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May 24, 2012. Bismarck, North Dakota. Eric Haider was working as a top grounds man for a plumbing and heating company. After the crew he was working with returned from lunch, Eric was never seen again. Eric’s family begged and pleaded with police to help find him. His coworkers said maybe he had walked away from work after his vacation request was denied. His family knew he never left the jobsite. Eric was found three years later. Just like his family suspected, he was buried at the jobsite his coworkers said he “walked away from.” Was Eric’s death a tragic workplace accident or was foul play involved?

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Join wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free from wondering I didn't know better I'd doing just fine justin, because I'm hanging out with you were motivated were really ready to talk about this case tonight we are, but before that we got a few announcements right. Yes, if
anyone recalls. We covered a case some years ago about a man who took his mother out for a boating trip he was walter return? She wasn't and according to his story well the boat. had taken on water and he went to the life raft to try and escape and was calling for, but he never saw her again just this week. As of this record, which for recording this in the early part of may Nathan, carmen has now been arrested, and according to the authorities, he killed his mother and his grandfather and separate incidents to gain control of the van his estate, which was many millions of dollars. So if you have missed this case? Somehow, please look it up. I know when we covered it before this case fascinated me, because there, were plenty of witnesses. There were people who lot to say about nathan about how all this went down. So
Really you need to this episode, but one of the things that's interesting about this is, after the death of his and father and his mother. He had quite a bit of money and the time they were catching up to him. He was basically broke again, already not good with the an answer. Now edward can he had, I think, about five hundred plus thousand dollars, five, fifty ok, five and fifty thousand dollars and I don't know, just two years later. He had basically nothing and after he was arraigned and everything when he was leaving the courthouse. He shouted at the reporters not guilty, so I think we know there's gonna, be a trial on a fight on our hands here, but I feel like the authorities are confident with this case and so we'll be keeping an eye on it for sure. Now. The other thing I have mention here is the just, then I have a sigh project and its something we're very much into we work on it. Every month we put out to us
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Still infuriating so with that, what are we talking about tonight tonight? We're too king about the mysterious demise of Eric hider in dickens, in north dakota on may twenty. Fourth, two thousand twelve. Now we should start by saying just in he didn't die on day at least knowingly to most people, because on that day he went missing. What do we? I about Eric. At the time, was thirty years old. He was born in bismarck, north dakota too, edwin and mary ellen hider? He had two brothers, and John and his sister Nicole, his sister, sadly passed before he did growing up. He was known to have a heart issue He was born prematurely. He was just a little premium. And he had a number of issues, including his heart, which was evident with a heart murmur, and this is
I think I have years of experience with myself, but be that as it may, he also was deaf in one year and he learned how to sign. Despite his issues, his mother said that he had a week heart, but it was made of gold As of his heart issues, he would end up getting pacemaker implanted and his late twenties down, it's pretty serious. I know like in my own case, I was able to get my heart repaired in my twenties, but it was through surgery not with a pacemaker, so I was fortunate and so the fact that he needed a pacemaker at age, twenty seven. Well that speaks to the issues that he had, but he was a hard worker. They said was very dedicated and he worked various jobs worked in the food service industry in motels. He worked on computers, but his love was working in the dirt he really loved, getting his hands dirty. So construction work and working as a pipe layer was something that was right up. His alley
I like being outside, he liked being active and What better job than that you have you take look, I'm you can tell he was definitely a guy. You like stained physical, he was a long and lean guy and he had a daughter named Bryn who at the time was just twelve years old and he was also engaged to be married to a woman named jody who had brought along two kids into the relationship and according to Eric's family. This was his dream. He was so excited to be making a future with jody and their three kids. So if we fast, or two may twenty fourth, twenty twelve he had I had recently started working at a company called, who fell plumbing in heating? They were doing a project off of highway. Twenty two working on a sewer remain e, usually carpool, to work with five
their guys. They get dropped off at a pick up and drop off point, and then they take one vehicle out because its remote area and is me I'm dropped him off last night. And he said, was gimme a kiss on a hug and said lobby ma Talk to you later now he working at this company for a couple weeks and he already had issues he had already vocalize to his family that this company is in exactly on the up and up they do do shoddy work; they don't take responsibility for their work. They just do jobs and he was concerned about that, but his mom His family were like. Well, you know, don't quit the job until you have another job and that's what we always tell people is: don't ever quit your job until you have something else lined up, so he was going to stick with it yeah, I think I gotta, was definitely he was concerned about the safety of this job and
