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The Butcher Of Kansas City. April 2nd, 1988. Kansas City, Missouri. Police are called after a man is discovered hiding on a porch wearing nothing but a dog collar. His story struck law enforcement as fantastic. He claimed to have been captive by another man who tortured him. A visit to the home revealed the terrible truth. Pictures and diaries kept by the homeowner documented the abduction, torture and sometimes deaths of different young men. In all, nineteen young men were photographed. Unfortunately, the killer had disposed of all of his victims so investigators needed to get the answers from Robert Berdella himself. "Bob" was a sexual psychopath who took great pleasure in exercising power over his victims and putting them through the worst tortures imaginable. These included injections of bleach and drain cleaner into the eyes and voice box, wrapping hands and feet in piano wire, being beaten, raped, and given electric shocks to sensitive areas of their bodies. Before Jeffrey Dahmer made the headlines there was Robert Berdella; The Butcher of Kansas City. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Today, at custom ink dot com. how you do it by justin. How are you doing here good. My mind is swirling this week with all the research I've done. So I hope that I am coherent with regurgitating and trying to storytelling This is our fifth anniversary june to them.
and twelve as when justin I started the podcast, basically at his behest he ass. You know we need to recover heard my thought somehow and some of the staffing and that's where the podcast came from button, I really wanted us to go back and cover one of the cases we care. Long ago, but come it now. Covered in the more structured way that we do things and just then had a topic ready. He said I want to talk about bob Adela, a gay, the butcher of kansas city. We did cover this before, but in most of our earlier episodes, and I know you guys, love em and you don't like it when we take down. But we really feel like a lot of them. Just lack quality and we could do better.
Most of the time ninety nine percent. At a time when we take something down, it's because we plan on re doing it, so it would be better five years at any time we talk about how we started. I always want to try to give you more credit. You know I'm the idea, guy and you're the execution guy. How will we work well, as a team? I think the five years it's it's a pretty special, We will be doing something special here in our home. Town of Kansas city were play, being a meet up in october, three not said location, yeah yeah tell them we meet up appropriately will be at the westport flea market. Where tonight's case has a tie too, and I want to thank all the patriarch supporters- they really bout, my my lately, we ve gotten. I dont how many messages we ve gotten or post, but just
bunch of them telling us how much they appreciate us. Well, yeah back at you, we re appreciate all that you guys you for us. Thank you very much and I've even read a few messages were people say sorry, I'm broke. I wish I could support, hey, don't feel bad. I want you to eat feed your kids. I don't want you given us money if it's gonna put you in financial harm, so do not feel bad. We love you regardless. ass we talked about jason- has really wanted to cover this case again. The case of robert bordello at the beginning. Here I want to point out that many people haven't heard of this serial killer, because as right around the same time, I'd say: not that long after another killer was captured. That was jeffrey, Dahmer and Freedom were literally, took over the media.
I don't know all the details, but I remember it in the news and he was a horrible guy. What sets Robert bardella apart from Jeffrey Dahmer is bob would do horrible things to his victims while they were alive, whereas Jeffrey alot of his heinous acts were after they were dead. I think the brutality of torture holds much more weight as opposed to cannibalism and other things at every dead, I'm sure there be a great debate about that, but we're gonna get into the details here so for warning. Normally we try to water things down. I know on that
richard ramirez case. I did my best to spare you from a lot of the details. It's impossible to do that on this one. This is not for children. There is going to be some really graphic stuff here. If you're at work put on the headphones, can't get around it. Sorry about that Kansas city, starting in the nineties. seven days and onto the nineteen eighties suffering from the crack epidemic. And the inception of ST gangs, kansas city the missouri, believe it or not, typically makes the top five most violent city in the nation and it's because of the per capita murders here we might not have a lot of people, but we have a lot of murder and this upwards
like in violence, will start in the nineteen seventies and actually go all the way up into the mid nineties. But in the nineteen eightys it was pretty bad d d Downtown midtown area of Kansas city was a no go zone for a lot of people. The gay community was not accepted at that time gabe, king vandalism to gay bars- was nonstop. It was really a harsh time. Nineteen eighties were completely different world. There were a few areas of Kansas city where my
and would go and be picked up in cars by other men for sex and money. Hot spot was down at tenth and mcgee Chris Bryson twenty two he's out and about and looking for something to get into, whether that be a party. drinking whatever it is he's picked up by a man in a toyota herself tuesday morning march, twenty ninth nineteen eighty eight The main driving the car will be barber della. He will ask Chris if he wants to beer, there's beer in the back seat and crew. Last come near, what are you doing tonight in bottles and look in the party and chris wool think well that's kind of cool because he could maybe just go drink and do drugs this night and not have to engage in any kind of sex or anything like that.
