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New York City, New York. September 1988-August 1989. In 2002, Matias Reyes admitted to being the sole person to rape and beat the Central Park Jogger, Trisha Meili. In 1989, however, he was identified as the East Side Slasher. We discuss his crimes and the impact that his confession had on the Central Park Five.

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From wondering why I don't matter I'm doing well just and how are you I'm doing? Ok, I'm feeling good because we have,
to be living in one of the safest times, and I think the last fifty years of our society, regardless of the rise of true crime, true crime podcast, yes and this whole feeling that you have to look over your shoulder and check the backseat of your car? We are living in a very safe time now. That said, according to F b, I statistics and crime rates in america, we had one of our highest peaks in nineteen. Eighty, nine to ninety. Ninety two english, new york city saw the peak happen in eighty eight to ninety. Now the rest of us fly over states that
crime rate lingered. Until about ninety ninety five anyways, when crime is at an all time high, I feel It allows serial killers, cereal, rapists, repeat offenders to continue on with relative impunity, because it's hard to find a pattern when there's kay ass? They get enables patterns of behaviour from individuals to look like random crimes being committed, I an organised individuals. with no fees or minimums banking with capital. One is the easy decision in history of decisions even easier than citing to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast with no overdraft fees. Is it even a decision that banking re imagined, what's in your wallet term, supply
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I am an extended vacations. So with that said tonight's case I personally think is a prime example of a perfect storm of high crime rates and an individual committing acts in it going unseen where it's off he skated by the high crime rates. So with that are we talking about tonight at saratoga about the case of material re, as who many of you might not know. Unless you watched a certain documentary, when you see us is the latest one anything having to do with the central park. Five. Although all say this is not a central part, five episode, but it is connected in a big way. Absolutely
This goes down in manhattan, new york september, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight to August one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine a twenty seven year old woman by the name of Jackie, her back he was a receptionist and september twenty first Nineteen eighty eight around in the afternoon. She was right some errands and she stopped over at the church of the heavenly rest. She's catholic, the church is episcopal, but she there to pray- and I don't know if this is a common thing. I know people commonly going to churches that aren't of their particular faith to pray, but I like the idea that people can do this. I they do. But then again I don't go in to pray very often. She's getting ready to leave the church when a young man approaches her a teenager, he grabbed her.
And puts his hand over her mouth and grabs her neck. Using a knife. He takes her down a flight of stairs and asked for money. Now she had two hundred dollars that she had gotten from atm She also hands over her jewelry, but he mrs that she's not handing over a ring, but this the ring that had her mothers initials on. She didn't want ten, then over an heirloom right, yeah, so he's angry he starts strangling her and hating her and sheep. walls and his red on the floor. Now he's out. He is landing that you take off her clothes he's trying to get her wake up. She comes to and she starts telling him that she had some sort of in fact generous anthea or a sexually transmitted disease so that gives him enough. I guess down
or something and he leaves- but I I don't know, that's quick thinking and He made it up. You never know. If anything you do will work. When someone, sets out to victimize you. It seems like they're hell bent on it. For whatever reason he ended up, leaving. She will find out that he went and withdrew money with her atm card and nobody saw him leave, but she felt very lucky that she survived this situation because they felt dangerous. It felt like she might have been killed. I took it April seventeen nineteen eighty, nine eight twenty six year old woman this is in the northern part of central park. She had gone to a place called fish fort. This is off of a hundred, and six street
she's doing tai chi. This young man came up to her again a teenager and was talking to her Now she had a bad vibes about him, which I think many We have thus they get a vibe about people. I don't know feel like I get it. I guess it depends on intense. It is so, but she wants to get away from their something this gotta makes run easy to tries to get away from him and he attacked her started. Beating her was pulling on her clothing. This is the start of a ripe. She is screaming and some one hears recalls. There's a guy that's near by and he responds thank god, because there is a point in life: were people just don't want to?
bothered. This is new york. People are hustling, they gotta make rent just because somebody screaming somebody else deal with it. I don't have to now. I think new yorkers are good people, and I think this proves that they are good people. This guy running, to help her out and the perpetrator runs away, sometimes that's all it takes is fighting back a little just making yourself known somebody else. Responding and criminal will stop. and go so. If you ever hear someone screaming, if you ever see an altercation happening, just acknowledging its head, coming and going over. There sometimes make it all stop this, Woman is able to give a description to police.
