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Rodney Reed. April 23, 1996. Bastrop County, Texas. Nineteen year-old Stacey Stites was found dead on the side of a road. She had been engaged to a police officer named Jimmy Fennell and had been working hard at her job to pay for the upcoming wedding. After a brief investigation into Fennell, detectives would later focus their attention on a man named Rodney Reed after his dna was proven to be in and on the victim. After Reed is convicted and sentenced to death, in what appeared to be an open and shut case, a more capable attorney as well as forensic experts have revealed major issues with the investigation and its conclusions. Did Rodney Reed murder Stites? Or could she have been killed by her fiance? This controversial true crime case has divided many people across the nation. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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cops where rumpled suits and are all roughen graphic whatever, but they get the job done. Sometimes it seems like the perp might have had him fooled that ironclad alibi saw right through that, were that jaime teeny lie the killer, told them the first interrogation boom. He may wonder how is going to end, but that's kind of the fun of it. Crime story. Are you ready, Name some crime stories right now, hulu, it's a crime not to watch.
I did the better, I'm doing good. Just in how are you feeling, doing ninety nine percent better. I want to get us she'll, shot out to a friend the programme austin? What's up off that tonight's case? rodney red in the matter. Of stacy states. I'm disk, go ahead and give a disclaimer
you all know you're listen into the generation. Why and we not follow narratives, we do not go with me sort of side. We go with the evidence presented to us. Stacy states was nineteen years old and she was engaged to a police officer by the name of jimmy financial. When her body was discovered on the side of a road, I'm sure first person they looked at was jimmy for now, and it was he was in he added multiple times, but fast forward about twelve thirteen months, And a man by the name of roddy Reed is arrested because of dna testing and dna Testing confirmed His dna was inside the victims. he states when he was first asked about stacy, he denied knowing her, he had been picked up on a drug charge. He was convey,
did of the murder of stacy sites, but had come out that he had in carrying on a secret relationship with her, which throws everything into question So if the two were having a secret relationship, then that good explain away his dna being found in sight of her body exactly so now. We need to take this back to the beginning. stacy states was nineteen years old. She worked at eighty, be grocery and she was engaged to a police officer by the name of Jimmy. For now they lived an apartment above the apartment where her mother lived, who is carol states on the morning of April, when he third ninety ninety six in bastard county taxes, which is near by austin, texas, Stacy, had left for work. Believe somewhere between two forty, five and three in the morning, because her shit.
started at three thirty in the morning she was about thirty miles from from work but at three in the morning there is not a lot of traffic. According to her feet. and say jimmy for now, Stacy didn't really like taking the road. She took the work, so she didn't even eat breakfast want to have to stop along the way at all. She just wanted to drive straight to work was kind of a according to her creepy backroad. Now, at five fifteen that morning, her plates are called. In a backdrop, police officer, seas a pickup truck parked in a parking lot of a school and calls on the plates and comes back as Jimmy's truck. Yet, at the backdrop high school
this is a truck that was not reported stolen. The truck belongs to her fiance. Now she doesn't show up to work. Her employer is looking for her and calls her mother who in turn, calls jimmy wondering if she had stayed in from work according to carol when she called Jimmy she had woken up out of his sleep. She could tell that he had been asleep and so he rode her keys so that he could go looking for stacy and he calls it p, b on his own truck and finds out It's already been recovered or found now doesn't seem like much happened until just before three p: in the afternoon of the twenty third, when someone who is picking wild flowers, discovered a body and that body turned out to be stacy states. She was
found laying on her back with her hands above her head, her clothes those were in what disarray? But she did. the clothes on and some energy, was thrown off. Her name tag was placed between her knees, carbon, odd placement but appears that she was dragged there and then place there, and zipper had been broken, but her pants had been pulled up. The investigators we'll get into well for this later on, at least with the public, because they may some decisions, that don't seem correct one of the things they do They cover her body with a blanket because there is already a helicopter flying overhead news report. We are showing up. they, also end up removing her clothing at the scene, they don't Locked down the scene, so all the footprints,
pretty much from officers boots, that's not the best it. He did declared a crime scene. They dont check the temperature verb. de at the scene- and this is important- because if you can check that body temperature You can do some calculations and figure out about the time the person died. Also, you can theirs other ways to find time of death such as I fluid. So none of this system It's also alleged that crime scene investigators did not change their gloves when handling fr pieces of evidence, so we have answer of dna transfer of anything it's this crime scene is now tainted. Initially, they think well, the boyfriend, the husband. That's always that I'm suspect right right in her fiance lived with her and according to what everyone thought. While he was there.
