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February 29, 2000. Aberdeen, New South Wales, Australia. The most infamous woman in Australia is Katherine Knight. In the year 2000, she was arrested for the murder of her boyfriend, John Price. She had stabbed him to death one night but the crime didn't end there. What she did after that guaranteed that those who learn of her actions will never forget her name. Her past is littered with incidents and abuse that reveal just how dangerous she was to those around her. Join us as we discuss Katherine Knight's life and crimes on one of the more unsettling episodes of Generation Why.

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I don't know I'm doing great just in how are you I'm doing? Wonderful. First idly. To thank everybody for all the support for my last peripheral episode for
those of you not in the know. I interviewed the captain from true crime garage, go, listen to my peripheral when you go search for it it's got my face on the logo. Heather's other podcast, with the same name, people vast what we listened to in oh yeah, they ask all the time, and you know for a long time, we're just so busy that I wasn't listening to podcast traditionally avid listen to science, podcast or comedy, but then you now being per this true crime scene and all I began checking out other podcast, but a year and a half ago, if you do a true crime, podcast there's a chance. I may have listened to you now. The last few thy listen to. I listen to the second episode of don't talk to strangers, which is about the oakland county, chow, killer case, by nina from already gone? That's really really good!
and then I also listen to the fall line. I listen to their episodes on the millbrook twins. I think that's a really really interesting podcast and they I also checked out someone I know from Social media really, but I checked out campbell's podcast, true crime, island. And I had never listened to a full episode and I listened to a recent when he put out yeah it's hilarious. But I like. his show. Is he just verb He goes after people that need going after. So, if you ever feel like you want a ride, against criminals then can do that with Campo. The last podcast I listen to was actually podcast we listen to and your interview on it I've been listening to this is actually happening, which is really cool podcast. I also of checked out swindled. He did one on de mcdonald's, coffee spillage lawsuit.
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how an extent vacations tonight case is a brutal one. There is warnings I'll give out. There is some animal death in this there is domestic violence. Just letting you know will do our best not to be too graphic but the details because again in a we happened to focus on certain aspects of crimes, and sometimes we do have to get graphic. And in a case like this, definitely will have to get graphic later on, but its human on human violence tonight cases international. So I'm sure a lot of people love that, because were finally getting away from: u s, crime and murder and picking on some other countries. So what are we talking about tonight? tonight were discussing a brutal case out of australia. It's the Catherine night case Kathy.
I was some people refer to her as the female equivalent of Jeffrey Dahmer. Some people refer to. her. As the australian version of Eileen warn us technically, she only had one murder victim. Although she had many victims over her lifetime, only one of them was murdered, but in one of the most grotesque whore ways you can imagine due to our summary. You already know discussing a murderous. I want to take us back to the beginning where she came from because there's always that question of with some one born or made into a killer, and I think, as we discuss this case, you'll come to you conclusion yeah, it's always the nature versus nurture, but no spoiler. There there's a couple that lived in aberdeen jack and Barbara rowan, they had forced hands together barbara
started, another relationship because she tired of jack, apparently the workers, a relationship with was can night now these people all worked in down of aberdeen at the aberdeen meet works. It was a slaughterhouse and it pretty much everybody there. live there pretty much work there, and he knows that kind of thing where it's kind of like. If there was a factory in a town, pretty much everybody worked at the factory, With this other man, she had four more kids sons and two daughters. The daughters were fraternal twins in this case Joy was born first and then catherine about a half hour later, When these girls were. At a young age, jack died, jack, rowan and, it run this meat works? So at that point, Barbara had all eight children with her which amy
I can't imagine what kind of a workload that would be, but SAM Ken was a pretty violent guy. he and Barbara would get into it all the time hitting each other shouting. This home was described as and beyond dysfunctional? And it was believed that the kids suffered direct abuse as well. Catherine really showed the effects of this when she was at school because she didn't really have friends while she was at school. Other kids tried to bully her that didn't go down very well with her because she would fight back and she would fight back by punching these other kids. She never back down. This is the thing is kids back. Then they would slap hit, pull hair but punching people in the face when you're four five, eight years old. That's not how those kids fight
You mentioned that her fellow schoolmates would pick on her. They also witnessed a fight she had with her sister, where they were arguing over whose turn it was to ride the bike. This shoe is eight or nine years old and this isn't a sibling fight of just beating each other up. This was a full on vicious war between the two girls and it was taken notice of because other children, much as they might not get along with their siblings, had never seen. Violence like this at home, you had abuse. You had alleged rapes in just a horrible situation where it said that even at age for catherine was d associating and cannot blinking out,