And she says that he was hispanic and had fresh stitches on his chin. The detective start searching around at different hospitals to see if anyone had received stitches on their chin recently now they're not coming up with much and then that detective, who is assigned to the case, will end up being transferred. So an assault goes unsolved and, sadly, the case ends up being marked closed by the end of june. So on April 19th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine we have trisha miley lot of you are probably familiar with this name. She is typically referred to as the central park.
jogger. She was an investment banker and she liked to jog and exercise in central park. Was her favorite place to go so it around nine p m? She leaves her apartment. She runs down a hundred and second street and actually passes by a man is a guy following her she'll turn left on a hundred second and go into an isolated part of the park. That's when a man comes up behind her strikes or over the head with a tree branch and then drags her into a secluded ravine, which is I've thing as a good fifty feet off the pathway. You will end up beating her severely. Rape, her. He takes the house keys from her bag. Obviously it's not a purse, but at some sort of jogging thing she has honour- and he essentially one.
To go back to her apartment and rob the place, but she won't give em her address. She is a breaking free and trying run away and the man will catch up to her and beat her with a rock. You will end up leaving her for dead and he grabs, her headphones and her keys, and he takes off now simultaneously. There is a group of teenage as in the park, and when I say group I mean a decent organised bunch of kids all over the park. Some of them are hanging out Some of them are getting aggressive with other people in the park. Whether be committing new muggings or salts
but this is a chaotic scene that police are getting hundreds of phone calls for and trying to respond to. Meanwhile, you have this woman who's been brutally beaten and raped. She was not conscious shoes. barely hanging on to life they didn't know if she would survive her face Embody was swollen. It was unrecognizable her left, I had been crushed, they say the force of the blows had made her eyeball explode and the police are very focused on this because all the stuff happening in central park. This is their backyard and they want to get the people involved.
arrested immediately and when they got to the scene. They could see that there is this drag mark that went about forty feet from the road into a grove of trees. That told them that she had been taken to the grove of trees. They found blood. They also, of course, took evidence from her body which they were able to identify biological samples. So we ve just gone through and told you about some attacks that were going on now high crime time, but this is all
all having to do with a certain individual one attacker right, but back and nineteen. Eighty nine, no one knew who trish miley was. They just knew that there was a jogger whose attacked she wasn't identified publicly out for a while. Now the detectives they were doing their best, taking statements, bringing people in or were wearing that They would test their clothing. They ended up with five young men and tron Mccrae Kevin, harrison Youssef Salaam, raymond Santana inquiry wise? They were all in the park that night and they all loosely connect each other to the park and that in general vicinity now I've been to central park its huge. So just because you were in the park
doesn't mean that you were where this happened. They put together a case against these young men. They are taken to trial. All five are convicted. Now we could say what did the jogger say? The jogger couldn't identify her attacker because she was struck from behind and she was unconscious. Blacked out. She doesn't have any recollection of this event. The most she said is She thought there could have been two detectives, though, when they look over the evidence, they believe it was more than one person, but I dont know if that is a theory that or a believe, that's somehow been affected by the stories of mayhem that we're going. Supposedly that night we were really get into it, but there is the site there were. Roving gangs of people is going around attacking people, but the crime scene.
