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Sandra Bland Commentary. On this bonus episode we speak mostly off the cuff about the Sandra Bland situation. Sandra was asked to pull off of the Texas highway she was on after she failed to signal before changing lanes. After a verbal confrontation with the officer, Sandra was told that she could exit her vehicle. […] The post Sandra Bland Commentary – 139 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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yes and Y, see premiers october nineteenth on ethics stream on hulu, I do not just end doing hey Erin him at the audience off, man We got us which things up down again I mean how many murder cases have covered, how many deaths a year is about time. We discuss other things, I suppose where we can talk about tonight, air and sometimes occur comes along that ill Straits, perhaps problem in our culture. The case we are going to talk about is
Sandro bland yeah, but it goes beyond sandra because it really to do with the interplay between police officers, law enforcement and the public. I do want to say up front before it started that they are not all the same it. It doesn't mean that you can take a thousand police officers in there all going to do the same thing. They're not, but there is this trend. Where there are people on one side who are either law enforcement, air or support them. and the other side are people that feel like there being disrespected and abused by law enforcement. So that's our conversation, Zander bland. If you don't know,
she was a african american lady who had recently moved from. I think it was illinois down a texas for a job, so she is uprooted, her entire life, pretty much moved a texas and she's she's gettin, all our stuff down there, a police officer, poles, behind her and is tailgating her, and I have to say that this is kind of a pet peevish mine. I dont like people follow me at an unsafe distance. I feel like it. putting my life in danger when they do that. But you know I dont get to arrest them for it, but this police officers tailgating her. She actually believes that he's trying to pass her and she's in the way, so she gets over to get out of his way. When she does this, she fails to use her blinker. Her turn signal she is promptly pulled over and she's, not here
the about this she's in a stress situation. She does got pulled over for what she perceived as being courteous to a police officer. So she's not exactly friendly way. m at the start of the year traffic stop but she's. Just kind of being short, she's not being belligerent or as people put it combative, which I'm sorry I don't like that word combat of it all she just being short and not saying much to him. Well, let's talk about this row quickly, has put yourself in her shoes or behind her we'll because she feels like he needs to get past She just gets over. She felt, like she said, off by doing you a favor and he decided to be a jerk about it. Isn't that probably what's going on here, I wasn't gonna, say jerk. No, I I I just want to lay this out will because this does, happen everybody now, ok, so it's a unique sick.
nation, possibly or maybe it's not unique, but either way. This is probably happening here? She tried to do him a favour or pay respect by sea if you have the right away, you're law enforcement- that's fine I'll get over and then he doesn't have to, but he decides to pull her over because she didn't use her signal yeah. So at this point now, she's like great, he wants the pain of my ass. She is not allowed to feel that way, apparently isn't that, where we're going with this well yeah, the sad part about it is He is actually writing her up a warning, he's not even writing or up an actual ticket. I've watched all the videos at the fifty minute extended version, video, essentially ets at the very end of the traffic stop or all he has to do is handled the warning, but instead he starts questioning her and he says you look really agitated
and she's like I'm just wait non you gimme, the ticket is like why you agitated. He asks sorry, but when somebody's agitated somebody's upset- and you ask them what's the problem- You'Re- probably the problem- and lemme tell you in so she's actually says I was moving over for you and you ve pulled me over and now you give me a ticket dude. What? What do you think? yeah the whole issue of. If someone's added You start poking at them that way. That is laden married, because this is married. Men know this by out. You don't do that You just did move along yeah. Just let it go. You did your part let her do hers just move on it. It's called de escalation and all you have to do. As you say, sorry, too, Will you I'm giving you a warning for not using your turn signal here you go in move along. The traffic stop could have ended at this point
he'd already runner plates. He had already done everything. There is no more to this traffic stop instead the next thing out of his mouth, is, would you and putting out your cigarette now a lot of people who side, I only want to split split it up this web. It a lot of people that are very prolong enforcement. There, like just do what the cop says he says, Would you mind putting out your cigarette? She says I'm in my car and will have to put on my cigarettes and then he says you can step out of the car. Now he doesn't say please step out of the car. He doesn't say. I need you to step out of the car. He says you can step out of the car. Now she says. No, I don't And at this point she literally is in all of her full rights of denial, the cigarette.
