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MV Joyita - 116

MV Joyita. In 1931 a film director has a ship built and names it after his wife. From the time of its construction it seemed cursed. A shipbuilder would fall to his death while working on the vessel. The most tragic event, though, would happen 24 years later. After failing to arrive at its destination, […] The post MV Joyita – 116 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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fifteen million members who are already saving star all your shopping at and outcome, or get the rackets and app to start saving. Today, that's rocketing or a k, you t in dot com, The I do in tonight in I'm doing just fine. How are you? I'm doing great, I'm gonna, be doing a business trip here in a couple weeks and then a vacation, a much needed vacation So that means you might not be around for a cup of tea so that it yeah that hey
we'll be staying at a hotel. That's allegedly haunted Oh maybe I ll have some good stories about that. I indefinitely but I know you have some did gas coming up, so our fickleness be too much when you're gone you're, always this man. So I think we probably have a bunch of thank used to hand out tonight. no doubt let me get my list together here, for anyone who's been on our facebook age. It's obvious that we ve put up, always said. You know if you're interested in Hell. Out the show we do have a way to donate and if you're a first time donor, you actually get rewarded with a shirt If we get a dozen orders, I can handle that it. For some reason there is a huge run on this, then but you know and say you might be able to give me some time, because this is a man operation. So it's a little Difficult to you know
rush out a bunch of shirts, but there have been too who have donated and most recent ones have been sally, naidaijin, Emily and Amy, and much appreciated, it's going to help us. We have a couple more piece of equipment we're looking at getting one of which hopefully will even our sound and its saying that all of the big podcast use we ve been pretty all time for most of existence, so equipment like that was just out of our reach. Forget. Thank you all, what are some of the places they they hail from cunt these states where they from within some from the? U s, and then we had. We ve had a couple from outside the EU s new zealand. Tasmania lies. That makes me happy
I had its great hearing from people around the world and you send in a message you think. Oh, I I get to talk to these podcast host. Well, you should see how we get gain to communicate with people who are taking the time other data listener, so yeah, it's great makes the world so small, it's good. So what are we talking about tonight? tonight is a story about. Merchant vessel, joy, EDA. Now I heard hyena. I heard joy there. It's whatever you prefer right. I don't think so. I I heard it both ways. Man, well, did you Do you know it joy means little jewel. Yes, and one of the things that idea was. I actually watch some videos from the area listen to how people out there are pronounced. It now
you could say why wasn't built in that area yeah, but I think we have heard it pronounced this way. Every time I looked it up. I think it's safe to say. That is how it is it in me we, the guy. I heard talking in saying how you I was from a different country and that's just how he pronounced it. So this ship, as a a yacht was a day. Originally it was a luxury out, yet it was built for Roland west and he a director out of hollywood, whom some very strange horror, films, early on a jazz, the monster, the bad you know launching a senior within the bat jackson, really old horror films, but he doesn't to have made too many movies alleys movies known for you could say his personal life sort of interfered with his professional life.
