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October 3, 2016. Flintstone, Georgia. A 27 year old man named DJ Fickey and his high school sweetheart and wife, Brandy, wrestled with drug addiction and a volatile relationship. A series of alarming text messages preceded a 911 call that was reporting the suicide of DJ. The caller was a mutual acquaintance of DJ and Brandy who may have had a motive to kill. Join us as we discuss a tragic case that doesn't need to remain a mystery.

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From wonder, how you doing tonight, Aaron I'm doing pretty Justin. How are you feeling tonight? I am doing great rebel and and Ritalin kind of night so well for me, it's a coke and cracking do we have any announcements before we start. I don't think
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the decision that banking reimagined, what's in your wallet terms, apply C capital, one dot com, Slash bank capital, one in a member f, I c inspired the story that shocked the nation, the girl from play is a new Hulu original series exploring complex personal relationships weaved through the power of technology, the show looks into the relationship between Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy, the third, the events leading up to his death and the and precedent trial. Examining their countless text messages, starring, Elle, fanning the girl from Plainville is now streaming only on Hulu tonight's case Aaron it's another. Was it suicide or was it huh? side, it's similar to our Christian on Akio case, ah I won't go into all the similarities during the storytelling, but I definitely will probably make a few comparisons at the end,
so with that? What are we Talkin about tonight, tonight about a man by the name of Dj Fickey who his life on October third, two thousand Sixteen flinch, Georgia, dj he was born November, fourteen nineteen, eighty eight here twenty seven years old at the time he had three sisters. He was the only boy. I could only imagine how that would go. his real name is Donald, Edward Vicki. He goes by dj, DJ's father, passed away from cancer DJ was only fourteen years old when you have a loss like that. It brings the rest of the family close at least with the siblings and this family, so he was very close with his sisters and they had I guess a fairly normal childhood print. Each other very close.
caring family here one as his sister say: DJ was kind of annoying believe is was the so he would follow his sisters around and kind of trying to get involved in what they were doing. Didn't always know how to go about it, probably but That's just how was now there's some evidence that DJ wasn't just this fun, loving guy. He was also considerate of others. There was an older man who get a bedridden wife and it wasn't so easy for him to get some things done like errands or taking care of things at home. Well, would help him out quite often, and so people say you know: DJ, had a heart dj also had a loving his life, he A woman named brandy in high school and they eventually got married and they had three children together. Dj would take brandy. or to this guy House, the man he was helping, that's where they met
people that will be talking about in this episode. This old man had a a trailer and it was used as the Common hang out for most of the kid its or you know even it waltz in area, but it wasn't just a let's, hang out and play Xbox. I don't think I'm overstepping here when I say it was a drug house, people would go. There are two find and buy drugs or use drugs or just party, but definitely was a place where people got to and usually it was for drugs because the drug use and because there were issues going on between brandy and d j- well, yes, mom Kathy stay, Then, in said by really need to start taking care of your children, because I already am. And so it was that they relinquished custody to her that
not to say that DJ didn't try to get clean. That brandy didn't try to get clean, but, as you know, drug addiction, it's not an easy process to go through to get clean and some people now they might be able to get their act clean up fairly quickly. On average, I would say a lot of people. It takes them while they have their good days, their bad days and so getting clean is quite the process woollen. Especially if you and your spouse are both using well the one week, you're, like I'm done with this, I'm getting clean, is the week that, spouse is on a bender. Well, if you're I sink like that. There to support each other. You can just keep dragging each other back in my crabs in a bucket and this really shows the strength of family, because, while dj and brandy are going through this Cathy DJ is there to help with the children and give them
the environment they need and deed, does try to get clean. He makes several attempts like you said it's difficult when his wife is saying well do what you want I'm doing this, and eventually Brandy ends up moving in to the trailer with a roommate yeah? This roommate guy named mark probably refer to him as the roommate or mark for the duration of the cast, but he was actually a mutual acquaintance. because he sold drugs, and I don't know why anyone else would engage with this guy besides to buy drugs from him, but over time brandy because of her I guess separation or distance from DJ start to get closer and closer to mark, because