Babo inform Chris that he has volume in other sedatives back at his house and that they could go back there bryce and actually doesn't think Bob is gay. He he says he doesn't come off that but bryson war commit to going back to his house and at that point he sort of figures. Ok, maybe this is a Married guy or something to that effect that wants to do something on the side with me, they drive to forty three fifteen charlotte street. They go inside and Bob gives him more beer and and
drugs, eh, they're sitting in the downstairs area. But Bob says I have these two ferocious dogs and they're going to be barking a lot and what not and they're not real friendly. So we should go upstairs. I have a couch and a tv set up up there. So, let's, let's just move the party up there and Bryson's. Okay with that yeah the dogs that patella had were chows chows I have a bad reputation, but I had a chow mix once and he was sweet as can be yeah. My family had a chow before and they're very my dog purple tongue
that's the one thing I remember about it. Somethin chris notices, right off the bat and the house is the smell it smelled of rotting food dog theses, and it was cluttered like a hoarders house through just stuff everywhere stacked so moving through the house was not easy and they start moving up the stairs once they reach the top of the stairs bryson is hit from behind and he falls to the floor. Bryson feels a stick to the back of his neck and we can only assume that he's being injected with something bob
acts Bryson bryson into a bedroom and puts him in a chair and then takes a photo of him with his polaroid camera polaroid cameras. For some of you don't know what those are. It was the type of camera that would spit out the picture and then You know people would wave a little bit and then the picture would develop right in front of you. It was like magic. He dragged bryson into the bedroom and laid him on the bed. He used bathrobe sashes to tie his hands and nodded around his legs. He will put a washcloth in his mouth and use a thin cord to create a act. He finishes by putting a dog collar on him in a leash which he ties to the bedpost as well. At five thirty am babo,
into the room with a note book and start jotting things down taking notes by was keeping a diary but Diary is actually loose papers that he writes on and he uses a combination of photographs and diary entries to document. What he does to his victims. At five, thirty, two six, a m- he writes, f r, t f you finger, and he this is after he has sexually salted bryson at seven thirty, a m bob injects him again and he writes down the amount and what he's injecting him with witches animal
tranquilizer at eight a m bryson wool regained consciousness. He will feel the gag in his mouth and ease can't really breathe because he just says he breeze through his mouth. He doesn't breakthroughs, no so he's in a panic, because well
he's tied to a bed and he can't breathe he's trying to look around the room and Bobby walk in and job his finger into brightens. I babo leave returned to the room with some utensils and you'll have a cotton tipped swab that he'll dip in bleach or ammonia, and he will swab brightens eyes with this and try to blind him price and struggled, but he can't get away he's just tied down bob climbs. On top of him and to start beating him with this metal pipe again after the beating, he hooks metal, alligator clamps to his leg and genitals and sends electric shocks into bryson. Now, do you know how much electricity,
sends into his body seven thousand seven hundred votes with each jolt. Whole body is becoming rigid, flopping round the bed, and these are jolts to his genitals and meanwhile bob photographs this year after he administers this these shocks, he will give him more injections of thee tranquilizer. He will shoot pricing in the neck with drain cleaner and he's injecting this into his his voice box or his book or courts to dead. Them, so bryson cannot scream or yell that's his intention anyway. Here with this reminded me of you think about the kind of torture he's putting him through
This sounds like something out of a nazi concentration camp, horrible things at eleven. Forty five bob is written quiet and he ends up injecting bryson with five cubicle meters of de tranquilizer normally he's injecting wondered too, but now he's doing larger quantities. At three thirty in the afternoon, but returns to the room. He injects bryson with penicillin, which is a little odd, but apparently he wants to make sure that
I send doesn't get infections brightens moaning starting to try to call for help. Em babo command him to shut up, and he will then go on to anarchy. Rape bryson. He tells him do not fight me or you will get more of what you got really are referring to the electric shocks and beatings that he's already and endured. Bob will tell him you see what you got is nothing compared to what you have. You must ask for permission to speak by placing your hand on your mouth and if I touch you on the head, then you may talk. If you do not, I will smack you with an iron bar bob says he did not choose to be here, but you are for you to survive being here and for you to me
get. It can either be rough or can be easy. If I grow to like you and trust you, then I could do special thanks for you, such as by you cigarettes or pick up a movie on my way home. The only way you can harm me as with your arms and your teeth, I can make it so that you can ever use your arms again, and I will surely take care of your teeth. Try to escape and I will kill you. You will be dead, bryson thought about escaping, but even if he was able to get out of his bonds and get out of this room, he knew that there were two vicious dogs waiting for him downstairs. He also. could not see the window in the room. He was N. He didn't know what floor he was on or anything kazi, so disoriented he's really trying to show bryson that he is in control and bryson is now his captive.
Nor so at this point you should realise what barber dell is he's a second. but he's a sexual psychopath. That's an understatement!. Bob will continue the shocks and rape also will bring him cigarettes and other items. Each morning, Bob would place bryson on his back ties feet together, ties hands to the bedpost but the wash gag overpricing mouth before leaving the room. He would switch on a television for bryson to watch, but he would turn the volume up really loud. So bryson wouldn't be able to hear when he was coming or going by thursday. Bob and bryson are actually community.
skating and bob says I've gotten this far with other people before but they're dead. Now, because a mistakes they made mistakes included not asking bob for permission to speak or resisting his advances. Bryson told Bob that he felt feverish, he might be getting sick. Bob will go out, come home with the loss, boys movie, an robocop in cigarettes and give bryson more penicillin. Bob would allow bryson to go to the bathroom He would make sure that his hands were bound and he had the collar and dog leash for control by friday. Bryson is playing with the knots he's trying to figure out how to get them off of his hands. He waits for bob to leave and then he waits hours longer term.
sure he's gone, and then he all loosen the knots and see how far he can get. He asked for permission to speak because his hands are tied above his head to the headboard. You know the posts on the bed and he asked Bob. Can you tie me different way, because my arms are falling asleep they're going numb and I cannot move them and it's very painful on friday. Bob obliges and says okay and he he ties them in front of bryson and that's where he can really play around with the nuts and try to figure out if he could get away, but didn't he also see something in the room that he might be able to use to free himself. Bob would bring him cigarettes and he would use matches to light them or bob left the book of matches by mistake and bryson kept his eyes on that book.
