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June 1, 2001. Kathmandu, Nepal. The Nepalese Royal Family was gathered at the Narayanhity Royal Palace for one of it's bi-monthly reunion parties when King Birendra was gunned down by his son, Crown Prince Dipendra. While those around them and in the palace were shocked, none could have foreseen the violence that would follow. Join us as we discuss a tragic mass shooting that claimed many lives and forever altered a nation.

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From wondering doing tonight. Ok, how are you I'm doing good? We have covered lots of different cases. We've covered cases from sons and daughters who murder their entire families, and we ve bird mass shootings that have happened
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king about a royal massacre that happened in nepal. I would like to give it claimer. We generation. Why meaning an unjust in we will do our best to who pronounced people's names. They just now that we're trying tell a story of a man, sicker that happened in sudan one, and if we slightly pronouncing aim wrong. There's no disrespect meant by that. Now a lot of people die Nowhere. Nepal is unaware allah, cheesy americans and we failed geography. Nepal, is between the north eastern part of india. Andy southwest portion of china say which then, between those two countries it's about fifty, seven thousand square miles in size, or one hundred and forty seven thousand kilometers. So that's actually about the size of michigan, where you're from errand and
has a population of twenty eight million people which that has same population as texas gives you an idea and Nepal is most known for MT everest, which is, I think, that tallest mountain in the world. Its predominant Religion is hindu. Now, dvd takes place on june first of two thousand and one, but I think we need to work up to that and a little bit of history about nepal, because it all will make lot more sense. If we tell what's happened for the last thirty years in this country. King berlin, jura and queen ash where'd, a worthy father and mother, of the royal family and had ruled in nepal from nineteen due to the two thousand and one there, was a civil war. going on in the country. It had started around.
Nineteen. Ninety six and the maoists party, which, for lack of a better explanation. Is a communist party there and trying to overthrow the royal parlour, tree system and replace it with their people's republic. So this vile, civil war breaks out and ends up taking the lies of over six. Ten thousand people, including police officers and politicians, watch any videos on this civil war that have been raised in nepal. There was very such a movement against the system- and so the police were seen as the forces of the system and the people who had a problem with that system get out on the police, and so hundreds of police office, were targeted and killed by rebel.
Factions who were the maoists and in turn they of course took action against these appraisers and took over a thousand of their lives, as time goes on, the numbers go up, but really what it can down to is the maoists didn't like the class system, and they like the haves and have nots. The only way, They could see changing anything was to overthrow the government to get rid of the monarchy, but the monarchy was well liked in that it seemed ass, though most of the people supported it. As long as the king Didn't seem that aggressive at sea like the maoists, couldn't really get a foothold, though whether they would like in the country. So it's a very well respected monarchy. This got very violent. There were kidnappings, Public executions, thousands of people who were display
raised, and it was mostly out in the rural communities most of the conflict did not take place in the room areas of nepal, so it's always happening out on the outskirts and the royal family, of course, I don't see a lot of this violence, so then I would say that there be cushioned from it. Of course the king and queen their having to deal with this uprising. So therein no obviously but the royal family there a huge family. They would have these traditional monthly parties at their house at royal palace and x. did it family son in law was daughter and laws. Everybody was always invited to these huge parties and obviously they held him at the royal palace, because it was the only venue large enough for these family gatherings and they had their the roy
guard their security force there. So during this violent time of an uprising. You need security and there was a gated area, and you had- Essentially, soldiers walking the perimeter at all times because you had any between twenty and forty family members attending This up to buy monthly event, tons of wonderful Food pool tables drinking and typically the crown prince depend raw would be the one that would organise the parties, be the one throwing them. He was the guy behind the bar, all those things at the time. The price was twenty nine years old and he had said steady, not a bunch here. he was described as always, smiling. Oh, the one that would bring the family together with drinking games and parties. He was