if DJ, is trying to quit using if DJ is going to rehab, brandy isn't well. She's going to associate with who she relates to more she's going to associate with who's going to supply. Her and this case, it's the roommate mark an incident in May of twenty. Sixteen. When DJ and his wife brandy were in a car with the Guy He helped out with the old man yeah yeah. Well, refer to him as the old man, just so it's clear, but they got arrested for drugs. Talk to anything they just they. Just with the arrest. I guess they went to jail but around July or August of twenty. Sixteen dj got out of jail and made an effort to sober up. and moved in with his mom. Now it appeared as though he was maybe getting ready to move on from his I've brandy, so he started
talking to other women. You know past only because she was still using drugs and he was stop by and be a part of that anymore, that's the way to make a break right, but on August, twenty two thousand and sixteen someone went to these house, which is Dita his mom. Looking for brandy, and this is someone from Dekalb County. Now we dont who they were, but it was believed that they were a bondsman someone serving a warrant. This is something brings brandy and dj back together because there's this concern who's coming for brandy and what my hat This is the mother of DJ's children, so he- and Randy decide to leave they go over to her aunt's house in Georgia and then bye. Member of twenty six teen after everything seems to settle down there back at the old man's place, September 14th two thousand and sixteen dj leaves
voicemail for his sister Amanda telling her about a situation with brandy and her. I guess we are going to call. The boyfriend friend roommate mark when I want this to be clear He was contacting people on Facebook and no was helping him now, it's judgment on any one else. It's just well situations where wasn't working for him, so he would kind of stuck at the old man's place where, like you said, the roommate was and brandy- now he says that he gets into it with mark and he says that Mark was trying to kill him and stated that mark jumped him when he I guess he was taking a shower when he got out of the shower mark, got in his face and put a knife to G throat goes on glades later to mark attacks him with a baseball bat. DJ. I guess fine golf club and defeat.
His himself and ends up hitting market face and knocking one of his teeth. This is pretty serious. friends and family say DJ was cover bruises at look like you've been hit. Several times with a bat, of course This situation now is straw. dj out he's using again and he claims that more gave him a hot shot, meaning and intentionally lethal dose of drugs, so he was, extremely sick for several days and he almost died. This is what happens when you're, addicted and you're, hitting rock bottom as you will allow somebody like the may mark to shoot you up because you no longer care about life and a despicable
person like Mark who hits you with baseball bats and probably tries to kill you with an over if drugs, while this is how play out when you look at addiction when you look at people that just can't see to pull themselves out of a bad situation. Dj a friend named Misty picked up dj, I think, really because he needed to get out of the house. He told misty everything about what is going on with mark the roommate as well is it sounded as dangerous as it sounded dj he asked please take me back. He really wanted to be Ak with brandy, he had been working on repairing his relationship with his wife. They did love each other, but it's just situation that got out of control and Not so easy just to say it'd be healthier for me to move on so about this time.
Tj is becoming more and more concerned. That mark would do something he if that would be something involving his kids or one of his other family members, but Mark wanted B with brandy and dj to be with brandy and it's kind of a love triangle at this point you may a love triangle in with drug use. Not combination also, of these players in this story. They don't have phones, you know they have to go use a phone, somebody else's phone, a landline or pay phone. So it's hard for them to communicate with each other October, first, sixteen dj and brandy seemed to be on their way up seem like they were. Repairing things and DJ is very, very helpful. In fact, it's on day when he spoke with his mother, Cathy Bout, a to train, which would be a gift for his son, and he said
you know mom, I really want to be the one to get it for him. You know to her. He chased like he was very hopeful for the future and in very good spirits we always say if someone's making plans and they seem happier than have a while when you say things are looking up, but things change Justin October third, two thousand and sixteen this is. Afternoon at twelve. Thirty two hundred started texting his friends and once again he wants to leave the old man's place. Yeah, he's saying mark and to kill me. You got to get me now, so obviously, there's an altercation happening, sadly his sister, his mom they're all. thirty miles away he went. the text that he it's going to end up dead and that HE and Mark were into it because of brandy. Obviously, a DJ's mom, had heart issues and had just a
surgery so. She was advised by her doctors to avoid any stress in her life so Obviously this is going to be a serious stressor for her. But again it's a long drive for her to get to this old man's house. about an hour later, when Amanda DJ sister got a call, was a call that gave her very bad news, and it was that her brother dj was dead at one Twelve in the afternoon, nine one one got a call it was from the name Mark- and he said, did that he needed an ambulance because a guy had shot himself and, of course they more information, Mark said it was. a shotgun in the mouth, and so he's asked. Is the person still breathing? And he said, I think so, But on this now one call they hear a woman yelling in the background and then
