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January 15, 1999. Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Miriam Iles, estranged wife of a prominent heart surgeon, had been on the phone talking with her two sisters-in-law when the call abruptly went silent. They thought that a storm that was passing through must have interrupted the phone line. But after Miriam didn't show up the following day for the Sunday school class that she taught, a few people went to her home to check on her. What they saw through a window horrified them and the police were called. Law enforcement officers broke through the door and found the 47 year old woman dead of a gunshot. Detectives immediately focused their attention on her husband but he maintained his innocence, had an alibi, and none of the evidence collected matched him. Did Miriam's husband kill her as Police suspected? Join us as we discuss an elaborate plot of murder and learn how a well-regarded woman became the target of one person's rage.

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From wondering, I do better now I'm doing, ok just in theirs bennett, data in the news on Jeffrey Epstein, he's been now indicted on multiple counts of sex trafficking with minors? Also since this recording Jeffrey Epstein, had
taken his own life behind bars? I think for obvious reasons being he was a multi, millionaire or billionaire. Spacing life in prison. This has caused a spark. reignited the debate over pizza gate and his ties to different politicians and individuals. Some claim this is proof that the Conspiracy was real, but this week Elaine Maxwell. Who was running a non for profit organization shut the organization abruptly and is now being tied to Epstein. what I find a little interesting Is she was never mentioned in the conspiracy, she was never named as a co conspirator, she was never even a blip on the radar.
It just goes to show how wrong the conspiracy theorists are when they can't even get the players right. If it's a, conspiracy, we don't know how many players there are to begin with yeah, but if they have it all figured out They say they do on youtube. Then why Wasn't she named a wire people right. I guess the rest, the judgment. In other words, wait there could be a conspiracy here. Let's keep investigating Instead, it out. We know everything now this guy was doing this any of these people with them and probably start naming a bunch of celebrities. But is it really celebrities One thing I would like to clear up: we had a few people not to many a few people after a pizza gate episode come and I submit and say really You don't believe in sex trafficking. Oh no! It's real and we have already talked about in the past on some episodes, and maybe those have been. Gotten, but no sex trafficking happens
The thing here is that whenever there is a new conspiracy theory coming up, it seems like people are quick to, celebrities under the bus and say. Oh there involved are doing this. We have no. Idea: let's get the facts first and then sure I'm on board. If they get some evidence evidence mean they gave him a slap on the wrist already for this, we know he's guilty and, while yeah and I feel like we stated that clearly, but what we don't believe is that tunnels running underground from pizza Joe. it's where their trafficking, children, it's the mic, martin a school trials all over again, no fees or minimums banking with capital. One is the easiest decision in the history of decisions even easier in deciding to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast with no we're draft ease. Isn't he the decision that banking re imagined what's in your wallet term supply
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You have already figured out the case may be right is who did it your husband? Did it yeah? That's the saying. So what are we talking about? well tonight, we're talking about doktor richard Ellis, and the murder of his wife Miriam in nineteen ninety nine miriam. ass was forty seven years old and doktor. Richard Ellis was forty five years old. Let's talk a bit about richard He had his residency at saint louis medical center He met Miriam in nineteen. Eighty nine back then she was Miriam Zombie work as a surgical assistance, but our action The title was profusion asked I didn't know anything about what a profusion of was by looked it up and I've had heart surgery before,
she's responsible for the heart lung machine, which ensures that patients undergoing heart surgery maintain their respiratory and circulatory functions, pretty import, I'd say married in nineteen, eighty one and continue to work together at the hospital. they eventually to sunday richie, and then they moved Slovenia and they work there together as well. They moved in this big mansion it was on a hill. They were probably why if not the wealthiest people in their community of william sport pennsylvania, its known for its. league world series I've seen play where they say and that's it, but I've heard it's a great place, Raise your family. So even though, is not a famous town, it's well regarded we spend described as dynamic and exuberant down to earth again there very wealthy, but Miriam lived humbly for the most part,
