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Dennis Rader. January 15th, 1974. Wichita, KS. A boy opens the back door to let the family dog out and a man makes his way into the house. He is armed with a gun. The family inside consists of a husband and wife as well as two of their five children. They have no idea that the man is there to kill them. Expecting only to be robbed they are compliant at first. His pattern would be to bind them, torture them, & kill them. These four were just the beginning. For 30 years BTK would elude the authorities. Then, in 2004, an arrest is made. His own family was shocked. In his confession, serial killer Dennis Rader detailed his crimes and revealed how he operated.

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I thought I might do in pretty good. Just an awesome were taken on a big case tonight before start that, though we're going to be releasing more premium content anyone that went out and heard the tyrant episode hum. Thank you for a purchasing it. We will have.
Who at least two episodes up. So please look for those go out to the edge and why shop and purchase those and we may even have another free before you soon too so keep checking the shop. Any then you are added that o n for anyone but the tyrant episode was a little too short. I do believe that are next episodes will be a bit longer. Yes, yes, the tiber one was just us getting our feet wet with premium content, and these Two new ones will be really interesting two long ago we updated theme song, you will be seeing a new logo, we ask our fans,
their input and their artistic, creative talent, and we got a bunch of feedback and submissions and we think we ve gone with are our new image so book for that on itunes and part social media sites, and don't be surprised or think why? What is this generation? Why thing there copying the other guys so tonight is bt k dennis raider, who is from Wichita Kansas, which is not too far from us. I think it's. What a four hour drive serial killer was active.
between nineteen, seventy, four and nineteen ninety one and he took multiple breaks in that timeframe. So, unlike a lot of other serial killers, this guy took a hiatus and wasn't caught for a really long time. He had sexual fantasies that would drive him and he called it factor x, so had this factor, acts that would raise its ugly head and he would have to appease. He would have to go forward with this. Otherwise, though he was a family man, he was a president of a lutheran church council had two kids, his pretty normal, which sets him. Apart from a lot of
or serial killers, I think Dennis he had a particular method that he would follow when factor x would urge him to kill. He would do what he called trolling, where he would go. Look for targets for victims. The project's trolling could last days weeks months or it could be a perpetual thing, he's always trolling for a new victim. Once he selected a victim, he mainly targeted females and he could just see a female walking from a store to her car or walking into her house. He would lock on to that target and he would move into his.
aachen mode, his stocking phase where he would follow them. He would gather information or do quote unquote homework where he might steal their mail to find their name, follow them to work. So he knows where they work find out their name from an employee or co worker. In doing this, he would find pattern he would find out if they were single, they're married who lived in their apartment or house with them in this was his stocking phase, and then he would choose a time and date of when he would attack the victim, and he might Go so far as to see an easy way to break into their house or come up with a scheme of
social engineering to gain entry to the house and from there he would put together a hit kit, which was a murder kit, usually a brief case or some type of bag that he would put items in, such as plastic bags. Rope pan casts doubt on yeah guns that he would use in his attack, sometimes he would dress up as telephone repairmen. He had a lot of different techniques that he would use in his attacks on these victims and he was very methodical about it, which isn't
really that differ from say, ted, Bundy or other serial killers, but the fact that he will take you through the process even in his confession to the court's. He takes them through the victims, which he called projects and referred to them as projects, and it would take him through the step by step on each one in very disturbing and nonchalant, to hear him refer to human beings as pride, x and his process of eliminating them more and the other thing that could happen is so he would lock onto certain targets and then he would show the day to victimize one of his targets and This happened many times where he would go to that person's house and hope to use a ruse to get in, but they went home
as he says, if he's really pent up teed up. Yes, if he really has to get a victim like there's, no choice is driven then he will move on to another target or if Is another target area he'll, actually just move down the street and look for a random, a random. Target one that is presented as an opportunity. I mean most of the time he went through with his intended targets, but there were, I think at least one one situation where he chose a random there's more than I believe, there's more than one would leave it. As you know, if he couldn't get his target yeah he would move on. He was going to be. Demise, someone on that day, not every time by its he might. There were times where he was so pent up. It had to happen. He would find another victim. Many of the people are going to talk about, in this case, these victims of Dennis writer,
Many of them are smaller people. In fact, I would say all of them are from when I could tell dennis there stood six foot one and he does have his own family. He married paula deeds and nineteen. Seventy one and, as you said, he and of having two kids some other creepy things about him, though he nicknamed his penis sparky. He would take notes one of the acronyms you'd seen as notes is as bt, which is sparky, big time, which I am sure we can guess what that is talk about us first pack january, fifteenth, nineteen, seventy four. So as he's drawing, he will lock onto certain targets, and it seems as though the reason why these first for become victims is because julie, o taro, worked briefly at common.
and there's a tie in here because Dennis raider worked at common, so the terrorism, their puerto rican. They purchase a house in Wichita, This is a big deal for them in their own home and father's name. Is Joe he's five foot for his wife, julius five foot, three Their daughter josie is five foot for she's eleven and then you have joey or Joseph junior. They have more children than this. They have three other children, who are not home. When Dennis rader pays a visit. The three that weren't home are danny, charlie and carmen dennis rater knows there schedule cause. He's been watching this family for a while. He knows when Joe is not going to be home,
so on the day that he shows up, which is january, fifteen nineteen. Seventy four: he believes that the fathers not home Now remember he's much bigger than the father is, but he just I want the hassle yeah, you just doesn't want a male to be there, but what he doesn't know is that Joe been in a car accident recently and he ate cracked at least one of his ribs. Sir Jos, cars- not there because it's in the shop, so he assumes Jos not home, because the car is missing in Jos. Nowhere to be seen because he's laid up in the house injured. So he goes in to the bed. yard he cuts the telephone, wire and e standing out there and, as Dennis, or would layer say it's almost as though who is perhaps about it, his nerve and maybe just leave the dog its let out and Denis raider moves in then he pulls up his pistol.