blame him bring time you're doing any work like this. It's extremely dangerous. It just takes one little mistake and some could lose their life. Have you can traction equipment. You have multiple things happening on the ground and unless you have a great for men nor supervisor in charge can go wrong real fast. So, let's go the timeline here just and so everyone understands what was going on, because between the time that he was dropped off by as mother he was to be at work all day, and then he was going to be picked up by us. Fiance say jody at six thirty in the afternoon, so between times, we know that jody talk to Eric on the phone at just after twelve o clock, So she knows that he's on the work site, doing stuff at noon and its possible. The heat act is voicemail after that or around at the same time that twelve fourteen one of his coworkers was assigned to back fill this
maria that they were working on their installing a large pipe with coupling, and now this huge hole in the ground and this big huge. I've been there in the sky, it's too put durden, a whole and this coworkers, It's running the bacco or the bulldozer is on a five minute phone call. At twelve fourteen so the last time anyone says they saw Eric working was at twelve fifteen, I he was seen in and out of it and she was in working to seal a pipe and collecting is tools. And meanwhile other crew members are back filling holes the crew members at around noon, while they're all gonna go eat lunch while they gather up and They don't see Eric, so they going on to lunch. They don't think much about it. It's at one thirteen p m. They realize as that Eric is missing and the former I tried to call his phone
But, of course nobody answers. The foreman was a man named jack, better housing. He told the police that a crew returned from launch it around noon. Jack said that, Eric was always quiet and didn't really interact with the rest of the crew. Heed they ve been there a couple weeks. So maybe he didn't know anybody quite yet. He also said that Eric had requested vacation for that memorial day weakened and told him no, when you ve only been on the job for that long, sometimes they say now we're not gonna give you prefer she'll treatment, you can't get the time off the foreman that Eric was pretty upset, being denied this way haitian request this time off and that he p. Simply walked off the works I stormed off yet Eric had left his backpack in his lunchbox at the sight, some of the other people on site said
They assume that he left to go caches paycheck around lunchtime. Well, he didn't. car there and whether add is pretty far away from places. So how did he get to a bank to cash? pay check that ended up being in his lunchbox and how it holmes, like an hour, drive so the crew. Here is saying that he seemed to be upset over this vacation denial, but he left, so it's around six thirty p m when it is I'd, say: jody shows up to the car pool pickup spot for drop off spot whatever you want to call it. She notices that none of the cars or their normally it half dozen cars there and then they all carpool in one truck or car. She says the lot is empty and there is no sign of Eric she's going to call his phone he's not answering He calls Eric's mom to see if she's heard from him and
his mother Mary Ellen immediately know something's wrong, because peace must be off. Work he's out of it outside. He would have called them if you needed a ride, he wouldn't have walked from the job site, and this is something about jody and marilla know, and so this is a big problem. Now his family ends up filing a missing persons report with the dickinson police department and other We are friends, start gathering and looking around for Eric and they start putting out flyers, but they can't find any information they can't find Eric You can imagine when a girl, Adult goes missing. Initial the dickens, please, sir saying: maybe he this took off. How do we know he's really missing, but they get the missing persons. Report filed regardless of the push back, so the crew that had been king with Eric, they brought his stuff back to bismarck. They had his lunchbox and his backpack as well. A clean shirt, unclean shoes so well
his mom and step dad opened up the lunchbox paycheck was still inside it till it. You said he didn't leave with his paycheck trying to figure out what happened. It see that everyone at the work site is saying he was frustrated with the vacation request and its possible that he walked off the job site now iron. This is memorial day weekend, so his color, where's aren't being questioned by police or anyone for up to what Five days later, yeah seems take a while, which is frustrating because you want the answers as quickly as possible, as we know that every day goes by information could be lost a little detail that someone knows that they might not Think is important. Well, eventually, it's not that it's important not afford it just gets lost in five days. I could be a long time for some people
so just in right now, all the police know is that Eric hider is missing and that his co workers, as well as the job foreman. They seem to indicate He was a bit upset about having his vacation requests denied and their theories. He just laughed he was upset by it. I don't know I've been they're. Just then I know I'm not eric, but it seems like it put in for a time off. gets denied europe sat sure, but how many people just leave actually in an area where they have to carpool to get there and he lives an hour and a half away exactly then, if he was upset, even if he was like screw this job, I'm out of here, which that technically wasn't his personality and he stuck things through how could he have left He didn't have a means to leave. This is twenty twelve. I don't think goober was around at tat point, so he would have had to have called a family.
