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February 12, 2014. Tyabb, Australia. Eleven year old Luke Batty was at cricket practice when he spotted his father. He was excited because his parents had split and he didn't see his dad that much. Rosie Batty, his mom, had ensured that any visits Greg Anderson had with Luke were supervised. Greg had been an abusive partner but had not been abusive towards Luke. But on February 12th, 2014, Greg Anderson would do the unthinkable in a public place with a number of witnesses looking on. Join us as we discuss a heartbreaking case involving family violence, a mother's drive to protect her son, and a story that reminds us of just how little control we really have.

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dot com for the easiest way to get more how an extent vacations tonight's ace we're going to be covering? international story, which makes me happy this is a story about domestic abuse, mental illness and, ultimately, horrifying murder? So when we talk, about tonight her tonight. We'll talk about the murder of an eleven year old boy. In strongly about an aim of luke body, but before we get to leave think we should talk about his mother rosemary, an batty she went by rosy. She is born nineteen sixty two in lincolnshire she's from england. After her mom died in sixty eight She ended up, moving, moving around europe I guess you could say she's, probably getting out and seeing the world but
There was in nineteen eighty seven when she went to australia on a six month. Working holiday visa Now, while she was in australia, she met a man. She was in I guess a relationship with him for quite a while. I was about five years the time that fell apart. It was after that, She got a new job at a recruitment company in melbourne and she met a man by the name of Gregory. Anderson now Gregory. Anderson was a few years older than she was and they began dating at her thirty birthday party she's introducing m as her boyfriend, but while she was in love with them and she thought alot of em apparently her friends and other people that she knew they didn't really like him. He had some serve a vibe. They didn't like yeah they just didn't gel with them, and Charm would only work on rosy. The other problem was
you know, as time went on she found that he was really able to keep jobs. You can imagine a young woman meets the guy they move in together, but then she's, essentially paying rent, and on top of that it gets worse because well, Gregson, why emotional and he become abusive towards rosy. If he's unable to hold down a job. He becomes unemployed, and then he's violent towards her. If he has a job well, he has some structure in his life and he is able to make money and feel like he has purpose so rosy is. Given him a little bit of a pass because she's like war as long as he can just get a job or we're gonna be ok but grey it's not holding up his end and keeps getting fight cared for numerous issues, so after a two year relationship rosy recognise
Greg's, emotional and physical abuse and ended up trying to leave. Him I think one of the things she day was she quit the jobs here, but the record Company, where she met gregg and went to it for companies work. She was offered a from ocean and moved sidney and nineteen eighty five, but a few years later. She was let go by two thousand one. She went back to melvin now it a long time we are talking about eight years, since he had last seen gregg, but they meet up and their relationship kicks off. Again, I may I, she's moving back to this old city. She did. have a lot of friends. She didn't have a lot of connections but Gregg, as always there and is how domestic abuse goes right. Just and I mean you have your at times he ever good times, and if there is, a cup of some kind. Well, he can tell
hey. I'm sorry, it'll be better. This time it's not the same guy, because now he showing interest in eastern religions and I spent some time at a monastery and new south wales. We even live for I'm with the hurry krishna community, so he trying out different religions and- and perhaps the way she sees it- is he's trying to find a moral piss, maybe he would be a better guy. This time, the only thing she doesn't realises that he got kicked out of hurry. Kirshner community fur assault in an old man over garbage that was left on the lawn. So he's trying to turn over this new leaf. Yet every he goes trouble follows where she does realise after a bit that gregg hasn't really changed, that he still very abusive and her it's her and says nasty things to her.
