes, and traces bell. Is eighty nine dollars only she's not going to pay it. Eighty nine dollars for a stake in a cocktail. That's a pretty nice restaurant, its unclear issues refuse to pay it or she has no means to pay it because She might not have our wallet honour because its inner car yeah, It seemed to me from my reading that it sounded like she was not paying it because the table was going to pick it up again. If you're saying you're from mars, it's not a stretch to think that you are free
and that you just met, are picking up your bill. The manager of the restaurant asks, patrice if there is anyone that they can call and she can only remember like her grandmothers number, so they call the grandmother to explain the situation and try to get her grandmother to pay the bill, but they won't take the credit card number over the phone or, like you have to fax it over. Nobody has a fax machine these days, not even in two thousand and nine so work out, so she has no way to pay this bill. My trees lived with her great grandmother. It sounded like Mildred Hughes, her great grandmother, did what she could now just then. This is the part where the the authorities are notified and why
are they notified? Is it because she's not paying her bell or is it for another reason? Well, the restaurant seems pretty chill about the bill. Sorry that rhymed but their worried about her. They dont know if she's wasted issues on drugs, if she's capable of driving home. They think it would be unsafe for her to get back in a car, so they call the authorities to kind of protect her. They call the authorities to hopefully take care of her kitten contact with their family and make this situation and nicely. I guess the restaurant called the sheriffs apartment, the sheriff step, he's- arrived at nine p m, which has a couple of hours after my trees had gotten their three deputies were despatched. According to them, they
my trees was drunk and they used a breathless. Tat to see if she was intoxicated bet that came back negative earliest. She wasn't drunk oh, they arrested her and impounded her car and they also impounded her purse atm card and her cell phone, because I was all in her car right now. The Charges were defrauding in innkeeper and possession of marijuana. What did she have honour. In regard to this marijuana justin. It said that she had lesson announce. It was baggy from what I hear it with these. These are the days before or you could use it for recreational uses yeah. It was a medical. Only and it's unclear if what the charge was but essentially it should just be a ticket or written citation. They use We don't arrest people for the amount that she had on her, so
we have already described her behaviour is odd and possibly manic. There are differing reports on how the sheriffs department felt about her behaviour whether they thought that she was acting odd or not, we do know is that the restaurant ended up, dropping all charges against my trees in oh they were being is cool. I think as they could be, and it does seem as though that call to the sheriff's department was just looking out for their patron or trying to protect her from herself and others. Really so here is another question just an if she's acting eyed and its proof that she's, not intoxicated. Is it possible that many p? Will there, including the sheriffs deputies, may have just thought she's kind of eccentric, because I can imagine a lot of the celebrity. and wealthy people that go through their, there are probably quite enough.
Of them. Who are you know they marched to their own, beat absolutely as long as you're not break, the law. You can kind of do whatever you want, but she wasn't pang or bill. She has drugs honour, the restaurant doesn't charger with trespassing or anything because it ever asked her to leave actually wanted her to stay until the authority showed up so not a lot that the shares department has against her as far as charge go, but they have enough to arrest her and booker the other option that they had, though, as they could have taken her to a psychiatric facility? If they were concerned and about her mental health and of fifty one, fifty evaluation well from what I understand that involve, a lot of paperwork. No one likes paper work. Clearly, not so they, take her to the lost hills sheriff station. This is a somewhat
Most station accord The Google maps, the distance between Jeffreys andy loss, hills. Station is twenty one miles. That's a long distance. I thought it was like ten or twelve miles which, by car it still takes bit to get there, because these are windy roads with cliffs on either side on foot. It would take. Over seven hours to walk this. It's just after eleven oath, it's just after eleven lock at night when my trees, jason was booked the log book the station recalled for phone calls made by my trees. What do we know about these calls? Jesting? She called her great grandmother. Mildred DE recording equipment was in operable that night, so they don't have any audio recording from this
well, she said that she called her great grandmother, but her great grandmother said she never got any calls from my trees that night and eighteen tee their records, and there are no phone calls being made from station. At that time, we're what's goin on here We know that our mother is notified that she's there, so the tease call this asian to find out what the status of her daughter was if she was going to be released or held overnight. She expressed. Can sir. This is her daughter and she said, It's going to be released. That's a very moat area I dont want her just being released and going out into the night would take her mom over forty minutes to get there her mother is concerned. She saying if you are going to really sir tonight, I will drive there right now. I will get there to pick her up
