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October 30, 2016. Washington, D.C. During the 2016 Presidential election campaign in the USA, a conspiracy began to be posted about on message boards, facebook, and twitter. It apparently began after WikiLeaks made John Podesta's personal emails public. Hillary Clinton's campaign manager didn't have anything obvious in those emails that spelled out a conspiracy in government involving a "child sex ring" but believers in the conspiracy pointed to what they say were coded messages. At the center of this was a Washington D.C. restaurant named Comet Ping Pong. It was rumored that children were being held there. The pizza place's social media accounts were scoured and more 'evidence' of secret activities were unearthed. One man, a father of two, decided to take matters into his own hands and drove to the restaurant armed with various weapons, including an AR-15 rifle. So, was there a conspiracy involving pedophiles in government? Or was there something else at work behind the conspiracy known as Pizzagate?

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Can sign up now for a free market structure premium. By going to stick your premium dot com board, slash wondering and using the promo code one harry once your signed up just download the stage rap for iowa S or android and start listening that stick your premium dot com, ford, slash, wondering and promo code wondering Aaron. What is the description of our show? Well, we cover and of murders, controversies, mysteries, conspiracies and, of course, true crime. You mention conspiracies we haven't done one of those in a while, and I think it's time, because how do we have this in our description when we never do it? I know we did flat honor patriarch. So if any of you are interested in that one go check it out aaron. Do you like pizza course, yellow pizza? Why
did you gonna love this conspiracy theory. Most conspiracy theories start with. misinformation or a major event in the news. And all of the news media tries to be first to report it and, of course, bad information gets put out there. I feel Most conspiracy theories are a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation of the facts, whereas this one, I almost feel, is manufactured. So what are we talking about tonight? Pizza gate. twenty. Sixteen there's going to be some political parties and figures talked about during this episode.
And I want to make darn sure that no one thinks that we're trying to make any sort of political statement it just happens to involve politicians from both sides of the fence from within the united states. for those of you that dont know about pizza gate. It was a concern see, theory that evolved in twenty sixteen right be were the election. The claim is the Clinton's and the Clinton campaign we're running a child sex ring out of the basement of a local pizza joint in washington, dc comet ping pong? Yes, and this all came about because of a wiki leaks, document or documents that were released. That showed Lot of that x
there's a lot of the going on within the Dnc party. Some of these documents had communications between John Podesta and a local pizza joint owner. And these messages emails. What not were for lack of a better term. Some of them were oddly worded, which lead people to interpret them in different ways, and run with this idea that this pizza, owner is a move in a shaker. Andy deasey area has ties to the white house and also had maybe some inappropriate posts on instagram. This was all interpreted as evidence to this conspiracy
now we'll get into all the claims later, but this got so bad that culminated into a man driving to combat pizza, comment, ping pong pizza with an hour thirteen and revolver and shooting off some rounds in an effort to save the children that were being locked up in the basement. So before the election there was this wiki leaks, an article posted or documents that were dumped out on the site and had a lot of communication. between people- and I said John Podesta, who was the former white house chief of staff to bill Clinton and then he also worked on the campaign for hilary There were exchanges between
and james elles fantasy. They gazelle phrontis, like I said they were oddly worded, so this gets out there ten days before the election. There was opposed. I a cat, lady somebody that goes by carmen cats from Joplin Missouri and our own state ere. She posted about this conspiracy. Theory there is a website called for chan, its what most people refer to as the arm pit of the internet, but it are not familiar with it. There's a lot of things to fortune is alot aspects to it, but they are notorious for trolling. People and putting out misinformation to cause controversy october, a red. It starts posting about the wikileaks documents and this conspiracy there are.
Things in there like cheese, pizza, so c p, child porn. This search picking up some steam and getting retweeted out by twitter accounts and even some influencers out there, there's up to twenty or thirty accounts that retweet this, and, if you don't know there are things called bought accounts which are automated accounts that pre much do the job of a human. Just, it's not a real. It just keeps pushing out an agenda of some type there's a lot of money to be made and fake news sites influence sir profiles on instagram twitter and facebook. All of these
making money, so bought accounts are created to push tweets to push posts, and, if you don't know there is refutable proof that there were russian bought accounts, twitter accounts and social media accounts during the election would organise meet ups or protests between two diametrically opposed, groups on the same day at the same location. So these things were happening, but, along with it they were retweeting. This pizza gate conspiracy. It starts to pick up traction and the likes of roseanne bar would retweet it. And then you would see the russian bought accounts retweet it from there to further put it out into the public eye.