I went to see her alive. They bring him. and for interrogation they give him polygraph tests and he shows deception. When questioned about the murder Stacy. You could say he failed the paragraphs, but we don't put it of stock in polygraph tests. Do we just an idle, but other people seem to think that its one more piece of the puzzle. I I think that it's all up to an interpretation. What jimmy say about his activities the evening before. He said that, sir He came home, and they took shower. They hung out for a bit Yeah, I believe you said something about giving her a back rub: yeah yeah and then they went to bed, but he went out to the couch to watch tv because she asked to get up early, the morning to go to work. According to him, he goes to sleep. Hurry falls asleep,
but she normally leaves at around three a m. So he said She went to work at three, but. He doesn't really know because he was asleep, but he definitely He was with her up and tell us in point in the night. So investigator still, leave that he was the last one to see her alive, but he says that she left the house to go to work. now what is Stacy's mother say she lives. right below them. Brain carol, states testified tat At about three, I am her daughters, door and and shot, and one person went down the stairs from her point of view, one person, that apartment at three a m d Two gaiters are looking into Jimmy they are not really getting. Any action because they have dna from Stacy. Dad doesn't match
Jimmy. We have one person who claims that Jimmy. had gone drinking at the bar that night. In this way. This came out much later, so our patrons, were the bartender question, whether not Jimmy was at this bar no didn't happen, I'm sure Jimmy would be pretty upset if he found out that stacy was having an affair previous, Officer says that Jimmy says if he ever found insignificant their cheating on him. He would have to strangle them with a belt. But again, this is a guy that comes forward years later. He didn't report this at the time so. Is this somebody that's trying to lander Jimmy or is this real? We have witnesses that say stacy was afraid of jimmy that she was skittish around him or wood
from him when he would go her work but here we have a woman whose working overtime to pay for a wedding with this man, but they are still questioning him because that's what they do not like they just give up. So they went hard on him in surely, but they just couldn't come up with anything because the truck well, it was his truck, so his fingerprints, his dna, are going to be on that truck. Her body Well, they don't really find his dna there, but it. makes sense. If there was said he gave her a backdrop that night, but they don't so well king at this and thinking it's really hard to tell when you live with somebody. If that person murdered you, because all this
off all their things. All their dna is going to be everywhere. So is that suspicious? Really it isn't, but if they do suspect Jimmy as the prime suspect they do not check her apartment or search, it you'd think that they would search the apartment. You would think that they have, I don't know I just done a little bit more when asked why didn't search, Jimmy's apartment. Investigator said he had no probable cause. I I see officers, fine, probable cause for searching cars, but yet they can, fine probable cause to certain apartment, they suspected murderer k we'll go at that. Again, you wonder if his being a police officer had anything to do with it. Another thing they observed was it appeared that Her fingernails might have been clipped off
as if somebody was trying to get rid of evidence as if she was defending herself scratching The truck had signs of at least Stacy's death. There was mucus discharge on the the hump curve on the seat fast forward a little bit. Defence attorneys will say that this is it. This is part of rhythm Where does this is part of death and you have to be dead for five hours, at least before this purge would happen so they're putting that time frame on there she also showed signs of liquidity which, as we know from other popular cases, that usually at least five. six hours. Also, there is some wiggle room on levity, her bed
it had been removed and broken in half and a piece of her belt was found next to her body. So we can assume, because of a ligature mark cross her neck, that this was strangulation or at least that's what the medical examiner says, yeah. They said that the features of the belt were found on her neck. It was a dark woven belt, but one more black eye for this investigation is they photographed her side of the road at the crime scene, then, when she's at the morgue there additional marks on her body looks like cigarette burns that warrant on her body at the crime scene. That's screwed up. What are they doing here? We should talk more about the so called
finger now clipping. Did you have a chance to look at the images of her fingers? Just and yes, I did, and what did you think when you looked out, because I know I felt a certain way looking at her fingers, but what did you think I couldn't tell favour clipped or not? They looked short, but the witnesses that will say they were ragged and clipped. I I and confirm that, with my own eyes, I just thought they looked very short, which is a little odd, but if you're, oh my working person. Well, you don't have time for that. Most of you keep your fingernails. When I do they dont look ragged and Her fingernails did look ragged, but you only get right get fingernails. I think if you chew on them, so we pointed how many things have gone wrong with the investigation to start with it,
