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Jamison Family Deaths. October, 08, 2009. Red Oak, Oklahoma. Bobby and Sherilynn Jamison, along with their daughter, 6 year-old Madyson, drive out to a remote area near Red Oak, Oklahoma to look at property. They are intending to move out there from Eufaula, Oklahoma. After this, no one hears from the family again. A search involving over 100 law enforcement and civilians fails to turn up the family's whereabouts, but their truck is located. Inside the truck is their now emaciated dog and many of their personal items. It would be four more years before their remains are discovered about 2.7 miles from where their truck was found. What could have happened to this family? Rumors suggested many possibilities: possible cult involvement, drugs and gangs, as well as strange behavior by Bobby and Sherilynn in the time leading up to their disappearance. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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he story and if you ve been on the internet, read it or youtube. You will have heard of this story and you might know a lot about it. talking about tonight there tonight we're talking about. Jamieson family deaths. So this is Bobby Jamieson. Who is forty four cheryl? Who is forty, their daughter madison, who is sick? years old, and this is a family who was living in you- follow oklahoma they were looking to move out to the wilderness. they were looking for a plot of land that was much more secluded yeah. They in a move out by red oak. They are looking for land and it's mostly in and the mountainous region up there and they pack up their white pickup truck. drive up the mountain and its october, eighth, two thousand and nine nobody
here's from them again and then, eight days later, there truck is found and the police are called in there looking for the family really focusing on finding the child, because when there's a child involved, that's always the priority and that's when Lattimer county shares department launches a massive search effort. They have dogs horses drones over a hundred men who search for this this family. They won't find them until four years later in their bodies will be about three miles also more their truck was found. All three of them will be found face down next to each other, but their bodies are very decayed. So it's it's mostly just bones that are remaining the hunter added at finding three human skulls and after report, This the area was investigated it turned up more bow
and bone. Fragments shoes and bits of clothing. Then they don't even what they are. First, don't do that yeah? It seems eyes that no one had come across these bodies before because they said it wasn't really too far off Yeah, I was sort of in the right off the path and this path actually in india, way led back to the track where the road where their truck was found. But, as we know, searches are perfect and they do their best. They didn't know what direction the family one, often or anything. Oh when they find the truck they find that there's their cell phones there, gps their car keys, they fine cash, thirty two thousand dollars they find their dog, who is amazing, aided alive, but they find that the truck is law
Some description say that it appears that the truck was forced. after the side of the road, but when you if photos its rode on. The sight of a mountain and its possible that they just sort of turned off a little trying to leave room. It doesn't look our appear to be: forced off the road at all. To me, other people describe the truck is being forced off, but there's no evidence of this is simply cut up slightly angled on the road, but with tee items, including their dog. Inside of the truck. It's obvious that the truck was left in haste. This was a very deliberate motion, leading up to their disappearance is lot of interesting events, first thing we have is the family
who are very religious. They go to church, they live in a fairly house on their land. They have smashed up pickup truck stored unit. And other miscellaneous items, but on this pickup truck there is graffiti on the storage unit. There's all kinds of writing the pickup truck says: peace god Rules on these storage unit theirs weird inscriptions about black cats. Three cats killed to date by people in this area by people in this area. Be you. Why not be? Why, which is don't like their black cats killed and all this writing his actually sure a lens writing it spray painted on their others, a broken down, cadillac missing its wheels, canada,
you know me, I guess if you live out in the outskirts of rule Oklahoma, this might just be a thing, but its very odd. It is been reported that share lynn would I guess say that she was a witch and leave which paraphernalia out in order to protect herself gap, fend off bad spirits. We'll know protect herself mother people, both both because the if, if she was considered a which people might leave her alone, apparently they had three cats killed, by people in the area and so Is her warning that she didn't like her cats being killed, so she said, which is don't like their black cat killed. Her friend would say that they did. You know. Rituals together but it was sort of tongue in cheek
