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On this episode of Generation Why, we revisit the Holly Bobo case. We originally spoke about her case on episode #203 which was before Zach Adams' trial. Now we look back at the trial and discuss what happened as well as the questions that we continue to have despite the State having made its case and getting a conviction. Did Zach Adams kidnap and murder Holly Bobo in 2011? If you haven't listened to our episode yet (or are unfamiliar with the case) we would suggest that you do so as this is a followup episode.

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in price line. Knows every trip is a big deal so when you're ready to book your next one check out price line, dot com for the easiest way to get more how an extent vacations tonight's kay, Yes, we are revisiting something. we ve already covered in the past. It was episode to o three This is the holly bobo case back home. We covered this. Hey stressing it had not. The trial we knew that they had people are I said that there were people talking but we didn't have, The real answers this time later, we still don't have the sir. I dont think at the time. Put it there, one ernie any convictions and since we covered it, they have gone to trial, been found guilty and put away, but let's give a quick rundown on what hap
and the day holly disappeared and for Those of you that are familiar bear with us. to give a quick synopsis. Holly bobo. Was a nursing student at the university of tennessee. She was twenty years old. Cannot these get her pictures she's attractive young lady everyone, found her to be very friendly, while light It was on the morning of April thirteen twenty eleven that her brother, Clint woke up, and looked out through a window to see holly who should have been after university already she was kneeling down near the car talking to someone who was dressed in camouflage well, Clint had just woken up in His first thought was that's probably her boyfriend, true because he was supposed to be turkey hunting that day, this guy's, in camouflage like he's a hunter, so it's it makes sense right yeah, so he doesn't think too much of it, but
He ends up seeing holly walk into the woods. Rattle side, this guy, which is very unexpected boyfriend or not. Why would they walk off into the wood especially when he knows that she is supposed to be in school. Four holly in the manner seen walking off to the woods. He gets a call from his mother Karen care Had gotten a call from a neighbor who said, I heard a scream coming from the vessel leave your home and were concerned, so caring called home and clear said, Jesus withdrew, but the court, to his mom. She knew that there was no way drew was going to be there because he was going to be He hunting. So there is no way he would have been at the home. Of course, What does the mom say to him when he acts like, let's just her boyfriend right would, chief
freaks out and says: that's not her boyfriend and even goes on to say, shoot him. Universe, strong reaction. There are two ways we can look at. This one way could be that she has her motherly instinct. That says, based on all the information. I know there is no way that someone is a friendly person. We needed action to save holly. The other idea here could be that her mom knows something more so whether its instinct or based on information? That's what karen says the gun and shoot this guy now the description that clint gives is. He says he never saw this man's face, so he only saw the general shape of the man no, he was wearing camouflage saw them. holding something black in his hand, the he thought was it I'll pop
simply a device that used in hunting. They call it a deer grunt by it other than that. He says he couldn't really make but the man was saying that he did hear his sister say. No, why I think he even said he had dark hair brown shoulder length, hair still because should have already been at school because she had a big exam that day. He thought this must something important between her boyfriend. I'm calling the police our boyfriend enough there breaking up. Getting in the way of that. But, as we know,. Whoever that was, it, was not true. we also know that holly At least her remains were later found and she had been the victim of murder so when we fast forward these state had brought a cow is against a man by the name of Zack Adams and zack is a known meth, dealer, correct, yeah and
Where this is located, it's very We would call rural it's it's up and oh wooded area, there's hills and just thick woods. So people would refer to some of these meth heads as like outback hillbillies, but Holly's from a good family she's going to school to become a nurse. So it's it's just a mix in this area. You have some people that they go to. drugs and other people that are hard working and trying to get on with their lives. But the police would talking with a man named John Dylan Adams, who happens, have an intellectual disability and joy, Dylan Adams? Will tell law enforcement that he saw his brothers zack with friend jason autry with holly and that's what gets lost? foresman after zack and jason the purpose of
revisiting. This is not to necessarily go through the case, as the state told it. Really. What this is all about is to point out The issues that the case has continues to have- and I think, is very important because zack as some court action left and were waiting to find out where this will go, and so yes, gonna conviction on zack items, but I think the real question here about whether that will hold up or not. I will that when this case was first finished at least as the trial went. I could see it got there based on the terrible crime. was committed here against holly bobo and the fact that the state had said this. Was a case involving murder. and drugs and abduction and that there are