which I think that you know ages. What like three to ten are some of the most important years of a child's development. That's when their learning diesel realize that's when their learning to share and be part of something. So if you have a choice, that's the associated at that time. Not a good point to have these problems by the age of fifteen katharine dropped out of high school. She went to work at the meat works which where her dad worked, where her brothers were her mom at work, their other relatives. I think nothing. Grandfather had worked there. She was, Merrily literate had really know skills whatsoever. It said that the first time she applied at the
yeah slaughterhouse they didn't higher her. She had to go back a second time before they brought IRAN, which wow that's. I don't know if it was because of her age or what this place kills six hundred cattle a day, and she knew that wanted to work there, because that's where her family worked, she was first brought into D the awful room. I called the awful room But apparently this is where you scrape bone marrow and and what not out of the animals. And yet this is not best job. This is kind of the low in job with a start people out, because nobody wants to do it and that's where she starts. She likes it She doesn't have a problem working in that room, or here the cries of the animals that are being put down. She
wander around the slaughterhouse. She will claim that one of her favorite rooms was the pig room in hang out with the old man in their who would talk about how much he loves killing pigs and she would just watch him slaughter the pigs nets, which He wanted to do and she will eventually be promoted to a boner where receive her own set of knives and she would get you kill some these animals. Unlike the other people who this is probably more of a job for them, I don't know, some of them might be weird, but she took pleasure in killing. Others would describe that she would make an artery to watch. The animal bleed out slowly order here at screams, whereas others would try to be more efficient with their slaughtering she's grown up in this abuse of home. Her mother has left her father gotten within
a man who is abusive towards her mom. This you know this is her. Mom is now abusing the children. This guy can that her mom ended up with its alleged that he rapes her mother Catherine will even say that he's raping the children, including her. So we have. This camp lately unstable abuse team, who is now working out a slaughterhouse shown how to kill is being completely desensitize to violence. This doesn't sound like a good combination. gimme at all. Well, she was desensitized to violence at home, must make that clear yeah. I think the only difference as she goes to the slaughterhouse death becomes a way of life. The there's a comic book called wanted the movies horrible, but though the comic book in it they actually are creating
it's perfect assassin, and they have him, go work at a slaughterhouse and kill animals to decency ties him. So this is an idea, this theory and if you work at a slaughterhouse, I'm not trying to pick on you guys. I'm just saying that this is a bad combination for somebody that is already abused and unstable, and I wonder if the comic book wanted actually pulled. Kathleen story is a source for their idea. at the slaughterhouse shall and meeting a man. Yes, David kellet. He had recently moved to that area. Guess it wasn't long before they got married, it was said that he had proposed to her. one night, probably while he was drunk and was surprise the next day when he found out he was engaged, but they got married their first night as a married couple
it's kind of a mixed bag. Wasn't it justin? Apparently he didn't perform up to par and when they started sleeping together, they were just two go on at it, but their wedding night. He didn't, I guess, deliver what she expected and after he fell asleep, he would wake up to kathy. strangling him, because she was upset that he wasn't performing. We not is just in its your big day. You have always expectations of how things will go you hope. Like her past, she resorted again to violence. Exactly David will bring his eighteen year old, bride home to meet his family, his sisters and mother Lisa sisters will think that she's ok
along with their all right. His mother florence thought she was rough around the edges. To put it lightly. Yes, they will go on to describe calf. Cathy's mood swings how she would go from being very happy whistling or whatever to outright disdain and shouting. They also make mention of how strong she was, and I can just imagine if she's working in a slaughterhouse she's on her feet all day, she's working she's probably got very callous hands, and can take people in a fight David will tell his family, especially a sister who was staying with him at the time if she gets cranky get out of her way, because once she picks up a knife, it's already too late. This isn't a good start to
marriage, so the ears nineteen, seventy six, its may catherine gives birth to a baby name, melissa, she's, twenty years old now, and it's just about a couple months later when David. is heading out, he's gone because catherine attacked him with a broken bottle house so again, but the violence again with the anger. The outrage is like I'm done, but is he really done? Well? He gets another girlfriend which you know I I get it. He's trying to leave is trying to get out of this abuse of situation finds another woman, but who this doesn't go over well, he moves out any moves to queensland to live at this woman, and this drives katharine jist mad. She is just
Not taking this well, she obsessed over this infidelity. She obsessed over him, leaving her because she's lost control. others are. An incident where she's walking down the street pushing the baby carriage with Melissa. and she shoving it around and screaming witnesses say she looks dishevelled. She ends up threatening to push the the carriage and traffic, and some people call the police. They come and get her. For baby away and they end up admitting her and to see in elmo psychiatric hospital where she is treated and given antidepressants she's there for a couple of weeks and then she's released and she goes back home. She gets Melissa her baby back
and molasses, twelve weeks old and she's again having this melt down having this breakdown and what did she do with her twelve week old baby, we'll see are out to the railroad tracks, places are down on them and then just walks away home. It's a frightening thing, because a train is due through there soon and luckily there's a woman had a nearby service station or struggle the shop in your bike, him fenian store and he sees what's going on and does a man a man finds that was going on tat, Abraham here