member to come? Get him period, no discussion here and he didn't colony body the others Does it make sense to me the dickinson police department talks to these other workers, one of which he doesn't talk to them by the way, but it them and it seems like the story is accepted. While he was upset me left, none really say they saw him weave throughout this. While he was upset, so he probably walked off, but nobody said that saw him walk away. What direction walked off the egg, its we a vague testimony here or statements that they're giving beyond that. It seems like there's a narrative here that exist. that says why, with these co workers dis operate normal with Eric missing, and so I'm not trying to make excuses, but on one hand he could understand if they had only known for up to a few. We sure you have the job safety thing that says: hey. You need to account for your co workers, things like that. Are they
accountable for him. are they really concerned about him maybe they didn't, know him well enough, maybe they're just like. Well, we got his staff, he can come, get it from us, it's not like. They did nothing, it's just weird that air goes missing and there are not exactly trying to find out what happened, there might have been curious. The foreman should have been curious and I guess he did call is number, but that was it another. That's a little off here is Eric. I dont know any thing about digging holes in the ground or what the division of labour is, but he was more of a top ground guy, so he didn't get. into holes apparently, but when you're work site and you're the new guy you get asked to do whatever, so it's suggested that he was down in this whole checking a coupling on this point. That they were installing to make sure that it wasn't leaking before they back filled it now
his mother, Mary Ellen, was upset because, obviously there are forms filled out when you become employed somewhere and there's always that section that says emergency contact me. Ellen was Eric's emergency contact and yet after Eric went missing, no one called her. I get the feeling since, when those things where it's like, while we have a field for that, but not really use it, maybe if he had remained the job site and lost in armour, something maybe they would have looked better so its may twenty ninth police are searching, the actually run a ping on his phone. It pings to this work site has phone is saying that he's in the area or at least phone is there looking around they're, not finding anybody there not seeing him and again. This is where everyone saying we think he laughed. We think he went to go caches check, even though no bank records of him cashing as check or being at the bank. His
check was in his lunchbox, even though he had no way to get off this work site without a ride so- It is assumed that it's possible that he was buried, which I think is probably too five for most people, so I dont want to die that way being buried alive. The police, on may thirtieth day. back to the work site and they start digging holes or drilling holes about a foot down and they're bringing and dogs to try to check for erics sent, I dont know if These are sent dogs or if there blood hounds or what but they're, not cadaver dogs in if somebody's been buried for days now, that's probably what you needed to bring in, but they bring in these other dogs and their digging Holes and bringing the dogs around there.
another construction site going on across the way and there's another company there. That's having to bring their trucks these huge, dumb trucks. to their site and one of the workers at this other job site is looking at what the police are doing and looking at, where their digging these holes and they're saying hey your digging in the wrong area. This whole that was back filled ran right up against the road because they were litter. A putting a pipe underneath the road, and we could Yet our trucks through here because of the hole and you're digging stir direction when you should be digging towards the road the police are well. This is the blueprint that co fell gave us of their work. Day so we're gonna day. We're we're gonna, dig and weed the care. What you have to say that only there, but they had the foreman who had worked with Eric that day. He was there are helping to figure out where to dig so they felt between
in co, fells instructions and this form and being present as well as these, how dogs tat everything was under. Control, and they didn't need any help from outside sources. Then it said that there's another guy. It lives in the area the the guy that sits on his back porch and watches the neighborhood and watches the construction. That's going on, so this guy walks over and says hey, I don't think you're digging in the right place, The whole was over here again on foresman and the foreman say get out here old man. We had the blueprints, we know what we're doing so, not one but people there have come over and said I thank you. digging in the wrong spot, that's right and to make matters worse. The next day and june. First, a water pipe is hit now family sees what the police are. Gonna do witches pack up and leave and they're saying please, I stop looking. We know he's here. In fact, Mary Ellen Eric's mother is adamant that he never left that site. She knows it, but the police say we ve done
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Twenty twenty one good are: ex user save eighty one percent on retail prescription prices it six months later in november of two thousand twelve, when the dickinson police department says this is a cold case. Mary Ellen gets a call from Texas and they're saying we need your dna and we need brands, dna, Eric's, daughters, dna and she said who are you why calling me and they said well, dickinson police department had sent them eriksson. Is to be put into their national database for missing persons, so their essentially letting this case go and hoping that somehow, if a body is eventually, that they can use this dna to confirm whether Eric was found or not. It's gone from an active case to a cold case. Essentially unlikely said it took five days for them even talked him one and one other workers refused to talk. They got an attorney and so what are they supposed to do it right?
