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there we! Finally, this gave in said, let's do a q and a so that's what europe Here we answer the questions that the listeners want to know. So, let's just dive, kick it off devon and on a k both asked us. How did you to become friends a long long time ago it was my sophomore year in high school. I think one of my first jobs I got was at this place called stevenson's apple tree and it was as a dishwasher in Erin was wearing a psychic tv shirt, which is a experimental noise band,
this is back in ninety two. Ninety ninety two, the mid west, not we expect to see specially when you're washing dishes and we started talking music curs. Obviously he had a very unique taste in music that I couldn't find, and so we shall talk in. I told him how much I liked skinny puppy, my favorite industrial act, and from there we, I don't think we have ever not been friends, no less true. We just have some similar interests and, as times gone eyes, came interesting. How we ve discovered other similar cases we ve had nets, I mean now we do the podcast together, so it just. It's been a good friendship Connie s asked what did family, and
friends, think of your podcast than the beginning and has our opinion changed now that the show is really increase in popularity, onawandah bad about my family, but my family doesn't really take much interest in my life. As far as my immediate family, my mother and my sister my extended family, uncles and whatnot. They they do but they never really knew much about my podcast in the beginning. Now I'm getting messages from them saying your podcast is pulling up on my part, the cast feed and I didn't even know it was you. So that's pretty cool and they're they're, giving me props our friends. Our friends have always been supportive and my you know my wife's very supportive of it and tells me,
proud. She is every day. She also goes on ass, the dream of doing this as your full time, job apps, absolutely I don't know, I think I am I like sort of doing the full time job and doing this, because my other job takes care of the same medical costs and things like that, our a podcast- doesn't cover, but who knows I mean if it was paying long enough? I think I think we can handle doing it full time instead of other jobs, or I wish you would. It would pay enough that I could work part time and do the podcast as opposed to working fault the. Because almost as a full time job, so he I will get into that more later on. We have some questions that kind of ask about that: go here, you from California and kelly DE both ass was her
One case that got us to start doing. The podcast will there's two cases, I guess that would be episode, one and episode two, So one was me going getting called for jury duty and, unlike most of the populace online, hell yeah I'll go. I want to learn, I want to see, what this is all about. I don't want to get out a jury duty. I can care less. I dont have a lot of bills at all. I have a lot of time. So I was all about it and it turned out to be a first degree. Murder trial in episode. One is that and and then episode to was something you really want. the talk about you. I remember talking you. I said you have got to check out the staircase and he I almost felt lake. When you first got into it. You were even more into it than I was, but yeah we ended up talk
about that quite a bit and we kept going back and forth on it, and I think this While you learned a lot during jury duty, we all learned a lot from the staircase because it real highlighted how cases can be very ambiguous at times and depending on your point of view. Different pieces of evidence can look different ways to you. So me. It just highlighted that you can't really know the truth of everything, although there the chance Michael pierce really knows what happened, or maybe he doesn't in the staircase that it was a. I think it's a six part many series documentary in while you're watching it it's a roller coaster. I do like he's absolutely guilty. and sometimes you like, wait a sec. This isn't so clear, anymore and aids. People go in and they just think he's guilty. Some people go on and I think he's absolutely innocent. I went in and air
other episode? I changed my mind up until the end, so that's what drugs drew me into it. So those two or I guess, what goddess doing the pod cast but we learned so much from those to that kind of took on its own, you no bees. We all. say true crime- is our bread and butter, because that's what the people want to hear about next to tony from ST louis has research on cases ever affected your personal life in a negative way. Yes and no, I I have researched the case and spent more time researching a case and I neglected my full time day job, so it affected day job, but I don't know if that would be considered negative, yet affects my job once in a did,
where to put it is your researching a case and its taken over your brain and then people will up and say something to me, and I literally have nothing that comes out of my mouth accept ha. I find that all I can talk about. Two people is whatever case I'm absorb and to ensure people get so annoyed cause. I talk about as the podcast and whatever case I'm working on now. Luckily, it's not just the podcast its oh. There is this kid and he just murdered somebody in they don't think he did it and at at at at at at at or I might get annoying afterwhile as far as my friends and family joke has. That's all I talk about you, but I would think that the listener is, might enjoy talking to us by these cases, because they're, the ones that are not just listening to us, but other pod cas sort scaler True murder function
No, they don't mind hearing about this stuff, but you know coworkers widespread. Some of those people may not want to hear about this day after day, but, as just said, were so immersed in it. So I can't hardly get away from it funny enough, though the the month or the weeks leading up to the recording the podcast? I'm way more passionate about it. I'm way more into it after we record it. It's like dump- and I know not- that I don't care about the case anymore, but it's it's hard to keep talking about it. I guess you have to have some sort of dump, because there's all these new cases, I mean we set the october schedule the other day, and we have all these cases out there's no way to stay. Super involved? In all these past cases, we ve done were on episode, one forty, two one, forty three there's no way to keeping it you know what case eighty seven her case, sixty four was,
