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Lori Erica Ruff. In 2010, a woman in Texas named Lori Ruff parked her Tahoe in the driveway of the house where her estranged husband Blake had been living since he had walked out on her after their relationship had soured. The house belonged to his parents and it was his father who discovered her […] The post Lori Erica Ruff – 93 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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today at custom, ink dot com, how you do it again look, I'm all our new listeners thinking much for giving us a try. What's the topic we got for tonight, it's a night as a mist he surrounding a woman. Her name is laurie. A rough, and that is her married name again. She's kind of a normal women at first right. She meets her husband in texas and needs. boyfriend and they get together and they get married and he he's
love what this woman she's in love, with him. They they have a year. They have some some trials and tribulations, but for them five minutes lorry and her husband meet her husband name is blake they start having a relationship right The trouble is when they first get married. She doesn't want a traditional wedding, in fact blake. Her has you know who would become her husband. His family wanted to make an announcement in the paper, and so I start asking questions who are your parents?
we put down and anytime time anyone and his family ever asked her any personal questions about our past. She told them that she would not discuss that with them. She seen very irritated about it. So when it came time to get married, she and blake were married with just a preacher in attendance. They are locked in and her story was her. Parents died and she had no parent said no siblings, no real friends, no real past family pass straight correct. She stated that her parents,
died. So there's no there's no real information and the only other thing they knew as far as I know is that she was born in arizona and she her age is. She says, she's enter thirties, essentially kind of suspected and family kind of suspected that she might be a little older just from her appearance. While this comes have also because she's desperate that a child and they run successful for a while until they tried in detail, innovation, and then we were able to have a young daughter, and the here comes the next point of contention between lorry and blake's family, which is
she's, very, very greedy about the child. She's, not a big fan of letting them interact with child? Now we have a lot of friends with children, and I know that you're you're, very protective of your child I get that, but whenever a family member offers to watch the child, to give you a night off, maybe to do something. your. Why? For your husband or whatever go see a movie go out to dinner, I would just expect people to kind of jump. That opportunity in law, would have none of this. She would not have them watched the kid at all, right, She didn't even really liked them holding the baby, even in her presence, yeah and as place. Mother would say they had multiple grandchildren
so they were all about babies. They were used to babies and also said that lorry though she interact with the child that it seemed to them to those walking and on her that she had zero experience with the babies which, in it in his family was very tight knit they were very close. They interacted there, march and it was sort of apparent to them that she will is very cold and distant, and you know, just assume that it was because she had no family has her. Parents died and she had no siblings, but I think they
They start to question that a little bit as time goes on because, because of her stand, offish nis and her they say she lived in a cocoon and she didn't want anyone around it's bizarre because she did do things that seemed helpful to the family. She worked on tracking down genealogy. Legal questions having to do with the rough family and she collected recipes from the family, but on the other hand, when the family would have get togethers in the women would gather in the kitchen perhaps to talk, and she would go often take a nap she would not socialize with them. I know why, typically the husbands or go watch there, ball game and all the wise will go talk about whatever in the kitchen is sometimes
you know, one person's wife doesn't get along with another. So stay my hang out the guys or they might. You know China do around thing, but going off and sleeping or not even Attending family gatherings is really show up, I don't care. I don't want to have anything to do with this well over time, as you can imagine, they had their child in two thousand and eight, and within a couple of years, blake decided he was done that he just could not handle putting up with someone who did not accept his family and would not allow them to interact my with their new grandchild and somebody who would not share themselves with him or his family. She wouldn't give them anything of herself.
