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May 2009. Cleveland, Tennessee. In late 2009, Kelly DeLude, a hairdresser, noticed that it had been a while since Marsha Brantley, one of her regular clients, had come in. Donnie, Marsha’s husband, said she had left him and he hadn’t seen her since May or June 2009. It seemed that Marsha had simply vanished. However, as time went on, investigators noticed that Donnie kept changing his story. With few clues, no apparent motive for foul play, and a non-cooperative husband the case became very frustrating very quickly. Where is Marsha Brantley? And did her husband have anything to do with her disappearance?

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whether it was foul play or is she he left on her. A cord. So what are we talking about tonight? tonight we are talking about the disappearance of marcia grantly from Cleveland tennessee. This happened in two thousand nine cleveland. and I see is in the south eastern part of tennessee about thirty miles. These two chattanooga back into. thousand and ten. There were about forty and residence marcia ellen raider is marcia. Brandt lays maiden name and she was born on february, twenty, eighth, eighteen, fifty nine was an only child and she grew up in illinois. She tat lee university as a residential director. She was the person who loved most especially dogs. She also liked to go
outdoors to go hiking. She also loved writing. That was her passion. She was even part of a writers group online and they would encourage each other and help each other out with writing projects. any re bradley had previously been divorced. He also enjoyed the outdoors and competitive bike riding So they have a little bit of common ground here. They both like the outdoors and they got married on march thirty. First, two thousand a year later, pretty fast, they moved into a house and been would of cleveland tennessee and marshes. Parents had actually- built the house for them or for her really. So this is a family home made special for their daughter,
marshes. Mother had fallen, sick and marcia helped care for her, and november of two thousand, her mother passed away from cancer and less than a month later, her father died from cancer as well, so marcia loses both of her parents in a very short, at a time. Marcia doesn't have any children and she and go on to have any children with Donnie, but Donnie had a daughter from his previous marriage and her name was Elise. Elise says when marcia loses her parents it kind of changes, a lot of things and obviously marshes pretty distraught about it, but her parents did leave a sizeable inheritance, money property all of this stuff, at the time, Donnie was running a handy
and business sort of, I guess maybe may kind of thing where he would just fix things up: people's houses. You paint jobs, whatever marcia will end up quitting her job at lee university so I guess johnny's sore, making enough money in plus their houses built for them. So it's not like to have a mortgage well die his handyman business really came about because of the inheritance, so he was able to get the stuff he needed to started up and then, because of the inheritance, marcia followed her dreams. She wanted to be a writer. She started up. This writers group called the thunder rock writers group and, according to the other people, that was that we in the group they say that they felt like she was of all of them, the one that had the best chance of success to be a writer She also had a blog that she wrote in that
started in. I believe the year two thousand eight, maybe in february In that blog, she talks about her past when she was child? She also talks about her writing. She even had a story called dirty little secrets, she talks about her husband. You learn a lot about her. So if you want to know more about marcia, I would suggest reading her blog you can look it up just search for magpies nest, marcia Also in the year two thousand marcia started getting her hair done at local salon by woman named kelly delude. They had a good report. They talked a lot marcia had a lot of nice things to say in tell her hair dresser about her marriage and her dogs. She also volunteered at an animal shelter she came for her appointments on a regular basis and during the
economic decline in two thousand and nine. This had an impact on danny's business and it was getting harder and harder for him to find clients for repair Is and what not marcia still came in for her hair appointment circuits even know they're not making that much money because of the economic decline. Marcia was always very consistent and this just happened to be one of kelly's clients through she really enjoy your company and talking to her. So when just stop showing up for her appointments Kelly took notice. It's only significant because at some point kelly will call. The police and report her her client marcia missing the last appointment that she had with her was in April
two thousand nine, and because Kelly knew when she could expect her back. She said worry about it, because she's thinking, I would have heard from marcia by now, so we have the last appointment is in April, and when was marshes last blog post marshes. Last blog posts was may tenth of two thousand nine, and it was really about her gone to the theatre to see me. With her husband, she wrote bout. The new star trek film that had come out that year she recommended the film but doesn't really tell you much. It just says that she went on a date with her husband, but that's may ten, two thousand nine, it's not until november justin That marshes name is brought back up and it's my kelly, her hairdresser. bring her missing so from may two november.