I did not know he was a horror movie maker. So that's good now, so this this boats, built back in the nineteen thirties, its current russian was in nineteen. Thirty one at the time rowan west was married to actress jewel carmen. Hence joy, EDA, nice. I make sense, the personal life issues or because west has an affair with another actress, thelma tide, the interesting thing so, while its being constructed a portuguese, builder falls from scaffolding and eyes, nuts, that his his wife was so distraught that she actually put a curse on this vessel. That's interesting work! So, because her she lost her husband. Now she says anyone that deals with this boats. Gonna have bad luck or whatever the curse consisted right. So
had this longtime affair. With this actress were here's another interesting thing that happens in his life in nineteenth five, so is found dead in the garage of her home so coursers an investigation. Now she was found in the car, the garage, the had been running and cops. Autopsy seems to conclude that she died from carbon monoxide poisoning. that suicide there will be the dental suicide as it is from what I can tell and here's the creepy part is the door, to the apartment showed signs of being kicked as if someone tried to get into the apartment, weird that that was his mistress. That was found her with the door being kicked like that
rowan. Where says that he was asleep and he wasn't aware than anybody tried to get into the apartment or anything like that, but this sets up a situation where possibly she couldn't get the apartment she didn't have the keys to which they was. She went down the ground just start a corrupt stay warm and The carbon monoxide filled the garage and then she did of a bloody lip. Depending on where you look you'll see that she passed they at other injuries. But when I I to get there, vacation the best. could find was that she did have an entry to her lip and that it most likely came from striking the car as when she went out, but there were the allegations that west actually killed her on the boat and then play during the car to make it look like It was carmen I poisoning that's good now that I even back, then I would assume that day
cs somebody was strangled to death or something like that. But who knows it's interesting you? a great point in that what it is they re able to tell them she was poisoned by carbon monoxide, so the rules out the possibility that he killed her on the boat and then placed her in the car, but there is That question of it, if she was trying to kick in the door, which is the possibility, then in that way, him well I've. This before on the pod, cast that we had a tornado come through the where I live here: kansas city and took the wife too. On occasions to finally get me out of the room- and of course we are part of the roof right above that room get ripped off or you could just see into the sky sound like a freight train coming through and when a tornadoes passing by or through. So I could say it's possible We don't have any evidence of any one saying while he was a light sleeper or he was a heavy sleeper.
they just don't know, but it of ties into Roland he's, the guy that there has the ship belt and then There are some unfortunate circumstances arise because of his personal life and that pretty much cuts him out of hollywood peace unable to work like he used to, at some point he just each stops making. films in the curse strikes its first victim it's you wondered like people will say: oh there's, the curse of the mummies two more. What have you but we don't know anything about this person, this portuguese person who placed the curse fry no, she could have just been cursing yeah The difference she could have just been to hell with this stupid bonus stupid their west character when people When people suffer something like this, the loss of their husband, it has to be difficult, and perhaps
Whoever witness witnessed this outburst from her, they took it how they took it, and that's why we have Sorry, today is that she curse the ship. It maybe she said I hope you crash and sink to the bottom of the ocean. We have no idea what were kind of this was. I I dont want to make it sound like she had this elaborate cursed that she knew spells, and things will, if anyone drove with me, just on my commute to work. They would hear a lot of cursing too and doesn't mean that cursing everyone along for thirty five! Yet right get it so he loses the burden his job and everything else. Where does the boat go from there? The boat? Does and at changing hands, effort, Its role and west, then in nineteen thirty, six milton beacon owns the book, for a number of years, but the most potent thing to know if we get down to the nitty gritty, too, to our time tonight is that they do
eta is sold in nineteen. Fifty two to a doctor, Catherine, and I'll, probably butcher. The last name here nuala and she was a professor at the university of hawaii just because about doesn't mean that you're captain is about people on. Sometimes they lisa now other people who will make a living off there and then perhaps they the cut of the profits. And she knows the principle character in our story. Captain Thomas dusty miller thank most people when I was looking up this story in time do some reading up on it. Most people were Birdy him as dusty miller, yeah, just dusty yeah so we may just call him dusty.
and he was actually living in similar so in this, almost twenty years later and the boat had passed through different here. And it actually serve the little bit a time in war were too it's been used so no longer quite the luxury? I used to be it's it's a little haggard, let's say but I think a lot of ships do that a lot of ships get used for different purposes. So to me, it that strange now. Now it's not strange! It's just it's! It's worn. It's been used, that's harlem right. You have to wonder when it changes hands how much work is put into the ship to assess its functional level. Like do we know if it's, the pipes are good. You know that comes up later, so I don't know how much maintenance was done on this boat.