Denying stepping out of a car because she hasn't been ordered yet, but because she has now denied the officers authority he flipped out and he starts demanding that she's dead out of the car and she's like I don't want to step out the car. I don't have to step out of the car. She keeps saying why do I have to get out of the car and he'd never answers her? he just says I'm giving you in order to get the car. She as I'm not under arrest- and he says Yes, you are under arrest, so technically air and at this point, If an officer tells you you're under arrest, you do have to comply with him. And if he's giving you an order, you have to comply, He's ease in charge at this point they its addison, question, so he decides at this point that I was the under arrest. I love that word discretion right, because you say he didn't have to do this now
but he's going this route so he's going through with it. He asked her to put out her cigarette. She said, no, now is placing or under arrest but Sandra she's actually smart. She knows that she's not being arrested for not putting cigarette, which a lot of people misinterpret this she's being arrested for not using a turn signal and guess what folks, the police They can arrest you for the most minor trap. crime minor crime. You could ever imagined minor offence. The most minor offence I did. This is my take on an earnest. You have a child, you have to children there is a level of discipline. So if your kid doesn't either their vegetables or if your kid I dont know throws a brick through the window, there's level of discipline you could slam your kid down on the floor and scream at him, and you have the to do that, but why
Would you do that for not eating your vegetables the boy it happens. I think the other thing tat happens is, as people have bad days like the real question is: if you look at it is the police officer doing this all the time we don't know, I can't sit here and say that this is his m o that he does all the time because I'd I dont know him. I do feel when you are representing, did This is career, maybe your presenting the police department, and you're supposed to serve and protect that, even if its painful for you, even if it's not your gut instinct, you have a responsibility. Now doesn't can't do your job, but there should be. as you say, training or knowledge to help you out. So, if so whence not complying with the you hear if she didn't, the signal, either writer ticket or right the warning and give it to her? If you're going to
who escalated and save de escalate it. This is where you know, talk about the legality of it, but we also talk about what should be, because I dont know that people are very comfortable with this idea that just because they and do things to you that they should do them. and this is it I mean in a nutshell, a police officer completely over for the most minor traffic offence. They can ask you to step out of. Car in arrest you and they don't even have to tell you why, but who in their right mind, actually thinks that if a cop pulls you over for no apparent reason doesn't give you information about the detained or they arrest and pursue. needs to arrest you you could get somebody to, ply much easier by simply talking to them, do you can de escalate the situation by simply explaining to them? He never once it tells her? Why he's arresting her? He opens up her door he's in at this point.
Belligerent she's, screamin item and Maybe she should have been nicer yeah. Maybe She should have not had an attitude with them here here we are, he asked her to put out. but she said no, what if he hid per I her from going to church what, if he had prevented her from buying a gun, or going to a voting booth. What if he prevented her denied her rights of something like that would we be having this discussion do we think a red is any less important freedoms are not any less important in their eyes. It doesn't wanna put out her cigarette. I hate cigarettes and I hate tailgaters, I'm not on either one of their sides. Really, freedom yeah, come on freedom side here. He now is pulled out. taser on her any is threatening to write her up. A taser is a transitional device from no four
to a gun, to deadly force and conveniently enough every time she's asked. Why are you doing this he's talking to his walkie talkie. Instead of answering her. It's like he's intent, William, avoiding answering her questions, she. Finally does actually comply and gets out of the car she's recording them with their phone any says: put your phone down to actually her right to record. You know whatever she's wearing a maxie dress. It's not like he's wearing something with a lot of pockets in it, so he might have to think that there is a a weapon honor crime committed, is a traffic violation. Failure to use a blinker at this point
is really doing is arresting her for that in anything. At this point, as collecting evidence to prove that she failed to use her blinker, so he takes her out of the car she's somewhat compliant, but she still mouth and off to him and he's putting a handcuffs on her and he says, stand right here instill at this point. He has not told her what she is under arrest for she stands right there and you can watch him. He grabbed her arms. Any steps towards the car any drags her in when she's moved. He says I told you to stay in right there and I'm like yours dragging or along with you, man you're, giving her commands that she cannot even obey or comply with one eye, really breakdown, the stop it his me off because he's getting or contradictory messages here and then they go off camera and you hear her say you're breaking my wrist.