That's what he was going to use to burn his way out of this place or just set the place on fire cause. He was that desperate his mining should be able to be destroyed with the flame women match manhattan on amazon to central now streaming on showtime, I have a ten fifty for multiple delays. In the east side. Sewer tunnels notify the medical examiner crime scene. It almost second, like a large animal series, let the right one in new ever streaming now, only on show time. Let's talk, hair color, everyone has a different Jeanne salon, visits, highlights ballet ash and there are a ton of and who color their hair at home there For too long lasting hair, color matters,
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India? I don't watch college basketball, but it's a huge thing and it's big time in Kansas city. The teams would come through yet we have K. U and that's it yeah. He does have K. U, bryson will ask Bob if he can leave the t v on, so he can watch the final four and if he can, eyes arms in front of him on that saturday. Bob is agreeing to do things the way price and ask him to because he figures. If peace and a little bit then be easier to keep and he'll be more passive with me,
So when I'm raping him, he won't fight as much or I won't have to drug him. As much saturday morning, Bob left the house to go to his shop, which will go into that later. Bryson gets his risk free. It takes them about twenty minutes to get his his hands free and he is afraid to touch the metal post on the bed because he thinks bob has booby trap the room. He thinks that he might get an electric shock. He touches anything metal, He doesn't trust anything. So he takes the book of matches and he starts burning the ropes that are tied around his legs to free himself, so he's lighting a match, lighting the rope on fire, but before the rope can burn him he's putting it out lighting another match
lighting the rope on fire again and slow lee burning through this, all the while thinking this man is going to walk back in at any moment and see what he's doing and kill him. He gets through all the ropes he listens. He does not hear any noise he pulled the gag out of his mouth. He doesn't even know where his clothes are. All he has is a dog collar around his throat there's a pitcher in front of the window. He tosses that aside. He doesn't. Think the window is going to open. He just assumes that it's either painted closed or bob has nailed it shut for, I believe all of the windows in the house are covered by something either a curtain drapes or that case a picture but all the windows are kind of coverage of people can't just look into bob's home. He,
in the window crawled out and he's trying to drop into the neighbors yard, so he's hanging onto the gutter trying to swing out, but the gutter rips off and he just fall straight down, and I think you fracturing his foot pretty bad now. He has to do this because well barbara della has to cows and those two dogs might just attack him back. believes they will attack him if he goes down there so the window, was his only option in his mind. As you said, the rooms booby trapped the dogs are in the house. This is his only means of escape. Of course, until he opens the window, he didn't even know that he was on the second floor, bryson walks across the street, and he sees a meter. Man named Felix duran and he screams at him. Just like call the police help me. The meter man will actually walk them up to a
house. That's across the street and sit him down on the porch wall d. The neighbors war will call law enforcement b. First to responding officers that arrive have a slightly dismissive attitude towards this. They think this guy's a madman they think oh, this is another gay bondage thing gone awry, but there there to talk to him, and he says that this man is held him captive in his home for the last five days and has been raping him. They will take the time to call in to the sex. unit and colony nother investigator, but they really don't know what to make of it and they think the whole thing's gonna or they really don't take it that serious yet which
crazy, because the guy's standing their naked wearing dog collar yeah The thing is obviously injured. His leg pretty badly who did jumping out of a second story window. They ask him to tell the story and he will say that hitchhiking, and a man and a woman picked him up in a car because he doesn't want them to know that he was getting in a car with a man He doesn't want them to know that he was doing sex acts for money he's trying to protect himself a little bit and he knows that they won't take him that seriously if they find out that he's doing criminal acts so he's lying to protect him
but then giving them all the information of what's happening to him in this house, he's telling him that he was given electric shocks that he was being injected. There was a little serving trade next to the bed that had syringes on it, He gives them a lot of details. So at some point they realize wait a minute. A crime has happened. They call an officer kohl, who is one of the lead investigators that go with this case and coal? also has a somewhat dismissive attitude and the beginning. Very reminiscent to me of the situation that happened with one or one of jeffrey damas victims that escaped made it to the police, but he had a language barrier and they
gave him back to Jeffrey now. I already knew this story, but I truly was on the edge of my c reading the book thinking. Are they not going to take this seriously? Are they gonna give him to Bob. Are they all of a sudden? I was like I went stupid and didn't remember the story, and that this guy was the one that escaped coal will take it very seriously. He will give bryce aim a blanket cover him and take him down to the station to take a more official statement right now? All they have is a sexual assault charge and its easter weakened they're, trying to figure out if they need to address this now or if it's something that could wait till monday, but they actually do their job and cole takes the reins any any. He says we need play some officers out there, because this guy's kind of
like a psycho. Later that day, they will speak to a judge. Who will give them search warrants, which I am glad that there going through the right process here. I'm glad that they're following the right channels. Personally, I think they had plenty of probable cause to enter the home for somebody reporting any sexual assault, but they don't actually go and get a search warrant. Coal will bring in other officers different, I guess different departments or sections will bring in an investigator from robbery, an investigator from the sex crimes unit and who also bring in a man named sergeant orthe. Now here's a little three degrees of kedo bacon in high school. I was
friends with keen and nicholls who went on to be famous guitar player for a bunch bands and he was dating shannon worth the daughter of sergeant worth, and that's actually the first time I heard about this case was her telling me yeah my dad. He was the leader thus to gear on the barber della case. Coal is still having somewhat doubts about this and thinking it might just be a lovers. Quarrel gone awry, thank god, sergeant orthe was there. He walks into the house sees the disarray and they start going through items. they're, looking further room that bryson had described there, not finding it they're going through the downstairs the upstairs and then they finally come across a room. That seems to be slight
barricaded and there they know now that they found the area and they go into the room. They see the bed, they see burned ropes on the ground. They see the tv they see the serving tray with the syringes and orthe spidey sense is kickin, they find photographs of bryson and they also find bags of photographs of other men. That law to be in bondage in pain, and one of them is hanging upside down with great discoloration in his skin and appears to be dead there, little of nineteen different men in these well over two hundred photographs- that's scary stuff- some other photos are them engaged in sexual acts. Some of them in what consensual sexual acts and others of them tied down with bags over there.