It's it's much like a car. I imagine where some people take very good care of their vehicle and other p will they wait till something goes wrong. So miller or dusty. He the captain and he's running these bring much running between. Two different islands right. That's like his little track that he does. He delivers supply two from somewhere I too Particular ireland, that's about two days north. They say that it would take about forty one hours to get their wealth. the talk, allow islands, I just wanna, do Seven aim of the island almah. Some of these things. I are reasonable. Other things aren't so easy to look up. It said that dusty had a white drinking problem. Again, possibly aid debt issue and
Simply a wife leaving him issue here So, as you know, we're talking about a ship than in going missing for a while and so whenever there is some sort of farm foul play. As what suspected here, you have to look at the prince pull characters involved. Of course you look at the captain. First, he he's in charge and does appear to have some. Going on which could make him. Do things that maybe he wouldn't ordinarily do or he not be reliable, yeah exactly how much of it korea is easy drinking wally's captioning the ship is are you willing to do certain things just because he does have debt issues I mean He just content. Kinda money he makes by capping the ship wars thereupon
something else going on at this time and speaking of debt issues, there was a passenger on the boat. name was Williams. I think he had uk Williams. He had a large I'm a money on him because he was trading marketing and trading copper essential, that's what they say is that he was wanting to purchase copper and, of course, this ship had a whole. They could put the anything he purchased. You could carry it, it had a cargo hold the amount of money they had on him in today's money. It would be a hundred thousand dollars. but maybe that's not crazy, because he is dealing with something its valuable but also rumours that he was involved in the drug trade. So we got the captain who might be a drinker and debt problems. We got a guy,
at my have a hundred thousand dollars in cash on him, and then we have a third player in this sir, and this play darwin. A deck hand, yeah he's samoan and I had trouble his name. So I'm just made it keep it, but he apparent had a large knife on him and he was to be a bit unpredictable. use, a bitter predictable, will put it that way maybe he had anger issues. I can't say by that's: what's been said about him, although his parents. Will he held out hope that they will find a began? Perhaps it is what we should taco about what, and to the ship with kind of talked about some players? There are a total of twenty five people on this ship Anders when a mix of people there and two very young children aboard as well. The list shows, sixteen crew members and.
I'm passengers, which is kind of weird, that the crew members out number the passengers, but like even Williams, who is the that copper trader he's listed as part of the crew because his cargo is gonna be on them on the boat, so I don't know how accurate decree, listing is cause. They have new this seamen and and engineers in to greece. is entering its there's a lot of people. I wondering how I guess, how dedicated all these people were or how much of a All they are played in the crew or if they were just kind of hidden rides and were you know, just part of the the team that not really actively doing well. I think they're williams was on the crew because he's the one that communicates before they leave port
As far as I know, he neglects to mention some of the issues they nor the boats having and so does dusty the captain who you know knows what all the issues are with the boat back in the eightys. I had a year a dodge area. station wagon chrysler K, car, which pretty much makes the worst car ever made on the planet- and I think I had less problems with this chrysler cake higher than the number of problems that are listed with this boat just said So that begs the question when they actually leave you could say they leave similar they're gonna. these islands when they leave really running on one engine. Solar sends out I'm thinking about this thinking. Okay, so it's kind of like our db cooper episode, you're going to jump, which has one parachute. What if it fails, if you
have one engine: it fails your stranded out there, so might say well, but they have a radio ok, fair enough, they have a radio, they can contact, help You can call they can get hold of help from new zealand, but as we find out here, this radio does, work very well. It has an issue again They its functional ranges about two miles or less
for last. So I mean yeah two miles is an email, the ideal that it might reach the pump is also got issues. They have a backup pump set up, but it's not hooked up at all. So whenever the primary pump fails, essentially it's pumping out the the water in. So if the pump fails, the boat will start to fill up with water and they would have to go to the alternate pump to pump the water out. But if you don't do that, quick enough that filled up with water and you can't get to the alternate pomp and get it started in time to something till now. Let's say this pomp fails and it starts flooding we should that this boat considered, unsinkable, because it is very much like a cork.
no matter what happens it's just going to float. Listen to the side, but it, stay floating on the wall. It'll stay afloat, yeah yeah, then they have never bunch of cargo on the boat. But this boat is pretty much got a ton of issues with it and I would suspect that dusty is struggling for cash, so he's I'm going to a fix any the problems on the boat or be report any of the problems on the boat, because he can't make a run he's not getting paid so hobbling this thing or long ride, that's a real possibility, but they know- since it serve forty one, our track to go from the one port to the other, that they should be expected in a couple of days or thereabouts, and then they don't show up.