sing, you know she's on her face cause he's slander down the concrete and she's resisting she's would consider resistant right so errand. We watch Emma may not to turn this into our enemies podcast, but what happened? when you are being hit in the face or what happens when somebody's twisting or piper extending your arm? What do you do when you're being attacked? Well, I would imagine if its, if it hurts you're not going to just take it. You will try to resist that in her case, if she did feel like her wrists was going to break or get injured, He was probably trying to put her arm in a position where a wouldn't do so so pull away, pull away the abbot when you're giving contradictory commands. To me? It says that the officer has lost control of himself. and it also says that he has no respect for her. Now people break the law. You could say she broke the law but
really he's the officer he's position of authority, and I believe that should care. The responsibility with it and in this case, she's not exercising that an I could see word she would be pretty upset. It's cases like this, where you can say Oh, but he can do that. He's got the authority to do so by your creating a culture that is anti law enforcement, which I believe- and I think this bears. now that you have more people who are willing to break the law and have less respect for authority, because respect is earned ends. I know for a fact: there are police officers. That do behave responsible and exercise their authority with proper discretion I believe that there are areas in this country that do not see that most of the time and were seeing this people are getting riled up because they see it.
and us against them thing, and they don't see It is something this just started. They feel this is. It has been going on for a long long time. It is in you know, and going back to wet what just happened is he's twisting her wrist and we have this thing called self preservation its built into us. It's instinctive cool, it's not something that we can control and I'm sure herself preservation of I dont want my arm broken kicked in and she pulled away. She resisted because was being put in pain and that's what they do to make you comply, but as soon as you resist that's used against you as resisting arrest and I'm not cool with that were ma. a natural instinct to pull away is considered against the law. I just have a problem. I know if I'm punching a cop in the face, if I'm attacking the cop, if I'm you know, if I'm due
that, but to me pulling away is more of a passive resistance, its naughty active resistance, jump in the car and try to drive away? No, no. It said that she kicked him in and scratched em and he says this happens when they're on the sidewalk- he doesn't say it happens when they're in the car and it's funny cause. I thought she kicked him when he was trying to drag her out of the car, but he doesn't say that in his reporting as it happens on the sidewalk and Michael won her hands, are hand up behind her back. So she really scraped you, ok and then she kicked you with her hands hancock behind her back sorry. She she couldn't kick you real hard, then she's, pretty much half disabled at this point Now he's lambs are down the ground and another officer female officer shows up and day ridicule her in a very unprofessional manner, which please protocol is. Do you don't do that? But you know it's their freedom of speech
right, so they can do whatever they want, and then they proceed to search her car. They can just do this again, unlike wow, our laws dictate that if you're were arrested for even the most minor crime, the cop can actually try to gather evidence from your vehicle to prove the crime, mitted or to use against you to use against you. So what evidence are they searching for in her car to prove that she use an improper blinker? Why didn't use her blinker yet again Clearly we will what evidence or they collecting guide. I by that the interests, so everyone knows. I spoke to five different police officers to different lawyers. About this case before us book on its are. Not just talking about right now I really wanted to know what the laws were and what please procedure in protocol were funny enough. Three of the five police officers, who are ex active duty, said
yeah that cop kind of went overboard. Two of them that are currently serving will act he's totally in the right, because he has the lawn aside to sort interesting, but guess they search her car to make sure in it to collect evidence about the imf, proper lane change, maybe they were trying to help her and they were checking to see if her. If her signal work yeah, if the equipment was malfunctioning right because then they could say we're so sorry we didn't realize now we can write you take it because your blinker isn't working, now she's arrested for resisting arrest, which when you say well, what was it? What what am I being arrested for? They say, while you're being arrested for resisting arrest. Well, what was the initial crime, but doesn't matter you're now being charged with resisting arrest for an arrest that probably shouldn't have happened in the first place, but you know what happens, but he can they can make you resist arrest yes by