It's with syringes and their backs. Jia Orthe is thinking. This could be a homicide here. really pawing the trigger on. We need to do something here. We need to move on this guy. So they're moving through the house? They realize now they probably have criminal on their hands, if not a murderer and in barber dollars room inside I a closet, they discover a skull and an envelope containing teeth. They find other schools, but they're, not sure if these are real or not so they have to call up a anthropology, professor from a college, in easter weekend, it's hard to get a hold of people, but I believe they know that at least one of them is real. One of them could very well be a murder victim, investigators are all over Bob delos home in his yard and me
I'll barbara della is working at the flea market, he has his shop that he runs abs, bizarre bizarre oddities and ethnic items shop. Right artifacts from around the world roman egyptian items that are are that are a cult related because of the n c double a basketball championship that was going on at the time bob had placed. Four skulls out in peace. in view- and it said the final for now. These schools were not his victim schools, they were not. I don't even think they were real schools. I think they were replicas, but this is his citizens. humor. He hears that police are all over his house. All over his property is neighbour, actually calls him and tell them a copyright, your house. So what is Bob do
gets in his car any drives home like what I mean. That's so ironic, but he kind of get the gig was up, so Bob doesn't run. He goes and asks the police what's up and then from thereon. these for a while bob he just shut up and ask for a lawyer, sergeant, orthe and coal will see some flower beds out in the back about the size of a grave, and one of them has been turned up ray currently they call the city to get a backhoe brought in and they know that if they can get the bacco broaden they're going to just start digging with shovels. It is not that hot outside, but it's hot enough, that they don't wanna, exert themselves too much so within a day of a sexual assault report
They're bringing in a bacco I have to applaud them, because initially it appears that they, they were going to disregard this and hope that it blew over, but call still kind of on them on the fence of. Is this just weird bondage stuff can a weird guy. He runs an oddity shop, so he has weird stuff all over the place. He has a whole room. That's just all these items, eddie cells, in a shop along with books about the cotton and witchcraft and what not, but orthe, is definitely taking it for what it is, and he thinks that there is a more serious crime at hand. The back home
got its first scoop. They went through it didn't find anything second scoop. They see what appears to be a human head and there's a vertebrae still attached to it. There's no denying what this is there still flesh on it They took another scoop before that and they were coming up with animal bones. They were clearly animal bones, not human, but yes, when skull came out of the ground it down a really got their attention back inside the house. The officers are having to divide up and be assigned one officer per room to start categorizing things, because it's just such a mess. Also, by the end of the day there wearing booties for their shoes, paper, suits and and happy masks, because its discuss
this is nineteen. Eighty eight aids is at an all time high. They feel like they pricked her hands on a saran jor day, even inhale I know that the amount of education on an aids and aids awareness was pretty low. The the cops are paranoid and they're taking extra precautions now, but the house is a disaster and disgusting anyway, so there I think, they're precautions are justified from the polaroid of the man. Hanging upside down. They will go down into the basement. Now will be the location where this vote was taken. There is a drain on the floor. There is blood droplets on the walls and some of the legs.
blood spatter on dog food bags and not surprisingly, when they put down luminal to detect blood that you can't see it really flares up. There has been A large amount of blood on the floor, theirs one more item. They find it. The house that I want engine and that's that they find a chainsaw and the chain saw. peers, as if it may have been used to cut up a body. They have it forensically too, I and sure enough. It's been used to cut flesh to cut flash Now what this means is they ve? Do the house they ve gone through the backyard they found. these two human skulls they found his teeth. They find the photographs and they find the diary trees that we'd mentioned earlier, but
not finding bodies. This is different from what their use to kan city used to be a heavy mob town and with the gangs and crime that's happening there always used to having a body but no suspect. But in this case they have a suspect, but they have no bodies. This is crazy, though, because this isn't the first time Police have interacted with robber cardella in the mid eighties, a couple of different many gone missing and by the name of jerry howl, went missing July's eighty four and Amy Ferris went missing september of nineteen. Eighty five and a way never came forward by the name of Todd stoops who told the police hey the guy that I saw both those missing people with an that's robber della, so the police went and spoke with me
super della, and now he did, they talked whom, but then they watched him detailed him. And they would visit his shop. They would ask him questions. Do you told them yeah. I know those guys, but here stories. He you say: why drop that one guy off that day went missing. I dropped them off at the seven eleven and yes, I saw the other guy. We hung out. He d any involvement in their debts. europe is because the police, I guess, didn't, have any more information and they didn't catch him doing anything they let him go. Bob did have lots of interactions of people between his shop and the nomadic gay community that would come and go. He would help a lot of these younger men. He would let them stay at his house. He would give drugs and alcohol, because that was how you would attract younger men that one party he would give the money he would. He would do things.
