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May 29, 2017. Holtville, Alabama. Susan Osborne, 42, and her 15 year old son, Evan Eric Chartrand, were last heard from on May 29, 2017. Since then there has been no contact and friends and family are worried. Susan was married to a man named Jerry Osborne, an Air Force veteran They had been experiencing some difficulties in their relationship but Susan told others that they were working on things and that she loved her husband. Linda Anklam, Susan's mother, reported them missing on July 29, two months after they likely went missing. The delay was mostly out of respect for Susie's privacy. But with unanswered calls and letters mounting, family and friends could no longer stay silent. Police visited the home that Susan and Jerry shared in order to get some answers and the door was answered by Jerry who was obviously in the process of cleaning the residence. But he hadn't just cleaned the five year old home, he had completely remodeled it over the prior two months. If you have any information about this disappearance, please contact the Elmore County Sheriff's Office via their Secret Witness Hotline at 334-567-5227. The facebook page is titled, Justice for Susie and Evan.

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I use another great justin how're you doing great. First, a quick correction and a huge apology to the author of wicked takes the witness stand. Marty link, I reading off a bunch of stuff that night and and I was looking at the journalist,
who is reporting on the case when I set it and it s all got screwed up in my head. So if you want to read the book, it's amazing wicked takes the witness stand by marty link and I just did a guest spot on another podcast called about face and it's a cool little show personal stories about people that change their life around or go to a major change so check that out and yes, we're going to skip across the pond. Soon on the atlantic ocean mean whatever. Yes, we were actually going to be visiting the uk. So if you are interested in meeting with us in manchester london. The dates for those July sixth is manchester in July. Seventh is london. More info is coming. You might want to stay tuned to are facebook page or dissipate into the podcast
will be putting out updates as we get them. We got a very interesting and polite email the other day, something that I very much enjoyed reading is this from while there was a man that had sent us a scathing email about a couple years ago, and I responded, when a nice way in just tried to address this. sermons or answer to some of the points he was making and I never heard back. This is why you responded. I don't to be honest when we get emails like that, I usually have some sort of an internal reaction. It could either be I'm just going to delete this or it could be. I want to reply to this. and it's really just a matter of, do I think, though, read it, and if they think, though, read it all respond, and so I responded to the email it felt like it went into the either
and then I got this email in and the guy had written back and said that he had done some thinking about it. After listening to your peripheral episode, which was titled, so you want to be a podcaster which, when you did that it was just sort of like a pet project for you and then a kind of blew up, and it became this big thing. We, you ve gotten so many messages from listeners from pod castors telling you about. We know how it hit them, and then we have this guy, who Ed, basically given upon us, and then I guess he realized that by writing to us in such an inflammatory way. He said it made him think that he made our work, not fun where we wouldn't enjoy it. Do you know what I mean? Oh yeah, it's a fear of your doing something you love and you get any kind of criticism or escaping email. Can demotivate you to continue doing what you love
yeah or you just get in a funk that day, but this email was so well written and so apologetic? I was almost moved to tears because He wanted us to know that he appreciates us and that any kind of negative reaction he has is really his own issue and he doesn't need a blast us with it. When he said most of the time he loves. What were wing, and so just because, once in awhile something happens, honest We do that, might bother him, it's not something that he should take to us. So I thought it was a great email and really what the lesson here is- is send someone a nice message. You know it could be a teacher of yours. It could be a friend it could be. I cast her just send a nice message at some point and tell someone you support them, because it makes a lot of it
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view is incredible. More another round of room service, more sorry, boss. I'm going to extend my vacant in price line knows. Every trip is a big deal. So when you're ready to book your next one check out price line, dot com, for the easiest way to get more, how an extent vacations. So when we talk about tonight later tonight, we're talking about a case from holt hauteville alabama and typically we dont cover very recent cases in the last year. But this is the kind of case that really grab my
tension in after I talk to you about it. You have the same reaction, which is we have to talk about this and we usually don't cover cases that haven't gone trial, yet either it's very rare that we do, and this is one of those cases. I feel it's ok, because the evidence, the facts of the case are already pretty clear. So we can just put it out there and also some people get concerned about innocent until proven guilty, and let me just say that that's true, but in this case and in some other cases we looked at it's not so much about the legal side of this. It's just