shocked at the dollar store to save money. But of course I hear that many wealthy people find ways to save money and that's why they're wealthy when richie turned two years old, Miriam decided to just stay at home and be a man Take care of the house and I think it was really because richie her life, she loved her little boy, her husband As also said she was an excellent mom around this time, she's at home, she's raising little richie. Her husband doktor richard Alice's off at work being a surgeon he's work, really long hours. It said because has friends. They say she's saying that her husband wants her to have food on the table at a certain time. The house needs to be cleaner. You name it is very demanding and then they seem to be growing apart. Where she
he's spending her evenings alone and her husband's. Not there. It's not looking good. Lady. Ninety, ninety eight miriam hired a divorce attorney. Now she doesn't like divorce. but I think she saw the writing on the wall and thought this is either gonna fix it or fix it. How either he's gonna get his stuff straightened out and we'll get back together we'll stay, separated and will go through with the divorce, He thought one of the reasons he wasn't so involving more is because he was seeing and other woman, possibly multiple women, but definitely one other at this time. Yet it was discovered that he had an assistant, name, catherine swear core into Catherine. She The doktor didn't start seeing each other until after the separation, but whenever happened. He had a mistress so Miriam moved out of the mansion and she took reggie with her the lawyers are meeting you're trying to hash out this upcoming.
Divorce riches live with his mother during the week and in staying with his dad on a week, ends the number though what we're dangerous and ass. The doktor is look It may be having to pay miriam thirteenth thousand dollars a month in child support and, of course, he is saying his income is six hundred grand and his wife is saying no. He makes over a million a year, that's a recipe for disaster because yet, His infidelity is not great, as lack of parenting is the whole reason why she's getting a divorce in the first place, but let me just put it this way: if you are ever going through a divorce process, if you don't, have to hire lawyers, don't do it if you're forcing somebody to pay thirteen thousand dollars a month, and this is back in The late nineties, I'm just saying that when people say it be cheaper to kill him
This is where that same comes from this is his rhetoric is, will it be cheaper, just a killer? the pay thirteen grand a month. I know that legally and fairly. This is what she's asking for or at least her lawyers are asking for, is they're gonna take a cat, that's motive right there and I don't like it, but that's the biggest motive. Ever Besides life insurance policies that are a million dollars january, fifty ninety ninety nine mary was The phone with richard sisters remain and soon they were talk. about how richards a friend wasn't going to be around for a few days and Miriam was hoping that she could richard to try and patch up their relationship. Patch up the marriage I think the sisters were very supportive, so they were about how rich he was going to be. with his dad well was visiting. His sister the three hours south of where merrymen richard had lived
The conversation ended about ten forty seven, but it ended abruptly this kind of a scary moment, because yeah one any gazebo. Maybe it's the weather, maybe a storm happens. It knocked out the connection, but then it might be something else to phone cuts off, Now there was a storm at the time. You think woke me he had just got interrupted. It was a cordless phone. and maybe a branch hit, a telephone line outside lotta things could happen, but it was. Exactly at ten forty seven richard sister call back, but she couldn't reach Miriam, The next day, Miriam didn't show up to teach sunday school and some of the people who were concerned four went together to go over to her house to check on her. They looked the kitchen window and they were horror. but what they saw, they knew They saw Miriam on the floor, face down her back
obviously was to the window and she had fallen forward. because you didn't show up their thinking she's dead at this I'm not sure if they noticed the bull in the window or if they just thought she'd collapsed, artless, they know something's wrong, so they call law enforcement. while the police show up- and they found Miriam. I think it's over to them as she's been shot in a few hours. Richard arrived drop off richie police officers. There in the driveway riches in the car. Richard outside the car. The police, Asking questions they inform him that Miriam is dead, He gets emotional. He has. Real reaction, but he also said asking them questions like well. How is she killed? What evidence did you find which these police officers or like we get. There