And at that point you start to see the likes of Alex Jones from info wars. Pick it up. The interesting thing is after the election, a lot of these twitter accounts bought accounts were deleted or suspended the day after the election. They just went away so very much. Pushing an agenda getting the word out there and then once it's out there once the election happens, they don't need them anymore. So there has been other podcast and other people that have looked into this starts kind of with this carmen cats person and Joplin Missouri. That's not her real name, that's just her profile name. When she's question about it. She says that her facebook account was
I hacked and she was not making the posts. Is that correct right? She tries saying that the the account was hacked and she is like he was out of her hands. She didn't have any control over that, but the journalist does look into this and compares the way the posts are on her account and the hacked account, and they both use the same profile image and then the actual way everything's tie doubt is all very similar. They also find some sort of change, dot, org petition and vice lay down at this is Probably the lady. I think it's the same person. I don't think her account was hacked, but that's just my personal opinion. She had anti hilary stuff on her account on both of the accounts. So it seems that it is to me connect the dots it she's, one of the first people to retweet this out, and I get
You see this conspiracy theory out there. You see something That looks interesting. You posted well in that. When the woman was asked about this stuff, she tried deflecting things. She tried saying that she was actually a Democrat and she said don't mind the energy stick around the house, because I only support the hunters. Really supporting everything else having to do with guns. It's just mostly about hunting, and then it didn't. I long after that, when she was making threat saying I'm going to report you and she got real defensive and I think it's because she got caught She was trying to have this fake account and put this out there for what to beat hilary. I guess If you spread misinformation about someone who you dont like politically, maybe enough people believe that and then I'll tell us,
people, because the information is so shocking. As I said, Emma wars Alex jones, If you don't know who he is just google it, because it would take a whole episode to explain who he is yeah, don't get me started on Alex Jones. He does have a huge media outlets. He had youtube channel Twitter accounts and stuff he's been banned from a lot of them, but his allegations really spread. This word that there were children being raped in the men of this piece of joint and then being smuggled through underground tunnels to other stores and shops in the area, and all I can think of is the big martin try does it shows how, when people go online, you can do dangerous things with your words and Alex jones, has made a living out of perpetuate
conspiracy theories and then real people, actually suffering the repercussions of his allegations and in this case he saying It is certain that work and that their children being raped, he's alleging that Hillary Clinton involved and John Paul is involved and This goes on. So what happens when word of that reach is someone who want to do something about it. That's the real question here: how do tourists are conspiracy, theories, it was a guy he's a known twitter troll. I don't want to even name him to give him any kind of recognition, but he went to the pizza joint in periscope. Did You don't know what periscope coping is. It was a video store
coming that twitter owned? And you could just live stream yourself? He goes into the pizza joint and he orders garlic, bread, knots or something, but they know that he's recording himself because, their rating himself ass. He walks into the pizza joint and they, I think they recognize him. As this guy that's been spreading the conspiracy theory, so they kick him out and he leaves he goes back to his car. Any says: there's some high level stuff one on here and did you see the way they treated me in blah blah blah I'm this thinking? They threw you out dude and you deserved it. They have the right
refuse service to anyone and they exercise that right. But again, this is ramping up after the election. Now because it is taken on a life of its own. The owners of the pizza restaurant are starting to catch wind of this area between the twitter trolls and read it posts and it's going viral. The general manager of comic pizza, his name's brian re, Brian ree, told the times of the threats and messages he in the restaurant receive on social media. It's like trying to shoot a swarm of bees with one gun. I I think I know a thing or two a thing or two about what he's talking about, but it's out of control. Now the owner of comment pizza has to make
all of his social media private. But of course it's all been screen. Shotted people get their receipts to have proof of this conspiracy and it gets thrown out there taken out of context, and I we said it gets to the point where a man decides to take matters into his own hands, and this is when this conspiracy crosses the line of stupid on social media to something that could have turned out to be- mass shooting with multiple dead bodies and guy's name is edgar. Madison welsh he's got a girl. Friend. He has two young daughters he's a very religious man is also someone who watches Alex Jones, the people who believe