means. In order to love somebody, you have to know them in there now owing to share, then how do you know what? What getting yourself into what you know. How do you keep learning about them? How do you keep experiencing life with them? If they don't give you anything, so he falls for forests are in. He was out and moves in with his parents and so begins this custody struggle. Aware The daughter will be with either the mother or father and they have to pass the child back and forth, and it seems that it's this points where this woman starts to unravel
And one one day in two thousand ten december: twenty fourth: she parks her vehicle, in the driveway ablaze parents house, where he is staying and when place There goes out, I believe, for the paper. He sees the vehicle there and it's discovered that she is in the vehicle and she has shot herself. So after the divorce she's. Well, I dunno if they've actually been. Oh, the the during the divorce proceedings, they're they're separated. Obviously, while it's the ad, because they're separated now so she's losing control, she doesn't have control blake. She has
to give up her child. She doesn't have control over her child. Now things are spiralling now and make sense. She doesn't know how to deal with these things, but when the vehicle with her, she has a very lengthy, letter that she's written to her husband in another letter to her daughter and the To the husband is addressed to is she addressed him as her wonderful husband yeah? Now this the suicide note, essentially, which is what it is caught up? It's it's weird because. She, it almost seems ices finally opened up.
She finally was relieved of this burden, but at the same time she still gets nothing up, which I it's sort of a bitter sweet kind of or I thought cause she's, showing emotion she showing affection, but she still not giving him anything any information on that's a question because he may not have really asked for the information people have said that he doesn't have very much of his own personality. He has, and I and twin brother named David and David by a certain type of vehicle, the tahoe while Blake bought the same vehicle and when his brother joined a bible,
eddie class and he met the woman he would later Mary. Well then, like did the same thing and that he met laurie. It was northwest bible church in Dallas that it's very odd that blake didn't forge his own path. He very much copied his brothers. What from what I understand, and so perhaps being with this mysterious woman, he just didn't ask questions. He just went with the flow, at least until that flow became disruptive to his own life. Well, yeah I mean he was a simple guy, so. he just followed his brothers lead and did what he needed to do. I really know that he didn't get into her business because she had a lock box and the closet.
If there is a strong box and he was told, never to mess with it any never did he never did so he really respected her privacy. He really gave her her own space, which I know how my wifi and how we are the secrets: don't fly, you know we have each. there's passwords to email and everything. Share bank accounts red worrisome. the attic relationship and there's nothing you no secret between us. I couldn't imagine. As she said, I have a box, in the closet that you're not allowed to look inside. I can imagine her, not sharing any about her life with me. This is not the kind of
Internship, I would ever be in weird, so what was in this lockbox? Well, let's talk about the timeline, though again because she dies december. Twenty fourth, two thousand ten. It's it's quite awhile before they actually go in and openness, the strong box and when they do open it they're pretty surprise war. They find witches. in a nutshell. Lorry erika rough is not really lorry erika rough. In fact, they don't know who she is.
When he first matter, she was lorry Kennedy and how she gets to lorry Kennedy is a bunch of loopholes and odd bali ways of essentially identity theft. Now I had she went to bakersfield California and she applied for a copy of a birth certificate of a two year old girl named Becky suit turner, who actually died in a fire in washington and nineteen. Seventy one, along with two over siblings. And she submitted for the president to get in this is before the internet. This is before us
the and all the connections and california issues her the first certificate. she then goes to idaho shows. The first advocate says this is me and I need a driver's license. and idaho issues her a driver's license under the name, Becky sue turner. Then she moves to texas legally changes, her name too. Laurie erika Kennedy and applies for a texas driver's license. Andy issue her one under the new legally change name laurie erika Kennedy and then
Goes on to go to college, she gets her g which at the time you eat it, did not require a school transcripts or anything and it just college. it's a degree in business administration and then later on, two thousand three ass. She me blake and changes, or name from lorry Erika Kennedy to lorry arrogant rough suggestion time we have three name changes. But then you have the story, she says she was born in arizona, so we only see three name changes, but she could have had more before shave and found that first significant right, possibly it's a mystery because she didn't seem to do anything with thee.