how did she die? But what evidence did you find? At least for then that was a very odd question, immediate the after they find the body and talk to him. He's on the radar They search all around the house. What they find is a homo rifle silencer in there three hairs inside of it. There were footprints that estimated to be a size. Fourteen nike, tennis shoe. They also a cigarette, but that was bout seventy feet from the home. It was right next to a tree. the kitchen window was facing the tree, so they assume that is where the shooter had set up and fired, is shot smoked, a cigarette toss it to the ground. He gave him cover and was a clue view of the kitchen one of Miriam friends when she was interviewed even said that when
he had been over out of it was sir earlier, but she said Mary even pulled her aside away from the window. At one point just said, yet, let's not talk in front of the windows, she wondered if Miriam knew tat? She was a target or something not sure She would have known somebody was gonna shoot at her or if she didn't want anyone seeing her talking to this person who knows, but it is weird that she would make this comment of stay away from the one? and then she end up getting shot and killed through the kitchen window. So richard, Doktor richard illnesses, a suspect in his wife's murder, but he has an alibi. Justin yeah, he was traveling right richard had been visiting a sister with his son richie, so it time Miriam was killed. He was actually travelling back so he was on the road. How could he have been involved if he's trap,
lying when she is shot and killed even has evidence that he was mcdonald's to confirm, that. He was somewhere else. and they also ended up staying at a hotel near harrisburg that night, because bad wrote conditions. I was probably that storm was happening. But investigators. You know they take his alibi and tested out to actually make them trip themselves and Tom I'm how long it takes to get from point. A to point b give where he says he was and the time of the murder they don't. At the same time that he does so there once again suspicious of him, even though it does look like he was travelling at the time he says. Is on his way back in their kind of thinking. Maybe this went down before so that's their discrepancy. A few days after the murder. Richard is now
living with his girlfriend, her name's catherine and in his son, his home was finally, the scene of a break in the garage it was opened, lights were turned on and a toy of reach, she's was moved, that's a break in I know when they set a break in. I was waiting to hear about broken glass things missing, but literally the garage doors up, some sir turned on and a toy is moved sure you ve left her grow door open a few times and I have been on, and maybe you forgot, or maybe you didn't know that doesn't sound like a break into me, but of course maintains it was broken into his girlfriend. maintains that was broken into. So you have to people saying that catherine said Yes, there is an alarm system on richards house, but It wasn't going to pay to maintain the monitoring on it because he was planning to move so
There is no alarm sent when the garage has broken into even though it had an alarm system. How convenient okay, so doktor Ellis he's a suspect. Anyway, you cut this, is his alibi isn't considered solid, even though it seems to be a it's an alibi. So what else could this be? else could have murdered Miriam they have a murder weapon and the doktor has high and lawyers so yeah they To focus on other leads the angles, because right now, the doktor one now going anywhere ya- think it's, let's put in order, pocket and, as we say all the time you need to get more than one angle, so the first anger They look at is miriam and her teaching just kind of weird but hey,
parents, I guess, are fanatical about how their children are taught in school right right. Well, Miriam was a sunday school teacher, she was catholic, but to an outsider, she's lebanese she's born america, but she's of lebanese descent. So for someone who just looks at her, they might think she's, an arab that's at least the police, officers, theory or hypothesis, and what they're going on they deduce that some parent might not like her teaching their children maybe it's some hillbilly guy out in the woods who doesn't want his child being brainwashed maybe there's a racist out there that doesn't someone from over there to come over here guarantees. Are children by this doesn't really go Where I mean it's a far fetched sort of idea to me ass, she had
problem child and class and a possible altercation with some parents sure, but this is just enforcement conjuring up an idea. Yeah did go anywhere because they're just trying to throw stuff at a wall and see what's X, and I don't think this when sticking very well The thing is when they, interview numerous people, they all say the same thing, which is Miriam had a lot of friends very friendly. She was kind of people they couldn't think of anyone who would want to harm her. So then they it where she worked she used to work with her husband and They knew of a person named doctor and J zuma because maybe suggest speculation, but maybe an che wanted to be with Miriam be she turned him down and then ajay worried that she would tell her husband and an end
