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Uintah Basin, Utah. Skinwalker Ranch is said to be a most mysterious place. Sightings of humanoid creatures, unidentified flying objects, and other paranormal activity, has fueled speculation about what could be the source for these claims. Was a curse behind these sightings? Join Justin and Aaron as they discuss a mysterious area in Utah that has spawned many books and shows.

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The I don't matter, I hope, doing good just in case I just put out a too, harder on the peripheral. It's not all me. It's a bunch of podcast got together and ashamed from foul play organised. I think it's like
thirty one stories and they're all fur paranormal to scary, murderers, all four hollow in so check that out, if you like it, check out some of the pod that contributed to buy this is our. I essentially our halloween episode chosen by you, yeah I was trying to find somewhat of one of our throw backs when we used to cover miss. Serious things, paranormal things you ufos that type of staff and me we ve covered big foot, loch ness even more man. So I thought take a break from murder and mayhem, and you and your murder and mayhem. Let's do something a little bit more like her I guess is it though yeah Stephanie lay something that's off the beaten track for us and dumb, but to see It goes there's a lot of interesting information about
this area- and there are a lot of stories- and times. Reading up on this are watching things on it. I got the feeling that they are I started a sound similar, but somebody stories are just outright bizarre. Missis, a story that I remember as a kid hearing about it and being intrigued by it this is a story that has been rehashed in re, put out there over and over again and its the burmese the triangle of euro. The mountainous region of utica undertow is back with a new season blood for best starring how to get away with murder actor jack valley. He this new horror podcast from realm is full of murder. Wherewith it is a mystery and is perfect for fans of men- mass and stephen care when
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I want to just say up front that this So it is all about this ranch the family is that lived there and what they reported. has very little to do with the native american belief system, what they believe with skin walkers. I think scheme Walker ranch has about as much to do or a relation with actual needs. American beliefs, essay the kansas city chiefs. Here you can't slap, a name or an arrow, had on something and then claim it has something. do with this culture, because this ranch very little if anything about this story that actually applies to what their indigenous people in that area actually believe. Right, and it gets so complex there no way for us. If we're going to tell this story on the paranormal side too, and all the other stuff without making a three hour endeavour near so I
that their beliefs are incredibly interesting, and I I liked me up on it. I liked hearing what they had to say, but this deception It is really about this ranch and how it has pretty much. Appropriated their belief system and turned it into what it is today, which I will get to that right. Well, let's talk briefly about what a skin walker is just for the purpose of this episode and to kind of put all the sing context the skin walk. is considered to be a type of harmful which as the ability to turn into possess or disguise themselves as an animal. But again, that's how the people who talk about this and that's literally, their definition, Then it may or may not represent native again: lore exactly This all happened when a family
the name of sherman of the sermons moved in right: yeah sherman ranch it's about five hundred acres near small, utah communities of roosevelt, ballard and fork to shame, is considered to be a hot spot, justin right, of paranormal activity of unusual happenings and they say that this all first came to the attention of the public due to the work of Joseph junior, hick, and he was a science teacher and a former role, or to pilot very much the aviation. He was actually the primary source for a book? The utah? U f, o display by frank salisbury. Now this was all andy mid too late, sixties and You are foes and the whole ancient astern theorist kind of theory, all of that stuff was gaining action at that time
and you had roswell that sort of kick started. All of this. You foe hysteria, I guess a friend of Hex who was a tea, contacted him and told him that he and his students had seen you are those which are unidentified flying objects, passing over the school and hicks became fastened, so this all kind of started in nineteen fifty one and, of course, not After that there was controversial. Film footage of flying desks, take by a warrant officer with the navy near trenton. This made the news in eighteen, fifty two so you get through Fifty years in the sixties and hicks claimed that he invest. Gated between four hundred and six hundred ufo sightings, just in spain. Nineteen sixty six and sixty seven now air he's hanging out in this area for two years with the intent of documenting all of this year,
foe phenomena does a camera with him we had better. Murphy back in the sixties and factor the black and white voters were beautiful color ones were a little more greeny, but yeah, I'm just wondering of thought. four hundred some sightings, not one photograph hooker. Well it! tough just in there's, actually apparent phenomena where people when they see unidentified flying objects, they dont think of tat. In pictures of it there so wrapped up what they see. It's almost like. tractor beam is locked in on their head and they can't turn away to get that camera denoted mean just assume that if your expecting it sure you know you don't have a camera on you. This is the Sixtys. We don't have phones on us, but what