and she has enough. She wants to take em out, she's forty years old at this time and she finds out she's pregnant. This praying she doesn't go very well, either it's on June twentieth of two thousand and two where she goes into labor but surely- and she to have an emergency syrian and she, gives birth to their son, luke luke Jeffrey body now at the time of luke's birth greg is on retreat in a russian monastery in couldn't be reached, I don't know if this was planned or If this is just another point, in their relationship where green is now coming through reg. and there and She wanted to leave many way. You he had been the country but received, instead, mom came to visit, and
they start working with her, so they can get. Maybe things in motion. So she and her son can go back to england, but He was told that because gregg as the father he might have a say in weather, we can move out of the country or not this really sucks for rosie because She's already had issues with in the past she has called police on him. There's been violence, but not a lot of documentation, not a huge paper trail. So they're saying you can't the country with your child. Otherwise, that's considered kidnapping so regard. of her old relationship with gregg shift like she stuck think. There's also something here where its causing her to consider luke in the in the world not just hurt her child, but Greg's child, so she can
up and leave right, but while she doesn't perhaps- of gregg anymore, because he's too abusive he has shown some love toward his son, of course, for him, about it, but it seems though, gregg dead, love luke. This is port and because you know I deal you'd say if someone's abusive, you wouldn't want your kid around them. You wouldn't want to be around them. I don't know if it's a tricky situation is more complicated than we would perhaps like it to be. or we can all sit back and arm chair, quarterback everyone else's relationships and how we would have done thanks, but She does see greg treat her son well and she wants her son to have a father figure so she's try? to hold on to that, She can't move to england. She can visit england with luke and over the next ten eleven years she aloof oh. There seven times over, that time span
during this time, luke discovers a love for sports, like football and cricket. he's a very active child roses. Loveliness, because he's not but having differ whole tee with learning he's embracing school and a very young age, he also joined the scouts in Australia that helped him find good male role models, while is growing up and is much is again rosy we're having a terrible time getting along she, see that gregg was varied to luke luke's schooling and their relationship with each other. He would take luke to museums and parks and shows how and told him how to sail. He helped him with his math homework and gave him gifts whenever gregg was able to afford to give em gifts and its between
in two thousand six and twenty thirteen, where eggs. Contact with Luke begins become limited because of the family court, and they start right. drifting, some of the visitations, obviously when Greg is not able to see his son as much as he would like to hear become more more aggressive He already has a history of making threats and at in point he threatened to cut off roses foot. and on another occasion, told luke's football coach that he had a knife with your name, written on it, so not the nice guy. We already talked bout, how others had issues with gregg and in two thousand ten late, two thousand ten greg breaking his wrist, went into the hospital because of how he was acting there. The hospitals
to carry out a mental health assessment. we don't know what kind of diagnosis could have been made, because we don't see any results like that, but these colleges said that gregg likely had so clinical, bipolar and mild hyper mania. So again. This isn't anything were they feel, like he's a major risk, but they did put him on a regular dose of Diana PAM. I guess that's volume I guess this would be so that they can get him to calm down and if you think about what kind of a rage he goes into for a hospital to run an assessment on him just imagine living with this guy and that's what a pam does it's the johnny on the spot, for either anxiety, anger or whatever aggression. You might be feeling this is an email. He had written, essential, to luke, knowing that
rosy was going to read it. I'm disk waited in you luke, you have become you feminine your spirit. Luke has a dark hood. your head enable has its glue in your mother's life. Who is telling a three four year old boy, daddy's becoming too feminine and that he has a dark good over his head it shows some of the early stages of greg. delusions stores of reality, a lot of roses, friends and family wanted her to move back to england but lou didn't wanna leave his friends. He didn't want to leave school, so. He didn't want to go back to england and what what's a mother supposed to do when your child, saying I'm happy where I am, I dont want to change schools. I don't wanna, give up my friendships, so again rose
