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June 9, 2017. Urbana, Illinois. In April 2017, Yingying Zhang came to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as an International Scholar from China. On June 9, 2017, she failed to return to work after lunch and a search was launched for her. Through video surveillance, investigators were able to piece together her whereabouts until she got into a black Saturn Astra. As the authorities zeroed in on the killer, the truth of what had happened was revealed by an unexpected source and the details of the crime dealt a devastating blow to all who loved Yingying.

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From wondering new agents, another two pretty good, just him How are you feeling tonight Doing all right. Click shout out too True nor true crime caitlin for the shot out you.
I gave us is very kind, and I hope I hope I was able to help out It seems that it was just yesterday when I began the dark was, I would say, storming the best the list and we now about it, because Michel Mcnamara had written this book, this, her passion she's when you dubbed the killer, the golden state care for a long time. It was IRAN's. There was the hurons case, but I like how she gave him a name and then in the book she really was trying to solve the case and then when we oscar early, other p, came in and help to finish your book and so it is a labour of love. By now just Michel but of everyone who believed in her and her abilities and now h, b, o is launched, a show on this, which I think is kind of interesting. Just in our I'm pretty sure they ve contacted a number of true crime pie cas I'm seeing it
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in price line knows every trip is a big deal. So when you're ready to book your next one check out price line dot com, for the easiest way to get more. How an extent vacations so tonight's case is really sad case. It takes place on june, ninth of twenty seventeen in Town in Illinois called champagne happens to be a my cousin lived in for a large portion of her life, international student goes missing. So what what are we talking about tonight on site we're talking about young scholar from China she had gone to the united states to study in illinois at urbana champagne and she ended up disappear. Hearing, but what's haunting about this case, is it didn't take long for investing
It is defined. Surveillance, video that showed her getting into a black car and that would lead them to some answers this case tonight is about giving young she was born december. First, ninety ninety in china to parents john gouge young and lee fang yeah. She had here your brother, anti thou thirteen. She got her bachelors degree and in twenty Sixteen she graduate with a masters degree in environmental engineering. Now It gave a little back on here on why cases so sad. Her parents struggled their whole lives. with evening. They said she worked hard from the very start the young girl, was very ribbon in school. Very smart was going to get a doctor it they looked at her as the families hope
not only because of who she was and what she was made of by just her potential that she could lift the whole family up all her family lived in one of the poor. Rest regions of china, her father drove a truck like a delivery, truck her mom couldn't reader right and the local business in their area, the main product in there I was farming tee. This is she's come from. This is the first. of many generations. That's gonna go to college, worked as a research assistant had the institute of botany at the chinese academy of sciences. This was her. Specialty was agro cultural sciences. She was studying in america. Her research was focused on photosynthesis and crop productivity. She was dating.
A man who, I would say they were engaged. His name was juggling how had met in two thousand and nine, diversity and were planning to get married in october, twenty seventeen the date question here is jus knife, twenty Seventeen she was in the. process of moving from one apartment to another and she was trying to find cheaper place to live essentially and making it instruments to meet with an apartment manager. Right, yes, had to leave essentially to go sign her lease, but she was to return to work right after that, so she left bout, twelve thirty in the afternoon and her boss notice. That she didn't return, she was expected back a certain time and she wasn't back so cool we're going out both to her.
Their places, but they couldn't locator. And it was that evening, just before nine thirty, that Besser finally reported her missing to the unit. c of illinois police department. That was pretty quick. They know. Something's, wrong, real fast, because she's very punctual months I'd say, but why would it take them six hours? is to call the police but she's in her twenties. It's just eventually they know their, something wrong, because she would go missing for that long. not unless there was foul play. I don't I Six hours is not long at all myself yeah. You can't really fault anyone here, so the state police and the fbi get together, the university of Illinois police department, start investigating, ask pretty quickly. So I think that's incredible. They have some great law enforcement agents all banding d, there to solve this in there.
