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October 29, 2009. Pensacola, Florida. When Samira Watkins, a two-months pregnant single mother, didn’t show up for work for two days or pick up her four-year-old son, her family knew something was wrong. A few days later her body was found floating in a duffel bag near Pensacola Naval Air Station. The investigation turned up two strong suspects: a violent former boyfriend who was the father of her son and a recent boyfriend who was the father of her unborn child. Who had murdered Samira and why?

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From I'm doing good Justin. How are you feeling I've been okay? I have a bit of a story that I could share because you know I know everyone was chomping at the bit
to hear our reactions to the election, but in dad we're going to talk about other things, could you imagine error and if you read in the headlines, pod castor found in his home in kitchen foaming at the mouth yeah, you might say maybe just Justin was poisoned by somebody, something like that, but actuality. I the grocery store today to pick up some stuff there the deal on sushi normal don't buy grocery store sushi, but I just thought I'm not that hungry, so I'm going buy some I got home and I like spicy things. I had a little packet of a sob. He saw so I doubt that all over my my sushi role as I thought its crush restore sushi. It can't be that hot right and proper that first piece of sushi in my mouth and I actually thought it. Good and then about three he chews in my
started convulsing and it was thing between a hiccup and a cough, and at that point some the sushi or grains of rice had actually gone down. My windpipe, I could not breathe. I was choking, I couldn't gas, poor enough air to like four a cough, and so I'm sitting there and I'm starting to panic, because I'm home by myself, no ones come and give me the Heimlich maneuver, who I read to the kitchen, and I ended up slamming my chest against the counter, as I was going to the sink, which then caused me to accept. We like half puke up things that I had just eaten and yeah a piece of rubbery grocery store sushi, flew into the sank, and I finally got some air but almost died so I guess the moral of the story is: don't buy, sushi
the grocery store our generation Y will need another host Karolyi, the two person job I know, and that would be the dumbest way to die by myself. Because the wasabi was way spicier than I thought So you were rip sting some stuff on Instagram in Twitter, about Spotify, Spotify was letting people know what your top pop. Ass was that kind of thing, and so we had some fun posts out there. One post from Fran had said my pod was obviously the highlight of my twenty twenty, which was I to see re re posted of course, I listen to this all day at work. An injustice have become my co workers. At this point, It's just a reminder that listeners are real people who have real personalities and down again we get to interact in it's a it's a lot of fun. I mean we
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Is he had nothing to do with her death, but things It turned for the worst as events unfold. So with that Are we talking about tonight Aaron tonight? Where Talking about the two thousand and nine case involving Semira Lee, walk, she was born in August of nineteen, eighty four to Edward and Valerie, she was the oldest of five, her sick. These were Sylvia April Chris and Montel. This was, sniff family? She had Father named Kevin Willis. It's been Robinson was smear cousin. She was It is saying that Semira was a good role model for all of us. Her cousins, brothers sisters- and I look up to her. Sylvia said she was was there for us whenever we needed her I treasured her family. She, is also described as being focused and hard working, and this was reflected in how she fast tracked at her job. She stopped
working at a Mcdonald's and in half a year. She was already an assistant manager, now when she was twenty, she got pregnant when she had her first serious boyfriend, the guy named William Peters, and She gave birth to her son on no we're nineteenth two thousand and six wasn't exactly the best boyfriend. Was he just oh no he was horribly controlling and abusive he was always extremely jealous of anything Semira was doing. He had attack, Semira, as well as his own child and was charged with two counts of apple battery and false imprisonment, and Ultimately, he would end up being convicted of domestic violence and said, to a few years in prison. I think that's probably the best.
come here because Semira is a single mom trying to raise her son just gotta, make it through her day and Somebody like William Peters is just two destroy her life and the son's life. After that relationship ended Samira. Try dating, but didn't really have any luck, so it wasn't until August, two thousand and nine that who's going to visit a friend at the Pensacola Naval AIR Station it was known as the candle of naval aviation home, the blue angels, if anyone hasn't heard of them, but as she rolls up to the front gate which obviously it's Walter E Bay. So you it's on lockdown the guard asks to see her id and she's immediately taken by this guy in a enter
Way not been a hook and arrest way, but he asked her what her name was, and she replied Semira and he said my name- is Ricky They seemed to hit it off and she would agreeing to go out on a date with him. That Saturday night. I think everyone would understand that Samira was a little nervous about getting into another relationship after what happened with William Peters, but there was just then about Ricky that she felt comfortable all telling her family about him and saying that he's twenty five he's a petty officer, third class, he serving as a military policeman. This sounds like a great guy. he's doing well in the military and he's got spotless record she's excel about this. She goes on to tell her family about this. There's no red flags here: let's get a little more serious when Semira becomes pregnant and, of course, her.