now Eric's family, but with Mary ellen at the front, is doing everything they can they're contacting the state's attorney's office they're contacting the f b I but they're being told There is not really enough evidence here to do anything about this, we're sorry and twenty fifteen. They take it a step, further debate, Oh yeah, his mother, Mary Ellen, will hire a private investigator and this p I will come in he already knows what he wants to do. He wants to dig in this one area. in order to do that, you have to get a digging permit. You have to get excavation permeate all of these things through the city in the county and that's not easy. You can't just come in and say I want to dig here. You have to give reasons you have to have a purpose and I guess search for a body isn't enough. Unless you're law enforcement and would say, based on what we know about this private investigator, that they move very quickly, because it was only about three months from the time that they were hired to the time
that they showed up on site and we're ready to try and locate Eric hyder warm. This is interesting because this private investigator, he found another company that was doing an excavation in the area and he kind of did a a little which were ruined, said: hey guys, you're already digging hair. So can you just help me out and dig in this area too? You already have a permit to dig in its four this whole area, so we just want to find this person. We true believe he is right here in this area he pulled a fast one. He circumvented the process in order to get this whole duck. Now. May twenty first, is when they have a startling discovery, so their digging and eventually a red glove is seen taking out the dirt as third digging and this investigator walks right over to this hand, grabs it with his and says high Eric we,
been looking for you. I can only imagine the effect that had on the family to know that this is it they found. Him now the police, of course will say we need to clear nobody out. We're gonna have to basically treat this as almost like what they do with the dinosaur takes just, and they need to treat everything with care because you don't want to lose any evidence, not a tooth, not a finger. Nothing there to start really taking their time sk debating this section of ground so that they can recover Eric hider, which We know it's Eric hider, because his mother knows it's him, but again the members of law enforcement actually said something to mary Ellen and said we don't know if it's him yet, who else would it be? I know that and verified who it is. But why say that now I just and that sometimes people need to check their bedside manner well, and if you heard anything, if you follow the facebook page justice for Eric hider, you know
that Mary Ellen felt like she was dismissed at every turn. And so there is a disrespect there is it right now. You would think, especially with a grieving mother, who knows that she's lost her son, that there would be this empathy, but you can't me, people have empathy. Unfortunately, let's talk about how they found airspace or they literally did the right thing here. They investigator did the right thing. Did the research figured out where actually dig and they were able to find Eric very quickly. About the position they found his body and because I think it's very important to this case. He was in a crouched position with one arm over the pipe as if he was work on this pipe. His hard hat was actually for his face and his head was leaned forward as if a ton of dirt had him from behind and knocked his hat forward, but he had the strap on and he was. I don't want to
perfectly preserved, but he was just frozen in time in this position obvious. He was working on this pipe when this whole was back filled, mary. I knew that was her son. What I wouldn't know her son s and she saw him and theirs. Lot more to this story. Marilla had to fight again, again to have any access. While this was all going on, they kept saying. Oh you need to sign in you need to do this. You need to do that. She kept saying I don't have to do anything, that's my son and she very upset because she had been telling them for years, He had never left that job site, and here was she was correct yet no one wanted to delhi's law enforcement. Didn't want to give her any credit. Didn't ever wants takers obviously, it seems and that's really disappointing- they didn't autopsy found that he was possibly unconscious when he was buried because of the impact of the dirt. Here,
a fractured knows from his heart had hitting his face. His lungs didn't have any doubts or residue inside of them, meaning he didn't inhale after being buried and on top of that heron we'd mention The pacemaker stopped his heart stopped at twelve nineteen that day his time of death is an estimated It was recorded on his pacemaker. Twelve nineteen p m may twenty fourth, two thousand twelve just in how many minutes is that after the time that is coworker began to back fill that area. Five, minutes and at the same time, it said that coworker was on his phone, making a phone call when you was supposed to be ak filling this trench. That's what our research says here. That's what the family has said, fear driving down the highway, and you are talking on your phone or using your phone. You can get pulled over and get ticketed, but this guy can use,