He runs right over and gets the baby. This is of a frightening thing, because obviously catherine is her. Mental state is such that she cannot care for children. They are in constant danger either through her, not taken care of them or placing them directly and danger, and I think this is revenge towards David to like. Oh here's, our child, I'm going to kill it. That's horrible to think about because David laughed, he left his child. With this woman. He was afraid of where I guess he's assuming woltz. She will arm the baby. She'll just want harm me, but as we know now- Catherine, doesn't really care what you're ages or who you are. If she's angry, someone's gonna get hurt. Be sure to check out where the crowded sing in theatres July fifteenth based
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Calm suggestion why code jen? Why? So? After she leaves this baby on the railroad track, she walks down the street and to a back yard. She grabs enacts out of the back yard, and I guess she's in the front yard or in the street swinging. This acts around threatening people and she just after baby on the railroad tracks, so police once again show up and once again They don't charge her with any crime. They just take her to the psychiatric hospital where she is checked in. How long did she say their most she's, only there probably for hours. But the thing here, as we have always said it. If someone needs help, they should get help. I think the police are trying their best in this situation to help catherine and an eye I understand they could charger definitely charger and- and I have no problem with that- but maybe
They are trying to do the right thing here. I I get that she is going to a hospital and I actually prefer, and she's going to a hospital to get help, but without a paper trail and when she actually goes to a court. They have nothing. They have no history on her. So this is my problem with that she's out of this hospital at less than a day, she's out back street. This is kind of a scary situation and she has her baby melissa back. What does she do? Next? Will? Next she had. There were two neighbour's house knock on the door and inform them that her babies ill. You need to go to the hospital and so on, and her children are going to drive catherine to the hospital. So they they follow. Catherine back to her house to retrieve Melissa the the child right,
Yeah the teenage daughter goes in with catherine but it's not long after she enters the house. That katherine is coming after her with a knife, and she's chasing her and she cuts her in the face. I mean these people did nothing to her. Who were trying to help her they've done nothing to her and she's attacking them. This is how oh unstable she is, and yet I have just explained you she's gone to this hospital several times Times and they release her sure, she's, probably acting or behaving as issues normal and getting released because she's to manipulate she's able to lie so she's,
ashes the daughter in the face with a knife and then what happens while the family fears for their lives. Catherine essentially takes them hostage and demands that they drive her somewhere. She wants to be driven to her husband's mother's house floor. yeah florence kellogg's house. She has a plan there Luckily, the mother decides she's going to try. Manipulating catherine because she doesn't want anything else. Terrible. happen, and so she says we need to stop at their service station to let out one of my sons because ease Scott asthma varies asthmatic and we can't take the risk, and so they stop in there and the sun gets led out Luckily, he's heading off to go and form the authorities who's gonna go get some of it. I shouldn't say: hey the police need to come and the service station attendee and
other stall for time and tell law enforcement come, and then law enforcement and the service station attendee have too pretty much subdue cathy, whose wielding a knife who remember she's crazy, strong yeah. The david hears about the situation with the baby on the railroad tracks and cathy getting in such personalized over and over again. So he comes back and gets his mother florence and they go to Cathy's mother's house to retrieve the baby and they pull up in the driveway any sitting in the car.
Have these mother Barbara, come storming out of the house reaches and through the car window and starts choking david trying to kill this? Isn't like? Oh I'm mad at you and I'm shaking you know she is choking him and he's turning blue and he's not fighting back in florence is in the back seat freaking out, because she doesn't understand what's happening, and this is the second time she's ever met have these family or even cathy, really for that matter It's really just a contrast of two families: oh yeah David's family. There dearest. I guess you could call them normal yeah. The mother is strangling David. What happens next? Well, a hero comes along
not really yeah katherine comes along and punches. Her mother knocks her to the ground. I think knocks her out cold seriously, just co Cox, her mom, and then it do. You think that's why they get back together because they go back together. I you know, I think, David's trying to protect his daughter. I think he's trying to salvage something here for the children, but I don't know let let's take a moment here, because we have a really addressed it so far, but you and I had had this discussion earlier before we started recording in an and I had said, justin here's the question. why do these men go back to catherine when she has displayed horrible, dangerous behaviour? Woe
In most of the time you hear about it from a woman's perspective, where the the woman is being beaten by the husband, the woman is being abused by the house and it breaks down there. Their self esteem breaks down everything about the personality and they can try leaving over and over, but the abuser will keep pulling them back. Keep manipulating them. Tell them they're, not good enough to leave, tell them that they can't make it on their own or hold something over them hold onto an item whatever it is a child to get them to come back and David wants to leave, but he just can't I mean he got away for a little bit. What he got a new girlfriend that didn't work out the girlfriend left him so now he's back in this situation. Trying to look out for his child Melissa David is back in her life.
