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Aaron from Generation Why presents Framed: An Investigative Story. An unsolved crime has divided a community for more than a decade. This season on Framed we will go beyond the narratives and attempt to answer the question of what happened one fateful night in 2002.

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I The Both sides ready district, yes, Ladies and gentlemen, you have been sworn as yours to try this case. At this time. The attorneys will have an opportunity to make their opening statements. sk. Ladies and gentlemen, that you please give the lawyers your close attention December twentieth of two thousand.
is a date that is burnt collectively ended the memory of the genes bird community by a carriage was seventeen years old. The student Johns precisely on December twentieth two thousand to be disappeared from the face of the earth. This day, this body has never been found, all that remains of Brian carrick on this earth- is droplets of his blood that were left behind inside and outside of a cooler produce cooler at fau's grocery store. Where we worked, the I certainly agree that you'll find what happened in johannesburg. Whatever it was, was a major thing in summer, the change, the lives of a lot of people. For years and years and years, the police and the states attorney's office were under great pressure to bear
someone to justice, but this case the problem is: when you look at all of these witnesses. The conclusion is, I don't know, We don't know what happened. We have no idea. This is framed. I am your host erin It was a normal friday night in johannesburg. Illinois christmas with just around the corner less than a week away. the days were getting shorter. The its colder law most were dreading the long winter ahead. Brien caring welcome the change in season, the falling. Temperatures meant he would soon be celebrating his favorite holiday around the christmas tree with his family. He had other reasons. to be cheerful. That friday was last day of school before a well deserved to weak break Brian viewed the from school as an opportunity to pick up some extra hours at work, but to Brian it was
all about the money he truly loved his job working at vows foods. He was officially listed as a stock boy, but he was so much more than that. He worked as a cashier. He worked in the delhi, the meat department, every job that could be done in that store. He did it. His work ethic was unparalleled and his efforts did not go unnoticed when Brian stop by that night, too His pay check. There was an envelope waiting for him with a cash bonus inside brain. used some of that money to buy a frozen pizza and soda before returning home later that night, something drew Brian back to the grocery store. Several coworkers, o brien walk into the store. No one saw him leave. Brian's mother, terry, correct, grew. Can turned when she realized Brian hadn't come home the night before terry would later. share that Brian wasn't one to go out. A lot
either here or at work. We assumed he had gone to somebody's house. It didn't call Brien's older there. S also worked as a stock boy at the grocery store when eddie. Spry and hadn't shown up for his shift. The following afternoon. He was shocked no That was very unlike his younger brother. He informed as mother terry promptly reported brian missing. She told the police Brian never missed work if he was later com if they called him to come in on his day off, he was out the door, whatever fate befell Brian correct that was a tragic one. The mystery of what Then too Brian has been pondered by many overtime. Two theories have divide: the johns burke community supporters from each side, can picture in their minds how brien's final moments played out both sides really believe they know who killed. Brian both sides have facts which picture comes into focus just depends on how those facts are free,
This season, unframed, we are going to examine the case, a brian cleric. One thing that makes this cold case unique is that it has been in and out of court for over a decade, mall for court filings, equate to more documents and information available to the public. What those documents- timidly reveal is a suspect list of to the only two people who ever faced charges, in this case my Gosh arrow and rob render both mario and rob were employed a stock boys at bells foods in two thousand to and both were working at that on the very night Brian disappeared. Rob render was charge concealing brian's homicide in two thousand eight, but those charges were eventually dropped. Raw later died of a drug overdose in two thousand twelve in two thousand thirteen mario was found guilty of the murder of Brian Carrick. Two years later, that guilty verdict was over
turned by an appellate court. Mario was set free, he will never again. Charges related to this case. The justice system failed to provide closure for brian's, family and friends, but there is still something that can be done. There is a definition of justice, they think applies here and it is Justice is truth in action. If there is some measure of justice we can provide, on behalf of Brian its by telling the truth of what happened to this podcast lofty goal find out exactly what happened in the back. Let grocery store on a cold december night in two thousand to Brian's loved lublin the transfer community and everyone we ve been affected by this case deserve better than those theories they deserve. The truth. Oh, what you heard in the opening sequence was a recreation of court proceedings that took place at mario's murder trial in two thousand, and thirteen
These recreations are something we are going to be doing a lot of as you listen. these snippets from trial. You will hear what those twelve jurors, who convicted a shower of murder heard beyond that. You will be privy to several facts that jurors weren't allowed to hear. Some of these facts were overlooked, while others were deemed inadmissible by the judge Thankfully, we aren't held at the same evidentiary rules as the courts we are going to put all of the relevant some of this puzzle on the table, regardless of which side it helps. I encourage you to attempt to connect the pieces as we go along Although I will warn you now, it's not going to be an easy task. This trial started years after the murder occurred, you'll hear from people who are trying to tell the truth to the best of the wreck, action but whose memories are admittedly a little fuzzy there are going to be inconsistency in kind. predictions between various witnesses statements that will, some sorting out mario's attorney
Brian calendar was unable to make sense of this complicated fact pattern. Here. express the following during his closing statement. Every witnesses, something contradicts another witness. Now, I'm not going say then lying people are just well, that's what's most frustrating People are saying things that they don't know our true, the state, argue during their closing statements that we don't need to prove the exact cause, the exact time, the exact place of brain care extent. We don't need to prove how mario got rid of brain caracks body or where he may have disposed of him. So when it came to the specifics of how the crime occurred, Both sides could offer nothing more than a shrug of the shoulders, and I think that is why so many people are frustrated by this case people. wonder how a seventeen year old kid could walk into a grocery store reworked for years. a place where he knew everybody and nobody saw
anything that could explain what happened when I first became aware of this case and started reading up on it is just as baffled as everyone else as they got deeper into the case file. I realized my assumption that nobody saw anything that could help solve this mystery wasn't exactly true. That was just a preview of episode, one to listen to the rest. Go subscribe to framed in investigative story on apple podcast or reverie. Listening to this, when you're scrolling free social media, how can you tell what's real anything? Can be posted on line without being fact chat, but if you heard about the secret to permanent weight loss, wouldn't you give it
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