Excited. I think the only thing that We were thinking was what we still haven't met Ricky by Semira just loves him and looks like maybe they're starting a family, so I think they were hopeful. That they would get to meet him in the near future, so it's Thursday October, twenty nine, two thousand and nine Samira, is going to go out that night. it's around eight twenty. Pm when she gets off work. it's around nine hundred and thirty. When she drops off her four year old son with her grandmother now told her family that she was going to meet up with Ricky at DE Crestview apartments I told her sister that she had wanted to meet him someplace public, but he didn't want to so she was going to his home. That kind of indicates that there might have been problem going on if she wants to meet him in a public place. That is deaf,
what's going on, because you feel safer in public if there wasn't any problem that wouldn't have even been brought up unless it was state, which we know this wasn't well, Samira does not return home that night or the next day and her sister is called her cell phone numerous times throughout the day, they're worried now her sister and her cousin would end up going to Ricky's house her his apartment really and knocked on the door but he wasn't home, went to the neighbors, a woman, told them that he had. Moved out in a hurry that morning, when did not show up for work that when they knew something was up: and so her sister called nine hundred one to report her missing. She explained the investigators that Samira was two months pregnant with Ricky's child and
She had not come back to check on her son now missed work Luckily, in this case on the investigators, they seem to get it here, like oh yeah, you know it not like she's an adult she can do whatever she wants. They're thinking she's pregnant He has a child and she's not showing up for work last person she was supposed to see. Was her boyfriend and now she's gone, so investigators and the police are taking this very seriously. I think it also helped that she had a history of being on time of not missing work again. Just look at work record She was pretty much fast tracked into management, because she was really good at your job being the gators where the police were told, bout Semira about Ricky, about smears, car, which was a red. Ninety. Ninety seven fort porous that vehicle
All was also missing, so, of course, they keep trying Samir his cell phone, but they're not getting any answer and by this time. Of course, Samir his son is crying and asking where his mom is. I don't What you tell a four year old way: and they know their mom's missing. The answer there. So this is only ramping up the stress, that's put on this family. Yeah there was a sergeant hacker from Pensacola Police Department and he's the one that filed the missing persons case after Sylvia her. stirred told him about Ricky and his less then enthusiastic attitude about the pregnancy. He went in contacted the naval criminal- castigate of service or the NCIS Ricky's part of the military so hey, let's put this together, let's see if he was
on duty that night and the detect It is thinking. My first thought was that must be a misunderstanding. He's a police officer, he'll, probably explain SK as Ricky was a military police officer. So you think, hey this guy's on the up and up the deputy assistant. Director of the answer was Alison's vodka and she explained that what they do there is they invested crimes that are committed against by members of the? U S navy. So they are the perfect group to contact regarding this man. Now they call him in for questioning and that's when it's kind of food, doubt that Ricky's real name is Zachary Littleton, not Ricky bring him in for questioning and He tells the investigator that
He and Semira were just friends There were strict rules against infidelity, because he's married and it's not. to some error investigators they're, asking him all kinds of questions, because the way they understood it, Samir with going to see him the ASEAN. As for everything he said well, I was actually packing that night, because I was moving the next day. I need a bigger place. Because my wife is being transferred from South Carolina where she stationed over or to where I'm at so he's at bringing the family together and he like I didn't want to be involved anymore with Samira so the that she didn't show up, that's good for me. It gave me time to pack and next day I was gone, his wife been station in South Carolina. So here's sky admitting that well
his wife was away in. He was playing around and now he's trying to bring our thing together again, he's not could be playing around on her anymore, so itself the legitimate right it sounds like a guy, that's coming clean about. We, I was with some error. We had relations a few times, but I'm going be back with my wife and I was cutting everything else off. They bring and for a second interview and continues to deny knowing where Samira is claims Has not talked to her they were suspicious of him, but they didn't have A lot to go on yet so, though executing a search warrant on his apartment and on his car. they will not find any evidence of blood were Anything like that. So that's it then form at the moment.