heavy equipment and beyond the phone, and we know that his pacemakers stopped fighting it's after this trench. This whole was back filled, her release that the start of it. That tells me that this was all dumped on him all that dirt it's obvious, there's no mystery. This is what happened. We have somebody who has been buried working on a pipe a work site. That's it there's no planing, this away. There's no explanation! That's going to make any other sense than that. Seven days later, the dickinson police department gave a press release and this was information given to them by the north dakota state forensic medical examiners office, and it was basically that the body has been determined to be that of thirty year old. Eric see hider since Saturday may twenty? Fourth, two thousand twelve positively. Application was made possible through medical records, distinguishable tattoos and purse
of expanding clothing associate with the body now they say that the actual cause of death was not determined at that point, but these add forensic medical examination will continue and are released. information is, it becomes available adjusted. We went over the fact that he didn't draw our real breath syn they believe he was knocked out and that, led to his death, but because they don't have anything definitive well, they really can't say: can they they have theories, but they don't have inexact cause of death, and this is interesting because when his fiance went to pick him up, he wasn't there. Nor were any of the other cars of his coworkers. Apparently there, can off early that day, barely they had. Just gotten that work site real, quick, they didn't I have time to tempt down the dirt in this whole that they back filled in You don't know what that means. It's era, layer of dirt you put down, you have to squeeze it down
you have to tap it down to get rid of air pockets, because if you just put a pile of dirt on something it'll just run off on the first rain, it is not solid dirt, so you have to compact it down. They didn't and bother doing that and they took- early that day two red flags to me for case again when the police were digging in the wrong direction. I'm thinking didn't you see the disturbed dirt over here had hadn't even been compressed down or anything. You say you're digging in the right direction. Yet here you have a freshly back filled whole. That's. Obvious to the human eye will again their depending on co, fell to tell them the truth, not, as I said the truth, because it's quite pie, simple, that they were mistaken on, where it have them look or they gave them back. formation, how we want to look at it, what As co, fells statement about this vile jake fell, the owner told a local pay.
Her grand forks, Harold newspaper, that he, very sorry to hear that the body was Eric and he said that the company as as the employees who are working within that day of his disappearance had cooperated with the police, but gonna get it to adjust and they didn't all cooperate. I'm not going to sit here and criticise someone for not cooperating. Ok, but do have some criticisms coming up, just because I dont say: that's not warranted their other steps. It could have been taken, the police they, their due diligence and I get it whittled down to two different men who were back filling the ditch when Eric went missing. One of them will column worker one talked with the police and said the other worker. He just wanted to fill this in quickly and yet spilling durden filling the whole as quickly as he could. He felt he was very careless with how he was back felling, so coarse, the police say
we need to talk to work or to, but that worker, while he contacts in attorney and stay silent, he lawyers up but again need to bring it up just in before erics disappearance. He had told his family, that he wasn't happy with the safety conditions at this work site, and he been there that long sober d already notice this. What does that say it? as a recent eric's opinion. This might have been a very reckless job site and Our stand why he was in danger. Even this, Worker number one is backing up. What Eric was saying. It's like I will, this guy. He wasn't very safe with the heavy equipment he was using seems there's multiple people here that have the same pinion. Now the dickinson police department. They dont look at this as a murder. They ve, some vestige they ve seen the way they Eric was position in the hall that he was then when he was buried and to them it looks like obviously is probably an accident, but
do send their case file to this day, attorney's office. What do they do with it? The stark county attorney's office chosen the file any charges, because there was not enough circumstantial evidence to pinpoint one person in the situation, the format is telling him to go in this whole and check a coupling, and then this other guy is back filling the whole. You have probably multiple people fault here in a whole series of events that led to this. I guess that's but the d is saying to see. I can't say one person did this, but overall there looking at this and saying there needs to be something more here and today sent it over to OSHA, the occupational safety and health administration, which there government department- that's to say rules and policies and regulations on work sites to keep you safe, so there's an osha compliance off surnames, scott overseen, now
