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San Jose, California. October 7, 2019. We were going to take this week off, but Justin wanted to record an episode on a death that he became very interested in. How did Tinker Ventures' CEO Erin Valenti die? Erin went missing while visiting California in October of 2019 and her body was found in her rental car five days later. Join us as we discuss how a young and healthy tech CEO might have met her end and why.

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From wandering the are you doing tonight, they're how are you doing alright, to be the day after I think Halloween. When this episode is released, we Going to release an episode this week, but
cause- I mean. Normally, we wouldn't release one during Halloween or you know any kind of holiday, because we're usually busy doing other things that we take the week off, but because of the pandemic, everything's cancelled, so we decided that we put out an episode this week. Return, yes, nothing better to do right, from sleeping or in those of other things, but yeah, but before we into it, let's throw out, I'm con information. It's Jen! Why? Twenty one please go out to the crime con website and use our code, whether Europe wanting to attend crime, con UK or the crime con in Austin Texas, also for all of our patrons on Patria, on check out this week, episode, it's going to see a long, interesting scary, one We decided to do
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the trial examining their countless text messages starring, Elle, fanning the girl from Plainville is now streaming only on Hulu. So with that tonight's case happens October. Seventh, two thousand nineteen It's a very recent case. We normally don't do that. It place in San Jose California, in the the area now iron This is our Halloween episode. I thought I would choose something kind of more creepy, more mysterious. I realize that this isn't an axe, murderer kind of story. He or a serial killer or something like that, but sometimes the case. And of sanity. How somebody were wise, somebody did what they did. be pretty scary and
Putting myself in this person, shoes or any of her family members. Shoes would be downright terrifying So with that, what are we Talkin about tonight tonight? We're King about the mysterious death of Erin Valente now. Aaron was thirty. Three years old and the ceo of a tech company called tinker ventures. they were a software app company, so they would do like web design app design. Located in SALT Lake City Utah. I just want to put, it's out there real, quick errand. It sucks that tinker this company will now forever be known or forever attached. to this story. It's like when I drive after a lululemon store. All I think about it the LULU Lemon murder now and I dont want
you attach this event to tinker, but it is what it is Erin Valenti had a nickname, which was Armageddon Aaron. She was very much a go getter. She highly successful she's, worked in multiple high end tech positions and now she's running her own company. So definitely a force to be reckoned with. Her colleagues would talk about how well she did under pressure. They would talk how how she thrived and chaos- and I really respect this- that's what I pride myself and doing Aaron's mother was Whitney and Her father was Joseph Valente. And she was married to Harrison Weinstein, Aaron had actually met her husband at like age, team, Harrison was at a clapboard.
Hotel in Quebec, and they were ski they were all avid skiers outdoors? people very active and asked where they met better start to a love story, then doing what you love and finding your soul while you're doing now, it's on October seventh of two nineteen which happen to be errands parents, wedding anniversary, so parents are out having the anniversary dinner and Aaron called while she was. a business trip. She said that she had just left Paula. Alto and had met a former colleague she was on the to the airport, but she could locate, her rental car, not too alarming. Hey I'm go the airport, but I'm lost in a parking lot can't find my rental car I've been there Every time I get a rental car, I'm like what
the car. I rented, I understand so not to alarming for her pair. To hear this, but after their dinner was over, they called the chuck on her asked hated, find your car, did you make it to the airport what's going on, but when they they're back she wasn't making a lot of sense. She was king very erratic in over few hours, her mother and her has and would have a series of phone calls with her trial. Ninety two dot com, her down, trying to see what's going on trying to get her to her car and Talking really fast. She says she. We found her car but it was low on gas or she was running out of gas and then uttered these last words, and it was it's all a game, it's a thought experiment
we're in the matrix and she hung up the phone now iron. If you are talking to a loved one that's what they said and then they hung up and didn't hear from him. After that, it's scary right. according to her family, according to her husband, She was someone who didn't have a history of mental illness. So when she said something like this, it's alarmed them because The first thing that pops in your head is, she must be. In a break with reality or these highly stressed and is possibly delirious. She made a facebook post before she took off on the strip saying heading to SF and allay soon whose around Dm me a lot of these people. In the industry they know each other and they can go out for drinks and talk shop, and that was eleven days before this event,