then you contradictory, commands and inflicting pain on you to the point where you pull away and take you down and taking you down so now they. and pounded her car. Her cars, founded that's power, many hundreds of dollars a day. Neighbor rested her and they have given her a five thousand dollar bond. This is her second day, I think in texas, she starting a new job, and she has a five thousand dollar bond for assaulting. A police officer and her life is destroyed. Does she have the job anymore right? I mean it's all, looking pretty grim yeah. They doesn't look very good at all during the processing to the jail. She actually tells two different jailers and rights onto of reforms that she's been suicidal in the past she's not put on any kind of suicide watch and
leave a huge trash can with a big old plastic bag. On it for her in her cell, I don't know, I can't comment on whether or not she was murdered or killed herself. I I truly don't know. I would say that it's a possibility dislike in her other case with you, know, in its just a possibility, but what's the point of asking somebody if their suicidal? If they tell you Yes and you don't put em on suicide watch, you take no stay to protect them from themselves. I mean what was the filling up a form. If you're not going to do anything with the form, what's what it all information she gave him if she did. Really kill herself, I'm sorry there negligent for her death in one. family sues them which they are, and I hope sue about the improper, stop and rest arrest also, but according to the law, essentially
and the right, but it doesn't mean what they did was right or what this officer did was right, but I enough on that when other police officers or law enforcement folks watch this video, they don't say anything wrong with it her well. Some If there's a culture, if you like- edit from their side. There is an us against them on their side because imagine it's not always easy for them, couldn't imagine being a cop, it didn't a thankless job and they get paid nothing there. They don't they I earn enough to deal with some of this stuff they have to deal with and Fortunately, I think, since it kind of belief. it's over, they just it's almost like. They want a full back and they want to defend each other because there brothers, I mean say what you well, you you could bash on the police, but this really fraternity- and these guys they go to the front lines together
on on that end, you can see why they would protect their own. They would defend each other. I absolutely understand it. There there's cultures in any line of work. I have a lot of friends and family that work in the food service wait on table a bunch of people come in and dont temper a really rude and the waitresses scowling or or complaining about it to her fellow waitress. There yeah those people are jerks. You know it's us against them, I'm an! I t. He think that when I'm sitting next to my computer tech friend in somebody cause- and it says I can't get logged into my computer- you don't think he put They don't put em on mute and we say you're an idiot, you don't know how to use a computer. We do it's
ass, who know how to use this computer against EU who has no clue in it in its duchess, the culture of there wouldn't be. You know the I t cry. Or that skid on Saturday night light? If there was an I t culture there? Absolutely isn't I t culture in most. I t people are arrogant. I luckily don't think I am one of them and I am sure, most cops, don't think they're the bad one. I don't know how much more clear culture can be. I know that when I'm out of the eighty culture- and I see some technician- yelling at some old lay because she doesn't know how to use your computer on put off by it. Now, I'm like white, just just helper you're, getting paid to help her do your job and when I see a cop or police officer do a traffic stop the way this man did. I just think
just write her a ticket, and if you don't like her attitude instead of giving her a warning, give her a real ticket old, maybe you could find a couple more reasons to give her some more tickets, writer up for everything make her shut up with bunch of tickets that you know you could write instead of arresting her. I I just that's. That's the cop culture there that I can watch this same traffic, stop and behold, if I buy it, but people that are pro law enforcement will look at it and say he followed the law and everything's fine. She should have complied for all accounts and purposes. She actually did comply and it was just her attitude that wasn't complaint with the officer. You have people that are angry at the police. You have law enforcement
