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Personal Stories 3. The Generation Why hosts are back with another set of personal stories. Justin tells the story of a murder and kidnapping that involved a friend's mother. Aaron speaks about a ufo that he witnessed on the way home one night. This is our last podcast episode of the year. We have enjoyed bringing stories of true crime, mysteries, controversies, & even the paranormal to you in 2015. Happy Holidays, everyone. We'll be back in 2016. http://genwhyshop.com     See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Right. I do it's already told you, man yeah, we're not taking their holiday break forgot. We're just recording spoil it for all of you were recording to episodes the same week so that we can take the haughty holiday week off more, not cheating you guys, out of anything formatting well, you'll find out you're gonna do well this holiday season
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our extra stuff you're still going to get our free stuff and you're still going to get our our were weekly episode. But if you want that extra cool episode that we're going to do a subscription based thing so putting the heads up out there that this is coming- and this is just another way- you can support the the podcast and support us and our continual effort to entertain and provide true crime content right. The the way you can look at is either you pay a little bit and you'll get an extra episode or you're supporting us, which is really what it is you're supporting us, so were going to give you something extra every month, yeah we'll try make it worth your while cool. So I have a story to tell tonight: let's get an hour a time machine will go back in time, go back to december two thousand and one
There is a man name Marty who lives with his. I think it was his girlfriend Marty is forty. Two years old, his girlfriends similar age. The girlfriends stepfather lives across the street. and they live and knees. There are like duplexes, but they're, not really houses they're kind of like modular homes there trailers cause. There's you know two different units, but they're, just sort of you know modular homes, I guess, is the best term, for it said, there's two houses smashed together, but it's just kind of one room like it's not the nicest, and this is over in Kansas city. Kansas Marty. his girlfriend. Maybe she described kansas city Kansas little bit. We have people from overseas, lay ass, who have said. Oh, I thought you were kansas your honor missouri side, so kansas city is actually divided
Kansas city, Missouri in Kansas city, Kansas, Aaron and I actually live on the missouri side now Noah. and to the kansas side the missouri side, is nicer as far as kansas city goes. casey K side is on it blower economic. You know standards whatever you want to call it. It's kind of like saint luke saint louis on the Missouri side, pretty nice say Louis, on the illinois side, you probably don't wanna take that first or second exit in it, That is the reality of it and nothing against kansas, because Kansas has a lot of great cities. In fact, if I were to go out for the evening goodwin ice restaurant Lot of times I will head over to Kansas, more you'll had over overland. Pardon me overland park in Johnson county, I think, has more
like that? The medium living, the median living ratio out there is higher than beverly hills by that law: So my check has been years since I've looked up these stats, but the average income per per capita family was higher than that of beverly hills. So kansas, not something to shrug. can't city Kansas has some areas that they could a film judgment night. This is really a bad part of town that therein, but its justice, more low income marty lives there with his girlfriend and the girlfriends stepfather MIKE lives across the street. They started using drugs back in the nineties, early nineties, you no doubt can smoke in doing coke. They progressed on into smoking, crack crack cocaine
marty in his girlfriend- were heavily addicted and users. They actually had some medical pay out. Different family members dying and malpractice lawsuits whatever they would get a pay out of like a hundred thousand dollars, and that would be gone in weeks two months, pretty heavy use There's marty actually from my a knowledge quit. He actually stopped using drugs. He wanted his girlfriend acquit too and girlfriend, I'm changing some of these names around just to protect the innocent
just say, Sherry. She didn't quit and after a while marty got frustrated with this and instead of pleading with her to quit, he started beating her trying to get hurt, acquit so's, very abusive relationship, her step, dad MIKE across the street, he knew that this was a bad relationship and mike was kind of a scanner. Those Ruffin graph sort of I know probably was more of a meat had guy when he was younger and he would. Tell you a story like oh I the silver metal the olympics, and you know ninety eighty six four wrestling and you know, I won the silver metal and second place. So when I got home, I just threw that away. I threw it in the fireplace because that's not good enough for me or I was a navy seal and I was special forces and