been described as progressive in his political views, although that's a bit up for debate He was loved by his family and he was loved by the people. The public liked him they loved his father. They liked him now the kings brother. He wasn't as well liked for a whole litany of reach nor was his son. He hadn't number of brothers we'll talk about two here one was prince deronda. He was the kings brother, He also had another brother who would not be at this party named prince gyanendra, he was actually more of a business man you could say and do had a son named prince porous, and the other was rumours about him in a I'd just attribute this tube. I don't know if you want to talk about any real family out there, whether it be
a car dash genes or or what ever you want to envision there, certain members of the family that are are well liked in their certain members of the family that are despised and the sun was in the news a lot and because he was in the royal family. He had a lot of power now he did have any say so in really The country but when he got into trouble lets you say, you'd get a pass, do you know The things that you did, Aaron prince Paris was known to be kind of a party guy and pretty brain then he would get into altercations with people. Sometimes those people ended up daddy. There while one man arab getting shot at a club and another guy was attacked in the street then run over by prince paris and, of course, were calls hey. We need to do something about this, because the people really didn't like the crown prince
and they were upset by his actions. They felt like, even if he's royalty, he can't be that far above the law, but nothing was ever done to him about these things, so I think it only exacerbated the dislike for prince par us and even his father, prince sky indra. I think this contributed to but the uprising? I think this son Actions might have country added to the eventual end of the dynasty. It's in nineteen. Ninety five, when crown prince, depends era a woman by the name of gave Jani runner This is kind of a big deal. because he falls instantly this woman by it her family, family history running, contrast with depend resume and that's because the two families had split at one point from a single family. It was the wrong a family. Many years before they had split.
the two clans one was the chandra some share clan and the? U a sham share clan well, the queen came from the euro sham share part of the clan and Debbie They came from the chandra some share clan. These soup and did not get along, there's bad blood there? This was your too the call, romeo and juliet scenario where these two clans or families gist. had it out for each other There was a situation where the king sister was asked to marry into the family, but it was rejected and between that and just there their history, I feel that this was the worst case scenario for them to meet and fallen love, but how goes isn't it yeah, get to choose who you fall in love with, but it just figures, because this plan
this family, that was in power. They had everything Going for them and is the one thing, the only thing at the time that really threatened them was their son sunda penrose love for active Jani. kendra's family, especially his mother did not approve of this relationship, I almost say that she forbade them from getting married, but it was highly discouraged and there several reasons why they came up with this first off in nepal. There's the. actus of arranged marriages, and this is typically intended to keep we'll tee with royalty or to keep the power within the family, so you hand pick who your children are going to marry and they felt that the vienna, because she's from this other clan did not hold the same. level of nobility as de pedra. Yet
her family was extremely wealthy and her family said well, if married him, you'd actually be taking a step down by marrying that the crown prince so they're not getting along there. They went to show the pandora that she was not compatible with him and was unlike please to produce a male error through us ology and numerous ology and other yo. real scientific means to dissuade him and None of this is really jailing well with him because he's like I'm in love with her and everything One thing that I bring up about her: you shoot down telling me that she is not the. For me and take put the final nail in the coffin here. I guess on this. This is ace tradition. They haven't nepal, but
She was what two months older than depends yet I read that she was up to two months older than him, but again they just didn't want him to marry her and had many many reasons which they went about diplomatically, to tell him about he would not marry her. This becomes. is the growing issue with depends era and his family, especially his parents. Obviously says who he wants to be with and They obviously do not want her to be the new queen in town because they don't get along. He could probably leave and marry her writer, but there be consequences yet the consequence, To start with, you could never be king and you may lose your allowance, so he would not have any money lose his allowance. I think we ve we ve talked about that. Another cases with other I say children, but you know,