Alex Jones and his allegations or what he calls the truth about what really going on. They tend to just focus somewhat alex, tells them, and then that's all there is to know you can't find the truth anywhere else you need to go to Alex. So when Alex's telling everyone about this child sex ring well, welsh gets upset. Besides that he's not going to just stand by while something this terrible is going on here. Actually, reach outside of his friends tax them in hey I'm. going to do something he gives them the information and They don't take them seriously like they think it's kind of either a joke or there's. No. He possibly means this one Friends actually says: maybe you need to do some recon first and make sure you know you know
something about. What's going on before you just storm in there and dwell he decides that he's going to to do this on his own and he's determined because he's saying it's worth it for him, to sacrifice his life. If he can save the lives of many other people, say the lives of children. Wealth takes an air fifteen a twelve gauge shot gun and a sixth revolver, as well as ammunition on this trip and even records himself on the way as sort of ay. I guess you could call, his suicide video where he's saying good, bye, possibly because this might be a one way ticket, it's kind of all over the place and vague, but if he would have shot the place up and killed people and die while doing it, you'd absolutely look at what he recorded as a suicide video before mash shooting welsh entered this
publish meant and someone who is coming into the back actually ducked back out because they saw him with a gun, and meanwhile people who work there were quietly asking people to leave. Well started firing as they are fifteen, he would shoot locks. He would break through doors and it didn't taken long. I dont think to realise that there were no children being held there, because there was no basement, there's no basement, so and there was no evidence at all of anything, even close to being a child sex ring operating at that establish, meant he literally is inside restaurant the police are for him and someone. Those in to talk with him and he realizes that this probably isn't true, he's been had buddies, ruined his life and his family's life. Now, with this
actions yeah. He thought that by going there he would protect his children, other children, and then he found out that he was basically just upon. He realised that this was a horrible mistake. But what can you do except say? I'm sorry, But if you go back and you think about what Alex Jones is telling him followers and has a lot of followers telling them that satan is active there and that children are being raped by big people, politicians there being used and abused and try fact and here's a guy that, from all accounts, was a pretty good guy He had bible verses tattooed on his back. He had to little daughters had a girlfriend and he thought He was doing the right thing by put people's lives in sure I mean firing at air fifteen in a restaurant like that and he's got other guy,
and he's got more ammunition and these prepared to kill when he goes there, law enforcement able to talk him down able to to take control of the situation without any fatalities he surrenders to the police without incident, he says that he made a incredibly ill advised decision. You could say that again he will go to federal court and judge jackson will sentence MR welsh to four years in prison and three years, probation and he'll have to pay over five thousand dollars in restitution for property damage done to the pizzeria. The judge will. that the extent of the recklessness in this case is breathtaking,
and its sheer luck that nobody was injured. What was some of welch's excuses or reasoning for this? Why dont know if he had excuses? I, that he felt like he was just trying to do the right thing and he just wanted to go see firms He wanted to investigate it himself so that he could do some good. I think, at least in that regard, the judge bought that I made doesn't change the fact that he has to pay a price for what he did and we all have errors. But when it comes down to it, the judge did say you seem to be a person with good intentions, but you still dead wrong. Now his parents tried to explain, as it wasn't too long before this incident, when he struck and injured a thirteen year old, who had to be airlifted to a hospital
and one witness said, it didn't appear that he ever even tried to stop so we hit them with his vehicle. Yes ran into the this young teenager with his car and the parents of well said it was after that that he changed. His whole mood moved away the way that he handled everything just changed, because either the massive guilt or it just like his world have been shaken out because he was worried about what he had done to this kid so welsh attack. This pizza place found out that there was no truth to the store Is it harboring pedophiles then a man from shreveport louisiana, his name is use of jones telephoned a copycat threat. That's what they're calling it to a nearby pete.