Weeks later they will end up moving relocating, so David can get a job. He ends up driving trucks and there's a coal mine, and what not, so a lot of her relationships will be guys that DR trucks and work I call mine david will actually organize a surprise birthday party for kathy and he invites the whole family, and this is maybe one of the the few times in the relationship where everything goes well and Kathy's, actually happy, but it's at the same time were Cathy has become obsessed with death with knives. She's actually taken this collection of knives from the slaughterhouse and she hung it above the bed. When she's asked about this collection of nice and why there, above the bed
He says there are there in case. I need them. There's a situation where one of David sisters is staying with them: inheres melissa, the child crying and she goes up stairs into the bathroom in fines. Cathy has turned on the hot water and scolding the child they get help. But again there not reporting this two authorities And it's around nineteen seventy nine ish where Kathy will actually start having an affair on david cheating on him. She'll get caught. So at this point they pick up and move again. I feel like they're moving to start a new or there
trying to restart their lives, but no matter where you move there, you are they're bringing their troubles with them. Oh absolute, and you said no one was reporting these things, You know like burning the child in the water. I think it was because they were afraid of catherine. They were afraid of. If we start trouble with her, then she really take it to the extreme and someone might die. Cathy will end up getting pregnant with a second child, and this doesn't go well, you could imagine she's very emotional and having trouble being with this situation- and I guess David into our playing darts, he's out at the pub one night Andy's in a tournament he's about to win,
but he was supposed to be home an hour ago or whatever, so he gets home late at night and he walks and through the door to tell Cathy hey. I wanted darts yea for me right. He doesn't see cathy, but he feel something hit him in the back of the head Kathy was lying in wait for him to get home with an iron skill it and she tried to cave in his head with it when you walk through the front door. He will drag himself to the neighbor's house to call for help. Meanwhile, she's taken all of his clothing his possessions and put it in the bathtub and set them on fire police. Come they ask David? Do you want to press charges and he says no. I dont want to press charges, because if I do then I dont know what she's
do we have these two children now yeah. That's what I had said earlier. It's this idea that she's dangerous. People are going to be hurt, but as long as we don't push this too much as long as we don't involve the authorities here, maybe no one will die. I mean that's saying something: it speaks to how dangerous this person was this. You know catherine night, he stays with her again. I can't blame him for his actions. He doesn't deserve what he's he's trying his best he's. A truck driver he's out on the road a lot she he's getting more and more paranoid now that he is cheating on her and she thinks at every turn. Driver out. There has a woman on the side, so she starts threatening him.
And she has these knives. So. he's getting more and more afraid of her and she's lashing out and just being out of control, he's pretty much separated from her Like I said she was cheating on him earlier go over well, but their able to make enough of a break where, kathy will end up meeting a new man named Dave Saunders. He worked in the coal mine and he was into racing these weird off road cars. I don't know what they're called but is road racing, he was a manly guy. You like to drink the palm new work, the mine everyone in this town his kind of in the same sort of culture. I'm not gonna do the town, but it's a factory town everybody works.
coal mine everyone works at the factory in it's kind of simple So there is a lot of drinking there's a lot of drug abuse and sound. lay there is a lot of domestic abuse in this town. Dave Saunders was a nice guy and he owned a dingo which has a dog for me when one that doesn't it and he will in moving into catherine's house, as usual. The things ergo well in the beginning, but they go downhill fast and dave. will end up coming home late and remember: David came home late and he had his head caved in with an iron skillet when Saunders comes home late. I think this is a little bit more vicious, but Cathy will take his dog in slid its throat in front of saunders to show him
This is what happens when you don't do as you're told after she kills his dog. She will attack him and end up breaking some of his ribs and and flicking some deep cuts into his lists which I'm assuming are pretty much defensive. Wounds biggest trying to stab him, then show do a half hearted attempt to overdose herself was sleeping pills and this lands her back at you psychiatric hospital. She will go on to her sister's house with a shotgun, proclaim that she is killed, saunders, which she hasn't. She just saying these things and He seems to be getting off on the reactions of people. She gets off on horrifying,
saying these outlandish thanks to them along with actually doing things are horrifying in watching their reactions. Dave Saunders will try to leave her several times, but in nineteen. Eighty eight, though end up having a daughter together once again its despite the vial, that's going on. There is still an ongoing relationship it. We were and, like she begged them, to come back because she was the one in power. She was the one that had control, or at least that's how she saw it. He will end up taking a extended leave from work and telling kathy that he is going to visit some friends in another town.