people looking at it? What is their reaction here? What do they think happened? So we will give opinions. This is the kind of case that may not go to trial, which is weird because we've seen other cases go to trial with way less evidence, but in a while we'll get into that yeah this case a mother and son who have gone missing, and this was in two thousand seventeen susan osborne, forty two and her son. In fourteen susan and Evan were both from michigan and janet moving to alabama with her first husband for job. They would later separate and get divorced She met another man and had a daughter, so she has two kids by two thousand. Seventeen Susan had two kids. Her oldest was evident at the time
He was fourteen. She also had a daughter named Hannah, but things weren't really working out with these guys and she ended up finally meeting a guy and two thousand sixteen name jerry osborne, jerry osborne, in alabama- and he was an air force veteran- but before we get into jerry too much- let's talk about- out susan, an avenue because they did span good quality time together and one of their passions was fishing. In fact, Evan made his own lures. They want a little bit of a fishing trip just before she met jerry. Another thing about
gavin was he had a stutter as we know, if you're a kid and you stutter and you're a school, you could be picked on for that right. I don't know if you ever had any issues like that in school, but I knew of a kid like that before and there would be kids who would tease him, etc. I got picked on for just having a ski, So so I only only imagine if I had a stutter too, but what was said about Evan was even though we had a stutter he's a pretty popular kate alot of people liked him Susan also had to dogs. They were terriers, one was nook and the other on with sugar and she loved these dogs. Susan's mother, Linda, would visit them around mother's day. According to she had a great visit later in june, she travelled up to michigan for her granddaughters graduation. She started sending pictures from the graduation to her daughter, susan, and this was not.
Her. But Susan was an answering those messages that are mama, sending now the family knows that susan's married a man named jerry, but they hadn't, been together that law and with the distance from michigan to alabama. They didn't know much about jerry, so they're not exactly comfortable, reaching out to jerry to see why their daughters, not returning phone calls. In fact, not sure they knew how to contact jerry. I dont think their phone number forum and lynn said. She had only met jerry two or three times and again that's the distance and her daughter. Susan is a grown woman. She does have her own life. she has kids. If she's not responding, maybe she's busy she's not responding I dont know. Did I say something wrong: is she mad at me
is she still not responding. I don't know anymore should I keep calling, but after a couple more since the phone number no longer works and she sent some letters and one of them comes back, returned the sender, so Susan's mother, his thinking, something's, here, Susan, had a best friend name: holly Hatfield, who had lived Alabama up until about two or three weeks before susan went missing, she was trying to contact her as well, because And she and Susan talked all the time allowed by taxed or by email, but she wasn't getting any replies either, so she was concerned again as a similar thing, where, according to your friend holly, she was
king will maybe she's mad that I moved away because now she's kind of alone, she just has her husband and she has her son and sometimes our daughter, but maybe she feels abandoned me. She really doesn't have any one from- on family or really any friends down there so but she just not in the mood right and know it's funny. I will call my mom once in a while and then, when I talk to her shall say: oh I've missed your voice and then its leg Why didn't you call me and she goes why I don't want to bother you if I went away for two months. I don't even think my mom would notice so yeah while the reason why we bring this up is it took about two months before the police were contacted,
and by that I mean the elmore county, sheriff's department, right yeah. She, when that letter came back return to sender and when the phone was shut off, she knew there was something wrong at that point, so she took it the next step. I think her last voice message was, if you don't call me back, I'm going to come down there and show up on your front door. Well, stead. She call him the these, because this is not a good situation. So let's talk about why she might be missing because it turns out how he had some good information and her mom had some of this information. But holly and Susan had been trading emails in what was then information just it was observed, it was about jerry
new husband and she was, I would say, complaining about him, but it wasn't just he won't washed the dishes, it was he's very controlling and he won't. Let me call my friends, he won't. Let me do the things I want to do. Yeah I mean we was, I checking her phone and emails. Well, I think he was just really checking her phone, because when she wanted to communicate some secret information to her friend, she would only do it by e mail and she would say, don't talk about this- the attacks emails only so I think she had she hasn't confidence that her emails were safe over reason yet got it got it. So they were speaking about this
and her friend holly is a little worried, I'm sure, but people have not so great relationships all the time. You know whether it be a a gripe or a valid complaint yeah. We all accept. If one of our friends is in love with somebody, we try to accept their choice and we try to be supportive and not critical of the person they're with. So I think these factors come into play, but when she saying that he's very controlling and then all of us, hoddan? She drops off the map, something to consider. There is also another secret that was revealed. The holly Susan found out that her husband, jerry had been at a previous time, a member of a site named,