place. This was on december seventh and here's what he said. I'm coming to finish what the other guy didn't I'm coming there to save the kids, then I'm going to shoot you and everyone the place he bled guilty because he was obviously caught. I mean It shows that there are people who believe in the conspiracy. This is real to them. So for some people think oh, this two conspiracy theory. I can have fun looking this up reading about talking about it. But something like this. Are there accusing what supposed be sort of our food we restaurant of doing some whore all things and lumping in politicians that some people don't like they create this monster and there are people out there who want to be monster fighters, and so they feel it's their duty, the righteous duty yeah they. They need to go and do something about this, because, while the authorities,
when you do anything about it because they are in on it right when four Allegations and information is spread. People will jump to conclusions. People will interpret it in just the most wild and crazy ways and they'll run with it. Discussed way beyond conspiracy theories. This is everything, that we see social media and to the news today is just people getting angry and miss reporting things and fleeing allegations that they know nothing about and in trying to get others riled up an angry too. With no fees or minimums banking with capital, one is the easy decision in history of decisions even easier than citing to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast with no overdraft fees. Is it even a decision that banking re imagined? What's in your wallet term supply? see capital one dot, com, slash bank capital, one in
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people doug into his background. I guess he's listed on- I am db. He's some movies out there, so he is labelled a crisis actor and he was the government's fall guy to throw us off the trail, of the Clinton's, and this child ring so now, Welch's, even discredited by this movement, because the conspiracy theories they have to use com mission bias to make this all work, to make all sorts of connections and fit the pieces together. To believe that this is actual thing. I never got into the DA vinci code. I mean, if you take a group of words or grouping of words, you can find connections and anything. But if you do that with any book
you can find connections. So I guess we need to talk about some of the claims that were made and how this caught traction, because all you ve heard is about this crazy conspiracy that you would think would have been debunked as soon as you find out. There's no basement in this pizzeria, but but it wouldn't pickup traction like this if there wasn't some sort of validity or some sort of evidence, and I didn't I'm doing airports right now, but the evidence so you can understand why people believed this. I dont think I need to say this, but we're gonna go almost claimed by claim
and then sort sorted debunk it. So I don't want anyone to think that, where trying to push this conspiracy, but in order to understand it, you have to hear the claims and so were enough to go check these out. I'm gonna start with this first claim here. James alpha contests showed up and g cues top the most powerful people in D C. James comes in at number forty nine on this list. So why would a pizza joint owner be listed in the top? Fifty most powerful people in the district of columbia Because he makes awesome pizza, that's what I'm thinking
think to understand this. You have to look at the rest of the list. Number twenty three on the list is actually heather and tony podesta, the brother of John Podesta. You see the connection yet away now. Ok, other people on the list number forty two, our party planet, number forty seven stephen strasburg he's the pitcher worthy washington nationals or was the pitcher. A lot of the people on this list are politicians are people that you would regard as very power This list comes out every year and knowing the generation. Why gets listed on best podcast check out, sometimes
throw a dog a bone for local businesses. Sometimes local businesses can actually pay to advertise to be on these lists. Think about that its great publicity. They want to put a little mixed up in the list at some variety and local small businesses guess: I'm exposure, it's nice james is name our fantasy. I guess it translates to I like children, of its french or what, but that's a claim is his last Aim is similar or translates to I like children, so earn his parents we're thinking of the long game when they named him as a child. because they knew he was gonna, grow up to be a child sex ring trafficker person by naming him this right,
well, it's not really surprising that some will come up with that because allow these concerns see theories involving politicians may It sound like there's a long lineage of people from the same bloody. Then who are perpetrating all of these different conspiracies on them. People around the world. James had visited the white house at least five times, so he had ties to The obama administration and the Clinton administration I wonder how many other local businesses visit the white house and how many business owners get to hang out with politicians that might eat at their restaurants because they need to eat lunch. Close by but yeah. So that's another claim is yes ties the white house because he visited the white house many times this.