This guy is intentionally there with the sole purpose of investigating this phenomena. How could he not get one pitcher? this is a question I have and at this point kenneth and eat Myers are the owners of the ranch now what a d craft look like Aaron well. These draft, apparently I mean in this is taking in all these reports. They were about four feet across and they pulsating lights around the edge, a light on top, and A strange red energy re that emanated from the bottom of the craft sounds like every great siphoned movie from the nineteen fifties. Yeah yeah now the they described this light on the bottom. They said like a light suddenly coming on yo. Sometimes you watch the street lights come on at night now they said this light. Would emanate slowly from the craft, and then it looked almost like
that red light was searching for something like a ray of light, not just a burst of light right, So there are many witnesses, apparently return him. A hundred hundreds of witnesses and sometimes people said they were as close as thirty feet from one of these objects but yeah again, These are witness accounts. People are giving story to the media and saying this is what I saw now, If you know anything about this area, it is way out there I'm not gonna say it's out in the buoys, but there is not a lot of no city. There's no, sir, eighty around here so at night, You don't have any light pollution and you don't have any far any kind of pollution really. So it gives you the most amazing, brilliant night skies you'll ever see made they caught the weather born maybe they saw saddle in a later on there
things that you can see with the naked eye up in the night sky, when you have zero light pollution, but when the some of these witnesses. That say it's the middle of the day. You know it's round lunchtime minutes this objects? Thirty feet away? Yeah you can't exactly explain that away. Besides or maybe they know that this is a a news article that's going on in their area and they want to get quoted too so the area be. You talked about the area, it's wide open, very rugged territory and its population by cottonwood trees, people not so much a few and far between. So of course, because of these sightings, and because the stories start coming out, France really gain some attention right I mean this. Is a story that takes off in in seventy. Eight. It's time old area residents report ufos and
there is actually a reporter with that paper? with her ten year old son, and she talks all about what they saw. It even got tat by the national inquirer at this is going virus and the day and getting no coverage, which is why I heard about as a child, but It really got catapulted into the main stream in mid nineties. And of course this is right when I'm between Sixteen to eighteen years old, so this is right up my alley. I'm listening to Kosovo, was just like you earned, and you know where, into paranormal ufo phenomena- and this is hitting dig when the sherman family moves in but cos ghost I am is really, I think, the that many people got into, with this stuff and me, I'm definitely us sceptic
I'm interested in things, but I I just dont really leave in them. But there is not. Like listening to our bell talk about his First, in these things it makes you interested and of course he has all these fascinating gas on my color her org ordinary or whoever else talking about the events that they know what they say. They know occurred at this ranch and so you can actually find that audio. If you search for it, I've in two pretty much I think I have listened to most coasts, colosseum episodes. least the ones that are about did so This is how I really learned about this. is through Kosovo. Sam now when we started your talking about hicks, doing all this investigation work and he was all over. This area wasn't just the ranch that he was on and rip, bring about all these ufo site
and what not so now you have terry and gwen sherman coming in buying this ranch. When staff writer, Z, van ike from the desert news published a story called frequent fliers. So I'm wondering if there is a connection here on the sherman, seeing all the attention that this ranches getting and they in saying. Oh, we think there might be something going on to see. did the sherman family report. While there too gone, it was- and this is something we know because terry sherman spoke with desert news- carries for a long time we wondered what we were seeing. If it was something to do with the top secret project really know what to think about it. There see ariel phenomena. Things sky flying around again very to do with the natives can beliefs about scan workers, but we do have their accounts. They do
have spoken about what they ve seen with their own eyes, I'm in the sure, thirteen age, sun and ten year old daughter, they talked about seeing through different types of ufos. In fifteen months, small box, like craft with white light, a forty foot long object and a huge ship the size of several football fields, which you see some. like that. I mean the shocking right tempting that large in the sky there, reporting this you're talking All of these, your photos and again this the nineties. Now we have cameras, we have video cameras, we have camcorders, we have all kinds of ways to document this, but they the claim that batteries in their cameras would die or mount too, our function in general, so they couldn't take photos. They couldn't get anything The documentation of any of these claims
but you ve seen pictures and videos of unexplained craft right, unidentified craft and What are your thoughts when you do see? It will use It's so poor quality that you can't say Is this: a man made act or a u era, or something from out of this world their use. terrible, but I guess, when you're making so many claims about something the size of a football field. I think a photo of that it would be a little bit more decisive, so sawhorse they talk about seeing a craft emit a wavy red re. They all plainly seen other unexplained airborne lights. Some It is from orange circular doorways that appeared in mid air. This is one of things that we ve learned about just in? Is it not just strange crap It's not just strange lights are orbs there. also, apparently openings in the sky, poor,