his position at the hospital would be in trouble. Maybe he would have to silence her or theirs, speculation about this, but no solid evidence, we're talking about. Well, maybe he called her I apologize for some people, she made, but there's no physical evidence showing any of this is just again law enforcement coming up with things and they actually bring him in to interview. It doesn't go anywhere, We're going to get into some more evidence that might show how they got there. At least in terms of thinking about it. be sure to check out where the crowded sing in theatres July, fifteenth based, the best selling book comes a juicy mystery full of romance murder and deadly secrets. Daisy agro jones plays kyar an outsider who europe alone in the marshes of north carolina when
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soul in block lettering claim to be true murder of miriam and He died because she was racist, It was signed soldier of god, soldier of equality soldier of death. This is just an excerpt from this letter, but it said shot Miriam. The lord told me to harvest wicked racist ones of this town, I even made it look doktor illustrate it, but the night I D, the lord, was angry. Does he did not tell me to harm him even put the gun where they would it and that's been rejected and it was his eye on did much of it but couldn't undo it all. I got the gun back and wrote a letter to editor of the sun. Gazette that weekend, explaining that I was ordered, do god's work and that he should print the letter, as a warning to all. He did not now you're wondering how doctors alma figures in this I may Fourth, nineteen. Ninety nine, a second letter came where the right
spoke more about himself. Here's an excerpt. It would have demonstrated that after Ellis could not have been the killer of his evil wife. The stupid authorities are interested in the truth. At this point they have been found old by my superior intellect I speak five languages. The paper said they found one air in doktor illnesses, trash that matched what I used and the silencer. I had free access to his home. While he was on vacation and Many of us supplies to fabricate my equipment. Please make the newspaper print, My original letter, postmarked jane, a sixteenth ninety, ninety nine, it will clear many misconceptions because the number of languages that this letter I'd or claims to speak there. Looking doctors alma, because doctors alma speaks two or three languages. His highly educated am going to go through his education, but he finished at harvard in two thousand and eleven. He was now
one of the top twenty five heart surgeons in america, all these guys are highly educated, but he's multilingual so Being smart and multilingual, what put him in the crosshairs? They look, doktor entries alma. They talk to him there ask him questions about where he was at the time of the murder He says that he was our friends and he is willing to give them all the names of these people, his alibi, checks out and not only that but doctors alma has an ironclad reputation. There is nothing to support that he would have done this. You know another thing: I looked into doctors, alma and there's a video where he talks about the day that he decided to become a doctor of course he's a heart thoracic surgeon. These days he became a doctor his as a young boy. He watched his mother died during childbirth. There was no
doktor around to save her. No one was, qualified or even knew what to do when was dying. So this is traumatic and gave him a mission in life. He decided that he wanted to save lives so became became a doctor. This is not and a guy who's going to assassinate a woman? while she's inner kitchen talking on the phone, it just now making sense the evidence they had found at the home. I need to bring this now, because, as we go, This story it's going to add up to something. They also find material those that could have been used to make a silencer. They also find inside of richards home a book titled? They wrote them, own sentences, which is enough wii handwriting analysis book. This was honest, I'd stand now this book talks about how to I guess- escape your writing style using
lock lettering and other techniques? What was that after that, the police received, saying I'm so smart numb framing the doktor right It was written in block letters with a pencil because they can surely figure out the source of ink, so they can. sort of track. What kind of pen was it etc with a pencil? It's not that easy in the number two is the most popular writing utensil out there at least it was back in ninety nine. This is very circumstantial but they get a letter and they find a book. Literally dictates how this letter was written, got it the cigarette, and the hare were set, for dna analysis, also along with that was a sample of richard's dna europe and the hairs were not from the same person.