he has a gun, and so, of course that gets the attention of Joe and his family. Any let them know unwanted, I I need some money I need view he takes them back into the bedroom. He starts tying them up now, as he says, he's tying them up and holding the gun so he's having to set the gun down. I want to pick the gun back up, that's fumbling, but of course, after he has everyone tied up. That's when they know pretty quickly that this isn't to go the way he said it was now. If someone starts complaining that, and this is while they can speak obviously, but if they can plant there binding do tight. He might loosened them a little back. Where there's something strange about this worries. Oh, he says
oh, they must be a little uncomfortable help them, and I think this is part of his ploy to make the people more compliant. Put the met more at ease, make them more comfortable because he's he's trying to fulfil a fantasy and if there are fighting it's going, you screw that up such thee, the lie of on the one man. I just need your money in your car and I'll be on my way just to pacify them, like I'm not here to hurt you when really that's his whole motive is too buying torture and kill. So a little word of warning, nor just and I really sort of filter the information give you so that we don't go to overboard graphic so that we don't get to ground. think about what happens but dennis rater his neck. That. He gave himself bt k is a fitting nickname, some of you
It will be your first time hearing about him. You need to know Why this man as we need to know what his ammo was so that you can understand just what a terror he was and how these people really suffered, and in the case of the au tarots, it seems as though he eats arts off his. If you assume that this is the start of his killing career, he starts off with a bang because he has an entire Emily yeah. He has a family as for family members tied up in a bedroom and that he's got them where he wants them. He's he's got. Julie, and josie on the bed and he's got joe and Joe junior on the floor. and he moves on the father first correct yeah and he puts a bag over his head,
strangled them with the bag and thinks that Jos gone down as he puts it. And then he moves on to the wife, mrs matera, and he starts to strangle her and according to him, he doesn't know possesses his first time how much pressure, how long to do it and so he's strangling her. He thinks that she's gone down or is dead, but she's merely passed out the dad the bag on his head he's merely passed out also, but they're not dead. Yet that's where it's kind of horrifying, about that. He puts a bag on juniors had also at some point in this ordeal dad Joe has. ripped a hole in the bag come to just because the bag got messed up or so
thing to that effect be shifts his head real fast at the side near and tears a hole in it so that he could breathe. I assume so Dennis takes the bag. Often his head puts like a fabric heard or some kind of fabric around his face. I think he puts it he sure yeah. Anyway, he puts clothing imports like t shirt, an article of clothing over his head and then bags and again so that this way he can't simply just he can't just tear it at this point he goes to the daughter and strangles her she passes out, but the mom is now conscious, again so he strangled the dad the mom in put a bag over the head, a junior and is now going to strangle Josephine.
And he's a little shifty on the order of this. But each family member keeps coming back to life regaining consciousness, so he's having to go back and re, strangle them, and now he's gone back to Joe put a t, shirt or some kind of fabric or cloth on him put the bag back over that ended up finishing Joe with a cord. We need to cover weapons, the joey junior, because do you know what he does, who I know the bag was on his head? Did he finish him with a court or he takes him to?
a a different room, and this is one of the alarming things about the cases they found imprints from a chair that was placed in front of his body so that he watched him struggle and die in front of him and then he goes back and josie is obviously not finished, and so he he takes her down to the basement and uses a cord to hang her from the it's a pipe. He hangs her from a pipe. Do we want to talk about the masturbation? We kind of need to cover this, because this is where we need to get to another party I am always dennis raider. Is not a rapist in this
then say he doesn't sexually penetrate his victims. What he'll do is, he will kill them. Sometimes they'll torch them for a little bit and he would do that by choking them, letting them regain consciousness and then choking them again which may have developed because of the the mistakes made during this attack right. He realized tat. He could control every moment that was left in their lives, so what he would do was he with masturbate after they were dead usually into a garment like a negative j or repair panties or something to that effect or in the case of the hotel rose, the daughters legs, but
He wouldn't rape them, even though that something that he would tell us victims when he first encounter them. He would say I'm going to take you up on going to rape you, but then I will let you go here, but he would never rape them. It was all a control thing to him and it was controlling their life and death. Controlling them in watching them die feeling them die. He had knives and guns on em, but strangulation. Choking was his his method. There is a documentary that I just want to mention very quickly about called. I survived bt k, I think it's out on netflix and it follows around charlie, o taro and his life. Now after having his family wiped out and its heartbreaking, a watch heads it's worth a watch cause. You see the damage inflicted upon people that are victims of murder.
so just wanted to mention that, because this is the first case of bt kase attack and you can see the aftermath of it. This episode is brought to you by peacock bridge ending the original limited series, a friend of the family, on the story of the Jan roper, kidnappings from again Tosca executive producer of the act and candy and direct producer, eliza, hip and comes a dark compelling look at the harrowing story through new lands produce which amber burke herself, this theory stars anna pack when jake lacy college hanks LEO Tipton and mackay. Grace stream now only on peacock fx is yes and y. See is the next instalment of the award winning anthology series american horror story created. ryan murphy and brad fell chuck with to all episodes airing each week it promised to be a season like no other,
it s an y, see stars returning favorites like Zachary window and Billy lord, along with them. faces, including Russell Toby and Charlie carver, something evil is coming at boxes. yes and Y, see premiers october nineteenth on ethics stream on hulu, lung another strange thing about this: is that all the victims had different knots used on them. Oh, yes, so the knots that were used and this is among the four in the family square knots- blood- not slip, knots, cloven, half it, Is you gotta realise that Dennis was a cub scout leader and had multiple other jobs which will get into later, but that sort of he was sort of old school. He knew how to tie multiple knots and he was in the cub scouts, so kind of an explanation. For that. Should we move on
catherine bright, captain bright twenty one years old April. Fourth, nineteen, seventy four! He was driving by one day saw her walking into a house. So during his trolling he happened to see her. He locks on he figures I, who she is here breaks into the house. Through the back door. Well, he's smashes in the window of the back door, I believe, or at the back ass? He smashes a window. Regains gains entry that he's expecting her soon and so he pulls out his gun. and the gun goes off, oh yeah, which is pretty alarming because he's trying to hide yes, that he can ambush her he thinks he's blown discovery. Thinks is blown it completely here, but luckily, for him, Cathy shows up soon,
after, but not soon enough. That she's heard the gunshot. What is unfortunate for dennis rater, Is that she's not alone. She has her brother cabin with her catherine and Kevin enter the home. He approaches them. Has his gun tells him he he's wanted any needs there.