And they don't show up and then about seven days later they actually start searching form. You actually think it says sooner than that pact over third, nineteen. Fifty five, that's when, the joy there takes off. Of course it was delayed because they say that the port engine clutch failed, but that makes me laugh. The boat We had other issues as as you described so I dont know how much I am going to make that bad. I told her six that when someone was, you know it aware that this boat never showed as it was supposed to sell through days later so one day overdue, yeah So in this is when the royal new zealand airforce gets involved for about seven days they start searching, but they have a huge area to cover, to try and look for this boat and
had this idea that wealth it is fairly Good sized bode at sixty feet long by even with You know the new zealand airforce going out and looking there talking, two hundred and sixty thousand kilometers or thereabouts, and fine the boat and then at at seven days overdue. pretty much when news agencies and big media was put in a word out. The boats gone so sorry, we we ve lost it Did you see any of these old news reports? Yes, they are really interesting, weren't davy they had that quick way of talking and no, then those alien airforces. Looking and in us it's just the same the times. I suppose, and they were already offering up. suggestions on what may have happened. Yeah.
And so I am sure this created quite a buzz- I mean we were just out of mean. A war were to still fresh in everybody's mind So this paranoia of the japanese is still run. Around in that area, especially so close to the eastern seaboard. There you know, there's the paranoia about the japanese, so they thought in one of the news report, says: the japanese killed the crew in the end. pretty much blame them forward. Even caught racism or whenever you like, but it was very much in that the idea that Japanese could have done this, so Let's talk about what they find because another merchant vessel- and this is thirty seven days later another- and vessel comes across the joy EDA in ITALY. thousand miles off course. It's actually a thing. in kilometers of earth. Sir there's image of the ship and its basic.
Partially submerged, but I say it's doing pretty good for a boat with it, the issues that it has an Listening to the side, some I pick it up half sank, elixir it looks pretty sat in your opinion. It yes. though it looks, it looks fairly sad. It doesnt work like it's going to completely think here. this is important because when they inspect the boat. there are no people on it. There are no bodies on it, the window. Their smashed curiously enough of them actresses are Placed on the engine yeah, the working engine? I think right. Yeah ferries, range. They say four tons of cargo were missing which, if they were taking on water, because the pump failed and they want quick enough on the on the draw to get the alternate pump
Running they taken on a lot away a lot of water, so they would have to dump their cargo to in an attempt to get their vote to rise up a little bit, hopefully lowering the waterline, so they could get to the pomp or just taking extra weight off the boat, so they don't sink but does the captain? No, the boats, not single borders. Anyone know this were yet even happening. as no he understands how the boat is constructed, he knows that it will not just think let loose going on because I think there is something that will explain it's better than whether he knew the boat was thinkable or not they also say that the radio was tune to the distress channel, the international marine distress channel. So they surmise that they did try to put out a distress call now, as we said, the area that it could reach was
A lot smaller than it should have been so they have been able to reach people that, with the euro, I and help them be. No people, you could trust, if they did put out a distress, call in any He heard it, it would have been someone pretty close by. maybe not line of sight but close by So I come help. You We don't know if, if someone did do that. you dont know. If there are trustworthy, yeah yeah I ve been anyway, you see what I'm getting at yeah, so there's something I have not seen brought up in reading I david something that occurred to me, knowing that they he tried to put out a distress call, and I have heard it. that Williams end, An miller knew that there was a problem with the radio, but they they concealed it bright. They didn't let anyone know
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Especially when the weather gets kind of rough, the very durable and I guess I did you read up on these things at all. I thought they were wooden and there was probably just enough for them to for the entire crew and passengers, to pile and all three, but it would have been a tight fit. Yet the the life rafts will for wine. If you get a life raft, what it does, it saves you from a meeting. Lee drowning or going to with a ship. But the trouble is you're still at the mercy of the elements you're still without food, possibly but the way that their designed as their pretty hardy life rafts, they can be done, if this is why their used in areas were if they take gunfire things like that, they can continue to be usable dear
have to kind of wonders. If the life rafts are used, the. How do you gay. Do you think that they were used? You think people piled into them. Well, though, they didn't recover. The life rafts they weren't on the boat when right out of it, so that I have to assume that they jumped on the life rafts, because the boat was look like it was sinking or it was damaged enough that they just decided well we're not getting anywhere on the boat so at least on the life raft, workin paddle or something do something move away from the sinking boat. Ok, The captain knows about not just going to sink. Even conditionality and it's going to- going to list it's going to be partially submerged, but it'll stay afloat. The captain knows this right. The carly life rafts people,
if we get in those and even if their somewhat damage will still float. That's because there, their sort of native like add a bent metal like copper, and then they put like cos around debt, canvas in they waterproof it and then, if it just floats, and it can take like its aid, can take a lot of damage and will continue to work with the way I look It is and we need to go over one more clear before we go on, because this is something that really haunting. So we already said that the ship was damaged, broken windows, things, are moved around on it, but there was a doktor aboard this boat and his bag. found, but it had been emptied of his the items that he would have had as a physician. Those were all gone, but inside his doctors bag were bloody rags, so somebody obviously had been injured and was bleeding.