single item that we have to go over, though, is the truck, and we talked about some of what they discover in the truck another thing that they found was caramel popcorn and it was in her teeth, and in this case, I urge that they found. Yet we do believe it was in the teeth. This is from additional instigation people looking at the photographs of her and it appeared ass if she, had been eating. This caramelize popcorn, which you know that makes sense she doesn't stop for breakfast social needs, a snack, a pair they go over the truck, they process it and then within what we're five days. They turned the truck back over to jimmy fanatics. Who sells it? Actually, I think he had the title signed over before it was even returned to him absolutely accord the title yet already signed that over within a day, that's not looking good for him and then the tree.
was turned over to a dealership before another vehicle yeah and why they would give the vehicle back so quickly to at the time who they considered the primary in fact, yeah. I think it's more who they're giving the truck to rather than how long it took to process the truck that bothers me, because If he really was a suspect, I mean I don't care that they went through in checked taxi records that they checked. all of the police vehicles mileage in where those vehicle had been to figure out whether he could transported her and then been picked up by either a cab or another officer, even though that the pan out for the investigation. According to them, it still That makes sense if you ve got your only suspect to give him back. The vehicle that her body had been transported in and that may be he had even been murdered in its literally
The crime scene- and they just gave it up highly suspicious, and I dont know if this is because he's a police officer, I dont know if that factored in there's gonna be a lot conspiracy points that is very easy to connect the dots here, but is it valid? I dont know, but this looks really bad, so Jimmy is not arrested, he's not indicted, they cannot crop it on him. and when d, the lead him together he's a texas, ranger ward low, is question. Why he didn't per sue Jimmy. He said firmly mystical reasons, but Are you really know what that means? At this point, I thought I did when I first heard it, but now is not so much. I think it means buzz off. I think you're right
But things will change because there's a man whose picked up on drug charges and his name is rodney reed. In order to try and get a new suspect or maybe to reach, focus on jimmy fidel. If necessary, they have dna from the crime tested against other suspects, and they get a map that match is to a man in his late twenties known as rodney reed ronnie. Readers picked up on some drug charges, cocaine, his interviewed, and they don't ask him about the door. Eggs. They ask him about stacy states and, Let me will say that he doesn't know anything about that person, but he had read of her murder soap right off the bat he's not being very up front, but there really gets the attention of investigators because
dna is inside of her and they know it's his dna because of other sexual assaults where they had collected his dna. really, not painting a good pitcher right here. So you could see how investigators at the time are looking at this and saying. Well, we ve had other right there. in the past- and you know of run reed's, and now we have a dead woman who had. his dna in sight of her. She must have been his victim not only dna inside of, but they also have saliva on her chest Yes, they used swabs during the autopsy and they were able to collect dna from her chest and from inside of her. All of it were perfect matches for ronnie read as perfect as dna gets. It seems because it excluded Jimmy finance
exactly canada, slam dunk, the in case here now towards rodney. They can take him to court now. Has a bond hearing where These mother will actually come in and testify that he had a really ship was stacy This is sandra red yeah. This is pretty much the only time that rodney has a witness whose able to come in to court and testify on his behalf, really to let the court's know he had relationship with stacy. He had a background with her and that would be possibly an alibi, or at least Explanation of, why is dna, his honor? He will say that here seen stacy on D, the knight of the twenty first. into the twenty second,
and they would have sex. So that explains why his dna is there now the initial autopsy report it's, an investigation says that her underwear was still fresh, meaning that it was freshly deposited there and not from a day before they so said that there were whole spermatozoa inside of her and prosecution of course will say that that wouldn't have happened if it was a couple days later now, deck and stay in your body for up to seventy two hours or longer pretty much a week. So their argument is going against science, but if it was fresh that's really not looking good for rodney, because stacy probably would have showered or change clothes or something a day later, but