Something that probably fan the flames of the conspiracy James is instagram was sort of questionable. He had some interesting posts out there. and along with that, he had local bear. Or indeed rock bands play at his peter joint one of those bands was called. called the sex stains or just sex stains. You know when you're thinking in context that there is a child sex ring and then a ban plays their called sex stains. Well,
there is a connection. Personally, I would like to see this band. They seem like a very cool archie in iraq, punk banned in a small piece of joint. I think they're ella based and they were touring and combat pizza had a game room back with ping pong tables bans would play there. All the time, not just this band, so what. focusing on just this one band, just like you focusing on james being listed on the fifty most powerful people, you'd
totally disregard that this was a music venue and you totally disregard that there were party planners on the dc most powerful, less, because guess what a high end politicians have parties all the time and they would probably hire party planners back to the basement. Welch said he didn't find a basement, but you know you can discredit welch because he's a crisis actor. They say that james, the owner of the pizza restaurant, admitted that the was a basement because he was being interviewed about how fresh their food was. Indeed, metro weakly and he talked about canning tomato and storing them in the basement. Yet comment pizza doesn't have a basement. So he caught in a lie. He's admitting to this. He had other businesses and one of them was called bucks fishing camping so
it's possible that they can them at the pizza place and then took him over two bucks, fishing and company and stored them in that basement or Maybe he even stored them in aid nother area that had a basement, because I dont want people to go raid. Box fishing in company now looking for basement and shooting people in these wiki leaks articles job, Podesta knew the owner of comet ping. Pong pizza emails
between them mentioned a lot of stuff about pizza, because that sort of suspicious a guy that owns a pizza joint talks about pizza, but some of the words match up with what the f b, I says, are code words for pedophiles or sex trafficking on his instagram account had pictures of children at the pizza parlor, but there were code words. This is the connections they make his profile. Pic was the bust of antonius. I think that's the name. It's like a it's like a greek character. This is from one hundred and thirty one to one hundred and thirty. Two ad antonius is a young greek, teen boy. Who is known to have,
gay or had sex with other young boys, but he was greek and the roots of pizza come from greek and italian culture so. This is another weird connection that they make because he had this greek god or a greek character from history, as is, profile pic. There is another man holding a little girl with a beat it now less around them. It looks like a marty, grandma, beaded necklace I joined them together, but the point of this post is he put hashtag chicken lovers and people say that this is had I speak for men who love younger boys. They also referred to this beaded necklace as some sort of sex toy or sex beads.
But when you look at the photo, it's pretty innocuous one the photos was a child with their arms taped down to a table, so you know he's going to actually post a pitcher on instagram of a child that they have kidnapped in our holding captive for this child sex ring right. It looks like they're playing a game. The child does not look like they're in distress at all, looks like a game, a joke, there's nothing to it. There is another picture of a whole, their digging and what looks like a basement ads in the back of the restaurant. You know because again he would post a pitcher of a hole in the basement where there actually moving and smug when children through, I think they were doing some repairs. And we don't even know what basement this picture was taken from it could have been box could have anywhere,
There was a photo of a painting, at a museum and it's a sexual image. You can post wherever you want to your instagram and some things, are a little more inappropriate than others, but he actually was photographing the security guard at the museum who was asleep in front of the sexual painting and kind of making fun of it or mocking it. But again, because he took a photo of painting and posted it to his around. This is further evidence. Here's a photo of a white panel van claim that there is a cage in the back and that's where they would put the children when they smuggled them to the pizza restaurant. For they would put them in the basement and then route them through the tunnels? I guess through the sewer systems and when you see a pitcher of this
white panel van in the back. You realize it's a regular maintenance van and they probably used it to ship things with and bring pizza and ingredients in and yes, there is a, I guess you could say a partition between the cab and the back of the van, but I wouldn't call it a cage. I would call it a storage area. Now when Madeline mccann went missing Aaron we covered that case there were sketches of men who people think might have been involved with her disappearance and those sketches. Look like the pedestrian. others view put em side by side. It's it's very similar, while that you know that seem suspicious? But on the other hand, if you look into it these
catches of the men having to do with the possible kidnapping of mccann well is Finally, a sketch of the same man they just had one and then the other one and the other one is just in case the first one was quite right, so there are hoping that one of the sketches will jog someone's memory. So it's a sketch of one person not too and yap got it also the Sketch of the man looks like he's in his twenties, whereas the pedestal are much older. Like once forty and the other one, fifty eight looking at somebody sketches, I think one them looks a little bit more like Gary MC. Can then the pedestrian. I want to go down that route a whole it s. word is said to have been staying at the home of a convicted sex offender at the time of the mccann disappearance in that person.