Yeah sometime in may, she literally just disappears. Here's the sad thing. If you count that out that's somewhere between five and six months that no one's heard from her and it's only her hair dresser, who thinks to call the police. There are no other family members who report her missing and I'm not going to say anything urging about her family members. I'm going to say. I think this tells us about what her life was like. Her life was her husband and her dogs and her writers group. I seriously doubt my family would report me missing after five or six months, if they didn't hear from me, but so I get it along with her hair dresser. Their neighbour fills Dodd hadn't, seen marcia around in a while, and now
Emily marshes taking the dogs for walks every day. Also. She noticed that all the flowers in in the yard were dying, marcia usually cared for. The flowers took the dogs for walk. All these things patterns been broken, so Phyllis actually visits. Kelly, her hair dresser, and they start talking and, of course, Kelly saying yes, she's not coming and for any more point ments. I haven't seen her. They both have called her and left her numerous voice mouse. Also, her phone goes straight to voice mail like its turned off. They even call old danny's business number and that number had been disconnected weak
just assume that Danny's business had folded during the economic downturn and he got the number turned off so Phyllis decides to, though knock on the door sea were marcia is and when Donnie answers he says, marshes not here. She left me and she's heading out asked. That's it. That's all he sets now. This is really odd for kelly because- and I know people can not tell you the truth, but she hadn't heard anything new. About danny, and so she imagined that the marriage was just fine and if you go through the bog posts, it seems decent. There's some odd quirky things in their, but nothing. That's dad unusual kelly reports, her missing too, the cleveland police department. This is odd thing
has the detectives or the police are like? Ok, are you a family member kelly's like no? I go so your friend Kelly even says not exactly I'm her hair, dresser and she's not showing up for it. Wait minutes. I sadly am surprised at the. The police department took her seriously and I hate to say that, and it seemed that they didn't really take her too seriously it at first, but they went ahead and filed the report eventually now there have to be some clues. There do tell us more about what might have been going on her writers group. She was pretty tight with them and they loved him respected each other. They received an email at some point saying that she was going to be missing. Am I but that they might see her around town. That's weird, I understand people will make facebook posts or declare thing
serve I'm doing this today, where I had ham sandwich, but to actually declare that you're not going to be around for a while and not really give much explanation. That's an odd email to send out a if it would just said: hey, I'm busy gotta, cancel the next writers guild. You know meeting whatever it is: that's one thing, but that's not really how that emails worded and seems very questionable one things idea was, I read through all of her blog posts, because, even though it seem like She didn't tell you everything. I mean people present themselves as they want to, and that's all of us she kind of revealed things along the way about herself. So I thought, if I were, you you everything may be. There are some clues here. There's one interesting thing september. Fifth, two thousand eight.
Marcia, grantly road, air blog, my husband gotta love him so Donnie calls me today to see if I'd heard about the pole that asked the burning question You run a deserted island. Who would you want with you, your dog or your spouse, of course, I answered my spouse because I could lie in the sun while he hunted and fished and built the signal fired again rescued. You know what he said. He'd take me, wait before you in awe the reason he take Instead of one of the dogs is because I'd make a bigger meal. Guess you where he's sleeping tonight, now I realize this is from september of the prior year, One thing that I notice just by reading through a blog, is that once in a while, she mentioned her husband and either says things like he's the best or show
say something that makes you wonder what what's up with this guy or they getting along right right, yeah what's up here, but you know that could be said about any couple now, if you add in the fact that she goes missing from more than five months and danny never calls well, wouldn't we be interested in what he had to tell the author It is if they visited him. Ding ding ding ding ding. How would I would assume that your husband would be ringing the alarm bells. Marshes family lived on the other side, the state. So that's what reason why they may not have known that she was gone yet is you're living kind of a distance apart And how often do you talk to your family members for some people and