and their supporters who are angry at people who they feel abuse the police and don't respect the police. and as someone who is not a police officer and and times only not someone who goes to protests. I look at it again Lee different way, which is I see these two cultures that are clashing. I mean, it may sound, like I'm becoming a hippie, but I really think that we would be better as a society if we just took a few extra steps. You know if we would actually try to think about empathize with other people. Who really do have a history of being abused. We have to take this into account. You can't just throw it out there It's two thousand fifteen get over it guess what people don't forget it gets passed down. Stuff happens them it does not go away until we take steps. So when you- and I know it
not always easy. I have I have my bad days, but is it so difficult to admit you're, wrong or I just said, if you're really that angry right the ticket but don't take it out on the person, because your spreading disrespect there, your high, killing people a certain way that says they're, not even a person to you. You don't respect that person. That's nice! that's, not getting you anywhere, you can do it, but now Your creating unrest. People are upset. I think they would be don't want to go out on a limb here, but I really believe that people would give you the benefit of the doubt. If you had a history of doing there thing now. It's been pointed out that he had stopped before this then went fine. But what does that say? What made him change something occurred? You could say what is it about her that he just didn't like the attitude yeah well again, just like you can have a bad day. She could have a bad day by it,
like just justin, already pointed out what she did. I dont think warranted his escalation I think it's important that we have some empathy for people, especially She felt out our former she's been suicidal. This isn't We do with people, we should treat them with more respect costs. And can help you recognize, employs, show customer appreciation and outfit. Your teams, with your favorite products and brands customized with your logo at custom, ink dot com. You can easily make your mark on all sorts of products, including water bottles, backpacks, polos, jackets and so much more make custom ink your gun, to custom gear partner with great customer service, quality products and all in pricing, along with personalized help when you need it and an easy to use website. All bad to buy a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee go to custom ink odd com to get started today,
I'm not on the side to central now streaming. On short time, I have attempted to format the oasis decides, who a tennis notify the medical examiner crime scene and almost looks like a large animal attack which series let the right one in new ever so streaming now only on showtime, I believe. you have an example justin. If someone who is law enforcement and
It sets the bar really high yeah I've. I watch a lot of videos on law enforcement and I do engage law enforcement a lot. I will walk up to police officers and just start up casual conversations with them. I don't have a a complete disrespect for law enforcement in any shape or form. I really try to give them the benefit of the doubt, because I know they have a tough job way tougher than my job and I probably get paid twice as much
is any police officer out there and I I complain about my job. What a what do I have to complain about, but I love this video in it's not because the cops getting chewed out. It's because the cops awesome- and I I see a good cop and that's why I love it and it's a a main police officer, pulls over a man in a it's like an isuzu trooper or an s u v or something as the police officer walks up to the man's window. He has. The police officer. Has his notepad in the air ticket no powder, whatever in his hand and ass. He walks up the driver of the vehicle reaches out. Snatches, the no pad out of the officers hand, that's assault He literally does assaulted the police officer in the guy just screaming in his like.
What you're doing I dunno how fast I was going blah blah blah blah blah. He just goes off on the officer and the officer stands there and waits for the guy to take a breath literally in between cussing the officer out. This is right off the bat, This. This man is belligerent, combative, whatever colorful word, you want to use in this officer rights out to take it and a very calm voice. Says here is your summons. Here? Is your fine here's what you need to do with your ticket and the man's like fine, just gimme the ticket he handsome the ticket and the amount is for like two hundred Thirty dollars was something like a really pricey ticket. Now is this kind of like wow, that's a pricey ticket for speeding. The man sees the prize freaks out ten.