although, oddly enough sixty four as most besides, were actually sort of try to stay up to date. On that case. So, Oh, that's actually a case where I interviewed louis Duncan about the murder of her daughter So what are the wolves one to the wolves and so there's these different cases? I would say there is probably a few I really keep up on and I could probably talk about within a few days notice. tony goes on to ask: do you think you could get away with murder My wife and I have a joke that if she were, ever murdered, I'm going to jail for life, regardless of whether I did it or not. really a joke, though. Now it's that since its it is what it is. But if Could I get away with murder? Anyone could get away with murder if we
haven't shown how the prosecution or the investigation can be totally flood. I I think it's not that hard to get away with it, especially if you were a meaning You are too just do a a random dry by shooting or something to that effect. I I don't think there's much. They could do to track you down unless somebody was standing there. Next to the victim saw your car saw your license boy. Maybe it's bad example yeah I'm going to pop your bubble here. and say that no, I don't think I away with murder- and you can point all the problems that the investigators have and the prosecutors have, but at the end of the day, most these guys are getting sent off to prison these. These accused look at our prison system becoming people in prison Most people are going to prison as far as I can tell. We have weary and we have more people
prison than any other country on on this earth? But sir, I I don't know what the stats are for, how the unsolved murders are there out there and how many people are sitting in prison and could we weigh that out somehow. I know we have a lot of people in prison, but they're not all there for murder well is do you think you could, and I know I don't think I could you can know you you can say I could do this and I can do that to hide my identity to show dad dna and whatever else you can think of all these things. But trust me, I don't of the ego. That tells me that way. I could get away with it. It's literally they can find something and it will it'll sink you it of about one thing: one screw up cause you're just never that good. I dont think you get lucky, sir,
as much as I might think I could get away with murder. Let's change the question: could you ever murder? I don't think I could No I'd have I I could. I could defend myself, I could defend my home or my family, but I couldn't. I couldn't kill somebody. I don't think at you know I think about those guys that have to go off. Or I don't I don't know. I could do that. I guess it's. You theo I was going up against the enemy. I could do that, but I don't I don't. I don't think I could get fair enough as one last question, but I think it's just me because its who you know what is your favorite hockey team and lots of. I know I know we have a lot of listeners that love hockey, but mine will forever be the detroit redwings. Guess. That's who I grew up with and I went Joe louis arena for many years. There are now getting a new arena,
But I like a lot of other teams. I also like watching ST louis blues quite a bit. I get to watch them here because I'm in Missouri and dad I like watching chicago, there's a couple other teams like to watch, but the redwings and next question from cat t, who does the spoken intro to the show valid Be your wife right, my wife does the intro and you know for a while there was thinking. She helps me a lot of time. She'll help get the house kind of settled down and she does a lot of other. She helps me be no package shirts its countless the amount of items I checklist. I could put on their how much help she gives by tat she control. Is that into the show, and I know it seems like most people like it it your way. And I have someone who doesn't like it, but I really like having her on there and also think why
listen to our episodes and when I would hear my voice in the beginning, you know it's fine. I think I do all right, but I like having a different voice at the beginning, the shout it changes it up. When I hide, I think she does a fine job. I think she has a a soft voice. So I'm down She goes on ass. Where might you do meet in greece in the future as well? I dont have a passport yet so I and I need to get that because I think canada, australia in uk would have to be on the list. But I think you Florida California, in California, we have to do southern and northern and then does California's big state little room,
berger sport and then new york and michigan. We would have to go all over the place, but yeah it's hard to know, but it might be opportunity as well in straight yeah yeah, who wouldn't want to go to australia. We have actually a decent list base in england and Australia. That would probably be and raising campaign. I can tell you that right now, but No, no, you know a place like Chicago might be very likely, because I heard podcast movement, two thousand sixteen isn't chicago. I just went to the one in fort worth. Texas and How goes about an eight hour drive for us? You never know. I mean we'll talk about it. We're gonna do this first one get our feet wet and then we'll see yet, but it would be nice to do one once a year. I think, but you know, California's possible. Justin has lived there. He spent quite a bit of time there. He knows it pretty well,
I been california once and I was about fourteen years old, so I don't think that counts. I was on a bus in anaheim. she goes on to ask. This is her final question: what story or case HANS you or sticks with you and she's? Not When asked this question, I a one he's from denmark actually asked as well, and I am sorry if I put your name- met the that's what it looks like anyway, thanks for the help with the appreciation, but I'm I'm just not bore you with pronunciation, but you anything you you answer first, because I can't they go on. I know cases that haunt me. I think there are cases where it seems as though there is a. How do you put it a direct effort? on the part of the people who are supposed to solve the crime to cloud the crime so that you can't solve it.