his story would always chain? She would tell you these big manly whale stories to impress sort of the type a guy. He was when the girlfriends mom, which would be my ex wife when she passed away MIKE really kind of started he's in the drugs with marty and his girlfriend, and started, really kind of gone off. The deepened to marty's quit smoking crack his girlfriends still doing it with mike her step. Dad and she's telling my occur step. Dad he's gonna kill me one of these days. As you know, this is bad. So on december, twenty first two thousand one they get into a big fight and she calls mike to come in
in an mike is a you know. He's kind of macho and he owns a lotta guns, so he shows up with his revolver confronts marty intervenes in this domestic, altercation here and Marty occurrences like you know, walk into my house with a gun to get into a fight, and mike decides he's going to end this. He shoots marty twice. He shoots him once. I think he hits him in the the stomach were that the torso somewhere. Where were you sheets him. The first time marty goes down. And then he shoots him a second time in the head kind of a kill, shot execution mike then takes his step. Daughter, Marty's girlfriend hostage at gunpoint. It's her back to his place where he then informs her. I'm I'm in love with you
we're gonna run away together. I have a plan I had this all figured out I just needed marty out of the way I've gone so far, is to hire a prostitute, kill her stick her in my tool. Shed back. So what I'm planning on doing is I just killed marty now minute. Take the dead, prostitute, stick her body right, to his and we're gonna, let your house on fire and we're gonna run away together. That's this man's plan. Now coming from the guy that is. He was special forces and he wants a silver metal in the olympics. He's not thinking about dental records, he's not thinking about they the idea body, he's not that smart he's not thinking that far ahead. He thinks They are going to find a man in a woman's body in a burned out house and they're, free and clear, because they'll be lazy. Those have a there's. Two bodies here who lived
residents. Bob is this man, this woman, o k where we have em yeah, so not the. riotous individual, and he didn't think that his step daughter share we might not be in love with him in that same way it might not want to run away with them, but at this point she's being held captive at gunpoint, sir she's, just a green with and going along with what The plan is thereof most of the night he's doing drug mike is by morning he's finally fallen asleep or drink himself into a passed out. Unconscious state and cherry takes off, she gets a moment and she runs She runs down the street. She
as neighbours. She calls the police and she says MIKE has been holding me captive all night. He killed my boyfriend shot in the head and he's got a lotta guns. It's any help, while the police departments like What kind of guns as he have? Oh he's, got like a K. Forty seven so they send a swat team special unit. And their aim to evacuate the street, the cul de sac whatever its on and get all the people out of their day had a stand off with my, who's taking random pop shots at the police and the swat team- and this goes on, I think, for about ten hours MIKE at some point decide aids to rupture his gas line in his unit to burn his place down. Well, at the same time,
I am the police and law enforcement. Decide we're going to take them by force and they shoot dear gas canisters into his place. And if you anything about your gas canisters, there is an open flame. There is spark there so as they shoot these in his place erupts into flames. He actually: dies of smoke, inhalation, MIKE's now dead at age, fifty eight d prostitute that he claims. I I don't know if she actually was a prostitute or if she was just a random woman, but her last name was gibson. I won't say her first name, but she she was in the back in they found her body in the tool shed well she's a victim yeah. It doesn't really matter what she was now. My good friend happens to be the son of sherry
Marty's girlfriend Marty, the one that was shot in the head, and he calls me up on December twenty fourth, which is christmas eve of two thousand and one, and says I need to go to my mother's house and collect some of her things. Will you help me and I'm not sure, but what's the problem like no problem, you know it's, let's just go, and then he explained the situation and I have to say that I was like so we're going to a murderous. Seen- and I was kind of I read about it in a weird sick way: since I got there, though all that went away pretty quick. They had removed marty's body from the place, but they had. There was no clean up. it happened, so we we drove out to the unit. I saw the burned down hulk of a place across the street, which was MIKE's house and we walked and two,
sherry and Marty's house. Apparently they had a cat, so they had a kitty litter bar in when Marty took the shot to the head, he fell headfirst into the kitty, letterbox and clubbing action and other things with the gore of being shot in the head, was really horrifying. Look at so my friend and I went to the bedroom and got a blanket and came back out and laid the blanket down on the blood in gore on the kitchen floor, and they were heavy smokers cigarette smokers, so the place was it is this kind of gross inside because they never had cleaned up. We collected his mother's things that she wanted clothes whatever she needed to get by and.