taking it seriously, they're not Oh well, she's, just a runaway it. This is just a regular day, regular day, justin Things that you hear about today is there are so many cameras both on people and on streets. not schools and everywhere that you would think we could start to track people's movements who go missing and this is one of those cases where they have a lot of video footage and they can check and see when she where much of the time the lily they are able to put together where she went. They knew that she was going to sign a lease. They knew she didn't, a car so they're like while she took a bus and the buses, are equipped with multiple cameras, the bus stops have parking structures that are equipped with cameras. Their are able to our movements pretty easily cheap, boarded a bus at one
thirty five the afternoon at the corner of south orchard street and west george huffed. I've and then she left that bus at the corner of west. field avenue and north Matthews avenue at one fifty two now it's there that they, eliza that she, mrs Abbas, she tries to flag goin down, but it doesn't stop for so now. She's walking appear sea needs to get a ride. Well, she's sitting at the bus, stop waiting for the next. Boss. Who knows how long she asked await their it's possible What's every twenty minutes, it's possible its every two hours, but she's waiting for them. And you see a black car drive by turn left in front of her. and then the car goes around the block. This is from a security camera from a parking structure across the way, but then that same vehicle pulls up to her
it's as if the driver saw her as they drove by and thought go back around see if she needs a ride right, innocent enough yeah and She walked up to the EU. Your side, the vehicle, appears that she's talking with the person and then she gets into the vehicle and then that vehicle goes northbound on north goodwin avenue. about west university avenue, and that's it right. That's what we yeah, that's where we lose track, because there's no more cameras but. This is good. Sagacious we have a missing person there going, through and they're pulling video footage The police now know this absolutely is not a. runaway scenario? This is not a she just just to be bothered. She made contact with another person.
So somebody knows where she is but she's been gone, so foul play definitely is went on. They also know what kind of car this was a black saturn astro and I like to think no lot about cars and I've actually never heard of an astro. Well, sir, I wasn't around very long. They were out of business and dissolved. So luckily, not? A lot of people drive saturn's or the saturn astro. I mean if this was on the civic you'd be said This is a key us soul. Everybody drives those, but it's a very specific car, There is always a question of what do you do with your information? what do you do with your pictures? Your video footage. Do you share that with the public or do you hold it back and You know we ve criticized investigators at times for not releasing things. I dont know
we've ever criticize them for releasing it, but here investigators, are working against time and so they decide to release part, video so that the public can see the vehicle in we give them information about who might in driving this car, and even before that friends and family were calling the local paper local new station saying we have a student that's disappeared and a first step local news station was thinking mia. We students disappear all the time they get drunk go to parties whatever. But like there's no harm in running a short story about ewing's disappearance, because all these people are coming to us and saying there is something wrong. This is not typical behaviour She had no reason to disappear, so local news ran a story.
The investigators not only have the timeline based on the surveillance, video footage that they received, but they also put together cellphone information and they oh. That ganging was supposed to meet with the apartment manager at like two o clock, but. at about one thirty, nine, she texted him and said I'm running late. Said I'll, be there maybe about ten minutes light while she never got there. She missed the box here right here, got there and so the manager messaged her back, but you replied, so we know that at least as far one thirty, nine, the two o clock or so the last time. We know she's, ok, but it's after two o clock after she. Send that dark, saturn astro! That's when her phone stops communicating you know before two thirty there's. No one it is called nothing. It's like she's gone, so you said sara.
extra, probably nice, communism, these other vehicles, so maybe registration. Can tell them something they found. Eighteen, similar. cars in champagne county, but I think there was only fifty eight cars and all of illinois, so fifty eight eighteen, their breaking down, Now we're not gonna go through all of the people that they found, but aren't you twelve two thousand seventeen their search take them to the home of brent Kristensen. He lived on springfield avenue in champagne. Everyone detectives got there. They saw a black two thousand eight saturn astro park there which I don't know when saturn dissolved, but probably a later saturn, may analyze the video surveillance of this car there finding different angles.
