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March 4th, 1989. Mishawaka, Indiana. On March 4th, 1989, 29-year-old Lisa Bianco was beaten to death near her home by her ex-husband, 38-year-old Alan Matheney. Despite assurances from prison authorities that Lisa would be informed if Matheney was out of prison, they failed to do so. Join us as we discuss a case that highlighted the need for proper enforcement of domestic violence laws and procedures.

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Join wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free from wondering in the tonight matter don't find just and how are you doing good, whereas can we covering kind of a somber case tonight, but before we, started. We got very touching email from one of our listeners who rode into his hair,
a woman by the name of jessica wrote in She sent us an email about her brother, ed This is what she wrote to us tyrant, adjusting my brother had sousa, is an army that served in iraq with the third infantry division. Three seven cavalry in two thousand three and two thousand five- he was medically return as the staff sergeant in two thousand nine, due to injury, sustaining combat he passed away, suddenly on march for twenty twenty two due to an accidental overdose. Did she goes on to talk about how he had developed an addiction because He was self medicating, his people, city in his pain and his depression and she went on to talk about how he was a huge jen. Why listener? And actually when they got him into the podcast, and this is something they would talk about together and she recently went to massacre, its delay him to rest with her husband. She said they listened podcast they're back, because that's what else would be doing if he could, I don't know
I guess it's you never know the effect you have on people Stephanie, something that touched When we read this and the least can do is is get the subtle tribute to sue, add and I remember him because seemed like a good guy and his sister cared about him very much guides very similar story to my sister, who was self medicating and Sadly my uncle just passed away and he and his wife Vicki would listen to my had cast all the time together and I hope it still brings her some solid some comfort, even if he's not around to listen, also suggest getting. you for running about your brother. It means a lot that for whatever reason that generation Y has been a part of your life and his life? and you have our sincerest condolences and
then. We also want to give a shout out to whenever I listeners name generally her birthday on April nineteenth. Obviously there we'll go out not on her birthday. But we though, I wish you a happy birthday and also a shout out to her husband David. Are we gotta? Be the birthday shadow Just now I mean is that will become kidding of getting people? Don't ask us for things lot and we do not mind doing it and Hey? If you want something you gotta ask for a year, and we always promise it'll happen, but we do try. no fees or minimums banking with capital. One is the easy decision in history of decisions even easier than citing to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast with no overdraft fees. Is it even a decision that banking re imagined? What's in your wallet term supply see capital one dot, com, slash bank capital, one in member of the icy price line. It goes
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sometimes still are this case occur back in the late eightys, but that's not two long ago, and I hope that nobody, There is currently suffering from domestic violence. If you are, there are, tons of avenues for you. Phone numbers shelters if have anyone telling you or giving you assign to get out. This is your sign right now, also to address them that, while we can do whether laws and whether those laws are enforced are effective in case of domestic violence and abuse. There are many p while there who do care- and you have many grass roots support- says comes and different organizations set up to help. So with that, what are we? I can about tonight heard tonight. We're talking about the march
worth nineteen, eighty, nine murder of twenty nine your old lisa bianco. This happened in mishawaka indiana she met a man named Alan martini and there get married in nineteen. Seventy eight, athene was a plumbing contractor at the time and as usual and the beginning of the relationship. He was very sweet and the perfect gentlemen, but that personality that version of Alan would quickly fade and the abuse would start right away now this abuse didn't happen in private either. There, though, who knew the couple his head. They said it seeing signs that LISA was being beaten. She had bruising. Now LISA. She wasn't happy and she decided to and her relationship with Alan and she
forced him by the end of nineteen, eighty five, but just in people who were abusers, they don't Oh, I'm divorce now move on to their oh, no had two daughters together, amber and brook so they at least we're together long enough for that boat. when they divorce. Obviously his abuse is going to come up and he's probably not going to get the visitation rights or all of the things that he was expecting. in this divorce, so he's gonna, respond very harshly, Alan's hans, was to kidnap there, two daughters and flee. Just get moving around. It was about six weeks before law enforcement fondly com
with Alan and unfortunately he was freed on bond after this returned back to indiana and attacked lisa in nineteen. Eighty seven now lee so when on record about this, she described the assault like this. Everything happened quickly. He unplug the telephone. He me down rip my blouse open and came after me with several neckties sometime back had tried strangling me with a tie he was trying to? at them around me. He started hitting me mostly on the back of my head with his fist. I told him I didn't want to die, he told me, he was doing it because he loved me. He told me he was going to rape me I decided I d rather be submissive and go along with his wishes, because I didn't want to be bothered anymore. I had to save myself in any way. I could. I have to prosecute this time. If I don't do it thing? It's just going to happen again now because of this attack. Lisa went on to educate herself and she became a councillor for ashore.