but the person she's talking to at the at the station is real. during her like no, no, no, we won't really current all morning, she's, safe and sound here tonight. Her mother even makes a joke. She does know where she is and you know I don't want her going out into the dark and getting her head chopped off something terrible happening to her and a person at the station again as a sand. Now she's, fine she's, not gonna, get released until morning, so her mother thinks all is well and that she'll get her daughter in the morning and her mother can exactly just go and pick her daughter up issues not being released. It's up to the deputies to discharge her
Well end: the teeth has a ten year old daughter at home, so she doesn't feel like she. She just pick everything up and go out and get her other daughter when, if she's say. then custody she can hold till morning. She said the only way I'm going out there is, if you're going. to release her tonight. Accordingly, the sheriffs department? They were going to release her that night. It was be in the morning at twelve thirty five, a m which is just after her mother has this conversation with them. What are they do air while they release my trees and sir she's free to go according the sheriff's department. They suggest that she and also then the lobby wait around for her mother to come get her in the morning, but my trees doesn't wait around here.
They leaves, and there is evidence of that, isn't there. There is security, footage that shows her being discharged and leaving the bill. Thing I'll just give you a little insight when some of these jailers were questioned about what she was told that night most of their answers are, I don't recall so they say that they offered her some phone calls. They say that they offered for her to sleep in the lobby, but did they well? They also told le tease that they didn't have any footage that their security systems were down. months later. Of course, it turned out that they were in the sheriffs task, all along now, understand that this is the middle of the night, a very affluent neighborhood.
I'd say it's the middle of nowhere, but I grew up just literally down the street from this place. There's nothing open in the middle of the night, so it kind of is out in the middle of nowhere. You can walk towards society or you can walk back into the mountains, which is the way she came from jeffreys and our cars and pounded back there too. So stead of walking towards civilization. She starts walkin up a winding road into the mountains. I guess to get back to her car or something but she doesn't have herself on honour. She doesn't have a purse honor, she's not wearing a jacket, its Fournier? So it's not freezing out, but he gets pretty cold
Firstly, in the hills and by the beach it's not pleasant at night. I don't know if it's enough to die of hypothermia but store I shall now car shouldn't have any way to contact anyone now, facilities, she's, not notified that her daughters been released. She ends up calling five thirty in the morning and it's there that she learns that my trees had left. Well calls the station back and she gets hold of a deputy named baumgardner and she wants to inquire about how to file a in persons report and then sold hey, don't we about it settled everything's gonna, be ok, but lattices worried as he has no idea where her daughter went. Baumgartner says: give it a few hours, let us
around see maybe she's asleep in the station somewhere. He actually tells her to wait almost twenty four hours to file a missing persons. Kind of one of those reasons why people might think that you have to wait. Twenty four hours before you file Does this guy literally told her wait? It's not missing things case. Yet you just need calm down, so, in other words, this pity, doesn't seem very concerned and he's being very casual. Like air. Maybe we can do something for you at some point, not to mention the fact that they told her she wouldn't be released until morning. That's a straight up lie we'll move on so obviously render the next day thursdays, timber. Seventeen thousand nine a home honor by the name of bill smith, he's a retired reporter. from the katy. I news he called in a report of a young
slim black woman with afro hair, which I don't think is exactly accurate, but He said that she was wandering around his property. This is six miles west of that lost still station and its at the bottom of dark canyon and build told the deputies at he spoke to the woman, this window and he asked her if she was okay and she was. On that yeah, I'm just tired. So by the time he went to go, look The sea, where she was add again she had gone into- wilderness behind his backyard, so she was gone. She had wandered away and he lives on a gated property. So she didn't walk Down his street and then walk in through the front of his house were around his house. She would have had of come in by the back way through the mountains through the wilderness, to get to his back yard in the wilderness. Here, it's mountainous hill,
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saw her about six hours later. I would say that siege, said she was wandering around its two days before shares deputies visit bills, miss house to two days they find tracks around the house they're from sneakers. Now we don't really know exactly because I mean spoiler this is not a very in depth investigation. Some reports have the tracks as being left as a result of running, but the deputies don't follow up at these tracks. They don't see where they lead. Necessarily, they just noticed them all. We know bill smith is that from all reports he was homeowner who had seen We assumed to be my trees on his property. He just had a bad feeling-
like. Why is she out there at this time the families making repeated phone calls to the surest apartment trying to get the missing persons report filed? The key is transferred to the los Angeles police department and specifically, the missing persons department, now the lapd is located in. Sandra lives, which is over an hour's drive from malibu. A search was one of my treats his car, and this may be, I would say, the best part investigation. If there is one it's actually undressed from all of her. So the media activity and the right that she had been doing that she probably and slept in about five days Oh, that's just setting up that leading up to this the incident I trees hadn't been sleeping now.