Of where this happens. You had multiple police officers. Trampling over any footprints and drag marks the crime Scene was not locked down, so the only evidence that's really viable is the dna profiles that they would get years later. So these five teens that Dave arrested well, some of them confess, and they confessed that they were there. The police officers will say well so and so said you were there and they ve already confessed to it so than the other galway like. Oh, he said I was there. Will that means here was there too, and none of their confessions line up. None. Other stories are coherent to the facts or the evidence of the case, but when he advocates ashen doesn't really matter anymore, of course, evans didn't match any of these five individuals, but in a court of law that doesn't really matter
What matters is who tells the story best? What will the jury believe an argument? It's a debate and think about it. These young men go in and they he doesn't have any idea who they are and trauma, cray raymond Santana. And use of Salaam were sent. his juveniles. They were given five to ten years for rape and assault, Kevin Richardson was convict as a juvenile of attempted murder, rape and sodomy and sensed five to ten years glory wise, fitted as an adult of assault and sexual abuse and sentenced to five to fifteen years as an adult he gets a longer sentence and if you're sentenced for attempted murder well, obviously they knew the rock or what other
Things were used in this crime, while the confessions, these statements lined up putting him as the one that did this people start feel safer right, you I think there are a group of young men. There were tried and convicted in a court of law of attacking the jogger hack Maybe they did somebody's crimes to, but there's the thing earn. There are not even connecting these other crimes he's other rapes to jogger. There's, no, there's no pattern. That's been established. June 11th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, a twenty three old woman. She was in her ground floor apartment working as a researcher at six p, dot m She got home after spain the day in central park. She its contacted. Do you know her apartment? It's buzzed! she asked whose there it's a man,
saying hey on the superintendent son: what does she do? She buzzes a man so for any one that doesn't understand what you're saying. I only just explain this rock where most of the apartments and buildings in new york, you have a front lobby area. where you have a panel with all the apartment, numbers and names. So somebody comes to visit you. They have to call your apartment from this panel and and you hit a number on your phone or whatever, and that opens or unlocks out front door and then they come into the building, and then they go to your apartment. I just have to explain that, because some people don't get the whole process, That's what happened and she let him in because that's a pretty good excuse, hey! Who are you on the super son? Well you get on in, but Why would the superintendent son not have a key to the building you're? Not thinking about tat you just believing what you're told
She is victimized over the next two hours raped. Doesn't he tell her? You can either die or be blinded? It's horrible off. and, if you think about it, some one has you under their control and then their same make a choice. It reminds me of we saw where Given these terrible choices- and so If you want to live, you have to agree to be blinded and if you won't be blinded, then you'll die. She says she wants to live. He will proceed to slash her face and, according to her, she faints, I guess, blacks out He takes off when she comes to she caused nine one. One police officers come to her home. She
refuses the ambulance, because at this point she opened her eyes and she realizes that he didn't cut her eyes out. She thought that she had been blinded. She thought tat. He had gouged her eyes out with a knife in she opened them and realise that he just cut around her eyes caught her face social refuses the ambulance, saying saver for somebody that needs it is of new yorkers for you, so the officers driver to the hospital and she has defensive wounds on her hands. She's got a broken nose black eyes. They do a rape kit, they check her head and she goes to her boyfriend's house that night and sleeps on his couch, because you know she's not going to go back to her own apartment and sleep alone after this whole ordeal
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calm suggestion why code jen, why lord s gonzales she was home with her children. She lived in a basement apartment on ninety seven, street. The apartment had an outside entrance, so just a short flight of stairs. he just go down and you can knock on the door. Her partner happens to be Antonio who's, the building superintendent soup, so they get a knock on the door and a man asks is the super it and her son tony. Who is only seven years old, says no, but he opens the door While his mother to asked him to check and see who was at the door because well she's busy with another child and so
I dunno how I feel about sending a seven year old, but I think it's just one of those things where not expecting any trouble. You know go check and see who's at the door. maybe she was hoping he would just look and then report back, but he ends up opening the door. So this man at the door is able to push his a n, because a seven year olds not gonna, be able to close that door, and this man comes in and lord is tells her children tells her son tony, take her other child back into the bedroom, so she can confront this man without her children around now this man and they came in made a sound like you, wanted money, it seems at first it's a robbery. This doesn't really have money there living in a basement apartment, probably for free, because Her partner, Antonio, is the building. Superintendent he's probably
in doing that for free rent, that's what happens a lot there, so they're, not rich The door is close to the room that therein and this man rapes her then gives her the ultimatum I'll take your eyes or your kids. Now what happens next? the children don't really know. I know some reports are saying that they could hear things going on in the room, but I think they know release tony knows something horrible going on it's a very frightening scary situation. Its quoted is she's screaming my head, my head on bleeding: please stop! Please don't hurt my kids can take anything you want. They stay in the bedroom and tell the noise stops and then they come out and they find their mom. She still alive. They call nine one one, yet she actually called them. one. It's amazing and she's been stabbed, beaten, raped.