Her, she wanted to be involved because she knew first hand what domestic violence did. Two people to families and she wanted to make a difference. But the best advocates are the ones that have been through themselves so LISA. She did what she could and martini was put behind bars, but she never felt comfortable. She was always fearful about what could happen and which, set about it was doesn't matter. What I do I know he's going to find me, but if I running now. I know I'll, never stop, so I might as well stay here and help out. This is something, said the sandy pack, who is the corporate receptionist at the Elk? county women's shelter She presses charges he's arrested and during interview he's going to deny beating his wife
owing to deny a lot of these things and even say that living with her was a nightmare. This is complete denial or Complete justification for his actions, whether it's like a while she birth toast this morning and now I feel justified in beef her to a bloody pulp because she didn't what I said what however, it is in his screwed up little head. He absolutely blames her for the beatings and the rate. isn't that gas lying. This is all your fault there. doesn't stop. This abuse doesn't stop. Just because martini is behind bars and lisa was in calls from him from the prison in which he thought and her life, and we this because one of the residence at the shelter cheryl Kilgore was told by lisa, if I'm killed, it'll have to be closed
skip, because if he ever gets hold of me, it's not going to be a pretty sight and she told her about these calls and how with any was threatening her life just assumed every prisoners call recorded, because they do that and They use what prisoner say over the phone against them, but I guess, if it's not, related to drugs or some sort of you, no organ crime activity where police can seize assets because would just assume that he would be charged with making threats over a government phone line, but now nothing happens. obviously you say the prison had to have been away. Of it? We don't know if they were, but they should have been while the police were made aware. Bianco had reported this, but nothing came of it now, at least I got a call from Alan's. Mother and she said alan's eligible for a day passed now. I just wanted to give you a heads up.
so LISA turned around and called MIKE Barnes. Who is the prosecutor, and he said no, I don't think so, and he contacted thee prison and had this pass cancelled rightfully so right, I would think here. So might barn said we can't do this You know he violently assaulted, LISA, bianco and now he's, making threats and if he gets out worried about what he might do. So we can't have him just leaving the prison like this can have a day pass now. Barnes, according to him, got the as to agree that if Messina was ever offered any future fur laws or day passes that he would be notified and he could notify lisa though LISA sent a handwritten letter to them, saying I why to be warned immediately as well, and the presence okay. We agree to this. This is sort of. What I would say is the inception of victims, rights advocacy because
have a prosecutor and the victim saying. Please don't him out for any reason and notify me if he is but doesn't always work out that way, he had been sentenced on november? Twenty third and eighty seven four battery against LISA bianco and for the confinement as two daughters, but the rate charges had been dropped. Back then add on going to go out on a limb. Here, I'm asleep that the overall consensus or viewpoint is that you can't rape. Your wife is at what thinking here, because wouldn't surprise me via this whole the whole problem with domestic abuse when it comes to authorities for the longest time was how do you prove this and how do you really get? Image mean to people who were in a marriage denoting they're. All these excuses of well, that's their personal issues. They need to sort out, but violence is,
was this a human rights issue. It has nothing to do with whether they're married being married does give him the right to abuse, to rape, to kidnap, I think it sounds ridiculous. I have to say that, but I have to say it because until people hear it there will be some who will say: well, that's their married couple. No it's you can't commit crimes. Has begun married you remember when, when she filed for divorce, against whom that was at the time when he had beat her bloody and had been incarcerate did what they had. Let him out on an unsupervised visit and what did he without unsupervised visitor. That's when he kidnapped his children. Okay, so years later, in march of nineteen, eighty nine matheny is The correctional industrial, complex, pendleton indiana. We have a passed, of behaviour, violent behaviour and a man who flee authority when they let him out. So what do they?