Becky sue turner: if you look at it, it really doesn't matter. She did because to get the Becky sue turner birth certificate, she just asked for it essentially yeah it's not as though she needed to use another identity to get it. It doesn't sound to me, but it's neither here nor there, because the records for when she applied for that they don't seem to be in existence anymore. Now. They know that they issued to persecute get to her because she use that to get the idea card. The licence. but there's nothing before that. No so mystery woman gives the birth certificate of Becky sue. Turner gives Idaho driver's licence has Becky see. Turner goes to tat
this changes her name to Lori Erica Kennedy and then gets another driver's license which, for all accounts and purposes, is a normal process. But it's actually considered fraudulent because she's she wasn't who she said. She was some people referred to what she did as a crime, which I thought was a strong word, but at the same time it is fraud to you know, steal an identity. Misrepresent yourself. We get support from thumbtack. You know how it goes. You sit down at the end of the day. Look around your home and all you see are the things that you should be taking care of the kitchen sink that sometimes strips the art. You still haven't hung the pet hair, tumble weeds, just drifting along all the stuff you just haven't.
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one hundred dollars offs like mattresses exclusions applies to But I call for more details, so they find the strong box They start finding identity or driver's license with different names on them. They start finding and I thought they found like newspaper clippings and some other things, that really didn't shouldn't, have had any relevance to her. and they start wondering who is this person and blake? Now MR simpleton has a pretty and sing life because he has no idea who he married, and he now
has a mystery on his hands, her height right, but I've never got in the sense that he's really putting himself out thirty discover who she was. In fact his family seemed way more curious about her than he was yeah. Yeah concern I'm sure they felt slighted by her, and so they wanted to find out who this person was that married their son or their sibling. They also knew that she'll probably wide a lot so that they wanted to figure this out. While there is the question of who's the the mother, this this this grandchild that they have and choose a secretive, it's just the curiosity, but why get
I never got the sense that blake was that curious, and I know some would find that odd. You know any number of most of us would say wow. I want to know the truth. I want to know what happened here, but I've never gotten the sense that he is all that curious about who she was well, I mean I, I have friends that are just simple guys. You know they like their theirs ports and you know they don't they don't really have an opinion about much and they just they decision. the other day and ignorance is kind of bliss. You know I mean, don't you have some people you work with that are just pretty simple guys at you know whatever's right in front of the is what they have to deal with, and they don't really look beyond that true. But this is something directly impacting his life.
Then he wasn't even get into it. Even after his wife suicide. This strong box there are birth certificates, tickets, identification, forms letter recommendation. There are some notes very odd notes, with names is
I've seen you can look them up online. The seattle times has all the items from the strong box and you can see them enlarged detail. Their phone numbers addresses names, odd numbers, one of the pieces of evidence. That's on her. That's entreat people. The most is in its written upside down is four hundred and two months ends sum of surmised. It could be a prison term and though I've looked through the difference theories about what that is possibly related to nothing really struck me. In fact, when I lived through this, it's I think
if this is about as relevant. This is just my opinion, but this is about as relevant as someone coming upon my desk of five years ago or ten years ago, whenever it might be, and just picking up. I think we owe many of us have them, but just. Maybe an envelope or piece of paper on honoured, as we just take notes on. Do you know where I'm going with this and then and then suddenly presenting this at at my death and saying ooh? What is this? How does this relate a true, but she took the time to keep it, so it has some sort of relevance. Well, you've looked at it, haven't you yeah. Where do you see the relevance If I can ask well one of the theories about why she did this is she was in an abusive relationship or she had something terrible happened to her.
so, let's go at the abusive relationship theory either a she might. Dinner and an abusive relationship for, however many months or b. She got out and escaped that abusive relationship and she was keeping track of how long it had been since of her freedom of escaping whatever. That was whether it be an abusive husband or being locked in a basement for all. We know you know how long four hundred and two months is rife with students, well we're talking like thirty years air, then maybe it's her age. Well, if you look through this and some of its misspelled, but go there, a phone number for a library there, pacific, I was written down Ben per and soon your law office.