And somehow has the strength to call nine one, but she's bleeding and she's fading she's able to tell the dispatcher that there are children there. Someone help arise law, This is found to have blood running down from her face stomach area. She had stumbled into the hall outside of her apartment and fallen on the way to the elevator. paramedics do their best, they try to get her to the hospital which was Saint luke's. After about two hours, the emergency room, she's, pronounced dead at eight p m, This is the first known murder that has happened by the sky on July, nineteen, nineteen, eighty nine, a twenty year old
Amanda isley was going into her parents apartment on madison avenue near ninety four street. She had an interest in the arts, dance, photography, poetry, she was born in paris, but she moved to new york. She was fluent in france, and had attended college there. Her parents building was under construction so that front door to the lobby that you'd normally get buzzed in from what I was doping, so they construction workers can come and go as they please. This is wait her. She wanted security, but works gotta get done so she took the elevator up to her apartment and when she got to her floor she noticed a man breathing heavily on the stairs and She asked him if he needed help finding where he was going and instead
He pulled out a knife, put it to her throat and forced her into her apartment over the next hour. He would rape her several times and then he gave her that ultimatum. I can kill you where I have. Blind you now. I think she went to her parents apartment because she wasn't feeling well. I guess, because it was locate. Close to where her art class was since she wasn't feeling well and since she got the impression that fighting him, would only make him angry and make him hurt her. She decided to just go dormant now, fight. He went through in ransacked her apartment. He stole ninety dollars out of a bull and our dining room, and he too. Her atm card got her pen number sounds familiar writer he's done this before we dont think we may reach
think that the perpetrator knew whether she was going to lever, die, really right and made this the quick stabbing and then laughed again. He stabbed her around her eyes thinking He was blinding her, I guess and she fainted passed out. He left the man, the rapist who perpetrate This crime calls nine one one from a pay phone. Tells nine. When one is woman, it needs help in this parliament who want to withdraw money with her atm card. Unlike the other victims, She opens her eyes and discovers that she can see. She wasn't really blinded, but I can imagine and thinking you are blind. You have a nice going in to your face like that, sir she's bound tie her wrists and ankles, so she kind of gets.
Bonds a little loose just enough, so she can crawl out of her apartment down the hallway and then get a window at the end of the hallway open, where she screams for help the police arrive they take her to an ambulance at the hospital, they will do a rape kit and check over all of her wounds. She stays with friends. For the next several days. Now. At this point thinking you have several rape it's. You have several women that have been attacked. You have em me and who is said you die, or I blind you and they ve been stabbed in the face. There's been at least two of these that match now. The other victims, those central park, jogger and lord, is a little different attacks, but you have at least two
I think they can put together an interesting with their friends. She returns home to her parents place several, his later and according to her, she was composed, which it s, surprised her, but just she just told them what happened on July, twenty seven nineteen, eighty nine, a twenty eight year old woman is followed and her hallway of her apartment now, I think that this guy is looking for doors that are open as far as like outside doors to the building or he's just dialing people and just getting buzzed in once. He gains access to the building he's targeting a woman either following them to their apartment or watching them hit the button on the elevator
and then he sits, then the lobby and wait to see what floor they stop on, and then he runs up the stairs to that floor to intercept them before they go to their apartment, that's creepy! So she was followed down the hallway in this building and luckily a neighbour the commotion of this man saying to attack the woman. This neighbour says some of us recognize this guy he's been around here before so interesting that we had over these from attacks, there have been some descriptions being given and you know to be fair. A lot of them aren't that good, because these people are being victimized and they're afraid, and especially after the perpetrator says, your eyes are your life. I mean it's almost like: how can you remember at that point the neighbors hear the commotion.
and they come running and the man runs off, so they stopped the crime they stopped the rate. Now on the afternoon of august fifth, ten, eighty nine he fell was another woman who we we're not going to name her. She doesn't want her name out there. He goes into her apartment building, she'd been Working at a clothing company, She had recently downgraded from a one bedroom apartment to a studio. New york can imagine how much the rent is. She just gone about her day. I've most of these people are they just want to get through their day and she's, going up to the third floor of her apartment, unaware that there's a guy who's running up the stairs from the lobby come out under the third floor because he watched
where she got out. She goes into her apartment closes the door behind her, so she made it, but there was a knock at the door and I think she was actually expecting a visit from like the landlord or something that day so she just turned round and open the door. She didn't, Who is it? What do you want? She just open the door which hey I would turn round and opened the door to soon. She does this man pushes way in knox or to the ground. She is raped by this man and given the ultimatum of your eyes, or your life. Now he only acted as though we had a gun and threatened or with it, but she never gun another odd thing. This one is, he had her take a shower and the new york times reported that
he would sometimes take showers with his victims is this is this is weird I can only assume that he knows that. There's physical evidence that he's leaving behind so he's trying to wash that away. He also will ransacked the apartments still money and stuff, which I think is very reminiscent of the east area rapist and the things he would do. You find the person leave them thereafter. He raped them and then go through their apartment go through their stuff throughout the attack. She just remains com and she thinks that by not fighting is going to Placate him not get her injured and she even offers him. Ass, a water asks him. If he likes music just tries to build a rapport with him, and once he isn't paying attention turns is
honour. What did she do and I'll see for the door? I think give in the way the stories were counted in the media It certainly sounds ass though she was, she was planning us she was trying. It just enough from him that she can make a break for, and she does she makes it down a couple of flights of stairs into the lobby, should wearing a towel Now that you know the building knows something's going on help coms and a porter and tenant jump in a pen. This attack her down to a couch. Well yeah. He was chasing her down. The hall, while she's hitting doors screaming for alive. He chased her down the stairs and through the lobby. Luckily, two guys cited to intervene.