their sons and daughters, and they don't want to be cut off financially so they figure I'll just wipe everybody outright, but in this case depend horror. He wants at all He wants this woman at his side and he wants to be king. way he's being told that could ever happen now depends era also referred to as dippy, which I think that's a terrible name nickname, but just me. I dont know necessarily about nepal by know that other countries, an area such as in india, that giving people nicknames like that is frowned upon. Sir, especially when you're royalty, yeah yeah, So I can only imagine now, if the love of his life, is calling on that. I could maybe see that soap era he's into guns said that
His eighth birthday, he learned how to shoot and it was given his first pistol. He would end up collecting gun and had access to the road armoury any time the military would get a new rifle weapon in near when their appeal. In their their armies. Him in father would get these same weapons so we started collecting said that here, walk around the the power the grounds and shoot birds, so was normal for him and other family members to walk around with guns on them, and it was even more normal to hear gunshots happening on the palace grounds. He went who college in england at sixteen years old. Going secondary education at a young age- and he trained and martial arts and karate as a team said that he never lost a match. I dont know here when you
talking about royalty, you always say: oh, they were the best marshall artists ever, but you have to see As for what it is, he's he's training. He needs structure in his life had said he really respected his father, but had many disagreements with his mother and at nineteen is said that He wanted to marry a great niece the queen mother, who is the grandmother said that he was too young, so he didn't have much purpose. He was just floundering because he wasn't going to be king anytime soon. He joined the military and when you're a rich kid with a college education joining them military- it's not typical, I would say, but just wanted something to do, and it said that he became very proficient with weapons
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so once he's back home off duty, from military he's has this dark cloud of turning to marry. Debbie Johnny and isn't there an incident where he's kind of heaven family meeting with the other siblings and seems pretty upset about it. I believe us about a year. Before the incident before two thousand and one when the massacre occurred. He had been talk with this siblings and he had told them you're, either with mere against me. He was letting them know his intentions to marry. Dr Jani, and to eventually become king he got very animated and even made threats it's his family members and It's his sister, who starts calling out for it saying your can't talk to us this way. This is it you problem and you just need to. With the family or not his arm.
In disagreement with one of his siblings, and this is something that happen, you have people who very I told the traditions of the family, and then you have other. he will come in and go now. I have this power, I can change traditions. I can make my own rules, so should we fast or to two thousand and one june first, so families having their their monthly party where everyone's invited and whoever can attend does attend. At that time there are twenty two guests. So twenty two family members, brother and laws? Where have you invite? to these parties are sent out at the last minute for security reasons. Yet dipendra called one of his cousins a few days before and asked if she was gonna be at the party if she was gonna be in attendance.
and she said, yeah sure she didn't think anything of it. But that's not protocol because they don't want, the the maoist or anyone to know when there's going to be a large gathering of the royal family, it's around eight p m depends. leaves the party to pick up his grandmother or the queen mother and brings her to the party but he's already getting he's going, there's food catered enters drinks happening and he actually called Debbie Annie and talks to her at the same time, and she's claiming that they were supposed to do dinner and he is saying well, I can't do dinner if you- because I have to the family members at my house, so they're not get the long there haven't a little bit of an argument there, but that's understood
well, because the two families don't get along and you can well imagine that dvd saying I'm of your life. How come you're still doing that stupid party thing when you could behind out with me and my family. You don't even like family, so you're putting them ahead of me. Yeah during this party, it said that depends, is drinking. And he's serving drinks to people, but it's well that he can hold his liquor. He can hold, is booze and abnormal, but this night he's acting a little sluggish and There is a rule that you couldn't smoke in the house or you can smoke cigarettes and, at one point d, andrew, actually whips out a blunt and start. Smoking marijuana right there in the middle of the room and allow the fan we. Members are cringing because their their thinking, What are you doing? Your parents are going To kill you even though
You know, he's older is a grown man. This is very taboo. It's the first sign that there is something We are going on at least that's how I took it exactly at this point depends upon to be somewhat passed out in the middle of the party, and it takes several of the siblings and a couple of the their referred to as orderlies or servants to get him back to his room. To help him lay down because he's not sober he's totally unconscious, essentially. Davy johnny's calling him incessantly and he finally picks up, and he sound coherent at all, she can't make out what he sang, so she calls back and the call start getting forwarded to the the security office. When he's not answering it, they're kind of like the the admin