but he's actually planning his escape and he will leave catherine without his daughter. Again, I think it's just ye shall take care of the daughter. Shall be ok but she hates me, so I need to go Cathy. What was so upset with this situation that she will end up telling the daughter your father's dead, she's telling that a child that your your dad's gone, sorry about it and she's taking gleeful joy and seeing the daughters reaction, knowing that her fathers not coming home at this point, nineteen. Ninety two, ninety ninety three she will end up meeting a man named John shillings worth it will have a son together, name Eric and ninety. Ninety one, her relationship with John will pretty much at the same way as her relationship with all these other men.
and again she was always jealous or she would fly under ages over things, things that weren't even true. She would just hear staff or belief things and then she would take them out on her partner and some of the things that she did to John were She smashed his glasses, Also smashed is false teeth. No, this is like the other ones, the guy was a drink her and she abuse tam ahead Eventually the guy ends up, leaving its the same pattern that plays out regularly with catherine over the years with each of our partners. Now it's Man number four. Where we come to what I would say is the meat industry the reason why Catherine night is so infamous is because
her relationship and how it ends with this man named John price, known as pricey John price. Again he drove trucks worked and the mine drank a lot She has a type. Yes, he does have doesn't type in. When I found interesting, about John And- and maybe this isn't unique- I dont know cause I'm not this kind of a drinker, but he was literally Alcoholic drink all night, and then he would still be the first guy work every day. So hey he has a work. Ethic john, had separated from his wife Colleen years before he had two daughters from this marriage and again the two daughters met cathy and at first actually got along with her thought you was a nice woman, but over time of hanging out with her could see, I guess the the cracks, my kids
the behaviour, and one of but described driving a car with catherine down the road and a dog would run across the road and she would actually swerve the car to hit the dog and when asked about this she's just said I dont, like dogs. Well, I think back to saunders, dingo mean and the slaughterhouse and all these other issues and Now she has this hatred for animals near when she was young. Supposedly she loved animals, but again she's become unstable. She's had this, terrible life ass, she grew up and said, she's developed a completely different state of mind here, so there no love of animals anymore things just annoyed her. She will end up stabbing and abusing John over time. He will
have wounds on his body. This repeatedly from her, he will tell his coworkers, like yeah, my my wife, did that the scar right here- that's where she stab me and is struggling at work, because not because he's drinking by because he's bleeding from a stab wound or some sort of injury. That's been inflicted by her. She will want john price to men hurry her. She wants to settle down with him. May John saw the red flags. Maybe he's just not a marrying type of guy, but he will turn down Kathy's proposal. It's like he. He didn't really want leave her, but he didn't want to marry her. He was fine with where things rat where, if they blow up, then yeah they would deal, but,
he was not going to settle down with her even with oliver pressure She doesn't take no well as you can imagine, She will end up sitting down his daughter, rebecca and telling her she's thirteen years old and telling her tat her father isn't really. her father and not her mother had slept around, and that John is just the guy. That's taking care of her so she's, pretty telling rebecca like your whole life is a lie and everything Parents tell you, is a lie. This isn't working out so she's dividing the family manipulating lying. So then the next big fight is about the title. being of prices home, it was in the name of his kids. While she wanted her name on it. She claimed that since
they were basically living as partners should have a claim on it. Will he refused to change the title he wasn't going to marry her and he didn't really want or to have. Stuff either he just wanted a partner. They got into a big fight because he won't out her name to the title of the house. She demands ten thousand dollars, or some obscene amount of money to be bought out and, of course, don't give her money either or put her name on the title. So catherine embodiment billy talk about this, but she had a thing for video recording things she liked to video record stuff. and in this instance, she went out to a garden shed. That was on the property and chief armed inside of the garden shed and it isn't. Than to be, and I think she knows what she's doing, but there's a first aid kit that belong to the mine, where price worked at that he had taken from the mine, and it's inside
garden shed. She shows it to his boss. He looks at and says always he's a thief. He fires John price note here, very good worker always shows up, is the first guy there, but he's a thief, and they just can't trust that so they fire him. So he kicks catherine out now it has been explained It was something that was just going to be thrown out. They were just gonna, get ready, because it had expired in everything, The date on it this was gonna, be tossed, but still he took it, and so his boss was like now he's fired and she's gone for. I think about six months, but all along the way she had been working her way back into a relationship with him, because she wasn't just going to stay away. This wasn't six months, she was gone and she came back now. She kept coming back, trying to talk with him and work on him, and then they get back together. While there is forty three years old,