and bell is written down something that it is difficult to decipher, but it could be eight hours less, underneath that there's the name jennifer perkins, so. Name perkins comes up twice arizona written down along with partial address. And some other names, like Kathleen young. It seems, but may I see two dollars exactly in it and then towards the bottom. In this, upside down. The way four hundred two months is it these eyes and then there's a phone number That's a shoot which I think actually goes into my theory of why she did all this a little bit more so but we'll get into that
Later I guess I'm getting at is you can look through this evidence and I just don't see. I dont see myself where the stuff in the strong box shows anything except how she changed her identity. She she I change and alter identity. She stole the identity of a two year old that had died in a fire, there's also a sheet of paper with a bunch of numbers on it, which most people seem to think are she's trying to come up with ages for her parents and I'll just go ahead and say it, I'm not so sure I buy that because she wasn't willing to share information with other people yeah. So for me, it's if she was coming up with ages for parents it wasn't a share,
she's not try to come up with something that makes sense not for other people anyway, and she has a letter that is actually using stationary from thailand and its typed on I'm not going to read it and you can read it online, but it's it's. Basically. Somebody says that she worked for them from high school to July of nineteen eighty eight and that she worked in exchange for rent and it signed roger steinbeck and it signed roger steinbeck, but it doesn't seem to be authentic from happening with tell because it's written on stationary and all about stationary It's relevant, there's actually an investigator, that's looking into this case, and he works for the social security administration and he wasn't able to find this person. As far as I am aware, while I'm sure it's completely fragile
I'm sure she doctored the document and she worked for rent. So there's no paper trail, the only a mean that the document itself is covering up her past but trying to show you that she has won but giving you nothing except a letter of recommendation riots. It's almost like a false rail because working from high school than I can eighty eight. It's likely that this is totally irrelevant to her life, But why make it up exactly? We should say there doesn't seem to be any fraud going on here: she's, not using this false idea I need to run up bills that right Yeah yeah, I mean cause if you know I was thinking about this case, and why would she do this and people automatically?
well, she's, she's running away from something, and then I thought well, let's change the gender. Let's say she was a man and a man going through all this most people will be like war of the guys changing of his identity. All the time he's a con artist he's trying to scam people, but we seen nothing like that from her. The only scam she's pulling is who she is But she's not done it for any kind of monetary gain. She hasn't stuff. When identities to get credit cards to access bank accounts, she's just done it to hide herself, which is still fraud technically, but it's a victim was fraud. right? Yes, it doesn't seem as though she's doing anything to take advantage of people more Faye hide herself. In plain sight
me, you can make the argument she's taking advantage of blake's emotions by not sharing with them, but regardless it's not. She didn't steal from him. So what are some of the theories of besides she's running from something, but What are some of the ones that you read and when? What do you think we should start by saying that she seemed to be a tall woman and the most noticeable feature on her. Anyone that was ever around her is that she had the largest hands. People were surprised by how large your hands were, and this begs the questions to why she said that she just have parents that gave her these traits or
Are these features or did she have a condition? So that's those are possibilities and gives us some possible insight into where she comes from. But yes, there there are, Different theories as to why she hid herself this way is she changed her identity? The one of the most interesting ones is the going back to Becky sue turner. that she may have actually been that girl, somehow that she didn't actually die in the fire. This is difficult because
There is now a lot of information on the fire and the dead children, but they say that Becky's, you turner, did die in the fire and, as is often the case when you're trying to identify someone, you try to look at images of other people who have gone missing and and say: are these people similar? Could they be the same person,
and the person who looks most like her and there's? Actually, I found a couple: the person who, in my opinion, the most like her, is Becky sue, turner's, father, really to see his tall big hands. Maybe I dont know about the hand, but if you look at their features, if you look at their images side by side, but you can find that online. If you look at their images side by side, it's very interesting. The name turner origin. It's from england, I know dutch and some other
nationalities over there have different trade, so its possibility, I'm not sure how holds up, because we don't have enough for me. And again you can look at images online, but it's not going to tell you everything. It just would explain how she got to that name, it's either a she randomly looks up just certificates, a people that are about her age. You know or would be about her age and finds a random one in decides to take that one or they presume she dies on fire, and she, you know, is
I don't know abuse by her family or something, and then she escapes and then decides to go and get the certificate her her own burst of again, but then start changing your name in everything from their own out to escape her family canada loose theory there. Well, I don't think she can look up perceptive gets, but what you can do is look at deaths and she can find a dead person whose identity she wants to assume an by asking for the birth certificate. Again. This is earlier it's different now, but then she could-
ask for and she could get it so she's taking taking on this other identity. So there are people who think it's possible that she either was Becky sue turner or that she's someone familiar with with that family. Somehow, I'm not sure it matters, because it could be as simple as her going to a certain grey. the art, the cemetery in his walking around looking at the tombstones, particularly the one steads, have maybe have the age of a person's she's looking for which, in this case a two year old, a young child. Perhaps that's where she was,
looking for was the identity of someone who was who had died when they were very young and she found what she was looking for if you're in we don't know how much time she invested in this search to find an identity to steal. So to me you can't just say while she could be Becky sue turner yeah, who are our timeline? Pretty much starts at that point. We don't know what she did before that point. That's right, we don't know it's a complete mystery yeah, so she they said that she was trying to escape something she's trying to hide her identity. I read that she was a. Anything from a russian spy to a car in art is which like there's no proof that she's a russian spy and she was the khan artist ever because she wasn't stealing anyone's money. She escape day.