The family is wanting to come up. Start a search immediately launch smith's telling them. We will do a search on saturday. So you just need to wait. Going to be a massive search airplanes and what not suggest hang on we're doing, what we can they move case yet again from the missing persons department to the lapd robbery and homicide division yeah they do that because I think there essentially admitting that they can't handle this investigation anymore? So there moving it so that a division with greater resources can be in charge of it. Saturday roles around three days after the disappearance, lieutenant scott chew, sends an email to the supervisor. Captain Thomas mormon its
basically justifying my traces arrest, defending the deputies and actions pretty much trying to explain their behavior, and that she was acting ditzy? The deputy was uneasy about letting her go. It's not even a week after this email goes out that the sheriffs department doubles down on their stance that she had her wits about. Her that my trees wasn't acting that oddly, I find that out has a court. Everyone else who come into contact with her my trees, what acting oddly, but then the sheriff step These are trying to say now too. Acting that odd. The surest apartment says that sound, is going to be a massive today, search with all the resources. This is what they tell the family, then that saturday there's like four
Pities that show up go around and canvas but the neighborhoods and let's just say that the family is really disappointed at the show of force that appeared on saturday and before nightfall, they ve already called the search off for the day and guess what they don't show up sunday to continue the search. So they told the family to day massive search with helicopters and dogs, and then really there wasn't. It was an official search, but nothing as at what they told the family and if it and been clear. Yet this shares department really doesn't want anything to do with my traces case, and I link, they wanted anything to do with my tracy there, let's go through their stances.
Original. Original stance was we had to let her go because we didn't have are the room for her. We couldn't hold her and then it became well. We didn't have any reason to keep her and then The final reason was- and this is from the jailers We are not a baby sitting service. Theirs detective assigned to the case, Steve a gucci and the families already made flyers their passing them out. They have phone numbers. Contact information. This new detective expand called a family. Very aggressive hoss I'll phone call telling them that they shouldn't have put that number on the flier and there's misinformation there. This is the guy that's taking over the investigation form and is how they start off on the wrong foot.
We already talked about how the footage the station was missing or not recorded, and then it turned up later. This sheriffs apartment head No shame about straight up giving information that the family could have used. They didn't care, and then one deputy said that it's possible that my trees had gotten on a bus. Now the bus that would have paraded in that area. Was the metro one sixty one route bus, but there wasn't operating no there's it's a very limited bus route over malibu, because it's, not inner city, it's a very rich neighborhood and the buses aren't going to go all through the night they're only going to operate during normal business hours during the day. So again, just to reemphasize the point she
had nowhere to go and no one to pick her up when they released her. The family kept asking for the security footage of her release, and essentially the surest parma was just avoiding the question for months. But in march they actually allow. I know we're skipping hello bit, but in march the sheriff's department, actually allows the family to review the tape that didn't exist for months and does that it's obvious that her daughter in distress and not behaving normally when they're going through the discharge process, it's also noted that the tape or the footage has been edited and, of course, they're not told why I now: why is it shorter? You know why can't we see more and there's an unidentified
deputy in the video coming out of a door nearby the station at about the same time as my traces leaving Is this deputy following her? Did somebody go after her or what he just leaving at the same time it sort of comes into play later. Greece's mother- le tease after she seen the video She sees something that disturbs her. Recordings show my trees struggling in her cell. She seems in distress allow people wonder if there is a deputy leaving about the same time, if maybe that deputy followed her, I like to speak to them because that sounds like a good theory, but if trees was wandering around much later. Then at least we know in oh no ones.