If you will yes and the ground to circles a flattened grass about eight feet across in a triangular pattern about thirty feet from each other so soon patterns on the ground. Basically, crop circles right, that's what people have come to call them, and of course, weird impressions and the soil that are a foot or too deep and about three feet wide unexplained just in the dirt and there should be thing out here as much as we call this a ranch. This is high. Desert not growing alot of crops, I hear the soil is very rocky and for something to, actually leave this kind of impression or dig it legs, or whatever into the ground with a lot of weight and a large object, but but their wondering are these landing impressions from a? U a foe,
I don't know I would have to see if photo of it too. give an opinion and they didn't even take a photo of the ground. But here we are there's a story from terry sherman, where they were out there with the family dogs and they heard male voices speaking in a land, they didn't understand and terror he claimed that the voices seem to becoming from above him twenty five feet above him, but when he looked around he didn't see anything, but the dogs were going crazy. They are marking and growling, and any running off back to the ranch house at this point that new another installing chains on their front porch there installing cameras they are trying to protect themselves and cat what is going on outside, according to them one of the repeated
stories that you hear about the ranch. Isn't just you a full lore, but you also hear about cattle mutilation, and this is why, at this something that people have talked for many years now. They- do take photos of the dead cattle, and I will show you know, maybe Its skin has been torrent or work. and they're like this is almost laser precision. This is surgical mutilation, but why I look at a lot of these photos earn. I know, like one Boxers will be fighting in europe clubbed over the head with this huge glove. Yet some of the cuts that up you're on their forehead, more or less a terror, then like someone cut them with a razor, and so I look at a lot of the cattle mutilations and I think well the
her eyes in their their tongues, are going to be eaten first by predation and if a a bob catarrh A large predatory animal took us a swat at them yeah. I can look like the scanners cut with. surgical precision when it's really just torn or has been shredded by italian of some sort or claw given dream about being more creative. Do you feel like this of yourselves. I can use a bit of levelling up or maybe you're just looking to shift your mindset, I'm guy and my new podcast. The great creators is going to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, week. I interviewed someone at the top of their game and ask them how they kingdom? asked her their craft and ultimately how they became more successful in life,
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kingdom of men that ever existed, the elves, arrogant and vain, then not beyond been corrupted. Can I just say watching a one off the e in his full regalia is the mice and everything. So if you want a deep dive into every episode, watch the rings of power on prime video and listen to all eight episodes of the official, the lord of the rings, the rings of power podcast for free on amazon, music, download, the amis music app now, but somebody's stories, especially george nap and calm, keller, her have talk. about this, and they say that in nineteen, ninety eight, ninety, ninety, nine and two thousand and everyone the cattle that was mutilated was pregnant at the time, but when in the bodies of these cows were found and they were examined. They were empty
its surmised that something took the fetus of these calves right each of them out of the cows. And all they could find when they actually did autopsies was there was a bunch of scarring inside their wombs. So I don't know to make that. But, of course, this is just were taken, their stories and relating them and we did examined the animals. We don't have photographic evident of this so once again it's a story in this. What we know is what we've heard and then the stories start to shift from you are found in the sky two things the ground and one of the first oddities that day report it is a large wolf or a dire wolf witches away. that's about the size of a horse and claim that they were working outside
and there was a cow. The yard and they see this law the wolf in the distance and, of course, dogs begin to bark annulled to this end They talk about this wolf and say that it approaches slowly They say that it doesn't look menacing, meaning its ears aren't back. It looks somewhat docile, although it's the size of a horse and it approaches them and actually lets them. Pet, It- and I don't know why you wanna pet, a wolf, that's all lost his tall as you and me, I wouldn't pet, a wolf that was a regular sacks, dwarf yeah, but they're they're clay, That their outside by the truck in this wolf comes up and as
We as unsettling is the size of the wolf, is they're all standing around just sort of dumbfounded by it. I guess is personally, I think if I were Terry sherman I'll be telling everybody to get in the truck or get inside the house if this walked up I mean there's no reason to not seek shelter from such a large animal dangerous animal for that matter, but are they that this wolf attacked one of their caps and that's when terry got his three fifty seven magnum river over out of his truck and shot at the wolf. He said it had no impact. It didn't seem to do nothing. Talk about these large wolves a lot and how they would, kill their cow so people wondering, because I think we should explain slow better, but dire wolves. If there were
