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Madeleine McCann - 113

Madeleine McCann. In May of 2007, a young English girl, on holiday with her parents in Portugal, would go missing. There were no witnesses as she and her younger twin siblings had been left alone in the apartment that evening while her parents dined with friends at a restaurant nearby. A search was conducted, but […] The post Madeleine McCann – 113 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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yes and Y, see premiers october nineteenth on ethics stream on hulu the How are you doing here and I'm doing it are you? They were talking about tonight. Well tonight this is probably put in the top two or three, if not number one most requested topics that we ve ever had, and I know we ve been asked in the last year many many times to cover this the disappearance of madeline mccann, especially our uk fans have been asking for the sand more uk story, so we're trying to give them what they want is what happened with madeline here yet street
because by should preface this by stating that this is a very charged case, and there are, people who have chosen aside and they stuck very hard and fast to that side and just in doing my research, I noticed that there are some very biased websites out there and that's to be expected. I think people have looked into it. End made determinations based on the very convoluted witness statements and evidence that's available for the most part So I could predict that when this episode goes up in our listener stir giving it ago that, we may have some who will vehemently disagree with our findings, and there will be others who will say? Of course I already knew this yeah. Well, it's it's, it's like
Amanda knock sore occasion anthony or any of these other highly charged cases. You can, you can pick choose. What evidence you want to look at and day you know depends in which way you cherry pick, you're going to find guilt or innocence are going to find suspicion, or you know, people in trouble, and this this case is probably one of the worst when it to that, because I know when I came in this case, I thought these are just two parents we're on vacation and they were at their resort. And they just assume the resort is a safe place and everything's fine and they are victims of a terrible crime that was mindset when I came into this case will see where it by the end of the episode, that's true and I suppose
should state where I was starting from when I looked at this case over the years, without looking into it very deeply, but just reading things here or there, I would suspect them of having some of hand in this based on the way they handled themselves. I just was suspicious the entire time and there are other things that it popped up as well, that I really don't want to state just yet because will get into those as we go on, but a few things at up to quite a bit a heavy weight on this is that I could not ignore so. Essentially these parents, they they go on vacation with their friends right there It is not just them there's a couple other couples and their children and they all go to Portugal to arrive
were there actually nine adults and eight children. Those would include the mccann's so the mccann's, and they had seven friends this there actually known as the topic seven. When it comes down to descriptions of this case. The motives might have heard that these will include jane, tanner, Russell, o brien, rachel and Matthew oldfield David Fiona pain and many of these people. Er physicians. So these are doctors and doctors are people we trust. So I think starting off you have very credible people. I would say: wouldn't wouldn't you when you just look at who these people are their backgrounds? They seem well educated well to do seem, trustworthy, know a lot to lose the panes, were Fiona his mother, and so you have all these adults- and you have all these kids and
what we learn early on is that they like to go and hang out at the resorts restaurant. Essentially in evening after putting her kids down, it's a restaurant bar, that's poolside and the pool is pretty much in between the the restaurant and the building. You know the one story: building with all the apartments, it's kind of like a resort hotel. You can look these apartments up online, if known as the lose ocean club where they go in dine at an evening and have drinks, is about fifty metres as the crow flies Utah. go around the pool through the gate and then down a little path to get to the building, you can see the building plain his day from where they're sitting, but you can't really see into the apartment. So it's not that close, but it still on the same property of the resort, which I know a lot of people. They they go there. They,
are kids down and they they go to this restaurant and people are like. Why would you leave your kids, where you cannot see them? Why would you leave your kids somewhere where they're, unattended or unsupervised- and I understand that that point of view completely, but at the same time- they're a stone's throw away and if you they're in the you. Ve been doing this for several it's in a row, you probably start to feel safe. You probably think this is ok. I just look at they felt safe and that's why they left their kids and their room while they were at the bar. Or the restaurant. Well, here's where I have my first issue, which is they feel comfortable, leaving the children there at night and locking them up. So the the apartment is locked front and back, but the trouble with it is that the night that she ends up going missing. They don't lock one of the doors and a claim that they do that, because they want their friends be able to check on their children as well,
even though every night, whoever with because they would take, turns leaving to go check on their children, they would check on their own children and it really bothers me because they have a key, so you can lock the door? If you're going to send someone to checking on your kid- and they know that this is what they're supposed to do- or they have often to handling the key right hand and the key. Is it really that difficult I'm going to tell you right now. Child abduction is now something that started in two thousand. Seven though it didn't start in nineteen. Ninety, then it's been going on, probably since the dawn of time and there is no way that the mccann's can tell me that it's ok, do not be in line a sight of your children and to leave tee, but he's the door between them and a possible of doktor unlocked
and if you were being stalked. All you have to do is go by and check the door, it's something that happens a lot people will just go by and check a door check a window. We covered a case before like this, where there was a burglar and he said if a place was unlocked, and that was carte blanche. He could just go in and take what he wanted so you're, going to convince me somehow that these parents, that naive that I will leave it unlocked it's fine, they don't live there there on vacation. So that is all on worse. You here at all I would argue, is you are leaving your kid say in a hotel room which is locked typically, and you are going to the hotel, restaurant or bar you're, not leaving the hotel? I dont really have a big problem with that. I'm ok with you! No ok,
oh, you, kids are out of line aside that at least their locked away somewhere, where you know they're there safe from others. You know maybe naked. swallow something and choke or maybe they could get themselves into trouble in the room, but at least their protected from the outside world. So I get they put their kids, in the room, but leaving it unlocked. That's it just seems weird and then support The they cycle, they'll have a person leave at a certain time like say it now in ten to go check on the case and another person at nine twenty five. Whenever it is, and if that's really the case, then you would think that there would be a constant coming and going of people from the group when why can't they just be mature about this and leave some one.
