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Jeffrey Dahmer. July 22, 1991. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A man flags down two Milwaukee police officers and tells them about a 'freak' who had cuffed him. The police realize that the handcuff was not police issued and accompany him back to the apartment he had come from. Inside that apartment, police discover photographs of men before and after being murdered. The man who lived at that apartment was named Jeffrey Dahmer. A search of his place revealed to investigators that Dahmer was one of the worst serial killers in recent memory. A confession by the killer gave details on the murders of 15 men and 2 boys over a 13 year period. Dahmer's crimes involved drugging his victims, strangulation, necrophilia and cannibalism. But did he only kill seventeen people? Or did Jeffrey Dahmer keep some of his killings secret? See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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as you can go and ask there. There are a lot of people out there using different apps and there might be one you're not using at that you'll love. I don't want to endorse one because they all have different flavors. so I know what I use, but the one I use people don't like it is a personal choice. So Tonight's episode is about a serial killer, and most serial killers? Are defined as a thrill killers or killers. like to control the victims and relish in the act of murder, whereas tonight's murderer has and said to be different and he doesn't relish in the act of killing but simply in the act of completely dominating or having total control of his victims. So we're talking about a knight errant tonight, we're too king about one of the most
the infamous serial killers of all time, Jeffrey Dahmer. Don't down. I swear we ve had? I can't even how many times people a vast asked us: when are you going to cover Jeffrey Dahmer fight the number one most requested cereal wherever data ted Bundy azure and we ve covered TED a lot but with Dahmer if you ask anybody name, a serial killer, he's the first, that comes to mind for most people, especially in amerika personally don't put serial killers up on a pedestal. Now, do I try to gauge them in some sort of you no contest, but my own personal opinion there far worse, murders after the dahmer, but that doesn't take him any less disgusting and sickening I think, as we go through this sir your killers life
and learn about his victims. I think it become a pair. Two people who aren't very familiar with them why he has become so popular in the world or to crime yeah. On July. twenty second, ninety ninety one, there was a man It was at a mall right eating and he was approached by geoffrey Dahmer who offered him money to come back to his apartment to pose for nude photographs and this man, Tracy Edwards thirty, two years old agreed, I guess it Wasn'T- odd to him, but to me. This is a situation of somebody just approached me and offered me money to go back to their apartment for photos. I might not be. Totally on board, but he agrees and he goes back It's a very nondescript apartment. It was the oxford apartment, complex,
it was in downtown Milwaukee. So no major alarm bells. There's it's an apartment, complex, there's people around so he goes in and they start talking Jeffrey will offer him a drink but traced not big drinker. Yea said He is not really into liquor and that's he was offered was a roman coke, essentially yeah. He is kind of wanting to get to the point of this. visit by geoffrey is sort of stalling on this whole visit. Yet Jeffrey D, ask Tracy. If he wants to take the pictures, it seems Tracy's a bit hesitant he still trying to work out what exactly he's doing there. He said he needs the money there. Just this weird feeling he has. I think it asprey has something to do with an odour. That's present in the apartment that he can't quite place.
Like he's, not sure what it is. Yeah a mix between chemical smells and a though disgusting, odor and Geoffrey seems to be kind of going in and out spacing off or acting little aggressive, yan and probably tell that jefferies little bit inebriated so he's too to play along with that, but Jeffreys being kind talking to her knees. Engaging so Tracy's look round the apartment. There's a fish tank there and Geoffrey ass. If he wants to walk were to it any kind of care His tracy off guard a little bit and that's when a handcuffed is pulled out, and slapped on a tracy's wrist and Tracy will say that jeffreys and tired demeanor at that point will change. Even his facial expressions change and is no longer the polite now see nice guy now he's
very commanding he has a very stern look on his face and he's being very derogatory towards Tracy its psyche becomes animal list. Stick. Jeffrey. Dahmer. Is six foot one and fairly lean. Yeah he's muscular I look at him and he's not a small guy, so he can be intimidating, but we'll find out later. Jeffreys preference is in muscular men. I don't know who could take who in a fight but when you're caught off guard and you have handcuffs slapped on your wrist. It would you do their jeffrey wool pull out a knife and hold them at knifepoint start give him commands and tell him to go back, who is bedroom, where he'll to go lie down on the bed. He complies because he's got a knife on em, but
he's looking for an out he's trying to find a way to get out of this apartment, but back- in the bedroom now he's gone deeper into control and in the bedroom. He notices that there is a fifty five gown blue drum and the corner which he and the smell is emanating from Jeffrey wool, put on a movie, the extra three because he says it's his favorite movie and he wants crazy to watch this with him. I don't know why sources. Three is his movie of choice. I'm not I'm not the biggest fan of that one in the sequel will actually, that might be. My favorite exorcise foam really well before one's my favorite and then I didn't really like the other too much they like the fur
Film has some iconic moments, but overall it just feels like it sort of runs itself into the ground, whereas the third one seems really interesting to me. But this is jeffreys favorite movie and he's got a captive audience to watch it with him and he he is trying to get Tracy to lay down on the bed with them. Any is pressing him and he's noticing that dollars, sort of in and out kind spacing off, while there bad Jeffrey place, his head on trade chess, any tells us I'm going to eat your heart. So he's trying to tell Dahmer like hey it's a little warm in here. Let's go back to the living room where the air conditioning is in Dahmer, isn't Lee responding. So ok, it's really warm in here and he actually wool but an assured a little bit now they have have only on one wrist,
so he's able to have some mobility and he's too king dahmer out of hand coughing his hands together. So there's a little back and forth going on here, buddies tell Then let's go up. Let's go back on the living room, words, cooler and his tail off his shirt. This this, arms dahmer for a little bit, but then he won't reengage stew giving him commands and according to victim he Has the knife held to his genitals at one point, but. Dahmer will eventually concede they will move back into the living room and he says I have to use the bathroom? Dahmer lets him go and he comes back out with a plan to get out of this apartment now, while they're sitting on the couch he notices jeffrey spacing off, essentially just not really engaged just go.
Out of that control animal listing mode to a space, out mode of dry can this or fantasizing or just whatever he's doing tracy, we'll take this opportunity and he actually She's geoffrey and then runs for the front door, gets it open and takes off He's able to flag down the police, and explain the situation to them. being that he has a handcuff his wrist. These sort take them seriously. Yet there is a gay district down this part of town, so I guess the police exactly surprised by a hand I found somebody's risk. The police start checking out his handcuff because they wonder if its police issue, but they quickly too, over that it's not their keys will not unlock it. They have, tracy bring them.