one at the time there beggar pen a large while fright at so a large wolf, would be say, a timber wolf and thereabouts feet long dire wolf, you'd have to add a couple or feed onto that thing. I think a lot of people I've watched game thrones and their produce, very well in that date. about how they had six Rules like these huge bowls male cows. Whenever I get Are you a foe where something comes overhead Everyone on the ranches dumbstruck and doesn't know what's going on and then all of a sudden the bulls disappear and they and the bulls inside of this trailer that is only about twenty feet, long and ten feet wide, which means you have to line these bolsa perfectly to get them all to fit inside of this trailer erin and it had to have been this
alien craft that was able to transport the bowls into this animal trailer, because no human could have gotten in their so quickly, yeah, there's another story of balls being moved into a shed. We might and be talking about the same story, but it's been repeated some. times that maybe one person said it's an animal trailer, and somebody else says it's a shed now you know I be the same story, but the time found game makes it change. we're time They also report sensations in the ground like the ground rumbling like somebody's driving, a bulldozer or something by and sounds of colossal machines moving underground so unsettling sounds unexplained, sounds what's going on here, and then there is this report of
water. Babies which are children, said to have been drowned and now lurk in bodies of water in the afterlife any mimic. The cry the babies to lure us or animals to the water s edge said than they can snatch them and drag them into the water, and this is now part of thee. Stories, ah from the family, and they talk bout that the portals again and what They say about that. There was a cub opening that came outside of their house, a big opening. Well the picnic terry. He witness first and from a ridge overlooking the desert, a portal and from this portal in eight foot, humanoid creature, Who is dressed all in black stepped through this point? in too I guess, our world, this is
his word what he's saying and you have. Aliens you have trans, dimensional beans or inner dimensional beings- you have, large wolf's, you have you, have those flying overhead orbs You got it all in the story. Right I mean this is just covering all the bases in from all of the the store, is that people knew from the Sixtys and seventys about ufos enter paranoia creatures, wine and german family. They had, of course, can wait. Desert news- and there is this- for- went flyers, article that was basically towards the end of their ownership of this ranch and they sold it in ninety ninety six, it then I guess news who bought the ranch but
eventually figured out who was, it was Robert bigelow, who is the founder of bigelow airspace and they are they're, pretty known for being the first to develop and test the technology for inflatable space habitats, I can only assume they add some big government contracts and hello is rich and to buy this ranch and rich enough to tell it into his own investigative platform, right yeah, lee he had a very strong interest in the unexplained in the supernatural, the paranormal in won't. We would from fringe science, that's being generous, yeah yeah. They say that in twenty twenty one, robber bigelow offered a million dollars to any one who could help improve that consciousness can continue after bodily death. So I think that's it more about his interests than about him figure. something out personally and he's now
regurgitating a lot of the stories from the germans and the previous owners about the going ons at this ranch, and he is setting up cameras he's setting up a whole system too, document. What's going on with the hand of. selling the story. Well, I think you know, for a lot of people. Who believe in robber bigelow. They would say what he has, foundations the national institute for discovery, science, nids and I was founded in eighteen. Eighty, five bow we don't really know how is funded. It was probably funded by bigelow, but he may have had friends join in some people say even the. U S, government got involved in that. I don't know why they would, but that's the story, because he as needs. This is the perfect waste to set up in.
allegations right? So let me just put it this way I think the reason why this has gotten so much attention is because there are people out there who believe in conspiracy theories. They believe in these ideas, is that the government is testing or attempting to discover things that We do not have a handle on and will you back to stories about portals opening and people walking out of them were creatures, then well. If they could figure this stuff out. That could be incredibly helpful to the government right. So that's how they tie that together. I believe I just I see a huge plot whole here, because the government can buy up and take it anyway, at once. I mean this is why this right, which is such a hot spot. I is presume that the government would come in and buy it up and use it two further investigate this your phenomena and figure out
technology, but for some reason they believe it and the private sector and let these people live there, even though it's such a incredible hotspot of soup, Natural and paranormal phenomena well, but that's where people would point rebecca low and say there is their partner he's in on it. You know you bring in someone who would know what to do with the investigation, how to steer it, how to collect the data right so they have him. So bigelow, far, as we know, was doing a lot of investigations out there and Had these observation platforms built on the ranch dad dogs at these platforms could raise the alarm just in case anything approached from the surrounding wilderness, so they have dogs on twenty four chains as there, learn system, they have cameras, they have these observation platform sore