Terry's another like what's going on, and she tells them that, Think there's something wrong with him and you guys should go check on him. So they send a couple orderlies up there to check on him and he is conscious enough to tell them. I'm fine leave me alone. The hash was sing. Who was a great uncle? He was an eye witness there. He didn't think that depends was drunk and was serving him drinks most of the night. So he thought it was odd that depends all of a sudden looked passed out. Gus like he was fine just minutes ago, soap, a little bit of weirdness there. That will be the second flag, but there's no one taking notes on this me, sir, family gathering people are talking, they're laughing they're having a good time and sure weird that their hearing, that prince Depend-
there is now passing out in a room, but the party moves on one the cousins even asked him when they were carrying him back to his bedroom. Can I say, your gun belt can take your gun off of you and depends said on that carrying a gun today, because it was so just common for him to have guns on him. He felt that he wasn't that trunk. But in his room the cousin noticed that there was an open drawer with guns in it. and there were guns around the room, but in anything about it, because it s just he keeps guns that way he just there out in the open, and it's just a normal thing, Why wonder? Because he's asking if he has a gun bout, maybe thinking what might not be comfortable on you or maybe you shouldn't have a gun if you're really drunk here whence he gets him in the room. Anything
about what depended told them. It sounded like he wasn't so drunk when he responded about the gun, and then there are, I guess, many weapons in the room you do at that point you just give up, and where was he supposed to carry all the guns out of the room? Yeah yeah, I know over you go with that suits around Forty, there is a final phone call from dev Jani that goes unanswered and at eight forty five depends. Era gets out of bed puts on his army. Eggs, loads up several automatic weapons and walked back to the billiard. Where his family is having a party in here, We pass as several of the servants on the way here, a gun in each hand and he's in full battle fatigues, but No one really questions this because they don't
what's going on yeah. So his bedroom is out of its an indifferent building. But it's far away from where this billiards worm is the parties happening patently he stops before he entered this room and drop, off some of the weapons and then walks in to the room holding a shotgun. And his great uncle is speaking with the king, his father, when the pendula walks up to them and they can turn and see him dressed in fatigues with a shock, none, but they don't know what's about to happen, they they Think he's being weird at this point. He law pulls the shotgun at his father. Any fires multiple times he and dropping the gun,
and kind of standing there for a minute. It's reported by some of the I witnesses there that this was the only time that he, appeared. Unarmed was right after shot, his father and drop the gun. You will end up walking out of the room and collect in the rest of his guns that he'd carried down, and he comes back in with an m16 rifle paper and shock. They never expect this. They had no idea what's going on. It's also, what someone thought he add some sort of a beef with his father, and this, his him, acting out taking out his dad While this is horrible, this is probably the end of it. Yeah So there is confusion there. Thinking did the gun just go off accidentally and people that warrant standing right there next to him or his father. When this happened they disappear allowed noise.
and they don't know, what's happened his father's on the floor and then they see depends drop a gun. I think Maybe it was an accident, but when he walks out of the room, like you said, maybe that's it, but he walks backing then, in he's now carrying another rifle so looks like this isn't finished. Yet now it's the kings brother. That approaches hampered prince doran. Dura attempts to stop depend raw at this point. They feel like they could reason with them, but this prince, is not about to be reasoned with, and the kings brother is gun down Standing next to depend era was coup, mark hacker. Who is the uncle and he just froze depends shot him and then his wife.
Ran to his side and he shot Kumar catches, wife, princess charta, yes, defenders, brother in law, Kumar the shot. Next, in his younger sister ranting his aid. Any shot. her also- and at this point it is odd is what his intentions are. It is obvious, This wasn't an accident and The family is now running away from him. Hide behind couches and actually playing dead. The king? regained consciousness for a brief moment and actually reached for the at this, the discarded weapon next to him that he was shot with the shock. yeah. His sister princess shruti runs over and tries to reason with the king and say: stop this madness, stop shooting. We can't do this and that's what gets her killed by depends.