And that would be like in those duncans case, her daughter, caitlin, our cat was killed, but is saw that she had been pulled over by a police officer she shot. So how does it happen? I mean that's really weird there haunts me. I can see why it hans her and her family other cases, our, where apparent, has apparently murdered their children, those those continue to haunt me. I mean I may get on the episode and sound, confident and may put a mumble asked, but I mean they hot me. I can't I will never understand how someone could ever do that, so those those cases haunt me, no doubt
I guess for me some of the worst serial killers I the robber picton case. Oh my gosh thou one kind of bothered me. I don't have a haunts me, but it bothered me other cases that I feel a major injustice was had. They they bother me. I mean it's kind of the I you know again. I don't want to be bashing on police officers, law enforcement or prosecutors, but when you see so many people getting put in jail for such weird issues, weird theories and bad evidence, every single one of those haunts me, so I guess between Robert picton b t k, some of the serial killers and then the re.
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for an average of six discounts when they sign up a little off your radio. It goes a long way get a quote today: a progressive dot, progressive casualty, insurance company fully its national annual average insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with progressive between June twenty twenty and may twenty twenty one potential savings will very discounts very and are not available in all states and situations. mason you ass. What is the criteria for an assassination to be that instead of a murder- and I thought well mason- I don't know for other people too- ask that question, but we can give it a go. What is Google said? It talks about we meditated murder of a politically important person dignitary. Yeah dignitaries talking about this with my wife, and I was I too you say things in a long form and she, instead whittle it down to the important part. I think you do that with me too
and I was talking about how it's something that would be an important event like to kill that person. It would change something and she said well, like a dignitary, you know you, you take out a big name like that it it will have a big impact. So we were talking about the dc snipers. They were killing average regular people which is horrifying and you can see the terror it's the aspect of that. But if you shoot like a king like what happened with world war one now you have a world war, so things can change in a big way depending on who you kill, and I think that's the assassination. That's the difference, that's the difference between assassination and murder, so it's kind of the importance of the person you're killing or the importance of the outcome, That's yeah, I think that's it. Do you think it possible for the lottery to be an institution to catch time, travellers set up by a governing body now to what
I got this question right away, but what is basically saying is so you can have somewhat less that you're a time traveller you're going to know the numbers. Ok, because you can go back in time to say thousand nine and when the power ball and now you're you're loaded. And so maybe the government can secretly check you out. You know check out your documents when you were born social security number or whatever. It's a funny question I like it, you have nothing else to say on that got me off guard. Ok, I hadn't seen these before. Like he's literally asking me, this is fresh off the cuff. That's what I like about. Is you Are some of your favorite video games? Do we have time for video games undisconcerted pick out like my top five ex com? the remake and any originals any
became said I'd, be dead, island or left her dad, ah operation flashpoint. I was really into that. One is a military game and gallows. this would be my top once you I tend to play just one game anymore and what I like about as I can set it on silent, and I actually listened to and edit pod casts. While I play the game and that game is the binding of isaac and its literally sl the game and it's all all randomly generated. So every room you go into you, don't know what kind of beasts you're going to find, but it's it's kind of like a catholic themed game of a a child whose mother has gone crazy, and it's very addictive, but I don't really have time to play too many games between work and the podcast, so
this one game, though I can set it on silent and I can play it and listen to audio and ah there's not there's no other game. I can think of where I could do that. I did play all of the half life games. I liked them a lot, but they haven't put out stuff so yeah and for the record repeat the gamers in case anyone's wondering I do not have an ex x or any kind of council. Nicole tee ass, how long have you known each other? Ninety, ninety two, three o, It was early. Ninety three I moved here in in matured in Missouri, in late. Ninety, do ok and the first job I had was helping home construction and then got a job with you on after that so So given in early ninety ninety three math
twenty. I don't do it he's going to data is weird. He talked about how we met with so many people ass. Is that question. Do you have? their jobs now, I think alike, People know what you do, because you mentioned your. I t work yeah. I work for a a large company in a very conservative environment and I do I t work, that's ranged from, supporting ceos board of directors and their direct support to domain administration and just boring stuff. yeah I were fern automotive company and I've worked. Therefore, twenty two years now, so it's its steady work
pays the bills, but is not nearly as entertaining as the pod cath sound. Now, back to that question, would you do the pike ass full time? We do do it full time marquis asked: have you considered podcast on more murray. We did we do. Day, not more murray. This was back in back in April round episode. Eighty something I think, eighty seven, I can't I maybe I don't remember the website, the generation why podcast ass urge it up? I you know I was the rapid. So but I I liked our discussion and I think we both have valid points, and I know we ve mention another podcast said actually does the entire pod guesses. Just on more, hurry, but Maura murray dock dot com. I think so, do you have it missing, Maura, Murray, missing and so yeah check it out