r need some food. He was a little shaky on this, but he has them tie each other up or he has like Kevin tie up. Catherine or katherine tie up kevin, and then he ties up the other one. He has Kevin tie her okay and then he ties up Kevin. He ties Kevin up to the bed posts and then he takes katherine to another bedroom. He comes back to strangle Kevin, but Kevin has broken his bonds, so he ends up shooting Kevin in the face, because Kevin's, free and trying to to fight his way out after he shoots kevin in the face. Kevin goes down and is laying there. He thinks Kevin's dead and he goes back to strangle catherine. While he's doing this, he hears noises from Kevin. So he goes back in the room to finish. Kevin off Kevin jumps up
Dennis is wearing a shoulder. Holster, so he's got a gun. You know on a side, Kevin grabs that gun and tries to shoot dennis, but the gun doesn't go off. Is this because it jams where did dennis like put his hand on it and prevent the hammer from falling? I'm not really sure, but Kevin tries to shoot Dennis and it doesn't work when that doesn't work dennis bites Kevin scratches Adam and Kevin jumps up to leave dennis pulls out his second gun and shoots. Kevin
again Kevin goes down, he goes back to katherine to strangle her more but she's fighting and he feels like he's losing control because he's had to fight with Kevin now he's trying to kill katherine and he gets frustrated he's not in control, so he ends up pulling out his knife and stabbing Katherine. He stabs her eleven times, yes, but not to death, because she's not quite dead. Well, she ends up dying from the stab wound. Was she yeah she will? She would die four hours later see. This is this major problem for him because he wants to be in control and he's lost control. He stabbing her in at the time he stabbing her. He hears the front door open, and so we stopped stabbing or because he thinks the cops have kicked in the front door. He thinks that the police and law enforcement have arrived, so he job
it's up to go check. Any notices that Kevin is gone, Kevin who's been shot. Multiple times has escaped, you know he stabbed Katherine Kevin's gone and running down. The street he's completely lost control of the situation, so he takes the keys that they gave him and he goes out to the cars, but he doesn't know which key goes to which car and he can't get the key to work. So he panics and he takes off on foot in
runs back to his car, which he typically parks his car between three and four blocks away. He likes the control, but, as we can see, he's having to fight these two people and is creating a ton of noise, so there's a lot of pressure here to flee the scene eventually, and so for him. This isn't a kill that he's very proud of this. This speaks of him being this powerful, controlling serial killer, he's just a guy who attempted a kill, but it didn't come out the way want it so he'll never really wanna take credit for this sort of like Ok yeah by this isn't something is proud of. It went wrong way cabin escapes, so he takes off and kevin. Could I d him exactly
So now he's thinking the guy saw me. He knows where I look like and, of course, when Kevin gets too this neighbour's house, and they see em. He still got a quart around his neck and they call the police, but Dennis is long gone. I mean he did a quick sweep of the house which he always does. He make sure that he doesn't leave anything, but in this case he was able to get away. No one saw him running away, a kind of a lucky situation for dennis cabin was a small guy and he was not a big guy all why he targets women by themselves, so it doesn't have to deal with that. That was nineteen. Seventy four fast forward, three years he's doin it for three years now. Let's can we talk about why he might be dormant sure people try to figure out
Why Dennis rader would go dormant like this? Why there would be such long gaps, and I think there are a variety of factors, but the major ones he goes to work. He goes to school. I was taking criminal justice classes, now this job that he's going to end up getting in november of nineteen semi for is a job at eighty teeth Priority, which I am sure many of you know they make house alarms this will give him an unfair advantage. This gives him knowledge of how the alarm systems work. Knowledge of police response time, knowledge on how to enter homes a lot of things, but really what it comes down to is he's a busy guy. He also likes to reenact. I guess you could say his crimes so that he's real
giving them by- he's doing this on his own. So he's savouring them. At the same time also having children he'll have to kids. And so when he has a new job, a new child that sort of puts the damper on things for awhile, because he's gotta be a dad and for all accounts he was a loving father. He was a church leader, he was in cub scouts and he taught his kids how to camp and fish and other things like that, like a normal father would now I'm sure people know that if he don't dentist later would contact the media, he would contact the police and you would let them know that he was out there and then he was doing his thing this because he was incredibly narcissistic and didn't want any one else to either take the blame for his crimes or take the credit
and he would sign his letters. Bt k. I think it was in son of SAM were the only to that really gave themselves the rome moniker their own name. That's that's a narcissist right! There. So there these three guys in prison. That start talking in saying hey. We know we are information about the taro murders and Denis raider catches. Women thanks Ah, no one. No one knows about this, except for me and the authorities because they investigated but three guys that are in prison. They don't know anything about this, so he has to protect his kills their his and so what year was that or it's it's an october of nineteen? Seventy four? Okay! That's when that kind of prompts the letters and the
walls and stuff right right, so he's going to write a letter, but he's not going to just deliver it somewhere. So what he does is he hides it in a book at a library you know the public library he places. A phone call to the eagle, the our eagle aces, listen and listen good, I'm only gonna say this once there is a lot about the o taro case in a book in the public library, and he gives the title of the book is applied, engineering, mechanics and, of course, inside book is a letter. Probably not a book. That's gonna be checked out, that's what I was thinking here and in there he gives very specific information that only The killer or an investigator on the case would know it may be Even the investigators I mean they would have to take knows this. Is somebody just riding it out and saying here
where the body was. This was near the body, here's what happened to the body and he was able to prove that whoever wrote this letter committed the crimes and to disprove the men in jail. The men in prison that were. trying to take credit or say they had information on it. It just important. I think, because why does he right the latter's? Why would he put clues out, therefore, the authorities, the work off of exactly it's, you want the notoriety he's bt k he's the one they did this stuff. He wants the credit fast forward three years to march seventeenth, nineteen, seventy seven