Doctor and killed her soon after she laughed so it's kind of hard to say that he, this deputy, followed her and done something to her least. It seems that way why I believe the homeowner that saw her in his backyard it. Six thirty in the morning or whatever that was her and that means sheep at least made it through the night. It took two weeks from the time that My trees went missing until the shares department actually released my traces arrest report. These are support. to be ready within twenty four hours and at some point they choose is it to a week. But this is two weeks ago. The family finally did get the report well It was obvious that it had been altered and portions had been wiped out. And there were some discrepancies now. I actually understand this discrepancy, because it just shows that the department might have been lazy, but under tattoos it said none but
trees actually had to tattoos was on her lower abdomen, and one was on her neck. You think they would have noticed one on her neck. We all we have the issue of these phone calls that were made again. They say that there were phone calls made, but there's no evidence that there were phone calls made- and I know earlier justin. You had said that that was their claim, but what, if they just didn't letter, make Calls me if she was already having trouble and then the sheriffs department is saying you don't get any calls how much trusted they put on her while she was there. That's what I'm wondering have you ever picked up some one from jail before no, I have and you have no idea the bureaucracy and the crap that you have to go through to do and it goes a little something like this. If you have to go pick someone up from jail there,
they're going to be waiting on the curb by the time you get there or you could wait up the six hours for them to be released. It's just a ball of information in one hand, not talking to another to get someone out of jail. I'm not surprised, really read over this arrest report and booking documents by any of the things that I'm seeing singer. Michael Richardson, my trees, his father he's really really upset. Now he doesn't like how any this is going down. So he reaches out to who malibu mayor who is, stern and when he gets a hold of them. Andy stern, tells them I'm on the way to a meeting- and I don't really have time for this right now. Well, Michael, doesn't give up. He actually calls back and he seems to be a football star, he's interested where the mayor's homes, the mayor
is also a real estate agent when eastern thinks he's got some football star on his hands here now he is willing to. cancel that meeting he was supposed to go to This is just a really embarrassing situation. now Michael's got him caught him in a lie. Yeah and he's a mayor. So this would be really bad press. It's after this that the city of malibu authorized a fifteen thousand dollar reward for information leading to the whereabouts of my trees. Richardson, of course, because mayor Andy Stern is concerned about her now is a citing at a local hardware store. Someone says they think they saw her out front and, of course, the family calls law enforcement.
Says, hey she was seen at the store. You should go check it out. The sheriffs departments sang. Why did they call you? They should just called us course. Multiple phone calls. I have you gone and checked out the hardware store and, at this point, people answering the phone to talk to the family are hanging up on the family. Saying don't call here anymore: we don't wanna talk to you. It takes them a full day before they go and talk to anyone at this hardware store We haven't really talked about the sheriff a lot, at least in name sheriff lee baccarat. He is not cooperative, he doesn't work. to speak with the family. He doesn't want to meet with the family. Again, if you go by the lack of investigation here, the lack of concern it seems like well now, you know why the sheriff is the head of.