one of the angles shows what appears to be a chip in the hubcap. Like a big chunk, missing detectives, They notice that the front front passenger side. Hubcap got big chunk out of it, but that's not enough. They need to question him. Let's talk a bit about brent. rent was married to woman, may named Michel and he was also a student. He graduated bashers degree in both physics and mathematics from the euro. He was content and in time thirteen was admitted to the phd program at begging, percy of illinois in champaign. He was studying physics. This is You know by all accounts this guy's very, very smart, but had some issues. He was a bit of a drinker and, in turn, sixteen twenty seventeen his grades were falling. down and
his marriage was strained, but He also had a girlfriend and it's it's not though his girlfriend was a secret. His wife knew about it. Her name was terrible us and he met her on a dating website. Now the Police officers. Ask him, where he was that day day question him about his whereabouts and His initial answers are, I was at home playing yo games. even going on to say he was past simply watching porn, but he says he doesn't leave or go anywhere that day, at least that initial statement. He does give consent for them to searches vehicle that turns up nothing at least nothing a value but because the investigators are pretty darn sure that Car is the same one that they saw on video. There go ahead
I didn't get a search warrant come back later right and do a more thorough search of the vehicle wanted. The doors has been cleaned, Now. How do you notice? One of the doors has been cleaned while the rest of the car is pretty filthy and then one door is than white down sounds kind of lazy. My justin I do think you just clean your whole car out, but whatever I did- This guy was in a phd programme, but smarts and common sense right again, you know, you can say someone's really really smart, but yeah now they have some thanks tying him to this case and they're gonna, Bring back in for questioning. Not only is it local police, but they have the fbi involved, they were part of the Search for gaining as well, but
This also is. They talked with Michel, his wife. She doesn't cover for him or anything in terms of all he's a great guy. He would never do anything like this. She brings up that his favorite book american psycho, which, for those that haven't heard me mention it before I've read that book thirteen times, so I like the book quite a bit, but apparently this was something that investigators found very interesting when they searched the apartment they found. But on the wall on a mattress, and some other places in the apartment they ve got. A lot going for them with this aspect, thus far, now during this next interrogation, they are pretty easy going at first they're asking I'm like hey? What do you do when he says that he's you know this engineer, hands, throw away you're pretty smart, there I guess, trying to disarm him and then the tone
the investigation is the changes. Very quick who are they say you know we didn't bring you up here to talk about your schooling or you playing video games, this. We brought you up here to talk about this disappearance and he seems to change his tune. Pretty quick, also saying Oh well, I might have left that day and I yeah right. we're picking up an asian student with broken english, which this is a complete, one. Eighty from his initial statements have, I stayed home all day and, of course, the investigators are looking out, I'm like our eye So what happened anyway? as well. I her ride, she got in the car and then she started freaking out. She told me turn left and drop her off
I did. The investigators are asking him. Where were you when you turn left? Where did you drop her off? What was her name and He claims he has no idea. yeah. He also said that it was in that same day that their focusing on he said it was probably on Saturday june tenth when he picked up this asian woman and he claims they picked her up because she looked distressed But see here's where things just further make him more suspicious. He says that she told me that she was running late for an appointment and that goes right along with union. She was running late for an appointment, so this just makes it very obvious that he picked her up and he's lying about what day and he goes on to say you know, I see, the videos your shiny, but where am I add, I dont see me and those videos, meaning you have proof. It was me driving the car
and only eighteen people own the sound and vehicle and the video shows the the gap. His has a chip in the cap and he's not saying somebody borrowed his car that day he's not saying his car was stolen but being up. yes and having enough proof two to four things right I mean they go over his car thoroughly and they don't get anything You dont always get anything, it's not like you can, just sit down in a car and then leave traces. I mean sure you should probably leave a fingerprint you might leave some hair fibres or clothing or something you know some kind of fibre evidence maybe even touch dna, but it's not indeed be sure to check where the crowded sing in theatres July fifteenth based on the best selling.