None of these samples could be master Richard most p are probably screaming at their speakers right now. He higher somebody to do it right, but, all the evidence they sent in nice of them were from the same person so talking about five separate dna samples, I think so the cigarette, but you have the letter you have the shoe prints that aren't the size he wears and then they find the hairs and the dna and none of that matches but investigators are suspicious there thinking. How do we have this many different profiles, because it When you have to assume the cigarette but had nothing to do with the murder, it was smoked by the murderer. The letter and other things. If you accept that was written by the murderer were so yeah, you don't have multiple people involved here. You have won the doesn't make sense
in july of ninety ninety nine doktor richard Ellis and catherine, wire get married, the police at that point think you know who killed Miriam. They think that richard shot his wife because is he knows how to use a rifle is now right, justin boy. He spent a lot of time with uncle Joe and uncle John, show them how to use a rifle, how to shoot dear and even gave him weapons and his father own guns to there is weird back story about uncle Joe possible he's is biological father, but regardless he does gift doktor Ellis a gun, a rifle. The rifle was passed down from grandfather to uncle Joe down onto doktor illness. They find pitchers photographs of this rifle, so they know it exists, but
again they don't have a murder weapon. So they're wondering what happened here in the summer of ninety. Ninety nine, a mammoth walking about forty feet from one of the roads, richard said, drove on the night. Miriam died, he tripped for what he thought was just a piece of wood, but what it too now to be was a rifle with a scope discarded and this would it area The gun was a loaded, savage twenty three d rifle with sought off barrel and stock. the serial number which you know can find the serial number. You can track the weapon. Well, it was gone. It was drilled out, not filed off, but actually drilled through which somebody was really trying to hide the identity of this rifle. What I don't get it going to take the time to drill through the serial number, why don't you just
disable the entire thing, melted down, crush it wrote in the bottom of a lake. I don't know, but it's started in this area, and it is found enter, seem to find a lot of things that gun had been disconnect in nineteen, forty nine, but again they find a picture. Richard lay grandfather holding a rifle tat looks just like that weapon. So what are the odds are thinking he and acts two it why someone drill the serial number off and throw it out in the woods like that. It's kind of rare rifle it's not like a hare fifteen or in a k or anything like that were sort of a diamond. Doesn't this is a very specific historic rifle. What are the odds? The other connection they have is because uncle Joe had many of,
grandfathers things and richard was the secular of Jos estate well well, he was given the rifle or whether, because he was the exact, here the estate he could just get access to it. Well there numerous ways of how he could have come into possession of this weapon is a weapon that there are no records for other than this photograph. So we have a rifle that we New he owned at some point. It was in photographs found out in the woods where he says he was. The serial number has been drilled out and we and found the murder weapon for this shooting. Yet the rifle was found forty feet from where have driven by and then we have books on how to write a letter. to give yourself away and there's letters being written to the police, so
not just the investigators who are looking at richard and thinking. You killed your wife, the people who used to probably at least backed richard well, a lot of them no longer want anything to do with them and he's losing patience and he's feeling the pressure so and when you say patience you mean people. Seeing him yeah yeah another people are looking at him. Thinking you more your wife so rich Catherine, an richie move till laredo Texas in november of two thousand The investigators are worried that, because of the pressure and because He really feels like there's going to be an arrest, and it's gonna be him that doctor richard Phyllis might just make a break. Or he might just leave the country flight risk. So there being closed tabs on doktor illness, but he's continuing to work