months and months so kelly. This isn't just her client is missing. She feels like she's the do something she needs to help marsh out in some way, so she had an odour client who was attorney. His name was jerry hopper when very learned about what was going on. He said man, this guy is, you know he he might have killed his wife. So this is just a client of hers who happens to be an attorney and he's friends with prosecutors and whatnot, and she tells the story, and he buys it yet. You know it's like when you're watching a true crime documentary- or something if you're, watching twenty twenty or forty eight hours mystery and you want be involved in the case. You all those things work I wish there was something I could do well, he leaves his appointment early and he heads off to talk to the district attorney. The day after hearing all this says
yeah we're in send an investigator out the the We house and we're gonna see if we get to the bottom of this, it didn't take long, for this investigator to figure out that something's not right here, because danny's giving more strange answers as to why marshes not their flower. her dying. The dogs have been locked up in the house there not being taken for walks, you're. All these things that he's adding up in his head it doesn't seem right. It does feel like mars. Now around anymore, you have done he's gonna say: hey she left me: they check the phone records and she is it making any more calls, but Donnie has an answer for that. Oh, I got her a new phone. There was some. That was hassling or some person that was calling her. So we got ever found, and I got a new one. So that's why she's not making phone calls and
Where did she go while she went out west? Take that into account? This is the house that her parents built for her all of her clothing Is there she didn't agar dogs. She can take any ever toiletries shouldn't taken in clothing and her car, seems to be missing, but We don't know where it is yet. So how did she go out west era Well, some might say that, was showing some signs of depression. She wasn't feeling too good and you know that works sometimes people. This I'll downward, and they don't make very good choices, so that might explain it. The other problem, though, is danny, saying she laughed. What did she leave well, they do have an army and its not around, and they did go out with this rv and go camping in, That makes sense she's going out west in the army and she has a new phone that Donnie bought
so no one can get a hold of her. That makes sense although die doesn't seem to be very open. With the new number and letting anyone know she has a new number. You would think that, ah, she left me we're getting a divorce. I dont want to have to feel all these questions just call her directly, here's the number, but no he doesn't offer up any of that. Also She had a daily planner and she had filled out appointments for june and July for her dogs She was planning on taking her alive. I know of somebody's depressed and in is planned to kill themselves. It doesn't really matter if you ve made an appointment for your dog or anything like that, but the fact of the matter is: is there were things in her planner feature, appointments or goals for that matter? that went nowhere and she didn't take her planner with her family and friends.
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slash generally for total fifteen dollars off your first order that small calm suggestion why code jen, why an actor we have two thousand eleven, the tennessee bureau of investigation was called in. They start to pull all the evidence to. Now, what's the evidence, you know at first they're going off of danny stories. He see. ted have various reasons for why marshes now around so as investigators. They, they d, find this to be preposterous. They look up the phone records and they're, seeing that the phone that she had got the same tower. That was just Two miles from their house: no, this is the new phone. Ok, that Donnie gave to her and said that she took off
and that's why you couldn't get a hold of her on her old number, but this new phone is now pinging locally. That's weird, I guess she's close by right wing, in june. Two thousand nine phone records show that there are call from that phone to that chattanooga singles line. Really believe? Marcia is calling the singles line. Well, it turns out that dawn is the one calling the singles line now hey. If you Wife leaves you. I am sure that you, you have permission. To move on with your life. You have permission to go date, but when you're calling the singles line from the phone that you say, you're missing, wife has yet that's not doesn't look too good something else suspicious happens, they're asking Donnie. Where is she wears her car things like this? we'll Donnie says that marcia was working
a local walmart and if they had their, they might just find her car there. Well they had their, but they don't see it and danny insist that it is there, so they revisit on the second time that they go. They do find her car there. The shows that, she's in town, her phones, pinging and she's driving tune. this walmart for a job right. Well, danny's, That she worked there, so they go into the walmart and have a talk with the manager and them sure. Is saying I dont know who marcia is. Oh. so her car was not walmart at a job she didn't have and then all of a sudden appears there, because Donnie says it's gotta be their god. they ve been keeping an eye on Donnie bradley. They discover that