with them they were always coming and going. He felt of he felt himself a semi mentor to a lot of these younger men. A lot of these younger guys. men, but they weren't all game in some of these. Beyond guys just wanted drugs yeah, or they needed a place to stay and bob was more than willing to let them into the end to his home. Give them jobs around his property have them moas yard clean up staff because well his house was a mass. This was just well known and A lot of members of the gay community actually liked him a lot, because he did do some good things and, as you said back then There is a lot of animosity towards the gay community, but with bob was my home is your home? How did he
yet some of these men to his home? He mostly would pick them up from these hot spots where they would hang out or he would meet them through friends of friends, its alleged that judge walsh had all third younger men to go be men toward by birgitta and some sort of drug rehab situation were bob had claimed to be a neighborhood mentor for these young men. But when judge walsh has been question about this, she denies that there was ever in order for this, but there is this claim that even the city was sending men his way for rehabilitation, but I could not verify that it's really just now again. At this point, they tell bob a man has accused you
as sexual assault bob says: what's his name, they say Chris Bob asks what's his last name and the investigators don't want to tell him they say it's. None of your business. Bob says Well, then, that's all. I really have to say to you. I want to talk to my lawyer now give me my phone call bob lawyers up. I mean I hate to say it, but he is doing what people should do and he will not talk to the police. He will not talk to anybody except his lawyer. The police have to charge bob within twenty four hours of holding him and
Otherwise they have to let him go or they have to set bond or a bail. They have to scramble over easter to get all of this information documented and take it to a judge on easter and wake a judge up. I think it's actually monday morning and get him to sign off on all this stuff and the judge wool look at it realize what a disgusting world we live in and set no bond no bail? What are some of those charges in the notes that bob documented his crimes in he didn't this the names of the people he was torturing, so they had to figure out who these people were. Who were the victims? They didn't have bodies they had to skulls So this was a lot of work as just saw him out with the the twenty four our period they had to dominate
make every second cow, so but they did was they charge him in the death of Larry pearson and bob was at an arraignment for this and he pled guilty, which was a bit strange because of the arraignment. They basis was to list the charges, but people don't usually come out and say, I'm guilty. This is really screwed up too, because the investigators were not able to get a hold of bryson because bryson would just take off. I mean the guy's been abducted, tortured for week, he's going back out on the streets. He doesn't know what to do with
itself. They tried to get him into a rehab, but on the day of the arraignment, the only survivor witness they have is bryson and he doesn't show and they're thinking. Well, we don't have the sodomy charge anymore. All we have is a murder charge. You know in it's it's a we'll shaky this could go badly there thinking. We may not be successful here at this arraignment they're, not feeling very confident So in bob just says that he's guilty to me That's a lucky break. Bob actually did this intentionally on behalf of his lawyers, who told him you can get the death penalty, but they haven't filed for it. Yet. So if you put in a guilty Lee? They can't get you with the death penalty. It's an automatic sentence of life yeah, so this was very intentional. Has guilty plea? Yes, but ok
to me it's very tricky, because if they didn't get him saying I'm guilty, then this could be a shaky kay, It's right, they don't have any bodies. Bob saw the writing on the wall. He didn't realize how shaky of a case it was. He just figured they got me. This is going to happen and he's playing damage control, but they've only charged him with this one murder. They haven't charged him with the others and the prosecutors can, absolutely go for the death penalty on these other once so. That's why? Sometimes you see these prosecutors not charge somebody with all of the crimes or all of the murders, because for keeping an ace in their back pocket and they can charge him what the death penalty on another and then they have negotiation power to find the bodies or they have weight to deal with,
person to get more information about their crimes right leverage there's another arraignment later, were they charge him for the death of Robert Sheldon, but at this arraignment bob and The plea of not guilty, but even though he says not guilty, it doesn't take very long at all before bob his lawyers are talking and then led. strike a deal you so they approached the prosecutors and say look guarantee me life in prison and I will give you everything you want to know about these crimes and I mean They say that the prosecutors are going to agree to this be earth. The prosecutors agreed to this because the families need answers. They want no what happen to these young men bob Adela, can give them those answers and he's holding some card still as we said all they have or the diaries there name's attached to these countries. They do have pictures so
We know that these people were with bob or della and that he likely killed them. But it's his confession. Where they learned the horrible truth about what went on in four dollars home in who all the victims were spread. Now they only have two besides bright, so the new charges with this deal that they strike Larry pearson as well for others, are also in degree, murder, charges in the death robert sheldon, they give him a charge of first degree, murder. I think it's odd that they're going for the second degree. But again, this is all plea, bargains and in negotiations between the prosecution and fence. but that the prosecution they were worried that their work and be able to get a conviction because they didn't have cause death, ass. They didn't have a lot of information here without all this, it's it's hard to do, but
You were sitting here hindsight: twenty twenty. Through the serial killer, you found a human head in his back yard, Come on but they don't know what killed him now, When they look at this victim, they see a skull, but then they don't have information they need to say here's how he did it. Now the diaries do contain information
as we warned you about Barbara Adela tortured his victims. What he did to these poor men is pretty disgusting. He had acronyms that are used in his notes. F will always stand for the f word, so he has see f, which means carrot. He has cock F, which means cucumber. He has f f, which means fist. He has f r F, which means friction or front. He has e g, which means shock his pen, which has penicillin And he has p h for pharmaceutical or injections of sedatives. He used piano wire as gags and as bonds for the hand
and piano wire would cut into their wrists. So even if they got free, their hands were useless. He would put cocking in their ears to prevent them from hearing you would put drain cleaner in their eyes. He would shoot drain cleaner into their voice box, just an onslaught of injections and tranquilizers. He would also use the the needles to just hit them in pain, points on their body. Whether it be under the fingernails or in their eyes or in their genitals who K. Kids are already asking what's for dinner, but breaking news empty fridge, that's ok, I'll! Instead car let's adds Morgana asparagus in some farm. Fresh chicken easy way is the oldest veggie
area in this week, or was it gluten free gluten? Free pasta covered either way card it, and finally, some vegetarian luton, free olives, for my well earned cocktail. When our family shopping list as more footnotes than groceries the world is your cart visit in the car com or download the app and get free livery on your first order, offer valid for, at a time minimum or ten dollars deliveries, dick to availability, additional term supply. why said before that he was a sexual psychopath, and this is a person who has in uninhibited aggressive sexuality where their power over their victims. Turns them on, and this puts that victim in great harm This is why so many victims die is because these sexual psychopath will objectify there.