he's unemployed. He doesn't have much going on right now, because she's destroyed his life need talk about her filming fangs. She was really to horror, movies and violent flicks She also had weird decor around her house. She had like farming equipment, but mainly like sharp tools like machetes and what's the a scythe and things like that, and she would hang these up on the walls and the ceiling of the the house, and then she had taxidermied animals or scholes, and I get it, you know, I've been friends of another golf people got people that are into death, but this is not really and appreciation for death. This is
more or less a power trip over life. I would say: yeah it's like I'm, not really bothered by people's steak or so much. But if you see summons, core, and you know what their behaviors like in its frightening. That's when it becomes a worry there are some people, I've known who have plenty of skulls at their house and I'm not worried at all. No but catherine night, that's a whole different story. february. Seventeenth, two thousand, there is a nasty fight between john price and catherine night price, end of going to a neighbour's house and toll what was going on a call the police? Now he said that Where was threatening him with a knife and she claimed that he had attacked her will In the end he was ass. If the police to remove her from the house, it wasn't her house her name's on the title. There are not married, but the police said they couldn't do it
since she essentially lived there sort of a common law wife and is in a sense or a squatters, It's not that that I wonder about yes, quite well. She's been there seems like a week. Excuse when he goes on to try to get a restraining order or order of protection, not sure what they call it in australia in australia. It's in apprehended. Plastic violence order. Ah, but this is gonna take weeks for him to get. He can't get a court date anytime soon at work, keys, showing his injuries to his coworkers they're, telling him don't go home state a hotel stay with us. He says he asked to go home because his children are there and he has to protect his children. He had gone to the court house, he had told the police. What was going on
Let them know about katharine's behaviour. He also let his friends know hey. If I dont short for work the next day, then I'm dead and catherine skilled me so because of the fight on any seventh catherine goes to a doctor to have her bruises recorded. So, there's a record of what happened to her she's documenting her injuries, to claim that this is her being the victim yeah. There were finger like bruises, honour, right, breast and there is a faint bruise on her left jaw and she also show there were bruises to other people in her life as evidence that John price was abusing her. and this is on the same day, that John price taking out and apprehended violence order against her. So its becoming He said she said in a lot of times when there's domestic violence, you know
like the going ideas, is usually the man. Is abusing his wife or his partner, it's. That is what we expect in this situation and cheese. able to manipulate and try to stir things in her favour catherine arranges for her oldest daughter too. Keep an eye on the kids, not just her younger kids, but also John prices to kids, so they're going for a sleep over and then catherine heads back to prices, house price out with the neighbors after work and then he came home and he got into at about eleven o clock, that night Catherine went and took a shower and dressed into some laundry and then woke him up seduced em. Yeah, seduced him and then after they were finished, John price cuts settles back down and he's gonna go to sleep on me?
It's not long before he gets a rude awakening. She attacks him when he's half asleep. She starts stabbing him with his boning knife. She followed him, He tries to leave, he go. down the hallway he's trying to leave the resident destroying to escape and she stabbing. all the way throughout the house all the way to the door where he strain go out and she's yanking back in stabbing em, it's a total of thirty seven times that she stabs him and then that's not even that's. That's the terrifying part because he's alive, but after you dad. This just gets grotesque. She will end up beheading, skinning him. She will take his skin and put it on a meat hook. Hang it up because she has all this weird farm equipment and sharp objects around the house to do
whatever she wants with after she murdered John. She took his wallet using his bank card, made two withdrawals each for five hundred dollars and they found that money. So we don't know what she did with it, but they never found it. She hid it. So this has gone from a domestic violence attack of her typical stabbing to fall on murder, and then the next level of just horrific grotesqueness issue will take his head, and what does he do next? Her? His head is placed into a pot to be boiled and parts of John are cut up and cooked with vegetables, and then some parts of him are fed to the dog. Now she's, cooking, she's, cooking, a meal and its four johns children
She actually has places set for each of his kids and she's planning to serve them, John with vegetables, but she's taken photos of them and stabbed out their faces and written these just incoherent notes with their names and how, if I can have your father, then nobody can have him just It is on another level, and now you understand why she's compared to Jeffrey Dahmer and other murderers out there. It was violence. It was an attack it was screaming. It was stabbing and when she skin dim she went into the same mode she had when she worked at the slaughterhouse. So then she took her time and it's just it's a frightening thing that when she was actually, mutilating him. She,