her friends that it wasn't serious but shall absolutely thought that shirley was a lot more serious about. it. They don't give allotted descriptions on these things. I mean she had peppermint coils and other herbs and staff. So maybe it's a again dang, but she uses the term, which is they claim that their house was haunted. thought that there were evil spirits at one point: they say They had three spirits that were hanging out on the roof. They would try to exercise these evil spirits. It is said that Bobby had a say, tat bible hand he when he was questioned about why had this, he said he was going to use it to exercise the demons at the house which, if you have read the antarctic. They a satanic bible, there's nothing in there about exorcism. Does nothing
about demon ology, really, it's kind of a self help book, written by antimony back in the seventies and stuff. It's not theirs. Thing really in their about this kind of thing Bobby would ask his his pastor, Gary Brandon, about spiritual or fair and see if there were a way to bless his bullets or if they were special wholly bullets, he could use to shoot evil spirits according to gary leading up to the disappearance, Sherlock had a son named coltan from another relationship who was older, not living. There Colin said that a few weeks before they disappeared, he had spoken to his mother and she had made no mention of the move or trying to find property
a contradiction there, or maybe she wasn't telling him about it. They did have some altercations with Bobby's father I guess they own day cologne a gas station and the profits of the gas station we're being divided up and it was a big what to do with the family. and they argued about it. Bobby's father would threaten Bobby. According to Bobby he says that he threatened to kill him, so he tried to get a section order or a restraining order filed. It was actually dismissed by the court, but there's record of them not gang along and there's court orders there during you time at the disappearance, though Bobby's father would actually be. in a nursing, home or hospital for health related reasons, so they don't think that he would have been a veil
herbal. He has a pretty solid alibi now Bobby suffered from back pain and he had been in a car wreck, so he had been injured, and never quite recovered share a was manic, depressive bipolar, says Bobby was actually depressed too, because, He's getting older he's injured. He can't move around so they have scripture, bottles coming out the ears for pain, medications and anti psychotic another thing they found in the truck was an eleven page handwritten letter by charlotte too, and about Bobby, declaring how much she hates him. How much he has destroyed their lives and their relationships. Thoughts doesn't look
and she also calls him a hermit. He won't leave the house, but it's obvious because he's in pain, he's injured, he's not doing too well so yeah he's a hermit. Doing a whole lot. The one thing that most people will talk about in regards to this case is The family was getting more and more paranoid with the neighbours in suspecting the neighbours of killing their cats with the evil, beer, it's on their rooftop they had a pretty serious security system set up in the house and outside the house due to the threats from his father Bobby senior, Bobby's mother installed a security system on their home, so they could watch the outside the house, so they had a camera that was facing the driveway the day they laughed, you see she
ireland and Bobby going out to the truck and during like packing it up with stuff with boxes and people. I'll say that they were amazing, aided looking. I can't tell out from the video footage itches it's a far away camera. So if family members say there, they were skinny an amazing aided the gnats their recollection, but you cannot tell that from the actual video footage. Well, Bob was over six a tall, and he was a hundred and fifty some pounds was you that wait for months or weeks You know, we don't know what his weight loss was, but the odd thing about this video is there. Not really speaking to each other, their packing things into this truck and sleep taking some of the things they took out to the truck and taking them. Into the house. You know a lot
commentary on the internet say. It looks like this a trance like state. They look like zombies now. I dont do a lot of talking when I'm moving start, but it is a little eerie to see now. Their family members described that Bobby is in so much pain that he, barely walked into the driveway yet for we're twenty minutes. You watch him carrying boxes to and from this truck, so he wasn't totally immobilized. He could move around a little bit, but takes them way too much time to load. One, ever their loading into this truck they are seen carrying like a briefcase or bag to the truck, and this bagger brief case is not recovered, so it disappears. Also, surely had made a friend prior to the disappearance who it up, living with them and helping them out. It was kind of a family friend,
older male, they end up having a disagreement. Now it is reported tat, he was a white supremacist and since charlotte, was native american. He figured that out one day and decided that he didn't like her any longer, but he wouldn't leave eve, so cheryl in pulled out her twenty to come. repair cattle and threatened him with it, but he still wouldn't leave so she ended up shooting at the ground by his feet to threaten scare him off now. I dont know much about this man, we don't know, You even truly was a white supremacist or not. We don't know if that was The actual argument that just been what's reported, the family friend, was cleared by the fbi as a possible suspect, but tween knee shooting at this man.