doing heart. Surgeries and technical saving lives across the nation Richard saying, if I going to leave. I'd have been gone already. I'd be in some mexican villa, he said I dont worry, to give anyone any grey. impression, I'm guilty. I am gesture and all of my life Two thousand one richard left texas. To liberty, lake Washington, near spokane, and applied to be a heart surgery, there. The administrator bear received a packet stuffed with newspaper articles and a letter warning her now to allow richard to work there, and so she didn't, because I think the story here was: is this guy? I will be murdered his wife. I dont think you should pay him, don't hire him his reputation, proceeds him
april of two thousand to catherine divorce richard he became a car medic surgeon and opened valley, cosmetic surgery centre. There is article about him. In a spoken newspaper, the reporter received a packet of newspaper, clippings and a letter much like the administrator who turned down richer from prior job. I guess in theory was, is that marine family might have and trying to keep them. amazon where richer was going and wanted to make life difficult. For absolutely I mean we see people do this for way less december, seventeenth, two thousand and two, the district attorney finally was right to take action. They were just looking at all. The circumstantial evidence and decided we're going to charge. Doktor richard Ellis for the murder of his wife. They figure with the discovery of the rifle
Now they can say we have a murder weapon that belong to him. They serve hieing things together and not too far from where they found the rifle. They also found a pair of size. Fourteen shoes and there, hairs on the shoes, so there is a hair on when the letters and a couple, a hair, on issues. the dna on the cigarette, but none of it matches the doktor two investigators from pennsylvania flu, to washington, they had arrived we plan to arrest richard add his practice, but I guess they found out that he heard that they run away because he gotten his car and drove to the freeway he went on downtown spoken when he was pulled over and israel to arrest him? They didn't to do it at his house, though, because they knew he had guns. They were alive afraid that he might,
the shoot his way out of this situation. So they thought at work would be the safest place and he tried to evade them? thursday. Two thousand three he's extradited from some can from one and then back to pennsylvania, Virginia Butler. Miriam sister was granted custody of nine year old richie the day after richard arrest and that you went away her and her husband in Florida. His attorney said this isn't right, any petition to have richie care for by a woman who was richards new girlfriend. saying that his arrest was not enough cause from d lose custody of his son. What you think, that justin, when you're arrested for the murder of your wife, I'm assuming that is enough cause at least to put the child somewhere safe. Tell your exonerated, I think, of that wonderful
commissioner, you called dears agri. If you haven't watched, it have a boy so tissues out and And anger management course set up, because this is about stability when children are protected in a situation like this, the court did that motion on December thirty, first of that year and state, that the notoriety of the case in both pennsylvania and spoken was enough reason: descent. Richie to florida again the child. Safety needs a come first too bad for richard richards, going on trial it. looking good for him. I think you already know that this is a very circumstantial case, but it's a heavy circumstantial case. In other words, they don't have a video of him committing the murder in the physical evidence is not matching up with him, but you have.
a woman that's shot through a window in a very upscale neighborhood. Who does that? Well, only person with a motive die None of the evidence matched up because as the police would say it was planted by the killer. You have this idea that the cigarette, but these shoes, this rifle these hairs, were put their and he's a doctor. He has access to these things, then you think of the letters trying to form the investigation trying to do the investigation away from him. Another thing that happened was us urge of richard spoken home turned up a manuscript on his computer, that was titled heart, shot, murder of the doctors, wife.
The names were all the same as in miriam case, and there was a full detailed account of his wife's death from the killers perspective now richard had a talk about this. He said that the manuscripts just a way for him to deal with her death, the investor, It is the day no one was buying that the trial began. In january of two thousand for which is wade along ways from when the murder actually occurred. Five years later, and he was right. walking around free for at least three or four of those the prosecution was arguing that richards motive was kill his wife because the divorce where's costly. He didn't wanna give her thirteen thousand dollars a month give all the murders. We look back any time so. Do it alimony the hut and just as my pay it it's cheaper to kill her answer.
