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July 10, 1982. Lindau, Germany. The morning after enjoying the waters at Lake Constance, 14 year old Kalinka Bamberski remained in her room. Her stepfather, Dieter Krombach, went to check on her before he left to go horseback riding. He found her deceased. Authorities accepted Dieter's account of what happened as did his wife, But Kalinka's father was not convinced that foul play wasn't involved and as troubling details came to light of what had happened to his daughter, Andre Bamberski set out to ensure that no matter the cost, her death would not go unpunished.

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how an extent vacations tonight's case is a. International story, it's a case that if you don't live in america. I'm sure most of you have heard of this. But if you do live in america buckle up because this is some crazy stuff that you only see movies about this, like you can't script this in real life, but here we have it. So with that. What are we talking about tonight or in the case, This is titled calling a bumper ski in a nutshell, it's about the death of eighteen age girl and her fathers, pursuit of just this in a world that is seemingly aligned against him. Our disclaimer were americans and We will miss, pronounced things, but not to cut us. Some slack we are covering in international case, and this What we ve had many requests for international cases, and just
chose this one, so here you go right has happened on July, tenth, nineteen. Eighty two in I think lindau calling a member ski was fourteen years old at the time- and she was the daughter of Andre Bamberski and his wife Danielle She was born on august, seventh, nineteen sixty seven. She was very act as a teenager. She did windsurfing ice skating, skiing, blue eyed, blonde hair, happy go lucky. Teenager life was, could her father, Andre was forty four years old, he was successful accountant. And he had started a new relationship and ended up marrying danielle so Andre and danielle start to of issues in their marriage apparent, E Daniele has found another man in her life
by the name of dieter krombach Dieter was born, may fifth, nineteen, thirty five! He was twenty eight He had another wife before this: they had two children, boris and Diana. When she met him. They lived in the same city and in the same vicinity. So Daniele fell in love with him. She want him to be very handsome and they had a lot of chemistry, unlike her husband, Andre so it said that they had an affair for our now a year to win the bamberski, is moved to a town near the city of toulouse, comeback had taken Parliament in order to see Daniel because crawled back as a doctor, needs very rich so the next year Danielle would end up
leaving Andre and her children for this doctor named dieter, come back and in the nineteen eighties than bearskin lived in this town with the children as a single father, but he was unable to afford child care, so he decided to move back to morocco to be with his family, but his ex wife, Daniele didn't like this plan. She's like you're taking the aids to Morocco what I want custody of the children. Yes, she took to the courts and they sided with her and they're getting custody. This was said to be very different lt fur andre, but this was cleaner and Bless his children went to live with their mom and her new husband in Lindau somewhere along the way, though it was either in august or september of eighty two. They decided that they would go back to live with their dad,
This is not what happens. No, so it's about Month, away from the time they are supposed to go back with dad and it's Saturday July, tenth, nineteen. Eighty two, at eleven, a m Andre bamboo risky receives a call from his ex wife Daniel. She was calling him to say that clinkers, there only daughter had died. She said that she had died during the night She didn't know how, but there would be an autopsy just she d and we're moving on I'll. Let you know what we find out. She didn't really give a lot of details. This, of course, is going to greatly upset andre because his only daughter is dead and he has zero answers and it's upsetting also because it just doesn't make sense like to him. Something must have happened because
his daughter was very athletic. Very healthy is just not anything that you would have ever Spected, it's not like there was an auto accident, is selling She was found in the street somewhere and her step dad now dieter is a doctor comes out that he was the one that found her unconscious and had com the emergency services in this small german town, where the family was living later doctored jobs would be examining clink us body and chrome bach, told him the day before, at around seven thirty p m that he had actually injected her with a compound. make her TAN easier. I don't know if that exist in real life. I tried to look it up, but one thousand nine hundred and eighty two not sure if that was a thing, but according to krombach, that's what he was due
now there's a name for the compound, but apparently he didn't tell the doctor what it was. Although it came out later now, job's determined her time of death was around three a m and, of course, these details are not known to Andre. Yet so, two days after his daughters, death to doctors are conducting autopsy andre, believes that krombach was present during the autopsy, which, why would step father, be there during an autopsy of the daughter, especially if they're trying to determine a foul play was at fault here, but german authorities maintain that chrome,