in so many times. We come to understand that the police get tunnel vision they say well. This was the last person that probably saw the victim will focus all efforts on them, but it like in this case. They also started looking into a former A friend of Samir is named William heaters. What did they find there? Obviously they find all of his domestic violence charges in that He had a restraining order against him hinders alot, so This is going to divert their attention a little bit because she had this man put away because the charges against him. He has a motive here and it's his son and he was. Released from prison about the same time that Samira went missing. William Peters, is starting to look like the guy.
It's Tuesday November. Third, two thousand and nine it's the afternoon Two men are jet scheme and the biogas one day it's off the pencil Le Bay. They notice it duffel bag. floating near the shore and it Very large was like thirty six inches by seventeen inches and it had a master lock like a padlock holding the zippers together, now being the location where it's at I mean I think my first inkling would be is this drugs or money from a botched. You know drug deal but as they got closer. They know It's that he covered in flies and red stains. It appears to have something large inside at this point. They think
there's a body inside and they call nine one one. This bag where it was found, was not that are from the naval base. so that's also something very suspicious regarding Littleton got there and they removed the lock from that bag, look inside it was woman's body. They had to take fingerprints to identify the body because the state of decomposition, but I looked inside and had seen her? She was in a fetal position and had no clothing on, except for a red, bra and would see. Duct tape was wrapped around. her head from her chair, into her eyes. There are also some things in the bag that they would take us evidence, including towels that were very distinct because they had blue birds and flowers on them. There
so disinfectant wipes once they started the autopsy and they were able to get that duct tape off of her head. They found she was wearing one earring. They know that this earring belongs to her if they find the other one. There is a match, there's a link, her confirm that too. They said that Semira always wore a pair of gold hoop earrings. They had sentimental value for her. Her cause of death was found. the asphyxiation but she had been in the water. There wasn't really any forensic evidence that could be taken. There looking at William Birex said that he was working at a family cleaning, service and investigators confirmed this. He also didn't have anything that matched the paper towels or the wipes or any of the items found in that duffel bag. So investigators. I don't know if they've,
We dismissed him, but have nothing linking him to the body or the crime, except for he's. An act and he was a violent guy. I think it's fair to say that they just put them on the back burner got a hold of Samir, his cell phone records, and they noticed that There was a phone number that was showing between October twentieth and twenty ninth, this kind of- important, because that's first shows up, and these calls Ben between those dire ten days. I told forty seven times in fact, Samir called that number ever day, and eleven of those forty seven calls happened on the day. at Samir, went missing. So, of course, this detective tracks that number back and finds out that it belongs to a toss phone as they call it a burner yeah and they find
out that Zachary Littleton owned that phone Zack gave them his phone number and this not it but see you can find out. You know that he bought this phone and he didn't listed so now they're thinking okay, so he has two phones which sometimes- people do that, especially people having affairs correct. Oh absolutely! This is how you hide and conceal saying whether you're having an affair or selling drugs whatever it is. You just don't want anyone to know so yeah exactly as I hadn't been talking to her. We were actually breaking up, but they know from these phone calls that they were very much in contact with each other. So this where I think Zachary Littleton becomes suspect, number one, and so they start branching out and talking two friends of his people that know him the guy named
Augusta. Shaw said I helped Zack move out of his apartment that morning, and he said that but nothing was packed at the time which it goes against everything that Zach had told them. He said why spent that night, packing will Mark said, helped him so they know. That's, not true, z alibi that he was busy packing that night. That's not holding up anymore, on Wednesday November, fourth of two thousand and nine one of Neighbors came forward, her name is Denise Neil. She said that she saw a couple having an art in the parking lot that night, this is night. This Amira disappeared. She was ass. Seen like for what did you see happening, and she said that the guy appeared to be very, very aggressive and the woman appeared to be trying to call him down. This is a key moment, though the car that they were by she described it as a mid to late model red vehicle, but the way she described it, they really felt
like she was describing similar is Torres. her car will end up being found on November fifth ten miles from the apartment in it's in driveway of a vacant house. Now the neighbors said that they first noticed the car on October thirtieth witches the day after she goes missing, so instigators will end up towing her car I don't really find anything of significance in it. There is a letter from her doctor graduating her on her pregnancy. That's found in the Glove Box, sort of sad gloomy sang defined November. Sixth, is when Bessie gaiters will search Xanax New House and they d scribe him looking very nervous when they're doing this good reason to be nervous in a plastic,