Department- and I guess, is a good point to kind of outline: the difference between a police department and the sheriffs apartment and in this case the sheriff. We know from his actions that he continued hey that his department nothing wrong. They did everything by their own policies. So there's no problem here: On the other side you have the fan They saying our daughters missing and it seems that we ve got no cooperation. We relied about the video recordings, the security tapes. We're lie too about many things about how long she would be held for, and so where is the concern here? It almost feels like the authorities dont care because they don't have to care
and you could take that further and say they didn't care because of who I trees was in my office on that we could consider her not being from malibu. We could consider her being african american we could consider all those factors. I have my own opinions about that, but here's something that's a little telling there was a second search done a week later, and one of the deputies pulled up and was talking to some of the volunteer searchers, essentially these the family and people that just showed up out of the kindness of their heart to search for this missing woman. They were talking about her, not be in her right state of mind and how it was probably improper for the lost hills sheriff station to release her well, this deputy
we heard this conversation engaged the volunteers and said something to the effect of. I can't arrest you for being crazy. You could literally eat dog shit and I couldn't arrest you for it any went on a pretty much a profanity laced rant against them and my trees, in the medical world there is something called bedside manner and just literally, let's call it professionalism and win. somebody's grandmothers dying in a hospital you you have to sympathise and you have to be very nice to the family, and you would expect that this family These volunteers are looking for missing woman. How hard is it to be professional, a nice to them. Even if you have some
sort of disagreement with how the case is being investigated. It's really easy to just not be a jerk, doesn't cost you anything january. Ninth, two thousand and ten. There is a big search Inducted the l, a sheriff's department, sent out about three hundred people about sixty of them were on horseback. There were all train vehicles, poorer mountain bikes. There were dogs, there were helicopters. This is the search that they said was gonna happen saturday, after disappearance right away we're in january now its september october november December january they're, not looking for somebody that's alive anymore. Now there are records on this search and you can find them online. The sad part is is, if you look over these records- and this is what come
but it's not as a result of this search, but my trees will be found and if you look Are these records on this search? They didn't anywhere close the where she would eventually be found. So chestnuts, Jo Leinen, Two thousand ten, the office of independent review, submitted a fifty eight page report the los Angeles board of supervisors they're the ones that We see the Ella sheriffs department and the report is well, It leaves a lot to be desired. Doesn't adjusting oh yeah? You would expect there to be some sort of I don't know accountability here, but there now really calling out some of the false color. Games that are made and why the missing persons. Procedures were not thoroughly followed, gather
The information that was left out had to do with the deputies remarks about my traces behavior that seemed odd. It also left out sections of california penal code, that the deputies disregarded One of those was if someone is suffering from some sort of mental instability that the deputies must, don it immediately and not in a few hours. Remember that phone call that the tease habit, the deputy worries You know, call back and allow maybe a few hours. We can do something for you. There was a deputy that said that plain missing persons procedures to LE, but there's audio evidence that he didn't
again it's like. Oh, we did this. We did that, but they didn't and they explained it wrong. They they said, wait. Twenty four hours again, you don't have to wait. You can file that immediately. The tapes would end up being found in chief martens desk. So for those three months it's we don't have any recordings and then oh look there in his desk. That's a huge deal you say, oh, we don't have any recordings and then you do and then, when you do release the recordings. Their edited also that the deputy that was seen on the video supposedly he had an alibi, but he actually dozen have an alibi. They can only account for a few minutes of his I'm. This is the deputy that was seen on the video leaving a guy. this is just whatever the sheriffs apartment said went for all the issues with what they did and what they said. during this time the teeth
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being exclusively and movie theatres July fifteenth buy tickets. Now there are other sightings that are reported one even from las vegas, a guy that she went to high school with and maybe went out on a date with her to a school dance, says that he saw her corner when he's gambling and wasted in LAS vegas, Zaga hasn't probably seen her in ten years, but he sees the missing persons reports and what not in sight the car. We have other sightings across southern california, but The main ones are the hard store, las vegas and the guys back yard. The only one that I think is confirmed is the guy's backyard. I'm pretty sure that at six? Thirty in the morning there
missing woman, this guy reports, hearns backyard, that's gonna be the other ones I dont think were young. I don't think officially they They say that bill smith's, citing is official, I think that's alleged, but get yours, I get what you're saying I agree. I think that he saw her in hindsight You hear the resolute into all this. I think it's pretty obvious that it was her Michael Richardson? He actually goes to vegas, because this is a citing why it, while he's out there, he thinks that he sees her and he actually throws himself out of a moving car. This is so This is some all you can say, as your heart goes out for him out to him, because he really wants find his daughter, unlike my trees, mother, whose pretty much resigned herself to the fact that her daughters, dead, michaels
holding out hope that she still alive, and so, if there's a siding, wants to look into it. He wants to find her desperation course. The sheriffs department in here that she was seen somewhere there saying well, see my trees out there she's doing her thing in I'll stop bugging ass. There is even comments made by other search and rescue teams. Saying after some of the deputy say she doesn't want to be found your turning? Her into a criminal, a fugitive by looking for her and continuing this june, sixty thousand ten there's a sir sled by Maria de LA his fourteen year, old daughter had been kidnapped and ordered the previous year and large pornographic murals of graffiti featuring various nude images of naked black women are discovered.