Been seeing an ex girlfriend of his name, Stephanie Richardson, when they talk to Donnie about this, he says: oh well, I didn't start seeing her again until after marshall, May we don't even really know when marcia left him, because we don't really. when she went missing, because it's not really giving us specific dates or anything we're just going off of her last her appointment and her last blog post and this guy's not saying when in six months has passed, we dont know anything. Now Now after that, investigator talked danny. Danny took some items that belonged marcia, which was a gold cross, a necklace, a bracelet and another necklace, and a lab
you know just some of her belongings to a pawn shop, not his tools for the business. That's now defunct, ok got it yeah, a lot of questions here? Investigators also want to know if marshes dogs were so precious to her. Why didn't she take any of them but of course, according to Donnie, there also his dogs, if marsh. Was plain to leave. Well, she didn't take a lot. Other stuff either. So maybe she just she's travelling I guess I would know close. No toothbrush, no hair brush nothing In this rv heading out west, well, maybe she has funds just because Donnie tells the investigator that marcia had dashed a hundred thousand dollars in the attic, and she must- taken that with her, because it's no longer in the attic hundred thousand dollars in the attic. Ok, I got it She got a sizeable inheritance, but the strange thing is:
Family members say that they don't believe she ever had a hundred thousand dollars in the attic, and I dont think the investigators bite either. I think it's more or less. to explain away hey. I know she didn't take anything but maybe she had enough money where she could just get which he needed when she got out of town. What happens in november of twenty twelve Well, the investigators finally tracked down that our v and its on property owner the bradley family with which they find the ivy hidden away at a family members house got it, it was going to be repossessed and so danny's arrested and charged with hindering a creditor. How about hindering an investigation? How about a hug? I dunno, there's so many other things, but yeah, I'm glad they charged him with something, I'm not sure why
I was that lie by Donnie, but investigators say: ok, that's it we're gonna go. And search the bradley home and work on it. go through with a fine tooth comb and see if we can find any evidence at all one thing as they're going to the house that really stands out to them. Is they said that they notice that there the different texture and sort of an unevenness and a different finish on the concrete floor. In the basement of the home, and so there thinking Maybe what we're looking for is underneath this flooring, so they of course dig it up and they bring in cadaver docks. What did they find? Justin? Well, the dogs don't hit on much and they can't prove that there is ever
A body in the basement, so in essence what you're saying is they find nothing? Well, they do find something interesting in his office in the file cabinet. They go through as files as they should and they find a bunch of receipts of things that he had bought, including a a drop cloth, plastic, shooting a power, washer and I got I guess I got blowtorch. All of these purchases were made. Guess automation, time of when she went missing and, more importantly, all of these things were purchased after his handyman business had gone under. In the phone, disconnected we'll danny has an attorney, and his attorney says that he bought those items. These
so called suspicious items for his business. What business? That's all I gotta say the attorney is saying: that's what he does. He needs this kind of stuff, but There's no real evidence that he's needing it at that time. Why used to be a dishwasher as a teenager? So I need a bunch, a rubber loves, and so Eric ACID and a bunch of things for this job that I haven't done in ten years, but whatever don't pay attention to that in two thousand thirteen Donnie gave a videotape deposition this war. As part of a civil suit that he was involved in and while he was answering questions he didn't I want to talk about marcia every time that she was brought up. He responded by invoking his fit the memory right or said he couldn't remember- and this was on more
then, one hundred occasions during that deposition, even to the point where it was somewhat by nine questions. He would you say, that amendment or he would say on the advice of council, I plead the fifth. I get it. Dont want to incriminate yourself, but he doesn't even d and himself or say I love my wife and whatever he. He just says nothing. So you get nothing from this deposition Yeah, there's no emotion, Obviously, no one had thought to call an port marcia missing for quite some time by the families making up for lost time. It seems because They really want the pressure put on Donny, I would like to see him get arrested on guess: twenty six, twenty thirteen Donnie bradley was charged with first ray murder. This was after a grand jury,
indicted him. I mean they're moving on him with a circumstantial case, and as we know they dont have a body they don't, have anything that amounts to a crime scene. They barely even have a motive at this. point you, I don't even know they have one according to donny if she just left him or she was looking to divorce him. I mean where's the motive here. I realize that some people do not handle divorce. Well, he was already divorced once I mean. What's the motive, he's not getting divorced a second time, and he when they asked him in that deposition, you were carrying on relationships outside of your marriage and he played the fifth. He wasn't going to talk about it. Now that doesn't mean that he was. But that's. The idea here is that or other things going on. What's the motive the dossier still is looking at taking trial