Dams and in his diaries. He never names the victim, so he's objectify them, they're, not people to him. There playthings av refers to them as sex dolls or clay dolls, things that he can mould things that he can manipulate things that Or inhuman de investigators are wondering: where are all the bodies and is not an tells confession that they learn what he would do to these men? He would hang them from either the rafters in the basement, or he would put
them in a bathtub upstairs, and you would make incisions Oliver their body to drain the blot out. He would use a knife to cut the joints and then he would use the chain saw to go through the bone and two decapitate them. He would rap the parts in a newspaper, put the parts and the dog food bags and then put those and garbage bags and leave them for the trash man to pick up. He would watch as the trash men would come in the morning and pick it up. Some people don't believe that you would be able to get away with this, because dogs and then
were or there would be a smell, but he would take the trash out right before the trash man would get there. He wouldn't leave it out all night, so it's doable the first head that they found inside the house. He had actually buried out in the backyard and then when he decapitated is second victim. He took that head out their dug up the first one buried the second one, eyed sis, weird stuff. He kept the one in the freezer for awhile. At one point, Bob had the end of his penis bitten off and he had to go to the EU are to have a re attached. The your nurse will actually show up on a documentary later. She claims that this happened multiple times over the course of a few years that he had to have the head of his penis.
ray attached. I can only confirm one time, but you can imagine how it was bitten off. What happened there? It's just it's a whole other level of discussing. I haven't had to really enjoy age with a lot of the other serial killers. We study its very likely tat. His victims were fighting back when the had an opportunity to do so. To give an example one of his victims had their hands broken, so they couldn't do much and perhaps biting bob On his penis was about the only defence some of these victims had, he would put he's gags on their mouth and then inject them with huge amounts of kilometers. Some of them would be asphyxiated fixated yet when they would vomit origin could not breathe. Under these conditions
it's one one time there is a man working on bob's roof and he got. Little nervous about that worry? that man might find out that he had someone captive in his home. So he put a bag over the victims head and secured it that man died by asphyxiation. Fixation their ages would slowly suffocate with this bag. The the man I worked on us roof. He was supposed to have been there weeks or months before and Bob just forgot about it, but the guy shows up randomly win. He has a cap even with the cocking in their ears or the bleach and drain o in their eyes and the drain cleaner and their vocal courts. But he still was concerned that naked alert others or escape its very odd to me that he would tie brightens hands
front of them. He must have really liked bryson now because of the investigation because of bob's confession We know a lot more now about what happened to these young men and who they were and who they were they are jerry howl, who is aged twentieth time, nineteen, eighty four he was held for about a week or forty hours and depending upon the the cooperative nature of the victim that I'd go a long way towards determining how long they survived in his house Albert sheldon age, eighteen, nineteen, eighty four, he had met sheldon at a drug research facility. He would survive for seventy two hours going off of the notes mark wallace aged twenty nineteen. Eighty five wallace
came a victim of bergamo when he ended up drunk in his tool. Shed storming out and he was seeking shelter there Bobby found him trying to free himself at one point and that's when bob Adela started, injecting him and then killed him. James Ferris aged twenty nineteen. Eighty five he was held for about a day any injected em with a great amount of ketamine and for promising all tranquilize there is, for the most part, Todd stoops aged twenty one, nineteen, eighty five todd stoops and barbara Della met in nineteen. Eighty four and it was two years later when stoops met his fate at the hands of opera della in between no stoops and his wife.
They were around bob here and there because they moved in a couple of times with him, and it was no that Todd was getting drugs from bob here and there. The last It seems that Todd was asking bob for money, and saying that he needed ritalin and tall when tall win is a pain killer. That's used before after surgery and Bob said sure I can get you those things and he also fed him, but its act he's Eden that Todd has been given a bunch of sedatives, copious amounts of senators laced and the food? I think todd lass about two weeks but it's actually early on in his captivity that he suffered an injury by Barbara della that wind up killing him and there's this question at least when you look through the notes, you hear bob talk. Did he try to save any of these young men
obviously he's a murderer. It's not really up for debate, but some of these victims will take todd stoops, for example, here barber della shoved his fist into stoops rectum, and this would cause him an injury that would get worse and worse. It would become infected, it would rupture, is lining and you're dumping your waste into your body cavity, I'm surprised most people will only live hours. If this happened, but to what degree, while Bob had em out acts that had been prescribed to his house, his dogs, that's actually how he got most of his drugs. Is he told that marion's? I need this for my dog because their aggressive
need to sedate them. So he is giving stoops these antibiotics these different antibiotics, but he's not a doctor. So we have to look at the question of intention is he trying to save todd stoops and I, think he was just trying to keep him alive longer because he wasn't done with him. That's it it's just about how about control. He can keep him alive and control longer The last man to die at the hands of bob Adela that we know of Larry pearson age, twenty nineteen, eighty seven, it is said that he was kept in captivity for forty three days
imagine that people will say Bob had six victims and he had seven because Christopher Bryson was absolutely a victim, but he is also a survivor. He was able to attend one of the trials and actually face bob. They gave him the option to give his testimony. the area of recorded testimony, but he did get his life somewhat together, but during this time he was living on the streets. He had left his wife cut off contact with his family and it was very frustrating for thee investigators,
In the prosecution, because this was in their mind, the ace in the hole, a living witness yeah, there is a interesting backlash in Kansas city when this all went down and what the events that follow, bob getting caught and tried in Kansas city are things that I don't think that Cities should be proud of their were jokes and songs made about barber della and his victims, There was a radio dj. His name was, skid roadie any was it the fox radio station He wrote a book fidel a song to the harmony of mellow, yellow radio stations were
run contest with their listeners. They took a pitcher of themselves with the polaroid wearing a dog collar or showed up to the radio station wearing dog collars. They would get rises. Ok, so you and I are little disgusted by this by their absolutely an audience for this kind of dark humor. Yes, there is, I guess my problem here is: if his victims were women, have been different. There was outrage in the town. They were people that were disgusted people that this: wasn't a a reign of terror, where they were wanting this man caught. This was out of the blue that this guy was living next door. for them and then they realize what he had been doing, but since it was male victims and mainly gay male victims. It seemed to be a big joke and that's pretty disgusting to me.