actually saw this as like. A work of art is what they said when John doesn't show up for work the next day, one it's out of, After for him to he's told his co workers, if I don't show up that means, I'm dead, he shown them his injuries. It's pretty quick for them to notify the authorities and have them go. Do a welfare check on his home detective bob wells will show up on scene. there's. Other deputies that were the first responders he tries to ask them what is inside the house. You can tell that their shaken they're not taking this well babo into the home and
he will describe what he thought was a wet suit hanging from a meat hook. They see the dinner setting They have a pretty good idea. What happened in the home? This isn't, something that requires hours and hours of detective work to figure out what happened it's pretty apparent and they will discover that cat is lying in bed asleep. Well, yeah. She appears asleep. They try to wake up. and she seems, she's not coming-
I sleep real, easy and there's empty pill packages strewn around the bedroom. It's a kind of apparent that a she's, oh dean, on some sort of medication and she's completely out of it. They will get her up and I take her to the hospital. While they document everything that's inside this home, she will be at this hospital for six days. News reports will come out about a wife who has murdered her husband, the gory details won't come out right away. But as soon as there is a news report about this David's family and even prices family
We'll know who the report's talking about. Sadly, prices daughter won't have any clue about it until she reads the newspaper and finds out about her fathers, horrible death, bob wells. The lead detective will be the first one that interviews catherine She will claim that she doesn't remember anything from the night she will have no recollection of the murder. Or what happened He will say that she remembers stabbing him previously from months earlier and she'll be quick. Say: oh yeah, we had an argument, we had a fight and I have Bruce is to show you that he was attacking me because on the victim here- and I was defending myself when I stabbed him- so this is how she's spinning it in her first interview
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calm, slash gaeta BP were text guida, BP, two five hundred five hundred, that's audible, dot com, slash cheetah, BP or text guida BP, two five hundred five hundred to try, audible, free for thirty days, audible, doc, slash w b, detect wells will interview the other children and they'll report that Kathy had told them, I'm going to kill pricey I'm going to get away with it because I'm gonna say I'm crazy. Is she setting this up or she telling the truth? I mean this is premeditation, but at the same time she's telling the truth I mean both are right. I know. Sometimes we discuss cases where we say you know that guy really seemed crazy, but we know he did this, so there is there is culpability here by thank- it's almost like she, lives in the crazy and she's. Ok with it. Oh absolutely,
it's like a lot of mass leaders or serial killers or what not. They are very capable of planning things there very capable of executing their mission based on completely wild, ideas and delusions. So it's that fine line of well You say somebody had has lost their grasp on reality, but that is I mean they're, raving lunatic. It means that they can't distinguish reality from fantasy reality from delusion or hallucination, but they're still capable of functioning on a level where. How do you determine if this was done with sound mind and body, while I think, judging by the way
she's handled herself, the things that she has done and the things she said. This is the kind of individual who doesn't get sympathy. No, I was going out of their way to help her eyes. She told them what she was going to do She even when withdrew money that night, but on the flip side, is she went about? It is not normal and I wonder if she did it In such a horrific manner that sheep plan to use this incompetence, defence or if she was just that brutal, and that too, I guess just disgusting in her revenge. Well detectives. they can tell that this is a woman who had worked at a slaughterhouse enjoyed it and had, fascination with sharp objects. So
I'm not sure that anybody would be able to look at this crime and say: yes, she lost it now. This is more like she was reveling in what was going on yeah, but you can't say that she was completely of sound mind either you can't say that she was stone cold, sane, that's not applicable, here. She's had this, I don't know, don't know if she's a psychopath or what you wanna collar, but she's not
aim, which is also very, very dangerous. There has been a hundred times where law enforcement and these hospitals and professionals could have checked her and they didn't. This was completely preventable, but she kept slipping through the cracks not getting charged, not getting proper medication, not getting supervised, getting followed up on this monster was created and nobody seemed to us. stand the potential of harm here. I mean, I think they understood it, but nobody could do anything about it. Well, some didn't act because they were afraid.
and some didn't act because there was no follow through and absolutely em look. This goes to trial when she had talked to detectives before one of the things that she made loud clear was that she didn't really know what happened, but she accepted the fact that she did what she did. Those kind of an odd thing. She gets the trial and the people testifying against do a pretty bang up job. I mean the psychiatrist come out and they're talking about how this is something she's, fantasized about for a long time, that's why she took her time skinning john price and cooking him. This isn't something that just willy nilly happened. this was in the planning for a while and, as you said, she had told people that she was going to kill him.