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conversation, let audible, hope you discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or be entertained. New members contrived for free for thirty days does audible calm, slash gaeta BP were text Guida BP, two five hundred five hundred, that's audible, dot com, slash cheetah, BP or text guida BP, two five hundred five hundred to try audible, free for thirty days, audible doc. Slash gwp that and was saying hey. None of this evidence matches up with richard what case do they have here? He has plenty of money, he wears a shoe size of nine and a half how's he wearing a size fourteen, none of, there's mass the cigarette, but dna that match him the hairs, don't match him. What are they have here? They deserve. Their speculation, catherine richards, third wife. Who moved in with them after miriam staff. She testified at the trial and I think she had a big impact. She said that
cheered, had drugged his son to help him cope with the loss of his mother, rich. He couldn't sleep but vested gaiters had speculated dead. Richie must have been dropped two, because when they finally talked with him, he didn't have anything to tell them. So how is doctor it's going to drive his son back to the house and shoot his wife, enriching, not know about it. technically his son should have been his most sol alibi reference, but he wasn't now given they didn't ask his son. They didn't interview the sun so much much later, so he didn't have many things to say, but he has a whole gap in his memory here. You would think that he would have some recollection of the week that his mother was murdered. Catherine. Asked what kind of drugs was the doktor giving too risky and she said she didn't know, she said
the only thing she knew where they were a controlled substance so there's a lot of speculation out there. If richie was given drugs, what was given his dad was a doctor. he had access to medicines was rich. Given volume was he give in set. Was he given first said, link will ever know by house. Can you explain why richie doesn't remember going back home doesn't really remember what happened that weaken. He knows he was on a trip with his dad, but he doesn't really have any other information. I think that's why people believe that richie was drugged. Catherine also testified that doctor Ellis had obtained a list of countries without extradition treaties with the? U s from an attorney six months after Miriam was murdered and, of course, the doktor always maintained, I'm not running anywhere
But this is a list. That's been verified that he got through testimony. This would come in Little bit of play later, when we talk about the outcome of this case, Well, this trial lasted for five weeks. The jury deliberated for two and a half days, the second day, the jury told the judge they were deadlocked ache. come to a decision and The judge said just hang in there the next day a twentieth, two thousand for they did arrive at a decision. It came up with guilt, guilty of first degree, murder- there's, no doubt sends here, but the doktor probably isn't too happy about this- and I may I wonder- would have preferred death. Woe. He tried You take his own life, I guess had a pen or something that he took a part and cut into himself with,
because he's been living this high life very privileged life, and now he's going to spend the rest of his life behind bars. No, No, no, no! No! No not yet attempted to take his life about a week after the trial, the jury pulled after their decision. Under hesitated, then mumbled a response they had to be asked again like what did you say and they said guilty so The defence was trying to say maybe Sure didn't really believe. Our decision and maybe they are coerced, but prosecution said now? This juror was just nervous. Wonder also said that she was kind of hung up on whether richard was the owner of that rifle when she asked for the evidence They were able to show her the rifle in the picture who person in the picture was how it off together with richard. I think she was what to see how he could have
in the possession of that rifle. The defence is arguing that that's not even the same rifle one found out in the woods is completely different than the one in the pitcher totally different and there's no connection there. Keep that in mind the jury has to make a decision. Miriam was murdered, someone did it and with all of this, when I call heavy circumstantial evidence, I think they thought there's nothing else. It makes more sense than her husband, murder he had all the motive and he had the opportunity. It certainly seem like he did his best to point the finger elsewhere, but he still work Miriam. Family gave a statement after the verdict was read. It was this the tragic thing here and we don't feel There are any winners, but we are glad to
We get to this point to have a resolution and justice, so coarse richard is going to appeal. This verdict and he's going to appeal on several fronts: one was no change venue because it was very high profile case, but that didn't work out He also is appealing that his counsel was ineffective, based on many things. What we know why the council is ineffective because he was found guilty here. That's all the first reason, but he claims that they didn't bring up enough witnesses for him by his own character, references yeah, some of the witnesses that they did bring up for him testified against him, so judge shorter shoots down that appeal or at that point of the appeal because he's like, while you did have people, take the stand but didn't work out in your favor right.