Yeah begs the question, because if they were bleeding, why wouldn't they still be bandaged? I guess I'm not sure how many people bled or you know, there's no way to look this up. There's no way to find out it's just. There were bloody rags inside of his doctor's bag, and so guess what I'm getting at here is Let's say: there's a scenario where the who knows the ships not just going to sink by here probably also not really in charge It's because the man who's got the money whose business and probably the one who's got them say so his williams and whichever way you look at you could say what is there to do some legitimate trading or is there any? involved in the drug trade but there's cargo? on board the ship. And so is Williams the type to just dump his cargo. Or is it did
our distress call and someone answers and they take the cargo and then either or kill and dump these people or take some some go on the life rafts, where they're just at their mercy. The ocean, the pacific ocean there's any number of scenarios here they could go down and it's all because as you have people who either we need the money or are there to make money ends I would imagine that power simply one of the driving forces here I can't imagine that they would have just sailed off in the conditions they did. Taking that much risk, unless we're about to make some money this trip gathered there. Their cargo was valuable. and Williams had his money on him there's a lot of valuable things on this boat, so they wouldn't just dump that willy nilly for me
It's just odd that the ship would be in the condition it was in the ship looked wrecked, though I mean it looked. It wasn't It's like it ran into a wall or another bow, but it looked like it had been through Hell. It looked like it had been through a storm and the the top canopy area was pretty much wiped out. All the windows are busted out. Something did some damage to this boat, or maybe it's just being out, therefore thirty something days in the elements just slowly deteriorated it also show that d the boat was listing, and there was born old and seek AP growing on it and it was growing at the the waterline. So it had been it pretty much they they show that the thing had problems the second night into the the journey, and they know this because
the clocks on the boat were hooked into the engine. So every time you stop the start of the engine, pray much stop the south clock so the engine now they could have stopped beside the engine mould. times during the strip, but for the most part it showed ten something the second night. So they know that that's when the engines quit and that would it then you know it. It was of forty war, you what was was at forty one hour trip yeah. I think under ideal conditions they they expected. It would take about forty one hours to get there. It's suspected that it was thirty eight hours into the trip like they just had a few hours left, so the engine stops working. Another thing that we didn't mention was the captain brought
three times the fuel he needed, but that might be because he knew he was only working with one engine. So it had the work twice as hard, which is a normal life one nation right. The I dont know on that. I dont know that I could say that it would work twice as hard as we just limit. I would think it which is limited. How are they had is possible, I just assume that that would be one reason to bring extra fuel along or your bringing for fuel along because you're going to make a unplanned rendezvous with somebody, I dunno it's an idea, but they had issues before they made it to the island, their destination and their boat. Pretty much half sank,
from that point on because of the barnacle growth on the boat. So I know the boat won't sink, but it it's listed. You know almost sixty seventy degrees in its half submerged in water. That's not gonna, be real comfortable for twenty five people, well, none of its gonna be comfortable from then on out there rats yeah, but for twenty five people to be sitting on top of this boat would be pretty crowded So I could see why they would hop on the the life rafts, because at that point, they're not gonna stick with the boat. There. You know: they're gonna have more room on the life rafts, but that's something to think about you want to get into your theories are what well, let's talk about the popular theory? Ok, and the popular theory. If anybody, this up and you type in