And then wanting to shoot things on the roof. I just would. want to be one of their neighbors cause between them the shootings in the store june. It's all broken down cars and all the crazy spray painting graffiti this don't seem like. Family. I want to live by now believe that he had made a threat to her. Something like you shouldn't, be alive right now, when you see pictures of their truck and all that stuff in it. You see their their phones. Are there you see satchel, but the truck is trashed, there's just all kinds of garbage and there the dashboard Has ding dong packaging an empty pardon of cigarettes just just garbage like they just never clean the thing out ever assuming their their home in their lot. Look
very similar because they had broken down cars and stored units, I dont know if this is a hoarding situation or not, but if you have a store, tuna in your front yard. It might be there for a reason: the storage container on their property, while they were planning to use that as their home once they have suitable property. So there were gonna, move the storage container up the side of a mountain to a plot of land. Live in that while they built a cabin or some sort of structure, yeah, they're gonna. force a six year old girl to live in a storage container. And, of course, I do all this. They had to pull her out of school Bobby jamieson- was planning to do the school, although I dont actually know why? Probably I don't even know if they might have threatened to calm, cps or something which I think
beef and their rights to do the jamieson family. Their mother would state that baby, you're very loving parents? They were very loving. people and they loved their daughter very much because of the thirty thousand dollars found in the truck, though, make a connection to this be a drug deal gone batter, though somehow infer a drug deal or drug usage to this also, crystal meth is very prevalent in the area where in america is met, not a problem of her mouth. I would say now: let's turn they weren't and drugs and no drugs. Found at their home. No illegal drugs were found at their home or in their tracks So no signs of crystal meth but prescription bottles. Well, if you look at pictures of the inside of the truck they're everywhere. Now, as far as the money is turned. This seems
like the money that's connected to the law suits that he filed in regard to the eight this car accident that he was injured in back in two thousand five and I'm trying to remember the amount, but it was about sixty thousand dollars. Was it not yeah? It was said that they weren't doing well financially. Yet his this money from a lawsuit he's trying to buy up a plot of land I dont know how they're not doing well. Well, I don't know how much the land costs out there. They are. They have money coming from the state they have distance disability checks and other things and they also own time shares, so they thin echo and the united states the gun, money coming in. I don't know, their house cost? So, let's talk about this you set it up that the obvious have some issues. I know some
We are saying that they were a great couple. Everything was fine, but there are others, including a friend, comes foreign says: no, they weren't getting along to back that up. We have the letter. this angry letter that's left in the truck this move. Move out to the middle of nowhere by red oak that is more of a signal that they're trying to get a fresh start so now find fine. We established not getting along. But if they're trying to make this move to get a fresh start, maybe they are trying to fix things, that's very possible. There's the sheriff feels there's foul play here and he wants to fine their murderers. Sharon's mother absolutely agrees with this idea that they were murdered.
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they were walking on some ran whose land and they were trespassing and the rancher, came out and killed them. There is even the theory that call members came after them because there were colts in the area and she as you know, saying, don't kill my cats, you know, don't kill a witches cat, so there's this cold connection. What would you think of those they had told the real ter that they didn't need any company? They were just going to go out, look at the land for them elves. Another theory is it's possible that some anew they were headed out that way and perhaps knew that they didn't put all this money in the bank and intercepted them out there? Let's look at that. If somebody knew they were carrying a large amount of cash with them and intercepted them, wall, the cash was in the truck, not necessarily because
as we do have a missing, but is it a briefcase? Yes? We we have a missing brief case, it's possible that brief case went with them when they left the truck, because it was not in the truck true and they never recovered the briefcase, Oh there there's a missing briefcase and a missing twenty two caliber handgun, yet they never found either. Those are items that could have been stolen if there were other people involved in his disappearance and murder yeah, and if there is a meth deal going down, why would they drive to the side of the mountain to do a map deal that doesn't make a lot of sense. They could have gone anywhere to do this, they could have just had the met dealers come to their house and do it inside the house, or who had inside their stored unit in their front yard, whatever I dont really I into the math theory myself
if they were walking on a ranchers land, trespassing I could see a a rancher. aging them possibly shooting at them, but is he going to kill a man or woman in a six year old child execution style because of trespassing. I don't see that as far as a possibility. As far as holds, go the most corti people around seem to be share a lan who's, the only one. That's writing weird stuff. On her side, container and in the truck and bobby asking his church members if they have special bullets, to shoot at demons and evil spirits on their rooftop there, the cruelty ones. There has been zero evidence that there's room.