the children to watch them. But you have this many adults. You have nine adult you're, telling me that one or two of them can't stay behind and keep an eye on things I mean. Is it that important to go out and drink and eat every night? And yes well? The kids are safe we'll just now cover our ears and close your eyes and sing lala cultural or not. Is there in a different place. This is high risk behaviour. If they're having a dinner date and one of the group brought their kids over to the other person's house and they put all the kids downstairs in the basement and then the parents went upstairs and had a party, and then you know checked on the kids in in durations down in the basement in the house that they have control over. I get that, they're in Portugal there in another country- and I would think that you're you're spidey sense would be a little bit higher at that point and you will try to be a little bit more protect they they claim. They go to dinner at around eight thirty right, the last people to arrive suppose,
Lee are doktor david pain, his wife Fiona and then her mother and eight. They arrive right before nine o'clock yet about he says eight. Fifty five p m He says by that time. Everyone else was already there and they have all left their children in the rooms locked, except for the mackenzie like I said in my hands, left a door unlocked that one night and When do they go and check on the children and who goes and checks? That's a good question and that's because what they decided to do to explain this is data model, had a stick, her book and so in the back they had sort of a page. They could write honestly toward a page and rode on it. They wrote who went well and they actually ended up writing it again and when their individually questioned that doesn't seem to match up quite as well either. It's almost like. They can't exactly remember down to the detail.
Exactly when they went in and and the funny thing is one of the the friend says he goes over to check on the mccann's, kids and glances, I supposed towards madeleine's room when she's in and he notices that it's a little lighter as if the lines are open a bet, but he does naming go in there. He doesn't go to check on so, which is weird because he said, it's going to check on the children, but then he doesn't it's this freaks of I'm just going to say it reeks of a lie. that, doesn't make any sense to me. It's like I made it to the apartment. I really just want to go back and drink so either he does not give a damn bout, the kids or what I, which is entirely possible or he's just it's a lousy person like he, he doesn't bother you once he's there. He he just
can't bring himself to go and do what he was there to do. There's this saying that accompanied by humorous images all over the internet, it says you had one job there. If he had actually checked them, they might have we end. This is supposing that he's not part of something. If he had checked then- and she was not there- they would have known even earlier, but as will talk about the time minds with this case and the timeline after the parents realise that she's not there anymore. The timeline is very suggestive. That.
this isn't a simple matter of our kids missing. Let's get help or we were going to check on the kids. So we do it's. It's the timeline is not very helpful. I'll. Just say that we can. We could talk about everyone statements one by one and it doesn't really lead us anywhere. It just leads to confusion for at least on my end, it seemed very much fabricated. I don't how you felt about their their description. Other timelines and when and who went to check on the children and whose children they checked on and oh initially they they say my cans check on the children at around nine o five, which and that's gerry mccann are correct. Yeah yeah and I mean so here we go it's like okay, so they they check on him just after their friends show up, and then they you know
its is tight timeline. So essentially they literally been gone. Thirty, five minutes from the time he checks on that's just over half an hour, so It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me that they say that their checking on the kids it it. His friend is jerry, whose checking on autumn they say at nine fifteen Friend, Jane tanner sees a man with a child walking with a child, and the child looks like it's wearing bright, colored pajamas, almost like madeleine's. but they still haven't quite raised the alarm. Yeah yeah. It's really strange because She says she sees this person carrying a child and gives a very good description of this person by it right near by. Is
during the camp and he stopped to talk to somebody. So those two people jerry in this other person just wilkins- do not see this person carrying a child. They don't notice, even though it defies logic like they should have seen in his person and the person who will describe and say it has been identified many years later because of information that person gave that prison in come forward that they were tracked down by it. They gave information actually rebel, to show that the clothing that the daughter and wearing they re able to match the description and given account as to why they were there, although it doesn't make sense, is he said that he had collected is child from the night crash?