the phone is hung up mark called back. This is a situation that really under marks control he's the one calling them one. There asked questions he's giving answers, but itself, like someone in the background, is very stressed out. Initially Mark says that he was in the other room when the gun went off, the operator asks mark. Where is the gun and he states that it's DJ's lap and operator says? Can you secure the gun and Mark says he will, he's admitting to handling the weapon. I think this very very strange that he would move it or if there was any suggestion that he might move it and he's admitting that he's securing the weapon before empties show up, because that's just protocol? Is it yeah, the nine one one operator will say we don't want
first responders to be threatened with a deadly weapon and if you listen to the nine hundred and eleven call they asked, is the gun security says yes the problem I have with this is the gun. in a dead person's lap? I don't San how this would be a deadly weapon at that point, unless of course The collar is a dangerous person. I think that, This is the first. Let's call it miss step in investigation. So it's! before one thirty when first officer arrives Officer Weber, and he sees you in the house, it's mail and Mark, and a woman named brandy and outside in the front yard, so he walks to mark and Mark I'm a family friend and woman here is the wife of the man who shot himself Mark, is holding a twelve gauge, gun shell in his hand, this
something that would have been a ejected from the weapon and the weapon is on a shelf near DJ. It's like a table. The op went into the home and found Dj in a chair in the living room and appeared as though he had been shot in the face. It's improbable. To survive a shotgun blast to the head or the face. It's at this point The officer secures the weapon they talk with mark. He said that DJ had been very depressed and had already tried He kill himself previously, which, supposedly was in the past few months. Before this incident he said I had come over to see him. I was actually in the other room when I heard that I can go off that that point. That's He called nine hundred one, and he said they told me to to take this. Ah come away for dj and to secure it. He talked about How brandy ran outside
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confidence today ready, well apply had to credit, karma dot. Slash loan offers to see personalized offers go to credit cards. doc. Arms lash loan offers to find the loan for you that's credit card. Knock arm slash loan offers the shock appeared to have been placed against He left cheek below his lips and no exit wound was found, or at least didn't see one so once again could be a suicide, but that doesn't rule out homicide either this is on the left side of his head now, was DJ's primary hand, and he was right handed. It doesn't seem to make sense, given where he was shot, there's also a bottle of something on the table. What's there, the bottle of and I dont know what anyone else thinks, but the first time I read bleach, I thought why someone just have a bottle of bleach out where some
was murdered unless there too, to clean the scene up. I think this is investigation, one hundred and one here and I'm thinking, who owned the shotgun o the shock and belong to mark what happened, did this man use when He took his own life, okay, it's not even his primary or dominant hand and the bottle of bleach out, I think every single listener or every single person in the true crime community. When they at the scene they think hmm something might not be right here. you already said that both brain me and DJ didn't have their own phones, and so, when we talk about DJ texting or calling he's using marks phone to do that. So if person, obviously that the it wanted to talk with talk with was J's wife, brandy, first she wasn't much help because she was pretty much sterical and so at some point table
her to talk and she said she been there long and didn't know anything. I think that's a valid response for somebody that just saw their husband get killed. I wouldn't expect a lot from her at this point, but this is the pivotal moment of how this case gets investigated. You might be thinking surely they'll investigate, mark the roommate and they do they ask Mark, Can we perform a gunshot residue test on your hands? and he says you may, but he oh tells them, and we have heard this before. Haven't we I shot gun it's just the day before, and I don't if that will mess up your tests, but he's told by the detective that that wouldn't be a problem, He kind of continues on with his statement and says I tried to get the gun away DJ right before it went off
with that also mess up the test way. I thought he was in the other room o again. This is a discrepancy in his statements, I would think would be red flag. Once everybody notes are compared, but this keeps going now. We could say that the detective didn't bring this up to mark, didn't, say, aha, but you said: maybe he decided just to continue on because he wanted to get as much information from Mark, as he could They could be when those situations where sure he knows might be lying let's see what else he'll lie about, or what else he'll say, maybe implicate himself, who knows and there's more while detectives here on multiple deputies here, in questions, and it be that he's making statements to one guy and making a statement to another guy and they're, not really figuring it out. Mark tells the detective