All these guys involves Zack Adams Jason tree jane, austen, John Adams and may be others. They had a lot of people to come. to get on the stand and tell her stories. Zack added maintained all along. They had nothing to do with this. You got the wrong guy, I mean at one point but his right hand up and said right hand before god. I had nothing to do with this, but of course, This is an emotionally charged case. It was most expensive investigation most far reaching investigation in native tendencies, history. As far as I am aware, people wanted this solved, and so, when you have this, eight saying zack is ring later he's the one that did this to holly and is responsible for her action for the rape and murder of her. Then why? Wouldn't people go forward with that? But
again we're going to start bringing up the evidence and we'll kind of compare and contrast here and will see. Does it hold up. I guess the main it is here would be jason artery, who gives a full fashion to everything that happened, that day, typically thee videos that you'll see from the trial is of jason. Talking about how zack called him, for help and that he showed up at she austin trailer and that's where he found On Adams standing in the doorway shane walking around telling everybody they need to get off his land and, of course, zack and holly bobo. But how did we get to that point
we start with what they say they were doing that day. I think it's important points because I believe, if you have confessions, if Have people come foreign say I know exactly what happened here and give a time mine. I can tell you what happened to the victim, was involved, then we should be able to back that up with cell phone pings other testimony. There should be evidence in this case the information that was given to the authorities was sack. Adams plan was to teach clint bobo how to cook math. So Zack went to the house, the bobo's house, to teach the sun, how to make math right. This is the story. Yet we have this but he doesn't have any input as he says, no, I was sleeping. I woke up and saw this.
So these stories absolutely conflict between the sun and these two accused murderers. When you anna as the phone call that the sun had with his mother, it seems weird He sang she's outside she's, with her boyfriend. Maybe the more miss freaking out and being highly aggressive and saying shoot, em and like, said is that because the mother knows that these are met heads, she knows that her daughters being kidnapped at that moment. So we have questions here and if you go out and read on the internet, there's a lot of people who have the opinion, that the sun story just seems really weird and doesn't add up his observations of that morning are odd, but it was early in the morning, which I'm thinking do method come over it you know said. in the morning to help you cook math, and why would they
to the bubbles house to show him how to cook math wooden, They have him come to their house. There, trailer were over there meth lab. It is a real as you can make methana gatorade bottle, but it just seemed really absurd to go to his house, especially on foot, to show him out a cook. Math is simple: to be at eight in the morning, but it does Does it make sense the problem here? Is that you have the phone call and cleanse acting confused? His mom saying shoot this guy and he sang what shoot true that doesn't it true. If he knows he has visitors exactly and beyond that How did they go from teaching him to cook math to abducting rape and murdering his sister. I guess you could you A methods are all crazy and and sought
opportunity and decided we're gonna take his sister and leave well according to octree yeah. He said that holly, bobo showed up and start screaming and hollering, and That's when zack took action and letter into the woods because they did find blood near the car we buy artery story. Zack led holly off into the woods, but case wasn't belt around just ah tree. It was built around ah tree and the others. So there a lot more here, but again Is this all happened? Why is clearly not reporting? Yes, why isn't he going in getting a gun? Why is he not enough this alteration with one or both of these men. This is why you have a large amount of people out there that from the very beginning suspected that clint was involved, I'm not trying to spread rumours or suggest that he was I'm just saying, because
phone call us so weird, and because of how we're the action is story by jason ah tree, which the prosecution, and the police bought hook line and sinker might sense. This make mean literally think about that story. Is that the reason that sack runs into holly. That morning is because she, upset with him for trying to teach her brother to cook math and so the zack takes care of her? how did she know that he's coming over to do that, Unless her brother and zach have a friendship or relationship, and she knows that zack is bad news and then the their thinking. Oh well shoot this guy. Does the mother know who this is, and that is bad news, there's a lot of oceans there they don't add up, but clint just woke up from a slumber.
There was a report, some neighbour called Karen bobo and Where did hearing a scream clint said never heard a scream and I'm not surprised because he probably slept there. The conversation he had with his mom still seems a little odd. Let's take a look at Zack Zack. And the man ass described by clint, who should have record eyes? Apparently, if you go by artery story, Zack and this unidentified subjects, they dont look alike, and this guy also does not look like drew clients identification or at least his description of this unidentified person. How good is it well again Just woken up, I think, that's tricky. What I will say is this further to me just gets this notion that zack was there trying to teach them how to cook math and then took holly because she got upset that he had shown up. But here we go.