they're saying that this is fresh. This is freshly deposited, so had the pen rodney. While this is back up their version of events and if they want to convict ronnie reed, they real it's going to take more than just the dna. They need to shape the narrative so that people believe that Stacy size was raped and murdered all once it wasn't, he had sex There are a couple days before and then her body, is found later, that's a lot of time, to go by, but, as just said spermatozoa, can stay in the body for days, yet you literally in court. It's an argument. You could say: pigs fly in whether the prosecutor of the defence makes the better argument now. Pigs can actually fly in the court of law. It doesn't matter if it scientifically correct at all and if anyone's upset with that statement, sorry, it's true. I we see it all. The time
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based on real evidence. They were just suspects because of who they were eva. Just be like any other case, where perhaps you had a child taken anyone who had been a pedophile or suspected of that In this case there were a couple of other men that were looked at in case. Just didn't seem like there was much to support it and they were dropped as suspects and again having the dna test confirming that ronnie reed had possibly rape, Stacy, that's pretty damning, so the executions, pretty confident going into court this. Is where I think you have a large number. people can down on red side and its because if you look over a court, try
and you have what appears to be an unfair contest. It just doesn't set well with people We know about too many cases where people have been screwed over in court and end just doesn't sit right with any one and in case in this trial. We have someone who basically didn't have much of a defence. Well, he got to court appointed attorneys two months before the trials not a lot of time to prepare and don't know what their caseload was either. I know they weren't. this working on rodney case. You would think that he has to prove that he had a relationship with stacy, otherwise This is a strange, your danger he entered. Did her on the way to work. He didn't know our. Therefore it's absolutely him, but be
Aids is mother. Coming in and testifying that they had a relationship here, lot of family members, including family members, on stacy side that wanted to testify for him. on his behalf saying: yes, they had a relationship, they did know each other, but none of them. Get to. None of them get cold, and for court. It is said by the fence, attorneys that they were told that these since witnesses would not pan out there, bother bringing a man they would turn on them and base we embarrass them in court by stating that they didn't have many such information that Stacy and rodney had had a relationship. But in their opening arguments opening statements they say we're going to prove that they had a prior relationship Nothing! So I realise that things are fluid.
A court of law, but this was pretty pivotal to rodney defence and it was completely dropped so now, we can prove that he had any history with this woman and she ends up dead with his dna. Are its open and shut case? right there and they looked into jimmy finance. Who, aside from the polish and selling his truck rather quickly, There's nothing really there right other than he had a connection with the victim ends you can imagine going to the trial that their left with and who was raped and murdered left. The sight of a road she had obvious they suffered, and you have this man who had left his dna in and on her and he's in court he's on trial, its
pretty open and shut and make matters worse, z texas, town, white, cop white, fiance, all white jury and a black man. You want a factor that into broad knees. Luck! It's not turning out too well. prosecution will also bring in five witnesses to testify against rodney all past relationships or incident with rodney, where they accuse him of sexual assault. We have rodney with a very questionable past his dna on the victim conflict. Statement him saying that they, together the day before saying that he doesn't know were, and it's not real hard for the jury to find him guilty
and this is texas were they hand out. The death penalty like pairs, these other women who have accused him of assaulting them. This was definitely used in the punishment bays after he had been found guilty. They end up hitting it with the death penalty and age and said in texas, is not uncommon. Ronnie reed had been indicted for rape and attempted rape a number. at times I believe it was five times. Not all of these would stick I believe that there are several that remain and one of them victims was a woman who had been in a relationship with and she claimed that he had raped her these second one
was twelve years old at the time and she was sleeping on her couch and woke up to find herself blindfolded and gas and and she said she was being hit in the head by some one and then she was raped. We could go through all these, but essentially in each of these cases there are rate kits done and dna is taken. That's how they tied rodney, two states, they had a dna match between these. These cases now needs be said. The trial, resulted in a guilty verdict and the death penalty, so they're not going to bring forth worse. These indictments into court because well there Have the person responsible put away and he's not getting out according to them? So that's why
there has been more movement on these on these indictments yeah, I think the oppressed she is holding these in their back pocket. So if right They he were ever give free. They would have. It national charges. They could hit him with now I don't know how the statute of limitations goes there, one of the chief this was dropped, but that was because the victim ass for the charges to be dismissed. Yet in that case that was the mother of two of his children and She had stated that she didn't believe anything would really come of it. Anyway. We spoke about this quite a bit before start recording in this case, It seems right pronounced. How you. have a number of women who have claimed to have been raped, and it seems as though there is this idea that nothing was ever really going to be done about this. Furthermore, you have people who are trying to help