like you, said the agency, they were bothered by ex case. So, of course he starts in internet others. A possibility Here that this was not an accident, he thinks it's him. Very odd case and when he spoke with a Yes, he said he was concerned, the incident and the unlikelihood that it was accidental, and this is son, his previous work experience. In other words, this main have been an accident. Now you I just don't. Let's stop your minute, because if the guys the whole that sixty six and a half with deep and he gets buried? You think the first question be how come nor would notice he was in the hall when they were back filling it. Well. If we swept by what we said without any further analysis, we could easily say if you're on, found why you're back filling a whole maybe you don't notice some one in it and that first drop a dirt that may have silence whoever was in there forever, but their spouse beat so,
Fifty procedures followed here, I'm assuming that there is supposed to be a spotter. There are supposed to be some things going on here. Somebody telling the guy running the heavy equipment what to do and someone looking to see if there there's autonoe a guy working in the whole working on the pipe in the hall? don't know what this compliance office, sir, how he comes up with he's just basically saying I have the experience this seems like it might not be an accident, and I d say it. I think, that's true. I think it should have been known if there is a person in the hall before you back fill it. On the other hand, there are people who are lazy and just want to get the job done, but this is or when they say, there's not enough circumstantial evidence, I'm starting to wonder, because we can just go by Joey's statements that when she went to go pick Eric up, it was. I because there were no cars there? That was odd. There should have been. kinds of people there are these leaving or something, and we have
the exact time of death, the exact time that whole is being filled and the eggs time. One of these Workers allegedly was making a phone call, we cover murder cases that have less evidence, less precise timelines than this. I'm too, during my hands up in the air, but I was thinking okay well. Ocean is now involved, so they're going Take over and they're gonna hit. This company was some fines say that their negligent, but osha as any great government apartment They have their policies and their procedures and their red tape. they have a statute of limitations which, since it took them over, years to find his body, osha, they going to look into the case anymore, because statue limitation had run out, but why is there a statute of limitations on work site death. It's hard to read my at around well
is statute of limitations are in favour of companies and other entities, because people could take legal action years later and thou too much by hassle. I, always say this Erin. I ever think we need policy to get in the way of progress. I'd, never think that bureaucracy should outweigh doing the right thing. red tape. Should never get in the way of an investigation where somebody died oh sure, will investigate somebody. So in falling at work. Osha will investigate somebody cutting their hand at a meat packing plant, but there's a statute of limitations on that. The time should have started from the point. His body was found not from the point that he went missing, but just me. What do I know again? I think there
is a case here when you look at the time line, and you realize that all those workers left early that day, it seems like its fishy. We dont know why they all left like that. We know they took erics things, with them. We dont know why they felt confident, saying well. He probably walked off to cast his check when, where we have walked off too Why don't you take his stuff? He had a change of clothes in his backpack too. Maybe I thought he was gonna, go cash, his check and come back, so he didn't want to changes closed. Maybe they thought that he was leaving for good, two competing statements here that he stormed off because he was upset or he went to go caches check and he was coming back which and why would he leave his stuff? And how would you get anywhere without a ride, etc. They waited form and no one contacted anybody. The foreman should have at least contacted people too. Form- and, I think, is the one that's overseeing the work site, they're the ones that should have been following some sort of procedure, a policy and they obviously don't have one or maybe
This work, following whatever their safety procedures, were thought he laughed and then they have all his stuff regardless of emergency contact. Should they have contacted the family and said Hey we have his stuff. You need to come pick it up. That didn't happen, right away, dig mom to get away from our sponsor gang their good. I mean the key where rumpled suits and are all roughen graphic whatever, but they get the job done. Sometimes it seems like the poor might have had him fooled, but that ironclad- alibi by through that were that tiny teeny lie the killer, told them the first interrogation boom. He may wonder how is going to end, but that's kind fond of a good crime story. Are you ready to stream some crime stories right now? Hulu, it's a crime not to watch so on august, fifteenth, twenty fifteen mary, Ellen and the rest of the family. They the decision they wanted. two cremate Eric's body, because they,