This is, after he's, already moved out of state. He moved to georgia, I'll? Tell you something when he laughed and went to georgia Ebay They abandoned that house and the family had to pay back taxes and get caught. With the house in order to sell it, which they did so I don't want to get off track here, but if I think of a motive, I think ok he's in this matter. Image that is no longer happy in his businesses, folded or a failure, so maybe get rid of my wife and then I can just inherit all of her stuff, and I have a house- that's already mine, because I'm married to her and she goes missing, and you just leave the house, he didn't even try to sell I he could have sold the house, he could us old most of our staff and been well off, but he just get
up and leaves that I don't know how you want to interpret that, but to meet us as I fear that doesn't sound like I'm just done with living here. That sounds, like fear,. His original bond was five hundred thousand dollars, but then lowering it to twenty five thousand dollars, which meant his family could easily pay to get him out. So he would be free Now the trial was set for may thirteenth, two thousand fourteen everybody was looking for this trial. I guess it's when those situations where, even though they dont have a very strong case, it say, sir, stand showcase and if you, if you at least have some evidence he's been lying all along and that their
some suspicious purchases- and he didn't call his wife and missing well, maybe get a jury to listen and sighed with you. It's a long shot, especially without a body and without any physical evidence. I mean if they'd found bloodstains. If they'd found dna, they found any sense of a crime scene, but they have nothing. They just have. A missing person and a guy acting really shady the district attorney at that I'm with Steve Bab, he heard of dropping the just ten days before the trial. Now the family I get I guess you could say they understood because their hoping that, little bit more evidence can be found to solidify the case a little bit more. So there reassured hey. This is an over just give us some more time, and you have to think that they're just trying to stay positive at this point.
Another district attorney gets elected, Steve crump later on and in Two thousand sixteen december donny again charged with first ray murder hold on a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar bond. But his family wants it and gets him out, but what's really different about this time charged other than the district attorney. If you watch any video of him, he is passionate about this case and he believes one hundred percent that Donnie is responsible for his wife's disappearance. But what did they learn in between the time at the charges were dropped the first time and this second time where the charges are brought to him again. What did they learn in that time? Nothing, nothing had really changed. That was the problem. I guess is this new attorney was gung ho about it.
He was motivated- and I appreciate that about him but There wasn't any more evidence, they had the same circumstantial evidence and how do you go after somebody when you don't even have a body now? I know other cases where they ve done it, but in this case? Again, it's really an uphill battle for them they have to prove she's even dead first february fifth, two thousand and eighteen that's the day. The trial was supposed to be in the charges were again dismissed without prejudice, and that was They could charge him again right, there's no double jeopardy and so
there's lots of ways to dismiss charges and if you dismiss charges with prejudice well, then you're kind of out of luck. You got to find something else to charge the person with, but without prejudice means that prosecutor that state can keep try. Something ends up being uncovered in the future. Like let's say they actually find her body and I hate to go there. I hated you know assume, but I think it's or obvious she's not coming back at this point. They found some blood and her car. If they just something microscopic now they can bring charges again and have a case against him, so they had. The same case. The reason seems to be the judge was probably going to step in Their case just isn't strong enough they're trying to satisfy the family I dont know why they would
this second time, knowing that they weren't going to get a good result out of it? My guess is: maybe they were hoping to make Donnie crack. I would hope yeah I mean if it's a tactical maneuver of maybe he'll confess, maybe he'll screw up his statement again. Maybe he'll lie about something else. Maybe he'll give us something that we can use against him. But whatever was it didn't work because once again, charges are dropped, it's forty eight hours and I'm sure Many of you have watched that show that two thousand eighteen ran, story about Marsha Brantley, you ve, been working on this case for about four years. They were talking with a doctor. Who said that marcia had been coming in for treatments for severe mental pause. That was in june, two thousand for so they went through the kind of symptoms that she was having they and, through some of the note said, the doktor taken and the nurse.