back over to where he was hoping the man that lives there can unlock it from his rest. I think they're looking do just defeat the situation exactly so they go back to the apartment and Geoffrey Dahmer answer, the door pretty much rights of men, the arrogance there and he proceeds to try to tell them that was a lovers quarrel, but the police, on walking into the apartment which they said, look verily normal is. Nothing out of the ordinary in the living room, but they can smell something something that's very wrong and they proceed to search the apartment the first thing they find is over sixty photographs of men who are in different states of torture, dismemberment or positions, and they know
These photographs are real and their disgusting, so prompt them to look for into the apartment. Now one of the officers heads towards the refrigerator jeffrey take action and that gets him and right justin yeah at that point. Jefferies behavior is a little bit erratic and, of course this is just king, these police officers off even more because they know that he's trying to hide something. So they jeffrey dahmer under control and inside refrigerator. They find human heads and other body parts they also fine parts. On the stove that have hands and genitals in em. They find torsos and a bathtub they find Fifty five gallon drum in the corner of the bedroom, with essentially acid and sludge inside of it. It's a horrific
site, to say the least. These please officers, have now idea what they just stepped into their kind of guy. Being an inkling of the man that they have detained. This gives a warrant issued and the apartment is complete these scoured forever. ants. Beyond the things we ve already listed. They find knives a drill, forks hand saws plates a soup pot, All these different items that were evidence of crimes being committed at that apartment, yet a deep freeze. This is not a huge up. I meant the deep freeze, I have I put my my bbq meats and stuff in there to freeze them, so I can use them later. You know when I go outside to use my grill well. According to his neighbors. They never saw him bring home groceries, but they absolutely detected smell
girls coming from his apartment, one of us Neighbors said that always smell like he was cooking chitlins, they never saw him with groceries, so they didn't, they didn't know what he was cooking. The other thing that they find is that the parliament had a security system it. A camera in one corner, It seemed as though he really wanted to be alerted if anybody tried to enter his apartment, which may indicate some paranoia- or obviously he was trying to hide some things. Wasn't he yeah yeah extra law on the door. There was nuts all the things that he had going here to protect himself, they obviously take him to the station for questioning His initial response to officers is he's blaming the alcohol for getting caught. Saying that if I wasn't drunk be sitting here right now? That's sort, interesting observation, well. It's actually a key point because job,
Free Dahmer was alcoholic for a long time and the active that was assigned to his case. Patrick Kennedy was also alcohol for many years and at the time that he was assigned to Jeffrey bombers case. He had been sober for about six years. This guy is six point: seven to earn. Sixty five pounds is big, big guy he was known around the precinct as being kind of the gentle officer. But what would happen which every dahmer is. He sort of develops a relationship with this detective, where he feels comfortable talking to him, but to no one else, and I think because as pets her Kennedy said other Officers at the precinct would get a little room for suspects with people that they arrested, but Kennedy wanted to get to know the person put them at ease and get them talking now with patrick Kennedy. He wanted to get dahmer
open up and when Dahmer mentioned the alcohol he focused on that, and he also started providing them with cigarettes, and I think it's way to butter him up and get him talking and that's what dahmer did throughout the night, Initially Dahmer was not talking was ranting and raving. He was throwing weird temper, tantrums but, as he sobered up here came more compliant. Yeah when he was throwing his fits. It was simply because he said he wanted to die. Think about it, he had been living in an apartment bringing men there to have sex with than to murder and to eat them. and now he's caught so fantasy world that he was living in is gone now he's back. In reality, and is going to have to pay for what he did and I think it just the shock of that that sent him into that despair where he said I want to die and, of course,
Patrick Kennedy in the other officers that were around there, they wanted to get this case settled solved and so they have to keep him alive and that's what Patrick Kelly focused on was: let's get him talking. Let's get him comfortable, let's take of em and see we can get out of him Jeffrey one, he finally decides to talk, turns to the detectives and says When I tell you what I'm going to tell you it'll make you famous Well, you know away that's true, I think, especially with passion kennedy, he was working different shift, and so in a way it was kind of promotion. This was some surprising to other detectives, because he wasn't it experienced as they were, but who's the guy. That was there at the time. When done was brought in and because of the report that he built with them. It was unthinkable to take them off of it, so He makes a lot of headway with dahmer and gets him talking about what he was doing there and
we was where he came from yet despite all that, so When does make a decision to try and replace him with a more experience detective? Actually, the detective a man named murphy, who was basically the guy. If something like this Ben, which is the unthinkable, but a guy with a lot of experience and known very good at interrogations, and yet it's drew Kennedy who has to go in and talked dahmer and say I'm going to be working with him, because I can't do it on my own. I need someone else taking notes. I need someone else to interact and come up with ideas. go along. Trust me. This is good for you. This is good every one- and I think that his party, but I think the other part was. They really stressed a jeffrey specially on Patrick Kennedy for Dahmer hey. If you we are sorry What you did, then, what you to do is let the fair We know what happened
that's the least. You can do and geoffrey scene to respond to that so over Chorus of so many days, Jeffrey starts laying out what he did. and helping to identify who the victims were, because sad to say- and it's not surprising, but while Jeffrey remember how he murdered people what he did their bodies before and after he couldn't Member any names He even knew their names probably even bother to ask he was very opt into a body type? He had a preference and that's all it mattered to him any sort of personality or identity was not part of his emma. Take him But to get a word from our new sponsor price line, do you have a group chat? Were you continuously talk about summer giveaways, but never they go anywhere. Well,
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kind of a problem because Jeffrey spilling the beings he's telling them everything and hears, this lawyer, whose about come in and tell frida shut up. Hence so the detectives have to talk. the geoffrey and say you have a lawyer here by for us to help you make things right. We need to be able to have access to you and this person. Gonna come in and shut everything down, and I think they ensure that jeffreys going to take their side because they were they tell him If the lawyer comes in here- and you can, talk any more than we are now going to put you in a holding cell with other, with People were holding yet it's a threat. It is the process I wish they could protect anyone. That's in a holding cell, though I kind of disagree that you should be open to attacks when you're being detained or arrested, but that's just the
process and geoffrey feel more comfortable. in the interrogation room, then he would, amongst other prisoners, will think about it if other people find out what he did or know what he did. What are the chances. Someone might want to hurt him exactly so Jeffrey continues to cooperate with the officers. Now The lawyer says that the only way they're going to be comfortable with any of this, because there are supposed to look out for their client. Is they want someone in there with it? active as are talking to Geoffrey, and I guess it's just stay ex imbalance thing. You know where they can say. Yeah we're watching everything we can interjected. We feel that we need to tell Jeffrey something, but at this point they know that Jeffreys already spilling the beans. It's already out there. So there's, no stopping it its moral the formality, but it's interesting because he's talking he's giving them whenever he can and as they
yet the details they have other tat is meeting families or looking at missing persons. Cases and tracking down pick yours, you name it trying to confirm everything. jeffreys telling them this seems unheard of from what I stand. Is you Sure somebody who's uk to them red handed by their giving everything up. There is at least it's seems to be that way. It's like a old mine of information and, as he's giving them information there confirming that would be saying, is true in fact, one of the victims had a retainer and jeff he had said that he was going to keep it as a souvenir, but he ended throwing it into a body of water. They re able who go where he said he threw it and they were able to find it which is as they go along their confirming everything, every sang and, of course, the details are horrific? I mean I don't to go through
a name, the victim and name exactly what happened then, but let's in a general sense talk about what jeffrey was doing to these victims his typical m o was to coax them back to his apart he would never attack. anyone out in the open or in public, and he would get them to walk back to his apartment because He didn't want to put them in a car just more witnesses. People walking just not as noticeable and he would coax them with promises, money or alcohol, drugs, it may be, but once get them into his apartment or or whatever place. He was planning to attack them. He would then offered them a drink. He would you really spike this drink that he would offer them with sleeping pills
then, after about an hour, they would pay much be knocked out and then he would assault them. Rape them and then strangle them was typically his method of killing them was strangulation after doping, was sleeping pills. And then, at that point he would rape the body dismember the body and then dispose of the body. He said that the victims that he liked the most he would keep some of their body parts and eat them. he also try to preserve parts of their bodies because heath favoured them. This all came about because he went into a hardware store and said: hey, I have a rabbit, pell hawaii preserve it. I want to keep it and they said you just need acetone so heap cured sam acetone and started using it on body parts and it worked
He also kept some sky walls and he would take a soup kettle and boil the sculls to take all the flesh off. And use a label to scoop the brains out. There is time before he lived in the oxford apartments relived with his grandmother. It was he was discharged from the military and after left Florida? He went to live with his grandmother. His father's mother and she was a very religious woman and I think he and his father. If you believe he was trying, was thinking that. Maybe he's such a state, oh household, and a good household would help corrected get him on the straight and narrow it didn't quite work out, because she would end up going to church without him after awhile and while she was at church, he was
membrane people in the basement, yeah. You would coax him back to the house, give them a spike drink, strangle them then dismember them in the basement over a drain very reminiscent of barber gala and his methods and then he would literally throw the flesh out in the herbage for the trash people to pick up. He stayed this grandma for a while until Role of nineteen, eighty eight Grandmother goes to the basement, because she has a bunch of noise in the bow. Man is naked man obvious for her. If not what she expected to see, I don't think she understood what don had been up to at all. It's after that. That this man who is he's drunk. He goes the police and officer visits Dahmer at the house and talks to him down we're passes it off as hey.