at the time I was sort of the bachelor- and I didn't have a lot of furniture or things for my place, and I asked for us, it hey the kitchen table and the chairs, and some of them stuff like do they need this lake? you just throwing this all away and my friend said If you want, you can have it so I had To me, it's just hey, you know I'll take. instead of you having to go dispose of all this stuff I'll. Take some of this stuff home with me. And use it because I need. I need a kitchen table and chairs so weep loaded up the stuff and I took at home
the kitchen table and chairs actually had blood spatter on it. In other fluid, so I just cleaned it up with bleach and water and soap and whatever and cleaned up all the stuff that I had taken from their place soon thereafter had a girlfriend, and she said that my apartment was haunted. She said she would hear things in the hallway and she didn't like being there we eventually broke up, and I moved from that apartment into a house, but I brought the kitchen table and chairs with me cause it's my kitchen table and chairs. You know it's it's all I got at this new house. I had roommates different people salmon jody living there with me and all of them told me they felt something there. They felt a prayer
since, in the hallway my roommate and good friend sam was in his bedroom. Many heard somebody like open up the the storm door, the screen door on the front door of the house and knocked, and he got up and he went out and looked, and there was nobody there. Danny went back to his bedroom and then he heard somebody inside the house and he locked his bedroom door and you know- and he just waited in fear until I came home from work- multiple, weird instances. They all stopped. One got rid of the table and chairs. I personally never experienced anything. I never felt any presence. I was is freaked out that I had to go to a murder scene on christmas eve, but I didn't think that bringing home furniture from it had some sort of
supernatural attachment to it and I never felt any presence or had any experience like that. That's what I was doing on christmas eve december two thousand and one this episode is brought to you by peacock bridge wanting the original limited series, a friend of the family based story of the Jan roper kidnappings from nick, and oscar executive producer of the act and candy and after producer eliza hip and comes a dark. Compelling. Look at the harrowing story through new lands produced which amber burke herself. This theory stars anna pack, when jake lacy college hanks LEO Tipton and mckenna grace stream. Now only on paper
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calm slash gaeta BP were text J, w p, two five hundred five hundred; that's audible, dot, com, slush judah, BP or text gdp to five hundred five hundred to try, audible, free for thirty days or more time, audible, dot, com, slash gdp did you know the whole story about that earned. Did I ever tell you the whole thing yeah I feel like, like I heard more from you than our friend friend, but I that's not exactly the kind of thing I would probably bring up to him. No, no! I yeah. Sometimes family stuff is complicated in its painful or uncomfortable, and when you can't gauge exactly what's going on, it's better, not say anything, try to focus on the positive now since then. Do you know anything about
the fall out from this. Well, the investigation that happen they closed it pretty quickly because they said all the evidence pointed to mike being the perpetrator of the two murders cut and dried cut, dry and tom. As far as the girlfriend are friends mother, she left town disappeared for awhile he heard from her later on, but she ended up thing to California and being with some family in people out there. She has europe's and downs, but for the most part she's doing a lot better than she was I'm assuming. But you know I don't know how how you bounced back from that. I guess introductory too true. Crime in murder was in my life. Much earlier than this podcast. So I've been talking louder and you have a story to share
well. I know that, on the other to personal stories that you and I did on the first one- I talked about I guess you could say had a file that it wasn't pedophile. It was about pedophiles ahead to encounters when, as a child with I believe the same man who is trying to get me to go into his vehicle with him and then My teens I mid teens. I worked at a theatre. Had a man stalking me there, although he was talking plenty of kids. I just happened to be one of the two at the theatre, the other, where the fear was a friend of mine. I would label both of them. As per The files by the way, yeah definitely would say yeah, but I really wonder, of course, on the first one how dangerous he was because he's trying to lure you into a car. That's a
action, its abduction now, the other guy. Again, I'm not trying to make excuses, but I think he was less harmful. I would say, still full, but not a molester, not a killer and that's backed up by fact after he gave up all of us evidence because he had hidden near his stash of evidence and he told them where to find it. Now the only other story have right now, for you is that in, and this is something you urge me tell everyone, because, because such a skeptic. I am a huge skeptic and I think the reason I am a skeptic is because I'm one of those people that wants the paranormal to be true yeah I mean when I was growing up, I my love is whore The movies yeah and a lot of the movies I have on my shelf are horror films. You know Dario Argento. I have halloween films up there, evil dead, you barker, clive, barker stuff.