rod me to be freed and they're, making a lot of statements. That are what I would term victim blaming. and they basically say that these women were relationship with ronnie and that their making it up. Has he been charge in a court of law? No, he has, but There is dna linking came to these these women and it's their word so after the trial, well. He is given all the documents that prosecute had used. There's one sort of curious document when it comes to the dna evidence course he found the dna evidence of himself linked to the body. But at the crime scene. There was a beer can that was found and the dna found on that beer can matched
officer, ed somalia and Jimmy's partner, David hall So we have dna from two police are answers on a beer can close to the crime scene. That doesn't look real good again. If you back to connecting the dots. This is a dot right here, some time later officer similar work, id be found in his apartment. He had taken his own life said when ed was found. He had used his left hand to pull the trigger, but he was right. Handed and it is said that no gun residue was found on his left hand before he is found he has taken. almost six hundred dollars from an atm and has told family
members that he's going to louisiana with a woman, so he's talked about having future plans he's withdrawn money and then, found dead, so his family feels this is very questionable before this opened, the investigator rocky word low. He happened to be roommates with ed. Also, all these guys know each other another die in the conspiracy. There is wild speculation that he was murdered. or tat, he had a hand in stacy's, murder or disposal of her body and guilt had overtaken him but This is all speculation, but rodney thinking. Why is there a beer can with two cops dna on it,
and I have the kind of agree with them. But we were they there to help Jimmy or were they drink and on the job, because either One of those options isn't good with any death penalty case you get automatic appeal, so broad nea gets new. you'll representation and tries to get a different outcome. Right and working for em these days is a lawyer by the name of bryce ben jet, and he works. The innocents project, as we know the inner project, all pretty much only cases, it seems if they believe in their clients innocence. This is their passion, doing good work out there, bryce band jet has gone through all the evidence and the he sees it, he should be. Or to help his client, because There are serious problems with not only the investigation, but with the
time line the narrative that the prosecution set forth at trial and what this really means go down to despite their being very successful so far with their appeals- is a very good argument. We can look back. Get Ronnie, reads past and see violence. can see rape but with any case You have to ask yourself who did it and why- and in this case that's a really big problem because is as much as ronnie red fits. doesn't mean that he has to what other aspects were there. Well, there is Jimmy for now, and he was the one It supposedly was the last to see the victim. He said that. He was there that night, with her what's timeline here, just it's over what they found in the truck with the victim and on her person again jimmy
says that she was home that night he went, to the living room, to watch television and fell asleep and assume that she got up and went to work around three. A m her mother downstairs testifies that she heard the door open and one set of footsteps leave. The apartment were not exactly sure who left the apartment at three a m. What time she left the apartment, Really anything it's it's a little fuzzy there, at least in the truck again we found d, the mucous discharge we found caramel popcorn. We find fingerprints. Both stacy and Jimmy, but we not find any fingerprints from rodney the process she will say that rodney wiped down his own prince, but didn't wipe up
jimmy or Stacy's prosecutions, not the brightest. Well, I do know that they did find prince that they couldn't recover. yeah, and if that happens, all the time where prince or left there just smudged their smeared and there's no real way too. match them against anyone else's. I es, I would have preferred the prosecution just not saying anyone wiped down any prince, because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of crime scenes were prints are not laughter, no usable prints are left, go back and listen episode. One wasn't a single usable print from the perpetrators of the crime left at the crime scene is possible, but when you're going through the prosecutions, theory and tearing it apart. This is just one more point where they get it wrong, but the timeline is important because you're trying to say they know who committed the crime because they
the timeline, they know what happened and when so she leaves the house at three p m. let's just say three, thirty she's mine with rodney and he's murdered. Her then he's dumped her truck by five fifteen or, let's say five and because please answer didn't see any one else at the truck. So we have three thirty, two five this is less than two hours that whoever murdered her has her in the vehicle and then has to transport or move her body somewhere else out. Forty minutes. That's not a lot of time. According to the defence, this discharge, this purge, takes up to five hours to