side to do with Alan let's just say that they do this. do something that's scary with alan, but let's, let's properties with what their reasoning is. There was a prison report that said that officers at the prison were pleased with the chinese conduct. The statement red subject relates well and seems to have adjusted very well now. This report goes on say that he's a good candidate for regular community assignment meaning he could go on fellows and that they believe no mental impairments would hinder his ability to function in society. Eighty follows is like a work release programme where he gets to leave the prison unsupervised there is a letter in this report that was authored by a consultant to the state probation department. This is what this letter said. As for the rape charge, which was dropped, they vary possibly could have been having a wonderful social affair with sex involved now living
appears to be using the criminal justice system to whip her husband to death. Now, if there is any way to treat domestic violence flip aptly this goes beyond that. no matter how many times I really descends. It's my brain just hurt more and more and more if there is any way to completely compass. What the attitudes are that line you just read: does it perfectly? just so no one's lost here. Just then do so that the weight of this is felt this letter, that's PA. Part of this report is saying that the so called rape charges were dropped. Pre probably because it wasn't actually rape because they were married couple it makes you wonder. How was this ever acceptable me, let alone in nineteen. Eighty five someone felt good about putting penda paper in writing this. It happened and Alan
fini would be granted furlough from the state prison. Someone goes to the present to pick him up. They are. They tell him that he has to be released to his mother, and this is supposed to her driving him to his work. We this programme, or whatever he is allowed to do that day? Now an eight hour pass from the complex. It's a lie, did trip to indianapolis surround of forty five minute. Dr he's post to stay within the city limits. Now why his mother is the one. That's quote: unquote supervising him. I don't know, but this is a dangerous person and if he, was released on a work release programme. I would assume he would be supervised with guards to whatever he's doing, Instead. This is what I would consider unsupervised and he's a to do whatever he wants. Malta, we had to go back to the present report. Justin
feel he's a good guy. Now yeah. In fact, he probably was always a good guy right, Think by telling him there are rules with your really such as you get eight hours your limit to any annapolis, You can only go forty five minutes away from the correctional, ability, etc, etc. Right that they think, that's all they need to do going to listen to them? Evil obey them, but did he do on his first bond release. Oh wait! Yeah he kidnapped his children fled for six weeks, but yeah he went. Windsor ontario right. He also to washington DC. He went to north Carolina if we listen, when they tell him what he can and cannot do as soon as his mother picked him up. He drove to the bend area, his mother off and then proceeded to drive you, his friends house for a name rob snyder. This is well side of the distance
in times of where he supposed to be going on his fur low he gets to his friend the house at around one p m and leaves around an hour later, while he's there, he changes close any takes a four ten shot gun with him. His friend rob says he didn't know that our heads hagen the unloaded shot gun. He claims although I'm thinking how, walk out a summons house with a shotgun and conceal that, like it's either his friend is lying, but that's just my opinion. I I dont how this plays out, but your friend Those up at your house on a work, release program or a furlough and takes a shotgun and leaves We just assume that the friend or the mother would have contacted authorities because he's not doing what he supposed to do so
following the rules and the policies of his release and nope nobody lift a finger. He just does whatever once so leases at home, with her two daughters and unbeknownst to her alan parked, his mother's vehicle, a couple of houses away and then approached the whole through an alleyway he broke into residents through the back door by some washing a window and the first person to become aware of his presence was his daughter broke. Who is ten at the time and she said her dad into the house and started confronting her mother and so broke random, store to neighbours house begging her to call the police neighbor was Jocelyn, sloan sloan that she looked out the window and she saw LISA wearing only her underwear running from a man who is chasing her. She said she saw this man lisa with you know what appeared to be a shock on a rifle and as he
heading her this weapon broke into pieces. He was hitting so hard and so many times that the weapon broke all the neighbours on the street can hear what's going on and they look out their windows. and they see this man beating her with the butt of a unloaded, shocking and after he stone. He got back in his there's vehicle and left. There was one witness who had chased him justin, but nothing could be done at this point. obviously Alan knows that everyone saw this happen and that he would be identified. So he ended up calling the police and said that he would surrender when you being arrested, he told the officer. I assume that my ex wife is dead. That was his and and the whole time he blamed her for everything wrong in his life, he blamed her. For his incarceration, who was now his actions, it was never what he had
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I abuser is in prison, but it's another thing, when suddenly you're in in the home, you ve not gotten any calls and all of a sudden the glass is breaking, and here comes your ex husband with violence and his mind. Hopefully attitudes of changed, but a lot of people still think but in the victim just leave, or why didn't they press charges and case LISA had done everything she supposed to do up to the point of getting this man put behind bars and then some we asking for the prison and for justice system to do the right thing and not let em out or at least inform her if he ever was to be released and she even predicted. This bring her advocacy work at the shelter She knew what he was capable of and even predicted it the night for she was murdered. Lisa had written tips out for victims of domestic violence and it was published in their brochure