sport, which is an escort site for men looking to hook up with other men for money? He has tattoos on his body very identifiable tattoos, and one of the pitchers is a man whose put himself in handcuffs or bondage and he's unclothed showing his backside, and she recognized is all of his tattoos. So it's not mistaken identity or anything like that. It's his picture and she can recognize her own husband
and so yeah there's no way that Susie has this wrong. That was her husband. Only she never knew about this. This is very, I don't know Kathleen petersen Michael pierce, any to me maids, reminiscent of is this a secret well yeah, and she says to her friend I found this out. He's never told me. This he's been hiding something from me. She also doesn't stands in bed with him. After that, there seems to be some issue there, where she's not wanting her husband to know everything She knows by to know. She's upset with him. I assume that, if he's going out and having sex with other people, she doesn't know if he's using protection, she doesn't know if he's being safe about it. She's protecting herself by no longer sleeping with them and if
he's already somewhat afraid of him because he's lying to her because he's controlling then, if he knows that she knows about this huge alternative lifestyle. This huge lie that he's hiding from her. She has no idea how he's going to respond, so she has to keep it a secret. They have if the security system at their house, their house was at the time. I think it was about four to five years old and the security system, had cameras at every entrance, after all the windows doors, so I think he was monitoring the house her phone and quite often when someone has a
secret. They really like to know what you know and they like to know what you're doing. I'm sure part of this control had to do with making sure she didn't find out and if she did find out, he wanted to know about it. It's sort of a weird projection thing. If you have a secret than you, wanna control, other people and control the information and rack them as if they have a secret. When really it's you now, holly was told at some point before the disappearance, Susan wanted to work stuff out with jerry. She decided that she really loved him and then she was interested in m from the moment she met him. She wanted it to work There is not a lot of information on this, but going just off of that. I could see where her and holly would say you know this
she wants to me. We have to support her, so the last correspondence that they had with her was may twenty, ninth and they ended up filing a missing persons report on July. Twenty ninth- now she calls the Elmore county shares department asked them to do. I guess a welfare check on the home and her daughter. showed up jerry answer the door and he appeared to be doing some heavy cleaning around the house- yeah lots of chemical smells between I'm sure Bleach, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide things that might destroy dna, but I don't know I've, never, google, that they ask him where his
Wife is where susan is and where is Evan, and he says they are and no longer at the house right yeah. He said some strange man showed up at the house collected his wife and her son and took off and that she was leaving him. They noticed that her car is there at the house a lot of her stuff. Is there so she left her vehicle, which is weird, but I guess that's why He had to say a man came and picked her up because she left her car. While so the next question was, can you give us a described the man that took them well jerry really wasn't good at giving details about this guy. Well, if he only saw wants, it was a really quick meeting I get it. Would it just strikes me as,
If they had some issues and then she said she was going to try and work it out with them and then some guy shows up unexpectedly and takes his wife and her kid. He doesn't have a problem with that. There's naive and exchange of words or anything it's like, and he came pick them up and then they laughed and then that's it. I'm going to speculate a little bit here either it was a loveless marriage and he just didn't care she laughed or what she said about. Him is true, he's a controlling husband and he wouldn't have just let her leave so the spider lie. The police keep questioning him and they're finding out that a
He is unable to provide any useful information. They go asking around the neighbourhood like have you seen, Susan? Have you seen anything we're going on and the neighbors we'll talk about how jerry has been burning stuff in the back yard and there's so much blacks, woke in the air. Sometimes it's so smart. Legged so obvious that this guy's burning crap and his backyard that its bothering the neighbors and this all happened right after the disappearance. sure to check out where the crowded sing in theatres July fifteenth based on the best selling book comes a juicy mystery full of romance murder and deadly secrets. Daisy Agur Jones plays kyar an outsider, who grew up alone in the marshes of north carolina
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in the driveway, the cops yeah, the villain. This is a little suspicious and the they go and get a search warrant right, while inside the home they see that things have drastically changed and through interviews, they're able to find out that the home was remodeled by jerry by himself on his own, and he had changed out boring he had gotten rid of all the furniture repainted the walls even pulling out some drywall completely and putting up new yeah just some major changes to a home that was only about five years old at that point, and so is real, suspicious now, jerry's lawyer, train norman was able to answer some questions that the authorities had one of them was. Why is he we modeling this home? Well,