The culver wall where they were painted is not that far from dark canyon and that's where supposedly bill smith had seen her right now, it's random graffiti in the mountains, but it is where she went thing, there's also drug trafficking, that ends up on these mountains, Anders rogue mary want to grow operations that happen upon these hills, because their very remote now when they found this paint it was actually still wet and cans, and she's were near by the allay sheriffs department in it over the murals the following day. I guess the pain and russia's the cannes they didn't keep them. This is not part of it. investigation. I guess they just thought well. We don't want this mural here just get rid of it. The only reason why we mention this is because the family feels that
the mural was, was depicting there their daughter, I just see graffiti out the middle nowhere. But that's just my pinion. On august, ninth, two thousand and nine park ray. yours are going back to a remote area that had been used. used for a marijuana, grow added, discovered it in dark canyon, but they know that some of these growers will come back to the same location. So they are going to check on it. and lo and behold they find human remains. They discover a school Dark canyon in this area is about eight miles from the law. Till sheriffs station at less than two miles from where she was last seen- and this is a very remote area mean people have to bring miss.
Please don't they essentially to get through. There is no trail, there's no way to get there and there's steep inclines and just all kinds of things to get in way, that's why they go out there to grow marijuana there, because no one's gonna go there, so they find these remains, and it's about one thirty in the afternoon. Noone park rangers call it in by three in the afternoon, the deputies arrive by five p m there's a seven man team from the coroner's office, and it includes chief corner at winter. There too, to get to the site, but they're not dressed for hiking there dressed for a crime scene, essentially well
they can't get there there actually having to wait on a helicopter to take them there, but the sheriffs department they're, not in a hurry to get the coroner team out there they're getting their detectives out there. There airlifted out there but now the coroner's team has to wait and yeah. So there there are left gathering dust. I guess greece's family is notified about this discovery and they call the sheriff department they're, coming to the law, creation there, like whatever we don't, really know why you're coming out here. But if you want to be present, that's fine, they ask what are you do. Are you gonna walk down the scene, and they said yes, is a crime scene we're going to treat it as such were going to secure the area and they ask will when are you going to remove our daughters remain
gains and they said will not till morning not till daylight. It's too late at night. There's it's dark we're going to just lock down the area and then first thing in the morning. First light cinema helicopter and have her airlifted out what happens next? Erin a p m, a helluva there is sent and deputies take. My cheeses remains, although not all of them just the one they found, and I don't think they're looking too hard, they take. her remains back to the station, and the coroner's team is beside them, cells. They can't believe it they were supposed to go out there to investigate and to properly. take control the remains, but here the deputies largest picking them up and thereby to wish them back to the station carefully. Bachar has something to say about this. He makes a public statement saying we have no end nation of a homicide. At this point I dont bother
that remains are capable of telling us the story. He also says that all they found was school and some bones: that's not true. There was a large portion of her body. It was mummified her he's either lying or just not coming up with enough information or one hands. Not into another again. This is just the going. Incompetence of this whole investigation I find it ironic that the family was told that my trees was beheld overnight at the station and then release or in the middle of the night, and yet again there told that her remains will not airlifted out until the morning? And then, than an hour later boom. You think that they are walk down the scene. Do you think you're? They see They treated it as a crime scene, but they airlifted her
an hour later. I don't think there was any crime scene investigation, one of the excuses they eve was, we didn't, want any animals getting in there to her. This is ten. Months later, what's one more night, my cheeses parents filed separate wrongful death lawsuits against the l. A share of support and obviously from what we ve covered, you know what is in there I mean the list of complaints Issues with this case are numerous. no surprise that there is a settlement, of almost a million dollars which they divide. These get four hundred some thousand dollars, but this in the end. They want answers, and so her family managed to get sharply barca to agree a visit to the scene where her remains were found and
he's has a relative. Thankfully, that is. Very, very experience with forensic anthropology. Her name is clia cough. They have to repel up these boulders to get to the location. We have really talked about it yet, but that will discuss it shortly. How could my trees have gotten there while her clothing was found elsewhere? On the mountain? oh, what we can do some speculation here, but the sad thing is is her fan. goes to this site. There checking it out setting up a little memorial and a photograph themselves there they end up finding one of my traces finger bones that was missed. Clear cough. She doesn't like anything that she seeing I mean if you think about it,