yes, sir comment freud, so yeah we ve. Somehow we ve jumped from a pizza joint running a child sex ring to madeline mc hand titans here right. This is crazy. Freud did have a house in the same area where the can, what missing, but there, no evidence that he was home at the time or that job it was there at the time of the disappearance. Nothing like that, this freud guy, he was a former broadcaster politician and I think, a celebrity chef. He was
just some dude, some random guy. He was a high profile figure. He also shared in office with- and this is freud now, not podesta or these other people, but freud sheridan office with another person name Cyril smith. While he served in the house of commons and nineteen. Seventy three k and again we're going way off course here, but just bear with me cyril would go on to be busted for child molestation. Just like freud well now. You think what do we have tyrants here and sadly it just shows that there are a lot of pedophiles an rapists in government and you can go down a lot of holes here, but this is just exposing that some people in high positions of power are disgusting. People.
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stationary documents or headers from the pizza joint. Now these are very oddly worded sentences and some of the wording was coming into town bringing walnut sauce. You think I would do better plain dominoes on cheese or pasta Another email was dreaming about your hotdog stand in hawaii, and if these people were drug dealers, I would say they possibly were talking in code. I don't know if they had walnut sauce on the menu. I don't know if there was a hot dog stand in hawaii I also don't know if this is otto correct, totally screwing up what they're saying, because every time I know I send a text to you, Erin, I'm using extra voice or otto correct, and I'm sure you ve just gotten uttered garbage from me
I send the most ridiculous emails attacks in any one that is interacted with me on line has probably seen the ridiculous of otto correct in what I send so I dont know if these were worded intentionally this way or what tony, modesto. The brother of John Podesta has a boy asked statue in his home of a headless body doing what we could just consider to be bridging, like keys like the body is arched up. This is compared to I guess pictures of serial killer's victims, like Jeffrey Dahmer, his victims. I I can't speak too what influence the artists to make that if you compare the picture of one of your downwards victims who is put into oppose, and then you look at this culture
It's very similar. There's! No doubt I can't speak to that, but we also can find connections where there are none. It could just be that's a piece of art and it has nothing to do with doc, I guess they're just saying these are sick individual, so they are capable of running a child sex ring theirs. So this weird spirit, cooking connection
It's a live art, food thing where fluids and stuff are put on people or people eat food off of people. It's more of an art installation party thing at you can look it up. It's called spirit cooking, but it said that John and tony, and even the clintons were at or invited to these spirit, cooking events. They look weird to me, but I have a different kind of party when I throw on laura laura ssp. Ah she's the head of the new life children's refuge, she was arrested for kidnapping thirty three children.
because she is alleged that she was going to sell them or deliver them to this hedo ring. Now, if you don't know who laura is, she was actually trying to save refugee children and cross a border with them. Now there were emails from the Clinton campaign talking about, we need to get these charges dropped against laura. So obviously trying to get more out of trouble she was smuggling children, but what happened was she was trying to save these children from a war torn country, and she was with a group of missionaries they denied any wrong doing and claim that they were rescue orphans, leading them The dominican hotel, which was being transformed into an orphanage now of the ten missionaries were released, but
the founder, laura, remained incarcerated in haiti by the time it wanted I'll on may, thirteenth charges were reduced to arranging irregular travel. Apparently she didn't have the right paperwork to take the children to this hotel. he was found guilty and served and was given time served and released the concern Missy theorists will say see the Clinton's got her out of this situation, but she was doing missionary work in a foreign country and didn't have proper paperwork while she was trying to. rescue children. Yes, sometimes, when you look at the way people make connections between things. Use why they make those connections But then you wonder, why are you leaving out all this other information that would totally work against what you're trying to paint for us? cherry picking the evidence, its cherry picking what you put out into the world to spread missing