Has it taken and on me first, two thousand nine. This note said patient has been off hormones since April. The twelfth was having severe depression. Investigators were told in two thousand ten that marcia was depressed, but they didn't really look into that again. They had this feeling that it was foul play. If she had severe depression will, maybe it wasn't foul play again, they don't have a body, they don't have a crime scene, they just have a feeling, their goin off their good instinct. and they're going off of how many lies downy gave I mean I get. If he had written- maybe a suicide note or something to that effect, but we'd have nothing and
Donnie saying she went out west and in our view, that she didn't even have possession of. So if she had gone off and taken her own life without a vehicle which should take a cab or did she just walk into the nearby woods and no one's found body I mean, sadly, no one reported missing for six months, so it could be that she just walked away, but ah, it's really hard for anyone to wrap their head around. She just walked off and took her own life when Danny's behaved. The way he has Trying to put together when Marcia bradley disappeared seems a little difficult, but as best we can tell she disappeared, sir, where between may twenty, seven, two thousand nine and june second, two thousand nine so a very short window of time and this
all based around when marcia was coming from a writers conference, and she called a friend of hers named, came shank. The phone records also showed in ink we call happening on june. Second, two thousand nine. So that's why they're some question there about when it would be that time, but it seems to be that time frame now her fan. We once heard declared dead because I believe that she's alive and there to try and take care of things. They need her to be declared deceased because they need to be able to take over the house the property. All these things, oddly Donnie says yeah she's probably dead, and we should declare dead. Ok with this idea, it's almost like he. He knows something that other people down honour. A civil court did rule that marcia was deceased. but anywhere you look she's
state. As a missing person, this is why this cases a mystery, because, no matter what you think there is no proof, that marcia was murdered. Or that she ran away? There's no proof of anything here. other than a lot of suspicion- and I know that danny's daughter, Elise, she has defended her father from the gecko, obviously being family. Member in this is her. Father cares and loves him very much, and she says I want people to no his how loving kind, thoughtful and hard working he is. That's fine but which he didn't include in that statement is he's a liar and he's hiding an army that he that was going to get repossessed that he claimed his missing wife took off in. Most of you know, I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now, audible offers an incredible select
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we're getting along. She left me. I dont care about her. As a matter of fact, I really hate her or dislike my wife and I dont care where she is. That would make more sense. That would have come off more honestly, then what this guy ended up, doing, which is just giving a bunch of contradictory stories and lies, but the the matter. Is he doesn't say anything except lies? I dont believe the suicide angle, just because she didn't have a car shouldn't have have the d, so she just walked off and no one's founder body. No one saw her. Just weird as supposedly she had left a note for her husband stating that wench
was gone, that he should just sell off her car in that email that she sent telling the writers group I'll be. Am I a? We can't even prove that she wrote that as well Donny was in possession of her laptop that he ended up pawning off later and it's an email so yeah you can check the I p h, I'm sure it came back from that house or that provider. So we don't know who was at that keyboard. Honor she would write about how theirs that struggle when you're a writer, because the chance have you going anywhere with your writing, slim, none and yet Talked about how she always went back to writing you kind of wonder what are the odds that she was just going to quit. The group like that and go missing, like you said he pond offer laptop, he had it is very likely that he could have written that
It's just another cover for why she's not around. But the sad thing is is no matter what kind of cover he put out there. It took people I should say it took her hair, dresser and a neighbour a bit of time for them to really start poking around and so he had. All this time were known was watching him. Now one was really questioning what was happening what can you say that an that's kind of sad he had six months to do anything he wanted. We don't know where the crime scene is because he's completely cleaned it up. Maybe it wasn't even at the house. This is just me, mean foul play here, but you can't invest the gate a murder six months later, it's just its downright impossible now, given its not totally impossible.
You have luman all you have all kinds of different things, but they came up with nothing from their search except for receipts of plastic. She dropped cloth and power, washer and whatnot, Now the defence attorney says: why would anyone by a clear plastic she that just doesn't make any sense? Have you seen dexter The guy goes on to say: will why wouldn't he by a dark, colored sheet you're like a black plastic? She? Why would he do anything? You're you're asking stupid questions at this point if you're killing somebody you're not thinking about the color of the placid sheet you're buying and plus he had a drop cloth. So why wouldn't he put a drop clot down, put a clear plastic sheet on top of that and then use that to dismember a body on, because then all the blood in every
Thing is being captured in the plastic sheet and then with the drop cloth. It actually conceals everything inside I mean am I the only one that watch dexter or any kind of tv show here mean this guy's just saying the dumbest stuff? I get it he's a defense lawyer, but just stick to the facts of they don't have a body as soon as he goes past. That point I just roll. My as yet? He actually makes his client look more guilty. If that's possible. I would agree with that statement I was I was: really trying to give this guy a pass trying to go into this case very open minded and unbiased. But after why Donnie and his lawyer talk isis man, they look worse, still, there is no proof here. They die bradley, murdered his wife or we have here is the circumstantial case. That is sure to get people fired up. Who will tell us and tell her?