And was heading back, and course, Jane says that he was headed in a certain direction, but that direction would not that direction. Conflicts with that man story about where he was going, and again, like I said jerry, should have seen this person carrying the child as well, but didn't so it's it's ten o clock before they for god. Essentially, it seems to take quite a while before authorities are alerted to this which is another suspicious thing that occurs with the case, but at ten o clock they were they. They claim that them and their friends were searching for madeline and they were engaging at least the resort's employees, and you know the people that work there. The staff. So they were hunting around searching for her cause they
surely assume that she wandered off because well, they left the door. Open it just doesn't. It doesn't ring true for me, well and also madeline wasn't alone, why she knew she had twin siblings, siblings were younger than she was. So Madeleine's three years old, and then she has siblings that are younger than herself. It's not good witnesses to what happened. No in there's. Something else to consider is madeline is three years old and she has to younger siblings and they left all three of these children alone in a hotel. Hopefully there just sleeping everything's gonna be fine, but as a kind of questionable. So at this point we have an hour and a half, possibly window that they're saying that between the time they went to dinner, the time that their alerting at least their friends and hotel staff, but really, when you look at it, it
a little over thirty forty five. its around thirty five forty minutes of where's, the choice of europe that they dont know where their child is because they're gone. So that's really a short window. It's not quite as long as an hour and a half or two hours, if you believe the father that he had visited his child and then laughed and then later, Kate, covers that the child's not there yet could be fifty minutes could be an hour, but either way you look at it. That's a short window. There's multiple times lines depending on which statement of theirs you take, but regardless the most is an hour and a half. That's the most, and it's probably less just keep that in mind because it's gonna come into play later should also be noted that this this case is similar to the job.
He ramsay case in that at the very beginning. There is this idea that it's a kidnapping, slash abduction and aids. Because when an outer say it, I think it's a class issue here. I think, when you have very well to do people standing citizens, so to speak. I think the authorities gave them the benefit of the doubt. So when they say we believe someone came and took her, they go with that when that's actually you're spoiling the case, the beginning right, there because they don't seal the place off as they should have and you're supposed to be taking statements, people separated
and because they say oh someone took her, will have to look I'm off to figure this out there. Not operating under the the chance that the parents were involved, and I know that will probably ruffle some feathers, but it happens a lot that in many cases, when someone gone missing, it's someone, they know, and it's because this is someone that has access to them or has information. This comes up because you know kate offers up the idea that you know she she had. Let him know that their kids would be back in the room. Almost likes saying hey. I know I don't know you people found me, let you know that our kids are not watched and there actually back in the in the room. While and I can see them just telling them they're in the room just so this staff knows, but it's kind of it to me. It sir, I let them know why exactly it was you I rarely been there? There are left in the room. I mean they're, not watch
So while anyone else no there- and if you look at this as they have room service, typically rooms is come some time during the morning to refresh the room, and then they might have a turn, down service around five or six o clock, but not coming to the room after eight thirty. So there's no real reason to inform the staff, and rightly informed every night or just that he adds a good question. It takes them quite a long time to contact the authorities. I believe it's actually a third party that contacts the
It is so the police don't even show up until after eleven o clock. Think it's about eleven. Ten and then they did a brief search eric worse than they have to elevate this, and so they contact the criminal police and each of these police departments respond within ten minutes. They say when it within the time that they are alerted it takes them within about ten minutes to get to the resort, which is pretty quick response time. I'd say it's pretty pretty solid, but you know given, given that this is a resort area, I'm sure that that's it strategically placed yeah. The authority show up they're doing their investigation. How does this play out between the them, the cannes and the authorities here? How long before the authorities change their investigation from her abduction case too? Maybe it's the parents it takes about a month, so
you could say if they did have a hand in this, that there was a month wasted, and so there's there's lots of theories here there. You know they say that there's this person that was walking with a child and other irish family or some other family. Says they see a man with a child in a coercive those are raised anyone. And everyone that knows about If a doctor thinks they can be a witness, they're gonna give a bunch of statements and a bunch of leads, and none of these leads really pan out at all, so the men escaping with a child there's a few eyewitness accounts of this happening, but at the same time it's kind of shots in the dark there. It's not really nothing substantial at all yet down therein in Portugal are guido, mean suspect and so especially in that first month they work on possible suspects people that
seen in area who seem suspicious. They checked into cleaners, they checked into people who went toward the door and if mass sort of a list of suspicious people are guidos. So if we believe that the story here- the parent might have been somewhat neglectful, leaving their hotel room, leaving their children and their room unlocked, and somebody has commented, and there three year old, you know ass. If it was alone of doktor, they could only carry madeline, they wouldn't take the other two, but same time. I would assume that, if you're going to take a kid-