according to the lawyer, wasn't for any suspicious reasons. It was because his parents encouraged him to do something about the home because one they didn't like what susan had done with the home, and two before she laughed. Apparently she had spray painted graffiti, very vulgar graffiti on the walls, so he was sort of forced to do it. I get that if it was a bad break up and she spray painted, the walls was stuff you would have to repaint, but this guy ripped up hardwood flooring and put down new foreign and carpet. I guess if you dont, like the flooring- I, u can replace it, but I I just would assume that that's a big project somebody leaves, and you immediately go into remodel mode.
very circumstantial. Well, I he was turning it into more of a bachelor pad. They said that when you entered the home after the remodeling there was no evidence of a woman ever having lived there. Well, maybe he was having his clients come to the house, so he burned a lot of stuff and to burn a law that stuff he had bought a lot of gasoline there's receipts. There's documentation of all this stuff is bought. I guess when I get rid of things either rented dumpster
or I put it in the trunk or the back of my truck and I drive it to a dump or dumpster somewhere and get rid of it. The old fashioned way or just call large street pickup. You know get that couch, but he feels that breaking this furniture up and burning it and the backyard is the most effective way, and I I you know we're in the midwest. I know people burn stuff in their backyards, but he's in a residential area. It's not like he's out in the country and the neighbors think it's very odd and it's over the top. How much stuff he was burning yeah! You have neighbors down the street, who are coughing and looking around and seeing all this black smoke and thinking what the hell is. The guy down the street doing his eye is why we don't live in L. A we live in alabama were not to put up with all this, so back this search warrant there looking through the home and because it's all
been remodelled, they don't see anything. I mean. There's new furniture, new flooring, new carpet knew everything and so as their walking around. They think we're gonna need some help, and so they call in the f b fbi basically and the feds are going to come in and look for evidence of a crime taking place there,
which is they're going to bring in bloom in all its the chemical. They hits upon evidence of blood, it reacts to the iron in the hemoglobin and there are different ways to do this. Pay. I've had dogs myself. I know that you know you take a black light to your carpet after a few months with some dogs and you're gonna get some heads, but luman all supposed to react with bodily fluids, and they come in and spread this around. Well, according to the fbi, they say it looks like a man
I received yeah, they found evidence, but normally people say this when there's a whole mess and there is something they're cleaning out there like. Oh, it looks like a murder scene in here, but here the f b, I is actually using it literally. They found twenty locations in the home where evidence of blood was found, the laundry room, the guest bathroom and the kitchen. So He locations and their collecting this evidence and they sent it off to be tested. What their hoping is, that they can get dna profiles from the blood to. Let them know whether this blood came from Heaven or his mother susie now before they were able to do this, they witnessed jerry,
perpetually cleaning, the house cleaning a house, that's being remodelled or freshly remodelled, Al Qaeda, interesting scenario here. The other thing they find is evidence on his computer and this is where it's kind of a mystery, because the sheriff was asked about what was found and all would say was the searches he was making our searches that no normal person would be making. Now. I know that's to send off alarms in your heads because as true crime fanatics you're thinking well, if they they saw my search history, but really the sheriff isn't. It that they found evidence that he was searching for things that would well be very suspicious. The other thing they found was- and I have mentioned it before- but he had this elaborate security system- that let's go look at the footage from this date. Well, the
bomb is. Is this security system which was in working order was entirely replaced the day after susan and her son went missing, so it's not even a city ways of oh it recorded over the past history. It was he removed it with a new one, so no forensic, I teach him, could do an analysis on the hard drive where would have had the video files got it and just as a reminder, if you're not an, I t, person- or I don't know about this, but when things are deleted. There only marked as available to ride over and so a lot of times the friends computer specialists can go in there and they can reconstruct much of the data that was supposedly deleted. So let's just put this out there. If jerry osborne had anything to do with it
wife's disappearance or her son's disappearance. Well he's had a lot of time to work on getting rid of evidence and apparently he knows what he's doing, because these blood tests they come back as the samples are too degraded. They can't get dna profiles, they just know it was blood, that's it, and this guy is so confident that Suzy and Evan are still alive that he provides law enforcement with a. I think, it's a dentist appointment slip that Evan was supposed to attend. He had an appointment that he went to, but the slip wasn't for an a
we met. He went to it was for an appointment. He missed yeah, which is unlike Evan, because Suzie always made sure Evan made his appointments and he was on medication, and so this just didn't make sense that he would hand this over and say. Look he had an appointment that doesn't mean anything. He missed it yeah. It's weird logic. In his mind, people will say that welsh he was very controlling.