There's this there's not any mystery here, and they also talked about what likely she was suffering from One of the things was borderline personality, disorder and ptsd. Now granted she she had a very poor childhood. I mean that we talked about that That's nothing to skim over! Really, but take our word on it: it was a bad childhood likely had something to do with the person she became, which is what you referred to earlier with the nurture even her mother attacking David. That's, not something that she just did. All of a sudden. Her mother was like this is well her mother was very violent and and went into rages They also talked about how catherine wasn't insane there was talk about how she claimed that there was sexual use going on in the home, although there was nothing, substantiate that by
Is she lying I mean I almost want to saddle think she is I'm willing to believe that, because of her outlandish behavior later on in life again, there are factors here to me: they don't. excuse what she did. It's more of an explanation of these are the things that make up catherine night during the proceedings of the court of the trial. Catherine was very, very key. Throughout most of the except when there is testimony about the crime scene by police officers, and they said, then she started dick placard teeth and she started right. Came back and forth and she had some outbursts and she needed. given a sedative after being removed from the courtroom. She will end up pleading guilty to the crime which This is a full reversal from I dont know. I happened to. I was
defending myself to he. I did this with a girl deeply there much discussion anymore and she will be sentenced for her crimes november gave two thousand one catherine is sentenced. She is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. On this the first woman in Australia to be sensed. This way the judge said it was clear to him. that she not only plan the murder, but she also took enjoyment in what she did afterwards. It's on june, twenty eight two thousand six, when katharine's attorneys appealed her sentencing, you might say: well how can they do that? I mean she pled guilty and then she was sentence so how they? How do they get here? But
they said it was based on the grounds that the sentencing judge was an error when he found the crime to be in the worst class of case not giving her. any kind of leniency or giving her mitigating factors for pleading guilty looking into taking into account her psychiatric disorder, ignoring the fact that she had no prior record, which, She did have one ever in office or it's just no one was taking this stuff down. You know what I mean there wasn't like a criminal record of G. She placed her baby on train tracks shortly before a train was due to come through right. The southbound train train, that's not a crime, apparently because she wasn't charged with the crime, but
Obviously he had so we're talking legally here. She didn't have a prior record, it's weird, because she didn't have a prior record because she kept falling through the cracks. The system was failing at every turn to check this woman, but at the same time there now using this in her favour. If she did ever prior record, they could have said well. These are mitigating factors but all the problem- she had its half dozen one. Sixth of the other, they also point out that her so was manifestly excessive. Why? Because she was the first woman ever given a life sentence with no parole. She skinned dude alive. How much sympathy can review We have demanded their point. This out say hey! This is weird. Why are you doing this so november? Ninth, two thousand six. All five parts of the appeal were dismay.
asked and I mean I can understand why they're saying these are special circumstances. This is not your typical murderous. I, what do you think Just then they pointed out only thing saying: oh well, why do you do this? Is an extreme and you're not taking account this and there pointing back at this history of violence that she has I get why they gave her the most extreme sentence because she's the first woman in australia to commit such an extreme crime. So the law is, weighing that out and fence. Team is trying to argue mitigating factors again I don't really agree here. This could have been possibly stopped. This could have been prevented if, at any point, the police would have just said
we're charging her or where removing her from the home or the psychiatric hospital followed up on her treatments, something something court ordered as a complete, miss yeah. There's this right age to her. That reminds me of island, warn us and when I read about her case absolutely app The trial after the sentencing there's more tragedy. John prices family goes through quite a bit john, brother Bob takes his own life, he had been there for all of the hearings throughout the trial. Seemed ass. Though- and this is this is just a gasp- may be hearing about what his brother went through in his last moments. It they just really aided him, then crisis children continue to suffer after bob died, they lost their dad. They lost their uncle,
and even the media, I guess in a way to to be considerate. They didn't pour it on this as much as I say, the american media would have. It was still a circus going on specially during the trial, but I feel that they somewhat came to senses after the fact. Yet ain't you got reigned in after everything started to settle down and they just reigned it in. I think prices, family and the other families affected Might argue with us because I'm sure they got the brunt of this, but it seems that it wasn't quite as reported on as it would have been in America Catherine was sent to the silver water women's correctional center. They said be there the rest of her life. The fellow inmates have referred to her as the nana. If you look at pictures of her or if you would run into her on the street,
She looks like an ordinary person. She doesn't look like the walking evil that most people would describe her as she's very unassuming, so I'm not surprised by the fellow inmates calling her nana nana, because I'm sure she's, a motherly figure to them per behave. You're in prison has been such that one of the prison official said. she is no monster, but you always be cage like one we like to. Our sponsor third love. My wife loves her third love bra. The most comfortable, bra, she's ever owned, go. Do third love dot tk slash John. Why now to find your perfect fitting bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third love dot com
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