these sticking around and she's having to put up with greg to give him visitation rights to see luke. During these visitations, of course, altercations will break out. Arguments will happen and lou who is witnessed. All of this he was placed in therapy, for it is art therapy I think the reason was because he was having night terrors. Now we have to be clear here up to this point. Luke had never. been attacked by his father and would say they loved his dad. The court are involved grey being monitored, he can't just have luke his, visitations are monitored, really are you can say here is that rosy is trying to keep everything right You know she's trying to keep things right for her son and she, trying to go right by the courts and she's trying to make sure that Greg
as a chance to visit with his son. That's a lot to do for someone who, obviously had very troubled times with gregg, to put it mildly She was abused by him absolutely and this continues on until january for of twenty thirteen where reg is arrested for vial, eating one of the family violence, intervention orders which in this aids is just called a restraining order the reason being, as gray had arrived at roses house, the previous afternoon in was screaming that he was when they kill rosy in front her child. That's interesting, he's threatening to kill her in front of the kid and when the officers arrested him here, the officers I only answer to Jesus want to know why you think you have the right to hold me at all, and I don't think
rag. Really was following any of his religious beliefs. At this point I think narcissism would be his problem. What gives you the right to control me when I'm trying to control somebody else's life, but that just me analyzing the situation now don't think you're wrong He had shown a lot of interest in religions. He was reading about them. He was staying at monasteries and things, but really, greg obviously has some issues there. Rage related and poor probably related to narcissism. He really do the only answer to god April twenty thirteen luke in his dad were so time together this during one of their scheduled visits and They were in Greg's car this is a terrifying moment because up to this point, like we said, Gregg had never threatened. Luke
but while his and the car with his son, he hold out a knife. He said we could go to better world together, and this could be the one to end it all now I dont know how luke can digest but the good news is, he told his mom after he got home, and then she directly reported that to a child sean practitioner these are people that are employed by the victoria. department of human services. Her name was tracy per tele. She's gotta assess how much of a threat this truly is and see if they to intervene, this is going by the book here You know when this happens. You do this. That happens, you do this. Luke is quite couldn t you know during an interview- and he tells the child protection practitioner and a detective in september that his dad started. praying out loud anyway,
we believe that his dad was going to carry out this attack to kill them. So they could go to a better place. He said that is all possible that, because he watching more horror movies at the time that he may, just scared himself into thinking. His dad was actually going to hurt him when he wasn't. This is what it I'll does, as they don't want to get their parent in trouble. So tell the truth, but then once they see that theyve tattled hold on a parent who is gonna offer ramifications and then they're gonna start to back pedal a little, and I think that's looks doing right here because he doesn't want his father to get in any more trouble. He feels bad forests tat in that could be because he started talking about how, when his dad said he could ended all he thought, maybe that his damages threatening himself because he'd never threatened luke before again
This is some kind of a situation that luke really can't break down. I'm not sure if anybody can break this down. All we know is he thought, and his son gregg did and now it's been repealed. Did and the authorities know about it. But what can I do So during this interview, mom rosy said that he had obviously told her that gregg had threatened. both of them, but then luke said no, I didn't do that. I didn't say that so the authority supposed to do lou is the one who is possibly endanger here and who sang the stories, not true, so where can they go with that? Just then this is the problem, and I've talked to people here in the states about child protective services and how you have to take three seriously, but this time is the family. turns around and says: well maybe nothing happened and we should just move on what you have to have the and these backing you have to have the child's back.
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testimony. Although word had that he had never even seen a horror, film and the child protection officer or try Protection practitioner knew about Greg's previous threats we can talk about wenders, domestic violence, their troubles in a relationship the police are called theirs is he said she said, and then she said he said later, but when you have a history of this and even a hospital has run an assessment on someone because their anger issues then How much do you need right? I mean do we attempt a head anything off at the pass order. We just let it role and wait to see if something happens. This is where again, if I'm armchair quarter backing I'm saying cut visitors right off from the sky, this child away from him because the danger, but I'm not in the situation and I'm not in charge. Accord did decide that gregg couldn't have contact with.