They hold this young guy down for about a quarter of an hour and tell the police get there, and this is a mess. major break. Not only do they learn who the hacker is, but they have him in custody. Of course, this attacker, who was essentially caught red handed, he denies it. He said I didn't do anything so they say. to put stuff together and they have his voice on a nine one. One call can't really deny that, but he's denying everything you will not give them any information, because he just does not I want to be implicated in all these cry: yeah who wants to get arrested right yeah, but the detectives go to work. They start to get him to talk, and I think it's the good cop, not good cop, bad cop. It's the cop start identifying with them. Some get him talking. What he said was, if you had experienced.
essentially childhood trauma or abuse. That's mitigating factors for you they'll go easy on you stuff, like that which hey I buy agree with that detective work. I agree with that. Interrogation tactic one hundred percent, so he starts loosening up and he starts admitting to some of the things he has done. In the end, he confesses to one murder, five rapes to attempted rapes, and that's where he kind of shuts down we'll things: change he's headed towards trial and instead of sticking with the confessions he's getting angry. In fact, at a pre trial hearing he attacked his own attorney, so they have to give a new attorney, not boating. Well for him right now. And then the evidence which has been tested we're getting to the nineties now night. ninety one dna.
and they can link dna to victims. So on october seventeen Ninety one material re as plead guilty in the states supreme court to them and murder of lord s gonzalez and the rape of three other women, This is june, eleventh July nineteenth in august fifth of nineteen. Eighty nine he'll be sentenced to thirty three and a half years to life. Somehow he avoided the maximum penalty of fifty years to live. Nellie played out. I mean he, plaid guilt, So that is one thing they had: they had all this evidence against them. They steered him into pleading, yet he could afford it, but then We know what would happened. He would have gotten the fifty years to life. Something happens wally's in prison. I guess that changes everything he meets Corey one of the
central park five. Now I guess their first meeting didn't go well They were in the cap materia had a disagreement, altercation yeah they were fighting over the tv yeah. I think it was one of those scenes like I want to watch this now. I want to watch that who knows? Maybe it was boxing or football, it's probably jerry springer, and then They were transferred to another prison where they yet again. is where he finds out. That corey is the one that's accused. In serving time for the central park jogger and for whatever reason the tears decides what that's not right. Somebody do in time. For me, he thinks it's not right, but he's wrestling with to do here is one thing to say: it's not right, but it's another thing to say. Where do I go now, because he still
has his self preservation kicking in saying. If you tell everyone here again trouble in right, he has a sentence that He could be out and thirty three years if he admits to something else. love on a lot more time. So he starts talking to people You know fellow inmates he said: he'd ray and we found Jesus, and so he goes to the prison. Chaplain talks to him. The chaplain says you need to own up this. He can't but this guy serve time for something you did eventually. Mitya decides. Ok, I need to do something about this and I will Confess this isn't two thousand two years and years later this year what thirteen years later and by this point of the central part, five I think to have got now that horrifying, imprison all his time for a crime eating commit and the guy
is responsible is blowing a lid off the whole thing and the guy that's responsible, truly is responsible because they get to the the dna profile back and his explanation statements about how he went about it or dead on. Where is the statements from the central park? Five were all over the place going back and forth, so the tea has given a very. Coherent account of this crime so between that and dna evidence like yeah this. This is the kind of responsible, There was a abc primetime broadcast that came out. They were speaking to people about mitosis apology and how he had come forward. They didn't really appreciate that or believe him, the vic
you were upset by it. I think they also can laughed at alike. Are you serious with all the harm that you did? You murdered a pregnant? and on and on and on and this guy Sorry they don't buy it. I would neither summiteers gave this confession, but it there was this whole hearing around it and the prosecutor of the central park. Five case was linda thirsting. She made the point and you can watch this on you It's all out there. She basically told materials here you say what you gotta say: I'm not going to be arguing with you are debating things. You just tell me what you know so that we can compare. The information that you say too we have and what we know. All along the way. While material is trying to give accounts and in he can't everything because obviously time has passed- and I can't remember everything- and we talked about this before if sick. months passes. Do you remember what you wore on a certain day? God, no,
probably not so. She continually has his attitude, though, where He doesn't really by it or something I'm not sure how addicts to explain it, but she sounds so sceptical and any time you anything, that's kind of doubtful it all she jumps all over it. She goes on to accept, I guess the physical evidence like the dna, but then she has to maintain that the other central park, five must have played a role in the rape. Somehow she has to put it all together. She there says that they were all in cahoots with each other, which they obviously word or that material is started. Attack left this woman unconscious.