wrote run outside being out in public may. Provide protection scheme so the neighbors here you can use witnesses. She did exactly which told others to do if they were attacked Is it surprising that the state corrections department had excuse at the ready when they were asked about how this happened. How this was permitted to happen at the give sounding jaded and I'm fashionable and all the things that I've read about myself online. No, it doesn't surprise me at all, not in the slightest, because they don't care about the victims. They just care about getting a win. They just about having facade or this illusion of safety that they actually done their job and all the bad guy or behind bars and everything's fine. But when it comes to admitting to their own errors. Now that doesn't happen well, this is to do with the prison
not even the prosecution of the the person who committed the crime. I mean these are just the people responsible for holding those who have been convicted by bars. That's it I'll give credit to this. secure in this case he was doing his job and he was advocating for the victim, and I applaud him. Not we want him in with that statement. Well enough, I'm trying to say is this: this has to do with the prisons themselves, so the state corrections department said combination of blurred lines of authority and poor judgment were why this happened. What why Martini was granted a furlough, but that is He sent to me because if you look at the paperwork they dont say, this is a dangerous person. Everything points to he should be able to have furloughs if he needs them were wants them. So this is about blurred lines of authority, poor judgment, poor when is when someone makes a mistake, we already talked about the letter that was included, in the report? Bomber reference it again now, because
it went on to say that basically LISA was this awful person for using this conviction against her husband and her cast mony as awaited just badger him and harass him and make his life horrible. And now there are trying to say: oh, it is poor judgment, blurred lines of authority. That status excuse me, the way I look at it is. He was given a furlough once he got out and kidnapped his children. They didn't think he would do something awful again or maybe was because went died. Maybe they probably thought well, he took his kids because as they would be better off in his care, then leases care who knows what they were thinking at the time of his release, I'm just going off. Common sense here, but where the reasons how many chances you give a guy like this little service time, four allows your basically saying that the charges, the convictions that doesn't mean much to you this most of our there's, no one, I'm all about reform and ours
stunts reform in our prisons, I'm all about giving people benefit of the doubt but that line is drawn when it comes to non violent crimes and in things that were, I think somebody could be released into society and do much better outside than inside, but when it comes to violent crimes, especially a crime like this now absolutely not. Now I realize this was the daddy's, so they can't put it ankle monitor on, but I can't track as well, but just don't furlough him at all. But again it was the pervasive attitude. I guess that one out here so and marched seven. Nineteen, eighty nine there was a count of murder and account of burglary filed against Alan martini, these key were amended on march twentieth to include the presence of aggravating circumstances for the purpose of imposing capital punishment now before get into all this. Just in this man
has no real defence right, he can did murder in front of many witnesses in public. So he can't argue that he didn't do this crime he's not behind it. So what are they go for the deaf since argues that he's having paranoid delusions This is insanity because According to them, they talk. And without any, and he believed that LISA bianco, his ex wife and the poor, tuning attorney MIKE Barnes were having an affair, so he believed that this was a conspiracy. see to keep him behind bars by two people who wanted to be together that didn't happen. They didn't have an affair even if they did have a relationship. I m not saying they they were, but that doesn't work. That's pure jealousy and rage, and on I don't think he truly but even that at all. I think that's it what they came up with for his defence. I complete
throw it out and just it as a hail mary pass for his defence tee. to try to get him off of the death penalty so his attack. was philips good and ski, he was a public defender and he while the notice of insanity, defence and a request for examination. He wanted to see if they could determine without any, was carpeted to stand trial and to determine, if of sound mind when he can the murderer. Now the judge, in this case jean Swartz, granted the notice of insanity, defence and request for examination, and there were a couple of experts appointed to examine. Alamo any, but even though they compiled these reports, the reports were not part of the record one of the report stated that methane. was saying at the time he committed this crime? He was found
to be competent to stand trial. So what's next right, how about a change of venue just in the state wanted to change a venue methane is defense counsel. They didn't like this idea, so judge Swartz recused herself, so a new judge was selected William whitman, and he took over the case march. Twenty seven nineteen eighty nine. Now, meanwhile, there are some a pro say, motions put before him by martini these say: emotions are basically requests without the assistance of a lawyer so that there are things that martini is requesting, with out his attorneys support, or cultivation. So what things that he motion for was an appointment of council as well as emotion for immediate hearing on august. Second, eighteen, eighty nine and get this a most for change of venue indecision, of eighteen, eighty nine, so that a guy that said he didn't want. A change of venue is now asking for one