was not inside the room during the autopsy and only spoke to doctors after the autopsy was performed. These doctors rode up a sixteen page report, noting that d teenagers vaginal area had fresh blood around it had been torn and that there was a white substance found. We have what appears to be a sexual assault. He also noted multiple injection sites on her right leg, arms and thorax. there was also undigested food in her stomach and your step There is a doctor, and now we have his step daughter with injection sites. She, found by her stepfather, who we He lays out the timeline, apparently this, nature should have been asleep. Four seven eight hours she shouldn't have had undigested food in her stomach because apparently she die
in her sleep, clinkers had wind served on lake constance. and then about five o clock in the afternoon. She got back home in according to her, tat. Father and mother dieter and and yell. She seemed really tired, she wasn't feeling so good. seven thirty she ate, but then she went to bed now her step. Dad said she got a drink of water. About ten p m and then was reading for a bit and they went to bed at midnight because, He stopped by and said, hey it's time to go to bed, so she went to bed his testimony. This is what he sang occurred and the next morning, chrome, who is ready to go out for a horseback ride through the mountains stopped by to check on her I'm calling on our right side lying in her bed, dead,
it's when he proceeded to inject her with various stimulants but again, this is all very suspicious, and the doctors account doesn't really out of work, Defined. Here, though, is that this doctor Chrome back is very well respected and when he talks, people listen so they had spoken to this doktor. One time on the day he found the daughter and despite the autopsy findings, police didn't go back and interview on, but then the commissioner called chrome bach and that's when he told slightly different story. He told the commissioner that he had actually injected clinkers with cobalt and iron too.
Anemia. So he's gone from attaining substance to anemia ball, but it is something that he can say, because this commissioner has no idea about calling as men Oh history and doesn't that she didn't have any mia. He goes on say that he found her unconscious and then He injected her with dopamine trying to increase her heart rate and allotted to. I guess help her with pain, something to that effect, so he injected her with cobalt and then, when he found her unconscious, he's trying to help her with these other injections cause. I guess to explain. Why are there are multiple injection sites on this dead girls body This time, though, there was no psychology tests run. This is a problem because, even though weaken say the doktor store doesn't add up. This girl appears to have been raped. Its is
the authorities are saying, we don't care, because the doctor says it's this, so we're going, believe him? We trust him he's a respectable doctor. you can see. This is getting off to a bad start. So, if coming to die between three am and four am about eight hour after she had eaten again. Why does she have undigested food in her stomach and then why does she appear to be a victim of a rape, when the doktor saying all she went to bed and she slept for seven or eight hours and she must diner sleep and during this autopsy they remove all of her sexual organs. so they can't be looked at in the future. They
move them and then apparently they get rid of them. Yeah now Andre has been waiting for the autopsy results. Three months, he has no idea why his daughter died that night and by this time they came has been closed. The german prosecutor name schnabel at close the case, as he said, there is no foul play here. What You could put anybody in that room from experts experts. I don't know how you find someone to say no foul play with multi pull injection sites and apparent rate plus injuries to this poor girl. Well, that's exactly what happens here is on. Ray is looking at the autopsy report and saying any fool: can see that this doesn't add up and he tried to get the case reopened
he wrote a letter to the prosecutor. He asked for proper forensic tests to be conducted tissues extracted from his daughters body, all of his request he denied heaving contacted danielle telling her. This is important. We need to fight. Justice for our daughter and his ex wife boss was essentially let her rest in peace, you're, dishonour and her. This is really just an unbelievable case. this point and we sail the time? Oh, if someone my daughter, what would I do? I'm sure you ve had conversations with people right, someone's told you, oh, I would do this or that I wouldn't just let things slide at this point What is he supposed do because the authorities are telling him no foul play we're not going to really test anything. It's over we're just going to bury her move on