so something that makes a lot of sense. Now we just done saying he's not making sense, but here he does because he's asked why dj, want to take his life, and Mark said well he's been very unhappy. He wondered, with his mom in Alabama, which was, I think, up to forty five minutes away from where they lived, and he said, She wouldn't let him because of he and brain he's drug issues and be of her heart issues. Things warmer out form. His relationship was falling apart. His mother couldn't deal with them right now. She wasn't in a state to do so and of course I am sure we can add in that DJ's father because of his early death there's a lot weighing on DJ here, I just marks word because dj used his phone a lot, he has these text messages between DJ and his mom. There is a paper trail here of the terminal of the family. there's something that happens in
in cases and it drives me completely crazy, but before the detective leaves marks as hey. Do you mind if I get cleaned up the responses I don't see why not in right. There really sets the tone to This case is investigated, If you literally ask a detective, can I clean up and they say yes that me. You're, not even on their radar. they're, not even thinking about foul play. I agree, I think, a strong indication that at that point the investigators, thinking he was upset they didn't find a suicide now, but not a person who takes their own life leaves a note sometimes things escalate quickly The investigators don't know about the flurry text, messages and messages. Saying come. Get me just minutes before. The shot was fired, of course,
I don't seize his phone. They just ask him some questions and he shows them some things, but it's next day when brandy's aunt calls MOM Kathy and said brandy wants to talk. to the police she gets. Into the sheriff's department while she's on the way there she starts listing off the people who were actually at the old man's place when DJ was shot. She said that they had all left before the police arrived but showed back up for the police left because they could depere I have just heard about the shooting and shown up out of curiosity or concern. Most of these people were probably using drugs. They don't want to be involved and they could have all been witnesses to be questioned detective, members who is the one who had really question mark and Captain Cable interview brandy, she said, before DJ was killed, Dee and mark all slept in marks Camper. This is
on the old man's property, and she said DJ woke up on October. Third, and went to the trailer, so we could use the restroom and she said she and her husband DJ got into an argument. Over indeed giving him the wrong drink. She Kool aid, not tea, and the detective doesn't really seem to be able to follow she's telling him, because she's, not coherent you can give a timeline resale kid. This happened in that happened, she's not doing that. She starts telling him random things yeah, and this is the free indicative of somebody. That's either in a manic episode or somebody who's under the influence. She said that the people who were in the, when DJ was shot. We're not going use specific names here. But these are the names they go by Dj Mark fat boy, a woman who tabitha and of course, brandy they were the ones
in the trailer when DJ was shot and she said before that Ben DJ asked to borrow marks phone. She said I was bathroom fixing, my hair dj, was in the living room sitting in the loveseat using the phone, and she said she came out of the bathroom she saw Mark anger, we come out of the bedroom and shoot DJ with a shotgun after the shooting. She said that boy and Tabitha split they laughed course they returned later when officers were already on scene, so Dj's wife is early telling police officers within days of the shooting that this homicide. because of her state, because with her incoherent, see They are not I guess, listening to her they're, not taking her story as credible, definitely not because they
ask her there like what you are telling us this, but why don't you just tell us at the scene just in why this so difficult to understand that if someone just killed your husband and their there, with you. I don't care if the police Sir there she might be afraid that she'll be next she has no idea what I mean she doesn't feel safe, you can say weld up: the police are standing right there, but as soon as they leave she's not protected anymore, then they say well what about after you left and she said I was still scared to Kant, law enforcement because of mark a guy that holds no, it's people's throats a guy that beats people with baseball bats, the guy that sells, drugs, the guy that the shotgun I can see why somebody might feel a little intimidated. While these detectives
one of them Elam Burg, who we already mentioned, and another detective named steel. They interview mark again now he said that when he went inside the trailer fat boy and Tabitha were there with dj and brandy. The detective asked what that boy's real name and mark says I don't know so mark goes on to say I went back to where the bathroom is, and I saw DJ sitting on the bed in the bedroom and, it brandy and Tabitha, were in the bathroom fixing her hair and mark ass, DJ what's going on and he the DJ replied that brandy was starting her shit again, and he said that when dj to borrow marks found, so he can contact his mom. He said I dj my phone and I left the room. He said that he heard fat boy asked each day to go the junk yard with them and detailed reply, no she's going. The talk to me so mark is explaining that DJS in bad mood, and it is all about brandy, he said,