Listen. Who knows we may talk about it again at some point. Ok, there a listener that citizens a very interesting question. His name is MIKE and oh, he runs his own podcast sore and scale never heard of it? I don't know I think I've seen a really cool logo out there about it. If you could be a tree, what sort of tree would you be and what are the ones that have the the stuff that hangs there? The willows wisp you want to be a willow tree, sir, a whipping willow rank whipping what he wants to be a whipping willow that As about you lot, I would be an evergreen I just like evergreens, so that I don't have any other, but I like the question- and I don't think he's had a few drinks at this point. A few martini
kelly d ass. What do you think about the missing for one one? Well, I've receives probable. I should say we we ve gotten so many questions about. their sanborn questions, though we are, you gotta have dave, you know, David on I've tried I've written I never have time. So it's really in his corner. If he wants on either We would have mine. I don't we totally word if he wants, but yeah David. If you're listening you want on. You know contact us. Received another email from a different address, but Kelly Kennedy again in this was soon after so who knows might be the same person. Has them missing, more murray, podcast changed your mind on what you think happened to her
I know I do I do like their podcast. I do think they go they. They are very thorough on all the things they cover, but I hate to say it, but that's one that I was kinda set with my theory on very early and I haven't budged from it and that doesn't happen. I usually do budge, but I haven't had I haven't budged on that one which was, I think she was a. I think she was drinking and driving wrecked her car. and hitchhiked away in got picked up by the wrong dude yeah. My my my opinion was expressed on the earlier episode and I think she died exposure rising, I think she wandered off and you get lost out there. I think it's very easy to to go missing, but
I think if I were to speak on it again, I'd probably go back and look some look at some things and see if there was any new information and- and I would reassess- but until I do that I'll stick with my thinks she died of exposure out there and what other podcast you listen to. I listen to a lot and a lot of them I skip over and I don't leave hateful reviews for them. I just stop listening. Ah but currently, I think, a sword and scale thinking sideways and Joe rogan are the three that I listen to yeah. My my favorite podcast is the enemy our with aerial hawaii and I also like exposing pseudo astronomy with doctors do robins, and I am
in the science and sceptical pod casts so I like got anything along those lines. I have started listening to soaring scale. I start listening to the case. The happened locally, where the woman was killed by her daughter area. which is one of the more recent episodes and down. But it's really difficult to listen to pod, because having our own? I mean I'd. There's somebody editing, tiny search, idealist I'm listening to audio, usually it's tied into the case to give you a clue like There are documentaries. Why will lift the audio off documentaries and put him on my my ipod and
I listened to the audio from the documentaries throughout the day, yeah, so cool other podcast little difficult to get to, but I do try to fit them in Quincy t from las vegas. Do you play and cover the news reporter shooting in Virginia. That happened last august and I would say, I think, were yea Finally, do that right I mean tat, it might not be in the way you expect us to write the guy's little mr yeah, but yeah we're working on that andrew s wrote to us summary. Your backgrounds. Well, I would say that might be a bit much for this form But I would say, if you go to a website, we have a section:
old, who we are check that out you'll see some of our interests, some of the things of our backgrounds. I would suggest looking at that. I quickly I I did not grow up with a team sports I skateboard I did everything I could do to repel as a child. I was forced into military and that made me better at committing crimes, and then I grew up a little bit and now I work in, I t I still us into punk rock heavy metal and all those goods thou that get stuff, and I have found my passion with true crime. I grew up. I was a straight arrow they had a deep love for all things. Horror- and still, In fact, I'm reading the new clive barker book, the scarlet gospels right now, which is fantastic
My wife got me a signed copy, so that's extra special since he's my favorite living author. So yeah, I'm basically a horror fan and a true crime fan, And- and I I the I I love music. So I have. I don't even know how many, how much music I have, but I have way too much probably do what is the music used on the podcast? That is music, that errand and I made together and it was a project called monster. Who's in monsters was dark. Ambient noise these experimental noise, where we would take just different items, noises samples and thrown together so that song. Is me strumming. unknowingly, on a guitar
unknowingly, you doing the background dark noises, I think the beats and the beats, and then I think I am pulled these samples from the movie the abyss, or did you I remember, I remember I played the guitar I might have done. The sampling to the key here is that the first thing that he and I ever actually worked on together. So the fact that we do this podcast, we thought it in that we get some music that we could use and joy. Cynthia. What are we just use, the music that we made its it's sort of a dark topic and we made dark music, so we thought it was a good fit, and so I at first I was like well. You know we need something on there, so but man it just works. I think, and we've had a lot of people contact us and I I think that's something that the listeners really have enjoyed