This is my love, but I want to experience. The supernatural just is never happened tried I've gone into. You know earthen basements in things There will be borne out in the same answer: laconia cabin the words I've done that do nothing you now I've I've called out. the sky for with aliens come get me with my cousin. It never worked. On all the same things that we have been so disappointed and I've done work with major boards. Nothing now over you're. Not doing it right. Trust me. I was a horror fanatic, yeah, but nothing ever pan out so cut to more recent times
I'd say I am trying to remember the year, but but your scepticism is more solidified at this point that I think this is more to three years ago, but there's a highway. That's not too far from where I met its four thirty five and I am driving along it and you can go up to seventy on this house. For a good length of time legally and I'm driving along, I would say it's probably after. Like a, u F, c event, kind of thing, so it's dark and it's dark. It's probably around midnight I'm driving along and I'm getting ready to get off, because my exit is going to be coming up all of a sudden off to the side of the vehicle and up in the sky. Something goes sliding
by in the air? Now I love music. You know I have as soon as I got my escape. I put a new speakers in an amp upgrade, so I have my music up yeah. I turn the music oft okay. As soon as I catch something outside of my. I don't know why. I just I pop the wind of the windows going down. No sound. This thing goes sliding by now I say sliding by because that's literally what it is like no fluctuation in flight path. It says yeah, I'm going. Seventy gambling Seventy miles an hour- and this thing is just going by lights on. It are, and I can hit that window and he goes down it just slides by there's no lights. It looks the best way I can describe is it reminds me kind of of a tomahawk missile okay. So it's long
and it's sort of rounded, but almost torpedo or cigar shaved right end, but it sort of flattened a little bit but doesn't have any fins on it. It literally looks like black matt. Smooth, ok, barely reflects light, but just enough tat I can see it going by almost like em. You might see some fancy stones, This would be like a really dark stone. That's been polish. How did you even see it? I mean it's night time and it's I mean this would have that. You know I like to things my eyes are always moving. I'm always looking around. Both of us have had accidents involving gear
so you know, I'm always looking on the sides of the roads and making sure that there is not a large rodent. That's supposed to jump out in front of my car right it just caught my eye. I watch it go past and, like I said, it's sliding I feel like it's going faster than I am, but not fast enough that it was like a yeah. It slid by just a grade of speed. It wasn't going like ninety five miles an hour. I don't think it might have been. Has that, but it's gone, but it's at night, so I think I lose track of it, but I don't know what it was and it's not cables. It's not the lines up alongside the role that the that there's no lights on it. If it's any kind of aircraft, it's got to have lights on it, especially at night. This had no visible lights that I could see on it. It didn't have any thrusters on the back. It just literally slid by
trying to figure out by high up it? Was I wanna get this all the way? I am. like any other. I witness I probably I'm not very good. At judging distant for size or whatever you know die. If I had to guess if I had to put some numbers on it, I would say it's probably about as long as one of those big vans. It was about that long. I dont think that any human would it. it dear I'm saying it's almost like it was operated remotely or if anything was living in it, then there had been a much smaller than a person. If it was your you're saying that it just from its shape and size that they're probably wasn't a cockpit mayors, I'll talk to him in no way, sir you're What you're saying is you saw yourself, a europhile, didn't you
foes. An unidentified flying object! Correct! Yes! Now, if you ask me believing you fellows, I would say well, do I believe that be. C on identified objects. Yes, I agree with that. Do I believe that there are even I would say I haven't seen any evidence yet, but I do believe there are things you can't explain, because you we have enough information. Now what I saw I dont think I was too tired. Typically after a u of event, I'm pretty apt up Did you suffer any time, loss or pain?
in the nether regions, no there's no missing time no pain. Yet nothing was different, except for my experience, which was what the hell was that so the skeptic has a question in his life. Now I I don't really question it a lot, and I don't have that. I guess you could say it hasn't. Inspired me to become a believer. I saw something I can't explain. I feel like I saw it rolling if Lee clearly yeah, because there are lights in the area coming up on an exit, so other lights were reflecting off of it, so you could kind of make the shape, but it was like polished stones, so the lights were they were dimmed on air so that he could see the lights move over it. It looked very sleek, it looked like it just slid through the air and it didn't move. It was very stationary as it moved
like it moved forward, but there was no wobble or side decide movement. It was very stable movement. I didn't hear any noise, I don't have any export initially or perhaps someone listening, has seen something like this or, if they're steeped, in, u f, o lore. Perhaps they have heard stories of similar objects. This thing has left an impression on me, at least to where I remember it, and the details are simple enough that I can remember it again. I didn't have any missing time. I didn't have any other complications. It was simply an object that slid through the air. If I had to guess, maybe I think it was only two to three hundred feet in the air and it was headed north. I was headed north because I was going to get off at my exit, but I can say, as it didn't seem to be manned. You know, in of something in it, I've seen it otherwise I've I've seen some crazy comets and in