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I don't think have much to say: they're still gathering evidence, then they find paper towels that looked it's like the ones that were found in the duffel bag with Samir his body. They also find tubs of clorox wipes which looked just like the ones in the back. So here multiple items that match things that were found with the body and as investigators are collecting these items and then matching them too, possessions. This goal, hoop earring is an egg. act match. It's the missing one from the pair that they found on her, The answer I am, of course, had been involved in this case and what they worked on was they were tracking? The movements of these phones of the p all where they were known to be in
so they were able to say that Zack was on base working early an evening And Samira was in that same area and a ten foot teen in the evening, Zat called her and both am moved to his apartment again, acting movements here and so. The last thing, that they got, though in tracking these movements was Samir, is full paint off a cell tower about a quarter, from sacks apartment. and then Samira called Zak's phone at ten thirty seven that evening from somewhere near his apartment. so he said that he hadn't seen her that night, like his stories falling apart, real quick, but this is the one that I think is sort of staying at four. six, a M Zack, MR call from a Navy friend calling the friend back back
put him moving towards his apartment, her weird he's not at home, in being that, They found her car so far away. They figured well unless somebody helped dump her car here. That person would have had to have driven home by themselves. How would they do that? Well, investigators, look into the local taxi companies in town and Dillon, finding a record a phone call from one of them really that morning from a man named Zack, the call where the taxi was made from a waffle house in that the city. Were twenty a m about a half mile where her car was found. Investigators go to the waffle house. They pull ups thirty footage they find Erin? Well, they have of what it shows that going into that
Restaurant, every step of the way. Zachary Ten has lied to the detectives. I saw the footage of this He literally looks directly at the security camera at the Waffle House again this is the guy. That said, he was home packing all night and hadn't seen Samira. it's almost insulting. It's like he's thinking that the Instigators are dumb somehow and won't find this footage SK as a military cop. I think you would have some wing of how an investigation would go. seizing his computer. What find on there very dear. Curbing information It started around October twenty second, but he started making searches on the internet for things such as abortion, clinics, Pensacola How spur a miscarriage after care abortion and pricing of abortion and
he in search for the effects of sulphur on human remains, and how speed up human decomposition now for anyone not getting it. This man's in the military, cheating on his wife, with Samira Samira, pregnant with his baby, but military code of law, EL. It is punish these very punishable so now You have this motive of he's telling semira you, to have an abortion. You cannot have this baby and summarily probably saying I'm going to have the kid and you can do whatever you want, but that's not good enough for him and his whole life is going to crashing down because of his infidelity because he's cheating on his wife and has now impregnated another woman
number ten, two thousand and nine it was a Saturday services were held for Semira at St John Missionary Baptist Church and then was buried at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Pensacola Florida even weeks later, her son was crying for her the family kept asking sergeant Thacker every day, do you have any updates in some years case. The member states nine days later, Samir his son. He had his fifth birthday party now I know investigators have to collect all the evidence before they make a move, but I'm still look at this thinking. It's no number 23rd, two thousand and nine. This is after the incident after the when they finally arrest Zachary Littleton. He happened to be working that day at the front. eight doing his guard duty and he would be charged with homicide,
yeah it's almost a month later it we've seen cases where arrests are made for years, so what's twenty five? I've days or so I think it's actually pretty speedy because they and just focus on Zack. They also looked at William Peters, and so I think the detectives here and the answer I asked deserve a lot of credit for tracking down every single lead, and watching as much Instead, they could to tie this man to the crime it's interesting to see. This is, this is a pretty speedy arrest and conviction in it still took almost a month hey. I just want to level set with people like if you are ever a victim, If a crime your assailant could be walking. free for weeks, if not years because It takes time to let all the evidence and then eventually nailed him to the wall,
As we said, Samir was pregnant at the time and one of the questions that came up was: will they charge Zachary Littleton with the death of the unborn child but Florida law require that the fetus be viable for such a charge to use an this case. They said the fetus was not viable at the time. we had said also that Samir his family had never met Zack it back. They thought he was Ricky for a long time. But when he was making his first court appearance heard family showed up, they want. To be there to see him look him in the eyes and it was December 16th, two thousand and nine when he Zachary Littleton was indicted, I grand jury. The charge was, first degree pre the murder and as for a bond hearing, his bail was set. in MID January at five.