That relationship. All of these- I don't know I mean I guess in the time. Maybe she didn't have the same protection that we have today, but I would just assume that at some point she would crack and slip up some points. She would share something about her past, even if it wasn't abusive relationship, but they they did find. Like a previous boyfriend of hers that she went till, I college whether what if er and he pretty much told the same story, he said I was sick of dealing with her because she wouldn't tell me anything and they didn't go anywhere so yeah there
there, the problem with those is there very generic and are not supported by any information that we have not at all again. She wears the stolen money we know where is this place is working out where she can get secrets. Tat should give back to the russian it there's, there's no connection anywhere and certainly she's, not very social, with his family. One. These other theories, though,. Is there a man named verbal le baron? If you want to know more about him, look up the mormon manson. Oh, he was a polygamous and he had many wise, including apparently his own children at times
and there are other names, the people who are involved in this case, which is shut off, and so essentially, what happens as you have kids being born. in his polygamous community who are a mystery themselves, because this is not a traditional situation. They have no first, it advocates because their being born at home and raised at home and Reported to the government, because their living within this commune right right in this man is not a very pleasant He ordered the deaths of around thirty individuals, including one of his own kids, so he's dangerous person, Andy ass? He can look on line and you can look up.
some of these are women, and it's very interesting that well again. This is somewhat of a resemblance here, particularly in the ears, but again just comparing images. It's difficult to say that this is some kind of proof of anything, but it would explain why she was trying to hide herself and get away. There are religious called communities. Where, when people want to flee, they really faintly to get out of there and they need to find a safe haven, they know the repercussions of their their actions and how they're can be viewed and sought after by the church is the church doesn't want them bad mouthing them? The church doesn't want them Bringing any pain on them so embarrassing
some of the children that have left the westboro baptist church, a lot of them are come out and are speaking out against it, but it took them years after they left the church to get this far because they were afraid of the report. Actions, they are afraid of their families, so it makes sense. In the late sixteen hundreds, the coast of north america, became a hotbed of piracy, but american pirate much more than just armed robbery of the high seas. They were all a crucial figures in the growth of the thirteen colonies. That would eventually become the united states? I lindsey grant the hosts of wondering, show american history tellers. We take you to the events times and people that shaped america and americans. Our values are struggles and our dream In our latest series, we take you back to the so called golden age of piracy and review the true stories behind such mythical figures as black beard and captain Kidd louis
to the age of pirates by following american history, tellers on apple podcast, amazon, music or wherever you get, your pot casts within one. Eagerly and ad free by joining one replace an apple pon casts or the one rehab. So that fits in other points. ability and there's a lot more to that story. But again there is no proof that its even relevant other than this is another theory. But you know one thing that I know I've been discussing this case with different people and- one theory. I heard which a rung a bell with me in I dont think its definitive answer. But what? If she never had an identity to begin with. and so when it came to family functions, she had nothing to share and depressed her, and this would be a case where she suffered amnesia at some point and didn't know who she was and
oh to function in science. She needed an identity, and so she came up with one, and I am sure this is a pre lonely existence. When you have nothing, just imagine having nothing, you don't have real friends, you don't have family, you don't know who you are. You know you don't know what made you you and your having to start from scratch you're, so this could explain why she doesn't have anything relevant. She never was able to spell it means, because there's nothing to spill, and now that she doesn't know. What's the share. What's the point of it.