He loves his daughter and he's not going to move on all the first thing he does Z. Higher is a famous german lawyer named Ralph bossy hope, I'm saying that right and he was there to convince the prosecutor to review the autopsy and take it to the munich forensic institute. He concluded that the iron cobalt injections were given to clinkers later than dinner time, which again that's the timeframe we're working with here, as they said that they gave tour at dinner time and then she's dying at after three. A m so they're saying that doesn't add up here, but they dont do any else. I mean this three doktor team all they really do is look into the undigested food situation and that's it. They don't look at anything else. But of course, this new attorney
does get other things tat. I mean he gets the commissioner to interview witnesses answer you talk to her brother, which is nicholas, and they talk to chrome box to it's their accounts, don't line up with the good doctors, which is interesting, these kids are being honest, the doctor, as we all know is not now claim that she was healthy showed no signs of any kind of ailment and danielle ported that she was not present when her daughter received the injection, but that she knew it was after dinner. So all of these accounts are totally challenging. Krombach statements, but again german authorities say well. It's insufficient evidence now September 30th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three beer fest is taking place and bamberski goes and pays a visit,
yeah, he had printed up a bunch of leaflets that he was just distributing to all the local people, their coupons for free beer right yeah. I know now he was letting everyone know that there was a certain doctor in their town who had rape and murder his daughter. He had actually docks chrome back with his name and address and claim that he was being protected by powerful people now, two hours later Andre who distributed these flyers, is detained and chrome bach sues him for deaf russian and wins five hundred thousand german marks. I think it's a hundred and fifty thousand pounds and reimbursed he was also warned that if he was to repeat his actions, he could spend six months behind
cars for his little. What to do in this german town with his leaflets he's now been fined. half a million german marks and threatened with jail time, but that doesn't sound then, because his next step is to simply male leaflets to the people in that town and now you think the costs would add up, but and money is no object at this point here, trying to get justice, and this is his way of applying pressure to the situation. They do that nowadays, you can send out a tweet. You can make a facebook post you can get people on your side. You can inform them about things. And that's what he was doing back then was publicly shaming. Now, in nineteen, eighty, four member ski it's a french lawyer and they submit a complaint to the paris court of law against crime back. But this complaint
is filed away and it suspected that they're, not taking it seriously, because krombach has diplomatic status, and its rumoured that he worked as a spy in casablanca. So this complaint going through proper channels. Again, it's going now where that same year, Daniele left dieter because she found out that while they were married, chrome backwards drugging her, so she would be out of it and he gets snake. a teenager into their home. It was his way of being an affair with his If in the house- and she was just oblivious to it because she was unconscious- now- that's really sick and disgusting, but I guess it's starting a pattern. Now, in nineteen eighty four, five. This is three years later: we're not getting any movement on this Andre Bamberski finally gets a reply
the german authorities about his request to have his daughters. Organs re analyzed, an forensically tested and again they were told that they could not proceed, with his demands, since the organs were sent back to france along with the body, so they got her body exuberant, but organs, were nowhere to be found, so he's been lied to. They said that they sent it all back, but all the crucial evidence is gone, so the german authorities refuse to reopen the case and do anything against crime ok. I know earlier you said that the french authorities seemed to not care, but I think really what's going on. Is they need cooperation? The only cooperation they have is with Andre, while he's the father, of course he's operating, but the german authorities, they don't care so there sort of stock. They need more information,
and so, with the continued refusal. the german government to allow any cooperation here, their hands are kind of tied by, as will find out the insistence of try to get this case reopened will eventually pay off you know along the way here he's been putting in a lot of time, money, effort, sweat and he's getting. No cooperation really I mean either people say we sympathize, but we can't do anything or they say, go away or let your daughter rest in peace, So eventually, you know he's finding himself very disheartened and he wants to give up you know. At the end of the day, he starts thinking about his daughter and what had happened to her, something inside of them, refuses to give this up. So he continues on despite being turned at every turn. I would say that little thing inside of them was anger and vengeance.