sell it on the black market. Wouldn't you take all three sort of weird that two were left. This doesn't have to be someone who's, taking the kid to sell it into sex slavery, it could be someone who is taking the child for their own wants or needs yeah there. There could be you know in a three year old is to me that you could take it for yourself or you're, taking it too sell this child and make money. I dont think that the mccann's were financially strapped, so I dont see them selling their child or you know if there were there, but they would be selling off all three but being at this resort, I dont see them paying. You know somebody to come a duck their child and not in its somebody's coming to abduct there one child. It's it's just kind of odd that they happened upon this one.
Hotel room to find this one child. I understand that child with adoptions have been happening since the dawn of time, but at the same time and your danger is much higher thing, and I just don't see the planet's aligned at this point. To wear and of doktor has an opportunity to do this. It just there's too many coincidence. It's to line up will know that they could be stocking, stalking them, and it should be said that one of the twins is a girl but I think the other factor here is the age a three year old- requires a lot less minutes a minute care then say a one year old, an infant, it's just, they would be much more difficult. It requires a lot more
work. The yeah this to me. It seems feasible that someone could have been watching and waiting and took the opportunity by the I've. I think that was more convincing. Here isn't what possible, but what we know and what we know is what these people said when they were actually questioned by investigators and what they said they did when they tried to match statements together to see if everyone have the same story and as you go through this case, it seems as though people are ready to say things that would divert attention from the parents, but they don't seem to have a lot of information when it comes down to it. Yeah and in view the authorities are taking their word for the authorities, listening to their statement and going with that as their lead, and so this is a child a duck.
And so there investigating it as such yes, they were working with a man named Robert milan, who is translator who is helping them and Robert made some disparaging. common psycho. I had a child a little daughter, just like madeleine, you know, and they they're the same age and blonde- and you know the kind was I call this guy's sort of suspicious. So then the cops investigated ham and you know what he must have taken or because of all this interesting and mattie again, it's that all the focus was away from the parents in what it is doing is when they focus on these other people. They come up empty handed, even though no they search murat broom, the more he was, he was staying with his mother correct here and there urge- and they don't find anything now now I know you
say well. They searched in not found anything with the mccann's, but actually that's not true yeah. They found some partial evidence there, but it I don't know if there was a lot of things that were on unavailable to them at that the initial investigation because they were investigating the parents, so it wasn't until later that they started really getting in and out was win them. and were investigating it themselves, because they felt that the investigators at a police law enforcement weren't doing a good enough job finding their child, which we kind of, saw a parallel and job in a case and some other cases where they don't work with the investigators very closely, because they say that they are not doing good enough job, so they start doing their own investigation which
can hamper the police investigation right. Will they don't just do that, but they also question even being considered suspects, which you have to understand if your close to someone who goes missing were ends up dead. You have to be looked at in say where we want. The people lie all the time and was more important here, your comfort level, or getting to that So if you say it's not ask your looking in the wrong direction, you're actually raising suspicion. There is that question of class being well, then people- perhaps maybe they were skated by with that their here as well as possible, which is unfortunate because
I want to say, and I think if they were middle class or or if they are poor people, they would not have had a month. They would have had about thirty seconds, yeah, nay, they would have been taken to the station that night and been interrogated. I think you're completely justified in that statement. One hundred percent. This is trouble for investigation, because if you start off on the wrong foot, which may have happened with this one thing years, really starting from my knee Paul, what did they find? Or do you want to jump right to the dogs? We can approach everyone's witness statements and we can go over missing bags weakening. We can talk about
who is seeing in the area- but there is one thing we know for sure- and that's that dogs have one of the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom and that's why they're used in law enforcement so much they can track a person who went through an area after they already done it. They can track a person there and the the dog can actually follow where someone went. This has actually been used. In any case, there is a case a woman had been raped in an neighborhood and someone went from that place back to where they were staying and all along that woman said over and over again it. It was a. It was an older black gentleman and it didn't end up being that because the dogs could track exactly where this person went back to the year. The house, with his young white kid was staying so really all I'm trying to say is they used dogs in law enforcement and it's because they can be trained to check for certain scents and they can be given a cent and they can track it down.