You know we got drunk. We got into an argument, it's you know. It's no big deal. There goes away but the grandmother is thinking now This isn't gonna work out, that's literally within a month. He moves out and gets into the oxford apartments, but it goes to show that he has been murdering people for a while. It wasn't just at the oxford apartments. He was killing people before then is his grandmother had just been fed up with a lot, this behaviour she, wanted him to quit drinking between, his grandmother and his father. They would take him to a meetings and he would walk in the front door and walk right out the back door. Also, he kept a mannequin in his claws. Which his grandmother would find not a go over well, she got rid of the mannequin, which was his fantasy of the perfect mail that he could in bed with and have his way with
he's getting into what fantasies which dark fantasies drove Jeffrey Dahmer, and for that go back to when he was a teenager, at around fourteen or fifteen years of age, he stopped. the fantasize about unconscious men, who he power over whether we could sleep with them. Or next to them or This member them he had some sort of interest in dismemberment and even duration. In fact, when, was just a teenager, there was a jogger that used to run by his place. He thought about lying in wait for him with a baseball bat and rendering unconscious and then having his way with him, but one time he put plan and emotion, the job didn't come through. That was in nineteen, seventy six. So this is in his family's home, his parents house and bath ohio. So he would have been a bad
sixteen at the time through. Those years in the seventies his parents were fighting a lot and into Dahmer. He just did not feel comfortable at home his mother is diagnosed with depression. And it seemed ass, though his father didn't quite know how to handle that as the It's got worse. It led to divorce and nineteen. Seventy seven Dahmer was left alone a lot at home, because his father was forbidden to go there and his mother moved out yet well. It was a weird situation where the father had moved out into a hotel there, his mother, moved out also to get treatment, took his younger sibling with her, but they left Dahmer at home. Now he's seventeen eighteen years old now, so it's not that big of a deal, but all the parents have left the house and left their their son
there to do whatever and they're not taking care of him. Dahmer has these fantasies. He has this idea. of laying next to a body. And having full control of it here. waited on that jogger, but it didn't come to pass so His idea is to pick up a hitchhiker, so we it's driving around and telephone, James Stephen hicks, this is june of nineteen. Seventy eight and stephen- is owing to a concert rock concert, walking down the road you don't have a shirt on we'll Dahmer thinks this is the best situation for him and he will pick em up and offer him ride. Instead of taking him to the concert. He takes him back to his house, where he, offers an alcohol beer, of course what nineteen year old, gonna turn this down specially.
But it is going to Iraq concert so their hanging out at the house there having a good time their drinking but eventually Stephen one to leave he's had enough with this stranger. And he wants to either go to the concert or go home and Dahmer doesn't want him to leave, he's not done with him yet so he will strike stephen in the head with a dumbo knocking him unconscious, and then he will strangle him now He understands that he has to do something with this body. He knows right from wrong aegis has These urges these compulsion, so he, This members Stevens body and puts it in garbage bags and course, any time he's murdering somebody he's drunk, I think, he's drunk all the time any ways but especially when he's on the hunt, and so he takes stevens body.
put them in trash bags and put them in the back seat of his car swords, driving towards a trash dump. But he's weaving all over the road, an apple Officer will end up pulling him over the other. Officers very curious about what's going on with this driver and he Looking in the car with his flashlight any sees the trash bags and he asked them about it. Every tells him that he was just trying to take the trash up to the trashed out because his mother, was having a rough time any thought that if he would just this done it with? It would help her a little bit and the officer says that, while the dump is closed, sea are not going to day he gives jeffrey Dahmer, a citation for crossing the align and send him back home, but this shows the kind manipulation that Jeffrey is capable of he mixes ruth with lies. He says my parents are
through a divorce, I'm not having good time. I just thought I'd clear my head and help my mom out. Well, that's that's how people do it? That's how serial killers and sociopaths get away with this is they are wrong. Good at lying in there really good at keeping their cool while they lie in this place. officer doesn't know any better, so it gives them citation. She would have given them a field sobriety task, but we take what we can get so Jeffrey speaks to his father and His father realises that jefferies, home alone and his mother is no longer there father moves back in and he tries to encourage jeff to get a job to get, out of the house and to stop drinking. It's been obvious that jeffreys been drawn in heavily when Jeffrey doesn't really get on board, with his father's plan, his fathers
as well I'm going to send you to college. Then, let's just get you some where, if you're not gonna work and really he could keep a job because of his drinking so he sends them to ohio, state university Jeffrey, would sell blood at the blood bank, forbear money and can you drinking heavily if you watch any interviews with people that went to school with him, at least in college all there, Accounts are pretty similar one of his pupils, so that she found him passed out on the front yard of the school just passed out on saw the road and she tried to revive him, try to wake him up to get if the rode off the sidewalk, the level of drinking he's at so after one semester, Jeffreys pretty much flunked out, stop going to class. His father sees that his College idea isn't working out to offer geoffrey and his sons kind of a mass, so he thinks well made
the military war, get him back into weapon back into shape, get him some kind of structure and his life way heads down to san antonio texas and one thing that happens with Jeffrey wise in training, going through basic training and trained be a field medic is he gets? lean and strong up to this point: what would have described Jeffrey Dahmer as kind of a wimp He was shy, school he was teased abed buy. It now he's getting lean and strong in the military these eighteen years old. This is nineteen. Seventy nine training and for the beginnings of his military career. He seems to take well to it. He's a good soldier by he's given orders to go to germany and where he stationed
where the drinking starts back up. I guess out of his element out of the comfort of the states. He, doesn't feel like himself anymore. These come portions, this door passenger factor ex whatever you want to call. It is coming back, he's drinking himself into oblivion, commanding officers, see this and actually give him a little bit of a pass. They allow him to be discharged early his tour jeffrey like a loser, because he couldn't complete this he doesn't want to go back home with his tail between his legs to his family. So stead he, to miami Florida yeah up in miami beach and after going around a few different jobs, he ends up working at us, up shop sandwich place, he's a sandwich, artist and he's
staying at a hotel, pretty much says when his alcohol bill exceeds his room bill. He sleeps on the beach or his prey much just homeless. this goes on for many months, one of them its he's sleeping on the beach. He says a large rat crawls onto his face. in freaks em out, so he was home to his father to ask for money because he wants, stay at a hotel room again, but his father, he thought said he just going to spend this money on alcohol, so he doesn't want to send him any money. Instead, he says I'll, send you a ticket to come home and soda. It's a returning home in september of nineteen eighty one after moving back home here rested for drunk and disorderly conduct his father's there, not really getting along very well and that's when its decided that dumb should go, live with his grandmother while live with his grandmother Jeffreys at a pub
library, monday, and a young man walked by and toss us down a crumpled note. We crumbles. Any reads the note: he want Jeffrey to meet him in the men's restroom in five minutes for oral sex, oral sex and then jeffrey is aroused you this point has been with a mannequin and he's been looking a lot of pornography. But now he has a man, a young man interested in him and said oh, he decides to go to the men's restroom. But when he gets there he's not there. So according to Jeffrey Dahmer. This right awakens him and gets him obsessed where he thinking about lying the unconscious man strangling them dismembering MA am and having sex with their bodies. Yeah. Let's talk about the arrests that happen before Dahmer was
I for murder, august of eighty two he's arrest. four indecent exposure at the wisconsin state fair. So that's weird in august of eighty six He caught masturbating in front of two twelve year old boys, he's only charged with disorderly conduct in january of knights and eighty nine, Dahmer is convicted, of sexually assaulting a thirteen year old boy, but they give him a first degree charge. They If ham What is it like, a second or third recharge on this? He does sir, very much time does he just in fact he he has like a work, release programme, yeah, the time he's working at a chocolate factory he has to report to Canada. Yes, you can halfway house and then the day he goes to work. I heard you were knights there actually, so he gets.