the use of an susan was afraid for her life. So maybe she just fled and she left her dogs and she left her daughter Hannah who was living elsewhere, yeah and if you listen to her mother or a friend or any other family members like her brother, she would not have left Hannah behind it. Just doesn't make sense and again she loved her dogs. It turns out that on june, twelve jerry took her dogs and dropped them off at an animal shelter. Well, holly became concern when she found out that the dogs have been taken to a shelter and she called her mother, because at this point, holly
it's, not in alabama right. She had moved to. I think it was key west florida and later she would move to south carolina, but she called her mother and her mother went to the shelter now. The two dogs were sugar and nook and nook was already gone, so I think nook had already been done. It out, but sugar was still there and oh her mother Wanda took the dog, and so they have susan's dog. So I I get it if you're in an abusive relationship with a controlling dude, you might just flee and not tell anybody but you're not going to tell your own daughter, you're not going to reach out to her. Also you're going to flee
and never contact anybody, you're, not gonna flee in your own vehicle susie, never even contact her son school to say he's transferring and they never received any paperwork or any requests for paperwork for his transcripts yeah. There is, nothing ever know, alerts nothing so again. People are out there who say well, maybe susie ran away with her son and they're, just they're trying to stay away from jerry, but it's been over a year and I have not been heard from the phone been cut off there's just no word at all. You pointed out a lot of good things here. She hasn't registered her son in any schools. They haven't gotten any transcripts which they will probably require if he was enrolled somewhere. She left her car
her credit cards haven't been used. Well, that's another thing is after susan got married. She quit working. She was stay at home, mom and dad tender, kids and her husband worked. Her has been used to be in the air force and then he was medically discharged, and then he became in nine one one dispatcher at the air force base. it gets Maxwell air force base, but he's a. He is currently a civilian, but he had to have this other side job for extra income when he was employed and he wasn't telling his wife about it yeah it's a real question of exactly when he was doing that if he was still continuing to do that or still continuing to comment act, other men or women while he was married to susie again. This is me speculating again, but it doesn't sound like he's really in it for the money. I think it's an alternative lifestyle that he is part of
It could go either way on that. For a moment, I remember when we covered the petersen case, you so sure that some would murder over such a secret as that over a secret homosexual lifestyle. But this case, if and again this is an f if jerry made his wife and her son disappear. What's the motivation, you could say, maybe He was planning to leave him, but then again the last word. Anyone had was that she and jerry we're going to work. It out according to her, so maybe that's not it, but then the possibility is because he found out she knew about his escorts services. Then perhaps he was willing to murder to keep that secret. He was the breadwinner and the relationship of that time, so her leaving isn't a financial severance with him. So
I look at it as he didn't want her to leave and if he's at controlling that's the motive, you are very kind rolling, we know from the messages that she shared with holly that he was. He was buying on her with with the cameras. Probably, he was checking on her phone, who is not allowing her to make certain calls at times just really involved in her life so wasn't really her life anymore. It was whatever jerry decided. It was if anyone's red book or saw the movie gone girl. This would have to be the alternative scenario. If it's not foul play, then this is an elaborate scheme on susan's part where she told friends and family about this controlling husband and
completely set him up and then has deposited blood all over the house and then left him high and dry and is never contacted anyone to frame him. I mean that's deep alternative theory here I think I mean other than he was controlling. She just fled, but two, all the evidence and all the facts here. It sounds similar to garner which gone girls, affectional story, and I don't think that's what happened Most of you know. I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now audible offers an incredible. action of audio books across every genre. I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from top celebrities down experts and, as an audible member, I get access to a growing selection of audio books, the originals podcast, it's all included in my membership
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His wife had left him. So now is his place in well, it's time for a fresh start and that's how he wanted to do it. It was his parents' idea in the first place. So again, if he didn't do it, then all of his actions are very suspicious, but are they really proof of anything? It's really a perception right or or every time there is a spouse that goes missing and then the husband or even wife start selling off. Everything starts by new staff doing all this remodeling work. It always look suspicious because there is a very heightened situation going on so every action is going to be analyzed under a microscope. But in this case I don't think you can lose.