happen. Also, her body shows signs of levity that she was on her side or face down and she's found face up in the ditch. This is a problem and let not forget if she was murdered around three thirty, then her body was dumped on the I have a road much earlier than five fifteen five fifteen just when they found the truck The jar have to assume that she was dumped and then the tree. Was driven somewhere else, so the truck was actually dropped off some time later, because it has found some distance from where her body was left yeah, so she would have had to have been dumped Then the truck had been driven to that school to be found we're looking at. Maybe an hour a window hear her body showed signs of lividity. Again, it's breaking down
the blood vessels, so the blood is pooling where gravity takes it and where the levity was on. Her body was on the top of her body, meaning when she was murdered and was left for she was murdered for a while. Her blood was pulling into the top of her body when she was dumped on the side of the road she was left on her back, so it should Is that she was face down for at least I would say at least what four hours forty five hours and we think that she was left in the truck that way because of the discharge that would coincide, with the levity gather. Discharge was also found when they discovered her body was found on her face coming out of her nose. Now mucus in the truck well, here's ears. A problem is member that medical examiner that said that she had been raped
been sodomized. She'd been strangled all these things Oh, he signed an affidavit and he's come back one eighty and set everything I said was bs and you gotta forget about it. So were left with Ok, we know the dna is solid. That's about it medical examiners and people that of analyze. The case will say that she wasn't strangled She might have been suffocated and other ways. They look at the sodomy allegation, and they say there is zero proof of this zero evidence of it. They pretty much tear everything this medical examiner set apart, and he, of course, has recanted and said no. So this is a problem because we're not too sure if the mucous in the truck is part of this discharge, or if she was
ogling wet what what have you, but it's a good assumption. I would say at least that- and we can at least no, that she was face down somewhere, I'm assuming the truck for many hours and and move to this side of the road meaning placed their face up. Well, if we're going with the theory that rodney has done this so rodney meets her somewhere gets in her truck murders her immediately and then goes in dumps the truck and gets his car and goes back to the body. moves it? What I mean is this getting a little shaky here because he's gone back to the body were like that's, that's not a good good eye, This is probably not what somebody would do, but we don't. we're not in a murderers shoe
We don't know what their idea would be, but it doesn't make a lot of sense that he would go back and move the body because we have to account for this mobility. We have to account for some of these medical sentiments of brigham mortis. This episode is brought to you by progressive. Have you tried the name, your price tool? Yet it works just the way. It sounds You tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and I'll show you coverage options that future budget. It's easy to start a quote, and you'll be able to find a rate that works for you. It's just one of the many ways can save with progressive get your quote today represent dot com and see why four out of five new otto customers recommend progressive, progressive casualty, insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. and you could surmise that maybe she had left the appeal made much earlier if her Fiance is asleep on the couch. Maybe she snuck out to meet up with rodney, and then things went south but
that doesn't really work, because carol states testified as we, that she someone leave at three in the morning and go to, the stairs. So I mean that's exactly that time that she would leave every day, so that fits a lot of people we have made a lot out of certain aspects of this case alive. Really doesn't matter whether stay he states had a relationship with broad me the real or not. I don't care now, because its shown- that in the past he has been violent towards people that he was in a relationship with So that doesn't really matter to me. I think when you look This case you need to look at it. Logically, you need to try and fit since together, so that it makes sense and, as we are is talking about. It doesn't really fit if left at three in the morning. The time I just gets worse from there to pin-
against ronnie read because levity because of the discharge. It just does not fit but scary enough, what does fit. If you, to talk about how long it takes for a body to go through these changes. What does fit is, if her view, say, Jimmy the now murdered her time that evening around eleven or midnight and then stature in the truck and then waited until later, perhaps at three Perhaps he left at three in the morning to go, take her and then- somehow had to make it back. Well, we have a beer can with two different officers: dna on it. now, yeah. They went and check the mileage on all the police cars, although all the squad cars, but did they go in check?