I don't know about you just in, but I think this looks like chaos. A guy. That knows, he has no defence and is wasting everyone's time. I know I'm oversimplifying but seriously exactly there's a lot more motions that are filed here, but he's grass at straws and just trying to clog up the the court system. He even wants judge whitman to recuse himself, has martini, wants to call him as a witness at trial now weapon saying He believes there should be a change of venue from Saint John of county because of the allegations by martini that bianco and in turn, a relationship even though there wasn't one so judges saying: let's change the venue because of the Slanderous comments made by this abusive and horrible ex husband made and claims that there was this relationship and it's terrible
to me that the judges thinking that could bias a jury here if they think that LISA and this process Peter were in a relationship like it should not be a factor at all. Well, and spirits these didn't stop there right, I mean Alan went on to say that he was concerned that defence witnesses may have been harassed and he wrote whitman talking about how his family's phone lines have been tapped and that this was confirmed not that it was they also went on to say that homes of his relatives had been broken into by police, who are attempting to steal evidence sadly earn when I know that phones get tapped for conspire to deal drugs or phones get tap for far less reasons. I wouldn't care if they tap this man's phones to see if he was planning to get out of prison or if he was planning to conspire his family members to kill as ex wife that wouldn't bother
me at all, because that's what the system supposed to do as protect the public and they didn't hear. But now he's pissed get off as if the governments and down hard on him and I think it's just a player his paranoia mental health problems that are non existent, but I mean if they can. it or his calls from behind bars. I dont understand this judge wit. and grants emotion to change the venue on January. Twenty Ninety. Ninety cases then transferred to late county superior court. This is when martinis attorneys file motions to withdraw as his council, both skit and ski. And Charles lay he they can tell their cause? It is unhappy, certain they no longer want to represent on hand shore just difficult. So the new judge, james. Let's injure of the lay county. Spiritual he takes over and the next day he denied
These attorneys motions to withdraw. Instead, he appoint scott king, a criminal defence lawyer as local council, so he becomes. The lead council now Imagine if you're, the daughters or unless the side of the family and your having to sit there and go through this and see the shenanigans, this man's trying to pull in court does keep at it, and while you're hearing all of this craziness going on before he even stand trial. Now, before we get to the trial this, the attorney king and I mean new meeting new to this case, attempt to add Michael bar as a witness by filing emotion and he This remark six. Ninety ninety. He said he was doing this, because there is a letter that Michael Barnes had sent to martinis parents in january of nineteen, eighty nine in which he called me a very
man. Now the judge shot this down and apparently did so because this observation wasn't done in a medical. pasghetti, in other words, yeah he's kind of a sick man, I mean, but wouldn't anybody call a sick man, or I mean aside from the people, it worked at the the prison anyway right exactly We can't even just say anything right: we have to make a big deal about everything, but they get again. This is an attorney trying to do their best. Four o clock, who looks like you, they're in big trouble when it so a trial which this trial held in south bend indiana and the jury in this case was sequestered, of course, mythologies defence. They dont have much but they're going to rely on testimonies from the or attorneys from his sisters and from a couple of doctors doktor, Charles errand. and doktor Helen morrison to show that he was legally insane when the crime was committed as previous attorney that represent
methane during the divorce, he was called to testify about the relationship and he had witnessed martini display bizarre behaviour as he puts it, and the testimonies, were backed up with more of him worsening mental condition, as the divorce went played out or has he was charged with battery when he beat his wife? As a former attorney said this, Mr Marcin, I dont know why could never let go of this woman just to call it It would be wrong, although I'm that's what AL perceives it is. I perceive as an obsession love obsession, it has not been healthy, you know it. I think you can take them statements and say: oh there there describing a worsening mental condition, or you could just say now, they're describing exactly was with this guy, you want to give a pass or some mitigating factor here for the way the
treated lisa, bianco and his family. I dont personally want too, is controlling, probably narcissistic. There's nothing here, that I see as something that would exclude him or show that he wasn't competent to stand trial or didn't have faculty were his actions, I dont know Are you just somebody? I look over this case and I see where his sisters, Vicki, mazzini, brown and Marie jenks testified. It try about how he had been saying them documents, while he was incarcerated, pendleton showing how there was this alleged conspiracy between bianco and barns, and I mean they act like this- is a real thing Are they saying? Oh no This shows that he wasn't doing well. Yeah I mean I'd. Take it I mean that they were saying that this is simply a real thing, because they were saying that the relationship between Mazzini, alum, athenian, LISA bianco, was poor. Really. I don't know this
whole abuse, violence, rape, kidnapping, I dont describe that is poor criminal, maybe sick. Let's call it sick. Justin will say it I dont understand how anybody could see this as a real defence. So I'd mentioned doctor charles errands and he had around twelve meetings with Alan between one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and one thousand nine hundred and eighty six- and it was during this period that Matheny had been charged with confinement africa his children without consent and without any was diagnosed by doktor errands with schizophrenia form disorder. Ok, I don't really want to get into this too deep, but it's essentially talked about as if they had trouble no seeing him with schizophrenia, because didn't meet all of the required since while he was reviewed over me now, six month period. What have you again?