Catherine is third wife. When she was testifying. She talk bout, some things that doctor else had said to her very cool, all things very demeaning things and she said Not only did he say that stuff to me but he also said you're blanqui black just like Miriam was he also says he wasn't able to testify in his defence. Well, your council, probably told you not to take the stand, and you agreed, so you can't say: oh well, I should have been able to when you're the one that didn't agree in the first place right well,. And this is where I think back. I think, ok, so if richard That is why, if we think we all know he did if he might his wife and tried to get away with it by planting evidence and writing. These fake letters
Was he going to help himself by getting on the standard talking and that's worthy the prosecutor would have been like. Will you have this book called hide your assets and disappear and another one that's called they right there. and sentences. How do you explain that richard and he'd be sitting there? I understand going door. He argues that His friend named stephen smith, who says that he would testified that he had discarded that rifle in the woods prior to the murder. It couldn't have been used in the mirror but he saying he was in possession of the rifle in discarded it before the murder. Remember the defence, this is not the rifle that was used in the murder, and doesn't work out right is the rifle or is it not the rifle? And then you have this guy saying he discarded it he's not credible. They
had talked to him in the initial trial became combated. and argumentative with the count aw and judge a mate thing of his appeal: is this guy that says he had possession of the rifle butt? It kind of goes in their whole theory of this, wasn't the rifle that was used so That really, I don't know their throw instead of the wall, to see what sticks and that's what they come up They also brought up the flight risk for the doktor and denying him bail or setting a very high, yet he had planned to go to mexico or other countries that didn't have extradition so again, it's just have one more point of the appeal that two still work out too. Well in his favour, there is more the details of the appeal, but those are the main points that I wanted to cover real quick and they were all shot down.
You're. The worry about backer Alice, getting out when I think about this. I think what it he had gotten rid of the rifle properly what if he had, discarded those shoes properly. What if hidden written those letters all of a sudden they might not have had much to go on to convict him, but his own arrogance, What do you think aaron arise, greed and arrogance? You can look at his educational background, and you can say this guy. his brilliant, but there is no person whose brilliant at everything, your brilliant and a fee. old. If you put just an eye on our road trip justice, be good at finding out. Ago. Instinctively he'll know that the things I'm good, but this doctor tried to do everything
he's trying to say I can be a surgeon, I can be a killer and I can totally evade capture by pointing the finger at possibly a colleague someone, not name doktor ellis, but the problem is He thought he was so smart thought he could outsmart the cops and then just ended up creating an in our minds, more evidence for them. to look at and it became worse- circumstantial evidence. He got himself caught, really that's how this goes. I don't care how smart he was. I don't care how many lives he saved with his surgeries. He got. His own way. There a recent update and twenty fifteen, third filed a lawsuit in prison, claiming he was deprived of food he represented himself and claim that he was denied forty six meals. He lost twenty pounds.
They moved him temporarily to camp hill. He made his court appearances, the prison has a policy that requires that once mealtime is announced, all the inmates must be properly dressed had their beds neatly made, they're so light on an be standing at the door. Richard claims at his medications for chronic back pain were reduced making it impossible for him to move quickly enough to comply. I was all these standards. He says that the staff was indifferent to his health and he filed this complain about situation, yeah this prison camp hill, where he was at where he says he was then I'd always meals. It was just so we could be at these court appearances, but I think honestly, as someone from the outside looking- and this is just richard, pouting this is him having a rough time and complaining about, in trying to gain sympathy. I think again
and he had everything and lost at all- he gambled it all. and lost at all I've. To a lot of inmates and prison food is horrible most of them. You dont want to eat it. I dont know if this is I'm not being fed or him refusing to eat, whatever it is. But I know prison actions are downright hole Google and a lot of places, but this seem a little petty, by January two thousand sixteen a jury. Found that richard was not deny food. While I can't pill, I dont think this. Bite his trying that anybody's ready to give him any sympathy,
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