It was also disgusting to a man named a reverend roger coleman, who was a missionary. He just got back from Ethiopia and other places war torn countries. He didn't, like the disgusting rhetoric going on and he wanted to do something about it. He wanted to have a counter narrative. He asked what he could do any talk to bardell as defence team in another people and they actually told him well bob happens to be suicidal. So if you want to come in and talk to him, you're you're more than welcome to and for a few months, reverend coleman would go talk to bob and literally get a confessional from him. This is before or bob confessed to the investigators. Common will say that over the court,
of these few months. He will lose twenty pounds be drained, and be more horrified and disturbed by the acts of bardella, then he was seeing dying, children in ethiopia, it billy impact at him. Then I can stan. Why? Because just indulging This, for the last week, has kind of bothered me people would question
whether or not there were more victims. Anais would make the argument that serial killers get more and more, not less and less because they were spaced out further by the end of his reign of terror. But again this is the mid term eighties. People hadn't realise that there are people out there like BT k who can go on hiatus for ten or twenty years and come back. This is new ground for serial killers. During the court proceedings there were several civil lawsuits pending against bob and he promise the confession.
If the victims would drop their lawsuits. He also promised her confession. If they wouldn't go after the death penalty, he also had stipulations that he could auction off his house and his property and form even a victim's fund for the families which that's weird while they had threatened to take his house, they diseases house and they are in the process of doing so. I think this actually goes back to control. He just wanted control and the prosecutors and what not actually oblige and they don't go after the death penalty, the victims, families don't go after their civil law suits betty haste, who is Todd stoops mother? She was not going to drop a lawsuit. She sued bob and his insurance company, the lawyers
representing her in in this case, recommended a billion dollars to the jury them. Since the jury? Is you can allow someone like this get away with what they done. They need to have a message sent that this is unacceptable all they. We say that you can't put a price on the loss of a family member. And so how do they represent that a billion dollars? Well- jury in this case they heard the billion and they raised it. The jury came up with five billion dollars. Bob can only come up with about sixty thousand dollars little over that It is not really about paying betty this money, it's about, Sure it's showing hey- this is as best we can describe. This is your impact on the families. This is what europe
Ah cities have done. This is the amount of damage bob did have an auction and he would be very controlling of this. He would he was engrossed in the details. He would end up firing the first organizer and hiring his defence lawyers to run it his stuff sold out pretty quick. The auctioneers felt like they were, giving the stuff away, because some of the valuable items such as a nice lamp or some crystal set, wouldn't go for very much, but anything that was related to the crimes that stuff they got. They got a lot more
for so it was murder billion that people were really going after and hey rich millionaire came in and pray much bought up a whole lot and house right. Guy's name was dell done mire, everybody was coming by the home. To look at it. It was a four reminder of the horrible atrocities that took place there, but for some a place to go by and check out, because that's where a bunch of people were killed dell done meyer purchase the property, and then he had the house taken down like raised. He donated the lot, the property itself to the neighbourhood association before he donated it. He actually did a whole. innovation on lot to see if there were any other bodies or anything that they could recover, and then the lot was split between the two neighbours houses. So now you
I have two houses there next to each other, and there is an empty lot between the two because it says two yards. So there is not very much less there, but it just goes to show that there are people that care about the victims, and I would say dell don mire absolutely cared and he did his best to take care Those families by doing lay dead was a lot of what to do about bob hen, satanism in the court, because it was said that they found a few books on witchcraft, ores, it is a menace house, Corrado revere. I would come in and try to interview barber down, but Bob wouldn't get on camp Harold, oh, would find witnesses or other people who would claim that they want to say tat
rituals and bob was sitting at a throne or they went to bob's house and watched him sacrifice whatever this was the wholesale hannah panic and her elder riviera was beholden that cross and dick. Bearing that there was a problem. The investigators were very upset by this. Bob was actually amused by it, because they all knew that there was nothing related to the occult orse satanism Bob had these books, because that's what you sell it oddity shops. You sell these things that people consider to be odd, but they're, just books on witchcraft or or wiccan books. Things like that bob is actually raised catholic the land or says his father died when he was just sixteen
his mother remarried. He was not happy with who she married. He wasn't happy. She got married again. It said that he went and prayed by religion offered him no answers and no comfort, and that's when you, started dabbling in other religions like the occult, but, as we've discovered, it's not like, he started to believe in another religion. He didn't stay catholic, obviously, but I think he just pretty much gave up religion period and has just said when you have an oddity shop. You need weird items near even bob would comment on the horizontal revere apiece and make statements saying that this has nothing to do with the occult. This has nothing to do with anything such as that
would also decry the radio dj is again and radio stations that wrote songs about him and made the jokes about him. He would say that the media dehumanized hem as much as he dehumanized his victims That's ironic words. Almost eighty saying two wrongs: we'll make a right. Yeah like anyone, has any sympathy for him. He will be sentenced to multiple life sentences and nineteen eighty eight, but he will avoid the death penalty. He dies and nineteen ninety two just a short four years later of a heart attack, while in prison he was kept in segregation away from the other prisoners. He would have unruly demands while he was in prison. There