a few minutes later he hears them arguing from the living room and then he hears a boom is once again a different story. There is an argument: and then there's a gunshot. I would Just assume that this would be enough to think foul play. I dunno, but that's not clear enough how bout how he changes his story immediately again, while he's telling it he said he came out of the room, any randy, yelling and saying Dj. Had the shotgun in his mouth so now mark says. I tried to convince him not to do this and to over the gun, and now he saying why don't remember if I touched the gun or if I just put my hands up, he said, but I was telling him don't shoot yourself in all of the gun. Just went off, yeah three different four different versions of the story. It should at least Spark some interest to invest. This further. Here's where I think things
probably get muddled, at least for the investigators, because mark of play just stay. I can't remember what happened and he goes and to talk about how he and dj and brandy, used meth lot and He and brandy have had an affair, there's enough here to really look deeper, but it really feels like the police are thinking. Is it's drug heads who knows what happened, but this is where they could conduct an autopsy and find out what is his body say do an autopsy and the medical examiner is told that It is a suicide and apparently he's told that the shotgun was in deeds. his hand at the time that first responders or skater showed up on the scene, we know that not true. We know that, not true because of the nine hundred and eleven call and where the guy,
actually was found, but a man his sister would get in touch with the gb I she's too. the DJ's body has been released to a funeral home, it is calling the funeral home and they really have anything to tell her and she's like no. Gave anybody permission to release his body yet they're assuring her that when we know something, we will call you back what Amanda, who calls them back and then finds out that her brother's body was sent to a different funeral home than the one it was supposed to go to, which is Wilson's. Funeral home is related to the corner. By When she ass. Can I and my family view him can we see him there, now well, you can see him from the neck down, because after the autopsy his body was butchered up, pretty bad, DA I about you, but it's just kind of a tasteless
You say you think one a miscommunication on where the bodies going and then he's been butchered up, are we just living in a world where nobody has any kind of common sense, decency or customer service tact? To tell somebody you could see a limited viewing they go. On to hand the family as a block freezer bag, its full, his personal effects, but they're covered in his blood, now. All I can say is that this must be a very painful experience. To put it lightly so to the investigators credit? They are still questioning people they're interviewing the old man and he says that he learned of DJ's death from Mark who called while he was out visiting someone in jail the old man and a woman named Francis came back after the crime scene was cleared, so peas,
pretty much absolving himself as a witness, I think also he says that he had seen DJ threatened to take his own life. In the past I mean not sound, like Mark, told em, two things and he's is reiterating them. Now it's possible mentioned a guy who, by the name: fat boy will he had a sister named Amy and she is driving a vehicle that pulled over by Ellenberg. That detective, but she volunteered that she had heard what had happened, and out there and might have more information about it. So, of course, this detective is intrigued. Amy said that Tabitha had talked with her she and fat boy were there when TJ was killed and she said that Tabitha at heard a gunshot and she was about to go inside the trailer
as soon as that shot went off. Tabitha took off running according to Amy. She asked Tabitha. Do you think Mark had anything to do with DJ's death and she said Tabitha responded by crying and saying she didn't know, but she did say a I saw mark with that shock on earlier that morning. This just be a bunch of gossip hearsay, but the same time. This is putting more people at the scene, all of these names that were quote unquote not at the scene at the time, October seven. Two thousand and sixteen Amy contacted the detective once again and said. I want you to know that Tabitha FAT Fatboy my work and they're getting ready to get out of here. He gets a description. Their vehicle and puts out be on the lookout for them. They were pulled over and agreed to speak with him stirring this interview with them. That Tabitha said she fat way. Brandy DJ, Philip
and Mark were all on the property when DJ was killed, the said each brandy were fighting and she said that's when she and fat boy try to get DJ to leave with them to go to the junk yard, so she said she then went outside and fat boy in the back bedroom and it was about fifteen minutes later when she heard a shot brandy, mark fat, boy, Philip and Charlie ran out of the trailer yelling. Why he do that, but fat boy had Mark say I told you the shut. The F up so that boy said he got up to try and stop a possible fight. Fat boys as I saw dj in the loveseat with the barrel. Shotgun in his left hand, and Mark was I need to DJ's left side. This is the side that DJ was shot with the, the shock on in his right hand and Brandy Paul. On marks left arm from hind yelling mark quit
and then the gun went off. because he's ass, you know: do you think this was done on purpose? Was this straight up murder? And he said I don't like it was planned. I feel like it just happened, you hold a gun to somebody's head and it goes off. There is at least fell play there's negligence, there's manslaughter, there's third degree: murder, there's a lot of thing even if you didn't intend to pull the trigger. But again, this is slowly unfolding polygraph test, October seventeen twenty thousand and sixteen Ellenberg the detective Bismarck again, let's not go in the polygraph stuff in terms of? Is it useful? Is it not? Let's just talk- What they discovered from this task, Justin, says deception was indicated, I was informed about the result. it's from his test, and he was and questioned about whether or not he had the gun