Luke anymore, but of course, greg decided to challenge that an later. A decision was made that- and this is with rosy agreeing that he could have would a contact with his son at public sporting events, so this man You know, have luke's playing cricket or football, but practice or games. Then he can go. And he started showing up in an almost sounds like he was showing up more often because this was his only avenue to see his son, and this is what, typically happens with food the courts and mediation, as you have to come to some sort of compromise and road. These thinking, never shown any aggression towards luke, except for vote. Threats and if Emily courts. Think that you're limb invitation in public at public France is ok
we cannot go along with it, but she doesn't like it. To some things. I've read she's just going along with it right She is monitoring everything and when gregg started, showing up to her son scouting meetings that something that she wanted to do something about, and she did she contacted the authorities and said: hey he's violating the fbi? Oh, but the police said. You know the way that this order is written, it's a little vague and were now sure that it would bar him from the scouting meetings. So she goes the courts and says we need to clarify this order. We need is to shut down reg just showing up any tommy wants to. Anything that luke is doing. So I think that, in september of twenty thirteen. That's when d, systems just allowed public contact
winning the cricket games or sporting events, rosy wasn't notified of law. These changes. Rosy wasn't notified about a lot of. other charges pending against crag other things. He had done nor were these other charges pending against crag ever take and into account in this fashion, court system. This is probably something that was made easier on gregg, because gregg didn't the job didn't a home, and so he was a little more difficult to track. Wouldn't you say yeah he's living out of his car? For them? this part because you and have a job once his car breaks down here. in and out of. if we houses is essentially homeward. So how do you track this man down and arrest him for warrants
How do you bring him in when nobody knows where he is, call rosy and say hey rosy, do you know where gregg is because we you do arrest him and she sang. I dont know where he is. He just shows up and threatens me and then Call you guys so it's it's just. This long drawn out process and the police, nor have any centralized record, keeping so he can have a warrant it area one county one province and that doesn't translate to another so the police there, no, they don't have a complete picture of terrifying. Gregg is: let's talk ah ha terrifying. He is in favour two thousand fourteen he had for warrants out for his arrest. There were a total of eleven, middle charges and similar those were related to family violence. Now
the one that really stood out to me, because at this point we haven't talked about it and I think it also might explain the danger of this man is that He was being charged with possession of child sex abuse images of young girls ages, ten to fourteen. So why You want him, along with any child, is a charge for child pornography that they found you. But he's not arrested and the Emily. Court systems are still allowing some visitation rights limited, but some and rosy Only finds out about these charges well after the fact You could have used all of this in her favour or would have made a lot, a lot of differ choices when she negotiating with the mediation team about greg visitation.
But she didn't have all the information and the system did not provide it to her. and this is the problem with victims. Rights is out of the times. You're, not told, oh, that guy that beat the crew. bout of you is out of jail. Now then, have no duty to inform you They have no duty to inform you that he has all these other pending charges. So rosy doing what she thinks is right, but has been lost. two through a mission about this man by the system and at the very part of this, despite which he'd been through she really did try to give greg access to his son now granted It was limited lukashka. within her sight, but still she really did tried to be as fair as possible. Given what gregg head, doing for all those years and, despite all threats. He'd made rosy
she's, very carrying and thoughtful person. Just then ray twelve twenty fourteen luke with his mom at the but guy in reserve football in cricket grounds. He is going to have a practice at five p m. They had arrived for forty and well. Luke saw greg and rosy asked if luke wanted to have her stay, but said and see my dad for awhile so she laughed now. This is a public practice there are a lot of people there and so she thought it'll be ok right, there's coaches, their other kids are there if something goes awry. There's witnesses. There's people to engage so rag is usually there too help loop practice. Gregg is usually there to be involved with his son. He is
usually, as I put that an air quotes, try to be a good dad to his son, rosy gap to ban guy in reserve just before six o clock and sure enough. She looked and found great. And luke. Practicing together. Greg was calling the balls to luke who is hitting them with his cricket bat. Yet they were practicing in the cricket nets. I guess this would be the equivalent of a batting cage off to the side. It was not on the field you know the net there to catch the balls, you can keep rolling them in practising, but at in time it is, away from the larger group people? Of course, other people are there packing up and stuff, and Lou ran over to his mom and said. Can I a few more minutes with my dad and said sure just before six thirty- and this is where