asian now were on the topic of haiti. The next claim is Monica Petersen was reported as the head of the human traffic centre. who investigated the Clinton foundation's work there and was critical of the Clinton foundation's. I guess lack of addressing the human trafficking issue going on Monica Petersen would end up killing herself and leaving a suicide note. So if you know anything about the Clinton's there's this called oh you'll get suicide by the cleanse, meaning you'll be murdered, and it's made to look like a suicide. While the reality is, she was a searching for the head of the human trafficking centre at the university of denver. As you also not part of the Clinton foundation work that is being done in haiti, the only tie in that she has
is that she was working for the same human trafficking group that it investigated the Clinton foundation so her taking her own life is: there is no connection there too. The Clinton's, but people do jump to conclusions because its confirmation bias she wasn't working for this place at the time of the investigation, and then she ends up taking her own life. Much later. Here's another rabbit hole that I just have to mention, because it's a another claim is a guy named Jeffrey Epstein, he's a high profile, money manager who is said to have a private resort island said that he has parties here, does business here and traffic children here and has high profile members of our government that visit his island on the regular bill. Clinton said
gone there, including our current president, president trump have gone to his island, jeffrey would later be charged with abusing dozens of under age girls, and he only got thirteen months behind bars. Now I find that's messed up and I dont know how he Didn'T- go to jail. It's it's just beyond reason to me, but he does have ties to high ranking people and the government, so that kind of helps you get off when you have charges such as this jeffrey has ties to people on both. Sides, both parties. So I guess this conspiracy just got a lot bigger, another thing is all of the symbols: comet pizzas. Bull is this weird try.
Angola spiral thing and it said that that symbol is what's used in pedophile rings and petty failure speak. I don't know it's all from this one f b. I document that talks about what the symbols mean and and the code words. I don't even know how vetted this f B- I document truly is. But if you look at them, you can see similarities. Meanwhile, I look at the comet pizza, symbol or logo, and I see nordic rune symbols again. There's different meanings for different symbols, that change over time we're just saying. If you're looking for a problem with their logo with any of the symbols, then you can look in fine things and probably a lot of logos, but on the front of the building red says
comet ping pong there're triangles and our stars and moons? Some people have tried to say that there is a picture of Is it beelzebub or something and he's One hand up one down: there are true angles and moons and stars no they're saying. Oh all the same symbols are seen in both of these images. So there's a connection it's like paranoia if you're just looking something your minds probably going to try and make sense of it and of european sport, see theorists Your mind will work a little differently, but ya you'll see something for sure. Even the beast row across the street, their logo is, hand inside of a hand, and this is supposed to be or alleged, pedophile speak for rural lover, the beast row with in depth changing their logo, along with common pizza after this
you're insane conspiracy climb to a man shooting into one of the restaurants. Now I know there was a day sparkled isis and they change their name in recent years I wonder why, and I wonder why the beast row and combat pizza would change their logos. After all this to the final claim, is that pizza as a slogan is play, eat and drink play, eat, drink, p, e d pet. Oh, I guess, is the claim, go figure. Hillary Clinton and obama both held fundraisers at comet ping pong hillary donated money to the protest was again these
our people that worked for the Clinton's and the campaign so yeah, it's all over the place. But if you take all of these things, these believers see the totality of evidence here and they run with it. Whether smokers fire just come on. You have these symbols. she's pizza c p right child porn. There are all these things you can look at in there staring in the face. So if you don't see it, maybe it's not actually there, but still there are people who see it. I guess we I need to wake up and open her eyes and understand that there is horrible things happening behind closed doors again. I I feel that way when it comes to conspiracies it's because
these people. Dont think the world or society is interesting enough. We do have horrible sex offenders pedophiles. We do have high ranking officials that do horrible things as they would said. There's a lot of bad people in government and those lotta high profile, public figures and maybe there's connections between them. Slightly more believable, but as soon as you including this peter joint these business owners and a basement that exist? Tunnels that aren't there you're you're, really reaching There was some fall out for this. Some good did out of it in a way because well, the public learned that the place didn't have a basement. Then we had not my favorite person by Alex Jones.