and then he shoots his father. Several times in an effort to finish him off we had talked about prince Paris was his best friend was also is cousin but prince paris. His mother was at this party. Her name was princess como. and she was also shot ass. She would live, but it didn't matter who was France with who any of that at this point I'm prince depends was shooting pretty much anybody he wanted to this party and it did matter who they were really I mean he had invited them all. I have this wasn't planned. I dont know what was because he knew exactly who was gonna, be there and even confirmed with them before they arrived now. He walked around the room and kicked out The bodies to make sure we're dead the family members that were still alive said
Look on his face was intense and scary. He we'll end up confronting of the the other living members that were in the other room who jumped up pleaded for their lives and paris is pleading with him to just leave just go and for whatever reason, crown pray, Stu Pandora lowers his gun. and walks out into the garden now the queen and younger brother, prince norwegian, run out into the garden after him, I'm thinkin, I wouldn't go out there, he just wiped out half the family. He's left just go, but this is their their brother. This is their son, so they go to him. Norwegian attempted once again as
he had tried to reason, with crown prince to Pandora, saying no brother and well. The look on depends phase told them. I needed to know which was you're going to die and he shot his brother and killed him. Of course, his mother is screaming and hope at this any shoots her to now this time some key. I have been going out to the security office. Your call when coming in their here the gunshots, but this purity forces on the palace grounds their protecting the fan. from outside forces, outside issues there not expecting something in time and there's so much chaos. They don't know where the shootings happening they don't know where defenders ran off to, but it said that day
did see him in the garden right before depends era, decides to shoot himself on the head when it was all done now. family members were killed. Ten, if you include, depends era. Five more were injured, but just then There never really is an investigation into this. I feel confident saying that at this time, what you would think would have happy and your whole crime scene investigation going on did not happen. Did not look into this. They just took eyewitness accounts even scotland yard offered to come in and do forensic. Houses and autopsies, and the royal and we said no, and I think the entire inquiry into this mass shooting still less than two weeks, so We don't really know whether depend russia
himself or was shot you had said earlier, that he was pretty ambidextrous with his shooting shooting. He was early right handed, but he could use a weapon left handed if we except they shot himself. Well, he shot himself with his left hand, but ditty, we don't know for sure dewey, because while we do. We have that information to we have some sort of forensics report will that's the problem and it said that he took out. pistol and shot himself with his left hand, and it says that two bullets were fired now. Is that one bullet was fired from his gun at one the family members and then one bullet was fired into his head or is this part of the first stage of misinformation of he shot himself twice in the head. Therefore, he didn't kill himself. and somebody else shot him or
he could have shot at a guard and then got shot in return, but no autopsy was performed when we get to the point where talking about our theory of what occurred. I have my own theory of how that went down, This is where you can see. This gets messy real, quick. The shooter has now kill them off with his non dominant hand in a country that is racked with civil unrest and aids, both for power, and not only that, but this royal family, as I had said, was the one thing really holding the whole country together. Even the king is considered almost like a god. He was consider the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which was the god of preservation so for this whole family to get wiped out like this. This, was such an explosion that people weren't prepared for it.