we have surely Diane twenty four years old. Unlike the other victims, he was actually trolling and stocking somebody else another target here it was another woman and she was leaving a dylan's parking lot. I guess she went into a house and he tried to follower he knocked on the door. Something happened where he lost track of her and he was unable to find her and according to him he was all teat up, so he started just walking around the neighbourhood, he actually approach little boy and he said he was a private detective and showed him a photograph. Now what happened was there is a boy that he sees whose six years old name is steve in as vice, and sun. The
in this boy without side is because this whole family has the flu they're all sick, and so the mother, she told her son to go to the grocery store and get a specific soup and go and so the sun goes up. The grocery store gets a soup and comes back. And she looked at the soup and says you got the wrong one unita go get, right soup. So he goes back out. Goes the store comes back and, as he's approaching his house dennis rater approaches m holes up a photo and the photo is of Dennis raiders, wife and kid, and he says, have you seen these people he's asking a six year old? If he's seen these people yeah well, so the kid ends up going in the house, while he'll end up going
to the door and knocking shirley by an has three children she has, but whose eight stephen hughes, six and stephanie, whose. For the two sons race, each other front door, and they open it up just a bit. look out and there is that man not long Very here comes the mother shirley putting on her house goat. She comes the front door and he said
hi, I'm I'm a detective, I'm looking for these people right and he gets access into the house. He comes in and that's when he pulls out his three fifty seven. His gun calmly explains to her that he has sexual fantasies and he's going to tie her up and tie her children up more than likely rape her. He says he's done this before and he'll try to get it over with us as quickly as possible and, of course, her kids are freaking out crying and she's not happy about this she's pretty upset she's so upset that she ends up throwing up getting sick. Before that happens, he tries to tie, but up and bud starts freaking out. So he knows this is too much.
too much noise. He can't do it this way, so he says why don't we just will lock the children up in the bathroom and then we can go to another room and he even gets their toys, in other words a blankets to put in the bathroom with them to make them more comfortable and compliant, because this bathroom has two doors HU it so there's a door on the far side and one on the near aside. Any ties were door knob too, like the cabinet area, and then he will secure the other door, so they can't they can't get out. Then he takes her back to her bedroom. She get sick europe and he goes and gets her a glass of water to try and calm her down. He will tie her up. He ends up putting a bag over her head and then using the rope that he's tied her up with to
to finish her off. It's tough, because this is another case. That's going south now, there's no man in the house, but bud whose aim is making noise, he's pounding on the door and he's yelling at Dennis. Rader And they actually have a little exchange, but Third ceiling, Leave my mom alone get out of here. I'm gonna break out of here and he's threatening, Dennis rater an eight year old, and as raiders just says. I don't think you want to I'll blow your head off so again she's. She ends up, throwing up, I think, a couple of times and does kill her, but he's to get out there and so he takes off, but by meanwhile. If something is smashes, the bathroom window, he gets out the window and his brother Stephen follows him and they'll come around the front,
inside and they'll discover their mom's not moving and she has a bag over her head and they let their sister out again. I feel like he lucked out. I feel like this. This isn't a a well planned situation, This guy isn't as professional or as whatever is people like to make him out to be. I feel, like he's been, granted a lot of luck in a lot of these attacks. By think it's. He meticulously plans, these things he stocks them. He gets schedules down, but where and it doesnt work out such because custom is not home. He just willy nilly It says: okay! Well then, I'll move on to another house and This is another case that isn't so good for him, because he was disgusted by the state of the house. He thought she was a dirty person and he wasn't please by it. So he
it wasn't if it wasn't very satisfying for him December eighth, nineteen, seventy seven, he finds twenty five year old Nancy fox. He noticed her walk into a house one night, while he was drawing stocks her. He follows her to work. I guess she worked at health, bird diamonds. She had two jobs, checked her male fines or place of work. He's done its homework. Somebody he's pretty obsessed with so he's taking his time. He is a part his car a few blocks away, as he normally does. He knocks on the door. Nobody answers so he's making sure nobody's home,
He goes around back cuts the phone lines and he breaks and he waits in the kitchen once she arrives. He explains that he has a a sexual fantasy problem in that he's. Gonna have to tire up. He says that he takes her and he talks to her for a while, and he goes through her purse. Instructs collecting personal items from her she's compliant But she's got an attitude she's just like. Let's get this over with get out of my house like and call the police right when she first season let's get out of my house and tells or what he wants and she says, I'm going to call the police according to Dennis rater. She just got an attitude and she's: it's not fear,
She's almost schist irritated. How dare you know because again, if you look at him, I mean some people think he's very evil. Looking varies minister, when I look at em, I don't feel our way and I could cut see where she's coming from, where she just likes item like what. What are you doing in here old guy like get out of my house yeah. He has to tell her I'm a bad guy. But she knows he's got the upper hand instead of fighting. She just says: let's get this over with do what you gotta do so we can move on. I guess but she is a saying that she s use the bathroom and he says: ok, fine, a props. The door open and he says when you come out, just make sure you're wearing less clothes yeah and he actually gets undressed. This is probably one of the few times where he's undressed. While he's
with the victim is also, I think, to let her know that I'm going to rape. You even though, That's not really! What he's going to do to kind of go along with his story. He handcuffs her and ties her feet and he's wearing gloves this whole time yeah, and he he he's not wearing a mask or any. You know some people were saying: oh, he would he would a hood honours, and then I might now he never tried to conceal his identity. I didn't find did he ever war mask just in his own selfies or wherever he would wear a man yeah, but when he was actually doing the attacks you know somebody has a mask on, though there d probably do you harm,