I I guess it's human nature in my mind, to make something up to even lie compulsively lie, but I guess it's easier to not say anything cause no one's going to catch you in a lie because he tell enough lies and then you can't keep them all straight But that doesn't seem to stop people but, as she has amnesia, doesn't know anything that has to be a huge void in her. That can't be old and it's not about lying at that point, is this: you have nothing there and it's probably not just troubling to her, but it's also an embarrassment original says this rich family history. They can talk about their tenth birthday worth the time they went to some amusement park or a new baby, born, and maybe that's where the daughter entered into the picture. She wanted a baby really bad. Perhaps she was thinking she could start
really start anew. If she had a child, she could former own new history It actually leave something behind my there is about as innocuous as yours. I we Oh, that she was depressed No that she possibly was. had some sort of mental illness I mean. Obviously, if you commit suicide, you are depressed, obviously, a few Are not sharing with others or interacting your anti social and whatever the mental illness is I mean I have family members and friends that suffer from bipolar. Disorder, schizophrenia, you name it. I know people very intimately that have all these symptoms all these things
and some of them are high functioning, some of them not so much, and I think she she was mentally ill, but she was a high functioning one person that add issues now are these issues spawn from being in a car like up bringing possibly these issues spawn from a bad family. Are these issues far from having amnesia after a car accident, not knowing who she is trying to put the pieces together. could be any number of factors. obviously mentally ill, and I know with some of my friends there compulsive their obsessive there. There you know manic great ups, great downs and
They just want to escape and sometimes is leaving, isn't gonna. Sometimes you have to Start a new before you can get ass. Whatever it is, you think is holding you back. So my my theory is Does this ladys mentally ill and no one really addressed it?. nobody had fronted her or if they did just went poorly and she was able to. function in society good enough to get where she is just. I know it. Doesn't it's not the greatest payoff, but. you know we could talk all day about what caused it. We could talk all day about why to me the. Why is definitely there was
something wrong with her and she she made these choices and she was really good at it at the time. I'm just surprised that she didn't make up stories about her past to cover her past. She was so interview So consumed with, with whatever the issue was that she would not even share she just block everybody out,
well again it. It may not be that she needed to make something up. She just she didn't have anything to make up, because there was nothing there. So it's a tricky case because she very well could have made stuff up, but she didn't, and that may be one of the clues and it could be because she's mentally ill now, and certainly it's the it seems as though when she started. I think she became aware that her husband wasn't coming back to her, and that was the reason she took her life and it's been said that by many people that she gave in to the pressures of being someone she wasn't of trying to
the secret life early, the secret life behind it. She had hidden from everyone. But to me it's much more apparent that when she couldn't get her husband back when she knew she had lost him for good that that's when she took her life. Because she chief lasted quite a long time living under an identity that wasn't hers. and she was free and clear at that point. If she hadn't killed herself, this whinnying be an issue we be discussing right now. Now they lived a long unhappy live together until they died of natural causes. We wouldn't this wouldn't be an issue. And also like a lot of the cases we discuss. I wonder if there you know whether these,
real killer identity, faster whatever, if it's even possible in today's world, to pull this off. With all the technology and connections we have, I think a greater question would be whether she would have been able to pull it off later and I'm sure there are people who can pull it off. I guess I guess I I you know we see she's depressed. I look at you know the the items they found in her locked box Random notes here you say you can't derive anything from it and I'm like well What I derive from it is: why did she key? a random know. Is it because it's important or is it because she's a little crazy. Why does she keep everyone out of the box, while kind of obsessive about that box cannot compete
about what she does in her life kind of depressed. So I I you know: people behave very differently when they have a mental illness and personally I think she has telltale signs of that. But right I like our theories better than the popular ones online, because she just doesn't come across as someone who's running away from something for me, she could be crazy. She could have amnesia gideon. he's right away. You don't actually have to go bout things away. She did get away, it's a scenes,