meteors or whatever burn through our. in fear nothing like the one, russia, but I see I'm crazy once it had tales that stretched on for what looked like miles, never seen anything in the sky that I couldn't explained so I have played with weedy ports as a kid, though, I think the only weird we d board experience. I ever had as I was downstairs playing me, it really loud, while my friends were upstairs playing with a wager board and it was on a cd player when seedy players first came out in the weedy boy, Third, I guess spelled out just and will forward and right when it got to forward. I skipped, had a track, but I wasn't even on the weedy borders downstairs in I heard everyone scream and the break in the music. Told me that the weedy board told them that I was gonna skip ahead, Do you remember the song that use skipped too
it was either the cure. The ball surfers. I remember now. How can file texting? Have that information I was drunk knowing you you probably skip from here to the public that sure what I would have done, the opposite! That's yet is DJ evans, the errand thank yous banzai. That was my. That was the only weird experience with a ouija board, but I wasn't even the one touching this stupid thing, so I am a total skeptic too, and even with the a murder scene, table and chairs. I've got nothing never seen in your phone, so yeah it say, One could have an experience of some kind or another, but it's not proof of anything. I don't have a picture of it. Even if I had the phone ready
with the camera on it. You know how those things work, it wouldn't be worth anything. I was trying to take pictures of the fully cool eclipse that happened the other day or whatever, with a solar eclipse, yeah I've middle of the night. It's your phone's not going to take a good picture know this thing. Just you know the the I saw the object I saw. The who knows. All I can say is that if someone asked me the typical questions were you drunk? No, Were you tired, I'm not really yeah. I can never sleep when I get home after the event yeah. I usually have to do a few things. Maybe look up and see who got the bonus, money or maybe even play again little bed or checking with podcast staff, but I do feel fortune away because yeah. I know people like say: oh aaron, you issued everything down. You don't believe anything. I want to believe
if you have that little bolder picture could totally have that poster I'd totally. You know I want to believe I just unlike other people that I've talked with. I don't just accept things because I want to accept them now: I need more. So, even with my experience I say it was cool. I wish I knew it was. I haven't. anybody with a similar story. That doesn't mean it hasn't happened, but I dont know of it. But it's interesting because I have thought I think about it once in a while, not all the time, but you know maybe every so many months, I'll start thinking about it and man. What could that be Amelia I this and nothing really it's mind. Why didn't you know? I I think about wanted. My only ghostly experience that I ever had and you guys can go back and listen to our amityville episode. If you want to hear it I don't believe in goes, but on that episode,
explain something that happened, that I have no explanation for and his creepy is held here, our final episode for the year, and this is point fifteen come to a close man. Now we could decent. Thank you is right is when you get it,
and the holidays, and it's all about family and friends and remembering the good times from the year. I think this was probably our biggest year yeah and in more ways than one, because this was the I feel like we gained a large amount of listeners. We also networked with some other podcasts. You met some of the other podcasters I feel like we improve the show overall working on our sound working on our details, trying to give more information on the cases we cover. So it's been a heck of a year and hopefully we're two thousand and sixteen just around the corner, we'll see more improvements, because we don't stop me now. I know with the amount of work we have to put in for this podcast. We get questioned all the time. How much research do you guys put in it's ridiculous yeah? I have
the job that such that I can listen to stuff and read stuff throughout the day. I do- and I do so- my head just gets filled with stuff and then, when it comes down to doing the podcast any more, I get so much information that it feels like a relief. When I can let it go report, an episode. I can let it go, and I know that Sometimes people think that we might not go in depth The now, for we might not cover some of the points that they thought, where the main points its because I've been right eating and watching documentaries for weeks straight. My take away is different than most and sometimes when we spew that at each other, while we record it for the podcast, we just it's it's all over the place. Sometimes it's organic yeah. It just imagine a conversation between two people. Just and I are at work
we're talking. You know around the water cooler it's just coming out and we do try to make sense of it. We try to hit upon what we think is important and of course we always get to the. Why? Why would this be but at twenty sixteen there's going to be a lot more things to come. My last day at work is december. Thirty, first, so I'll have a lot more free time which probably get some shout outs yeah. We want to thank from sword scale because I don't know what it is, but we talked to them. I mean just feel like we click he's a great guy and he's really done well with his show and of all the pot gas out there. He really seems to have this intention to
bringing true crime to a whole that the level on what I mean by that is, as we all are into true crime. We all want to cover it. We all have our own unique take on how to cover it. Budding MIKE has been inspiring others to dream beggar leg. This should be bigger than it is now. So there's some efforts on that front. It's really interest im thinking, sideways yeah thinking, sideways steve, Devin and Joe Steve have some of my favorite people yeah. I love them and then barbara from treaty justice pot. I really like the fact that he changed the name, because I understand whole cereal thing, it's a case that become massive and dave. Really, I don't know how they ve done this, but they ve managed to bring this untold numbers of people.