The abduction now has happened. They lead holly off into the woods or a man has led holly off according to clear, so they they call out search and rescue they urged to all the woods there are unable to find any site, of her. Next to the bobo house. They move on the trails they finding some of her belongings. Together, we is that she seemed to have taken her stuff with her like one of the things that you, where there was a lunch bag. She just tat, that stuff with her I dont know we know we could gas why that is. I don't know if the person said just bring your stuff you'll be back or will Take you on to where you need to go before coming with us yours will lie to the victim now were introduced. staff. We won't kill you as long as you cooperate. I dont know it's really. hard to understand why she takes this stuff with her. But she does they.
track herself on pings and they get a map of where her movements have been in its all in the general vicinity of this house, but this other people live on these pills, these mountains, whatever you want to call them and at this point that it said the holly is being held at shane, austin, trailer and that's win Jason gets. This call from Zack that he needs help dealing with Holly there, but a dumper body in the river under forty overpass at the river, but that's they find out that she's still alive. According to a tree, he said, Adams shot holly during that first will called the first attempt to get rid of her body after octree said he saw a leg move and they or make a sound zack.
Have, I says you ve gotta, make sure she's dead. They were disposed of her body, but now they are afraid that, because they the shoot, a gun at holly that they were going to be found. Out, so then they had a move again. I think the way the state has it is that our tree his lot of testimony for things that he wasn't even therefore an accord I think there was some distancing here like oh, I wasn't wouldn't ever hear. I wasn't here for that, but I guess, try to put it in the light of jason. was not with zack for the cooking math class or whatever he was doing that morning, then, of course is the call later because Zack needs help getting rid of holly. I dont think it clears anything out because ah trees. Testa is essentially like. He knows everything that happened and I guess-
He might say well, Zack told me how this went down. They take her to the river to dump her body and zack shoots her. in the back of the head, they put a lot of stock in the fact that when they local it holly's skull, her remains were found, a hunter who was looking for ginseng. They found that is a defect in the skull from a bullet the defect in her skull was likely cause by a thirty eight caliber or smaller caliber bullet. That coincides with Arteries claim that she was shot with a thirty two caliber hangin. What are they do then aaron they leave the river area and they had back into the woods which you brought her to the river to dump her body. she's still alive you shooter in the head and then you don't dumper body
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giving details on the crime. There's also a woman by the name of rebecca herb. She was dating zack at said the time and she talks about how abusive he was and how when she wouldn't cooperate, later say, I will tie you up and do what I did the highly bobo to you. So he was threatening her life and impact himself and valuables abduction and murder. She also said that she had received a phone call. six thirty in the morning on the day, holly was taken from her boyfriend Zack, but that zack had called her from his brothers found. That's john Dylan Adams phone, which was I she claims that she had a phone call that morning, but that not with phone records, indicate So she saying that she got a call from Zack from his brothers fun. Yes, but
phone records, dont show this call ever happening. Now. Here's where it gets odd. It's brought up, testimony that zack knew how to spoof a phone. I guess that's their way of saying ass? He might he used it rex so that it couldn't be traced which, if you take that for reality, that he can just make the phone now be able to be true, or whatever, then it doesn't matter whether you can put him with her. a foreigner not that morning and I think that a case here is when you have a problem, get your evidence you can. they things in a way that give you sort of an out. Now I mean you spoof a number. I know how to do that. There's apps! You can get off the app store, that'll spoof a number for you, but regardless it will show an incoming call. It'll show a ping, and, if that happen, then it doesn't matter if you if they are not so this whole phone call is used as evidence against him, but no evidence
as usual to back up that claim wasn't there a video and alive The video of footage of them raping holly Two men Jeff denmark, percy, who was said, had recorded holly bobo when she was tied up, so we have more people that are involved in this abduction. Rape and murder while woman named Sandra king, she was friends, jack percy said that they have information about holly, bobo's, murder and kidnapping panel. They had this video evidence and and the video evidence was holly bobo is possibly seen in a video that some people had seen and she was crying obviously terrified. the description that video as light description as it is is just enough to give you a picture in your mind. It almost feels real, but
they were never able to find this recording and they confiscated these men's phones and went over them with a fine tooth. Come now, during trial. They have our witnesses on the stand talking about this video and how somebody told them about the video or how they had seen. The video it themselves I have to say here and that we just covered Nicole vander hayden There was a friend of Nicole's her testimony of the abusive boyfriend who, possibly murdered Nicole, Her testimony was considered. Hearsay and deemed inadmissible Yet somehow we can put multiple p on the stand to talk about a video that was never produced even have people on the stand talking about other people who viewed the video It's it's a little shaky say
The king says that mark shot the video of zack raping holly and her proof this is jeff- would never lie to me, meaning Jeffrey percy would never lighter, which that's not real evidence right. And she said that she herself saw about thirty to forty five seconds of the video before turning away in which did she asked Jeff to turn it off he claims that she never saw the cell phone again. I don't know what that supposed to mean, I had supposed to mean that he'd, discarded the cell phone and that whatever cell phone, the state or law enforcement looking into, is the wrong one and that's why they never found the video it gives them out. Jeff south said that he had never seen such a video and he doesn't believe anyone who has ever seen the video there talking about, I think he's trying to say it doesn't exist now, since the defence had to deal with this video of hall.