And I think it literally created panic in the streets. We'll just imagine to put this in perspective. If one of the president's sons came into the white house with an automatic weapon and started moment, people down or the vice president Started: shooting up the cabinet members and not only it somebody that is in line to take power, but they wipe out a lotta, their people that were in line to take power. If you recall the movie big Lebowski Donnie had a quote. Sang it's. Like lenin said you look for the person who will benefit, and you know I am the walrus and that's where they can Piracy starts right because in the beginning you think well he's the crown prince he's the one that's gonna benefit because he's next online to be king, but then suits himself, but there's another
problem. Here, though, just and is most of the public see and to trust, depends era, and so it's that whole characterise you who do. We trust they trust a pandora they don't trust paris and they don't trust gyanendra, I think the people didn't trust the prime minister, and so, when you ask people, how could this have happened? They blame them. They didn't care that they were This is to the shootings they didn't care that and his own family members were saying he did this. We saw him, do it, he shot me and I survived. To the hospital they don't care about that because it does not make sense. They have an image of depends, standing there very regal and very low to his country and his family and they cannot imagine that he would ever do such a thing, but it's a weird turn of events after this shooting happens by the way
Everyone died at the scene. In fact the king, his father, lived until he got to the hospital died at nine fifteen that night, but crown prince dipendra. He was in a coma for several days. Right yeah, he was in a coma for some days and he was ventilator. He was being kept alive because as the whole family was wiped out. He was next in line, so he was made king. He was declared the king while in a coma after he wiped out his whole family. That's crazy this creates a huge issue, because this is a royal family. These tests- we're not expected. They have literal key, ass, going on the people are scared. The family, as has been blown apart, and so it was defenders right to be king, but if he did ass, he can't because
right. Let's be honest, so now they have to sort out how to do this, because the public is watching everything they do so it got out there. Andrew dead this. But then there is sort of like a quick decision and by the prime stir, and some others to say, wait a man. This was just. horrible accident, and how does that happened justin? Will you it's against the law to speak ill of the king, because the king is looked at as a reincarnated god, it's it's almost blasphemy to speak out. against the king. You can't say that he's a murderer and he wiped out his family, but at this point they have to give the public something so. What they had to do was make someone else, king and they chose former king Brandreth S, brother print
sky and indra, who had been king brief time when he was four years old. That's a whole other story. You know he in the minister trying to connect, all the situation, but alpha information, they said it was a horrible accident, but this came right back at them and in a way that I don't think they were prepared for. The people did not accept this and it didn't matter whether they believed that depended it or not? They just didn't believe anything out of these two guys mouse. What you can't call a mass shooting income, her to a negligent discharge of a firearm that kills, nine to ten people and wound several others. I don't care if you did have a misfire with a weapon in the middle of a party. That's not gonna happen so when politicians and leaders lie to the public. And then they turn around and back pedal wars when the truth they ve law the trust of the people and
Even the media started posting biographies praising dipendra When he was being announced, king just to have those redacted and retracted, you have the The brother and son of the king, who were not liked taking power and giving out misinformation, say it was all a terrible accident must have No I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now, audible offers, an incredible select, of audio books across every genre? I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from top celebrities down experts and, as an audible member, I get access to a growing selection of audio books, the originals podcast, it's all included in my membership. I get one title a month to keep and I get to hear exclusive podcast that I can't find anywhere else I just but the audio book anti social about online.
Extremism, techno utopians and the hijacking of the american conversation audible, hope, you discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or be entertained. New members contrived for free for thirty days, does audible dot com, slash gaeta, BP were text gaeta, BP, two five hundred five hundred, that's audible, dot com, slash cheetah, BP or text gaeta BP, two five hundred five hundred to try audible, free for thirty days, audible, dot, com, slash J, w p This idea that the brother was taking charge and this is a power grab. Then you have. The disbelief that depends on would be capable of doing this so a lot of people felt that the mouth, This party actually had done. These murders had strong, against the royal family and the monarchy didn't want to admit
that they didn't want to say that the mouse party was able to strike such a blow to them. Not only The royal family, but to throw the tire government into chaos so, like most conspiracies revolving around mass shootings, depends becomes the fall guy or the patsy. That the royal family can save face and not admit that the maoists had done this, so you have to conspiracies rolling here and you have As for the monarchy to be ended, you know with king, verandah and queen era gone and prince de Pendragon. They didn't see any point it s because they didn't want guy in ankara at the top, so they do on the whole monarchy, gone a while. government resisted and said that the money he was going nowhere. But what was it is five years
well. Five years is a long time and it went from essentially a mile our key republic, to an absence loop monarchy during that five years time, guy I came down with an iron fist It was in two thousand and five when guy indra dismiss the elected government and legislation and assumed full executive powers and tried to quell what's going on, but at the same time have massive protests in the streets. You have riots happening. There were more of angry people just at every interest. Action of the roads, stopping cars like the ellie riots banana country, wide scale, but it was just a matter of time. I mean of royalty monarchy this, doesn't just go away, but I think five years I mean that was taken. clock, it was just something that was winding down. Yeah I mean they ve been a
monarchy, they had a royal family for a long time so yeah. This was the beginning of the end and send to thousand and six that the mocker see movement launched. they had a coalition between the maoists and mainstream political parties, and it was at that point that king guy Indra agreed to liquid his sovereign powers, they declared nepal, a secular state which is pretty crazy. It's quite a difference and and I think that just underlines how important that royal, family was to the country. I don't think this would have ever happened. Had verandah not been murdered, the rest of his family up and murdered. I think the only I can explain this is that I can understand why people and nepal don't accept this.