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calm suggestion why code jen why he finally got the french authorities to do for the testing on tissues, samples taken from his daughter, theirs whole litany of things. they. Finally ransom tests on the tissues It's amazing how many things had been injected into kalinka and, of course, some of these things are listed as you can't put them together. same time in a human body, but just in work the things which injected with like we said before? Wasn't it supposedly something to help her tan, then things to help kickstarter back, because she was not responsive, but also things for pain, yet which, when you talk about the lawton or any of these, other things: it's those are suppressed those that are going to make you unconscious, not wake you up. So his whole statement about this is the
Yes, in nineteen eighty eight they concluded that her cause of death was cobalt iron injection, which lie to cardiovascular shock and fixation this election of cobalt, would have caused fever, nausea, vomiting, and if you have an overdose of this, you can be knocked unconscious and involvement in your sleep and, of course, die from that. This takes place. I've heard over twenty minutes or less so again putting the injection in them The night at around three, a m I want to talk to lee about the cause of death, because it's something that never really seemed clear in this case. Look what they're doing with more boy injection sites on an apparently healthy fourteen year old girl who had suddenly
during the night or early morning, and when they talk about her undigested food, they had found food rest, do all the way from her esophagus down into her stomach and review. All of this evidence they find that that injection of the iron cobalt is likely will kill their because that was the Action that happened about the time of death, so putting this stuff together, that's the best they can come up with, but to anyone. This is very suspicious death. Of course, the german authorities did not care, so even know french forensic studies. Show that the injection she received was her cause of death. Germany would do nothing about it well. Now they have some forensic proof of foul play absolutely. Luckily, the french authorities are going to move forward with a trial, although in this case is going to be a trial known as a trial
absentia because krombach is not going to show up for the trial? May nineteen ninety three krombach bound to the court and as for the murder of glinda member ski course, he's not happy about this and they have to do the trial until couple years later. But that is because, because there's no cooperation here not from the german authorities, not from chrome back again, we of laid out that they at least have this iron cobalt injection that likely caused calling as death. They have enough to move forward, but it's gonna take some time. Now chrome bach. He didn't speak until de ninety. Ninety ninety one on this, but here actually spoken to a german magistrate about the jack chains, and he was
and lay out his case. I dont know why this is important, since apparently the german authorities weren't going to go after him and we're going to hand them over to french authorities, but he It out his side of things, which is yeah around eight thirty p m. On July ninth, he spoke to her than about midnight. He spoke to her again and then he discovered around nine thirty the next morning he talked about his attempts to save her. He admitted that some of the things they injected her with were quote incompatible I think in his mind, he's trying to explain. Well, he was making a little, but he's trying to save her just trying things that help revive her. Also challenges the conclusions that some of the experts had reached the experts were saying that the injection was made about the time of death. and he was saying it was at eight thirty pm night before but again. This is a doctor. Dispute
other doctors findings, and why wouldn't you disappear because it's his but maybe on the line, but just send this finding by the french court that combat needed to be prosecuted. They are looking at this as intentionally inflicting only harm which caused unintentional dat it's like they're, saying yeah. He did this, but it wasn't as though he was trying to kill her it's almost a manslaughter charge type situation here. They indict him. Oh yeah, at least they get em on something yeah. They indict him and he's a NO show cause he's back in germany, one of the things the jury found very suspicious. They didn't like that. This cobalt iron injection with suppose the use as a tanning agent. They also don't like his statements about kalinka being anemic. There is nothing
boarding either one of these statements by prom bach. Apparently, this iron global injection does nothing for tanning glinda. Wasn't anemic. parents. We all these resuscitation attempts that he did so many of them were incompatible with one another, so much all of his statements stone at up. Why couldn't germany have just done this because they don't care and if you ever see any interviews with Andre. This is his driving forces nobody's doing the right thing, so I'm having to do all the footwork I'm having You hire the lawyers higher the forensic analysis, all these things, because nobody cares about this doctor who killed my daughter. The jury at the trial found all these issues just we'd mentioned with the case, and so even though their trying chrome bach in absentia, they have no problem finding him guilty and
What is the sense? That's handed down to this man is not in court. Well, sentenced to fifteen years in prison for the murder of Kalinka. Now, french authorities, I did not to issue an international warrant for chrome box arrest and why was the point of view I'm going to issue that warrant. Then how are you to bring this man to justice. Well, it's like their true Do appease both sides here they are trying to respect that, and authorities by saying well, you're not gonna, give him up, so we won't request them. But, on the other hand, Andre lost his daughter. So we're trying to triumph. absentia, because that's all we can do they're trying to keep both sides happy. But you know you can't keep us he's happy. This is a juggling act. That's not going to work so Andre weights and something happened.