I it's just what their defences trying to establish to get him sort of leniency in the court trying to say that he had delusions false but, leaves but in a week and look those things and see that anybody could have come up with these excuses. After all, he the history of blaming LISA for all of his problems. And you know it's rough when you read about this, because there people who have to deal with mental health issues and deal with it, their entire life- and here you have a guy who supposedly has a mental. health issue for so many months. If that and they're trying to say that you know he has mental issues and that we can't put him on death row. We can't treat him certain ways because he has he needs help really diminishes. People with actual issues in demand Is there their problems and just discredit anyone! That's actually suffering in struggling through their day
They eventually will somewhat turn this around and try to blame LISA again for his issues, There was testimony by that doctor that again said the results for the theme word normal, but Messina discontinued. His treatments currently at the time when He and LISA were going through therapy sessions, but they claim that LISA fuse to attend these sessions with him. So this is martini. no longer going because his wife's joined him. I again it's just another way too Blame her while she does stem, yeah, and and given what happened to her why should she tried to go to thereupon with him see this is in in? allen's mind. She needs to go with him, but she shouldn't she should steer clear of ham dislike what she was doing, because he was a voice.
I went individual. He was abusive towards her, but he didn't get the help he needed, because she wouldn't go to the sessions with him again is her fall right? That's that's what he sang, and this is why I just can't. I can't read all this and think. Oh, I wonder if something's going on with myths any now, I dont worry about that. I dont think about that It was more of a concern of what's going to happen, two lisa bianca. What will happen to our kids this is going to be reviewed by the courts they're going to go over all the tapes and recordings you're all the x? We are going to say that he did have a mental disease, and that any hallucinations or location of a mental disorder were not present in martinis described symptoms yeah. The most I could find when reading through these reports, as they were, is that their
little mentions of could have been may have, but there's nothing definitive here. What's the final thing here, just Then the defences case was yes, I'm athena, our client killed LISA bianco in public. We admit to this, but are was insane at the time now the prosecution they dislike it all out. There's a history here, there's a! history of abuse, there's a history of him doing the wrong things and breaking the law over and over again, when you have trial like that. What do you expect the jury to do right? I'm glad they did what the expected them to do, and that was find him Tea and unanimously recommend the death penalty did you know? I am against the death penalty, but this case when the prison systems have already let this man out twice and he's kidnapped children and killed his wife? I'm not
to be an advocate for him. I'm gonna be an advocate for most people. I don't know how you stop this man, especially when you don't have a system that is capable of stopping him, but with any cap murder case he's going to get appeals so found guilty on both the murder and the burglary counts on April 11th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety and the judge entered a written order imposing the death sentence. So here come more pro. Se filings right he's requesting that the judge allowed him to speak to the media. He wants to talk to other attorneys. He wants to try these funds for legal. Council and hugh the motion for his attorney king to provide him with his personal documents, the judge, denied every one of these motions, so this guy all the way to the indiana supreme court and scott king, the attorney
representing martini, asked the court a lot of questions right. Did the trial court air and failing to instruct on the lesser included offence, did the trial court and denying the motion to call barnes or admit the Barnes letter did count three the end It's not felony murder account properly allege an aggravating circumstance was the abbot sufficient to support count for the lying in wait charge as an aggravating circumstance was imposition of the death penalty appropriate. Now we went over the barnes letter, you know other aspects of this all pretend to him entering leases home and attacking her and about how he was charged in relation to those events. Ultimately, all of his appeals in motions relief will be denied. While this Print court of Indiana found that there's no evidence to support giving of the voluntary manslaughter instruction, because a plea of insanity isn't compatible with a lesser included offence right. That's so