had flown out from Utah to California, too, attend a very intense three day course called create powerful It's a very expensive seminar in what's going on in Laguna Beach, which is a very high end, part of California. It catered to executives, and was designed to create powerful leaders. It was supposed We take you out of your comfort zone, make you face your fears. I've heard people all associated with, like Tony Robbins kind of empowerment breaking down and then show you that you can take it and you're actually a strong person, so Aaron is going out to San Francisco. After this and in southern California, all she has to do is get
in her car, go to the airport and catch a flight. It's really simple, but this wasn't gonna happen, And after she hung up the phone on her family, they got very concerned as we would do, and so they call police and told them that their die if their wife was having a breakdown and she we needed help They even went so far as to give the police her phone number and the police would end up calling her and talking to her and then call in the family back and saying you know she wasn't really making any sense and they didn't get any full information from her You do know that she was in San Jose and she supposed to drive to the airport there. Not really. How do we put? This? Are they're not really responsive, they're, pretty it's just taking a report
they don't know who Aaron is so all they know. Is this families calling them saying that this woman is having problems in that she's I'm making sense and their concern, but the police, don't know her, you know they get dozens of missing persons calls they get dozens of calls that somebody's acting erratic data know what her character is. All they have to go on- is what this family saying and the fair. he's giving them the make and model of the vehicle the license white number, as they were able to obtain all that from the rental car company there on it and there handing all of this information over to the police. While it's one thing for us to sit here and say why didn't the police do something in fairness to them there, king well, this is an adult woman, she's out of town Maybe she decided to go, have a good time and she doesn't want her family to know about it. If we
involved. All we're going to do is create more drama or they might have just looked at it and said she's an adult now and as to the family. There saying we know her. This isn't something she does and when we we're talking with her. She wasn't King sense and one of your own officers spoke with there and she didn't, seem to be make any sense there either. Then so what I would say is they should have done something, but they didn't Erin will end up missing her flight back home and She has another event happening day essentially where she's going to an award ceremony and she's going to literally get an award for being. Like you know this, up and coming female ceo of this company and being honored for so she had reason to go home. She had
already set up all these things. I mean she has to make appearances when you're a ceo, it's not just dictate, how going to go. You are the face, the company, and now she has this award ceremony. It's all networking, it's all getting your face out there. It's all product recognition, so she's been missing several days now missed flight. Didn't return her rental car and doesn't here at this other event in the families, calling the police every day. Saying hey. We need something done here: the husband already gotten on a flight and flown out it's Thursday, when the police take a in persons report, but they her gown as valid terribly missing because like you said, the grown woman, but marking somebody down as voluntarily missing as opposed to a missing persons report they're, not
searching for you there, putting out a bolo they're, not dead, I any resources to this is merely a paper trail that is all and, of course, family again, not too happy about that and are and his dad contained calling the San Jose Police Department and be rating them here, it up flying out to join the husband and the search, her mom and her others would end up flying out to California. Will. These later. She add Verizon they called up the phone company and asked them to track: Aaron's whereabouts, wherever her phone was pinging, so they could go to those areas and then see if there was security footage, so you know pink, If this tower she have been by this gas station. Let's go check the sick the cameras there
honestly Erin, I'm surprised that Verizon talk to them and gave them any information. This is private account and typically the phone company. Won't give you anything unless it's a court order or you have a warrant. So it's good. I guess that Verizon did help them. but I'm just surprised that it happened. It's helpful because, just disappear? They know. The car is missing also and His mother it's doing the media rounds. You know on the local news and she's quoted as saying it's a nightmare. Why can't find a car How can you hide a car and I get it because it's California and there's no legal parking for five days anywhere. So, if she is, park somewhere on a street, its prey