Oh, I think there's like a choir singing at the beginning that I put in reverse and then than the song starts. Catherine and rights in which episodes cause you the most distress. I think we kind of covered that it wouldn't be any different than the cases that haunt us. Oh, I thought she meant where we ve been attacks. Gazelle gonna, say darley wrote year, a man did not add nonsense. The good thing is is not in the retire case, but civilization cases. I've actually learn. Some things you know, it just depends, but the way to me it's it can be distressing at first but There are two your case. You get used to weld. Ok, these people really don't know what you're talking about and down like they say we need to raise money for dna testing when no is that, where that money is going to look it up, but then in something
their cases, a man, an ox, think we'd learn some stuff. What we did the first episode and then later we decide do the other up. So I think we really learn some things and that I love the process. So we'll go out will put our opinions out there. What do our research by the I think it distressing at first, but those aren't long term distressing cases for me, and I guess you refer back to our haunting question. If you want to know the other version of that answer. Now, that's a good, good catch them. What food is your least favorite would trigger your gag reflex. I eat everything, I'm an armed of war I could sit down at the table with a bunch of hippies eating raw food or I could sit. At a table with a bunch of people that just slaughtered a pig and I'm happy as can be the foods that give me my gag reflex and are hard candy, I love chocolate and I love sweets but hard
Andy. I, like the little sesame seed. Things were the butterscotch a bird like I'm just not into those I would they don't make me gag ages I don't hate him. I just feel better when they're, not around yeah gag rule, max. I have a real, strong aversion to any kind of, but most yellow, Jesus. So if something has like chatter cheese or not or teaser, things like that, I can't handle them but if it has mozzarella, provolone ross iago out I'll eat all all that, but yeah yeah yell cheeses are usually what we give me guy reflex or something you upset. My stomach would be like white chocolate for some reason: Aaron's, actually very picky eater,
been out to eat with them, but it's I'm getting less picky because you have you been eating thai food: oh my gosh thai food, indian food and then I've increased the number of in kinds of vegetables I eat. I actually eat broccoli real easily now, so I think a cooking has something to do with that. You know my wife's, a pretty good cook, so what is in? This is catherine, final question: what is the best live concert? You have ever seen. I liked his question. As its you know, it's not a murder related question the first,
answered I ever saw was nineteen. Ninety two- I was, I think, fifteen years old and my sister new, I liked the ban skinny puppy and I know most if not all of our listeners are like who the hell is that, but there is a god, industrial horror, themed band, and when I was fifteen years old, this was my first concert and to see a a tree. Made of flesh with body parts hanging from it and ogre the singer come out wrapped in saran rap and slowly tearing himself out in their pockets of blood and do in everything and everybody on drugs got up and left? I was fifteen, sober, and I was floored by this. This was just the best thing I've ever seen.
As far as regular bands. I mean I listen to a lot of weird stuff, so does it's hard to say, but I was out Lollapalooza to wear ministry and red actually peppers and all that was there, and that was a pretty good show. I don't know, there's been a lot of good shows but mud. My first one is always the one that I hold dear now a skinny, Be ninety ninety two liberty, hauling in lawrence Kansas, yeah, I've seen us guinea puppy a number of times. I saw them for the last. It's to her in the early nineties and then I saw them in two thousand for and then I've seen them too. I'm in the last couple years and yeah there's no ban that I've seen that is on par with them in alive setting. So I would say he pick any of those skinny bobby- shows Diane Anne. She read in with some very controversial questions who do you think
john beneath the brother. I think your you're asking for was most likely. I think its most likely. That was The brother is more murray still alive, absolutely not yeah. It's that behold. Pod can listen to her oh podcast. I I just don't think so: ok and the last question is, did madeleine mccann's parents have anything to do with her disappearance that one's a tough one? I I don't know, I think that they, I don't think they're being as forthcoming as they should be. If they were the victims of a horrible kidnapping, then that's horrible, but I I just. I have problems with those cadaver dogs. I have problems with their story in their timeline, but I can't say I with that one. I I
I can't say that I am absolutely one hundred per cent sure they had something to do with it. Yeah. Just I like that answer, Bri wrote in what's your favorite true crime book a noel at also asked that question. kevin solomons ted Bundy book is I'd. Never I never thought much a ted Bundy. I just thought of
good, looking pretty boy who would get away with murder indebted editor, Kevin's book scared me made TED Bundy scary and that hadn't happened. I never had a fear of ted Bundy. I always thought I could take him in a fight after reading his book I was like this is the most cunning, precise person serial killer. There is on the face of planet, but that's true crime. I have two true crime books that I would put up there. I think a one is help mins later, which I think we're working on trying to. That's because at that files are recording, is not very good. We're wilt thou be good again with Richard K, hill junior. I think, if you haven't read that book, that I would recommend that the other one is an author of always wanted to get on she's a one. for woman. She even sent me the book. Why asked her to be on I've never been able to get her on, but there's a book out there that lethal and tat