individually resolved there's someone out of his isla named David right and actually a relative else someone that was on the boat, they say it his mother's cousin one of those who went missing, but He says it's because of the pipe as cause the boat was filling with water that this is why they ended up being to get off the boat. It's a very strange an explanation but he says that the key is that they mistakenly believed they had set out a distress call that doesn't make any sense to me because, as far as I know, but Williams and dusty miller knew that the radio wasn't working correctly where's the issue here. Here's how I interpreted it- and I didn't actually know that that guy had a his his theory, but we'll know well or did you you didn't look up his theory
No, I'm ok! Well, so what he says is so they guarantee the life rafts, the carly life rafts. that one by one they ended up dying, drowning eaten by sharks. You name it you're. The reason. Why he thinks it went. This way is because of the things that taken from the ship, ok, which include the log book, the chronology chronometer, and, of course thea. The firearms so here He thinks that the captain was forced off the boat That the firearms who used to encourage him off the boat as well, I could see that yet, but I guess I don't mean will before we even get into the japanese pirates or anything else. I don't assume malice when incompetent seemed to be running a ramp it with this boat and its crew.
And it's pretty insane to me that with fifteen crew members, they were None of them were in the know that this boat had so many problems, and they say that the pipe was rusted corroded, just not in good shape and the pipe is where it started leaking water into the hull of the ship and they couldn't get the other. You know they couldn't get the the pump where it wouldn't work at that point, because it's trying to pump through a pipe that has a leak even the alternate pump, doesn't really matter at this point I mean they could try to get it running. So what I think happened is this pipe gives away, starts filling the boat out, they can't get the pump going or they're trying to get the pump going. Maybe the captain stuck his hand down in the water, tried to get the other pump going and cut himself. That's what explains the bloody bandages and from there the the boat sinking.
And shall lay, but I know it doesn't seem called away, but they dumped the cargo or possibly take some of the cargo with them. Trying to get the boat to stay afloat longer, but eventually they resort to getting on them the rescue boats, and maybe at that point there they realise that the captain is the reason why there in this predicament they realise that the captain did not tell them that the bill had so many problems. captains acting like the radio's working, but it really doesn't so maybe they're pissed off at him and take him at gunpoint say your car with us will eat you later when we're starting, I think, is a very straightforward explanation. I think that guy's dead on you think David right is correct. I think Pretty close, I would take his explanation over pirates or japanese It's just kind of I because of the way that it says that
I believe that there is a distress call sent out by the You knew the radio wasn't transmitting ends. that's how it goes. I mean they just as you say you think they discovered that he's the reason why they ve they ve had all these problems, so you think pass me they just take. Them or or what If they lose faith in their captain, I mean there's different wasted. about that. I dont think that with the the curly lie, ralph said their discontent le hold him captive. You know, that's all maybe they all left willingly and got on the life rafts with the captain. You can go ok, they killed him and dumped unworthy could say while they all got on the life rafts, because at that point the cargo doesn't mean as much anymore because they're trying to save themselves. You know I'm sanum enough. If the boat sink First, they try to dump some cargo, so the boat doesn't think it's fast and
again on the life rafts and hope there found, because they can do on the life rafts at least there out of the water instead of half way in the water on the listing boat. But spotting a life raft in two hundred something square miles of ocean is going to be pretty hard. So, I think they all died at sea yeah. Just think about how difficult will find that cargoes. Okay. So, under your scenario, they would have had to have dumped the cargo pretty much now, because, where else would it go, yeah they're not going to take it on the rescue boats unless the captain, It is either it's a mutiny or to reverse mutiny, and the captain and Williams now our taken the cargo see as later, and they still up the rescue votes at the cargo and take off, but I dont think that's gonna happen keep her from me is. is the whole idea that they get these life rafts and I don't