hand when it went off, but he said no. He told the detectors that he had pointed a pellet at DJ one time, even his own notes. Ellenberg is saying this guy can't keep a worry straight, did he touch the gun? Didn't he touch the gun where wrestling for the gun. What's going on here, he went on to say that he, D J with the gun he slapped did his finger out of the trigger well, he said that he knew for a fact that when brandy pulled on his arm that the gun went off yeah, this is we it's really confusing, because Mark kind of waffles between yeah? I don't really know how things happen. The way they did. He stated During the struggle DJ was trying to cock the hammer of the gun and Mark stated that DJ had bought the gun from the blood forty second street more course, because he couldn't legally acquire a weapon like this. He was a Phelan yeah, but
point as marks say, oh yeah, by the way the shock and actually belonged to me, he saying that DJ gotta from somewhere else after he spoke with. the police and took his polygraph. He left so Let's talk about this autopsy because a man dj sister. She was really trying to understand what it would show and the first thing she about, isn't the autopsy she hears about the shotgun they claim there were no fingerprints on it now We know there are situations where fingerprints aren't necessarily left behind and that's what the keys. I think again, they know that at the very least There was a struggle for the gun and it went off meaning this really wires, more Vesta Geisha in there around and they keep speaking with people. different stories- they're not lining up but again hear that. Well, I don't think marked it on purpose,
We have so many witnesses now that initially weren't at the now they all were at the scene and and it's was from somebody shot himself to MAR. holding the weapon when it went off, they keep it. just getting. They keep questioning, and I think, okay they're onto something here, but the family the sister Amanda they're getting a little frustrated because they think this is pretty obvious and they're guinea either stonewalled or just really bad customer service all along the way. Gray twenty seventeen Wilson speed a home called, and let them know that Dj's death certificate was ready. This will tell them cause and manner of death according to this certificate, DJ took his own life now the family is old luck. The investigation is not over with, but this is really bad news I mean this is if things where it could steer the ass, the geisha in a different way.
It hasn't already been going that way, Perhaps absolutely I mean, what's a detective supposed to do when a medical examiner rules it a suicide he's, not professional he's, not the expert in that field. So they're going to listen to the medical examiner they're, going to read that autopsy report- and that's finally going to influence how they go forward Amanda see not letting this case rest get the detectives in touch with MS which was DJ's friend and miss he told them all about, and we covered all this stuff, but told him about the fight that mark had been in with dj evolving baseball bat about the hot shit I drugs and on to tell them that DJ had told her or himself. If anything happens to me, brandy and mark need to be in instigated. So what that tell you. I mean right there, I'm thinking. That's
get information that shows that may be Mark instigated something here. This is not rocket. Science, Ellen Burg obviously took notes throughout this entire process. Even a summary of the case and in it he stated the incident has gone from an apparent suicide to a possible homicide and Sorry that Alan Burke had a big problem with is the one where Mark said he tried to take the gun away from Dj. Amber thinking maybe it's not a suicide. But what are we been saying? We've been saying the family feels like this investigations going. Nowhere is this. as situations where things are happy fast enough. That's what I was hoping for at this point our night. I really just felt like. Okay, things are folding their questioning more people they're going to get to point. they're going to figure out that there's something all here and there they're going to get there. I got hope His aunt spoke with Alan Berg,
in February. For of two thousand and seventeen. This is more information that you would think would line. Up with. This is a homicide. She said spoke with Mark on October. Fourth, two thousand and sixteen this is her at his play. Any showed her. The love see where DJ had been shot and she looked at him and said what happened here. His reply was, he did what he had to do and she didn't need, em, meaning brandy, didn't need him the and went on to say that brandy told her that she saw Mark come out of the bedroom with a sawed off shotgun on did shoot dj in the face she said that brandy remembered DJ, attempting put his hands up to block that shot. Now there's no evidence that he blocked the shot other than some the hair on his left. Arm was singed that might be and indication occasionally did try to put his hands up, but we know when you pull a trigger. I mean