in this was his way of making them more compliant and comfortable. Was he his face was visible, so he he lays on top of her, but he does not rape her and he ends up using a belt strangling her. His typical emo any essentials, the belt around her throat yeah again he he masturbates. At the scene. Now, according to dennis rader, she attempts to injure him even with her hands in the cuffs. She managed to hook one of her hands up. Ang managed his digger fingers into his scrotum but according to dennis rader, he actually kind of liked that and this is where he looks out. I mean
Yes, he has her tied up. He has her subdued, but at any point any of these victims could of scratched his face done some damage to him, something that he would have to explain later to his wife and family, something that he might have to come up with a lie for at work during the investor Imagine if they were like, oh well. We found that the victim had skin under her fingernails, oh and then this guy has claw marks on him or something so again. It's I think he he has a lot of luck on his. well, there is luck on the side, because he so proud of this crime that he reports it himself down the phone that he calls from actor. The dispatcher gets the information he lets the found angle. then another person gets on the phone ask who it is and he's a fire fighter law who The guy was just on the phone in the fire.
It doesn't have a lot of information, but you house, there was another man they're, not a good description, because he wasn't paying attention, because why woody so that's nineteen, seventy seven, He won't murder again until nineteen eighty five. So there is a big break there. What is he doing from seventy seven? Eighty, five, we keep talking about how he gets lucky. He gets really lucky because after Nancy is killed, this is a nineteen. Seventy eight rater wrote a poem about surely buying and he's. Writing on this index card and his wife walks in wise working eyes it slips it down in you know into the chair. While he forgot about it and his wife ends up finding it What is this? Oh yeah? Well, Craig. He goes
to which our state university areas, the school, Our were working on the beach cameras in the criminology class. She believes him and yet he finishes the pie, and who writes a poem about that war. Let, let's you see, we think of it. because he sends it into the which tie eagle, shirley law, surely locks, wilt thou, be mine, thou shalt not scream, nor yet see the line but lay on could and think of me and death and how it's going to be. But this is not something that gets to the eagle and they go. Oh, my goodness did bt case sent us this so wicked. Harp on this, the whole program, because he is not despite his planning this,
I is not as meticulous, I think, as people have tried to make them out to be there's large gaps there, it's not consistent, and that adds to the frustration of law enforcement and trying to track this person Also he's a family man. I didn't read a lot of the profiling on him, but I doubt that we'll we'll talk, later. But I doubt if law enforcement withstanding face to face with them. They would know that this man has it if her secret, while the reason I'm saying that he is not as meticulous is because he sends this poem in, but there's nothing about it. That says bt k know I mean anybody could have sent this in. In fact, they say that they sent this to their. Ass fire department, but because there was no payment with it there. Just like the third, over here- is something you know I mean so he gets upset because he's thinking come on guys. I want some publicity here
So he sends another pelham, but this time I'm, he make sure they know who sent it and it's o death to Nancy. He tied bt k on the letter four times in case they missed it. This time, they're not going to misunderstand who sent the no he's incense. He wants them to publicize him somehow he wants. Everyone know who he is these out there, Letters are not typed very well either a misspellings or the way that they are not properly spent. a store, what abbe they're kind of sloppy anyhow oh tends to miss state words Let them know the death count so far, and up to that point,
the invest scares had arguments about this. Was this one a victim of his or not? They don't know. Typically, you think well, whatever is count as you can assume that there might be a few more you have the h h poll pulled scenario where they think hundreds more and then you have TED Bundy, who wouldn't admit to certain ones. I mean that's, it's always a loose number, but Dennis he absolutely wants to take credit for his murderers, no more! No less well it mother problems. Is they dont know his true ammo? They have an idea, but and you have slight variations stab it's enough yahoo. He didn't stab anyone in the other case. Why would this be connected to him? It can get tricky. And so you had some people who are investigating saying the. I actually think these are all tied together. and you'd have others who would say ah
Yeah this one. Isn't him this one. Is this one isn't and this letter I think, helps solidify really what the count is in case they didn't, know yeah. So we fast forward eight years April, twenty seventh nineteen, eighty five fifty three year old marine hedge- and this is little outside of his typical target as typical project. Doesn't she live? What six houses down this is neighbor. This is somebody that he waves to as they pass by each other are going to
or even yeah- I mean, I guess, they're, probably not friends, they're, not they don't know each other, but this is definitely a little bit outside of the typical serial killer, emo of random stranger and not people. You know she lives so close to him that in his planning he he he knows. He can't just walk over to her house. He has to get another way a about way. So, if he's going to kill someone who lives in our six sit down where he does. These have a good alibi. That's where he sees it. And he's taking his kid to a boy scout camp and wise there he'll say: oh I've got a headache. I'm going to go to bed early,
that's when he uses that time to get away and drive to the bowling alley. So he he goes to a bowling alley and he puts his hit kit and a bowling bag. Sloshes around some beer and his mouth gets himself smelling like a drunkard and he calls a taxi explains the taxi driver. Him and you'd ride. You know play it off that I'm a I'm too drunk to drive kind of thing and he gives the taxi driver and address close by two marine. He tells the taxi driver that he's feeling nauseated and just to stop the car and he needs to get out so tat. driver doesn't know what house he's going to or anything and it's a few houses away from marine. He wants to walk it off yeah
This sounds like he's actually planning this one pretty well he's put a lot of pieces here in his plan now she's fifty three years old, which is quite a bit older than his other victims have been his other victims raw under forty up to this point, typically around the twenties year, her cars there. So he thinks that she might be home, so he he sneaks into the house, stealth like and he gets inside and she isn't home so he's hiding in the bedroom and marine. Returns home and she has a a man with her. He doesn't want to deal with it, so he remains hidden and marine and her male counterpart hang out and talk for. He says around an hour and then the demand Lee