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bucket of bleach in stuck in a warehouse randomly on a shelf and that dog walks in the warehouse and goes right to that that bucket I've seen drug dogs find me no marijuana and gas tanks of pvc pipe and it's pretty incredible what they can do. people say there unreliable, but really what what you should say is the handler is unreliable. The dog is reliable, but handler tells the dog to alert it can alert and give you a false positive because of the handler. But as far as that dog goes its they're pretty. I would I don't question the dog very often I've seen some amazing things. Bodies, dogs and the two dogs around this case or eddie and qila and eddy is a cadaver dog in cuba is a blood dog and
dogs are actually brought in by the parents. They are the ones that got the investigation to go. This far and bring the dogs and eddy in key le come in They go through the entire resort and it's not. till they get to apartment five day. You know where the family was staying, that they started. Learning two things You can actually see the video these dogs doing this and alerting handlers, nowhere near the dog, the handlers. Far back he's not you know it's not like You know the mexican border, were you know the handlers like to find it in on trying to get the dog to alert it's that their standing back in these two dogs are doing there hang in there doing at one or two time. Eddie goes in first. He alerts behind this, for any words in the bedroom, He will go worthy. Wardrobe is yes, it's like him between the bed in there, drew killer goes in and alerts in the same exact places for blood. Then they want to alert on common like them.
Patio area where, where some bushes are in. Finally, they alert on the car that the parents were driving the rental car. Now I have a problem with this error. I mean it. Ok, let's take them car out nor right. Let's take the car out outlets, you say it was. The apartment only does the room, the The blood is in dispute because they did a dna test on the blood and there like well, it partial dna shows that it could be. Mattie might not be mattie. There's a lot of argument over that, but the fact of the matter is blood. Am cadaver were both were detected in the room. I did a lot of research and all I could fly and was a body, starts decomposing immediately, but before cadaver dark and hit on it. It should be laying there for a period of time, some people say
ninety minutes before it's going to leave some kind of trace before the dog that could be less, but it's up for debate. These dogs are hitting on on this room, so we can pretty much that there was something dead in that room in that thing had to have been dead for a while, not thirty, five minutes you know or an hour and a half, because the parents were around their friends, so they were pretty much accounted for. So somebody came in and old, mattie in the room, the daily her body in there to rub the centre around and then take off with the corpse, why would they take off with a dead corpse? Also, there wasn't enough I too me for someone to come in their kill and then take off. It just doesn't mean
any sense whatsoever. So it leads me to believe that if what those dogs were smelling was mary and not some other person that some other dead body haven't been, she had to have been killed before dinner and her body had done and I mean that's the only thing that makes sense right well, did he fair she could have also just died without having been killed. I want to state, since you brought it up, the vehicle was actually rented a while after she had gone missing its action before there are no, it's a renault scenic and it had been rented twenty four days after the years which interesting is they take the vehicle and they take Robert rots vehicle and they market amongst other vehicles in a public car park.
Underground car park and then they release eddie eddies round the vienna his check and other vehicles any goes over to the mccann's rented vehicle and hit upon something in the boat in the trunk of the vehicle. So it its suspicious, because why, with the dog go there and of course the mechanic I believe this is not good science. I think it's bunk. They don't believe in the dock, Of course, as you state, the dog seem like they would be perfectly unbiased. They don't have a dog in the race they just they just check for this. The sent their will people there as they all while they were, they were trained to go to the mackenzie vehicle. Now I dont believe in that kind of a conspiracy maybe a conspiracy here you and I
Well, they say that we're we're not big on conspiracies, but if you look at this case from the side of the mccann's may have covered something up here, it seems logical that they didn't do it on their own, especially if, if you listened to the statements given by their friends, say listen to Dr David pain, if you listen to his statements with the idea that he knows something about the mccann parents it starts to, it starts to feel weird because he doesn't talk as though he's someone who knows what is talking about to me, came off as he's sort of thinking in talking at the same time, yet again off the cuff. His statements, don't don't really match those of kate and its important, because when these people are interacting over that day, what we, Doing that day. It seems very strange that they can't really nail down what was going on.