we got in a parking ticket by now, because it that's the way it is so her mom's like why can't they find this car, but again, the families the one that's doing most of the footwork here and its October night, that her husband starts a facebook group- and he says I this post with a lot of pain and fear but really use your help. My wife Erin plenty, been missing since Monday shows as seen in Palo Alto Monday afternoon, wearing torn jeans and a White T shirt driving from Palo Alto to San Jose but never returned the rental car or made it to her flight home to Utah her phone is off since Monday night. If you have seen or heard from her, please let us know she was driving a gray, Nissan Murano and then he gives the plate numbers. Any information about her whereabouts is much appreciated and can be directed to. or the San Jose Police Department. They can't,
her bank credit card companies. zero activity and when you have no activity on your accounts like that if missing for several days. That's a really bad sign at this point. I'm thinking Dakshin, I'm thinking, she's dead, I'm thinking something I spent that night and she did live through it, because if she was alive, she I have used one of her credit card you know somebody was robbing her. They would probably want her to go, withdraw money if he was driving around she might get old over especially she's, driving a radically. So this is a bad sign. So it's four slash, twelve, when a good and notices a car matching the description it parked in a residential area, now residential areas you can park there,
week long and not get a parking ticket so why car was never found. It never went through a trap. Cam never got a traffic ticket or a parking ticket. Nothing. they look inside the car and they see a body in there in the back seat They call the police now The car was found if away from. Her last known location where they were. well to triangulate, where she was calling from where she was and, of course, just piss family off, even more because their thinking how'd. You miss this car, that's a half mile away, but not on a main strip. It's not on any more street or in a parking lot it's in a residential area that typically does get patrolled as much weren't really looking for when they
discover that it's her body in this car are checking it over. there are no obvious signs of trauma. Does no obvious signs that she's been attacked physically, nothing like that so they're thinking? Okay, we don't have any answers here. You know we just that. She had some sort of episode, hopefully An autopsy is going to give us some answers. call examiner checks are out. What is this? ah topsy say Aaron, because you would think that everything would come to light now, you would think it. It took some time for this report to be released, and it was. really released publicly, as far as I know, but the finding in it for cause of death in this report said Sudden death in the setting of an acute manic episode.
and it went on to say natural causes. An acute manic episode, I've never heard this term before this case ere I have but it's not like I'm very familiar with what it necessarily means, and you know you look up acute manic episode in you. terms like bipolar disorder and when Talk about manic episode, you're talking about someone who starts to experience, heightened energy could be, the four year they might be talking. Very fast, and so this, court of makes sense with her phone calls with her husband and her mother, because they like she was very erratic. I get that I've never heard anyone dying from this, which is surprising to me so when I read that autopsy report or excuse me when read articles about the autopsy report because they ve never released it publicly. I was
thinking what drugs in her system not to victim, shame or anything like that, but I'm just thinking no. Dies from this. So what brought this on? My don't forget even if it was drugs, it doesn't mean she took them. Someone could have slipped them to her with her even knowing about it, absolutely so what The talks, ecology report come back with we'll came back clean, so she didn't have drugs in her system. Anything that could explain why she did what she did before she went missing. You started a small business because you had a passion for pottery, a skill for software or a mind for manufacturing and not necessary Lay for your know how of the business side of running a small business. Thankfully, that's what quick books is all about providing new small business owners with the tools they need to feel confident from day one because with Quickbooks you can get paid, hey role and nowhere your business stands from the start so
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she did have some medication in her system for a thyroid. condition, but nothing that be considered a street drug or dissociation, drug like LSD or or ecstasy, nothing like that. So I'm look. at this Aaron and I'm just I'm baffled so I could only imagine how families feeling, because their daughters missing, They know that she's not acting, normally Finally, they find her car think they're going to get answers, but here we are. Why is she dead? One the average person they read- that she had taken medication for a thyroid issue that does stand out, probably to most people as oh yeah. That's why is dead, but because this woman looked very healthy
and she was a go getter very successful people just couldn't accept that something had happened that was out of her control so theories the pop up and can't really blame them for it. What resume theories that came as a result of this finding Weirdly enough, the oddest theory that I read was, the convention she was at. It was very intense, very immersive and the going idea is. It was so intense that she had a mental break or. That may be somebody slipped her something at the convention, but that convention was in southern California, and she made it all the way up to Northern California when this happened. But said that she visited a colleague and did, event and then what Tenafly Home, so maybe some