yes in the hunting world to be called the blinds and they're ready for anything yan theirs worries that dogs were mysteriously released from these locked answer chains and that they would be running around or these would be seen barking at the air support easily hearing voices from overhead, but nothing was seen and so. This is where they blame a trickster, so and who was in an unusual or invisible form, but this Whole investigation thing that people claimed. That may be, the government was even in on with Robert bigelow, well, it lasted until two thousand for and the only way to really find information on needs. Is you to use the way back machine. out of its not readily available, and I said some time looking through it, but for those thinking that right
bigelow was in what the government well if he was ever in with a government that came to an end it point because in march twenty one. He ended up suing nasa for one point: zero, five million dollars saying that he is not paid to contract for peace, testing and development I remember he is the found. Bigelow, aerospace, fairly, says things didn't work out between his group and the government. So if they in cahoots. Well, it didn't end well when its end sixteen, that a shell company in buying this ranch, yeah. I read the name justices Adam antium holdings that my first thought is wolverine wolverine here and people create shell companies, which is essentially about this company to
business whether to shield their own identity shield there taxes and assets whatever it is and though you this company to buy something, so they can be anonymous but company well we'll find out who actually is behind most of it right, but what people realize right away. Is that when this company Adam antium holdings gets a hold this ranch. They secure the crap out of it right, I mean they go in and they start putting up fences and barricades to keep people away from it becomes a very gated maria and beer animals are just going to stumble into this field, anymore, because it's all fenced off it's there. secure and it's all for being able to control. What's going on in this on this ranch, so high
the new owner the new owner eventually revealed to be brandon fuel and he's a real estate mobile from utah and a self professed sceptic, now he's a sceptic but he comes in with the in and of investigating this ran he comes in with the intent of documenting going on here. I guess if you're saying euro sceptic- and you want to disprove things- that's one thing but proving a negative is really hard so claiming sceptic and then trying to document the weird stuff while that sort of goes against your whole. I'm a sceptic! why dont know I mean you would think that, hopefully, a sceptic would be open enough to admitting to seeing things, even if it defied normal beliefs right, but I know what you're saying it seems like he sets
up where he's allowing, even in no other, ass the gaiters to come in and access the ranch and so yeah. This isn't exactly scepticism at work. Here I would say this was more like. What can we do with this place? You talk about investigators, I mean even the likes of ghosts. Adventures has indeed to get a door gone through this ranch at sir, getting too the tv reality shows and networks and he has occurred. It says, six months into our investigation, I had an experience while entertaining a visiting dignitary and insecurity detail that involved in Nihil, citing of what can only described as a forty to fifty foot, long silver grayish disk like object that performed maneuvers that were stunning and if I can, general explanation. He said that happened, broad daylight and that there were multiple people who saw it. Not one pulled out a phone
Well, let's address that for a moment. Justin there are people writing books about this branch they go and do interviews about this branch and talk about the things they ve seen about their cattle mutilations, about portals about add occurrences right things like cattle, suddenly being moved or killed. What have you any when their asked, can you show us evidence of this? They pretty much s hand point two robert bigelow and say well, he's got all of it because is the one that was collating the information he was collecting at all so again were asking like. Can we see stuff and now there is there a lot of interesting stories, but were were waiting on those pictures,
extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence, we're not even asking for extraordinary evidence. I'm asking for one photo of this fifty four. the long silver creek. In broad daylight, and there isn't one genesis, the time or you would think there could be a pretty good picture of such a thing right. Yeah- maybe the batteries and work, it's in twenty nineteen, that the euro government makes a claim here. Well it really comes about because the new york times they report the existence. a previously on publicize programme. known as advanced, aerospace threat, identification programme, they caught a tip. Now this gram was met evaluate threats from unidentified aerial objects. Now, I hear that I think well, we,
know what other Countries are developing and flying we dont know of things visiting us from other worlds, we have no idea. So this is sickly, a program that evaluates threats, and so they try to capture things on video right, but this advanced space is a tap they weren't created based on this right anshan, the? U phenomenon there. They were that this group was created for a lot of other reasons. Probably more earth relate, her reasons, but it was another video from the the? U s navy pilot video right. That really is time to this a tip group, not this ranch item at the tick tock ufo, yeah yeah. That was from two thousand and four and man that was all over the news right. Everybody wanted to talk about it.