pretty much everyone's getting ready to leave. I mean they're already heading out and the coaches kid who eight years old forgot his bag near the nets. So we went back to get and he was the one who witnessed gregg, bringing a cricket bat down, overlooks head after he hit him, then gregg grabbed a knife that he brought with them and stab several times in the neck. Now but the children had witnessed this also, but they were so panicked by it that they weren't able who tell others exact what had happened, so, there's panic spreading through the crowd. But most people could now Fathom or comprehend what has just happened. They thought that luke had suffered an accident in these cricket nets. His mom rosy. When she heard a scream,
she looked over and she saw her son on the ground and gregg was kneeling over him and apparently she did see blood, but she didn't even think that this was tat. She thought it was an accident, so she ran off in the direction of up house, so she could call an ambulance, but the coach, who was told by his son when it happened, and immediately to the area and asked gregg is luke. Okay, an gregg got up from the guy. Down and he ran at him with the knife and so this is a very a tense situation, the coastlines, that Lucas down again his bloody he's not moving and now looks, There is attacking him with a knife, meaning the coach after us second charge. He says yeah he's ok he's. Ok now he's gone to Heaven, so the coach went over. There asked him what was up and gregg charged what the knife mats there. If there was any
question about the intent here. This answer is that but emergency services are dispatched because Is the initial call was an accident not a father or an adult, killing a child taylor real fast, because they're getting out greg is holding a knife, can see it and he's yelling at them that it's too late, they should just go. Get the police, so police are called and they get there. Pretty quick by six. fifty two, please officers or constables are moving. Words. Grech and they see that he's now moved out. from the nets, holding a knife covered in blood, so the constable Pull their guns out, because that's what you do when somebody is threatening you with a knife and they tell him to drop the knife, their trial,
negotiate with him. They even warm up a line trying their best to control of the situation. They attempt to disarm gregg by sprang with pepper spray or mace but I'll tell you right now: I've been sprayed with mace and pepper spray. It sucks you can't see, but if you are one hundred percent dedicated to attacking something in front of you, pepper spray, doesn't do anything. It will not stop you so at this I'm gregg lunges at the police officers, the lead constable discharged his weapon hitting greg who fell to the ground. Paramedics were able to get to luke, but He was pronounced dead dead at the scene, the
officers held gregg down because was still moving, they attempted to, give him medical attention because the it was lodged in his chest they are so found that gregg had likely sulphur selected wounds from his knife, so he has multiple wounds. His knife and a gunshot so airlifted to the Alfred hospital in melbourne It is pronounced dead at one twenty five, a m in the morning. Just imagine how rosy feels she's asked her son or acts who murdered. Her son is now dead. Her world must just be devastated and I dont know how she did it about team statement on friday now before I get to that on thursday there was a candlelit vigil held for luke, batty and
so many students and staff members and knew him were very much affected by the news of what happened. This video was a way for them to honour Our friend luke body on friday. He spoke to the media, This is what she had to say. If there is a silver lining to be found in the tragedy, it will be, least awareness about the issue of family violence? I want to tell people family violence happens to anybody, no matter how nice, your house's, no matter how intelligent you are. When you invite With family violence, friends them judge you, the woman the decisions. You should make the decision you don't make here the victim. Become the person at people condemn the people here, this will say why didn't she checked him. Why didn't make certain decisions. But when you they finally decide enough is enough and decide to go through a court process. You do know what the outcome will be. What I want people
Take from this is that it isn't simple people judge you, people tell you what you should do you do that you can just in that. It is heartbreaking because people do forget, forget that rosy is a victim in this, people will say eleven you're in eleven year old died. Who do we blame well, isn't it obviously plainly blame Greg. A rosy every step of the way she contacted the police. She contacted family, she made arrangements. She did her due diligence with the courts and major that the visitor since were limited that worse than the authorities were always involved, that they knew What was going on, she did the best she could But still there are people who blame her for them. Of her son, which is this. dusting this reminds me of a certain documentary that we both watched, I think europe, I too dear Zachary ha, were
step of the way there trying to hector child, but the system. It seems that there is a lot of red tape. Peoples- and get tied. People want to do the right thing, people an arm chair, quarterback here and say that roses out at fault. I get it I understand where they're coming from. I know My family taking care of a child who, I don't want anything, do with her mother, but other family members that think under jerk, because I dont want you is apparent around the child and they think will have could you take a child away from the parent taken, because some, bad might happen, but it's not a simple it's not so black and white. I just think a real ignorance here or fair. Here too, Can someone else's shoes, because I guarantee you