having bands of satan s quarters in this area. It just doesn't seem likely. I guess I point the finger at them being the the weird, a culti people in the area and not a random group of teens Listening to her iron maiden or something now. We also mention that Bobby's father had made threats against them and these were real threats, but he was very, very ill, time, and so whether he was in it's possible that he was in a nursing, home or hospital. He each wasn't in shape to be going after his son at this point in time and he was over a hundred miles away too, to add to bob his father not being in the greatest of health. He would end up dying two months after the jamieson disappeared from natural causes,
so two months I mean. I know people can go downhill, pretty quick, but he was already in a hospital dying. there's, a rumour that they had a beef with the mexican mafia tyrants. The mexican mafia, totally unsubstantiated. I think people are destroying our courts and mexican mafia just because they sound edgy, I dont know one of my ideas is murder suicide. The major problem, with my idea about this is the gun is not found, so if share a lan is upset with Bobby and she shot at her friend to get him to leave. Bobby, wants to shoot shoot at imaginary. Spirits on in his house, they seem to want, shoot their way out of a lot of their problems. So it's not a leap for me to think that either bob I found this letter that cheryl and wrote
charlotte wrote this letter as her final good, bye and one or the other killed the rest of the family and then shot themselves or use their pills to o d. Now the problem, Is when they examined the remains, it was impossible for them to determine cause of death. They were so far decayed and in in the so far gone that they were unable to Do toxicology unable to do anything? In fact, it took a whole year After they found the remains to identify them as the jameson family for dna testing, so they weren't able to show
as a death, but Bobby school had a hole in it, possibly a bullet hole, but the pathologists could not confirm or deny if it was made by a gunshot. This case has a lot of unknown and, as for the missing brief case, some people believe that it could have held more cash and her gun, which makes sense it's quite possible, because that would account for why they didn't find those things if they took it out with them and then just ditched it somewhere. They sent about a hundred people out to search for them when they went missing but took a number of days for them to be reported missing, because
they were in constant contact with everybody, so when they did send out the search party, they weren't able to locate this family despite being in that area get so I could see them missing this brief case. It could still be out there in going with all the stuff they had in their truck. What if there was food in the suit case in an animal wanted to get to it. We don't know we have a lot of suspicious activity between Carolyn and Bobby, and things were rocky between them and you add in that bobby's in pain from his back The accident, two thousand five and share land is going through trouble with her bipolar disorder. That's where in when you look at this case, if you say, what's the simplest explanation, it very well could be that this.