In the central part, five just happened upon her body and then thought, oh well, we can just do what we want to. These are her concepts that she's coming up with which I suddenly find reminiscent of our nor folk for episode where a woman is brutally attacked and raped in her apartment. They get the first guy too. confess to it. But then none of the evidence matches him. So then they have to get the next guy forced confession out of him. Well, evidence doesn't match him either so that I get a third and a fourth and then the real perpetrator comes out and says: you're all stupid. It was me, but then they have to somehow double down, because they can't be wrong, and this is what she's doing She just cannot admit that she got this case wrong. This real.
Give me a good understanding of why people are so upset with the prosecutor, because I knew they want a prosecutor. They have their theory, they understand what cases. They know how they feel about it, but after no the evidence and have the man that the evidence connects You saying I did alone. I was the we won and still saying Oh, these other five are still involved. The evidence doesn't support that so she's really saying my opinion matters more than the evidence, and that's that's troubling to me, and I get why people are outraged. There. currently cancelling her she's had to step down from multiple boards that she serves on these are organizations that are for victims rights and for women that had been attacked and assaulted there. They are good org,
nations, but she's now removed herself from all of them. You know: there's a cancel hashtag out there about her, which I am very much suppose to public, shaming and council culture, but in a case like this, don't really care yeah this, isn't you were triggered or you're uncomfortable I have young men- had to go away to prison for awhile for a crime, they had nothing to do with and this you know prosecutors out there saying they did it. They were What of it? She destroyed so many lives, and she can't admit that she was wrong. You know it's it's like the death penalty, I'm not for it, not because I'm a bleeding heart and don't think that you know- and it's not like. I don't think that there aren't people walking this earth that don't deserve to breathe our air. No, it's just the whole process.
The system and its the same with the cancel culture- I don't always agree with the angry mob. That's gonna cancel everybody because they said something out of context on twitter, but this prosecutor yeah. She still can't understand what she did wrong. I can say I feel much sympathy for with the whole movement. That's out against her now, specially with this now Flick, show- and I know shows- can dramatize and change things and take their liberties, but for the most part, the events that they show or fat truly accurate yeah. I was going to say I've. I've seen an article. I've read things from people who say these are the things they got wrong, but then I'm again what the hell's that matter, because when it comes down to it, none of that stuff changes the fact that these five young guys were involved in this crime period. So you can argue about who said why in this or that
It has nothing to do with the very important part of the case, which is these guys serving time for didn't, commit most happy, No I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now, audible offers an incredible. action of audio books across every genre. I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from top celebrities down experts and, as an audible member, I get access to a growing selection of audio books, the originals podcast, it's all included in my membership I get one title a month to keep and I get to hear exclusive podcast that I can't find anywhere else. I just but the audio book anti social, about online extremism, techno utopians and the hijacking of the american conversation
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pearl boards are gonna, not look fondly upon the history of this man and and could you imagine if they actually did parole him and the next three years we can outrage public outrage that would cause you out for the people, it think the central part five or guilty or or are sceptical about their innocence. One thing I've seen popping up constantly. Is that no know these people seem to trust materials think he's a master manipulator and I've told you, after I washed his confession that He looks sincere to me when he saying no, I'm telling all this because I have to and he's telling them information about cases that have been unsolved. Anything I did. Those and He seemed sincere to me. On the other hand, there are these people saying always master manipulator.