Still in the news today and what do you think of the video I it's it's annexing. apple and its its good quality and and you know you have me- terry pilots, you have radars, you have all the stuff documenting this and you have this. Ariel phenomena that is moving in a way that We don't have anything that moves like that. It's defying gravity and physics. So I find this video today, sir For: u s s: nimitz! Tik tok and you'll find it. They say this is He classified video so forward. Looking infrared right, this is the only video they have from the incident. They say in this video is very compelling and this government meant this programme was funded for the years. Two thousand and seven did twenty twelve,
was shut down and it had nothing to. But this ranch, but the people love. The lure of this branch will talk about and tie these two things together. Well, I think it's want to have all these stories right, but without sure, video or photographic evidence there are people saying but come on. Show me. I think you ve been doing that, but they can point to this incident, with the: u S, s nimitz and say, but wait wait, wait! Look at that d! There are on it and things out there. So why can't you understand what we ve been telling you? Why would all these people make it up? telling you these stories, because we ve seen these things. That's what they're trying to say, because One thing, one time One video I cannot fine. I cannot,
to five million other videos or a million other allegations are claims to be true, have to take a case by case right. But if you, if you read it, this now me not to go too far off track here, but this tik tok ufo here read about it and there's a retired. U s navy lieutenant commander alex dietrich, and she talked about this and according to her it looked like a smooth white. oblong object. That kind of look like a tick tock breath meant that was fun, high speed of the water and didn't appear to have any means of soon it was just flying quickly over the water. Her a fellow pile. named David from our hope? I got his name right saw this. Turning of the ocean surface, for seeing this object,
Now I mean they. They went out there because they were radar contacts in the area that could not be explained the wave the objects were moving. Just didn't make sense, so yeah, even myself, as a sceptic when you have navy personnel, who are you to seeing things who is, we don't know what this is that's interesting I dont know what it is, but I than when they say that they don't but it is either so I think it makes things interesting. Definitely, but if you're right it doesn't it doesn't. You can't take that story and then mediately apply it to this ranch and say well then some of that has to be true to like there are definitely buying things happening there, but we now have the unidentified. Ariel phenomena task force that replaced a tip
and airborne object dedication in management secret negotiations group, while he hath mouth So the government I mean I think from this two thousand and four tik tok video, the government is take yet more seriously. Now how many people do you think want to visit this ranch And have their own, citing yeah, I mean this- is one of the reasons why they blocked it down because they don't want people. Just walking onto the property? Just liability reasons alone, meaning fall off this big ridge hurt yourself. If you could bit by rattlesnake something in a whatever, because become so popular, especially in rio, but he shows I'm sure. People are walking to it and are they I think,
want to control, what's documented and set about this area. That's one way to do it. It's theirs, and I get that, but for those of us that are curious. We would like to see here and understand more about what goes on out there right. If there is on its way, and phenomena happening out there. But unfortunately, it's been down for a long time it feels like, but there are people who come out and try to explain why we don't have the data right, we ve talked about this throughout the episode, don't happen We don't have video evidence where they could say. I I can't prove to you that this was some sort. craft from another world, but tell me what you think it is, and then we would be replying with I dont know what that is, but we don't have that so there wasn't it, investigate investigator, who talked about this and they labelled it as precaution
it is simply an intelligence. This was doktor, John, be alexander, and this is a way to explain all this right. How Can no one get evidence. People experience stuff out there, and tell you about it, but they can't prove it to you. They can't even give you anything to make you think twice and what is about according to doktor alexander, is that this entity who they believe is responsible for this stuff, can actually predict what you're going to do so. People with cameras good point them in a direction of lights. They see and then the light it would certainly be somewhere else or they would disappear somewhat let the dogs out, and they set a trap in case? It would happen again, but then it wouldn't it's almost like no matter what they try to prepare for. Things would not happen the same way or in a way that you would. You could predict, because, whatever the had to tease are out there or entity. It would know
You were doing what you were up to and would foil your plans. While that's her explanation of why no one can document this budget brandon and his team they claim been documenting this and they even have a whole reality show earn. It's called the sea Skin walker ranch. Have you state. I have watched some of it. Yes, I am Gonna try to be nice here. I know that there are a lot of people involved, but Brandon saying he's a self proclaimed sceptic, and then you have a travis taylor, who is essentially the site. test of the team: that's conducting experiments and are trying to gather, evidence or disprove things, and then you have whole team of guys that live or work the ranch, but really there not working the ranch there
working the reality show and this whole thing is pretty much. been monetizing in commercialized, said a word now. What did you think of the reality show errand, because I got my opinions and I'm gonna hold back for a minute. Why think? If you're interested in this ranch and its history. Then I think this, does a good job of feed. information to you from people and showing you things are showing you. The ranch where you stay interested, it's just enough to keep you interested right look I mean there are those of us that say show me something give me prove, but that they can make a series of this and then show you something in the first episode. That's they all they have right. it whatever they have. If they have anything so they may have draw out, because otherwise you dont have a series, you would have a duck.