and they're talking to that. They know that diamond marcia, but there's no evidence of it. All we have are probably hundreds of applies deception and a failure to answer questions. A failed polygraph if that means anything to you, which is, as all that mounts up, and you add in that he never called say that she was missing basically, because, He says. Well, she left me this. on a guy who was in love with his wife? He's just Pray, my staying mum and trying to I'd this out. If this guide didn't murder his wife and get rid of her body. Then he's one of the stupidest people I've come across in making himself look guilty as hell.
But he's the reason why he's been charged twice well but he's had the charges drop twice to de. Would you call this the perfect murder did he get away with it? What we talked about that in the susan osborne case? What is the perfect murder? You could say any time that you can get away with. Murder is probably the performer or sir. might even say: well it's when you commit murder and no one even suspects. You know unsuspected this guy for months, Well because it even though she was missing still no definitively that she's dead. So really, you. Look at it is is the perfect merle. I would argue that a perfect murder being able to get away with it? One and two you don't leave any evidence now. Did he leave evidence? I would say the prosecutor will tell you. Yes, evidence was left because we have the receipts and we have all these. wise, but that's circumstantial case. They dont have any fibres. They don't have blood,
They don't have aluminum lighting up a floor, so what do they have? They have I know he did it. I just can't prove it that's what this cases and that might be a perfect murder, but with all that said, what would his motive have been? Well I'd come I mentioned it earlier, but he just wanted out of his marriage and he wanted to live off of her coat tails after she was gone. That's that's the only motive I can come up with, but how did he benefit from that? And he took off and went to georgia well and that's where I would say he took off because he felt the cops were onto him closing in on him, so he didn't even get to reap a lot of the benefits of or financial benefits, at least of this marriage or of his wife. Secondly, the only justice I can really think here is: if he did do it, charges were dismissed without prejudice. He gets to live the rest of his life.
Knowing that there might be another knock on his door, while they're pretty much guaranteeing there will be. I think this is and to come down to will a district attorney decide we're going to roll the dice, because if we don't, then nothing will ever happen right. Imagine if he's found guilty with the evidence that we just presented, he's gonna, get an appeal and an appeals, court might say yeah now this a wrongful conviction? So it's one of those things you damned. If you do you damned, if you doubt role the dice sure but man, that's it. It's a tough one to consider when at such an uphill battle to prove beyond reasonable doubt, I think they're going to charge him again. because, as it stands, the house was resold, there's a couple that bought it. So what are they going to do now there too
went through the house. They couldn't find anything that would be incriminating. It's gonna come down to if they find her body or find something because if they just go with rolling the dice with everything they still have man. That's fifty fifty in my mind where they can find something. That's what I'm saying is like a hiker comes across something out in the woods were. Who knows you either if they're waiting for a revelation like that he'll never be charged again. That's my feeling, so, what does the audience think you hear this, and if you were part of the writer family, or if you are a friend of marshes, would you want them to? Do I mean? Do you really? want them to wait and see. If, hopefully, some kind of evidence will pop up or do you think they just need a role with what they have distinct. A jury can be appealed to do
think they can be convinced that, even though others, no body and there's no crime scene, that Donnie bradley must have been responsible for her disappearance and assume death, most because investigators started on this case. So late. This case looks pretty much impossible to solve to me, but we should never count the investigators out shouldn't lose hope, at least for the sake of her family and friends. So of theirs? anything you know or suspect: theirs, the way you think you can control, to this investigation, please call for two three seven to eight seventy one, one, the cleveland, tennessee police department,
the. In nineteen sixty nine, a vicious and seemingly random killing spree, in LOS angeles, shocked the nation and when the killer.
We're finally caught the nation, even more shocked by who was behind the gruesome crimes, I would grant the host of wonders, podcast american history tellers. We take you to leave, times, and people that shaped america and americans, our values are struggles and our aims in our late, a series of fail musician turned quoth leader named Charles Manson, turns his young hippy followers into blood, thirsty killers and exposes the dark side of the peace and love generation. American history, The manson and murders is a wandering plus exclusive to listen to this special three part series join one group- in the one app
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