Looking at land was actually something else, it could be a murder suicide, couldn't say if it was bobby or sure lynn that committed then the murder, because they both had it if they were unhappy with each other there be shirl and unhappy with Bobby or Bobby figuring out that shirley was unhappy with the fact that they left all their belongings and their truck, including their cell phones. This seems very intentional to me and maisie. The dog and the dog Why didn't they bring the dog? The dog is a a variable that whoever, with, if cheryl and was committing this. This act. Why? would you want to deal with a dog on a leash? Why would you wanna it's just an extra factor. wasn't gonna be brought along because your wife,
up the side of a mountain, what better placed to bring a dog along the dog, was rescued and is doing just fine and went to live with Bobby's, mother and fully recovered from eight days spent probably in the truck yeah. It's really sad because maisie being trapped in the truck like that, didn't have access to food and when they discovered the dog and the truck, they could tell that maisie had been eating her her own, feces, but the, but there is some weirdness with the phones they had taken. A photo of madison earlier When they had stopped on another mountain top and people make a lot of hope law about this photo, but you see their daughter, her arms are crossed she's, either about smile and laugh or cry, but it's a photo
I look at the photo and I think she looks happy- is she's making an expression, but she she looks like she's in between expressions. People make a big deal, she's not looking at the camera, so they think she's looking at her parents, because a child would typically look at her mother or father, and the fact that she is now looking at the camera means whoever murdered them was the one taking the picture, but our? What do you think? Well, it's Bobby's phone. It's his blackberry, that's used to take the image. Whenever you take pictures of people, you will catch people at moments where you could get their mood all wrong, and so I don't even want to guess at what this little girls thinking or doing at the time, because it's one picture it would have been more helpful to have a bunch of pictures, because just this one doesn't tell us anything, this could be a board look,
I have no idea- and so I have is this one image to look at and I would say I thought I just tossed this image out a dozen do anything other than it proves that they were at that location and they were able to verify that they were able to find the location where this picture was take it was in the afternoon. It was eighty something degrees, so they're, not free Using the death on this little walk up the mountain. What else did they find about the phone? Now they found phone records from his from Bobby's phone, he'd been calling his voicemail a lot and he had a lot of incoming calls. But if they disappeared on the eighth, you would expect that all phone activity would have stopped specially outgoing calls. Well, the problem with that is is the phone is
apparently locked up in the truck air? There's no way to know why the phone called the voice mail, and by that I mean the voicemail number was dialed from that phone. the twelve they disappear on the eighth and it said there these are not found and tell the sixteenth there's a voicemail call on the twelfth and it's kind of an expert and I mean I half wonder if the dog somehow a black parian away to where it is called out. But I have no familiarity with berry phone, so I dont know if it has such a feature, you can press down on something. Perhaps the number one and enable dial your voice- I I don't know it: does it does they its buttons on it, especially in two. in a nine and if you hit the call button and one or one in the call button which are actually very closely
other I dont know if a dog stepping on it could have done this, but the phone was on the seat, so It was in proximity of the dog, but its very weird that there appears to be an outgoing phone call for days after their disappearance and the phone should have been locked up, and on their persons yeah. I just have a hard time, believing that you could lock the dog up in the vehicle once and they go back again or even again after that and expect the dog to remain in the veal especially if it was a stranger and if it's the only out going call, is the voicemail, then was the significance of that according to law enforcement, or at least the lattimer county, sheriff at the time, its believe that these people died within hours of them arriving at the location. So soon after as just and said, they believe there must be foul play here. That's just there
instinct. Justin has mentioned that. He thinks that this could be a murder suicide and at least on our show, we try to think about what's most likely and if they're going out into the middle of nowhere like this. It's a very densely wooded area and there aren't roads out there. There are paths you have to have a truck of some type to get around or in a tv. So this family is just out there walking and they make it. Point seven miles. It's it's quite a distance from whether truck was given. What kind of area is that their walking through? I would expect them to be the only ones there we have to look at the people involved, share land and Bobby both had issues they had issues with each other and they had their own personal issues. Bobby could be a very moody guy because he's in pain all the time or.