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The thread city visited were perfect abduction, fantasy and planning. A kidnapping when they questioned his girlfriend. She talked about how She introduced him to bdsm and fat life. Now that is very much consenting adults consenting to each other and fetlocks, is massive community and it has nothing to do with abduction- has nothing to do with non consensual adults- it's very! much a alternative lifestyle yeah. It's it's an alternative lifestyle with very normal people. that. Just have a kink, that's it and use it That's, because when a story like happens and formation such as that life is introduced to a public that may not be ready for it. It's on
actually seen is perverse in some way. Possibly in When she saw on someone it would cause them. Maybe to do such a thing, but you're saying. Let's put this into context. It was. So much the fat life he was looking into how to abduct somebody. Now that's what he was interested in. It fits with the abduction of union- and I just off the cuff here I went to a party once and you had to sign in at a front door like a lobby area. As I was signing in their like. What's your fat life name, and I was like I have no idea what you're talking about they're like oh you're, not a member on like no other like how did you get invited to this party and, unlike I just know people, so the guided invited me to the party came out and said: yeah he's cool and it was a private party ends guess what everyone there was way. More interested in hearing me talk about true crime. Podcasting, then even
their kinks in media sam. They were there reed normal people and so yeah, I just really want to make it clear that just because somebody's ended that doesn't mean that their anything like this disgusting, sick, individual so is june. Sixteen I've twenties eighteen. When brent was being found, sir veiled constantly by law enforcement and they got what I think is the next big break in the case, which was tara. His girlfriend said oh cooperate with you I'll, wear a wire and I'll talk with him era actually was there to help terror is really engaged with this case, because it's kind of us all town. I know get a hate mail about that, but it said tear absolutely did not consider brent a suspect she could not fat
that he had any involvement in this case so sheet agrees to wear wires, says I'll. I'll totally talked him about see, what's up the next day, kings, father I believe is known as jungle and her aunt and her boyfriend Chauvelin whole arrived in the united states, by then they had found out that union was missing. They had planned to travel to I'd states, so they could speak with law enforcement and try to figure out what happened to union it. At this point they fifty thousand dollar reward out for any information for their missing daughter, jenny, Happy I'd also set up a reward of up to ten thousand dollars for information. So a lot of money. Out there and a lot of information. This is so far a very troubling, is by. It seems like the whole community is being and finding hanging on same day that he hangings, boyfriend and father
An aunt arriving, I'd states Brandt is talking to the fbi and He tells them again about picking up this asian. Student and he said, I couldn't understand what she was saying but which serve freaking. I dropped her off but again he's like, I don't know where I dropped off. I can't remember so the squares were like we'll drive you around in maybe he'll. Remember you can that he's not really cooperating with them, and trying to distance himself from all of this terror. Meanwhile, France girlfriend recorded about what like nine conversations she had with brands, and these were by phone and in person by the conversations he told her about blood that was found in his apartment and he said I told the investigators that it was your blood, mean tara's blood,
and she knows that's not true. Yeah You said that she was confident in brent, so she wasn't worried about wearing a wire, but I mean at that point She knows he's misleading investigators kind of shows another side of himself There is another conversation she has where they're taking a walk. He searched talking about how he's a serial killer and he's been doing since he was Nineteen years old and he names union during this conversation in absolutely knows her name and he asked Absolutely says that he has taken her and in vague terms, says that he's choked her and murdered her. That was the evening of june twenty ninth and it was that day that brand and terror went to a vigil