He's lying, which should throw doubt about the innocence of the central park. Five, if you had evidence that showed they did it I'd like to see it cuz, I don't see it. We shouldn't be so hasty to push our beliefs beyond the facts and the facts don't support the conviction. Then you have to do what happened in this case, which was the central park, five sued, the city right for two hundred and fifty million dollars, or something like that. Russia. However, were the final a large amount of money. But you know you think about the time. Serving prison, the destruction of their lives. These were young men had to future ahead of em. Now they didn't get to fifty. They got forty one which, in our view, watch interviews with some of the park, the central part five. raymond, Santana and use of Salam who jokingly said that some people still on. Oh, they aren't think they're a rap group. They said they had display.
That amongst themselves and the attorneys and then course fees. So I they ended up with maybe a little? two million a peace which isn't justice just know that when you get convicted of a crime you didn't commit your life's destroyed and then yes, you don't have any way to get a good employment. If the city made a mistake, they need to pay on they for these guys, they did what they had to do and you can't blame them for taking the deal as you know, we can say is too bad. They didn't get more Interestingly enough, the central park jogger, treasure miley. Her case couldn't be brought back up and I think maybe this kind of helps the prosecutor not want to back up on that case and do it over statute of limitations? Exactly it's? It's like there's no good way to finish that case up now. If you try to change it at all,
because the statute of limitations had run out. It was into a murder, Maybe that was another factor of why he admitted to it, because he realized well statute limitation. Then again I don't know if there's one on attempted murder or salt, I know there is on rape, so yeah Another question came up this watching videos of the central part, five, the question was put to a couple of them do you want to meet with ray as because it was his confession that exonerated yo I mean eat they didn't get official exoneration mind you not the way, you'd hope, because prosecutors still thinking that their involves somehow, but they did get the pay out. they're out. But you know that the answer was very interesting to me in, I think perfect, which was now he's he's a rapist, a murderer. Why do we need to talk with him? why would I want to meet somebody like that? It doesn't you know you? Can
think all day long what you want about re as and what is motivations are? Look he confessed good, but how it's my favorite. Does Ebay need to do him? I mean his crimes were terrible, just in think back when you were talking about how he would watch the floor that they, the elevator, would stop at and they would raise up the stairs. He's a predator and no matter what he's doing now. He victimized alot of people, possibly people willing Know about so and why do we need to worry about him? I think the central part five have handled this very well, and they don't owe him anything they dont need to give him a thank you. It's similar to people, me. If I would ever want to interview a serial killer, no, no interest I'll go. mine hunter- if I wanna see that, but I would never want to be across the table from somebody like that. Much and I understand why these guys would never want to meet re as either trick
Molly was asked. You know we have this Evan Now that seems to support the idea that you were attacked by mitya Ray yosemite has re, as only how do you feel now about the central part? Five and she said something effective. While the possibility that these guys had nothing to do with it. Just as to the tragedy of that night,. but in here's another question. So how do you feel about re? As a do you feel like he came clean, you feel like he owned up. To his mistakes, because that's his whole thing is, I I want to tell what happened because in I've found Jesus I want to make things right. The reason why I wanted to cover this case because we always focus on the central park jogger. We always focus on tissiack, but there were so many other victims here that never get talked about and did he have more to do
have other people that he had attacked other women that he raped. We I can only assume that he is confess to all of them. I don't think we have anyway to know for sure, but the fact that he gave confessions too times that they didn't know he was a part of I feel like we got as much as we can expect out of someone who is attempting to come I mean we know from other cases that not every killer or criminal will give you all of the information he might have committed crimes or a crime that he is especially nervous about, and just can't admit to so there is that possibility. I feel like, for the most part, he gave up as much information as he could are. Researcher Hayley did a phenomenal job on this case. Journalists
Sarah wyman just release an article on the cut scald before and after the jogger survivors of the real central park, five attacker speak for the first time, the phenomenal article also another journalist Ivan following is heather fin- gives you all kinds of information on the other victims There is a lot of good information out there. If you do watch the netflix show and read these articles, you can really peace this altogether in your mind, and understand the full picture of what went down in new york city back in the ladys
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