Iv's dennis remains hidden until the early morning hours. He says the middle of the night and that's when he decides to go in and he turns on the bathroom light in the bedroom, where marinas and your master bath light and she wakes up in screams when he gets into bed with her, which is really unnerving and he strangled her to death, as he puts it manually because she screaming smell night, he wants to in this quickly so uses hands for the first time. just his hands not accord not pantyhose got a bag after he strangled her to death. He ties are up and put her in a blanket. This is
a little deviation from his typical ammo now and I think it's because he didn't get to play out normal. He gets to control them. He gets to do that and he didn't get to do that. He didn't get to tie her up, so he he just strangled her to death. Now he has to fulfill that that fantasy side, so he wraps her up in a blanket and he takes her in the back of the car puts her in the back of the car. He drives her to his chair which is Christ, lutheran, church yeah, and he had already staff some black plastic bags and the church. So when he gets there he starts taking the windows up, then he moves her into the building into the church and he starts posing her. what's high heels, honour and starts posing and different positions and taking a pretty polaroid.
pictures of her. He says he. He positions her in bondage and loot position, yeah, which wow. That is a whole other level right there. I can't even rat my head around this. This goes further than a lot of the other speakers that we recover, but to take a body to a church. I think it's you have organized and disorganized serial killers. You know an organized serial killers, the methodical planner and the disorganized. One is the one that can't even function in society. He absolutely can function in society, but to go this far gone into depravity and still be able to function in society is is shocking to me. Well held dispose of earn a ditch who cover with a brush, and it will be nine days before someone finds her but
it is. She screams in the mole knight he he kills her. He puts her in a car he drives to his church. He has this thing and then he has to get her back in the car and then find a place to dump her body again. There's a lot of chances here, a lot of risks he's taking vicky weatherly how I heard it pronounced. She was known to play the piano and that's one of the things. I think that stuck out When is that he was attracted to her and he like the way you play the piano and she was married and they had a daughter who was nine and a two year old son. Rater, this is where he he pose as a south western bell repairman, so he has
sort of a helmet that he got from a t and a briefcase with some tools of some type for line testing yeah. He he sort of crafts, something together makes it look like it's a line: tester it'll fool, oh yeah, he goes the house next door and ngos to arouse serve setting it up. Like he's going door to door here and it's normal, he wants to manage hacker line. And she's a sure you have to come in and he says yes and after he gets in I think she really starts to realize wait a minute this. This isn't just a repairman. This is something else, and he will tell her to lay down in her bed. He pulls his gun honour and does the his thing again. She cries now in his kitty. As these leather laces,
which he called a strangling rig, and this is a new thing he's added to his kit. Any They use it on her, but she fights him. Now, meanwhile, she says, or two year old, who is, I think, an crib right. Yeah I think you're in the same room at least right anyway, all of noise. Here, she's fighting back he's almost losing control of her and they end up going off. The bed her. Husband was supposed to be home soon like it. Have been any time here that our house I sharp and she tried telling him that near airports of
extent, information, and he sees aware of that, but he also doesn't know if it's just a ruse, so he will have to finish her off quickly and then he doesn't get to do anything else in his confession. He says that he he finally kitten nylon sock around her throat. He says she goes down and he thinks that she's dead. I thought he actually tried to take some time it was over and then she came back to consciousness. But again, this is him in his confession. So he's he's a little loose with the details when she came to she said her husband was coming home and they fought more and that's when he strangled her again. She actually didn't die right away. She,
dies later after he leaves one and there's something really sad about this, which is her husband, passes, rater they're, both in cars, and he notes that that car it's like his wife's car, but then he sees a tall man driving the car. So he thinks oh. Probably not her car, then and when he gets there, it takes him forty five minutes I realise that she's actually in the house, he thinks what happened or why is she not here the two year olds here but she's? Not here, I don't know where the daughter, as I have don't remember by term bs, so since she dies on the other side of the bed just behind the bed. So when he looks in the bedroom he doesn't seated. See her. He would have had to gone over there in around that side of the bed to see her. so again, it's another.
It's another. One of those kills fur bt gay that didn't the way he it to random would say, man, her mommy, to an officer believe, and They actually suspected bill her husband of killing her witches horrible, because if they were oppressed him if you know, if they he didn't, have an alibi. He was literally arriving as she was murdered. I I can't imagine if you know if he was being interrogated in in caved under pressure and gave a false confession or something they do press him, but he doesn't. He doesn't give a false confession or anything yeah. I just I couldn't imagine if this situation turn even more horrifying. So that's nineteen. Eighty six we won't hear from dennis for
for several more years. At this point he or he gets another job. This is as a compliance officer for the the city. Now you and I talked about this and we think it is quite possible that he was able to hold a factor exit bay because He was able to ruin people's lives without killing them. As this compliance officer and day one of his compliance officer orientation. He gets to go down to the the bill. In the city hall, the municipal building However, it is remember this the war room, the investigation beat kay war room is in that building had they gave him a tour, he gets to see his work
all over this room, all these people focused on him and he feels important. He feels like this is his opus right now this is his narcissism and then he gets to go on out into the world with a badge and right Citations for grass tell people that they need to comply with whatever city ordinance that he put, out of a hat people than like em, they said he was aggressive and really shitty gathers one thing that you often hear in this cases they'll say: oh well, people like demonstrator. No, no, there are people who did people at his church. His immediate family, but when he was a compliance officer, they definitely didn't like him.