It's too one year of this programme, and he, I guess, does well, but his father knows that his sons and alcoholic knows that his son has this: dream behaviour in here, actually rights to the courts and to the the work programme says you let my son out until you ve, given m alcohol treatment and mental health treatment and counselling literally the day his father males this letter off there. Were in the process of parole, Geoffrey and releasing him the next day from this work release programme which was months orally yeah. So he didn't even do a whole year I know about you but consider the charge and how they lessened it and how they let him out early. It seems like they didn't take this very seriously: yeah sexually assaulted a thirteen year old boy
it's less than a year and his father is saying: keep there, but obviously the letter didn't get there in time, but I dont know the letter would have made any difference now before this Sexual assault happened, Dahmer, actually has wrapped up upon major body count. His second victim is very twentieth, teen, eighty seven, where meets a man named stephen to me. He is twenty four years old. They outside of the ambassador hotel. Of course he gives stephen alcohol and they get drunk in the end up passing out on the bed that night in the morning, Joe free wakes up and his arms are all bruised anything stephen length. he's down on the bed and he's been beaten to death, free will claim that he has no memory of this
he will say that he doesn't recall. Sort of aggression or conflict before they passed out, but here woken up in a hotel bedroom with at body lang next to him. I don't know how he does this, but he gets up early enough to leave the hotel. by a large suitcase turn to the hotel and somehow, squeeze stephen ms body into it, so he can now leave undetected with a dead body I don't know I mean I guess I just think room service could have come by through so many things that could have gone wrong with this situation, but once out of the hotel. He hails a cab and actually has the cabdriver help him put the who case on the back. After this he takes stevens body back to his grandmothers house were in the basement. He will dismember him, put him in plastic,
bags and then leave em on the curb fergie garbage to pick him up no remains of stephen will ever be found This is a january of nineteen. Eighty eight as third vic is James docks tater, who happens to be fourteen years old Jeffrey seize this boy at a bus, stop coaxes him back to his grandmother how's he where he then drugged james and strangled him. He play his body underneath the house where he left it for several weeks. And he would go back and poverty the bones with a sledgehammer and then it said, he goes, outside with hand also the remains an twirls and dances in the backyard spy His remains out march to fourth, nineteen. Eighty eight guerrero aged twenty three june,
freeze meeting his victims at gay night clubs at gay bookstores and he takes richard home. They have sex, but then he gives richard the spike drink. Wrangles him dismember them in spouses of him and trash bags march, when he fifth nineteen, eighty nine, anthony sears, whose attack six year old. He strangled him dismembered the corpse, but he cuts his head and genitals to keep them as trophies and he paints his skull. Mrs him now doing the whole trophy thing and possession thing and Jeffrey Dahmer said that the reason into the sculls was because he desperately wanted. Keep them, because they are part his fantasies, but in order to keep them, he couldn't just leave skulls lying around, because if his ground
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a situation where his father finds a lock box in jeffreys room, and he asked Jeffrey what in the box guide, I'm not even trying to make a played the movie seven, but its very similar to that were Jeffrey says. I'm not gonna tell you. You know gimme. Privacy can have any privacy in this house. I just want one foot of privacy where I could just do what I want and his fathers. when dealing with his outcome. Son who who's combative, who isn't getting alcohol treatment, whose work, release programmes all these issues, so his father's, like all I'm just gonna, take the box downstairs and break it open, because I can't trust you, and so they had. This big fight in his father takes box downstairs and he's about to jam. Screwdriver and pride open when Jeffrey comes down and says: ok, dad I'm sorry, I was yelling it's pornography. And I'm sorry, sir,
father, I guess backs away and says: ok, fine Jeffrey takes the box runs off to open it. And then he bring some adult magazines back to his father and says this is what was in the box, when in reality, there the human head in the box Jeffrey take that human head. and put it in a locker at work, somalis working at this chocolate factory. He has night shifts are there, the ships are always changing and anyone that's done that kind of work or just then on different. Yes, I personally prefer Second shift, but I have work third shift, and when you go back and forth it, really screws up your sleep cycle so dollars struggling with this at the chocolate factory and he's having trouble sleeping, so he goes and six treatment for a sleeping disorder. right, yeah, essentially its insomnia and the doktor preschool,
sam, halcyon, noddle, knocking out that Dahmer found out. He said that he thought it would actually put him to sleep. Maybe, but when ends up happening, is it just knock them out and then be of his perverse fantasies. He decides to use this as a tool and he can drug people he can grind it up into a powder and to mix drink and it will. This knock people out and I think it's who must be be the first time he uses it, but he's at a bath house, and he gives it someone at the bath house and the The management of the bathhouse is not happy because when they discover that they have a person who breathe. Jeffrey gamers right there with them days spectrum of foul play you know, so they kick him out the bath house, luckily per
medics get the guy breathing again, but it's just a sign that Jeffrey Dahmer now has a tool to use in his crimes. Woollen it's a it's gay bath house that you have to be like a member of for a while. He would invite these men back to his house and then drug them and just lay with them and not attack them. I guess according to Jeffrey, this is all his story, but the one guy that he gives us, to that has an First reaction: well he's hospitalized for several days: fern overdose. And that's when the manager is at the bath house cut off his membership per se, I think one of the reasons why his father was so frustrated with him was because his father, a chemist. He went through com he made something of himself and his scientist just isn't getting himself together here.
Seems like a mass. That's not what he wandered for his son now that jefferies moved out and living on his own. At the yeah oxford apartment complex His apartment number was to thirteen autonoe. I find that any any time. The number thirteen is involved is sort of telling, but made if ninety ninety he meets, smith, who is thirty three years old? He gets him back. His apartment, where He strangled his victim and then he had sex with corpse and this members him removes the head- boils the flu off the school pain? gray and places it in the fridge he puts the but his body in his tank of acid. In his barrel, he use his bones around the apartment as ornaments eddie smith. This is due fourteenth? Ninety ninety, here
twenty seven years old, it's him. In the night clubs the bars eddie is a punk rocker. He listens to dead kennedys. He, where shirts, that have like a swastika what the the circle mark. Eddie If somebody that I probably would have been friends with at the time, Jeffrey will coax him back to his apartment, drug him and strangle him. And dissolve his body in acid, so as you can see, he's being up since he's moved into this oxford apartment on his own and again I thought This is a telling sign that, when he's left to his own devices, when he's left alone, he gets worse whether b the military or grandmothers house or even prison. It puts a day per on his murderers spree this september nineteen. Ninety, just a few months,
after eddies death. He meets Ernest miller who is Twenty. Two years old, he coaxes him back his apartment offering him fifty two there's two posts nude for photos. Again. This is what dahmer says in I dont know how believable or unbelievable it is, but his offer these men money to come back to his apartment, He says for nude photos but the media will say solicitation for sex, but you. Don't really know what the conversation was, so we just assume that he's he's getting them back to his apartment, somehow so I kind of by that he's offering the money or drugs or alcohol, and I think, that's really truth because not all these men that he got to go back to his apartment, one victims was due to be married soon before our soon after he was murdered, it's more believable that he's offering fifty hours or a hundred dollars here or there to people
lowering them back and then acting like he's putting them at ease with this mix, drink, Of course it's laced with halcyon now earnest after he's drugged he passes out, but he wakes up and Geoffrey didn. Have a chance to strangle him. So every pulls out a knife and cuts his throat he's had to murder somebody that was conscious in that The we could talk about because Jeff we Dahmer had described his fantasies as being in control of an unkind just man. So if you look at I bet that if you take him at his word he's telling us the truth about what is fantasy is then it kind of make sense. That's what you want to do again and again, not that he'd want to fight with a conscious man whose true to save his own life that sound right, yeah, david Thomas. This is just