Any more suspicious, we have other cases that there's way less evidence against people and the cops have pressed them. Jerry has lawyered up like he should and it's his right and he is not answering any more questions for law enforcement or from the family at the one year mark after susie and her son had gone missing. There was a candle light vigil old and there were a number of family and friends that showed up for this vigil, as you it's a very emotional affair. Everyone was talking. bout them. Their memory of them, and I think the one thing and I wasn't there, but I get the feeling that. Really. No one believes susan or her son is alive anymore. I think
the growing ideas that they're dead and that they were murdered, that it was foul play, and so the vigil, is part of an effort to remember them, remember who they were, and also to highlight that this is ongoing case because there have been no arrests made. I mean the most you gotten out of the sheriffs department- is that jerry, the only person of interests. In the case you know, they're not going to tell the public everything it's an ongoing case. It's an open investigation. but there has been a lot of hands dropped and, seems to me that they believe jerry did something here. They believe he's responsible for the disappearance of susan Evan
and so the question. Everybody has is why hasn't been arrested. I know from talking to a different to a couple of different police officers in the last sixty eight months that they have to be careful when they bring a case forward to the d, a because district attorney's don't just take with their given in rome with them. They look over the cases and if they feel the cases kind of shaky, they probably won't run with it. Because it's live time and effort that will be wasted and a case destroyed. Possibly I mean allied times you just get one shot at getting the case right, getting a conviction and if A jury comes along and says you now, suspicious, but I think you have enough, especially nowadays people more educated about judicial systems and about courts and trials. I think the chances are
He might be able to get away with it and you could take jerry to trial and you and say look at all this suspicious staff and we found blood. But then you have a jury. Saying ok! Well, was it ebner, Susan's blood and then they'll be forced to say? Well, we don't know, but since it was found the home, that may not be good enough. I mean, if you think about it, what do they have against jerry? That says that they could arrest him, sent him to trial and get a conviction? secures want a nicely packaged case did like you said they don't wanna work too hard about this, not that their lazy or anything, but it's because they have one shot, so they want as much information as much evidence. In the beginning, work with and as soon as he lawyers up. That was a stone. while in the evidence I understand, dont really agree with it. Just because of some of the other cases we
covered, but I understand their hesitation. Ah, my problem is what's going to happen between now and sometime in the future. That's going to change anything unless jerry talks to somebody in confesses do something or send some email there not to find any more evidence, it's all been destroyed. So unless he screws up I don't think there's gonna be any more progress made on this case. Are we
see here and say: hey this mother and child are missing, keep an eye out, raise awareness, but really it's there's only one person that needs to come forward and give information and he's not I'm not saying we should pressure him or publicly publicly, shame him, but until he does something I think we're on hold, and I hate I hate to say that I don't want to be discouraging one of the common things that get gets talked about and true crime is the perfect crime. How do you commit the perfect crime? We've seen cases that seem to be crime. Times where the perpetrators have gotten away with murder, one of those cases is the jonbenet ramsey case, and we saw with that one that the reason it ended up the way it did was because the police were under the idea that this was a kidnapping
and so they lost a lot of valuable time, an weren't able to lock down the house where they should have because they were waiting for a phone call and in this case we had a situation where people were being respectful of the privacy of a woman who going through some issues by it had at least hold her friend, hey my husband. I are working on it now. Hopefully it works out. I love him. I want to stay with them, and so they didn't really he'll like there was a danger. It was only after. Like you said, the letter came back, the phones were shut off. That panic really said in that,