They had to cross, examine these witnesses and it turns out at the only name on this, video was holly which happens to be one of the witnesses, wives names who happens to have blonde hair. So that's all The defence can really do with this alleged vis. oh is just say what so and so's wife's name, holly and what color was her hair blonde. Maybe you are mistaken. When you saw this video because they and you say there was, the video you never found it. So. Therefore we don't care about cross examining they have to mount some sort of a defence here so far, if you just take what we've talked about it's building up a case, it's all a story this is all based on the words of people but isn't really backed up by any fat Sir evidence yet and we can tell you that they did
all kinds of dna testing and they checked all the evidence. The only thing that they could back up was that of the huddles a blood they found outside of holly's house. They re they get a dna profile from one of those puddles and it was holly's blood. Let's look at that shit bleeding before she left the home and its claim that zack puts it back of his truck. In drives around with her shoots her the head, so they checked his truck right this way truck, actually belong to his grandfather. father said that weeks before this answer, I think it was about a couple weeks before he had they moved that truck your friends house. He did that because he didn't want fact: have access to a vehicle, his vehicles or nodding good shape. They talked with his friend. who said yeah that vehicle stayed there at the house didn't move and they are.
testimony for someone else who said yeah They remember seeing that truck there during that spain of time. What but really need to know here. Is that Zack Adams grandfather, whose name is dick Adams. He did not trust, sat with his truck sad air, I'm gonna, this pickup truck mine somewhere. Also there. He doesn't have access to it and that truck didn't test positive, for blood or dna or anything right. They didn't find anything tying holly too. That truck now jane in a tree told the court that zack was all though, seeing holly cousin Natalie nellie was a stripper natalie it was she was dating. Zack said we can a threesome with my cousin holly, then sack got it. sid and holly. You know they're trying to tie these people together, like how would Zack ever take notice of holly. How would she get His radar well
sure we have the story of the cooking math and then something goes wrong. There any takes her, but now her tying it back too well stating natalie, and she, I am interested in Holly. It still is a weird narrative tat. He showed up at the house, and this on m decided to kidnapper, but The other thing keep in mind. So so far, if you listen to jason artery, He is saying that clint wanting to know how to cook math, nato was working at a strip club and was dating sack and offered to hook came up with her and her cousin The Baba family is their having to listen as testimony that says hey. This is what you are doing. This is what you were doing you guys new zack. You know it all. Power station, double pc with a report her name, birth stags, he contacted Natalie and she said
not true, she said She wasn't even working at a strip club at the time of the abduction their building this narrative and based on nothing like theirs nothing supporting it, so again keep going much of the people, in this case had a lot of trouble going on at the time had other issues and they getting deals to testify, so the state prosecutor ass for immunity, for three men to testify against sack Adams you can see how, if their willing to test if I d get immunity, and maybe other deals. Oh oh, why? Wouldn't they speak again, sack Adam Smith. It's your butter, his, but I mean who you gonna, look out for one shane Austin was supposed to be your star witness because it was His trailer were mostly
went down, they gave him, were they struck? A deal with him for full immunity for anything. He testified with against sack Adams, but immediately after they struck this deal, the state prosecution, want to revoke the deal, and I you know that interesting that they can strike a deal with you and then revoke the deal? I didn't think that was a thing, but they lame it's because shane didn't provide any useful information and a key some of not being truthful. sure how they knew, whether or not he was telling the truth or not, because they're having really hard time vetting people's stories with the actual truth, the truck. What She worked at a strip club or the affair call that happened or didn't happen that morning, yet they revoke go back on this deal with shane