depending on, who you ass, they were doing different things. So I guess what we're getting at here is that there is a good chance This child didn't go missing between nine fifteen and ten o clock were eight thirty in whatever time yeah. It's there's no way, there's a good chance that something happened this child any point before that day and they could have been the day earlier, because, where we're going, by the word of people who may have an interesting not telling the truth. we're going by the word of the people. That should be the prime suspects in because this investing She was essentially bought from the beginning warehouse. to go with their evidence, which has been a little contradictory and it just doesn't add up with that, their their statements don't add up with the other.
and again I came into this thinking. They were completely innocent and I don't even fault for leaving their kid in the room by themselves it isn't something I was. I was actually biased in the other direction when, when I started researching this, but I believe in the dogs- and I believe that as soon as the dogs hit on their car to me it's you know it's not case closed, but that just goes to show that there was something in that car. What where did this come from? Now? The parents have to me done a good job with searching for their child. They they raised money to to start a fund against you know to to
searching they keep returning to the resort in Portugal to search further. Their daughter isn't like a situation, might casing anthony whether dislike our our kids gone and we don't care they. They had put forth an effort. I see an effort there. There there there looking, but at the same time All of a sudden can you say: is it offer show that all to kind of cover their tracks? It can be. Then there is a woman who is who had gone missing and her huh then was very much a part of searching for her and would weep on tv and eventually, I believe it is his brothers found out something had a talk with him and told them hey. We know you did that and you're gonna to come forward with it. So people who are involved can can act as though there are concerned and can put on a show, let's face it. If this was not a malicious crime,
Then their grief could very well be real. It could not just be a show they just know what else to do. Oh in just a mention in the dogs did head on a lot of other items, possessions and clothing, so it wasn't just sofa, wardrobe and car it a lot of stuff right, but the important thing here is is: why would why would a dog hit upon their vehicle that was granted over three weeks later You have, since the disappearance won't think about it. If it we are involved in the disappearance of their daughter's body. We should say because of the cadaver dogs, picking up something, it's not a good sign, but if, if they're picking up something at the dogs, picking up something with the with the Car then think about it there in a strange place there on holiday. if they were home, they probably have a better idea about what to do. But since there are-
our day they would have to hide the body or first and then they would have to come back and move it later and find a better permanent spot to place the body sprint to be found, but you can't get it all done within a day now and again, if there You know they go to dinner at eight thirty and then their searching for their daughter at even ten o clock Will the daughters not in the room anymore, because their friends hotel staff and the police are all there at that point, searching between ten and midnight so she had to have been removed. Before dinner, she was already gone. That's what I think. I think it's clear that that this wasn't something that happened between nine fifteen and ten o clock their doctors.
physicians he hears the ongoing theory, is they sedated their children or at least their daughter, and so they could go out and I think so they could go, enjoy their holiday and maybe through arrogance or a mistake, they sedated her and they sedated are a little too much. She didn't come back at that point. It was a terrible accident, and at that point maybe the other friends might of either inadvertently or consciously than on board with. Let's, let's make this dino. Let's cover this up. Let's make there's something that it's not so you don't get in trouble because you're,
rich, your high class there's no reason to destroy your life over one simple mistake: that sort of the overall theory and that ceiling, one that makes sense to me because somebody coming in killing their child then running off at the body, doesn't make any sense, then selling their child doesn't make any sense. They mean those of the other kind of ongoing theory. So here it is, I don't, I don't see any other version of the story that makes sense specially they come back later. They move the body dump it somewhere else.