entry and that's not what they did hear nets It's obvious by they don't have a documentary because they don't have this evidence that would not people off their feet. and make them say. Oh, my goodness, I was a sceptic and now everything I thought was true, meaning science that I'm going to have to throw out the window, because I'm seeing things I just shouldn't be, I can't explain it but the show and Brandon they claim that there their finding evidence and their showing you on this reality show the evidence that they ve collected in there and its splain enable portray it as you debunk this, because As we're finding all of this explainable stuff with of our high end scientific equipment and our experience, that were running the there's things that are completely unexplainable on this rancher. yeah. So if you have
in your head, that this ranches amazing and that there are all kinds of visitors from other worlds: vs spacecraft, fry from other world or from portals you're going to be disappointed. I think that the people that are to this staff there now actually expecting to see something their way for it, but seeing it hasn't, stop them from watching the show is still on because people are watching- and so I think Keeping them hooked in a way for those of us that want the proof and they're saying you know you have all these cameras and what we're talking about in twenty wait to hear we have modern cameras. Might twenty one twenty, we have hd cameras I can use my samsung twain to alter and I can get a really nice picture of the moon now but why don't we have some kind of picture of a
or wolf or a person can. out of a portal, something I'll tell you why reality shows have reality in their title were there name. I guess, but I People in the industry- and there is very little reality going on in reality- shows its tee producers that doc to hire writers and there is going to put microphone on a bunch people on video film them running around doing whatever, and then they the eight drama they create tension. They create a story line with just what they I have in front of their cameras. I have friend he he went on a reality, show to get it a tattoo. He had actually got to receive the tattoo from the artist on the show, but he had got the tattoo liked years prior. But
Of course he goes on the show and he gets a statue in they slathered some vaseline on it. So it looks fresh and they show some stock footed of the person doing a tattoo, and then he tells us story about what it means to him and that's the show, from another friend that worked in the clothing industry and they wanted to do a reality. Show up The high and high fashion clothing three agenda, they were really efficient at their jobs and the producers of the shower like what we need. Some drama, like the shipping departments shipping the stuff out fast enough. So we need you to go back there and yell at them, and my friends I'm not gonna. Do that and so the pilot never even cut it, never got ass, the pilot portion, because there was no, there was of drama conflict and that reality show so and here we are with the secret of can walk. A ranch show knowing that this is all literally them
running around with equipment that it doesn't even appear that they know how to use it correctly and were, they use it and they get, some information or they get a reading. That's a little weird. And then they read it wrong or they just don't get any. Of the data that they actually need to make a honest You know evaluation of what they're looking at there's no scientific method employed at all when they're doing these. These these episodes- and I just watch one literally before we start. recording and Travis is with group in their shooting. These rockets up into the sky to get readings on stuff and then act like the readings, are weird for some reason, and then he, is behaving as if he's woken up in his little trailers, all camper and as I can heard this this
whooshing, sound and- and you see him walking out of the trailer and you see one of the rockets shooting up in the background and behaves as if he doesn't know what's going on or what this noises are why his dogs are barking, You literally just showed us the rockets that you were shooting off earlier, but whatever there's another one where there are like they're doing a night shot, and there have all these spotlights. All these. Like laser pointers and stuff and they're using there. You know their infra red and their night vision, and then they show the night sky and they're like we'll. Look at this huge ray of light up in the sky. What is what's that coming from and I'm thinking it's coming from your your vehicle with the huge spotlight shining up into the night sky. Then there's this other part where they have these multistory and dollar drones covered in cameras in motion. Action in their flying them around the ranch and hovering over a cow
it seems to be in distress and then The very next seen they have a photo of this cow. And there's something in the air above it and there, like. Oh my god, what's what's above the cow that must be before we can explain it I'm just thinking you literally had the strown above the cow, and then you took her, auto over and now you're showing it to me in claiming it, sir. You are like well, the cow was distress justin. It was afraid by more for the cow than anyone on the show and then there is this whole about you- can't dig on the ranch digging will cause. angry spirits to attack. You curse you bad things happen. If you dig so stay bring in this team guys to do ground, penetrating radar and I just think
myself, so you can't put a shovel to the earth, but you can do ground penetrating radar and that won't upset the spirits slight at what what is the logic there? I don't know and then they go on to how a year, a native Can she from one of the local tribes, come over and do a blessing, so they can act. We break ground without being cursed, and so they get this guy comes over and he does this, ritual and they say, you for doing that new cycle. None of you were actually saying it with me saying the chant with me so because it's only really, protecting me. It's not protecting! You have to thinking what was the whole point of the sixth they're trying to do this blessing before a dig, but then the guy says I hoped you all would have join me in this blessing, because you are the ones digging not me, then they pull out. There
geiger counter is in there all the scientific device is to measure things and their self and yeah their cell phones and there talking about the radiation, that's being admitted in this area Oh, my gosh! This is terrible, we're getting hit with so much radiation here and now and then talking about how the radiation is coming from, the earth are coming from the sky and that's why they're shooting the rockets up, but there's what's called rate on gas. I mean you own, a home with the basement. I mean every house you by. They suggest that you do a raid on testing and your counters not going to detect rate gas, but it will detect radioactive articles in the air and, if you're out. On the side of a mountain, that's been eroded and scraped off, wind and dust is blowing around in your geiger counter. Is gonna detect something
and as soon as it detect something, instead of just thinking well, maybe I'm in an area that has a lot of radon gas or radioactive power. calls admitting from the earth they ghosts the aliens they go to this is totally completely unexplainable and it must be aliens- and that's kind of my problem. With this whole thing erin, it is, it's always aliens right, where's that his aliens birds out they use animals as bait. and they shall write the alpacas that the curious choice to me because people, of those animals right? and now you're using them as bait to maybe get killed, are eaten nor centre. A portal seems kind of weird and. You know there's something that happens with this. Show that happens with the oak island show and and a lot of these types of shows where they'll say: okay today we're gonna get them.