Put him in the ground again and mary Ellen was adamant about this. She said he was buried before how he died. I don't want him buried again, so they cremated him and it was a tough memorial service because they just now saw this he'd been through so much as to be doing quite well. His life was all ahead of him and it looked like it was going to be a great future, but to have it in this way was pray disheartening that all family to pig on that day wanted to cremate him because after the autopsy, the remains they got back, were sparse, missing is right hand so They wanted to do further. Investigation didn't even get back all the evidence, they didn't even get back his come. Wheat remains, and that was very upsetting to the family. In march of twenty sixteen characters. Case was officially closed. I just saw nowhere else to go with it, but of course
family. This doesn't feel right, they saw everything and they know that the company that air work for co fell. They never reached out at all. They never expressed any sympathy to them any empathy they didn't offer them anything, not even an apology anything and I can imagine how that's taken they don't care or their hiding something we just don't know what it is and I get maybe they're lawyers told them don't contact the fan because anything you say could be: can an admission of guilt at my assumption. Here, right it's very possible. He has to be very careful when you express an apology or anything like that, because it could be seen as an admission but either way. This is tough for the family because they were never notified at any step of the way, any point and it. Just feels like Eric, never mattered, or to move forward. There are a lot of legal fees here.
And mary on she sells things vendor shows to trial. the money for the legal fees and what she wants in the and really is. She wants. Co, fell to take responsibility for the death of her son and this is what she said she said Bryn, never have her dad back to watch her graduate or walker down the aisle when she wants to marry or hold her children on his lap? I, justice and I'm not going to quit. I'm not going to give up and these days rynason early twenties and she has a son of her own and I'll, take but just in, if anyone months, no more about Bryn, she has a video on the job, this for Eric hider facebook, page and there's a vote touching moment where she says around christmas in two thousand twelve. She decides to send her dad some messages to his phone. Just saying help wherever you are you're safe names. see you and she was
hoping that he would come home someday and that's really our knowing. We know what happened to air, we know he died and they never got those messages. But this is a a twelve year. Oh girl missing her dad and its The you watch that video good luck, keeping dries. Its heart wrenching put a word out there. You know. If anyone is an attorney. You can look at this case out of north Dakota. I think this is, blatantly a negative in case, I think in any civil court This family has definitely chance here to get something some sort of justice. Some sort of lawsuit going because somebody died. We know the exact time when how we know that he was on a job site. So how does that happen? who died at work and
negligence, two on part to the company, I'm shocked by how they haven't been able to get any movement on this case. Been able to get anyone to take up arms for them. Well in it, not really us to decide what the court does by This family should at least have a chance to be heard and it feels like- they haven't had that chance? Yet that's why I think we're really getting at here is a benign if someone could step in and help represent them to have a chance, to be heard because so far they ve been shut down at every turn. this families been devastated, by this. They have a couple go, find me out there goal, is twenty a thousand dollars to higher The attorney to cover costs. I think right now, Other go find me page has fifteen, sixteen hundred dollars their facebook page each has maybe two thousand dollars so
If you guys wanna help out go out there throw them a few ass. I know errand and I were going to donate I want to donate a thousand dollars at least to their fund because they need help, and this is wrong. I dont know how a company can get away with this. So if you do Eric hider his last night is a d are and find me you'll find just As for air cater, that's the go. Find me page. An obvious it's the same name on facebook too, I feel free to join d, just As for Eric hider facebook page, if you want to know more, there is a lot of information there. Both his mother and his daughter have content air that you can listen to or watch. All I can say is that we have by looking into this case. We been impacted by it, even though we didn't know Eric, we stan how frustrating and devastating the situation has been because we ve seen it. We ve heard it from the family, and
we think, once you listen to this episode, wants you look up the website out how one effect you for listening to us and thank you for any help. You are able to get the hide or family never met. An episode of generation. Why subscribed to us on apple podcast, spotify, cast box or reverie listening right now, also He sure to follow us on social media. Our tik tok is at gen pod are into graham is at generation. Why podcast join wondering plus in the wonder, app to listen ad free, the
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