coroner's office wasn't allowed to be involved with this and then she's query about photos of the remains and ellie. Sheriffs apartment is not very cooperative when cheese learning about where the remains were found. It's odd that it seems, some of the remains, are actually up hill from most of the rest? The remains are my curb One of her legs is like the femur is found higher up on the mountain than where she's found and her clothing is at least fifty year hundred yards away again. Are we speculating that she had a mental break, climbed up the side of the mountain? we're off her clothes and died from exposure or, as the surest apartment puts it, poison ivy, an awful active shock or
she possibly come across some merit on a growers, are some not so great people who possibly did something to her and then murdered. Her We know that the animals, if there were animals involved in this at all, didn't remove her clothing family wanted to get the clause analyzed? But since the case was deemed a homicide. It wasn't analyzed. We can't prove disprove at this was a homicide or a suicide or in pretty much any cause of death, and then, on top of all that, as you said, at her body was partially mummified and according to clear- cough that doesn't seem like that, would be possible, Where I mean there's an allegation that body may have been buried and then dug up
later and then placed in that area. They try to determine cause death. I guess they pretty much a say that there's no foul play and there's no sign of homicide. But when you have a body, that's ten months old is hard to see what happened. But if she was strangled to death, you could check the neck bones seed broken the highway bone and its reported that this bone is missing. Now is this missing because somebody knew what they were doing. or is it missing just because of the time and elements that have passed over ten months, Michael red san reaches out to come a harris. I'm sure Some of you know who she is back
This time she was. She was the California attorney general and he reached out her unjust said that when he looked at He saw his daughter and he was comparing them. How they were. young intelligent, you know who had, but to their bots to get a success and at least it seemed like he had made some headway because she wrote back and she had assured him that there would be an investigation by it didn't turn out. Well, the attorney general's office would send back of letter to the family. Saying that there was insufficient evidence. They could really pursue an investigation because of that but justin we ve kind of talked about how bad Shares department is and well more proof ends up. Hang out about the sheriffs department, because Lee Barca he ended up pleading guilty to line the faro, agents and being sentenced to three years in prison
well as his sex in command Paul tanaka, who is in the five years in prison, as well as twenty other deputies, in trouble and why? Why did this all happen? It said that they were involved in gang activities and act. we leading some gangs- organized crime associating with drug cartel activities, essentially joining the bad guys and smuggling drugs being the the strong arm for drug dealers and gang members and actually being leaders of some of these gangs Her father, Michael Richardson, started working to get a law passed. It would be my traces law and it was to ensure any person,
who was showing any signs of mental illness would be taken to a facility for treatment, despite any amount of paperwork involved. In other words, forget how much paperwork you might have to do. This is what you're going to have, to do, and just do you believe that, because of the immense amount of pressure that her parents, my traces pay, as were putting on the sheriffs department with all their press, and their statements their calls. Do you think that helped put the spotlight on this department, which eventually got exposure on all the illegal activities that they have been involved in. I absolutely do they weren't going to investigate themselves. Let's just put it that way during this entire search effort for my trees, they were congratulating each other. Saying what a great job there doing. We have so much manpower and boots on the ground in
literally, giving this really positive narrative about how they did everything right in stark contrast to how her family was feeling they were being treated during this entire process, so we kind of gone over case in the sheriffs department. How they just didn't seem to care about happened to this young woman, how her parents even though they weren't, together more days, did their best to cooperate with each other and to put pressure on the authorities to get answers I would say just finding the finger bone shows length that they are willing to go to. They went to try and find more evidence, and I don't blame them, because the sheriffs department who going to trust them to conducted. To that area and find everything I mean they didn't respect. My
please when she was alive and they didn't respect her when she was deceased and so first of all, it's it's. does a touching case because it shows How, when you have a role that goes missing or a friend you are going to care. A lot but there is no guarantee that the people who are in charge, who have the authority to conduct a search and a look for the missing person that they're going to care even half as much as you do. In this case, I feel like we have all the Hence we need that there was some sort of mental health she going on with my trees and it was getting worse. She was murmuring about this woman that she was attracted to interested in name then vanessa and she was saying things like I'm from mars and that she was there because of my jackson's murder so pudding. Together. She obviously was not in a good state of mind and if