that rose ease life was destroyed here at this moment. If people can, just feel what she felt. They were have opened their mouths, but Maybe I'm just assuming that people would have a heart in this situation. We said that she meaning rosy. She wasn't aware of all the charges. She wasn't even aware of all of the decisions the courts had made him terms of his, Detention rights with his son, we do know He did violate the fbi yo by being at the cricket practice, because it was a prank yes by law, he was not supposed to be at a weekday practice session- wasn't violation of that, but What is that really mean? In the end, he only supposed to be at games on the weekend. He I've done this on the weekend right here I mean it. What would it of matter he could have said he's not supposed to be here and yes the police could have come in can gregg away, but
week and he would have been back right. It's not like hearing for a long time with what to his son that something that he could have back and on whether it was in two days or two weeks he was bound and determined to do this and into the? Why of it? It seems like on one hand you might say, he's doing this: they get her rosy right. He really wants her to pay, because here the abused, her and treaty or like garbage for a long time. This is his way of get back at her. But it's more than that. I dont He really wanted luke to live anymore because he was already losing him when those things where, if I can, Have him? No one can that's the way I saw this and I'm not saying I'm necessarily right, but that's just what my instincts told me when I was reading the story, how did you feel justin, ike three, it's her was on a downward spiral. His life crumbling
I truly think that he had on a asked mental health problems, but He was also a narcissistic control freak in when you take that control away when you file, a restraining order against a crazy stalker abuser, such as gregg as much as I. Everyone should file those orders against somebody. It can escalate things. make things worse? Sometimes they see this as a loss of control and The narcissist has to come back in their revenge. They have to come back and show you that you can't control them. I'm in and set it to the police said it in a religious way, but that's a typical control free That's a typical narcissist. It's sad that
rosy wasn't playing with a full deck of card. She didn't have all the information she needed to make better decisions. I don't any with rosy. Personally, I think she did everything that she thought she was supposed to do in the best interests of luke first and it just didn't work out and you would have been nice if the court's head informed her of the decisions rather than just make the decision to move on, because we know if you are not enforcing decisions, they don't mean anything like it didn't mean thing here: oh yeah We made a decision, guess what had zero impact on this case. Loop, batty he'll died and there is no one to hold accountable, know what they can do who in- and this is something rosy talked about was maybe even though she suffered and her family suffered this great loss, maybe something it will come out of it because it will bring attention to domestic. islands to family violence and sure enough in
in october and december of twenty fourteen. There is a coronial inquest, so what they were, to figure out was how did this happen? Is there anything we could have done differently to help prevent it, and hopefully this something that will bring about change. And so as part of this rosie had to give evidence over the course of three days No one else gave such evidence said Greg's parents were too old. They couldn't, the fire they were too frail. She was really kind of. put through the ringer with this, but to her this was very much worth the time that doesn't mean that it wasn't built on her, I mean at one point she had yet why am I having to defend the decisions I made about our sun? Remember this? Was just her operating in a vacuum she had to go through the courts, she had to contact authorities. Everything had to be done by the book. was left to their own devices, weakened
by the decision, since she made early on, she might have just left for england with luke but she wasn't allowed to not, because wasn't allow two by law, but because you, advise that if she did she might be in trouble, Gregg might be what to do something about that? we consider that kidnapping, possibly sir then go through the courts and figure all that out and because also- luke, was saying I want to stay here. She had make decisions. She really they consider luke. First, most of you know, I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now audible offers, incredible selection of audio books across every genre. I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from top celebrities, renowned experts and, as an audible member, I get access to a growing selection of audiobooks, the originals podcast, it's all included in my membership, Yet one title a month to keep, and I get to hear exclusive podcast that I can't find anywhere else. I just