In nineteen, ninety seven, which if there was any question or out of whether or not chrome bark had injected his own stepdaughter inadvertently killing her well, what happens. axed kind of seal. The deal in anyone's mind of whether or not sky, had malice intent, Ninety ninety seven crowbar was around that in germany, because a student, My name of laura stealer had gone too. Him. She had stomach issues and he said well. We after run a gastronomy, the on you, and he said it's gonna feel a little uncomfortable. So I'll give you some volume. And that were relax you and then we'll run this procedure. Well, she and a waking up with a naked doktor on. of her. She reported him ass soon ass. She could so he had injected her with some. to knock her out to rape, her
sixteen year old went to her parents went to the authorities and combat was arrested for drugging and raping this young girl. He would, in a pleading guilty in court, they were going to sentence him. Two years of Medical licence suspension. So if he was practice medicine. During this time what was revoked, he would be further prosecuted. Now, I've other patients of his set for and said. We have some story they tell about. Things happened to us, but they did have any supporting evidence, so there my eyes were not included so for drugging and raping a teenager. He had his medical licence suspended for two years,
didn't see a day behind bars. He didn't see any kind of criminal prosecution and then five more women came forward just plan the score out here. And I think, because the german authorities and go after him. He had this feeling, He was invincible and that people really couldn't touch him I mean, a lot to walk out the courtroom. We know for this rape of steel. So, with this sense of entitlement and immunity, he continued practicing medicine and was caught, thank god in two thousand and six and he was sent
used to twenty eight months in prison. Now he be released in two thousand and eight. Now we gotta go back a little bit here. Chrome bach was married before he met Daniele, his first wife monica. Hence she was eighteen years old at the time she would have to children with dieter. There would be named boris and diana. It was reported that dieter chrome bach was very abusive towards monica and after they had two children monica die. Suddenly at age. Twenty four: after wait for it, chrome bach, had administered an injection to her while his first wife died at his hands and it was never investigated, it was just accepted as
a mysterious death. This reminds me a lot of the Michael petersen case. Am the documentary the staircase when you find out about another woman in his life falling down a flight of stairs, and in this case this guy has, injected. Somebody else and gotten away with it every of two thousand one. The european court of human rights ruled that the trial and france During ninety ninety five violet clauses of the european convention of human rights, because dieter Krombach was not present to defend himself, so they all. France, France, to pay the doctor, one hundred thousand francs in compensation. Krombach is a real rapists and murderer, Andre Bamborough ski has done anything in his power to bring this man to justice within the confines of the legal system
Krombach is in germany. He will not be extradited to France France, he is charged with the murder of clinkers, amber ski, so what what a father do in this situation. What happens next turn. Not every father would do this, but I think many of them would fantasy eyes about doing ass. Member ski hired. Three men it turned out was he was approached by someone who said you know you don't deserve, what's been happening to you, of course he agrees with that next thing. We know in shied egg, these three men show up at doktor, dieter, chrome, box, home and start beating the crap out of him. I have heard that they might have had russian accents. One of them is named and tom he's from Kosovo. Another one is kasza from georgia: that's not the state
even from russia now they're beating, dieter up pretty good here. They bind and gag him and throw him in the back of a van apparent they take him over to mulhouse france and drop, em off near courthouse and they call the authorities and say hey gotta guy here for you and when we say drop, em off You mean they chain him to the gate in front of the courthouse bound gagged bloodied with a severe here. Injury was there any chance that the french authorities were going to say he doesn't here he belonged, in germany will send him back. You know at this point I wouldn't put it a pastime, but finally they do. The right thing. Most of you know: I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now, audible offers an incredible.