The take it up in throws the shredded ticket in the officers face and the officer stands there. Cool as hindu cow says, sir, if you don't pick up the paper on the ground, I mean a site you for littering in the guide. This point flings his door open almost hitting the police, officer, but the police officer, just kind of steps back it's out of the way, while the guide jumps out of the car aggressively like looking at it I'm like. Is he going to attack the cop like I actually thought he was. I actually expected the cop to defend himself at the draw his weapon even yeah, but instead the man gets out and he shamelessly picks up his garbage gets back in the car, in the officer says hold on you missed a piece
now that the cops caught him being a jerk, but the cops in control he hasn't lost control. The guy gets back out, gets the other piece paper gets back in screams at the car for another forty five seconds in the cops says, have a nice day and the guy peels out now this cop could have right off the bat arrested him for assaulting a police officer in the first five seconds of their interact he could have drawn, is weapon and fired on the man when he jumped out of his vehicle, because I've seen police videos were police. Have done this when somebody jumps out of the vehicle to quick, this officer use discretion and he's awesome. I want to meet this guy, given a handshake by am a beer, I don't care what the guy's awesome. It's not fair to him to be treated that way by this man. In this suv, I
Hopefully, do not agree with the man in the ass he these actions at all, I think, he's a despicable person. He was flexing his first amendment right, which was he can say whatever he wants, the officer stood there and I at all look like the officer with laughing about because it was just so over the top and crazy that's one of the reasons you laugh on the podcast. Sometimes is something so preposterous happens here. You can't help, but laugh so in, and I dont think that people should be rude or disrespectful the police officers, I absolutely think you need to be respectful to police officers, and I absolutely thank police officers need be respectful, the word and assertive but respectful to us. You I heard the things like war. If you didn't break the law, you wouldn't be slam in the ground. It's like okay! Well, she didn't user blinker. I hate b no well if you just complied or if you just did. As your told, if you just did this, then this when that happened,
and your essentially telling us to modify our behavior so we're not victimized. I think we recovered on another episode. I think it was called re culture where we tell women too modify the way they dress to not be victimized. I'm not down with that, and I like that. We need to talk all the people that are doing the attacking. This isn't right hold your responsible and will hold you responsible, I I hate to compare make that comparison, but if you're pretty much an average Joe person and all you've done is fail to use a blinker. I I don't see how that goes from a warning to getting slammed on a sidewalk or just I don't see how that goes from there to there without a police officer
using de escalation. Now that said, when you watch the video, you hear the officer call back into the station and explain the stop to his patrol sergeant or who is in charge any tells the patrol sergeant. I didn't tell her. She was under arrest he tells the prison patrol sergeant. I was asking her to step out of the car to sign her ticket and its in I was gonna. I was trying to explain to her why He was getting a ticket why she was getting arrested, but she just wouldn't. Let me talk. She just said this in that no, she asks I think twenty times. Why are you doing this and he never once answers her. He death says you're under arrest and that's why two things I'm telling you are legal, whatever lawful command. Because you're under arrest, but what he too, ass. His dispatch sergeant is a completely different story.