but the audio book anti social about online extremism techno utopians and the hijacking of the america conversation, let audible hope you discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or be entertained. New members contrived for free. For thirty days does audible; Calm: slash gaeta BP or text guida BP, two five hundred five hundred; that's audible, dot com, slashed cheetah, BP or text guida BP, two five hundred five hundred to try audible, free for thirty days, audible, doc, Slash gwp. Their trouble here is, as you can say, what can we do differently part of this package, this was the interview people that were involved, and they asked did you ever at any point, think greg would ever heard his son, and everybody said he was abusive. He was this or that, but not towards his son. What are they expected to do me? How do you fix that other? Then? You need better communication
you need to give more power to people who, like rosy, are in a very tough situation, and there is evidence that she's dealing with violence from this man to start doing things like what gregg was doing, you should losing your rights, and that's just save a child. If your threatening violence or death on people and you're, physically hurting people, you have rage issues like gregg and he never even sought help for these things. Then, yes, we need to consider luke. First, rosy was trying to and not worry? much about gregg, because we saw Greg did when he his chance. He used it to kill I have so many issues with child, protective services guidelines, not what the people that are trying to do their job in trying to protect children, but policies and guidelines that they have. but here too. And it seems that
as long as the child has a roof over their head that person's good. I you talk about abuse. you can talk about a lot of violence in the home and it seems, that falls on deaf ears report to report of violence report after report of the water and utilities being turned off. The child being removed from school and dry around a casino or a bar none of that mattered, so one of those things where I think that there is a lot of improvement to be had and given I'm speaking of a very particular department hearing states, but as you can see trends are universal when it comes to protecting a child, a cost? while also testified. He had said that he had attempted to arrest greg a number of times, but he
never find him and again You know Greg's living out of a car, a few weeks. For the murder he was staying at. I guess kind of like boarding home he was really hard to locate now? There was additional testimony by professor Paul Mullen and were here, dead was a psychiatric autopsy and his conclusion was: Greg likely had a delusional disorder. It's just I've does a form of psychosis, but where persons, at present as normal. I think that too something that we encounter before you know one cup, in cases and is it's scary, because you would think someone can reach out. They can tell somebody something can be done, but now you can't and it's so much of life seems out of our control. It doesn't matter what you know why you can say you're always going to dependent on a system or other people and may not have the same urgency. They may not.
see things the way you see them rosy had felt her some in danger. What would be the difference? so many what ifs she could of tat. In her son back to england and then dealt with a whole. legal process, she could have cut off, all visitation to tagrag. Who then could have left the courts against her, she could have called the police at the practice which in hindsight, would have saved her son's life, but- when you're in the moment calling The police and having your kids die. had arrested in front of everybody is, be traumatic and embarrassing. We can what, if all day, long he was trying or best- and I said, don't believe you know she had called the police that day, even if she had known, Greg was allowed at the practice that would have just put this day off
because what he did to his son look down something he had planned. You can just how so this would have had and when it was that day or a week later, a month later, he would have attacked. killed his son. That was the plan not sure how anyone could have prevented it? Unless We talked about early on back into them. and to air Pham. She had been to move back to england with him syn The murder of lit batty thereof and other deaths related to family violence and there have and calls for a change to help people and their children. in twenty. Sixteen, the victorian royal commission into family violence delivered a seven volume report. Government house this included too twenty seven recommendations for change to the current system and though are available online. the term, I think the final quest,
in the final thing I want to talk about here is that rosy body was often asked. You do regret this. We regret that the meat Question, though, is always been do regret, allowing at all any contact with luke and her answer is one I think out of love, rosy said that she wanted to ensure that luke knew that both his parents stopped him yeah one hand you're going to have people questioning rosie's decisions and her thought processes, but again think rosy always did her best for her son and because this awful human being Gregg anderson took his sons. Life doesn't briefly. poorly ambrosia reflects poorly on crag and twenty. Fifteen rosy body was named australian of the year the following year. She was put on a list,
for the world's greatest leaders, and then in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen. She was named one of the most Influential people in the world in this all stems from the crowd, sure of her luke batty foundation and her work towards reforming laws about domestic violence and abuse we can say what should be done, but that there is such a resistance to altering the status quo, that it's upsetting
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