freeing and what was creepy was. He was so excited about going and he told terror he would to see how many people were there because they're here for me So I mean what is this just but a confession of sorts it exactly. I, if they didn't have any evidence against him, but they didn't have video surveillance of him picking her up. We could miss this, as this is some guy just wanting to talk himself up his comments is even only person on my level is ted Bundy union was number thirteen at this point he is fast and given details about her death. That Nobody else knows. I mean not even law enforcement knows yet because they haven't found her body, but as they dig deeper
some of the things he's saying are adding up. So later that evening, he just straight up tells her that killed hanging. Now he doesn't say this, but it's it's this idea. He probably used a badge of fake badge or something like that too. indicate that maybe he was law enforcement, but he gets rid of the vehicle and then takes her back to his apartment, where he raped her. He beat her and strangled her, and then he decapitated her He says he put her in the tub where he, finished her off and then decapitated her to make sure the blood went. on the drain june. Thirtieth seventeen brain Christensen, is arrested on charges of kidnapping. Thanks to tara, I mean I don't know if we set up a terror instrumental in this case in getting this solved, because I think without her, there
enough, maybe to possibly some things, but without her help I just don't they have it as lockdown they do with her. I don't If she accepted any reward money or if she was offered any reward money, but she def. they deserve some. He was denied bail on I fear twenty seventeen just in, because union was still missing, and the judge that weighs against brent. So I like this taking this very seriously. This is not so, just gonna build a walk me who knows: were what other harm he would do. We don't even know if he said the truth and not about union being his thirteenth victim. It's scary to think that there could be twelve other women that are missing, that of suffered a horrible thing
and because they asked the public for help. They got in many many many tips, unfortunately, ganging she's being seen everywhere, because she's, not the the chinese woman in the area and so on. we are seeing chinese women anything. I think I saw her, but every time they follow on these leads. They go nowhere mean there was this hope that may be, she's still alive somehow, but joy, twelve he's in I did by a grand jury on the charge of kidnap resulting in death and to charges of the federal agents. This is where the other three more charges on you right just in whom they can? I lie. I love seeing it. I think, when you can throw everything at the acute as you should, and it's easily provable that he did lie because he changed his statement several times now the trial.
Was originally set for september of twenty seventeen, but it was delayed until twenty eighteen and in october, before the trial, Michel divorce brent, it obviously his girlfriend terror had not only broken up with him, but it actually Third, her so much hearing him talk about what Did to this other woman and bragging. about being a serial killer, that she now suffers from severe anxiety and had to take leave from work, one of these rules that prosecutors use. I it a tool because it seems like it. often used as one is the death penalty del but over the person that they're going to take to court in this case they
and do that, because this is a federal case because he used his car in a cell phone. They can, I guess you can, They threatened him with the death penalty if he doesn't cooperate and that's leverage. So hopefully he will possibly confess and possibly give. information on where they could find the body so to give the family closure. Well, that's a tricky thing the family, really wanted hinging back they wanted. Her remains for burial. but on the other hand, they also wanted this man put to death, both her down, and her mother have and this is on video- that they would want to kill him. They would want to put him to death. This is how upset they were I wonder ways I look at this case- is the death of hope because, as I said
they had so much hope, pinned on their daughter for her and her future. They loved her fiance and everyday everything just seem to be roses with her. They just thought the few you look so bright and imprint kristensen abducted and murdered her hand. It drawing them and there is also animosity and china over this yahoo is big. In china because are you people wait to? Thank you go to america to make a better life. You go to america, good our schools and to live with freedoms and all the great things we have in this country and Looking at in going, we sent our daughter to her death. You always question when something terrible happens: you're question the choices you make eva The choice is, I support you in whatever you do, my daughter, it's very difficult for them by it.