he's medicating or abusing substances to help the pain and you have share lan who's been talking about witches and spirits and dealing with manic depression, their friend Nicky, who kind of dealt with the a cold. These stuff was Sherwin would say their houses absolutely haunted. She believed it ass. She she asked said that charlotte was acting very strangely, before the disappearance and got very paranoid and and very withdrawn. I, When you, when you put all that together, what are the chances that they ran into somebody or somebody intercepted them as opposed to this, was a deliberate action by them. There are people who make choices, who do things that you can't understand and it speak as they have serious mental issue,
or a thereon substances, and you can't figure out why they're doing what they're doing- and this could very well be the case here. I know people have come up with a list of reasons why this had to have been murder. They say Well, the vehicle sparked over here and then two point, seven miles away as the crow flies their bodies or are found, and there are things missing. There are things that they would have expected to see their. Why can tell you if you leave bodies expose, as to the environment and to the animals of the area. For four years, yeah you're not going to get a complete skeleton, most likely bones, get carried away. Things decay fall apart, so some people they all of it. They are missing teeth or their missing fingers and the way
that their laid out. It appears that they're all near each other, close proximity face down. It's been how long it spent four years. I think at this point I dont know that there is enough to show that there is murder. All I can say is that when you look at What these people were doing previous to this, there are a lot of strange things going on, and it's all them. It's all them. If you watch, if you look at the screenshots of them, going to the truck and back carrying the same item, sometimes going back and forth and not when addressing each other. What does that tell you? Why does this have to be a murder? There are already doing weird things. I remember when I was watching you see. Rampage Jackson had his huge mental breakdown where he, spent three or four days drinking red, bull and pray being in meditating because he said that he had a battle of good and evil and his head, and then he
getting. It is large pickup truck and driving around southern california running over other people's cars. Why did he do that? He didn't have a history of depression, but he had a snap. He had a break. These two people have a history. There obviously depressed. There obviously have problems. Just look at the pictures of their their land of the stuff. They These spray paint all the drugs that they had, even if it's not illegal drugs, drugs or drugs, and pain, relievers and anti psychotic. You can only on any of them and you can abuse any of those. I dont if they would have gone out there and just I don't know, get lost, I don't. I don't think that happened, but I Jeff let's go with a murder, suicide or some sort of suicide angle
as far as the murderer angle goes, why wouldn't the murderers know about the money in the truck? Why wouldn't they have gone to the truck to retrieve any valuable things? That's a problem hunter that came across their bodies didn't even realise that they were soon. Above three dead bodies with it the gun was used. Could somebody Somebody else had and along this trail, seen a gun laying their picked it up or if there was a hand around the gun and an animal came along and grabbed it is morbid, is that sounds? The absence of the gun does not mean that it was not used in this crime cause over the course of four years. A lot of things can have, There is a man that lived in the area who saw family going up that way and so
he never saw any one else going up or coming back down, and he never saw that family again. So this was a murder. Then Where did the murderers go? How did they get there and how did they leave Some would say this man wasn't watching that area. Constantly. as remote as the areas you think he would hear if someone did come through yet as far as the bodies being exe, each other. I know just an I discussed this in I had I had said this is one of the key points that people who believe this was murder point to they say the gun was not there. If they had committed suicide after you know, say, share land, for instance, if she had shot has been in her daughter and shut herself. The gun would be right there and it wasn't that its also possible that she could have shot the other two and then oh deed and then overdosed on something
We just don't know we don't know how it would have gone down. I just know that people continually bring it had to be murder and they the stall these reasons, but I can't get on my head that they were walking back and forth their truck twenty some odd times in a trance like state, getting this truck ready for trip, and then there's this long manic letter. That's eleven pages long from share land to her husband in the truck Is there and they seem to have brought along all their money? It's almost like this is their final trip. and whether they all knew it or just one of them knew it. I'd have to agree with the
the idea that this was a final trip for them and it didn't need an external force. It didn't need are a rancher with a rifle, it didn't need a drug gang and it didn't need a cult, a cult or in angry white supremacy, Is it just required people who are not doing very well and when you mix depression with whether its math or prescription drugs that are not being used, correct, ie or should be used, but are being used. You name it when it Stu, mixing people with issues and substances? I dont know why we need to look further than that and if we didn't have the information about the security footage, we didn't have them formation, they pull their daughter out of school. We didn't have the infirmary In that they were seeing spirits, they are seen dead people
the list goes on the other direction and if we didn't have that stuff, I think I would look at this is murder. But when it comes down to it, I feel like it was suicide and murder, or just succumbing out there. Do you hear that. it's a little space for mindfulness, become the meditation pie gasped in fifteen it's her last become your space to unwind, listen sclusively on amazon, music, or simply telling I could devise, alexa play the podcast, become
at the.
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