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how do you think this came about, because this sounds very much like the two thousand and eight film the dark knight. Yeah the scene where the asian entrepreneur goes back to hong kong and the jokers warning. All of the mafia says that man knows no bounds or borders has no jurisdiction and batman goes and picks. The guy up and brings back to america were ill face charges, and this is similar situation. where he's hired three mercenaries to go and bring The murderer of his daughter back to france for justice, but just in its not lake this guy's chained up and then they pick him up and they take him in they got him. I mean that's, not the only thing they do. They. Also go and collect bamberski because they know he's
acted so they have to it's obvious and bamboo risky had contemplated just having these three men just off crowbar instead of bringing him back but they know is tied into this and they're going to arrest him for kidnapping and a whole litany of other charges. Couple of other notes here: Crombie was seriously injured because of the beating he took and he spent some time in the hospital. Actually two different hospitals, bamberski had promised these men twenty six thousand dollars essentially for their efforts. I believe he didn't get to pay them because he was arrested. He had six thousand dollars on his person. At the time of his arrest and coincidentally, they say bail at way for twenty six thousand, so friendship, these are now able to essential.
the finnish out their first trial with chrome bach, but this time he's charged with manslaughter instead of murder, but the sentence is still fifteen years Chrome box lawyers pleaded that their client should be acquitted because he was being used in a way battle between french and german justice systems and He claimed that there were major discrepancies between both sides. They were calling for double jeopardy. All kinds of defences for him now during this trial, chrome back, would actually addressed the courtroom and he swore to the jurors that he had now
hurt Polenka in any way, so the jurors found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to fifteen years and present all of his defense was for nothing but Andre reimburse key is finally see. justice twenty nine years later. Of course, crowbar is going to appeal this in twenty twelve, if there were a lot of victim impact statements, red against him from numerous women that he had raped and the courts would end up rejecting it. appeal? One of the things that stood out to me reading about this case was that Danielle seemed to support the doctor for a long time, and even after she divorced it seemed like there wasn't this drive to get justice for a daughter because she felt like well he died in. Were you gonna blame, but it was
his trial that Daniel I'm really sorry Digging in to all of the information, I think, part of that was because she had found out about his infidelities and his question. actions with a teenager because of the rape so now she certainly think wait a minute. Maybe he did this tickle anchor Just as andrea had said, you know in the report's she's imploring dieter to come, clean, tell everyone what you did tell us the truth. So on April, second, twenty fourteen, his appeals were rejected now Andre bamberger ski he's. Gonna have to go to trial for kidnapping, and that starts on may twenty second of twenty fourteen Obviously chrome bark was not present, he was persuaded end having a lot of health problems at the time members,
he would actually take responsibility for hiring the kidnappers However, he claimed that he did not have any intention to pay the kidnappers No, he had that large amount, a cash on him. His lawyer said that he would plead for the release of his client, arguing that he was only being a good father, hunting the man that killed his daughter to pay for what he did so they're, not even denying really it's an emotional appeal, they're saying if this was your daughter, wouldn't you fight for justice, I mean the entire system had let him down so on. May twenty third and twenty fourteen the prosecutor.