Three thousand dollars. He would have to pay fifty thousand dollars to be released. since he didn't have the money he asked for a reduction of the bond, but the judge would not grant that glad he didn't mode. The Buskin look, this case Aaron and think this is very open and shut. There's so much evidence against him, but it is a circumstantial case. I think finding a gold hoop, earring in his possession is what evidence, but it's circumstantial. Able to use dna from that earring to say, that it most likely belonged to walk ends, but they did Have any dna from that duffel bag from Samir is remains nothing to ties agri to the murder, so will have to fight this case out in court,
June. Twenty seventh, two thousand and eleven is when this trial began. The state attorney Bridgette Jensen. She at that. Second, Samir fought about what to do, because There is this child on the way sacks. you need to get an abortion. I have a wife and I have a child. The navy could discharge me and Samir was saying I'm keeping this child and I think it should do the right thing here. So, according to the the prosecutor, she said Zach decided to kill Semira rather than allow her to keep the child because his career and his marriage would be over. She said up. She said between us. We're twenty, ninth and October thirtieth of two thousand and nine. C Mere went over to his axe apartment where An argument ensued and Zack killed her. He put her in the duffel bag. Dropped her into the by you. into the water and then took it
car and dump it off at a vacant house and then took a cab home first they go over. All of his lies again open and shut case, probably, but they I have DNA saying we have dna on her body. Anything like that cell phone tower evidence, though, It is crucial in this case shows how he lied about his whereabouts. That night, it shows his cell phone showed up. Close to her car, where it her car was dumped and then, when you get into his computer searches, that's that's pretty, damning evidence there and then again his lies about. He was packing that night. Yet you have the witness his friend saying now he had anything that morning when we were trying to move him- and it's very convenient that he's moving out that morning to me at a time
the points to premeditation like he knew he was moving. So gotta do it now or never the moving. Was I've got to move now I got to get out of here. Do you think I'm here. if prepared to move yet I have a friend come over and help him pack, I mean, I think planning on moving anyways, but this probably hastened the situation. I think that's exactly what happened the medical examiner testified and one of the disturbing things about. This was how exactly was a murdered The jury was shown images, if Samir his face when it was Verdun, duct tape and medical examiner said the cause of death. asphyxiation couldn't say whether it was due to the duct tape or due to the water she said there's no way medically to distinguish between the two. I think it's likely that you had duct tape someone's face after drowning? I think it's white obvious that he probably just duct tape her face so that she can
I breathe anymore, which is a horrifying. way to die. You talk to got the dna and the gold hoop earring Well, of course they go over that, but they also said- and I think this isn't necessarily huge, but I think it is important- they did fine, dna on the steering wheel of her car, of which Zach what is the major contributor the way they is it is she may have been driving the car, but probably the last person to drive the car since he left most dna on the steering wheel again it's circumstantial. I guess his lies, that make this look bad, but, let's say actually admitted to hanging out with her that night or admitted to hanging out with a friend that night, it's possible He could have gone to the Waffle House with a friend, it's possible that he just happened to have some of the items also hoop earring. What not you know. He was
dating her at the time of courses, dna evidence is going to be on that steering wheel. It's one. those cases were, I think it's obvious, but I have that cringing doubt of will the jury see this clearly depends on how they take Zack attorney Sharon Wilson. She try your best. I mean She was saying you don't have any direct evidence that says that sack Littleton C mere welcomes she's like what do they have. I have some dna and a steering wheel, and this is the things. I think she doesn't do well, as she says. How does he have more dna left on her steering wheel when it wasn't even his car. Does that make any sense to you? How does The person who o Car leave less dna than the purse. and who might drive the car in occasion, it really points to he recently drove it. That's the only conclusion you can come up with their there