Jane austen would become so distraught over this case that they would find him hanging in a hotel room in Florida took his own life. How much this case bothered him. That's how much and being tied to this, but how much pride put on him. He said that he maintained his innocence. damn I guess we'll never know, but in the end they didn't Yet the location of Holly bobo's remains from him and I that says it all he should have known. We have this idea and I that starting to go away, but we have this idea that, just because there is a confession that we now know the truth, I think we're you have confessions, it should tie facts together. There was a phone call. This happen. Let's put that together. Let's verify I'm sure some people are out there saying well Clint could have lied
He didn't want you to know that he was cooking, math or planning to cook math, really he's more, worried about math, then is about his ancestor wise confused on the phone with his mom. It just doesn't ring true and again. He only saw one person out there and it never occurred to him that it might have been anyone other than drew but later on, when he realizes that was not true. Believe me, they checked drew out. They checked clint out at even came out there. been stripped searched. They turn him sit down here. having listened, listen to different man speaking and the only person That was a suspect in this case who he is aimed as being potentially the person he heard and remember he make out their words exactly, but he did hear there. Boys was a man by the name of terry Britt. Now terry Britt out of left field, he's not
we affiliated with these other people is not cooking met with them. Right. Who is this guy? Terry Britt was a suspect in us abduction and murder- and this something that really developed under terry and I hope on his name right degas, he was the criminal investigator for the tv I the tennessee bureau of investigation. You know he will tend to all the different suspects, which would be adams, terry bread, so and so forth, but he didn't the focus on sack because he felt like Terry brett was a better fit for one there is only one man seen out there with holly and the description that clint gave is a damn near exact description of terry brain Terry bread was on people's radars because he was a well. Let's say he was creepy. He had an interest in. Blonde women, my colleague, and
he was also given the nickname, chester them. Molester people said that he was. talking, girls, is questioned by this detective investigator and for the most part he doesn't say anything: that's in criminal, to himself. He doesn't put himself there but in the investigator asks. What do you think happened? He starts saying: well, they took this girl, you know she's real pretty, so you know why It goes on to say, and then they decide they have to kill it. And then you this body and what are you gonna do with it and he just search refer during to holly as an it after giving this really a brutal detailed account of how they had raper murder her, and then you have to get rid of it at that. and this investigator with psych. This is the guy
was convinced so much that he actually had cadaver dogs go check out. Terry brits property and they actually hit on some things right right. There is a shovel and a hammer that you could say dogs hit on for human decomposition. I think this is the investigators instinct telling him that cherry bread is involved in this crime. And is also interesting, that Holly bobo's own father, Dana bobo, said that he believed whoever had taken holly with some and who must have stopped her and knew her routine, as well as the other families routines, and now, where to hide, and when to approach holly, which is It makes sense she's about to get in your car and all sudden. Here's this person threatening her likely with in a possible
The gun or some other weapon, I think she had to have been stabbed or something because is blood found by where she was in the carport, so when it- without to it. You have terry bread. who says I have an alibi, and so we have look at his alibi. He says I was out that day with my and we were shopping for a bathtub store store, is all good salvage now improved this. If you find a receipt right because he says they bought a bathtub, oh yeah, he, he gives a whole story about their shop. excursion and how they purchased a bathtub but couldn't find a receipt for this bathtub
so the investigators go to the store, because they're like why don't you must have a record of the sale that morning right? What do they find? They checked at the store for the entire week of April thirteenth, two thousand and eleven, and they had no proof of a sale to terry Brett or his wife, but they do produce the authorities. produce a search warrant for terry brits home in his safe and at finding, and this is of course later they find a hand written receipt for the bathtub. Well, I guess that clears it all up right. Well, it Just means said his alibi, isn't so good. They also take a look at the cell phone pings and records for terry bread and his wife and well they weren't together, like he said they were. so terry. Bread has lied to authorities have Cadaver dogs hitting on his property. But what are they? what this guy? What are they doing?