couple weeks after earnest september, nineteen. Ninety he's the nine victim say memo gets him back to the apartment. Drugs him with the sleeping pills strangled him. both of the body february, eighteenth nineteen. Ninety one curtis stronger. Whose only nineteen years old, then in aid, of nineteen ninety one arrow lindsey eleven victim. He is nineteen years old next victim is tony hughes. Who is thirty one years old, but he is deaf and mute It is said that he had been friends witches They had known each other dead interacted before this. This isn't somebody that Jeffrey had just picked up randomly
It is said that javary offered him fifty dollars. You know to take nude photos of em and got him back to his apartment, but These family will say that he had just come just paycheck four hundred dollars in he didn't need the money he didn't need. The fifty box. As we see it, he went back to his apartment. Somehow, I'm assuming tony with whatever interactions he'd had with Jeffrey trusted him And that's why I went back to his house and that sometimes report by some of the family members who have heard more. details about what had occurred is they got the feeling that because they know their own family these some of these men trust the dahmer and wanted to his friend. So You could say what they don't need the money, but maybe they weren't offered my money. Maybe they were offered hey coming out with me, will get some drinks will hang out. I mean who did? Who didn't do that ever I mean it's just something that
people do sometimes and Dahmer comes across as a well spoken. Well, put together guy and again its manipulation. He knows talk to people and he can the matter is at least until the money. it comes out, may twenty seven. Ninety ninety one conner cynthia. Some phone is stumbling around people in the neighborhood start to notice this nude boy, who is blue being from his rear. They become v concerned. and these two seventeen year old, young ladys com, the police. They know this They have seen him around so the police, sir dispatched, but before they even get their along come Jeffrey Dahmer, with the six pack he's trying to tee people into letting contract go back with him to his place. and they Won'T- let him they're saying no- he staying here with us. The police are on the way,
please show up and Dahmer as miss can be tell, the police? Hey? This? Is this the lovers feud verbal drinking and he's upset this happened. Sometimes it's ok, but the police escort contract by two dollars place they go inside Dahmer shows them some pictures of he in contract hanging out and he's telling them. This is a nineteen year old guy word lovers: and the police are a little sceptical and there asking Dahmer. You know, provide some evidence of this damn errors. Looking around acting like he's going to come up with some proof, he tells them. I can't find it right now, but trust me here pictures I mean we're a couple. We hang up the time a lot of these pictures are sexually, explicit in court. As is so diskin bobby elated that he can't really defend. self verbally to
the police or to anyone he's he's not with it. He's been drugged and he can't speak English he's sam. He comes from louse, so he can. really do anything other than he's trying to struggle to get out damas telling the police yeah he's my lover and they decide in the end to leave contract which every dahmer and they call it back again to report that there are leaving this drunk boyfriend and with this other boyfriend and their headed and probably more important business in their minds after they leave Jeffrey Dahmer, murders this fourteen, old boy he's, not a man now. Would I get credit to is the neighborhood, because one of the women who really tried to protect contract, her mother, calls in it? Does a follow up call with the police per name is Glenda Cleveland
she said yeah. What happened? I mean my daughter, my niece witness what was going on with any. done about the situation and I said no, not at all. He said it was talks gated boyfriend of another boyfriend, and she said howled was the child and he said it wasn't a child who was an adult and she asked, are you sure, and he said he up, and she said I positive because this child does need to speak english. My daughter, had you no doubt with them before, seeing him ST catching earthworms. it ma ma am I can't make it any more clear. It's all taken care of. He is with his boyfriend in his boyfriends apartment, where he has his belongings also he goes on and tries to get him to really explain how he knows that this is an adult and not a child, and the officer, basically a brush. Your often just says I can't do anything about someone sexual preference in life. So The night of this fortune
you're, a boy is wandering around, he appears to be beaten. His blue being from the backside. You can list, to the nine when one call sounds pretty damning Jeffrey Dahmer, is able to convince these police officers by showing them literally child pornography. It is my boyfriend, don't mind the the blood and the bruising on him, and these officers? Let him go This is one of the most disgusting moments the history of jeffrey dollars, crimes and its because he was assisted by police. Now the police were involved in this. The several officers who had escorted contract back and hedge about getting the boyfriends backed gather in moving on. They were suspended and you d
oh well they're, going to look into this and find that there must have been some fault here. How do you mistake a fourteen world for a nineteen year old- and if you have, any doubt whatsoever with what I'm saying look up. iraq on the internet. Please, if you think I'm wrong at all. I want to hear about it because I look at him and I see a young boy this. This boy was bribed as not being able to speak english not long before he was actually murdered. He was collected earthworms in the street, mean he's, a child these officers are having a laugh. Why? While I would submit that because of the of what was going on in Milwaukee at the time it has been going on for decades, but no Walkie was known as a place for homosexuals. There was a very strong movement there. There were a lot of. a bars and allow people congregated their dislike. With San francisco.
There was pushed back from the police, just even in the weeks leading up to dahmer arrest. There were aids on bars and what these bar raids are about. Is the police, we'll go any rough people up and arrest people but in the end there usually aren't any charges they just end up getting dropped, because they're just there because are pushing back there trying to bully these bar as these bar owners out of business because they don't like that culture that seen in their town win a gay couple gets into a fight, even a domestic violence dispute. Let's just say that he did look like twenty years old or whatever he's bleeding he's been beaten and he's in the street he needs help. I have appeared. I'm here. It is absolutely discrimination that gets this young boy killed think, there's any way around it.
Before I say what happens, the officers beyond the suspension less is going to this a little bit more because I dont want this to slip away and people to now stand what happened here so The two seven year old young ladys were Nicole children, s and Sandra smith and, like said they shielded contract from Dahmer, if they weren't standing there, he could have literally grab this boy and went back to his apartment. Now the pool like I said joke about it, one officer said the intoxicate did asian naked mail was return, to his sober boyfriend keep in mind. This is a fourteen year old, another officer, said ten, for it will be a visit. My partner is going to get d lost at the station and this again, I think, discrimination against homosexuals I know a rather different opinions, but we're talking someone's life on the line here. How do we know because this child was butchered by
dahmer after the officers laughed so long, or a short the officers are suspended, but then the policing comes out and says this pensions are premature, they are and fired. Ok, That sounds like it's a good thing, but it's not long before the reinstated with back pay totalling a hundred thousand dollars, one of the officers was alive. Did president of the Milwaukee police association in two thousand five also officers were named. Officers of the year now, further detail. We need them, mention, is when these officers took this child back to jeffreys apartment there was a dead body lying in the bedroom. smell must have been horrendous. Yet even Jeffrey Dahmer would later say he doesn't know how they didn't notice. It how come they weren't inquisitive about it and that ox me too, because every officer could be different but
We had a tornado go through our neighborhood in two thousand and eight where I live, and I merely went across the street to my neighbor's driveway because some of my shingles rover there, so I was just picking me up. I figured I trash in his driveway pick it up and why was there and my neighbours, a police officer, one of his fellow police officers is driving by and decides to pull down our street because he notices me in his bell officers, driveway and he starts- Asking me a bunch of questions like what are you doing over here and I'm explaining to I'm like well, the tornado came through and my shingles are off in his driveway in his yard. He goes. I don't think you need to be over here and I'm like well, I was just they belonged to me and I'm it's literally litter in his driveway, and I just want to pick it up. I can only imagine if he was there that day that Jeffrey Dahmer, may have been stopped early literally Jeffrey damas. Good luck He gets away with this.