by sue Russell. And if you haven't read that book the best you describe. It is its. I think it's like nine hundred pages and it's never boring, you will learn so much about island? Warn us and your I know about every little aspect of her life. All the different situations she's been in. I find it completely fascinating. I don't. I don't know that there's a better book on a certain person than Her next question is favorite unsolved mystery. I'm going to say that its jack, the ripper, but I have a feeling that if we ever did find out who jack the ripper was, I think it would be very ought not exciting, but As far as unsolved mystery goes, I think jack. The Ripper is the most exciting, possibly
but again I don't. I just don't think if we did have the answer. There would be that exciting, but you know maybe I'll be proven wrong. I I guess I'd have to go zodiac, because it's it's one of those controversial things and between all the all the episodes we've had on our podcast about it. I'm I'm no longer sure on how I feel about that case. So I would love to see it be resolved why a resurgence of interest in true crime. Because we're seeing all these podcast take off and there is even more shows on tv now the idea network, this that's a great crush. You know what I was down in texas during the meet up met. Forgot all your guys, his name's, I'm sorry it's late, but you guys asked me they're like what is your target audience? What is your typical fan and it was a bunch of ladys ma
and I said you I said, you're my target audience and my typical fan- and between the idea channel and all this and then I know the podcast cereal is just made an enormous impact, but it was growing before cereal, and it it's just that mystery. It's it's! No longer I'm watching a a bs soap opera, where you know who you know whatever, who killed Dallas or remember, but it's it's real and you get to see an insight and try to understand how somebody could murder somebody and get away with it yeah? For me, I think it's because it is drama and it hits upon so many things. It hits upon mystery on justice, on injustice, on questions about our society about,
family it. It hits you in so many ways that I think it tickles your brain in a way that much Other things cannot in that's. Why seeing so many women into right. I would say- and I think it continues to grow Diana L wrote in and asked what interests you most other topics you guys cover true crime, paranormal unsolved mysteries, conspiracies or historical subjects. Out of all those which wanted to see the most be true, crime and conspiracies true crime all the way. But most spirits seas, we debunk an eye We want to do a whole podcast on the inception of how a conspiracy theory grows and becomes. Yeah for me, I think it's true crime, slash unsolved mysteries, I'm this. I
I like reading about paranormal stuff, but I'm not really that into it and conspiracies I've. A lot of them just get on my nerves and historical subjects. You I really do find historical subjects interesting, but not quite up. There were two crime in unsolved mysteries. Close second close second Daniele H wrote in asked what keeps you doing the podcast and why and is a fan. She just wants to know what drives us. We it's a beast. Now, it's the trains rolling and where on it, I do enjoy it and I do have a passion for it, but it's almost like wow. Now it's become something I guess. If we were at episode thirty and we had thirty fans and we hadn't done much- maybe
and I got better things to do, but it's just grown and grown and grown in it hasn't stopped growing. So it's made me appreciate it for that at least, and you guys obviously yay, did we get the emails and the messages- and I know Just- has been more active on facebook with you guys in it that just drives us. I mean it's an we had get so much get information from you good feedback it. It just makes it somewhere so worthwhile. she also ass. What brings you the most joy in life, well. I would say honestly, it's my family, so the wife and the kids they bring me the most joy. I guess I would be my family too, and just my connections and my love for them and their love for me
if I'd want to choose another answer, though its figuring things out- and somebody told me that I have an indigo aura and that I like to The injustices of the world package them up and ensure the public, and I not that I want to just focus on ingest this is by, I like to figure out how the world works and then let other people know now brings me joy. marion l wrote in and asked with jobs at bay. pod podcast, you know heavy. drop any real hobbes? Absolutely Been currently writing to books for the last ten years, I have not finished either one of them they're. Both
military thrillers kind of like Tom clancy, with a sense of humor. I also play the bass guitar. I haven't picked that thing up in years. I also used to skateboard, but I kind of quit that when I got old I would say there is a hobby that I had to put on the back burner and that's that I like in high school, I used to read it literally a book a day and I'm a very fast reader. I read it in and think gets over a thousand pages. I read it in half hours by it, I've had a really slow down on my reading, because I'm researching so much so. And I can't read that fast from researching, because I'm not reading a simple story, I'm I'm actually taking eyes names into prevents in
It's a it's a different animal, so I've had a slowdown in my reading, so I've only been reading a fictional book, maybe once every three months now has really slow down. So I've only got a few authors actually reading. More cool amber our road in and asked what sparked your interest in all things generation. Why related- and I have an answer ready for that, which is when I was a young kid and of course I was really into horror, but back then we didn't have it may channels well, along The show named in search of with leonard nimoy and while it that triggered my interest in all these things, true crime, unsolved, mysteries, historical stuff, yeah. I as it was my fascination with horror movies and then that moved one two serial killers and hence true crime, so yeah.
An amber are and meg ass, both ass. If you could know the truth of one case or mystery, which would it be. I'm torn between. the job. Any ramsay case. and believe it or not. The ad non side case and I only want to know about the ad non sides argued his throat and people's faces. and I want to know about the job in eight ramsay case, because it was such a charge yeah it so charged.