was the last one to drive it, and I don't think that worked for. There and then she was saying sure you found all those incriminating searches on his computer. but how do you know that sack made those searches? That's ok, The question is: did anyone else have access to the computer, and I would just point at totality of evidence here, as opposed to trying to dispute each piece sits. What are the chances? No question His attorney finishes with find him guilty of bad judgment: that's not a crime, finding him guilty of murder. That's not justice! justice system we do not convicted suspicion? We do not try cases on hunches. We don't convict on speculation. In other words, you didn't prove anything It's a good argument. be the same argument. I would use to defend the sky, but luckily, on June thirtieth, two thousand and eleven the
deliberated for all of three hours and found, this man guilty of premeditated first degree, murder. Now, why do you think they decided on the premeditated part think that there was a lot of. who's leading up to this point, I think, the situation of him argue with her to get an abortion. It's kind of documented that he was less than enthusiastic about the pregnancy Then you have the neighbor. saying that they saw a couple resembling them getting into a red tour essentially before the has been committed first degree or deliberation doesn't mean that you have to plan for weeks or months. It can be. You planned it at that moment. So when you have intent to
Do this they can find you guilty on first degree very easily and the whole fact that he moved out of his apartment you could literally say hey? Maybe he was planning on moving that day, so he knew he had to kill her that night or, as we said, maybe it just sped up the process, but This all seems like it was planned. I think it was most play because of how he set up the night. She wanted to meet somewhere public and He didn't want to do that. He wanted to go to his apartment and I think, that's how they decided this, because it was a trap I mean, That too, I threw so many different things that you can show premeditation here. You can show planning You can show that this was the intent and that's finally one of the major factors I'm glad they fell I'm guilty, I'm glad they
saw through the quote: unquote, circumstantial evidence and figured it out. Because who else would murdered her besides her use of acts which that's so sad just to think that two men in a row nightmares for her the death penalty, he was not on the table in this case, the skeeters decided not to use that in any way, the only since that was left for him. Was life in prison but, of course Zack he saying my apologies to smears family. I know you want this case closed, but I didn't do it, but I mean Why weren't you at your apartment that night packing and why Are you calling a taxi from a waffle house down the street from where her car was dumped? I mean, those two things alone: leave the earring out, I'm thinking! you're looking really guilty, especially with
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So this was kind of like a good buy said they got into an argument and she said get out of my car. This was after they had something to eat, and so he said the last time you are. He said I don't know what happened after that. maintaining that he had nothing to do with her murder. What are the chances you What are the chances? What are the is that somebody else would have murdered her and dumb? your car, but their dna was never identified, only his the chances that somebody else murdered her yet she dropped. Her earring before the night was over what are the chances that he owned, the same exact cleaning Alex and paper towels that were found with her body. It's just unbelievable talked about how William Peters was a suspect for a little while, at least in this case it turns out in twenty. Sixteen he was arrested for murder. He had
gone into the trailer of Cynthia Finney and stabbed her to death and then set five. to the trailer is it Samir has first boyfriend that went to prison, for domestic abuse and violence, and now he's, murdered a woman and set the trailer on fire. He was to prison for life, Can she just get a break? I mean can any of these women just get a break from these. These guys, like I, blown away you when it comes to Zachary Littleton, He didn't have a record. He didn't any previous pattern of violent behavior. He cheating on multiple women, but that's a far cry. from murdering somebody and dumping their body in the by you there redditors lying in wait, sheep's clothing. I have no doubt that that's Zachary little TIM is doing and
the people that knew him that really knew him they they knew he was living a double life. But how do you oh, that that double life wind up with a murder I dont know and that's where we can never blame the victim, because Semira tried the best thing she tried to make the right choices, but just never know who you're dealing with and from the get Well, this guy lied to her and he can investigators and the lies continued in court, and I think he got what he deserved absolutely subs I bought an apple pie cast Spotify or wherever you're listening right now join wondering class in the wondering apt to listen ad free,
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