slipped her something when she was in northern California, because I wouldn't expect that to happen In southern California, because she had like a whole, I have traveled there. That's the idea Is this convention had some sort of Cray? the effect on her that gave her a mental break. I disregard that Some people would spend some time on this, but I think it's sir, not really pursuing but as far as the drugs go Is it possible that someone slept or something that they couldn't find in her blood? I think absolutely now both Aaron, and I we were giving out this disclaimer we're, not doctors, we're not. Toxicologists wear where none of those things but de peace. p a lot of these hallucinogens. Metabolize out of your system very quickly and we have to take into account that she had been dead for several days at least
so can get a proper, Psychology report off of this body is questionable. I don t totally disregard that he could have slept or something and it could master up Ipc, p, bath salts or whatever you know a liquid. You just pouring a drink. You know cause No, she would take this willingly and if she did take it willingly hopefully The person that she was with would have been like: hey you're, not acting right. So, let's take care of you, but if somebody did to try to abduct try to rob her wet whatever the the motive was. I truly think that somebody could have slipped her, a psychedelic of some type, so there go it's not something you would discount right away now. But if you go off of toxicology report. It says she was clean, so we're done you know. Most people are just like nope. She wasn't slept any drugs, whereas
give a little bit of space for that its possible, but well will bump it down the list for now, as we go through other theories and see where it stands at the end, yeah now her company software and web design I was over at your house, and I saw your son playing with his oculus, his virtual reality goggles and there, companies out there that are trying to integrate the human body with technology, which I think this is some cool cyber punk stuff and I'm I'm all about it, but the have neural linkage and people are making a tie to her her company and this other Neuro Link Company and saying these Aryl linkages, control people can influence your thoughts. I don't know a better way to put that.
This is where it goes way way off in the left field- ten foil, hat wearing stuff, because that technology is coming, it's not here yet, and even it does come here. It's going to be think about opening the door in the virtual reality world the door opens it's not going to be a mind control thing: it's going to be your mind, controlling external factors. not exactly the other way around and she is obsessed with a guy Thomas Riordan and his computer programmer with focus on artificial intelligence and just a lot of different things, but he was part of Microsoft for light in years. So really white guy. I guess she made a few posts about him, this all just feeds back into the
spirits of mind control and then you add in Bill Gates's name and all the sudden yeah, you know it's the pandemic and the whole night and have the money to make things happen, and, of course, they're going to target Erin this powerful. Female CEO, because she definitely a threat to them or something I don't know I find this some not very valid Far as theories go, I know that she had a blog and she had mentioned this guy a number of times, but it's like your trying to assign something you heard. That may not be true, and if he go through yours or my tweets, posts or what have you you'll find us posting different things? But if you look at just one day, some time, the last five years and focus solely on that. Oh he posted about this movie and all of a sudden everything that happened to you in twenty twenty one or twenty twenty is suddenly
now influenced by this found that you posted about its seems like a real reach like people? are looking for some theory and they ve looked a little too far. I think I think back to her final statements of it's all- lie we're living in the matrix or it's all a thought experiment. This is where I am stand the idea, because, for anyone that hasn't seen the movie, the matrix, Keanu Reeves, is living his life mysterious things happen and he's like. Why am I targeted, and then he to Morpheus played by one of my favorite actor is Laurence Fishburne. He is offered the red or the blue pill Morpheus says Peter the red pill. go down the rabbit hole. You take the blue pill, you'll wake up and everything's fine I really enjoyed the matrix movie and I really enjoyed this idea that
they were being controlled, and Keanu Reeves Character, was being literally manipulated by neuro transmitter connection that was giving him a make believe world simulation to consume him and control all humans and he was well to break out, this, this facade disillusion and see reality for what it was and when it comes to Aaron. This is, the basis of this. This is why it's a little scary is she sang, things real nothing matters. I know the truth now. I'm sure any kind of psychiatric break can have these. Tiffany's. I guess, but typically, I think of sight doubt: drugs, whether b, L s de or mushrooms, her dear in T take