Bind with absolute prejudice on the parts of these officers. Also, contract happens to be the brother of the thirteen year old boy that Jeffrey Dahmer had molested and assaulted years prior, and been convicted of. So there is already a history here and what this three tells us is Sexual assault is just now taken seriously and and unfortunately in the history of jeffrey dumb, his case we're, seeing it over and over again I know we have more victims to talk about, but just while we are on this subject over time in this case, when family members reported allow- one having gone missing that when they were, you follow ups with the police departments to find out where the case was that if they had any leads going on there often here
We don't know what you're talking about. We don't have that on record or they would here We closed that case. One woman was hold, yeah he was found and she said: oh yeah where is he in this? They will know it's just closed because they said it. He was located and she said he hasn't been located. We don't know where he sat and they didn't have an answer for that in most of jeffrey, whose victims are african american car. said to be gay or sex workers and the inner city. The investigations are just not taken seriously. It doesn't seem like They care as much and that's the problem and the public is outright before they even know that there is a serial killer on the loose hunting their loved ones. There are people in the same a walkie and ensure I'll go where some of these victims came from, who definitely cared and they didn't like the way it felt the way this
destination entities Different disappearances was going. It really felt like they were being dismissed. Month later june, thirtieth nineteen ninety one matt turner, twenty years old he is the same memo where they go back to the apartment. He is drugged, strangled and dismembered July seventh. Ninety ninety one jeremiah wine burger age, twenty three at this point, Jeffrey has taken up a new tactic that he says He was experimenting were trying to create zombies, again, I see so many parallels and similarities to Robert bardell, ah here, but Jeffrey way, drill holes into the victim skull and then he inject either hot water or acid into their brains and normally the victims might live? Another,
day, but I dont know what jeffreys thinking raised these not a surgeon and this is not how you do a la bottom me. So he's experimenting now with his victims. according to Jeffrey Dahmer, he is trying to turn his victims into zombies. This is kind of a combination of things. One Jeffrey was into men, but he didn't want these men. These so called part, of his to have sex with him. He wanted to be, full control and some of these people they had their own fantasies. So in order to make sure things would go his way he wanted to turn them into zombies where they would just be compliance living people, but with no real thoughts anymore. They would literally be living dolls that was his fantasy according to him, but yeah
like you said, just that he can't do this. He doesn't understand what he would have to do to turn someone into a zombie. I dont know I'm sure someone out there knows, but Jeffrey Dahmer as much as people like to say that he's an intelligent serial killer he doesn't know what he's doing. This is all experimentation and he's hoping to get lucky he's hoping that he'll do this some time and then person will live on supposedly b on the day by it works out, and I would even call into question that this was his ultimate aim. I think was just experimenting and it was part of his fantasy. So, oh, a week later, oliver lacy twenty three years old, missus July fifteenth. Ninety one is sixteenth. Victim jeffreys life is some spinning out of control. Behind on his rent here spending all his money and time and effort on cruising for men on
alcohol on security, systems for his home end up losing his job at the ambrosia chocolate factory. He spiralling control here. this in miami beach as well, and then four days later, so we have three victims and like a two week period. Amr twenty day period, Joseph braid haft, who is twenty? I've seen them oh and jeffreys not able to all his compulsion he's not able to control himself any longer brady it was in the area because he was for work at the time he was separated from his family. He had Kids in a wife, but he had about there there- and I think he was still just looking for working on some money- maybe I was going to help as family out. He could get backing on good terms with them, but he met die miranda bus stop here is predominant. He still has his charm. He still can win
needs to. He still can talk to people he's very well open and he has beer. He has a six back, bright oft is having a lot of trouble to and here the guy. The has beers like hey, let's go frank and hang out, and I think that's a good example of why some people became victor even if they don't fit this profile being gay or being interested in taking you'd pictures. This is just someone who now head This may be a good moment. I can hang out with somebody. Have some beers in just take it easy for a little bit. He is offered fifty dollars and think about it he needs he does need money. Now is fifty dollars enough. I don't know, but it's a start right and so he's got him two ways he's got him he's got beer and he's got fifty bucks being offered to him. Although we don't think, Dahmer actually had fifty bucks very goes back to the apart
and he slipped a drugged drink it so we're because so Jeffrey Dahmer will have beer but he's offering a mixed drink to his victims. And I, No, it's I think about. Then. I think you would not be an alarm bell. I mean, I can imagine one or two of them saying and I don't really like roaming coke I'd rather have one of your beers, but either way it ends badly for Joseph brain oft, who is too complicated, Jeffrey wool porthos. In eating some of his victims. He will talk about he shrine he wanted to make from his victims bodies in his eye guesses, room which in disguise living in pretty much. better ma apartment I don't know how he's able to get away with this. As long as he is especially with the smell as long as he has, especially with the smell, and he thinks that going to build shrine, that's covered schools and has to force
returns on either side with lights in and what not the guys definitely out of his mind if he thinks that this is a realistic goal guy, no Jeffrey dahmer- was asked about this shrine because there's a sketch of it that's available and asked about it, but he didn't really seem to be able to answer it and surprise anybody had to ask him when I But this shrine and I've listened. Comments it dollars made over time. Its various to me that this shrine was to be his ultimate pleasure centre. It would be where he would go to school its pleasure because he would have been they parts. He would have the sculls of his victims there and he could recreate his fantasies using the term fees that he had made from his victims. This is what I guess. I feel every
serial killer, movies, kind of based off of is a murderer with a specific ammo and unchecked, compulsion with this opus. This group, master plan in the end. For instance, one of his victims, he had taken his scalp and preserved it, and then he put it on his head before pleasure. In himself This is what I would consider far beyond gone, and I trying to say that he is not responsible for his actions. Far from it, I'm saying here, the idea of white pleasure is and what, his fantasies encompass are so stir being to the right give us device that I don't We need to ask him any more questions at this point. We know that he is a very, very disturbed disgusting killer. He would dismember the bodies while nude, because That's what aroused him now. I look at that and I think
well he's not getting evidence on his clothing, that's kind of her a good way to get away with it because you can just take a shower and get away with it, but he's not doing it. Those reasons he's doing it because, getting off on it. There is ever it's all over his apartment when they went through. Apartment after his arrest, the evidence is all over the place. We already went through the evidence by Literally pencils and plates, and soup cattle and pans whatever used to cook and eat people with meat tender riser, because a bicep was to differ. From the chew up. I think when you talk jeffrey Dahmer, and why people are so interested in him there a few reasons for this one is because he was not supposedly taking pleasure in the murders just an already talked about that, where he would literally strangled a death, someone who was unconscious already or out of it.
And then too he was keeping trophies and they were all kinds of different trophies. It's because He would consider the at times we murdered he would. kill the ones that he said were beautiful, and so he would keep those parts of those people that he liked the most and in third because he was a cannibal and there that many cannibals yeah it's a combination of necrophilia, cannibalism. All these things, but you touched upon he claims that he wanted total control and he did not take pleasure in the killing of his victim. So that's why he would draw them and then more them while they were unconscious as I guess in his mind, a humane way of dispatching them comes out later that he felt bad about it.