I really like the fact that they gave interviews. They were very open. There were if he is given by her fiance as well there just there. watch. This is a very sad case this this case Scott delayed multiple times and the trial didn't start until june, twelve, twenty nineteen And this was in a federal court house pure illinois. Prosecution, has a very good case here: justin because they have the videos they have the recordings that terror made. And brands own words, the only thing that they have the body which in every, It can be a big obstacles to overcome. because how do you proof she's dead again, if are, we had was just his confession: without video evidence, probably couldn't convict
if all we had was video evidence, but not a confession. Well, how do we know what happened to her after she got in the car, but you tied together and I think that the prosecution In the end, the investigators regatta, given credit dave, they ve wrap this up and a nice package, they do and when they start this trial, the prosecution outlines how he was obsessed with serial killers. They outline kind of sites he was visiting, how he was obsessed with, mapping and abductions, and they went on who detail exactly how guinea was murdered. One other thing: That came out was that she father her life. She never stop. Fighting it took brent about ten minutes to choke her to death, These are details that her family sitting the court room has to hear about. I dont know They deal with it because I'm right
about this, and I am disturbed details are too precise. Let's put it that way, and you can fine, that with the blood that was found in his room and on a baseball bat that was used to beat her It was linked to hanging dna had taken it from her toothbrush. They match did do blood that was found in them but on the wall on the mattress and on the baseball bat. So his defence is switching to more or less damage control now try Trying to say will this wasn't planned? This wasn't premeditated he just was driving along and saw her staying on, saw the road and decided to pick her up and
this is what transpired, but you mentioned, he had a badge. What happened that morning was another student was approached or offered a ride. Apparently he had driven up and flashed his badge, said he was an undercover cop and try to. another woman, another student to enter his car, she did not. She would call the police, and she would make social media post saying. If anyone protests youth claiming their a cop, do not get into their vehicle and the poor peace and the investigators interviewed her. And, unlike would you be able to identify this person? She said well he's wearing sunglasses, so I'm not sure she sure, was able to ident eyes car. She sure was able to identify him as a person and what is Emma was so
he was the one that had already He tried to abduct another woman that same day. So this argument of this wasn't. Premeditated or that falls apart burned to the ground actually but think there is one area where that offence was able to do as good a job as possible, not necessarily create sympathy for their clients by it. most and what I mean by that is in April twenty seventeen he had visited a councillor on the campus. You have to fill out of four. When you visit a counselor and one of the on that form is, do you have any thought of harming yourself or others, and he mark yes, but didn't really go into it. It's almost like that slur, the universe he dropped the ball, saying there necessarily accountable for this or should be held accountable, I'm just saying if you're gonna bust, asking the question
and someone says yes and then, when you, I talk to her about it, and then they try to backpedal a bit and say well, not. much anymore air, maybe It should be followed up right, but this can be used as sort of have some sympathy for this guy. He was honest when he was filling out that form some of the other things his hold terror or the or the police. You know he I'd alive. So how are you gonna use anything he said mealy, about having other victims when that was investigated and they couldn't find any connection to any other crimes, yeah any other missing persons in the area vote Will the track his movements. They were able to find where he was, they weren't able to tie him to any other disappearances. So that's weird that somebody would brag about something like that, but then again he's an idiot and-
trying to sound, like mr big guy to his girlfriend, then adjusts filter, case against him, but then into saying he's, not really summit. Bragging as it's the alcohol talking they build up this so now he had his life is falling apart. Brandt's life was falling apart. His marriage was falling apart, his school, the grades were falling. He was having d thoughts heaps during to alcohol. He was trying media em, and then he was associating sex and violence together and adjust item down a dark path. They showed pick. of him as a child videos, they're trying to say he wasn't always like this, and you can't say that he's is complete. Horrible person. He went down a bad way in it. It had a terrible result, but basically have some sympathy for him. That's what they tried to do, and I say tried because The jury deliberated for not even two hours
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slash J, w b. What did they decide on june? Twenty? Fourth, twenty nineteen justin, while they So what we found him guilty, but they did not find that he should be put to death down that took it. While they deliver aid for eight hours, and I could not come to a conclusion or they can come to a unanimous decision on that. So the death penalty then falls off the table. But you mentioned earlier that investigators for sure wanted to find innings remains and even Kings mother had reached out, at least via the press and said. I hope that Brandt's mother will ask him what and my daughter where she is during one of the recordings with terror he said I won't tell you where she is. I won't tell one where she is. He also said and her family won't leave.