Things were to do this and whether its digging or black, sing something or setting cameras. You know in a certain area that has a lot of activity where it is they do that once and then as soon as they fail or its not working and then like guy. Well, we tried, I realize, As with a show you can't get to the bottom of things, mostly because if there is some to be found. it takes a lot of work and you can't is try something once for ten minutes for a half hour, whatever it is and say: well, we tried brunette to do this other thing. Next now you have to get a plan going and you have to see it through, but they do that on. These shows, because the fund is not right. Well, I mean people have attention spans in, people who are really gonna. Stick with you who don't care, if you I really they just
I urge you to go to the next thing, because, if its not working out right away, then let's try something else. We will get something here It's a goes, hunting show or a big foot hunting show or this right show it's always we're doing these scientific experiments to gather evidence, but the first of a scientific experiment is a control group and can tell me all the history of this house, that's hunt and they go in with europe, ps or whatever you know your little detectors and tell me how the house is haunted, improve europe, your own, I policies, You can tell me that there's radiation coming from the ground at this ranch, but what's the control, go twenty miles down the street and do these same readings go to the house next door that didn't have any one murdered in it and do the same things and then tell me how how it works out for you, because that's just
science, one or one here. This is just basic stuff: gimme a troll group near, but that's not really the purpose of this. So I think Really, if you wanna be nice about the show, because I'm a obviously some people love it, but I think it's me of just the work. king around in this area, that year curious about so you're getting to see the area and where poking around we're going to dig some holes, we're going to show you some simulations of what may have occurred. What people saw whatever it is, that's enough for people in there guard if their entertaining people than that's? Really, I guess that's. Ok, that's what people wanted for those people at wanted answers. Well, I guess answers are whatever you want them to be, and ultimately they have appropriated native american beliefs and culture, and then it into exploitation to make money. That's what it is at the end of the day I mean they could name
ranch something else, but they don't because they have to run with that, because it's the it's the catch, it's the it's! What get. people watching and it's what is known as but in a light we started with this. Has nothing to do with native americans. Did this really the you could just call alien ranch. I know whatever it is, because it it's nothing to do with the actual skin walker belief. It just seems ridiculous and exploitive to me. When I see the show when I hear about this right, changing hands and then the next family herb owner talks about for that, and I remember like the amityville whorehouse same a deal. Finally a buyer, he said: hey this place, isn't There is something wrong here, so I look at the bigelow under an brandon fuel- and I think for them. Just came in with the sole intent of
relying on this and they had no interest in the actual and in anything making money. Why think there's some entertainment value here too, is ice and some time, reading, reviews of the show and its knee reading, views from people who actually are, who are well experienced with something say: drilling hearing them review the drilling aspect to the chef I know it's it's kind of fun, but I think this Like anything else, I, like, I said, I'm a sceptic. I dont really leaving any of this stuff. But you know I have my I am especially when our bell was talking about it were. I would tuning, I would listen, because The stories are interesting in our way, people start describing things they have seen you our and tell myself, when they saw really, but it's probably not real, but then my own story, just remember, I gave my story on one of our past. No story episodes, rice or something
I can explain, I dont know what it was, but a few ask me if you had a bad everything you own m is this: is this really a craft or region being something that in it was a really there. I would tell you, I'm pretty sure I saw craft and I dont know what it was They didn't even look that fancy. In fact, it's probably more can to a tab. shining tik tok here, What I saw flying through the air but that she said there are things that been seen by navy pilots or by people. They can't explain it they. I can tell you what we heard about it, but they tell you what it is, and I think that's it. it's one of those things about life. Is we can't know everything, but we do know that this has become a series on tv. If you want an explanation well, it's a show.
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