that's why he would drown himself an alcohol he was trying to either suppress his compulsion or he had such disdain for the actual act of murdering and dismembering that he had to be done while doing it. But I look at it is he's drink now his innovation are gone. So he is able to do these things. I don't know I buy into the hall. He didn't like that killing part, because he had fascination with dead animals as a child, bones of animals. He would play with one is growing up, but some Don't do that some children there just into exploring into discovery. So I don't know If those things are really red flags, especially at tea, mt of times that it said that he played with dead animals as a child. Then he goes on in high school to dissect d, the fetal pig that most of us had to go through
and he says he took joy in that, but he's drinking at a very young age. I was drinking at a young age says he was a class clown as we know, people that act out and high school and middle school. They usually deal. Everyone feels like there, the class clowns friend but the last clown normally doesn't have any friends there, a little bit of an outsider. So when this, the trial. They have to decide on whether or not he's saying, because he's already confessed is already given them everything, so this is it really a trial about innocence or guilt, this the trial about. How do we try this man? How do we sentence him. Do we him as a man. murder, or do we treat him as a minute the ill sick person and the jury it will deliberate on this. Ten out of the twelve will say: yeah he saying
I think they come to that conclusion because of the security system he had because he wouldn't his car. He would do and by the bodies and renewed He had a lot of tactics. and he was very manipulative- we are even when he was taking a cab ride home with a with a victim. He would have the cabinet where drop them off blocks away from the house, so that no one knew where he was headed, their couldn't be a train back to oh, why went to this address just in case some unlooked for the person that disappeared, the cabdriver wouldn't know where freedom or lived. So it's paper. When I think, ok, this point and has murdered multiple people has with dead bodies eats the flash of corpses is, building a shrine full of body parts, say: hey? Is this person same
I mean if they know that, isn't that doesn't gel with me but when they are in such control of their facilities, their mental city is there- are smart person there, well to do all these things are able to plan this out shows that they're very competent. What do you do with that? And that's I guess, that's the the question would put Jeffrey Dahmer or any serial killer for that matters. Do you can them saying well, I do. Consider them same, but proving that in a court of law isn't based on any sort of? I guess medical analysis really. This is just did? They know right from wrong, while Domini from wrong. That's all I need it. So did he conceal the murders that he tried to fly under the radar? It shows planning an earlier on. We talked about how he would get drunk and he blamed the alcohol
if we're getting caught. Well, that's just it. He says couldn't controls compulsion when it came to his dark fantasies. This same thing was going on with his alcoholism. That was, paulson. He could not control. So, despite is being maybe of average intelligence, He still was brought down by his compulsion. They will charge him with three murder for all of his victims, except for stephen to me one of his first victims who he put the body parts and garbage bags and trashcan took away. So for whatever reason they dont charge him with this murder, which is weird to me, because he's confessed to it the man is missing. I don't think there's any quarter about it, but they don't have a body, so they do charge, I think at the time there was question about can you charge somebody with murder without a body that still a grey area, but it seems like
a no brain or to me to go ahead in charge from that, but they chose not to say when it comes to sentencing, he gets fifteen life terms and its hundreds of years behind bars pretty much, but but they give him yeah he'll receive another life sentence in may of ninety. Ninety two in nineteen before there to it, oops. Aren't you four dollars life. The first attack opened in the prison chapel. In a fellow and may tried to slash dollars throat with a razor, a raise embedded in a toothbrush at the time Dahmer really just got a flesh wound. If you want to call it that so he you didn't hit a juggler or anything so Dahmer was able to recover and get back to prison. It's the second attack where Dahmer is with two other inmates, Jesse Anderson and christopher scarves, her there
put on a bathroom detail to go clean up the bathrooms and Jim and other parts of the prison and its. Ten a m in the morning christopher sk carver doesn't like Dahmer for all his reasons, but he says that dahmer it makes really obscene jokes. He arranges his food, like body, arts and then uses catchup as blood, scarves the only person that really reports this I didn't hear from other inmates that Dahmer would try to antagonize other people, so just having to go off christopher scar. Where's word: Carver was in prison himself, for the murder of stephen low man, who was a supervisor arab had a job that carver was at scarves was asking him for money and demanding they get paid, how they gave
fifteen dollars, but SK, carver wasn't happy with that, so he shot Stephen lohmann in the head. Sk carver has. mutation and, of course, Jeffrey dahmer- has the biggest reputation in prison because is one of the most notorious serial killers and he's been plastered all over the news, but they don't put him in solitary or any kind of protective custody, they just put a mountain general population and if they take Jeffrey Dahmer than hey. They get their fifteen minutes of fame. So I'm not sure how accurate this man's portrayal dollars, shenanigans in jail were, but He will use a pipe from one of them. Jim exercise Machines- or you know bench press and he will be done and jesse anderson to death. There both found badly beaten.
dahmer would be rushed to the hospital and die. An hour later, Anderson will die two days later, jesse Anderson had murdered his wife and was serving time for that he had stabbed his wife to death and his wife went into a coma and died later, but he had to police that two black eyes had attacked him and his wife murdered his wife. He even produced a clippers baseball cap, saying he got it off one of the assailants, but then other people came forward. Said now. I seldom that hat and by the way that night that was used in the murderer. Yet he bought that from me, so jesse was sense for them of his wife but Jesse wasn't the target this attack. It was really Jeffrey Dahmer crystal
Scarborough will say that he had newspaper clippings in his back pocket about all the horrible things that Jeffrey it and that he wants you confront Geoffrey and say: did you really do these things: you're, sick, individual blah, blah blah I don't know how much I buy into the hall. He was confronted jeffrey with these newspaper clippings and trying to be. The hero the day, I think He wanted to murder Jeffrey Dahmer for namesake and Jesse Anderson just happened to be there. So collateral damage really christopher already serving a life sentence, but he got to more licences with the murders of Jeffrey Dahmer, an jesse anderson, there were no defensive wounds on Jeffrey Dahmer, so when they looked him over after he was murdered, they saw a person who did not defend himself and its entry because when he had done interviews prior to his death, he had said that.
doesn't care what happens to him. I think that shows that he backed his word up on that. He accepted his death when it came whoa whoa in prison. He was talking. to the minister, the preacher at the chapel roy ratcliff, and he taught tell him about his atheist ways and how he felt the devil was taking over him when he would murder people and that he believed that d out of god, could wash his sentence away. So he asked to be baptized an roy obliged and Geoffrey excepted christ, as his lord savior, was baptized and felt, I think, at one with the world, so he didn't fight back. He he was saved. I guess I dunno, I I don't really want to question all of that too much, but I think he felt tat he was saved and-
he wasn't angry. Wasn't he didn't? Have these compulsion as much any serial killer? Always talk about nature versus nurture, and I I'm a true believer that it is always both. I always feel so that there is a combination of something's wrong inherently wrong nature with somebody. and then there is some part of nurture that exploits or can trigger them too go on a murderous rampage of some type? I think a lot of people can be borne with their wires crossed her harry wanna, put it and live a normal life. I also leave that somebody can be horribly tortured in suffer terrible, traumatic events in not turner found in murder people themselves with Jeffrey Dahmer. Since I stick to my I believe I always believe it's both. While I look at his upbringing
I think ninety nine percent nature There was something wrong with him and then I just half give some percentage to nurture. Even though I don't feel his upbringing was anything out of the ordinary yeah. I dunno, I might give more percentage points on the nurture side, simply because we know plenty of people who had parents who divorced they turned out fine, but you said, was both so we ve actor in the nature and then put in the nurture where his family, basically at abandon him. I know he was older than but he had had problems for years, trying to fit in and and so. I just got worse and worse where he didn't really have any friends. His family was fighting didn't seem like he had much to do with his brother, his took his brother and laughed moved away and his dad. moved out and
all he had were his own thoughts. I don't think they abused him. I don't think there was any real, traumatic event there, but with Their divorce, with their fighting everywhere. Responds differently to that end, it sleep bothered him very much find interviews with his parents out there. Now his parents obviously are separated, but his father, Lionel remembers at the time his mother was pregnant that she had horrible seizures and would go rigid and had lots of problems and you think well If a pregnant woman is having seizures and she's falling down, she could hurt the baby, so they would call doktor and the doktor come out to their house and treat her and spy There would say that she was given barbecue its or even morphine treatment and that he is that may be somebody's drugs that she was prescribed had ill effects on Jeffrey who was just a foetus at the time
now Jeffreys mother, completely contradicts these allegations and says that she didn't have any problems when she was pregnant and that no doctor in their right mind would prescribed morphine the woman whose pregnant I know that People can remember events and their life very differently. So I guess I would just fall somewhere in the middle thereof. Probably did have some kind of problem during pregnancy, but why. It as exaggerated, is what the father makes it ought to be and would a doctor ever prescribe barbecue its or opiates too. A pregnant woman. I don't think they would so I don't know. I don't know following that, but his mother, very outspoken is upset with, The allegations that are levied against her she feels like every blame her for this monster, for having Jeffrey as if it's her fault, some