despite that. Just that's pretty fast yeah, it's Fast, it is an explosive situation, so you gotta to realize that this is on the left side of his head. So if he's holding the weapon he's using his left hand and the barrels against his face. There's no reason for his hairs on his arm to be censured if he pulled the trigger. So It's definitely more indicative that somebody else pulled the trigger and he was- walking the shot now investigators will talk to Fatboy. Once again, and he was incarcerated at the hem. County jail. He would inform investigators that Mark had They come out with the gun, and there was nowhere for dj to hide. He says that once he moved away, he accidentally took a battery belonging to mark and mark. Had called him and threatened him
since somebody named ghost face to come, take care of her if you didn't bring the battery back so he's literally threatening fat boy with a Who is it hit ban and up to this point, detective Ellen Bird? seems to be following up on leads. So again, I'm thinking he's gonna figure this out, but we're, still waiting for law enforcement to make a move and so is DJ's family and Amanda talking with deputy sheriff for about two hours. during this discussion. She's, obviously voicing her concerns about the way the case is being handled. they inform Amanda that everyone The station was aware of the case and not one of them thought it was suicide, so this guy for hope and be an update in like a week march, fourteenth
detective Ellenberg emailed her and I know that DJ's can this was forwarded to the lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit District, attorney's office for review. This is a good thing, as it means charges could be brought so to the DA's office? At that point alibi had told her today office? Could have this for any amount of time. We don't know when they move on it, so please bear with them. This episode is brought to you by progressive have you tried the name, your price tool, yet it works, the way it sounds. You tell progress. How much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget. It's easy to start oh and you'll be able to find a rate that works for you. It's just one of the many ways you can save with progressive, get your well today a progressive dot com and see why four out of five new auto customers recommend progressive progressive. the insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law April. Eighteen, Twenty seventeen when
Amanda went with her husband and her mom to the Kerr, County Sheriff's office and detective Cagle, detective Ellenburg and district Attorney Buzz Franklin are and the detective Ellenberg it's telling them that sorry, we don't think We have enough evidence here to pursue charges or even take it to a grand jury. They felt these witnesses were just not credible and we don't know that. There's any confidence here that a jury would even take this seriously and so Amanda then asked? Have you ever with the medical examiner If the said now we didn't cause, there is no reason to it goes on to say, look DJ was, right handed, he was shot in the left cheek. Why would he the shotgun. In his left hand, if you going to use it on himself and she said, and how come there are no fingerprints Justin. What
I think she's trying to tell them here if it's not already obvious any fool, could understand that this evidence he's, not adding up the way that he was shot snow with his dominant hand. It's not in a troll angle that somebody would shoot themselves it's from like behind and downward? Normally, you would just not be morbid. You put the gun in your mouth or you put the gun in an upward angle. not a downward angle, but there not really listening, because again, this is a drug den- and this is a drug user. No one cares this investigator this da, they might say they care, but at this point there, going to move. forward and that's what they're trying to explain to the family. Is we don't a case here we understand that a da won't
Ivana case, if they don't feel confident, they don't want to take a case, only lose it. But as this and stands. I feel Amanda and Kathy presented. good a case as possible something that shows the despair that Amanda was feeling He goes on to ask: can any be charged with anything and that active Kegel says: well, only small misdemeanors meaning nothing that will amount to anything I don't know and legally purchased shotgun being used in the commission of a crime around a bunch. drugs now week. We don't have anything to charge him with, but I digress at this it Amanda's trying to reach out to the other witnesses at the scene, but fat boy in others. They don't want to speak to her there, want to most of them are in jail. They don't want it recorded. They don't want to go on the record when
a case is frustrating and you can't get anywhere with it. What is there to do two thousand and eighteen Dj Vicky's case was sent to a pathologist for a second opinion here: are the notes that he made on it. He noted weapon has been moved by mark per the in action of the nine when one operator and they moved again by the officer. He said that limited the the to evaluate the weapon because if they didn't see it where it was left on the terms spotty is also later placed outside next to a container of bleach, not a problem right this off shotgun barrel and the butt of the gun contained blood spatter. Unusual pattern, furniture, call floor and paper near the victim's body were remarkably without significant blood spatter in his opinion, The drugs found in dj system because there were drugs found had nothing with his demise, I seemed obvious. He stated we hoped better law enforcement investigation can be. and in this case and recommended,