Yeah. I think the John bernay simply because there is so much venom that went back and forth and it would be nice just been put it all the bed, because that case has never really died off. Liz Ass wrote in asked how much research goes in each case. It depends on the case, a tip glee like when we first started, I had allow more time to research. We are only doing one or two podcast. A month So I could research technically up a subject for months before we did it, because I would research it and other ones. Now, since we go weak lee
My times cut down a little bit some. If there. If we have a big episode coming up, I will start researching that in tandem with others, but if it's a just a straight up murder case, sometimes it it gets maybe forty eight to seventy two hours. That's straight time. That's not you know, oh I I researched it a couple of hours during the day. That means a twenty four to forty eight hours of processing. on each one. At least I would say yeah we we have less time now, but I think we ve become much more efficient. We sort, I know where to go, and so all download files to my phone. And I also rip audio from documentary, and I put it on my player and upon, Only reading from different websites
and then I also sometimes contact some of our listeners, who I know heavy their written in on it or of I and you know that their into something like that, so it's it's more efficient nowadays and yes, it's it's a constant. Throughout a day every day it seems like me, except maybe one day and the weekend I'll I'll, not do any research at all, but almost every day, constant either in my here or costly checking unless on the up- and I also, if I'm out with family baptized any downtime or any time. Otherwise, I'm pretty much study a case where the other she also ass the other times where you, just can't read about another crime and record an episode on it? I mean I'll answer this. I think just I have talked about it sometimes will schedule so many episodes and then put in something odd lay
were put in big fight. You now, because there's no driver there or bermuda triangle will throw in something to kind of break it out, because we do get a little run down, and sometimes you see pictures or read about certain crimes as it can be tough. We cover it because we know everyone wanted about it and even though the tougher you at sir, like well we're gonna get through this together. Are your wives into true crime and do they contribute their opinions? Obviously they contribute their opinions. Are my wife's are actually not that sheep she was into true crime. When I first met her, she was really into the black dalia murder in a lot of other old hollywood kind of murders, but I'm not sure if she's an avid fan, she doesn't watch a lot of the idee network or whenever my wife does not liked your crime, she does.
She bit her opinions, especially if I ask or something direct meg s rights in. Do you have any other hobbes that I how time for that's right, writing I'm on yell by right, yelp, reviews that are funny, that's putting it mildly, the writing in music. But I just don't have time for them anymore. My hobbes reading when I can squeeze it in, and I love tinkering with computers, so I recently upgraded my not that long ago, in an yeah building peters, I love develop computer. So if I had more funds, I probably build a new one. A year, but I tend to build them where the last four years as a good for years and so be strong, Leslie g ass. Are you guys, sympathetic yonder's, because some
people who are not tend to be psychopaths. Do you understand the question? Yes? If you're out somewhere lets a year with your family and some in the room, kind of leans back and yawns, you might note since other person or two or more might yon soon thereafter, Oh, I thought I absolutely will yawned myself it I'd say it becomes livestock is compelling reason it's contagious yeah. I think I tend to buy time. Who knows ok at vines or whistler's and I'll answer this real quick for myself. I don't eat things like this. I don't eat red mine's or whistler's. If fucking, candy, really the only one that I'll actually
we say, ok, I'm not going to refuse this aris has been butter cups. I e cake pie in chocolate. that peanut butter is my only my my vice my kryptonite, but I do like red lines they're, not that I don't know I've ever had one. I have had it whistler, but I found it to be an unpleasant experience. I will you both like I'm not into either one. So I will like it. Koker pepsi don't like soda so I'll drink either one. If that's all there is, but I don't really have much of a preference. I guess coke and red vines, but whatever She also ass. If you can meet anyone discussed on the podcast, who would it be, and I dont know she means guess or
actual subjects, but do you have any? Do you have any gophers I think that our I really don't I may add tat we ve had some gas, so I wouldn't mind out with you I would probably hang out with just about every single guest we ve ever had on. There is then, a single one that I have not been impressed with an and thought this. This is an awesome person yeah I would probably hang out with any of our guests subjects I have actually met one of the people we have discussed on the case ass. You and I That might be a an episode itself, some day going to be so yeah, I think, you'd be called a meet someone? We ve
an episode with whether its could be we ve had listeners on and authors Patrick b. wanted to know. Can anyone commit murder given the right circumstances, or do you believe there has to be a neurological component necessary to do such a thing? I think anyone could commit murder, but most people Anyone can commit murder, but not everyone's capable. Is that that that's a contradiction, I think you're having about ways you're, saying you, you kind of think that their needs, the b that necessary component. But on the other hand, anyone could be in a martyr just given the right circumstance, I don't think there's any physical thing holding anyone back, but it's now a black and white issue, in other words, is there could be to pass to get there. I agree with that. Do you see
with the theory that there was no zodiac killer or that there was thomas horror in as much as he is suffered major backlash has been called a coup and people. I do not that man any more time on your podcast. He makes points, in his points are not easily discredited thrown out. If I had you pick one or the other eye. If, if zodiac real He's, unlike most serial killers, he has no strict m o and he's he's a mass, so things considered? I almost say I don't. I don't think the murders are connected anymore. Yeah, for me, there's no m o