who came out and had to admit and apologize He had been saying about pizza gate. Well, it's not true unfortunate. when you have someone like Alex Jones, who is always talking about conspiracies and telling you that he has the truth He comes out and says that he was wrong about something that doesn't get everyone to stop. You know, If you look into this case, you'll find pictures of a family who were all wearing these pizza gate, shirts, one says I am not pizza gave another one says: pizza gate is not fake news. It's really sad that you have a husband and wife and their three young children out somewhere protesting because they want to this child sex trafficking ring that doesn't exist, but despite Alex jones doing a retraction, it hasn't stopped followers I don't think they'll come up with excuses, will
maybe didn't have a basement, but oh he didn't find anything that day or maybe Alex Jones is being silenced. On this now we're really concerned about speaking of that to Ben Swann with reality check, he worked for CBS at the time. He did a bit on this and actually he says up front. There is no evidence supporting this, but then he goes on to paint some ties again. He was spreading fake news and CBS didn't like this. So I don't remember if he was reprimanded by CBS or if he was actually terminated by CBS Been swan is continued on and he still reports the news on youtube and whatnot, but because he was let go, it is said that he was being silenced and Alex Jones is being silenced
I get it they're trying to report. They have their first amendment, but here we have information and allegations being spread that lead to threats and dangerous situations for the public and everyone involved just in one of the things you asked me to do. As you said, you need to look up the images that have been posted that are really added to this conspiracy and We went through a bunch of them you even before we started recording this. We pulled up a bunch on my computer screen and it's amazing, all the crazy pictures of other spain tower their kids or the owner of the pizza place playing with a kid or whatever it is. But every one of these images is framed, is something sinister or something related to pedophilia and one of the images that we found
was some sort of a bracelet tat was a gift to Barack obama from his vice president, Joe Biden had a fight a pizza at day and had a slice of pizza as one of the things hanging from the bracelet, and so you look at this anything This is a perfect image that conspiracy theories will just eat up like they were their favorite pizza. I mean symbolic gee. I love it. I love a fact that you can do something fun like this and There are people who look at this and say: ah, we ve got you. because they were so brazen about, including a pizza on this bracelet. What more do you need to know. So let's talk about why this happened when I was
reading about this, it struck me that this could have been a manufactured conspiracy theory to get people to not vote for a political candidate in that election. In the twenty sixteen election yeah, we saw that there were actual russian bots social media bots, pushing agendas, and we even heard that there or other campaigns, not not presidential ones, but said it and congress members where there were influences to throw deal, actions in one way or another. It's it's become a war of information and is harder and harder to distinguish. What's real and what not internet people to see one pitcher one comment: one selfie,
and they believe it to mean something completely different than what the context of it might have been. Well, that's a manufactured campaign and its goal is to take down the chances of a political canada of winning a presidential election. Then you and see wyatt snowballs, because there are people who, even if their not sure, even if they have their doubts about what the claims were or are there jumping on board, because they agree with what the likely result will be a the campaign, so if they can spread this information that a political candidate, rapes, children, well, you can't over some someone my that right, some people say going to go vote for the lesser of two evils of you know one of em, pedophile that got a lot easier. Didn't it absolutely? But It is also dangerous, because the people who believe in can piracy theories, believe that they are
the information that the public as a whole really doesn't have the the sad part of. this and we can see this with all the fake twitter accounts and all alleys box. Retweeting. All of this, in a real fake news, is that the people who buy we if that they're going to the right places for information- and this is irony here there actually getting misinformation. Their intention is to know the truth and to spread the truth and there actually doing just the opposite. This is going to keep going on because allow these people have good intentions. Justin, don't you think? Oh yeah, I get it. I get that it's the very easy to go out in tweet to repost information. You can be a social media activist twitter activist. You can do good from
the comfort of your own home or your own phone without actually have to get your hands dirty but when here at such an arms reach from what might be the truth, it's it's hard to distinguish. What's real and what not. Blood ties the award winning audio drama from wondering returns for its third season strange days with another thrilling story about greed, power and deception. Fine. years have passed since eleanor play by giving Jacobs up community took over as ceo of the infamous richly family empire. Alongside her half brother Santana play by christian navarro of thirteen reasons why, together they decide to invest the family fortune in a groundbreaking, controversial, new drug but ash fucking revelations about the new treatment emerge eleanor and Santana go to every length to protect their control of the rich one family dynasty as Ellen his father did always say: medicine is a bloody business, listen to
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