They are trying to make sense of why they would do that their cargo and gain life rafts, because they're not gonna, be able to do get to their destination. They say that or about nine hours. There is nine hours of darkness ahead. They had all might long to get through, but we don't know when they got in the life rafts No, we don't know if they got into them. three days in to trouble or twenty days into trap. Ruptured entered their trouble. You know, what do you mean twain? How long was the boat missing? For while the boat was missing for thirty seven days? Ok, they could have jumped on those life raft on thirty six days. We don't know, we don't know when they did. Well. I guess part of the issue here is I dont know how much food they had a board. There only expect it to be on four A couple of days yeah
So I don't know what kind of and if they have that many people aboard that's a lot of people to feed yeah people are going to be dying. Pretty quick. I don't think they would make it that long at thirty six day I understand your saying because they don't have. survivor to say: oh, we made it twelve days because maybe yeah, maybe they were just floating in this unsinkable ship and thought. Well we're not able to get where we need to go yeah. That's the question you have to answer is was this ship's engine capable of me. In this boat, at least in the direction needed ago. If it's completely mean when certainly look at the picture is how submerged the engine's not going to run when it's underwater the engine was completely underwater the front end of the boat and about halfway down was out of the water. I mean it's not like. The whole thing was just sitting. There
it was half submerged and it was mostly the engine that was submerged. So you know you ever run your car through a big, deep puddle. If you, you know you do it and you get deep enough. Your is going to die because it's pumping water, not air, so I don't think that I think they probably kept it going for a while. while which explains the mattresses, because if the engine starting to get underwater, it's going to kick water up and they say that there was an electrical panel there and maybe they were trying to get. You know, keep the splash down from the electrical. And all by the running the engine with the mattress. On top of it there's there's different things. I think they were in a desperate situation and cargo went out the window and they tried to get it going. but after maybe two or three weeks they decided isn't working. We gonna go on the life rafts enough
ever saw the movie unbreakable or read the book. They lasted over forty seven days out there, but there is only three guys and it was the record. The longest anyone's ever lasted honour life raft. But to say this I think, if you're looking at this objectively, I think the most likely cause is that, like you setting competence, the can. In the boat from Afghanistan was to adjust. It was an error repair. It was now being maintained so you're saying we know red travel for two days in this. This That's what can stay afloat but can really get to our needs to go. That's the real question and I think I get out there in the ocean. It's not a very forgiving environment. No and it was the website, so there were huge storms going on. We don't know if they were in the path of those storms, but it was the
season, I think most people will say with the bloody rags that there could have been an attack. But the clue to me is that the the rags were inside the doctor's bag yeah. He could have been switching out somebody's bandages that hurt themselves well, but then they, wonder why his his tools went in there. But for me I give fair people were attacked, the doktor wouldn't be able to help anybody if they were being attacked now. So that's I think, for me. That's one of the keys here is not just the ill state of the ship by the doctors bag being found like that yeah, because if it was pirates, what did they do? Leave I mean come back Let doktor banded somebody up or did they take him here stage and let him you know it's its color. If he on that, ideally, we wish that people would leave leave a message. You know we talk before about roanoke yeah.
They had the the missing colonists, but you know that even attempted to leave a couple of messages, and they didn't help. Anything very forgot to know how to leave a message. I suppose, when you're making decisions, you're just trying to think about how to say people you're, not thinking about oh we're, going to die, we better the message. So this won't be a mystery for the next fifty two hundred or beyond years, semi it. it's very explainable on the fact that its just they started out bad and got worse, and this captain should not have taken this boat out. I mean The other day in Kansas city, there was a party bus that they were.