ed and haul could have driven their own personal cars there in one of them could have driven Jimmy back. This is a rocket science. Rodney could have had somebody that he was two, but that's not really romney's m o and Jimmy does have the support of his fellow officers so again the changes that her body experienced. really only seemed to make sense if she was murdered much earlier than that Prosecution alleges now I know when I was looking over this case. One of the things that really struck me early on was the truck jimmy financed truck that she had been using, was a ban and at this bastard high school, which just happens to be, six tenths of a mile from where rodney reed lived. So makes sense that if he did the crime that he would have dump the truck off
within walking distance of his home, so he could just go home and anyone says They didn't find as fingerprints well possible. He didn't leave any usable fingerprints and well made If they had actually examined that longer and kept it as evidence. Maybe he would have found something but seemed like a pretty rush job. The who thing seems pretty rushed at this point, so I'm not. in trying to say that rodney might have left fingerprints there. I'm saying we don't know because they really botched the investigation. So at this point just and I are basically saying that it makes the most hence that Jimmy financial sheet the bin, the wine facing the heat yeah, he should
then the prime suspect the entire time, and they should have kept the truck they should have searched the apartment. How did this beer can get on like this? That the beer can just throws me, but when first reading about this. The fresh dna deposited on stacy was really throwing me and tell them medical examiner, recanted everything. So therefore, I'm like, oh Kay will now rod These statements of they had sex a day before actually works out. And it's not as as damning as when I first thought something simple as the underwear was wet, it was fresh, makes all the differ. in the world in my mind But we still have their path, saying over their head. So Ronnie read history of rape right yeah.
and jimmy for now not not really right, but wait, wait, wait. This is years later, but Jimmy financial would be accused, then tried and convicted of raping a woman yeah well on duty here a woman into custody and at gunpoint rapes. Her Jimmy is still sitting behind bars today. For that yeah they the earliest he can be released as in two thousand and eighteen, and this wasn't, the only allegation either you had me: multiple allegations. So we're looking at two men with really chequered pasts, both involved stacy, as we said, the defence attorneys allow any of that mrs to verify
rodney had a relationship with stacy prior to this to testify Meanwhile, the prosecution will point out that one of the way, Mrs had made us Eight meant that stacy an rodney had smoked crack together. Well, they did a toxicology on Stacy and they pulled hair samples which go back many months, and they were not able to find any drugs in our system. So they're they're questioning well, there all right, these family rod, niece friends, except for a cousin on stacy side, they're bringing up their credibility especially in this one statement of them smoking cracked again, that doesn't really sound like stacy. m o either, but it he's hanging out with rodney rodney was originally brought in for cocaine charges so yeah
she's hanging out with a guy that, in sow's cocaine rod he would make statements that stacy was able to tain marijuana from a guy ed. Well, there is an ed involved in this. But we have officer sannella his first name at the guide. It took his life, there's another dot. want to go there. We also had another officer who that Jimmy was guilty of this crime. and he would end up being murdered by a mexican national who will be deported for the murder of this police officer. Ah had that seems weird to me when I play officers murdered. Normally we go for blood specially in taxes, but instead they deport this guy, in this officer, happened to be doing a sigh
investigation, allegedly against Jimmy another dot and the conspiracy when you read some of the websites about this case, you will find a conspiracy and cover up narrative and all net? It's actually It is easy to make. I dont know if I buy into all of it, going all the way up to you, know: prosecution, defense, attorneys and and judges, but and he did have a lot of his appeals and denied. Whereas I felt here is justified in his peal of inefficient council their dna from thinking. He he's got he's got an argument here. Why are they denying em? But as we know, that's what do it's an uphill battle once you're found guilty and they want the additional items tested. They wanted items retested, I'm sure, but when it comes down to it there not making any headway in court.