you out of this reality in that state You can feel four year from understanding the world reflection on yourself and feel. like you now have all the answers to the universe. I think it's a positive experience, because it's actually very similar to people's near death experiences where you get a car wreck, and you see the light at the end of the tunnel and then all of a sudden Europe needs or Scrooge and you're jumping around, and you really appreciate life again because you're alive so here she is in this state, say everything's a lie which is creepy in its creepy air, and this is why I chose this cases How would I feel if I was to came to somebody and they weren't on drugs or not to my knowledge and then all of a sudden. This is what they were doing. In the movie, the matrix, the reason why there was a false reality was because it
distract the humans while they were being harnessed for their energy, so when she says we're living in the matrix. Maybe the fear Does that she's been used all along and she just did Do it till now. all being used every day as we pay our taxes and this society that we were born into. I get it. I feel, use myself distracted by weird stories or what celebrities are doing yeah now I really tried to wrap my head around this because just like, when Neo woke up in the real world and left matrix he flipped out. He had a panic attack and day to call him down even sedate him. Now, I'm thinking she's woken up she's having this acute mania. But again never heard anyone dying of this. So I went: go
a bunch of stuff, and I came up with the term excite delirium typically acute mania. As you said, dissociated associated with a mental illness such as bipolar, where excited delirium. Usually gets associated, not all the time, just usually with some sort of stimulant in fact a mean some sort of drug working become very angry and agitated, and usually when somebody's freaking out on the street, the police are called, and then the police, have to apprehend them and struggle with them. So now have this person that's in a heightened stressed date and now exerting themselves fighting with cops, and it can as cardiac arrest. This is I personal opinion: I'm associated associating mania and excited delirium. I feel like
they're, not interchangeable terms, but people do I from excited delirium, but she didn't come into contact with anyone that we know of I don't know how much she was overly exerting herself, but from what looks like she just drove her car a little bit and then crawled in the back seat and then died. We can come up with these different theories to explain what happened to Erin Valenti, but I like to think that get start somewhere reliable early on, you would mention that she was to a drug to treat a thyroid issue. Now there are different by issues, but the one that seems most appropriate for Erin Valenti would be high, Thyroidism and hyperthyroidism, I I don't want to go into this too deeply by time. Allow
It is associated with a disease known as graves disease, it's an immune disorder and it said that mostly women get it and people who are under the age of forty, which it's Erin Valenti They can really interrupt your life now symptoms of this disease are. Could be irritable. You have a lot of anxiety, you can have weight loss. You can have enrichment of your thyroid gland because A number of issues also include rapid heartbeat. So I was trying to figure out how could this be dangerous and apparently there's a condition that can happen, which is fine, storm, and if you google, thyroid storm you'll find that it's almost always fatal without treatment. Your city,
She can change. You can go through in your receiving treatment for your thyroid hormones. If they change there all of a sudden, whatever you were doing, to treat your condition, maybe isn't as effective now and so a Wright Storm. Now you we're getting erratic. wavier and you may not make sense to people your heart can you know if Europe not exerting yourself in your heart rate is one hundred and forty five. There Think going on and the Common result of this is, Cardiopulmonary failure because we know that these autopsy report was shown to some journalists and coming away. Saying well, is as a result of a manic episode and didn't, have any prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Well, I guess in this together my head, I'm thinking she had a thyroid storm because it can definitely kill and she ended up dead,
out any signs of obvious trauma I think, you're onto something here, because it's the old a piece of the puzzle we have she was on thyroid medicine is anything associated with that here. We are because I'm somebody could have slipped her some drugs, but who slipper drugs. What their motivation, and why didn't they show up on the autopsy? Why would somebody do that. Meanwhile, I get acute mania, but hadn't heard that anyone had died from now because normally a panic attack passes I've. I've talked to people with bipolar I've seen mania, I've seen them go. were days just nonstop, you would think that they were on math or something but they're, not there, up all night and all day for days in heightened state so
I hear, your theory here and I'm thinking that the bill that is away more plausible explanation two: why, highly successful, highly intelligent ceo who had everything going for her in life with all the sudden, just breakdown you know she didn't, have diabetes, but when people have diabetic attack, they can become combative and if they get medical treatment. They could die and, like you said, if this doesn't get treated immediately? It gets worse and worse and worse picture.