until she's found, but they're gonna leave empty handed. He knew the pain and suffering he was causing. He knew what he done with and her remains, but he was barking and just not wanting to fast up or help anyone. In this case, that to me says it all. I mean he did cry when and one of beings. Parents was testifying by to me this doesn't really deserve sympathy, so I think that just as it, oh he's he's not deserving of it, but that's a very powerful man, it's his own words, letting people know. I hope her family suffers, but it's like he knew, but he didn't want to ay and one of the things they came up with was this limited immunity agreement where, after the trial, he could then
give the information over to investigators. What did he do with her body? He dismembered it, put it in trash bags and then distributed it out to several front dumpsters and trash cans they We were able to track that back to the dump, but This is now what here too later years later yeah and they could find where these trash trucks would have dumped, but it's now been compact three or four layers of garbage and over that much time there wouldn't be much left what they have: could probably fit inside of a cell phone. So this isn't going to give the family any famine. The the amount,
of resources and effort it would take to find what what little remain set would be left. What would just be inconsequential and the family, feeling even more hopeless and angry at this horrible purse. In that took away their hope, guinea beyond, say shellin said the result encourages people to do crimes and I'll. Never agree with that and her father jungle said we have missed you. tremendously. In the past two years, as of today, we see could not imagine how we could live the rest of our lives without her There is no language that can describe our pain and suffering. We hope and believe that this trial, eventually bring justice, the singing and us Our wish is always been defining and bring her home. We will not give up its really sad. It's really horrible that
family on the other side of the world had had to travel, although I too illinois look, look further daughter go through this horrible ordeal this trial listen to this man and find out what he did to her. I understand why they want him dead. I really do I understand their anger when brentwood hence the life in prison, because the jury couldn't come to a conclusion. On that the judge. Add whatever self centered opinion you have of yourself when you are taken out of here today by the united states marshals, to wait. At lonely, isolated and called death bed there. How is your natural life in prison? Maybe just maybe the moment will strike you to pick up paper and pay, and right, I'm sorry to mister and missus young. I love that made. You can redeem yourself in some way down the road that I don't it
it's gonna hold out for that. You know it. Let me this about it. Just in heads The only one is on my level is ted. Bundy were pretty sure. He's not on TED bunnies level at all, but that's his ego speaking and that's his desire speaking his design, There was to be a serial killer and he wanted to cause harm and pain. I think that he was being truthful about maybe not the number of victims that he actually had, but how many he wanted to have. And that's the reason why he deserves to rot behind bars, because he's saying here, as a desire to hurt more people, no one in good conscience. Could let this guy out He's got a life sentence, so how failure Allow him to serve that this case. this is one of those that really does cause people to reconsider the death penalty,
Murder is never forgivable, it seems, but in this case what he did to hanging. He did for his own personal pleasure and a cause so much destruction and it caused many people in china to question the united states I mean it's not the first time it's happened, but this is the thing where I think we do need to look on the bright side. We need to look at the mt of joy, that union brought her family and her friends and her fiance, as well as how the law, foresman the case. They knew where to start And they made incredible progress very quickly, so I think, if nothing else there are. Some parts is to be take.
and from this otherwise very dark case.
The. in nineteen. Sixty nine, a vicious and seemingly random killing spree, in LOS angeles, shocked the nation and when the killer, we're finally caught the nation.
even more shocked by who was behind the gruesome crimes. I will grant the host of wonders, podcast american history tellers. We take you to leave times, and people that shaped america and americans, our values are struggles and our aims. In our late, a series of fail, musician turned quoth leader named Charles Manson, turns his young hippy followers into blood, thirsty killers and exposes the dark side of the peace and love generation. American history, the manson and murders, is a wandering plus exclusive to listen to this special three part series join one group in the one app
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