And now that officer from the sandra bland, stop, isn't it a state of leave for not following please protocol now you could say all its just politics, because this thing got so much attention that we had to do something with them. But if, if protocols de escalation of protocol is not being as aggressive or whatever, then that's protocol and he's being treated the way he should witches, he didn't follow his police training and then he literally lies about it and worse supposed to just accept that he's in the right, because he followed the law, The other possibility- and this is the scary one- is that he's only an administrative leave because of politics, and because there is some outrage over this and if that's the truth, that means if people
getting angrier, which seems be worse every year, then he would have not had any trouble then I'm not trying to say that they need to can the sky but again, this is the your action and then a reaction, and, if you keep pushing on people like this way, isn't seem like its necessary you're going. Create this unrest where people are going to bash on you. There will be a lot less respect out there and I Imagine this getting any better. Why haven't we? tried the other thing. Why haven't we tried being more polite? Like you said, you know, like this example, you gave the officer fight back does so civilly, you could say is being very casting away but he doesn't lose control and that's why we which they were all like that, because he's still giving that guy his respect by not just
manhandling em and tossing under the ground it in and if he would of I. you know, I don't want to see a cop drag somebody other car, but this guy literally assaulted, though the police officer in the first five seconds of the stop, and there was the coptic stood therein. Let the men talk and yell and be belligerent and I'm total not on that man side. I think that guy was a despicable person in that cop did not deserve the tongue lashing or whatever. He got from this man, but data that that office
awesome and I know that there is a lot of those kind of cops out there. I love him. I love you guys, you're doing you're you're fighting the good fight, but no that half the public looks at the air gardener, video or thee sandra bland video and their horrified. They they don't know what's happening. They don't understand why this person is being tackled by five people or drug out of a car for such a minor infraction we just don't get it. I get the the bad feelings about this because again it's a it's a respect issue when the the strength and the power exercised by officers in these situations it it feels like too much and people will say is it because I'm black or yeah, whatever other ray someone might be, or.
Gender or anything could be any location whatever rioters There is always an angle here that people are afraid that there being judged or mistreated for it and it goes back to what we said the beginning when you're telling, when you are treating someone like their beneath, you and that's how you want to start with them. What are they chances. That's gonna go well from there for you yeah. What kind of result? You want if you want to get angry with people, and you want to mistreat them. Then I guess that's how it's going to go by the point of This is, I think, is that just than I like we're in the middle and maybe weave, lucky in some ways. You know because of that now I know it gets us attacked from side usually, but we really don't I know I dont identify myself. As you know, I love I can do no wrong or their evil
they're like our overlords. I don't look at it that way. I tried The independent objective and I've had officers that are really polite in and I've had an officer enter the whole men treat me like, like I was an idiot that he was just gonna walk wherever we wanted a walk in say where we wanted to say to me. So when it comes out too You can go through our past episodes. We spoken on different scenarios where people feel like they got the short end of the stick I think we really try to look at it objectively, like who made the mistake here who had the power to not let this turn into a mess And we cover that would travel Martin, we covered it with bike, Michael brown, MIKE brown, somebody other cases, we haven't really covered air gardener. Really When it comes out to we try to look and see who had the power to defuse the situation.
Who showed up to start a fight that day yeah oh, you can say. Well, you know Eric wasn't to be there to him what he was doing well, but at last I checked it wasn't killing anybody know, Trust me if he had stabbed her started beating on somebody in law enforcement showed up and tackle them. Thank you. Somebody's really screwing up people are act they generally. Okay with police brutality is somewhat
he's really doing something horribly wrong that nets. The sad part is, I he shouldn't be okay with it ever, but most of the general public alike. While he was killing babies or he was you know, stabbing people actively. So the cop shot him bob okay. Well, they had to stop him, and people are ok with that. But when somebody's doing something like accused of selling loose cigarettes or not using a turn signal, there is no reason for this to go to what it does, regardless of whether it's be lawful procedure or not, but I'll I'll say right now, I've probably been anti cop, my entire life and in the last ten years I've become very pro.