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overcoming you of dying or losing control. Whereas a manic episode, people start, king faster? They experience euphoria and they start becoming much more impulsive, so it they actually had indifferent reckons, and I would think that having a panic attack. It probably caused you to stop and start like you probably couldn't anything, where is a person who is experiencing a manic episode, you don't. what they're going to do, I they they might head off somewhere because they have something to do you this off by saying that this was a scary thing? Why think this way is very scary for her family because it's like they knew what to do. They contacted the police, they started contacting people through Facebook to say we know she was over here. Can anyone go out and start looking? They traveled out there. California, and all along. It was like, while she's an adult she and do whatever she needs to do, but the problem with that, is they don't
account for what? What? If that person needs, help and that overrides any kind of well she's an adult everyone needs help at some point and if they could have found she could have received the medical attention that she needed I don't know if they could have found her this this round. No car didn't have any tracking information on it. Didn't have a gps system system so was surprised by that. But you know it's it's not a per world where we think everything's tracked. There are moments where it's an older, are a mean rental, car companies, they're, not is getting he fully loaded vehicle, but her phone tracking that did come. Play, but I'm sure it took a day or two before they were able to get that information and appoint point really. I think she died that night or that early that next morning I don't you could have, I don't think,
she could have endured hours of this eight state where her her and is gone her, her is beating at an obscene rate. Your boy just can't run in the red that long? So as much as I didn't care for the lack of police response. If they did run mountain drive all around and put out a bolo all that stuff. That night, I don't know what a founder because it would have been driving on the highways it would have been driving on the main streets. They, might not have driven through a residential area. Neighborhood is the other way to look at. It, though, is if the police were more involved, maybe they could have contacted Verizon, and down some leads when it comes on to it. Yet people who have a loved one, That's missing and they know it's not because that person wanted to run away or ignoring them and the police
This shows not do anything, I'm not saying it's all their fault. It is, I think it would have helped the other thing is. Is I agree with you? I think that she died quickly, but there people that lived in that area, and I know if there were comments made at least one person that lived near were car was found. Who said that- it's surprised that the card been there for so many days cuz they figured, they would have noticed it and they just for whatever reason they just did pay attention when, if you had ask them before this, Appen, do you ever notice that there's a car park there for awhile you hadn't seen before they would say yes you asked me if there was a particular car out in front of my place right now I mean, unless the flower truck or something I don't know. It's parked out front, my house I don't know, what's been out there for a week. He I just don't, but some people like to think that they're paying attention to their neighborhood. You know many
I think, while I'm part of the neighborhood watch, it's not official, but we kind of look out for each other, but we're not. ways really watching. Sometimes we're just. see with their own lives. People will say she's never been diagnosed before with bipolar disorder. I would say these kinds of like no seas. We have no idea If she had continued living, then possibly she I have been diagnosed with something down the road because take time for your. it seems to get worse or for someone to notice those symptoms or even to think about doing something about those symptoms because often we will just ignore symptoms will say: oh well, I'm just going through something right now or I'm stress will find reasons to say. Well, it's not. Thing I need to take medication for just having a rough patch. I have no idea truly what's going on with her, because we have to take her word for it. Her family,
add, come out and said that they believed she was having a manic episode. People have this on Facebook, you name it when you go reading about this case, people I wonder if the family were aware that she had a thyroid issue, how or where were they of her issue well sounds to me like they had some idea, I think for to come out and say they believe she was having a manic episode shows that they understand. This was something happening within her and not from some outside source, she wasn't diagnosed, she didn't exhibit anything that she or anyone else felt the need to seek help and Maybe she didn't have any sent whatsoever before this point so under most but undiagnosed. because when it I reared its ugly head. It took her life
to me. The only lesson really people can take from this is that your thyroid regulates so much in your body that if some is wrong with it. It can be fatal and I'm not putting anything on air, and I think room would agree that she was a successful woman looking to do bigger things, something and that was out of her control, truly, something that I would say, scares everyone when things are happening, and you can do nothing about them, and you didn't even see them coming and that's what creeped me out about this everything's normal one day and then everything just takes a turn
from wondering I Mickey Boyer host of the new podcast call me curious. Look, we're
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