one. You know as I go to all of the questions put before them and yeah they. They shoot em all down where insanity is either you're, not cope. For your actions or you are. There is no you weren't ass culpable so therefore, it's a lesser sends you ever. They really do meet All these questions in a competent way, I mean One. This lying in wait aggravate her. This is something that is an aggravated aspect, the count. So they were talking the amount of time it's her from athenians departure from robs nighters home to the first night one call placed and about how he had parked spaces away from leases home and then came into the alley. I do want to talk about this. Death penalty being appropriate or not because a core the indiana supreme court, they given the lack of mitigating measures, including the inability to conform to the requirements of the law and the presence of to aggravate orders so they're saying, because of all
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I think we have already said we don't really believe there any mental health issues here with myth, any it's more of he's probably nurses stay, keys, abuse, If all these things they has no mitigating factors here. This is who he is, and one of these former attorneys skinned ski fills, get and ski said that he thinks that this is possibly coming down to stubbornness and why he was so difficult to get along with. He said in the car These LISA was absolutely king. Pin in this conspiracy against him, no insight whatsoever into him having any culpability for any of the problems that they had, which again reinforce my view that I mean that he mentally and emotionally was not fully equipped what is he saying that he thinks Matheny is immature mentally all I heard was because he couldn't your stand that his wife wasn't the bane of all of his issues. That means he's not culpable
and trial again just very victim, blame me and I don't see any actual correlation of a mental health problem. His actions, I just see pure jealousy and control. This is the. wanna caught the mantra of EM abuser. This is what they do and I Personally, don't associate that with mental health use? This is how you see relationships, and you see yourself as the dominate her and your spouse or significant other should bench. Your will- and I don't herbert it as a mitigating factor for your abuse towards them. It was just lisa that he felt was wronging him or was doing the wrong thing, etc. Me he went after. judges attorneys everybody yeah. They were all causing him problems, see this
about the courts when they have to make judgments they put down. How reach those judgments, what backs up their decisions right and yet he says willy nilly throwing stuff out there. He thinks didn't have adequate representation. He thinks that he wasn't given adequate men no health professionals to analyze him. It's always someone else's fault, and this is where it's It's ridiculous that we're even having to bring up mental health because in a case like this, this is just a guy who wants everything. His way a wine and wine and wine about it, because, thankfully fight he's going before people who are competent and our dealing with him adequately They gave him his chance. They sent experts to process him. They gave him a fair trial. This is, As for this, entire thing is his ball and it goes from leases, abuse and murder, his kids being kidnapped. The conservation is all do
Alan elm athenians choices. He did this. I will spread tiny bit of blame around to the prisons, damn that let him out. I will or even pepper, some of that blame on to his mother, who picked him up from the prison that day and decided not to call authorities or friend that let him in his house and change clothes and take a shock and from whom I don't think they should be charged with the series, but they absolutely could have done something to of possibly prevented this ultimately his actions and his decisions or on him, and for any of you that are wondering where Alan the is now why he was on throw from may eleventh ninety. Ninety up, well, he was executed by lethal injection at the age of fifty eight on september, twenty eightth, two thousand and five. This is the case
they say: put domestic violence on the map and changed the way. authorities the way people view domestic violence, now, I've seen that time and time again, I don't know if it's completely accurate, but I do know that, because of what happened to lisa bianco dad had had raised awareness. I dont know that it's fixed everything, because you can pass whatever laws you want and had told her enforced, they don't mean anything, and the problem is jess and we talked about this before is you have law enforcement? He was made aware of domestic violence and then they do the right thing right. There is also law enforcement that chooses not to do the right thing. I mean it's you're only going to have an effective law in the certain situations, because how often is it that every time it's handled correctly we still find there,
stories of domestic abuse that seem to and violently that feel like they could have been prevented. So this didn't fix any thing, but as millie leases mother says it did com changes to happen, which she thought LISA would have been very pleased with because the the cared not just about her situation, but cared about every one who had suffered domestic violence: domestic abuse. The livingston area, counsel against spouse, abuse the OECD essay. They said, a rally on september, twelfth, nineteen, eighty nine, where it launched the purple ribbon campaign and but was leases favorite color? This is a campaign that rallied against domestic violence and they were trying to collect, said is and names for a petition to urge enforcement of demand violence laws across the country. They want chow it is made so that there isn't another lisa bianco case, and they said that many men who are jailed for abuse.