loading, anna cooler into the back, and they didn't secure the back door because maybe the latch was broken and the door ajar were light was burnt out. There are so many problems of this party bus and this woman fell out and died. Well now that owner of this party bus is being held, liable, ensued and told your buses not even fit for the road, so you can't drive it an essentially that's. What happened here is this guy. This boat was not see worthy at all, but he took it out anyways paid the price and curse or no curse. You don't take your chances so, as I said the even though the writer here, is that the captain knew this. It is unthinkable by it, to be stress just because it's not thinkable doesn't mean necessarily good ideas stay on it. Yeah it's just its If ago, because when you get on life raft now you don't have any engine, no,
the real unanswered questions for me is the whole radio situation. Did they really expect to be found? or was this a book the ship's getting, and worse will get in there, france, we buy. Now someone has put out the distress, call and they'll fly overhead and find us there, because I can't think of any other anything else that works if they did make it into the life rafts, and you can expect them to make very clear, conscious decisions. At this point I mean if they ve been at sea for say ten days without food and water there in a desperate state, so this might be disappointing, for some people were hoping that that pirates did it in our opinion or that the japanese or the russians had come along only got up marine. I forgot the russian element, but here's the thing is, you know you can come up with all its great theories, but
its, we always talk about the simplest explanations, usually the correct one and that's As you said, it started out, incompetent and me word: he expected to go. I mean how much can look factor in here. Obviously everyone's gone, the twenty five people are gone. They ve never been found, so luck never entered into it now one hundred percent put this on the captain for him, covering all the issues with it. He would be held liable if he was run and party bus today so curse just people that are curse by having this captain by being on this particular ship run by this captain, because if had been maintained properly. We wouldn't talking about it. Probably will we now now so Get your oil changes. People as I say, gets it get you change is done in a jacket our pressure.
Check. I flew at levels check your pipes, check the attack. The pipes check your hoses. It just said that they had to all these people had to perish because of essentially maintenance and up Ben somebody's bad decision here does come down the captain because, as I said in a william, seems to have understood, the problems with the boat, but who knows what the captain's tellingham I agree, as he has this guy with all this money aboard he's. Probably not a game face two saying: hey: it's gonna be all right. I do this all the time I've I've been with them Both from a while, I know, spoke, we'll be fine, but it's issues interesting that in all the speculation I've read, everyone says that it's the captain that gets injured we wonder if he just got decked. Oh yeah, he could have been attacked, but you know somebody punched him,
What cycle in the walking dead, when they figure out that the one guys and actually brainy act? That's gonna save the world. You know, and here comes the truth, And then they get mad, maybe, there was a reveal like that for the captain, and they couldn't you know me. They figured out there. The radio didn't work enjoy the possibly solve. Then he go. Incompetence. But it still need story, because I enjoy dad. When I was reading up on the scientific reading up on the director and his personal issues with the affairs and just how he had this block mean direct dorias career going the forum and he sorta sunk himself in that regard in the had this ship, which goes on to not have a very good. Of it either it becomes disappointing, so I suppose, that's just that's just real life right there yeah there's no curse necessary
Will you go into the other theories, but I'll take is really necessary. Yet there are other theories bet I mean The last thing that happens to the ship is that she runs aground in nineteen. Fifty nine who owns them. David simpson he's a fiji islander and it's pretty much caput after There are all sorts of troubles with this ship. Her mean legal issues and It's run, the grounds yeah it does. It actually damage the ship and the pumps just couldn't keep up. In its because they weren't install properly bedtime yeah. pumping water into the ship. You don't need some sort of conspiracy at this point he just this is. This is just how it works. You're, pumping water into your own ship, and that's that's all it's done managed so anyway, the ship as an end well and
Neither does anyone else's associate with asylum. I so good riddance ice. As to this a little jewel damage much of a, I would say more of a lemon. when owner had hoped to turn it into a museum that that never came to be one. Last note, though, its typically com place after about seven years, for new zealand to declare people missing people dead. and are still missing interesting, they're not declared As far as I aware, and have you seen anything on this, there was a in two thousand and twelve There was a clue your ceremony for the surviving families, but I don't know if they were declared dead or not
was a ceremony held. Then the problem was, since I did this ceremony in somalia. He knows him, oh and prime minister is there, but they don't have. I guess the jurisdiction to legally state that these people are deceased there, but it should I think you can do better than this. It seems like the families were hoping for this to happen, for them to be declared deceased. it's been so long and me we're talking. Nineteen fifty five now two thousand fifteen here at that, sixty years right you saw, I would venture to guess that there is no hope now now. Sad
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