She'll story: don't accept the eyewitness accounts because of the life that they live. there used to being lied to their use to people. We're getting away with things, and so why? Wouldn't this with this beanie different and all I can say, is personally accept family members who survived. I accept their stories, they're all very similar, and I think when you look at dependence life he wanted at all. He wanted to jani as his wife. He wanted to have the power of the king. He wanted to be king and he was being told that none of these things were probably going to happen, and I think it was well. Things were, if he couldn't have at all, then he was gonna have nothing and neither would anyone else. In my mind, it wouldn't be surprising if he had killed all of these people and then attempted to tell the guard to stand down. It. Wouldn't
surprise me if he tried to seize power this way, but that that wasn't going to happen you're absolutely right, because you cannot speak ill of the You cannot challenge the king and by killing his father, the king, that's seeing him in that position of power, and now he cannot be challenged. You can't say that he killed his father. Come on. prize that he didn't try to assume power, but I think at that point he had snapped. I don't think this was a or play to become. King too. Mary, the woman he loves and all- thanks. I I think this was he absolutely was just done living and done with this family. If it wasn't, a power grab He actually did shoot himself. Then yes, and that at pressures must have gotten to him and sometimes the sure get so much that you need a way out, and he just go on living and
maybe why he was drinking so much that night and looking pretty brazenly and your room, the way was I get that is, he was building up the courage to do it. If he smoking for people and their saying your parents are gonna, kill you I mean it's just that The last night, yeah sort of a celebratory last, hurrah He can't really get in trouble. Those people are going to die. There is not a controversy over whether or not he was drunk that night, and I think that he absolutely was drinking to get to get up the nerve to kills family, but at the same time he mostly wasn't nearly is drunk as he let everyone to believe when he acted like he was passed out and needed assistance going back to his room and then he comes down stairs fully loaded. I ain't. I think there was a lot of deception there, but like you, I understand how
why the conspiracy, he's ran ramp it here, because when the the level of atrocity happens and there is zero, investigation and This information, on top of that, that's just the cherry on top for conspiracy, I absolutely under stand by the people- did not believe what was being told to them because they were being lied to I can only believe the eyewitness accounts and one of them was from the son in law doctor the russia, honey and he gave a play by play to the press saying this is where I was. This is what was happening this. Where he shot his brother in law and The son in law has no reason to lie the other fair,
members have no reason to lie because they lost power. Their victims of a massacre he'll go on to say it was the and crown prince depends era who committed this murder, one who touches the king no more what he used to be. He was just a murderer. Sang depends, IRA did this and when he can the king. Dad just makes him a murderer and does not make him. The king now typically in hindu culture. After the passing of a king, Abram brahmin his broader and he's considered a priest in hindu, religious, culture and ceremonies and rights of passages normally guide the spirits into the afterlife and in the light of this horrible massacre, the Rami was going to do a
bigger ceremony, because when you have two kings die, it's it's a totally different funeral process, but this brought me actually broke from The typical ceremony and instead had the funerals held separately so depends era. He had his own separate funeral. king and the rest of the family. Members were first and so, yours was abe. It was about ordeal and the balmy dressed as the late king, perennial He gathered some of his belongings and got on an elephant and road out of the city it said that he performed an exorcism to banish the evil that had pledged the land and cause this horrible atrocity depend his funeral. There wasn't
single family member in attendance, and he was creamy did he was not given any respect or recognition. It was a very somber silent tone for his thee brahmin. Didn't say any last rites. During his ceremony
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