And I know people might be surprised by this like well just a new. We hear you slam online for small time. No on I've, never been more pro cop. In my life, all my life, I've I've had people by one one night I had some guy break into my car, like a homeless sky breaks in my car. He shoots up heroin in my car and leaves his dirty needles. All over my car and on part at a bar in the bar owner calls the police to report that the homeless guy, that's breaking in the cars and shooting up heroin is back. the cops go to my car. They see the broken window. They see the heroin used heroin needles all over my car. They call me over the pa where they call whose whose car is this license plate. I hear it. I go outside I'm like oh, my gosh, my car's been broken the police officers start arresting me for drug paraphernalia. Even now, I'm not there. The shooting up heroin, I'm inside the bar and they ve been told
that almost persons is broken and skies car and shout of heroin their arresting me. or the dirty needles in the car. Now the bar owner and the other co owners of the bar came out and instructed the police officers to. Let me go so. I wasn't arrested that night. That's nutty, for you know that too and another time I got, I made an illegal left turn in vegas, the cotton me mark the wrong district, so I paid my fine in a went to the wrong district. My check was returned and I got a bench worn out in the other district at the cop didn't mark on the ticket. I went to vegas and I lost two thousand dollars and I didn't even gamble here. M where I live, the police officers are awesome and interacted with them. If I've ever called them cause, I'm in need, they ve come right away, unlike you guys are cool
oh, I got pulled over by one. He wouldn't even pulling me over for traffic violation of his pony over to inform me that their searching the neighborhood for like a kid that ran away and I'm like that's awesome like I'll. Let you know if I the kid wherein those clothes cause he's. Obviously in trouble and I'll help you out. That's what I expect. Sadly, that's not where we get all the time, so I think there has to be some sort of agent mindset. I know we can't go through and change all the rules because, because we will get people who will put law enforcement endanger o, definitely so There need to be rules, but its discretion parts. This understanding that you're dealing with different culture, different people and what's the goal here. I think cooperation. I, when I was in college before graduate some of the courses I took were management courses. It's a This is me, but I dont see.
what I learned in college being practised, but what they said was when you treat people with respect. And you discuss things with them, you let them know what your goals are right and if they do anything wrong. you, try to, let them know here's what's going on and you handle politely and respectfully that you get people on your side. and his start liking. You. It's really weird that how that works, but when you're nice to people, they tend to be nice back to you. This is what I would like to see more of a special in these areas where we have people that feel like they ve been abused and they ve been stepped on and disrespected and- You don't have to say you're, giving in anything what you're doing Is your saying we don't have to fight all the time because we're going to have troublemakers
we're going to people breaking the law, but if you get the people on your side, they're going to be the ones that point out the troublemakers to you and you're not going to have to go around and figure it out. Yet take out there there smartphone in their filming you. There was an look with this dummy did here. Don't be. Oh, look. What he's doing now! Look at this cops doing now, they'll be laughing. the guy getting arrested, and they won't be getting angry with you. I think I I just think which is worth a try and I think, It goes for us as well. You have a problem got an email today, if you want to discuss think civilly and respectfully than all about it and I think a lot of people notice about us. But when you treatises though you have now become our mortal enemy and they you have no respect for us and you think we're idiots it's going to be more difficult to state your case. Also, this is
is the little aside, but we ve had people say, while one of you says this, it's possible, I suppose that you dont know which one of us says who fat If you're still listening, I'm erin I'm the more serious one. Typically just then the one that's laughing dozens more here. He uses a lot more of his emotions so that That's what it, but I'm when I actually get on a mike. I'm pretty monotone. Remember and more of the monotone I play like you know the story, guy guess it's more the you, don't know what he's insane to or where tone of voice he's going to you. I tried a monotone it a little bit because people dont like hearing
murder or children getting hurt by a happy guy, and it's really hard for me to tone down my happiness. While I talk about some of these things, it's not that unhappy about the murder or death or the suffering that's happening. It's I'm excited to do this podcast. I'm excited to do this podcast with you and that is what it's about and that's why I'm happy I'm Erin he's just in evanston for some of you out there in texas, better. I did makes things up at them by asking just now he was doing it gets mentioned all I'm diner ask him how he's doing it like? How is he doing? well, like you just said, eads difficult form to tone it down. Jason's just naturally happy all the time, I'm usually naturally happy. But when I do it oh, I tend to get more soon is about it. Rest assured, as the time just inspired. I think either
asked I don't know how many episodes, but the only time I've seen him not so much fine is during the heyman lie because he had something sort of rough happened before came over my house, so the typically jetsons in a pretty good mood happy to be Writing content to all the listeners.
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