was going to wander around in remote areas at night very treacherous areas, I'll I feel like it's quite possible that she fell from somewhere. But that said, I think if you look at how bad the investigation was, or if you could even call it an investigation? I think if you leave that someone murdered her, maybe a crime of opportunity. I think that's very possible to this, apartment can say all they want about. What they should have would have could have done differently by they're, not even saying that they're saying they did nothing wrong, so to me, they failed her and the lawsuits that the family, one against them totally justified it's too bad. That more could be done. The only bright spot tat we have is there was a new sheriff elected
name villain a waiver and he says that he wants to help get to the bottom of this case and he cares- and I think everyone believes him you know and when we started this podcast, it was kind of based around me doing, jury duty on a first rate murder trial and how it was a very eyes opening experience because The thing I knew about a court room was wrong so when it comes to this case might be a little bit of an unpopular opinion. But if you look at this case in a vacuum, it's very upsetting. You probably think that its very egregious somebody drop the ball. But to me this is just a thursday night does not in out of the ordinary here. This is a typical investigation. This is a typical response that we see
air, congratulating each other for a job well done, because they technically did what's required by law, which is nothing we can talk. Department policy we can talk maybe performance metrics for police officers, deputies, what not but there is no law that they broke here. They don't have to do anything they don't have to respond to a nine when one call they don't have to care if they send you out into the middle of the night. That's why I treats father is trying to get one past. That isn't my opinion. That's the reality of the situation. Facts! Don't care about your feelings, I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but this is normal. This is a thursday. This is the reality of a typical arrest book,
releasing somebody and then they end up dead or missing. This is it they did their job as much as we think that the ball completely dropped. I know that's unpopular, I know you weren't gonna like that. But this is the eye opening moment. This is the flashpoint for a lot of people, relative or loved one goes missing. This should be your expectation, you're probably not going to be very happy with the way you're treated with the way the investigation goes with the information you're not going to receive, and it's really sad- and I hate to be that- that guy pulling back the curtain and saying this is the way things really are: it's just something that by law they cannot be charged criminally. For any lack of response, or you can say all that, but for the family, this is terrible because
There were people all along the way who wanted to help. I mean just go back to when when my teresa's remains were found. There was a coroner's team ready to go out there to try and figure out what had happened and they weren't allowed to that frustrating. They could have easily held this young woman at the station. revealed later that they definitely have the room. They could have kept her there overnight allowed the mother to come and collect her daughter in the morning if they cared. I get people's anger about this case because The reason why this woman died is obviously because the people who had the power to protect her did not, and they Not too. You know you can say whether there are not required to, but this is the idea out there that these departments are supposed to protect and serve. even though it s not the reality, while others many supreme court cases that set the precedent that they're not required to
and I absolutely agree that they should have the right thing to do- would have been this or that, but will a well covered the added darrow case or brain in lawson or pretty much any case. That's has a missing person or a search effort, or something to that effect. We see that the results are never Quite satisfactory is what we would expect and those cases all envy. sheriffs and, as we already talked about the share of stone, they don't have to follow the same, seizures, regulations that normal police departments do and they can anyone as the deputy. So who are he's deputies I may, as per the good old boy club, where they're all guys who are drinking bodies- oh wait. Now they were all crimson. Apparently this case yeah yeah in this they were criminals, and we saw how la them received time because they,
were involved in illegal activities. So, yes, maybe it was expecting too much these people who could have made a difference in my teresa's life, a lot of them were criminals, and they just didn't care about her. So it's sad that the authorities who could helped yeah they weren't there for her. I want to mention that there is a documentary out there on amazon prime called lost compassion that, family and friends, I think they did a kickstarter for it. It will death Let me give you a lot of information about this case probably not going to be very happy watching literally a spokesperson saying why thing while their showing you a police report, an transcripts of the exact opposite happening, while they're saying I think, you'll be anchored.
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