realise, there is really no other course to take, but to alert the sheriffs department, that's when things started, but that gave jerry if he was responsible. It gave him two months to clean and remodel a home which, how is that not a perfect crime? If he did it right, I don't think, there's really anything any crime, that's perfect it just whether a crime is solvable and prosecutable and there are two hon of crime set art. Some random shooting on the street is not a perfect crime. No, it's a random chaotic, senseless murder with no connections, but if you can't solve it, some make perfect. Ah I think it's but as perfect is-
can expect in a lot of cases, especially ones. We cover their persons of interest. There are people who seem to be connected somehow and the police just don't have enough on another cases. The cairo norman case, where the on boy disappeared and the last person he was known to be with was his stepmother. The public has already convicted her, and yet the police aren't arresting her so she's, a free woman, and she has continued to try and change her name because she is hounded pretty much every day of her life, because there is a large group of people who want to see her brought to justice now since the police haven't arrested her. There has been no convey in the case, it's again people being passionate about their beliefs, and in this case I could see the same thing happening where people blame jerry osborne, but all
This is a lot of suspicion. Now the sheriffs department seemed to hint that, because of where they found the blood and how much they found of it that to them, the crime likely happened in the home, and so with that, I think we could say this appears to be a case of foul play, but may be good luck, trying to get a conviction here. I think of the aberrant case that recovered where wife's murdered in the home stabbed to death. Husband says he was out plan sports at the time. You think that its open and shot he think that while sal buys a little shaggy and who else would have murdered her blah blah, yet they couldn't get a conviction in that case at first. So here we are. I get why their hesitant
but I wish they could put more pressure somehow. Well, he has a lawyer without any cooperation all they have. As their says, visions, and then they have some blood. They have is internet searches. They could take it to court and we ve seen other cases where they seem to not have much and they still taken to court and they take that risk. I wonder if will ever happen simply because they realize that they won't be able to get any more information. There won't be any additional evidence that can be collected, and it's really just a mystery at this point again since open investigation. They may not be sharing everything either, but it's been a year, no movement, I mean I don't know how much time as to go by before we look at this and think yeah maybe he's just going to be a free man and they can't connect him to crime because they will have bodies, susan and even have never been found.
because susan and Evan remain missing. Let's talk about what they look like just in case susan osborne, forty two years old at the time, five foot, three hundred and twenty pound, She had blue eyes. There is mixed information about her hair color, but what people should know is that she was a strawberry blonde, but she had died or hair back. You know, if you look at pictures of her. Her hair is dark and is because she had died. It her son, Evan. Turned fifteen some time after he went missing, he was five seven one hundred and sixty pounds. He had brown, hair and blue eyes. You can email are missing hearts at gmail dot com or you can also call: the Elmore county sheriff's office at three hundred and thirty, four five hundred and sixty seven five thousand two hundred and twenty seven. Or crime, stopper is at three three four to five one: stop
There is also a facebook page for this case. Its justice for susie Evan and susie is s? U s. I e and I will leave it run by family members. So again, if you want to follow up dates in this case princess if they were to get any more information from the sheriffs department, I am sure they would post about it until then. This is a place where they like to post bout, susie and Evan, keeping their memories alive
the. in nineteen sixty nine, a vicious and seemingly random killing spree in los angeles shock, the nation and when the killer.
We're finally caught the nation. even more shocked by who was behind the gruesome crimes I will, grant the host of wonders podcast american history tellers. We take you to leave. Times and people that shaped america and americans. Our values are struggles and our aims in our late, a series of fail musician turned quoth leader named Charles Manson, turns his young hippy followers into blood, thirsty killers and exposes the dark side of the peace and love generation. American history, the manson and murders is a wandering plus exclusive to listen to this special three part series join one group in the one app
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