There were a lot of complaints about him, but he was the one with the badge and he was enforcing gordon quote the law. It just so happens that he would go after female There is one woman that he was giving a lot of trouble to and she said what do I need to do good because she was frustrate every time. She'd comply with something get it fixed. He was right there with more complaints and he just looked at her and said Well, maybe you get rid of your guy. Is all this trouble sorrow when he came into the picture to get here? that man you're with with almost see that, as he wanted to target her, He wanted the man out of the picture, but I think it was just being a jerk. controlling and ruining people's lives, and he just wasn't having too, he was feeding factor acts with just be shitty yeah, there's another woman, we'll talk a little bit about the tranquilizer gun so a dogs on the loose
One of the neighbors says he was out shooting tranquilizer darts at this dog while there were children around, and he really didn't appreciate that because he felt that dennis putting children's lives in danger because he didn't feel the dog was a threat. He felt Dennis was the threat and Denis was obsessed with capturing this dog Loose and hence ends up the dog. While he takes the dog to a veterinarian clinic and says this dog needs to be using eyes, these be put down so yes, it happens. There are many stories about what he does is a compliance officer and It's so no one dies but, like you said he's, he is just such a shitty person again he's a serial killer. He's obviously got something wrong with him, to put it mildly, but it's just this pattern of behavior. He does not care about
these people now at all- and these are his neighbours- is community. I actually thought that he went after dolores january nineteenth ninety ninety one. I thought that at this point. There were more rumours of people trying to take credit for the bt, K, murders and more media attention to it, and that's what sort of drew him out of hiatus once again, five years later made him come out
in target delores Davis. So he he went somewhere changed his clothes and he parks a few blocks away and he's trying to figure out a way into her home, any he's having a hard time. He he can't figure it out and he doesn't want to knock on the door cause. He figures that she won't let him in so he ends up finding a block. and he just throws it through her back patio door and just shatters it. She comes running out of the bedroom. He gives the speech that he's a a wanted criminal and he needs to get warmth, get some food and needs her car again. He gets the car keys and gets her to comply. He goes to her. Her room goes through her things in front of her and takes personal items. May he actually does use a mask of some sort because he pulls p
any house over his head. Yes, which is weird because, like you said before, by not wearing a mask, it's ok, here's out here I am you're seeing me, but here he's wearing pantyhose over his face which about you with that. its whenever I see that its creepy, so he he ties are up many talks with her and then he actually goes and checks on the car to see if it's in order and he behaves as if he's leaving I'm assuming to make her calm down and then he comes back and he he removes the handcuffs that he's put on her and then he ties her up, which I thought was a little interesting that he wanted to tie her up and not at pant cuffs and then
uses that the pantyhose that he had and he strangled her while he says that he's going to tire up and leave because she sang that there's someone a man and like shit, you know now I've got a flea this scene to there because he has to take it somewhat seriously. He doesn't want to get caught he's made this far. This is gone almost twenty years, russia.
About has her compliant again, but then he pulls the pantyhose off his face and I think that's when she realizes wait. A minute he's not just going to tie me up and leave he's going to kill me, because now she sees him is that thought of? Oh, I can I d him yeah this one's a little odd, how he leaves he he kills her and he puts her in a blanket. Then he he takes her car and he goes in dumps his belongings, his hit kid or clothing that he was using and then comes back
his order of things was a little off, but he puts her in the car and he goes to. He is going to dump her body, but he realizes that he's missing his gun, so he has to go back there and research, the house, and he finds that when he broke the back patio window he dropped his gun when he was gaining entry to the house. So he gets his his gun back and then he gets her and dumps her under a bridge, and I think he actually takes her car back and then leaves in his car. I mean east he's, making several trips back and forth. and if he is worried that somebody's coming home so a man's coming, maybe he's getting lucky or may as lie. But
this is another victim that lives not very far from him and he again use the scout camp as as cover, I agree, I think he's he's lucked out here. There were also several other intended victims. got away, poor, not really guy, way, but didn't come home like he broke into a house and waited and they never came home. So he would leave. I guess you could say near hits were people locked out and there is even a situation in the nineteen eighties where he was stocking women and one of them actually filed a reason. Raining order against him. There's there's a lot of leads here, there's a lot of times to dennis that, somehow, whenever
put together. I just assume that guy would have gotten caught because he makes so many mistakes right. I mean there's so many risks that he takes here, but that's not it. He doesn't get caught, gets caught and indifferent way, and I think it's his own egotistical arrogance and ego that makes this happen, so he's he's corresponding with a man name. Can land were my pronouncing there right and he's writing many letters to KEN and corresponding with him. I just bragging they kind of established, a report which is really odd
He asks kin. If I send you a a disk, a floppy disk. Is there any way you can trace this back to me and KEN says: no, it's it's untraceable, so Dennis puts some information on a floppy disk. Do you know what that information was that he actually was sending kin? I don't have that and okay, though he sends his floppy disk. If, if you can remember back in the days of floppy disks, there were five and a quarter and three point five disks. So this was a three point. Five and dennis, has no clue about technology. The guy is old school. This floppy disk, when they, when law enforcement gets it they annulled. It first are trying to see where its purchased you trying to do those things, but they
and that there was a deleted file from the disc. A document. Probably a word document in this war document- had met data on met a data tag files. This. document that they found was associated with the lutheran church and had last edited by Dennis. So this gives law enforcement pretty much their first real lead and they go to the lutheran church and they find that dennis. Is the president of the council. That's how he gets caught the the stupidest thing, You could do on earth and he did it in the cops said now. There's no way to trace back but, as we know please, Don't have any duty to tell the truth and and this time I'm absolutely a priest, That can was smart enough to go along with this
Dennis was absolutely appalled that can lead to him. He actually, I guess last, tat. It can said I I couldn't believe you would lie to me about this. Just it's just shows how detached he is from his own actions. I'm sure he would consider himself a wonderful father, I'm sure you would consider himself a good christian and here this man to slide to him. and this is blown his mind. While he was sitting in an interrogation with the police officers, he said, am I going to be here for awhile and they said yeah yeah you're. You know it's going to be a bit and he said: can you go ahead and mark my my coffee mug with bt k, so it doesn't
it mixed up with your guises. This is his level of of just ego, I'm going to go into his book and some other things is there anything you want to add about this capture before we do that. I know a lot of people laugh just thinking how stupid he looks getting caught this way, but I feel like one of the things we wanted to accomplish with the episode is to show the sky locked out a lot. so you can say was a meticulous planner, but I dont know how good of a planner he was. I mean it ties. Reed show up and didn't have the right kit with them even said that Kevin bright, wouldn't have survived if he had escaped with him. He was using items in the house to bind them with and that's how Kevin was able to get loose.