that's kind of a whole and that whole theory the hole in the whole theory and I like how he's he sort of change that based on a little, but I know that you have your hard core guys that completely by there is a zodiac killer, but the wind, looking at it is he killed five known people right now worrying too, if we look at just accepted doctrine here, it can and I should say, and that's a very impressive to me. He killed it. Ab driver, and he killed the a couple of people here and there are two different couples. I guess you could say in one of those couples, weren't even really a couple from what I understand So and then he just conveniently says: oh I'm gonna be off killing and you won't know was me: I
to me it's easier to carry on a ruse furrows, sir, a few murders and then disappear, rather than actually having to commit the murders than suddenly you're, not or at least not knowingly, yet this doesn't make any sense, get a killer will keep telling because either their driven to or may They do want that notoriety, but in this case the guy wanted notoriety for a little bit and they want to go down in history as a mystery yeah right now, I'm leaning towards not I'm lean towards that. Someone could just right up some letters and take credit for this and then not have to continue on. With that. That's a lot of work. I guess and it's easier to stop. And that just doesn't fit with me as a real killer. Jason wrote in and ass, will you do an epoch? run. Kirk obey now he's not going when asked this, but he's the only one that road in for this to, and I. The asking that- and I think I can answer for both of us and say we ve been flooded with me. I think we ve had eight people now in very recent times will prove
we have to cover this. I don't see any way around it. Now, AL wrote in and asked what are your thoughts on jack. The Ripper Tom westcott seemed seem to have great insight, yeah yeah, I guess man, wish. I would have had notes out for this, but it was a online. gus zodiac theirs. I truly believe that jack the ripper why a person and there are definitely multiple murders there. That I feel are connected our all of them connected some of them are a more loose than others? I don't know if they ve identified him yet as far as they absolutely have not identified him, yet that's, probably a crappy answer. My thoughts are, I would like to see it solved. I think the best one
have is summer- will come up with a very interesting theory that good sort of fit the crimes, but I'm not sure I think problems while I've had with, if that they ve had with this case, is that Unfortunately, there is so much violence against women back then, because of their desperate state and then the scumbags they would run across that it sort of difficult to know what which crimes were definitely attributed to. This one killer yeah, but that's again where I think there were about five women that were really believed to be the victims of this this person that they didn't even call themselves jack the ripper out on thing now and I think tat s got, has an interesting line of researchers following and we ve already talked him again recently. So, who knows- maybe not in so many months will the get him back on vince
AL wrote in ass. Why do you think people get into true crime, and do you think that true cried Is entertainment, alive people like to be the arm chair, detectives, lotta people like just to figure out how a serial killer or murderer can think ends. Sadly, I absolutely think it is entertainment. I think it's some an elevated form of entertainment. just said it there's an aspect where you get to feel like you might be solving something. So it's more interactive, there's just something more to it. It's kind of like a screen a video game and a movie the movie year along for that ride, the video game you can see is to go left, laughter, rider or or plan a different strategy
so it's and I think there is something more to it and I I'd hate to call it just entertainment, because when I've talked to people about true crime, there's something more there than just flippant while I like this director, know, there's a passion there and that's why we we do get some advocates after us, because people are capable getting rat wrapped up in this stuff it. It is entertainment, but has not only entered him. It is a lot of things, its educational, its informative, but it is entertainment also redondo. final version. Ok, momo, o wrote in and asked what is the most disturbing crime. You ve come across either. On or off the broadcast. I have two and I think there are self explanatory but I think that darley retire and the Jeffrey mcdonald cases we as one of our prior guess. I have said christine he points out. All the similarities are, they are both
being in the living room, men that the killer wasn't, intruder and happened, leave no evidence behind and so on. So earth, and then this they were hardly wounded and there were children involved and they were children that were killed and doubtless longest person in the house head. weigh less injuries and were seemingly attacked last or something here. So the other stuff. Crimes. Are there just awful an term while they get me five, job. They make my blood boil and they are the most disturbing cases. I've ever come across and that's I believe, that's why we covered him. Sometimes you just have to dive in and and tackle it that the robber picton one bothered me. I find cases that have the sexual crime involved very bothersome, so
I guess, if the one that we covered, I guess would be robber picton outside of our podcast There is another case that we will probably be talking about in the near future. So leave you on a little cliffhanger with thou one that I found very disturbing the final question and this might almost be like one of our personal stories, but she asked who was the most disturbing person or what was the most disturbing. Incident. You ve ever come across in real life that that's gonna, be yeah, that's gonna, be the it we're gonna cover it in December, so something to come, I mean that's my answer you you can have your own ends right now. I am wow disturbing I would say those times when I was young,
and someone was attempting to kidnap me, which we covered on our first personal stories episode. I think that is really to stir and in the sad thing is when you're a child, you don't understand the implications of what just happened. You know I should have run home and said you know this just happy and you know this is what I noticed about him, and this was what kind of car he was driving I can remember some of those details that aid, but I you know, is nothing that would be useful and we were so long ago. I- disturbs me as well that I just as he child I didn't have the capacity to understand how important it was to say something that man have gone on to kidnap somebody in in it disturbs me yeah. Well, that's our q and a I'm sure. There's a bunch of you saying, hey I didn't about this well get on our facebook, page
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