Claims that it costs a lot of additional money to keep him imprisoned in the public was not happy about that because they separated from general population. He would contact reverend common, and say that they're not treating him well, they're, not feeding him, that the guards would try to persuade other prisoners to attack him, and he actually tells the reverend that therewith holding his heart medication right before the time of his death. There is a conspiracy now that the cards intentionally did this, so you would die, he was actually in decent hell. He was doing, before he went to prison, I don't know. I do disbelieve this this conspiracy, but prison and be hard on. You- and I don't know it's just odd- but do you think
I'm not sure most people carried even discover the truth of this answer. You know this of this question because they don't care they. Just if he's dead, fine he's waste these away to space anyway, it's the kind of conspiracy there. people are okay with absolutely it couldn't have happened to our sky because These families didn't have bodies to bury we say to the families, had skulls? How do you put right since to rest, when you don't have them Robert shell, his family, Plans were originally to have us, service in California, because happened to their son had had two other families. They decide. to have a more service in re town at the spring valley, baptist church. And they were very much thinking of these other families. In fact, the parents
james, ferris and gerald howl were present at this service, Suppose also they wanted to. Let people know what happened It was their way to say goodbye to their family members. That was on fifteen nineteen, eighty nine, which was a saturday early on we talked about how Jeffrey Dahmer sort of stole the headlines away from bob Adela and Obviously Dahmer is a big name when it comes to serial killers because he ate his victims. But, as you pointed out, at bordello was torturing living victims, Humanizing them putting them through hell, I still don't understand how dahmer is a bigger name. I know we can.
talk about it. We can say this is what they say, but I don't get it I dunno one day I was called to figure out the authenticity of one of his business cards that some people were selling and they figured what's called justin. He would know I was able to actually authenticate it and figure out what it was, but when it came to the price they were trying to
See how much do you think this is worth, and I said well: are you selling to somebody in Kansas city or you selling it to somebody out in the world, because here in Kansas city me he's infamous, but anywhere else, he sort of a sea list serial killer. Nobody knows about em, not that there is a lesson and all that, but assist he's a lesser known guy and I rank him up there with Robert picked in some of the more gruesome serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer was was horrendous, but I dont really think there's a comparison here, getting to the why a barber Adela! Why did he do this? I'm really at a loss? I dont know because if you look at where he came from. He came from a catholic family talked about his dying his mother re bob guy
into some trouble in school he was selling drugs. He went to the king see kansas city, art institute and now. really sure why you got into our, but maybe it related to his bob's our bizarre shop. He had an inch in artifacts exotic things around the world, he was arrested back when he was going to the art institute for marijuana methamphetamines, but his. And was suspended. He gets kicked out for killing a dog for art,
and he had committed animal abuse. He had tortured a duck and chicken before he had drugged and killed the dog. He also made a maze when he was younger and he would hand people a a chick baby chicken and they would go through the maze and when they got to the end, they would see a video where he would shoot a a chick with a shotgun and would explode in this would startle them so bad that they would squeeze the chicken they're here, and and kill it. I this is disgusting, and I this is art to him, but I don't see anything in his past that says oh yeah he's going to become a serial killer. He was a cook and he was a short order cook at many different restaurants, and
He alleges that he was sexually assaulted at one of these restaurants by co worker. I don't know if I believe him or not- and this actually was later on not during his childhood So he was already on his way to being a sick individual, not to say that this wouldn't have an effect on him. I think he had a normal childhood and they had a fairly normal life. People have their parents, die, people go to college and they do drugs. These are normal things. This is nothing out of the ordinary, unlike say the shoemaker, or some of the other we ve covered. I think this is a very nature, not nurture people that it interacted with Bob said that he said to have a real problem with women. I don't know if you can point back two when his mother remarried, as perhaps a catalyst for that,
I'm not sure we can totally understand what drove barber della Dewey did. His own admission is. He would help these younger men out and he would give them shelter, give them food, give the money and they would cross him or they would not reciprocate. He felt that they were all leeches. This was his way of getting back at some of them, or getting back at all of them was by controlling them by capturing In owning them, that's the closest explanation we get from him right and resentment is a theory that people have regarding Barbara Adela. I'm not sure it's a strong argument, but they say there when he was a child. He had to wear these thick glasses and that other kids would teach him it just seems at least to me. It seems incomplete
doesn't explain the amount of terror and pain than he inflicted on his victims at the. In the late sixteen hundreds, the coast of north america, became a hotbed of piracy, but american pirates
much more than just armed robbery of the high seas. They were also crucial figures in the growth of the thirteen colonies that would eventually become the united states. I lindsey grant the host of wandering show american history tellers. We take you to the events times and people that shaped america and americans. Our values are struggles and our dream In our latest series, we take you back to the so called golden age of piracy and reveal True stories behind such mythical figures as black beard and captain kidd list. To the age of pirates by following american history, tellers on apple podcast, amazon, music or wherever you get. Your pot casts within one we eagerly and ad free by joining one replace an apple upon casts or the one rehab
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