into a case and care about someone that they'd never would have known otherwise there, and I know of lots of movements to get support for people who feel their wrongly convicted or worse yet, like it was a frame job, you name it, but what they ve done for add on siad is it's unbelievable. I mean how this happened and how they ve gotten so many people the care, but by taken it to another level. He said yeah. I care about this yeah. I've done a lot of research. I've actually brought new information alive, but I'm not just stopping with Adnan I'm going. move on we're going to do this with all the cases I cover, so he can't pigeonhole himself. He's got us broaden that spotlight and he did right. He'd literally took one thing and then made it into a much bigger thing which that's really, I think amazing. So great for him great for an entire genre, and I heard bob is quitting his job at the new year, also,
yeah. He said that he is on a similar path with you just good for him like to think samantha out there for speaking with us and sharing her story, I'd like to think andy, I save last name both come Andy d, Andy d and andy you know why we're thinking you now be other people will know will have more information on that later. Also, I think, but I would say, is the original true crime pie cancer, which is danzig pants I think he was literally the biggest sky first and we talked to him around episode, forty something about his book, which is trophy kill. I think it's a fascinating, look. I know he's received criticism over the years for it, but I like the fact that he approaches it in his style, which is yes, is gruesome. Yes, it's disturbing, but our failure,
all the details will end. In dinner last author have some you know backlash for his books. I mean right, we were just interviewed by vice recently and that's the thing about true crime. You can't be into crime and not expect any crit system there, because there are those who are saying. Oh, you are enjoying this too much or why are you talking about this? Well, this is life we gave. Our answer is about that, on with the dead, missing more murray team on the vice article, so as pretty cool you know. Our stance is now if you no than before, but they can't possibly polish everything we said but it was an enjoyable interview. We also want to thank the listeners for their support, a few of you donate to us or purchase items and support us and others refer us to other people. They know and or family hack, I know there
plenty of siblings that all listen to us or mothers and daughters and his He called here those stories, you know you are we wanna. Thank you. Everyone who download the show yes stay with us. We already have episode schedule. Next year, we're not going anywhere so once a week plus, as we said, we'll have premium content coming to try and give back to those who support us and details will be up soon on that and I'm still finalizing deed, meet up dates and times in everything. For California there's been oh a bit of schedule, struggle so I'll have a dense and invites up on facebook soon was cleared out there. We ve had some questions. You will be out there. Yeah you're, not gonna, be out there right. Who knows what will happen just and will be out of town but honestly out of the united states? California is our biggest state.
So we should put the numbers some time to out there too. So people can see where the fan bases are kind of fun. Well, literally its california, in texas, in illinois. I believe that at the top three and then it goes uk, canada and australia. I think yes, one! That's where it look, australia, let's rats beyond it out of all the countries in the world. You have a fantastic, true crime base, yeah you oughta be up higher than that. So I don't know more girls out there. I think I don't think they have enough people there no seriously bathing everyone there, that your grandparents I'm saying like per capita yeah, they should be higher, spread
the I pressed stop at mike set in every step, recording the just pressed up now, not yet okay may said to never stop recording. This can be our extras right here. The mics that never discuss recording the reason of thank you is probably not, I notice so many so many and it was a criticism, but it was not a harsh criticism that I heard I don't even know where it was on some message board something, but somebody said I wish generation Y would do a three or four parter about one case and really delve into it.
kind of like cereal or whatever or missing more now, we could do that in a month and his take one case and do it. The new exclusive series beneath tells the tail of a motley crew, scientists and scavengers who wanted to solve the mysteries of the titanic. They went for answers at the bottom of the ocean, but quickly discovered they were unprepared for the horror that they earth over a century after it sinking lingering questions about unaccounted for passengers and smuggled treasure continued to cloud our understanding of the titanic beneath utilised. His captivating storytelling, with chilling audio as attacking their sound, his eye to transport you The depths of the ocean to join the team seeking answers, but in of treasure they uncover an ancient hunger that should have been left untouched, watch inspires next is a bone chilling nightmare as each member
the team tries to stop a runaway curse before it destroys them all binge listen to beneath exclusively by joining one reply: ass, an apple podcast or the one rehab.
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