In return of their victim to physically assault them when they are released. They also wanted to see laws passed, swear it. There's an abuse and they attack their partner or a victim than their given aid, in the twenty four hours behind bars to cool off cool offer. That, eighteen, twenty four hours is when their brooding and the fact they're sitting there there there thinking about how their girlfriend their wife is the one that put them there and there they're, not behind bars. This has launched a lot of right for victims. Victor are entitled to be notified and informed. Their abuser is being tried furred or released from jail. A prison entitled to protection from a suspected offender, and this all sounds good on paper Aaron. But if you ve ever filed a restraining order or personal protection,
order against somebody you have to sign and address to it, informs them where they can't go so you have to tell them where you live and the abuser gets that information it's a little counter intuitive, because just because there's a protection order doesn't mean. Oh there's a protection order, I'm not gonna go to their house and try to me them now. You have to. Those yourself to your abuser, in some cases, and I dont know what answer? Is there I know of that, when it comes to know fine victims of when their thereafter occur or their abuser is being transferred to another prison or being real. Stone, furlough sometimes that letter in the mail doesn't come until weeks after its already happened, sometimes by the two. you find out that your attacker were abuser, has been released. It
He comes in the form of them posting on social media, not a notification from the government or the court systems, or the correctional system and say well: there's laws now they have to notify the victim, but they did it just happened to lay or the letter got lost in the mail whatever It is, and they can say what we did notify them. they had moved in. Their address was enough. It or whatever. Excuses and lot of change has been made, but it doesn't. Always work perfectly, because our system is a perfect one. not saying that we shouldn't have laws definitely need the laws. It's just it's a terrible truth that there are many who continue to see domestic violence, not as violence or abuse, but an issue that exists between couples again. This is something where they have some excuse of. Oh that's between them, they'll have to work out there
she's. We can't be involved in that were not councillors and we seen in the past too, when you have sex work, was murdered in. Obviously there is a difference between eighteen, seventy five and to them and twenty, perhaps some difference, but they were officers who would say things like? Oh, is just there as they call it up the two who cares right. We have people to protect and it's not them there their living, a dangerous lifestyle. Other people would say that about the women who have been in these domestic abuse. Situation, saying why they just get away these men that are doing this, their determined as you see in this case, this highlights it lisa bianca, at home thought she was safe because the guy those attacking and abusing raping her was behind bars, but the government, the authorities, everyone dropped, a ball and she notified that her husband was out and of course, What did he do it his mom off he went to.
Friends house got a shotgun and then proceeded to I've overture, his ex wife sound. LISA bianca's, place and murdered her. That was the first thing he did. That was his whole purpose. You know he did stop occur. Other places, but that was to be prepared for what he was planning to do. That was the old. thing on his mind, was getting to lisa and ending her life and again it's a when rights issue here that everyone's life should matter, and we should becoming up with excuses for people who abuse whose and commit acts of violence. They there broke the law or they didn't, and it's quite obvious to skype is breaking the law. Mazzini and too People were all too happy to say these, actually, a good guy she's the eyes life is the one causing the problems and that permitted to get away with this, and by get away with it, I mean he was able to carry out this final act of violence, because that so many people made excuses and we can't do that anymore, so
they always say there is silver lining and in LISA bianca's case. I think her mothers right it's that, despite her having to die this case did make a difference. It caused a ripple to go through the entire country. More more people became aware of the violence that happens, maybe because of this evil it's a terrible situation. Many more people now have a different mindset. Comes to domestic abuse and violence, and that's why we've seen some laws coming out of the book and better enforcement edges, I'm not sure, were bare. Yet I think there is more work to be done in our thanks to lisa bianco in and it was our mission to help others. Now she continues to have an effect even after death, never met an episode of generation. Why subscribe to us on apple podcast, spotify, cast box or rare listening right now. Also sure to follow us on social media. Our tik tok is at general. Pod are ins,
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