Their car that they run it now their cars tainted in sorry dirty divers, in whatever explanations they gave for why that dog hit on the car do not make any sense. The dogs are trained to smell dead bodies. That's it not even dead animals dead bodies will let's talk for a moment about why their friends may have covered for them and they would have they they would have had to cover for them as a three year old child who, as we say, may have been missing well before nine o clock that night or ten o clock that night they would have. They would have recognised that she wasn't around now because they hung out together. You know there's these fools. They went to the pool, some of them were plaint this at some points during the holiday. They see they see the children. So if, at some point there daughter ends up missing, I think that they would have,
concerned about that and the fact that it does not something it's raised before ten o clock below. That's when supposedly kate discovers that our daughters missing you know it's it just doesn't ring true, doesn't ring true that something happened at that period of time. When I say did and dumb. I don't. I would definitely if anybody has any questions you just have to think about the way they they say. This all goes down our how long it takes for the people. I used to be contacted. You know just assuming that your child just walks off and you're on vacation that as if the child's going to go and find you it just it doesn't make any sense- is not like they're down the street in the resort and as they like to say they're, very close by me. Where is the activity the activities right over there ye
and again. This is very strange that this is their explanation for what they were doing that night and who was going when, in and in their friends, Their doktor friend says they know all know I'll go check on mattie and he goes but doesn't check, honour they're not did him. Oh yeah, we understand you said you were gonna. Do this, but you didn't that's, not a problem for them. cause. I guarantee you, it doesn't matter. How close you are to a person, you least say what the hell there never seems to be a question in their mind about their friend this other doctor. It just doesn't make sense to me yeah, I mean cause at that point. It's like did. He take her because he was the last person to check on her, but he's never a suspect. They know question him sort of an odd dilemma there, the other mccann's are good at pointing out which suspects or don't make any sense, so they're so sure
and I have used the same before, but it's as if they want to steer the investigation which has never yet hopefully there there totally steering it and its. We seen it before specially what the job. In any case, the deflection, and I dont know how anyone will behave when they are accused of a murder. or any any terrible crime, and we I've seen you know between darling terror, casey anthony and others in oj. Samson happy, behave in everyone's different, everyone does something different and I can't say that the way somebody behaves dictates their guilt. But here It's really showing that they're not working to their working to find daughter on their own terms, and that's it that's all they're gonna do imagining is suspicious because there's, no real trust in the authorities here, where they have people that are trained to sort this stuff out, but they know better
they're going to sell. But this is this: isn't something you should look at or this person you shouldn't look at. That seems like a good suspect, but this one doesn't it's it's just weird and I Can I do I believe in the dogs- and I don't think, there's were false positives. I dont think those are transfers of anything. I think, there's a good amount of circumstantial evidence there to want to show them as the prime suspects, and now there were some other things that you were talking about. As far as like items there- and they had an item that like what was it a golf bag or something
That would be a tennis bag because some of the people, the group to play tennis and certainly there they could play tennis at this resort. So he left the bag there or disappear. No, it's it's photographed in their apartment, but they don't seem to take ownership of it because it disappears. They dont, say yeah. We had this tennis bag and now it's gone. We wish we knew it happened to it. They don't even say that they say
basically, they don't know like what they don't know. They had their friends say they dont remember seeing a bag like that, but its photographed. You can see photographs of his back. You know if you read up on this third either a missing tat. His bag were missing luggage bag that, whichever way you look at it it's seen around, though the wardrobe now it just so happens that the cadaver dog hits on that area. It's weird, it's very odd that that a bag goes missing and that its in the area where they could ever dog hits that's what I'm saying, and so, whereas the
this is where they could ever dog heads are actually places where this bad could have been moved to its. There are specific spots where there is not necessarily blood evidence or anything like that for just the scent, so it could be just like you describe, were dark and find contraband inside of hidden compartment of the dock, incense, where a body being in a bag could have been placed a couple places for being completely removed. Hmm, that's a theory. This is us trying to make sense of this because we don't have. We don't have a smoking gun here. There isn't something that is as definitive as as is in somebody's other cases. You mentioned, like the retire, so this is a bit tricky and it may have a body what we do.
A body and I think one of the keys with this case. The reason why it's not solve now is not only did they start off on the wrong foot, but I believe that if the parents are involved because we can guess all we want if they are involved, they probably had a lot more time to work on this situation than other people have had when they ve been in similar situation, either through maliciousness or accident. So in order to stage a scene or anything like that, if they had more time. But that's again, that's just a guess, and is scotland yard still helping or the uk law enforcement? They have quite a number of detectives in Portugal working, I believe, there's thirty, seven him on with operation grange. They have no answers and that's actually something's being debated right now about whether it upon back or not because of the seeming lack of progress on this case and there dealing with terrorist threats and
There are things in england that they feel might be needing more attention at this point in time, more prioritizing. So, despite all the attention, despite all of the investigation, This is still unsolved because there is no smoking gun. So what happened to the town after this? It said that and suffered some. As the tourism, because, if because of this case, this young girl disappearing? people started getting nervous. I think this wouldn't have had the impact it did had they made. No, mr early on, because that's the town rack in fixing the situation by and I'm not saying they had to, but since they didn't and there's this question of what did happen, I think people are much more reticent to go out their release. They were at the time and- the ocean club actually at it and go quite a few people? In fact one of the people? They let go, the very woman that turned down-
the room the day before the disappearance They didn't need to do that, yeah it according to the people who are let go some of them and you can find videos of them speaking online on youtube, but they were saying that they thought They took advantage of the situation. This is what I gathered, but they can increase their profits by having fewer employees, so they just basically said sorry tourism down because of the negative public, that. These are holiday. Apartments ever see the ocean club, so we're going to have to let some of you go, so. When you suddenly let a couple dozen people go and say sorry, we can't keep you on any more those people. they didn't seem to agree with the reason given by their employers in. If there were some, that was they're getting paid a lot of money. They could let them go then hire a new path and pay them less lots of different things that they do yet unclear. I'm not sure what happened with that. There is one other.