the family consult a seasoned expert, forensic pathologist. Now you can get a second opinion, but that doesn't mean much because it won't convinced detectives or a d to the Sunday say: ok, you're right, we are now going to bring charges, but what it when do is it can inform a public who's, paying attention that there's a k, That needs some more help. Cuz one thing we do know that can change a detective or district attorney's. Mind is pressure, and at this point Amanda is content. Think the news media she's contacting government officials she's starting petitions and she's high. a private investigator to look into this it costs money and takes a lot of time, but the at investigator. His name is Eric Eccles from this point forward. He's. Uncovering all of the police reports documents
phone records and he can paint a pretty clear sure if there wasn't one already The stars have been any movement on this case right. Let's go over this list because why we say this investigation wasn't handled as well as it could have been the gun, How many times was it moved? They count four times the Operator was one of the people who instructed to move the weapon he's a purse the interest in this case it was scribed by Mark the of interest as a suicide and that seemed to really influence the case. Was this treated as a crime scene? You know that's one of the things that we talk about often is when detective up to a scene where someone has been killed or as died, need to treat it as a homicide until they get evidence suggest, otherwise they didn't do gunshot residue test on DJ's hand. I think that is
incredible? I dont understand that it seems like they really did take mark at his word and so they made certain choices that by the time it other stories about mark it, way too late to go back. What did mark say? Do you mind if I clean up oh sure, I don't have a problem with that. This case, I think, is much different than the Christian. Andrea gil case? The shotgun long to mark Chris in case there was his I'm gun You do have a lot of similarities of the people that were on scene, give tons of different accounts different statements. But then you look at the bullet trajectory. some Christians case it makes total sense to me in this case? It doesn't make any sense bullet actually in ballistics this to me is the hard science this
is what I base most of my opinion on and you have multiple eye witnesses saying this was murder. You have a gun that belong to the perpetrator, not the person. That themselves, and then you have way he was shot and there is no way that you could hold a shotgun with your on primary hand and get arm, hair singed, it does not add up and I know how anyone could think This was suicide now that not to say the da might think I might not be able to win this case. There is a difference and that's a new wants that people don't always agree with is oh well, guilty anyways. So I don't care if they were railroaded during the trial or well, they are guilty. But could you win in a court of law but. the Saharan, and I think, I've seen people convicted on
far less what about this case makes the da think He couldn't get a win and you just have come back to players in characters in fault, peoples, lack of compassion towards drug use and addiction and thinking that people might not be credible. You talk about bullet trajectory. Well, what about the finger Let's go back to that. How many people touched the gun supposedly, and they can't find it their fingerprints on it and then I belong to a convicted Phelan and he ever told a straight story seem to adjust his story, as he understood TAT does were learning more details. Emma my opinion they have enough to run with here. I think you could this guy. If he took the stand, I think that you could put the investigator on the stand and say please read this line that Mark gave you at the state. Now. Please read this statement.
He gave you now. Please read this statement and you could just go through just reading. The statements in paint a very clear picture August, twenty fifth, twenty twenty The gb I overturned the manner of death Amanda Shirley, who is the day sister told news, Channel nine. His It is now listed as undetermined, they decided there wasn't enough evidence to prove his death, the suicide and you think. Well, that's that's! positive change here it's no longer a suicide, but the damage been done deal for County Sheriff Steve Wilson. Another Wilson told the news channel yeah. plan on opening an investigation into his death. Just because the GB. I changed. The manner of death. I don't understand how a man who was just texting, people, I'm being attacked, come get me somehow hold of the weapon in
themselves within minutes of those of those text messages he wasn't texting, I'm going to kill myself. He wasn't texting, I'm depressed he was texting. I need to get out of here cause I'm about to be killed, surprised that, the reason why we're covering this is because I feel that this family needs justice. I feel that this family needs their case spotlighted and awareness raised there is a convicted felon who had a weapon, who had a motive who was present, there is enough evidence to suggest that DJ wanted to live that he had hope reuniting fully with brandy and their children. I think, if your authored by how this story has developed over time and care about this family at all. Please visit justice for dj dot com help them retweet and them, get more exposure on this case, because I think
were time we seen it with other cases just like with Ceretani attorney and her sister's case Alyssa, if you put in a out there things can happen. And so that's our hope with this case. Let's get it went again, let's see if they can justice, and that's if anybody is asking for is a chance. The,
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