And as it stands, it seems lake ronnie readers, staying put on texas death row. I feel rod need has a case, to get a new trial- and I hope that dna testing is done that he's rico irish and a lot of that would be testing stacy's clothing because it appeared that it was removed and then put back on so whether be brought straps wore her pants theirs. a lot of things that they could look into, but again we no longer have the truck and the apartment. Well, I was never lockdown, so rodney defence team is having to work with what they have. I think there's enough question here that he should be heard and
possibly get a new trial. I think that his original defense was completely inadequate, whether or not you want to call that a strategy I think calling in alibi, witnesses and character mrs or anyone to testify that you did have a prior relationship with this? Woman is a good thing and they chose not to do anything. He had very little defence at all, They didn't even bring in their own medical professional to counter the medical examiners findings, which would then in turn all be thrown out. So you see it problems. Here this case is a mess and we have the innocents project the free rodney group that are fine for this man and if he's not guilty. Then it's very possible that there was a small
conspiracy by Jimmy and possibly a fellow officer or two to cover this up, but I'm having a hard time with the whole industry. issuing in trying to piece together what we have to make. My own conclusion very passionate people on both sides of this argument about whether ronnie red is indeed guilty. of the murder of stacy states for those of you who have been trying to follow along this case is so complicated that you can really oil it down to what we call the evidence and on. red side, I think you have a timeline, that's very difficult to get past, which is if she truly left the house or if she truly left her apartment at three in the morning, then how do you expect, in the liability. It is so difficult to get paid
On the other hand, you have the dna results. When the court's look back over this stuff, The assistant attorney general and his assistant district, many in bastard county texas, was all to have to point out that all of the dna findings that found ronnie reads: dna in her and founded on her and they all, found it on her clothing and so this is just very difficult for them to get past as prosecutors as will seeking justice for a victim that this dna would be present a day and a half after suspect, says he was with her. This is not enough The case, I will say that I agree that they should do. It all over again. They should have an the trial and if they are that confident that ronnie reed
is where he belongs than they can prove it again because a I truly believe. I think that he did not have proper council. the beginning, and it's just now that he's gotten a decent lawyer to defend him, and if we to put someone to deathless, just get it right. Yeah, that's my home! problem here, as we have a man, that's sitting on Ro with one of them shakiest investigations, I've ever seen it. it's not right. If we're going to put somebody to death lights if we're, if going to punish somebody sends them for a crime, let's make sure that it's a crime actually committed he's. He might Be a good guy might have done a lot of other bad things. But if we don't get the person, that's responsible, That means there's somebody else walking around free,
somebody else might be sitting behind bars to, but it's a tough one to consider here They relate to stacy states and her family to get this right, and just because deep I can point at Jimmy finale and say: look at his past. Look how awful a person he is, or they can point at rodney, reed and say, look at all the people that he's harmed. That's not good enough. We need to look at this case in isolation and say what do we know here? What are the facts of this case What is the real timeline? Unfortunately, I dont think that they can answer all those questions. But let's let lawyers- are you add, on in court one more time and hopefully they'll get it right. I mean they didn't let the defence see the truck the first time they didn't give a lot of this dna evidence to the defence or the defence did nothing with it are there so many problems. We need a red,
You here and I'm I'm saddened that most of his appeals have been shot down: carol, states alike with other family members of stacy's maintain. that she loved Jimmy. For now that she was very much looking for or to her wedding that she would her bought off the train, save money to pay for this wedding. They said it would be the first proper wedding that they could think of in their family and when they had to bury stacy. They buried her in her wedding, dress, the
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