Well, they don't do much with them, because the tv I can't its pushed aside and Dick S, sir, have you pronounce his name? He gets pushed out. It said that they don't agree with them, meaning the state authorities, aid on agree with his investigation and this is interesting because the first time that sack atoms and his crew, come up as a real perpetrators of what happened to highly bobo. It came out basically because, as of Sheila, why saki She and her team at without warning, had put together a kind of iraq. case against sack and his crew. I don't feel like reports set their liars. The tb I supposedly had said and the media reporting is actually accurate. I think they were just trying to help the bubble family and so based on their research and information they had gotten. They felt like that
against the atoms and his crew was better than the case against brett. I don't want to. Toss? Why saki and the others out, necessarily by it. Do we have with the states case? We have testimony you. Don't have a single piece: of dna connecting sack to the crime You don't have any testimony that led to the remains of holly. None of that, so my opinion when you have just a case belt stories it's not very solid, I'd say well what about terry Brett? Well, I dont think they got to dig in enough on terry brett, in time, I'm not trying to say that he did this, but I'm saying if we're gonna go with either zack or terry, then I feel like terry is a missed opportunity. This. This is a guy that could have in involved apparently
bite the investigation and several of his items getting hit on fur deacon decamped, mission by cadaver dogs, if he'll think there's more their plus the others. His alibi is really bad and we have to description from quaint himself and it seems to fit terry way better, then sack atoms. When you look at the morning. Events, the terry brit profile fits so That's been stocking her tracking her movements, opposed to a random. Encounter with a method. I don't know that's. it's a little bit contrived there. If you know I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now, audible offers an incredible select. of audio books across every genre. I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from top celebrities
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short red hair, not long brown hair, but couldn't match him up with holly locations either weaning her cell phones, location, so it just doesn't work. So if we were to take jason arteries, confession and play by play of the in the crime it has huge, gaping holes in it there things that they do during his confession that don't make any sense like driving the dumper body in a river and then not dumping or body in the river and driving somewhere else there. a little all over the place and inconsistent, but to hear the mantell it in court. It's pretty convincing, because it's so brutal. And matter of fact and practised. I dont think that We want to do this episode because we're saying the state has literally nothing but I feel like I've.
Cases and I'm sure, using cases before where it's a little He and this the kind of stuff they gets overturned if we're looking for jobs This for holly, I feel like they should have a better case. against these guys on what they have. I mean if they Continue on and remains in prison and nothing changes. Well, they won, they got their victory in court. I just When I look into this case, I don't feel like their case is strong enough for me to feel confident that The narrative that they laid out works doesn't sound write to me and you would think that you could back this stuff up I haven't seen any proof that is being backed up and then you Since early on you talked about john dylan atoms and he had in it actual disability? Is that what you called it yeah, dick Adams? his grandfather. He gave testimony on stand about dillon
John doe atoms and said He had a learning problem. He was below average. I q in this is Brendan das, ie or jesse from Memphis three all over again, according to dick Adams. He said that dylan couldn't tell you sorry, he was bad at it and that's because he can't all that information in his head. He can't relate it back to you you might say well, this is such a horrible story. It must have stuck with him, but and if he's really shaky, I will to see this testimony back There was some kind of evidence other than it Here she may have been shot in the back of the head and ah tree says that zack shot holly in the back of the head and it's sad because one would think this case this trial would be ripe for a retrial would be ripe for an appeal, but all
things went in. All of this evidence Simone he went in and was accepted, this first trial, even though it's been proven that it can't be substantiated with any hard evidence, but they did it correctly. mean I know they're going to appeal, but I don't know what they're going who appeal on you have to show. The prosecution did something wrong. It's not that day use the wrong evidence and lied its did. They do it right in court and I'm look at this thinking the color they made. It goes So how are they gonna get this appeal? What are they gonna fight on? What grounds are they gonna fight on? I believe that direction. They can focus on. This whole thing on is how this probably shouldn't have gone to trial in the first place. When you talk about them weight of the evidence. It's not an that someone said oh yeah so and so did it. Can I have my milkshake this Alice works anymore, it should be backed up,
real evidence and if you don't have enough evidence and if adjudged looks this over and says yeah down house, enough here to warrant the original trial taking place. Then maybe zack its freed then, I'm not saying he didn't do this. I'm saying it's really weird that the stories that artery tells, which I'm sure could be possible by I mean it's not like clint back that up didn't say I thought we were going to cook math. You have to go through and accepted this stuff, that artery says you know Nobody can say anything they want, but when you can't back it up with the proof, just like the video, why are we talking a video that has never been found. Oh, oh, I get it. Instead of saying we don't have the video worth to move without it. They say we should charge these guys for destruction of evidence really