and again. Why get so upset when someone asked you about your past yeah she's, either she's unable to tell them or she's upset fish, because because he's got nothing to town, that's worthwhile, and it's just it's amazing to me that it seems like the one thing she was driving towards was family, not not her husband, Family she wanted her own family to create, create around history right ends and, like you said she could be mentally ill if Having a has been getting that daughter it, it obviously wasn't going to work out, but perhaps in her own mind it was perhaps she felt like it was working out, but even though
He was clutching that baby and she felt happy areas round. Her was looking at her shaking their heads. It there's something wrong with this woman and again her husband says I'm done she's not able to win back over and that's it for her, she see finally pulls the plug on her operation, which is still surprising to me. Tat. She never even even in her last no never is anything away except a little bit of affection, sad, and we should also say that we only have the impression from the nose we don't act. You can't read those online is. I was never able to find them now. You know, but do you know,
you ve been a wonderful husband, you know is that's confirmed on most sites and in most places. So it's I will say to me that the note was probably not something that not her normal typical behaviour will. Some would say that the letter contained something, and we just don't know about it. I don't know that I would believe that, but I know there are people there goes speculated. That denote may have contained something something of interest, and I just wasn't shared with public. I dont know if I believe that, because again, I don't even even up to the very end, I just
with my family members and friends. There's there's things and I'll never know that they keep from me gave to the very end, just because its theirs in its theirs you're paying their memory the haves and by sharing it, they think somebody's gonna judge them somebody's gonna, think lesson and they want everyone to like them and think the world of them. So because we don't have the note yeah, sometimes people, let things get things off their chest when they know they're checking out, because there are no consequences anymore, yeah it's over. So since we don't have it it's it's all. It's pure conjecture. At that point yeah just. I am amazed that she was able to pull this off though, and
she's very, very creative, and I guess you could save and tenacious with her secrecy in and her ability to disappear per se. I my of depression- I got was that she did this at a fortunate time for her And so I don't know how creative she really was, because if she requests the diverse certificate, she got that and she used that she said. Oh, this is me, this is my proof of you know who I am and she used that to get an identification. She just went from there, I guess people's speculated if she hired an identity broker. Somebody that helps you disappear feel that her, Billowy or her abilities to do this were not the.
and she had to have had help but I do agree with you. I I don't think what she did was impossible and it needed somebody to to help her with this. I think, and if that person did exist once this mystery comes out and is in the headlines, why isn't he writing a book or she? writing a book you now to cash in on this, I dont believe in the identity broker. Angle, myself and it's because you can follow The known time line- and you got your evening spectacular here- she's actually requesting these herself- I only say she's creative in it, because most people don't think this way. Most people don't think like a criminal per se, not to say she's a criminal, but most people play by the book. most people do the right thing must people are honest and how she went about. This is gonna think a little differently
gotta be alone and more deceptive I don't take it requires an id broker either, but I think she is creative, while the mystery will continue because there's really no more information, they ve taken dna. They ve taken finger, prints, theyve, run at least the thing,
prints through all the known databases, nothing comes back and the social security administration's investigator who works on his case from time to time, because he's not just working this one case she evens he. She have anybody that looks up his chats or interviews he's. He really has nothing to tell you, except he really thought he could solve this and quickly and he's discover that it's just not that simple, that there is no trail that he can track down. Previous to her requesting that first certificate, there's just absolutely nothing. Yeah does its there's no internet, then there's no paper trail.
There's not even a missing person reported whose face can be mashed up with hers. You know it often when there's missing persons cases you have a few, have an image of that person here that whoever he, whoever she she's very likely reported missing. the.
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