to me. It was bound to happen sooner or later it was locked, like you kept saying it's locked that he made it that far truly is Dennis offers to write a book offers to be analyzed by psychologists and whatever, and he allows all the proceeds of this book or the profits to go to the victims, families he thinks he's doing the world a favor doing this. He thinks he's a good guy and he says how can you society condemn me, I was a. I was born a shark or venomous snake and is just part of nature. I was born to kill- and this is my natural instinct, so analyze me in all all make right make good on
On the wrongs, I've done kind of nodded, associating the fact that the only reason why he's allowed to write this book- or he is capable of writing his book- is because he's murdered people and all the proceeds he can. He can't collect on it. It was just mind boggling to me that he was trying to justify this, but again it's his d association with it. He serving ten consecutive life sentences and the El Dorado correctional facility in kansas, and he is spending all of those in solitary he's in the shoe is in solitary confinement, so he's in a cell twenty three hours a day only did have one hour of outdoor time or physical time
where you can exercise he's only allowed three showers a week, he's actually a fairly well behaved in may not a lot of disciplinary actions. I think he had a male something male were either mailed. Somebody or somebody mailed Amman did something there, but with his good behaviour he is able to purchase, tvs and radios and and watch stuff a lot of the victims? Families are not cool with this, I'm sure a lot of them wished he would have been put to death, but at the time he committed the murders. There was no death penalty in kansas, so he gets
spend the rest of his life in prison. That is a question. There are some that theorize that he may have committed murders while there was the death penalty, but that he won't confessed to those because it would put him in danger, so I just assume he would confessed to all alone, because he was when you, watches statement in court. I mean he is so matter of fact that at the same time you can see that that glee of I did this and he owns it. He he absolutely likes this fact. There was a female serial killer, name, Dana sue gray that sent bt kay
yeah, a hand painted postcard and said we have a lot in common and Denis gave that postcard away to our author, scott Bonn and said here. You can have this this woman thought she was in my league, but she only killed three people, snap, my leg that that just says something to him in his mentality there and currently Stephen king is deciding to write a new novel, a good marriage, but stephen announced that it was inspired by dennis raider in the history of BT k and Denis raiders daughter. In his family, who has remained silent and pretty much hides from the media, because I'm sure it's a circus for them
but his daughter came out in, is decrying this because she's like you're you're profiting off the victims, She considers the rate or family the eleventh family victim because they had to live with this. They have to deal with their father beings. serial killer and I I get her point. I I totally understand her her anger and frustration at this, but at the same time this is such a huge thing that any murder like they, they say that Hannibal. You know from the silence of the lambs and hannibal the can he's based off Jeffrey Dahmer, just any horror movie, any slasher flick and you can show you know texas, chainsaw massacre at gain that there's so many times here that it's just hard to its as unavoidable. I guess I get her anger
though you have any input on that, are feelings on it. Now I could disagree with her. She's a victim in a way absolute difficult for me to sit here and preach to her about the way she should be taking this when I'm not in position. As an outsider, I see it is not really your material, you don't own this and if you wanna, be upset with solemn, been upset with your dad, but again, I'm not in her position and her feelings very real. I can't say she's wrong, not really yeah, it's it's! It's going to happen and sorry, it's happening to her, but there's there's no way you can stop it. You can tell people to boycott his book or boycott him, but you know- and if and if he never announced, this is inspired by would it ever have been an issue? I don't know yes, she may never have known that she struggled with who her dad is doing
family didn't even know he was the killer until he confessed. When we start, confessing, that's when they said. Oh, my god and people I met unbelievable growing. How could you not know that your father is a serial killer? They didn't Well, there was one moment tat they think back in there is where the sun pissed. Im off somehow and he started choking him and they had to break that up, and you know they look back at that now and think wow. We got a glimpse of him in hindsight. It all looks so clear, but when you're in it, this is your father. You love him and he loves you mean he was for all for all accounts. He was, he was a good dad. He was a good scout leader. He was a good president of the lutheran church. He stayed busy, someone says oh he's running around and he's stalking people and killing them. While he's going to school. He has a job, he has a family
how is he fitting that in what we know that he was able to hear, but he was multitasking, he woodstock people. While he was supposed to be working when they captured him, he had a list of people, he had locked onto me and he will he wasn't stopping when he had a date chosen to for his next kill. The next attack guy was able to go on and it makes me think of the original night stalker it makes me think of the zodiac and other cases, and I think maybe they don't go to prison or die. Maybe they just stop one day:
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