yes, I understand. If they, if they do this kind of stuff, they can literally say justin. We heard you took pictures of crime in progress, and we weren't the final pictures, but because we can't find them we're in a charge you for getting rid of those pictures, you're obstructing the law? Well, it's just like the deal they struck with jane austen he said. Oh, will you get immunity if you testify against sack and then they didn't feel any of his testimony was good enough. So therefore they said well you're not being truthful and we're going to now revoke this deal with you that's pretty underhanded, and this is my problem. If zack did do this, they should be. To prove it, and they should be able to vat all this evidence and win the. de verdicts came down for these guys. specially Zack, who was found guilty on all counts, including first to be murder and possibly could be given the death penalty. At that point, but
The prosecution and state said well, if you don't think these guys are guilty. Then, ah, that's your problem, You haven't seen the things that we ve seen well, we saw what they brought to court and I still questions here. I think that that could have done this. I think, if had one shred of evidence and not just a confession: I'd buy it. Smoking gun is all I need terry brett who live now, that far from holly and enough, if you wanna talk about where her cell phone went in and all of that doesn't really remove him from the vicinity. Let's talk about, what we do know about him, he's a register sex offender in january, two thousand twelve to council, aggravated, kidnapping and sex. What battery attempted rape, nineteen, ninety five aggravated rape, also a ninety ninety five kidnapping, nineteen. Ninety six got eight years for
raping a seventeen year old. We could go through all he's just in, but the point here is that he has multiple conviction, four aggravated rape, assault and kidnapping on his record, which Zack Adams does not a much better profile in a much better suspect. As far as a bad, round goes my car should really here is why wasn't britain kind bars during this time, we wouldn't even have the question of him being a suspect. As this man should have been behind bars with all that sexual violence and in history in his past. Why is even walking around a free man at this point. There is another thing about terry. That's really interesting during the trial. The defence Had a? U s marshal on the stand. This marshalls name. John Walker
His testimony was that he had interviewed terry bred in march of twenty thirteen. At that point he ed after talking with britain. Of course, they had gone through the home in everything he had told them said vienna. We think that you're involved in this case. We think that, you're, the guy and they laid out their theory to him and Apparently, according to his testimony, terry brit responded with sound like you, have it all figured out how plead to it, but Who s marshals while he's not going to Charges he's not going to arrest him what he does at that time was if he takes that information and he hands it over to the tb. I again the tb. I was the group that were very much focused on terry Britt and I'm sure this helped, but as we know, nothing really came of that. So am I
thoughts her these one, Karen bobo was absolutely adamant that the authorities locked down the roads and they did do that just on the information they later gleaned from hollywood, phone. If they had the problem. It would have been able to save her or at least discover who is with her. and so that's what You call miss opportunity, but I don't really know how that call gets made. or to act on someone's intuition or not, but I think it's. The authorities are not going to jump the gun too much. Maybe I feel like that, would be going against people's rights stick to lockdown. Roads, all of a sudden, maybe twenty twenty? They would changed their minds? They could do it over again. I dont know. The other thing here is is that I think it's quite possible. Zack Adams is involved in this case. We
on one hand, have clint line he could lie because he doesn't want anyone to know that he was showing an interest or trying to get involved in methamphetamines or perhaps octree be some of what he said is not true, but some of it is maybe he does know enough, that zack was involved and just he, this relating crap, that he heard that isn't quite true did I mean so its power. Simple that they have the right people, but again the evidence. Crew saying that, though the right people, seeing it and it so feels like early on terry brett was the guy and then later long I meant turned away from him and I think that's too add. I would like to have seen more investigation, especially, since he has the background to fit this crime? Typically, when people are abducted like this, it's one person typically So again, terry bread, better suspect, not saying he did. It does saigon
sayings actively didn't do it, but this is the case that despite all the investigation. They did all the interviews and You know a search warrants in all of this in tracking down where people were whether cellphones were it feels like maybe it got out of hand and that the should have been a lot simpler and We know how gets when cases get out of control. You can focus on people investigation. We have two different groups: law enforcement basically saying the other one was not focused on the right people And in the end, it seems like this state went with sack atoms and his crew said. These are the eyes. We're gonna, bring all these witnesses in and have testimony given to show hey This is a story and here's what it is. This is why he died, and this is She died, but I just can't I feel like something's wrong here
as I see it, and as I've read through the testimony and thought This case is this is still sticking with me, and I just that, in the end at some point, will be able to say how he Bobo had justice.
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