I wanted to say, we've not exactly said. Oh, they have to go and arrest the parents, but we have been. saying that her parents seem like slightly suspects. In other words, we feel like they just too little too late when it comes to them and the portuguese police came a can was given. A number of questions to answer and she refused to answer all of them, except for one ends. These questions are as follows: what happened after raised the alarm in the topic. Did you go and worn your friends instead of shouting from the veranda who contacted the authorities who took place inside judges did anyone outside the groups are Madeleine's disappearance in is falling minutes. What does we let her down mean jane, tell you that night that she'd seen a man with a child and there are others Should that kind of ask about if she contacted the media, these are imports,
because she had the ability to call the police immediately and she chose not She's got a very general well now, I think they are following a line of questioning here, which is interesting, because this is indicative that there is suspicion here. Why did it take so long for the authorities to be contacted instead of just rushing around anymore. she has her little ones in the room. Still. I just think she could have been more forthcoming with her answers to some of the more general question she sure want to answer any of them, but we got with there, sam these questions some more of these when the sniffer dog mark the scent of corpse coming from the vehicle you hired a month after the disappearance. Did you say you couldn't explain any more than you already had when blood, was marked in the buddha vehicle. Did you say you couldn't explain any more than you already had and the kind of go through and ask her. These are things that hi you to the case- and you have no comment then- and you don't have comment now and it's it's
The idea that this is your child. What's more important here, do you want to help us? and this is where the the question that she finally does answer they ask her. Are you that is not answering the questions you are jeopardizing. The investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter and her answer, which the young when she gives, is yes, if that's what the investigation, thanks as far as the and the parents go? Do you suspect that they'll ever be brought back in or charged ever or do you think they just continue on? I think they continue on. I don't think they're ever going to find the child to you suspect you will need to find her remained somehow before they would move on the parents yeah. They just need something anything one more shred of evidence, I get a sense that their close having something to work with that that's the thing is you have to have that one more piece of evidence to kind of nail everything
down, because as it is, they have very suggestive evidence that they don't have that that key evidence they would need to just come up in harlem in one of their friends might need to speak unfortunately, that I think one of them would have broken by now. They were going to hear if they know something they would have spoken by now. If they were going to spend enough I'm. So you can either believe that somebody came into their their room and stole their kid and they just happened to be in the same room that somebody else was killed, earner murdered or a dead body was lying around in or you can look at the parents as the prime suspect, and we should say at least from my point of view, if you don't agree with what were suggesting
could be the case then you're not necessarily wrong, because again, there is no smoking gun. So I can't like bring something out and place in front of you and say here's this one thing now. I do know from the feedback we have from the listeners that the kid ever dog situation was. There are breaking point that were the case actually broke for them or they said a ha, and I get that you know you can look at these dogs and say well there. It is do these there these specific things and they were introduced to all kinds of areas it wasn't. They weren't just taken to them, can stuff. They were taken all over the place it's only when they get near certain spots, the wardrobe and near the near the bed, the window and in the back of this, were no that's. When the dog alerts.
So, for me I would say that's enough to really focus on the parents. It's not saying that there are a hundred percent guilty of something. It just means. You can t suspects all day long? You can talk about. You know a pedophile ring or robert Murat or anybody else you want, but the one unique situation its popped up in this entire case is that the dogs hit upon stuff having do with my hands and not any else, exactly The
the. Do you hear that its little space for mindfulness become? the meditation pie gasped in fifteen That's her less become your space to unwind. Listen. Sclusively on amazon, music or simply telling I could devise alexa play the podcast become
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