I said that members keep serve a six month suspended since, in the kidnapping of deer chrome back back in two thousand nine. They also had the kidnappers all yet one year prison terms for their roles in this kidnapping to the kidnappers were found and had admitted to this, but even the russian. It said that They never tracked him down. Andre talked about. You know his vigilantism. I guess you could call it his, distributing the leaflets and all this bringing the pressure down on dieter for his crime, and he said that, He had a lot of people telling a knock it off, stop doing what you're doing. on with your life. The way he does heard it was, if I didn't do the best I could. Injustice. For my daughter, then, I couldn't live, myself and we talk
what's inside that drives him. It wasn't going to be denied you know, you said was vengeance, but I think it was a mix of things. It was just like fire in a new way to put it out, was to see this man in court, the man who killed his daughter because your hiring men, you could have hired people to kill him absolutely so you know We talk about vigilantism and we want to judge it, and we want to say this is wrong. Can do this. We have authorities for a reason an andrei side. He didn't having killed. He had bede when he had delivered to the authorities in france, but I mean But if a lot worse, you gotta had a murder. He still circumvented the system, but the french authorities admitted hey. We liked what you did. They were fully on board with it, but they had to as a formality charge him with kidnapping, although he did all the footwork for
the justice system, Andre Bamberski, was sentenced by the criminal court of morehouse to one year of prison time, but it was suspended now Amber ski says that he was disappointed because he claims the court, did not recognise that he had acted out of moral constraint. They had to charge him with something and they suspended sentence. He would not requests an appeal for his charge later and twenty sixteen chrome bach but again appeal due to medical reasons. His health was failing He was eighty two years old and behind bars at that age, not real easy. So, He wanted to be released based on that and it took, the french authorities awhile to make a decision
In twenty seventeen, the french court of appeals, rejected chrome box sentence, suspension request. They said that his health was compatible with the sense and that he still had ten more years to serve. I had come across this case from movie called in her name I'm pretty sure it's in french at least the version I found was in french with subtitles. There are multiple articles and books about this case. Check them out has all the intrigue of vigilante is cereal rapists and murderer, and fathers drive for justice for those of you who, like documentaries in two thousand and six. There is a filmmaker who produce to die an entry, her name is held a sitting she made a film titled, link as last journey. She interview
his two sisters, who said that they were befriended friended by dr krombach, and he took them on holiday trips and he injected them with the iron cobalt compound and rape them try telling telling their mother but their mother didn't believe them, because she said Dr Krombach is a good guy. The film maker ran into some trouble with crawled back, who accused her of lying, but as we all know, she has evidence on her side. I don't know how do you feel about what andrea bamboo risky did you think he's justified? Do you think he's right? What would you in that situation, when I hear about what's daniele was told by her husband, dear chrome, bach that kalinka had somehow died from heat stroke. Or that it was the delayed effects
from a car accident she had had in morocco in nineteen. Seventy four that this suppose it can. She had finally caught up to her. This was off the rails at that point, knowing that the german authorities, despite evidence of a rape, despite all these multiple engine, sites on clinkers body which the doktor could not adequately explain the fact that they didn't move forward this is the frustration that Andrea had to deal with we can say you shouldn't go around the law, but you know, despite what you would claimed be going, outside the law he's still in the end, took this. the system. So it's not like he took it outside the system and left it there he went around a little bit but then brought dieter chrome back into the french justice system. this is a father doing what he feels he has two for his daughter. He showed some restraint in what he did and if he had gone beyond that, if he had committed murder, I'm he would have argued that, because of what dieter
drove him to that and he would have tried that sympathy card, but he didn't do that. We didn't even have to go there, so me in the end, despite pretty urge everyone abandoning Andre. He went through his savings here. and everything up just trying to get justice here it seemed as though it paid off whatever it took to bring justice for his daughters case was worth it now. You can sleep at night
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