I don't know anything his mom could have done differently. Jeffrey was out of control. It was out of their ability to handle him and when he did get you know arrested put my work release programme. His father wanting him to stay longer, because he couldn't do anything with his son, so that's, why only give the one percent a nurture really cause? They did what they could now there's a nother victim that is not part of jefferies list. Well, that's something that happened when they went through jeffreys time line of where he lived in what he was doing. They try looking around to see. If there were any answers, cases that my fit his profile, his ammo there also reports coming out that, while he was in the army that there were two different raped, cases that came up with
he was accused. They were both roommates of jeffrey at separate times allege that they were raped by Geoffrey Dahmer. but they didn't come out until years and years later, because they didn't want to admit, especially in the military, were not two probably take there. Allegation seriously domino, speaks of these attacks. These rapes He might not want to share every single part of this with the investigators or maybe an attack where he didn't murder somebody isn't quiet important or detailed to him too, to share so I think he, HE d well, he has a lot more victims in what we know whether those victims lived through their attacks or not. I believe the soldiers for what they're saying I don't think a getting a quick tea the spot is worth the shame and embarrassment of a rape allegation. There's one
particular case that really stood out to me when I was researching and that's the case of Adam Walsh. We all know John walsh, America's was wanted. He was the father of Adam wall shoe I twenty seven nineteen eighty one was at a seer store in hollywood floor, with his mother. His mother went to go. Look at lamps and left her son playing a small video game with this our kid and that there is some creepy man there as well the kid was playing with Adam, looked back because he was getting freaked out by the sky, and while he was doing that Adam it grants lamb and for us created this kid really bad. So he started to walk away according to him. He saw this man leading this boy, adam away by the hand when the mother returned to collect her child. He wasn't. There so she had him paged and Adam, never responded. So she started
find organise some effort to locate her son and, as the sir effort was under way they located a teenage security guard who said that she saw Adam and some other boys arguing, and so she kick them out of them all already were seeing some conflicting reports and what this comes. To an and I'm going to have to really summarize this, because it would take forever to go down. Although of the people that could have been involved or could have been responsible, but they were to suspend and the one that was their early on was a man by the name of otis tool, and some of you may know of his partner because his partner was Henry Lucas, which was the sub of a strange film titled. Can a portrait of a serial killer, the to suppose We went around the country murdering p, well at random and had over a hundred victims or even hundreds of victims, now
otis tool at one point confessed to them. or of Adam Walsh just weeks. You're Adam disappeared, a boys had was located in a canal in vitro beach. Florida hours from hollywood florida, It was not identified by the parents. This a family friend to go. I I the head and He identified the head is Adam walls, when otis tool can fast. It happened to be the day after and BC ran a special report on the case, and this was the case the nation, because so many people identified the parent losing their child, because it's their worst nightmare, otis tool. When question this was unable to pick out Adam from a picture. He was unable to give an accurate description. He really was unable to do anything and the only information, and he gave that checked out was real
where to have been given to him by a detective who wanted him to sign an exclusive book deal with them- and this was true- a lot of the victims that they had its like. The number was outrageous specially when didn't have much detail about it. so otis tool was sorry number one, as you might say We know that Adam was decapitated. We know he was abducted. There were, Ports of a dishevelled man who is seen at the mall, depending on the witness some described, the man is having a gap in his teeth. Other did not say that some day a white cadillac which otis tool owned at the time and so described a blue van. In fact, most people described a blue van. It got to the point where the police were looking for a blue van after a while they sort of abandoned that idea, because they We focused on otis tool. Why wouldn't I mean he's a confess, serial killer. What's one more
victim to throw on that list when he says yeah, I killed that kid. Well, it's really questionable, because most of the confessions that were given by otis toole did not check out. So not only did he get most of the details wrong, the Adam walsh case, but he confessed to a lot of crimes that they couldn't verify and they just thankfully didn't believe when it came, Two: it we're talking about around a handful of victims, otis tool, Didn't have a speech they come. Oh necessarily, he had a victim Who is an older gentleman who we lock in his own house and burned alive? he had another victim. Who was a young woman? She was nineteen, the victims sort of ranged all over the place and otis was actually diagram this is being mentally challenged. But again his stories don't add up and he gave the wrong date. He actually said it happened and nineteen eighty three he said Henry Lucas is the one that decapitated Adam with a ban at when police Looked into this, they discuss
that Henry Lucas was serving time somewhere. He was in a jail fast forward, ten years later in nineteen, ninety one jeffrey Dahmer, is being asked about adam walls because The time that Adam was abducted, it just happens that Jeffrey Dahmer was in miami beach, so he in driving distance of hollywood florida He said that he didn't attack kids, he would never harm a child and he also said that if he had murdered Adam Walsh. He wouldn't last a day in prison, but here's the creepy thing. Let's start with that, with not harming a child. He has child victims that we know about I mean he expose himself the twelve year olds, he molested thirteen year old, any murder fourteen year olds. We know that right. So there is a history there. If you look at who might have found a blue van. The blue van is really really intriguing because the owner of the sub shop, where
every dahmer worked claimed. He did not have any vans and he doesn't remember Dahmer. virtually every one else. They talk to said that they were amber Dahmer. They remember the blue van and more. So there is a van seen very close to where this boy's head was found. Some one had stopped because they thought maybe that person had a flat tire or engine trouble. The hood wasn't up and there was no tire, but the person leaning into the vehicle messing around with a bucket and they know that there was no passenger seat in the front page so happens that multiple witnesses were able to verify that the van that belong to the owner of the sub shop, who also owned MR pizza. a blue van with a milk crate, as the passenger seat and that he left the key out and all kinds of people would borrow the van one employee. Said she used it to move herself and it was easy access to get to the van. Also.
There is another story. Just a couple of weeks before adams abduction, where there was an attempted abduction, and there was a sketch made of the suspect Dare you to look at that sketch and say it belongs otis tool, I'll tell you what it belongs to either otis tool or dahmer. It's much sort of being Jeffrey Dahmer my opinion and he's the with the blue van. There is a journalist from Miami Harold who said he saw Dahmer there that day- and these are, people who looked at the picture and said yeah. That's the guy, be producer from alabama, saw a man toss a struggling kid in blue van when he looked at respectfully said. That's him really when both the evidence there's nothing that ties otis tool to this crime at all. The only thing that they I've had was his white cadillac carpet
am in that cadillac had blood on it years later, when they went to go test that I think it was a nineteen. Ninety four they went to test this blood will guess what the car and the carpet gone. They checked police, records and there were some initials on the sign off report. For the it's being removed, but no explanation. My only question with this really is, even though it really looks like to me that Dahmer is responsible for the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh and keep in mind the child was decapitated, dahmer decapitated people doing that throws it, for me, is that this head was found in vero beach, which is on the way to jacksonville. So it's me further north in Florida hollywood or miami beach. Here oh, why is significant because otis tool is from Jacksonville florida, so that's we think to me that really point stowed is tours. Why, with his head, be found along the way towards where he lived, whereas
with Dahmer, bother going hours north to drop off this head, or possibly as to the child? Before heading back I mean tubes, you're the crime somewhat, maybe may his with spiralling out of control anyway. So who knows what he was up to at the time its entire the possible. But all I'm saying is when it comes down to it: even the head It was in question because Adam Walsh, when he disappeared, was missing some teeth and the head they found had eight. In one of those spots. That was all the way down it had descended, and there are people that dispute that Adams tooth You come down that fast, looking the police reports and things they never actually bothered to have the head properly examined. They literally just went off the identification of the fao, friend. Adam also murder remains mysterious. I know that john walls. I know that though the hollywood police department in florida all say that otis tool did it. I think it's for comfort. I think
sought away to take a horrible investigation and ff enclosure with it, not only the family, but for the department. This is aware, for them to sign off on something that is literally Finnair, there's nothing there. They don't proof of the head, belonging to Adam walsh, they don't have proof that Otis to actually did it. He confessed twice and recanted twice for as far as I can tell it's, not a good confess and because most of what he said was absolute garbage, you have dahmer denying it, you have dahmer lying, no wise denying it. He saying he wouldn't go after a child. We know he has so when it down to it Jeffrey Dahmer for his clear and his honest, as he came across, is just like. every other killer. If you can't pin something on him, he's probably Can he tell you about it? One thing You'll hear a lot of people bring up about, every dahmer,
that. He only killed because he didn't want these men to leave him, but I don't think that's true This is a guy who got off on the viscera of people. He got fine conscious or dead people when he says he didn't want them to leave him. I think you have to stop there. That's what murder does used Someone from doing anything else so it's not about leaving him. He wants to keep them, He wants to turn them into trophies. He wants the consume them so therewith. forever.
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