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December 28th, 2017. Wichita, Kansas. On December 28th, 2017 28-year-old Andrew Finch was fatally shot by a police officer outside his home in Wichita, Kansas. The officers realized too late that the call was a “swatting” prank. The next day a man in Los Angeles was arrested for making the false call. Investigators soon learned that the call that led to Andrew’s death was just one in a series of swatting incidents and false bomb threats all over the country.

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Something in the news. The other day. That reminded me a lot of gillian flints gone girl book and movie that came out what will happen. recently air. Y know. While we do have an episode on this, this case that coming pretty much everybody who follows crime in the news knows about Sherry epine. She was that model. california, who went missing, right was supposed kidnapped, and then she turned up in well He was recently sentenced after pleading guilty right. She pleaded guilty the one cow of lying to a federal officer and one count of male fraud. Well, her sentence, eighteen months in prison. What do you think about that? Won't for people that dont know what did she do she lie to the police- basically right about what had happened to her, she told them that she had been abducted and tortured by two armed hispanic, women and chief and work b, I sketch artist, so you can see where the
is here. I never really got the mode of really behind it all, but yeah I I don't know why they would bother wasting rainforest time, with all of this into go all the way to the point of a sketch destined having the ilo. Looking into this, it's just insanity to me: you, I've, read, gone girl, back in the day way before this, I'm wondering if this woman was inspired by the book for some weird reason- and I don't know what a proper punishment or sentences for somebody that does something like this. I have no idea, and it was and just that she said to a spanish women did the steward. She also benefited from it. What was like a hundred and twenty eight thousand hours and disability benefits that she received yeah. She had thirty and dollars and victim assistance, and then all the concern right and then the waste of resources. These are resources that could have been spent somewhere else.
You know I'm seeing no eighteen once in prison, but I think she should have had to pay it all back and she might still have to do that. does owe more than three hundred thousand dollars according to what I have read and it's gonna, be really hard for her to pay all that back if she's behind bars. So I dont know not I'm saying she shouldn't go behind bars, just she might serve a better per working in paying back all the money people's time in an energy wasted on her be ass? The I dont know how much she get earn and the time she didn't serve time by bars, but you know sometimes I feel like situation like this just causes the harm and there's really no way to set things right. There is too much damage done, But if anybody has any feedback, but think maybe I'll like justin suggested. Maybe she could have been outworking paying back, which he it or whether you think have
oh the money and serve some time. If that was the better call, this episode is brought to you by peacock bridge. did the original limited series, a friend of the family, based on story of the Jan roper, kidnappings from nickel sky executive producer of the act and candy and after producer, eliza, hip and comes a dark compelling look at the harrowing story through new lands produce which amber burke herself. This theory stars anna pack, when jake lacy college hanks LEO Tipton and mckenna grace stream. Now oh
on peacock the always really wanted that amazon stuff that is discounted if you're naughty or nice, the store, tonight's case. It's a frustrating one and there's this thing called swap if you dont know what it is, its calling, the police and reporting a fake crime going on specifically,
one that is, somebody is armed and dangerous. Somebody is holding people captive in their home. Somebody wishes to do harm upon themselves, something to that effect to get the police to respond to a home or get a swat team to respond to a home using deadly Worse ha, that's essentially The whole intent is to get somebody said, it by a swat team, somebody swatted by law enforcement, its It's behaviour that people have caught him to over the years, and I think tat hey we're gonna covered tonight- was the one kind of made the term swatting mainstream. So if you didn't know what it was before this case, you probably had heard it after this case. So with that one, talking about tonight the descent twenty eighth point. Seventeen shooting of andrew finch by a police
for sir outside of his home in Wichita Kansas, as you said, its december twenty eightth. Twenty seventeen and revenge is twenty eight and he, father of two has failed. says he's very kind and helpful person, while people loved him, When Andrew was just eleven years old, his called his grandmothers house and andrew was staying at the house that night and answered, and the aunt said that she was drunk and needed a ride. So Andrew his grandmother keys and drove to get his art. He was always a responsible kid and knew that somebody be drinking and driving. Here three siblings his sister act. He died in a car accident at age, twenty eleven year old, driving a car
yeah. I know that wichita was actually a fairly big city, so I dont know I mean I know rural kids will drive farm trucks, at eleven and twelve years old, no problem. But I don't think that the case here. So I am glad that Nobody was hurt in that situation he graduated high school in two thousand and seven. He studied a sea repair. Bertha to move on to his sayings. His main hobby was drawing his mother always encourage. tim too, and role in a computer graphics programme, but instead he got roofing jobs and submit jobs. More cannot construction, stuff, age twenties. and he had his first child with his girlfriend. So he needed money now to get he started. Selling drugs in particular, math,
it was in october, twelve when Andrew was heading to drug deal, but he got pulled over and they and the other wrong registration for his car, but he wasn't bout to wait for the police, so they end up having to chase him any crashed into a swimming pool. He served a year for that and that's when he swore that he would no longer sol drugs. It starts off that he needs money, so he tries to take this short cut and they figures. Well, I I need it fight for my family in this isn't gonna cut it. Yet child and twenty sixteen. So we start working at sonic had started. At doing his friends, but when I think back to when he was going to work in a sea repair and that problem would have been a very good job. I've known people work in heating and cooling, and it's it's a great career, but you know, I think, that's another thing that happens is that you go through life. You think, oh, I might do this. I might do that and it sounds like
just narrowly settled down on anything so its march of tat seventeen were Andrew and his mom moved into rental house on western Were mixed street downtown wichita and lived with Andrews, niece and two other roommates Andrew Currently likes playing video games and mother, it's over xbox liver, whatever streaming services, there are out there and that's he comes across a specific person named tyler bears in december of twenty seventeen tyler barras, was using his online handle, which was as Are you a? U t I asked he, I see swat his stick he has swat in his name what a deuce having out Second, there I mean also leave that be this is his handle became a third party because there's this argument over a call of duty match and people would wager money. So it's a dollar fifty wager here and these
players are threatening to swap each other and one player talent with seven at the beginning gave a fake address, That address was actually were andrew, finch lived now in december. He ate. Paris at the library when and a gamer named casey, viner known as a riser contacted him ten days earlier, casey had been swatted and he won get revenge on this other gamer, the town toward the seven so Viner and talent were team it's in a four verse for call of duty match and they were Why? For money they lie. Their buck. Fifty wager but talent, accidently, killed. Viner during the game and they gotta the big argument. When Viner contacted bears to get results. John. This person, baroness, gets ticked off because he communicates with gaskell talent.
twitter, trying to get some information from him, da Gaskell contacts yes and says: please try some shit I'll be waiting and in the address I'll. Have you in prison for five years buddy, see already gave me all the proof. I need bah. So it's like a taunt right, we'll Barras, gets ticked off and says that going to swap Gaskell this talent guy without charging case we're just setting up how this all started. So this is bad sees living and allay. He called the witch police and he's reporting that he shot his father in the head was holding his mom sibling at gunpoint and these at the following addressed gives the address, but this isn't even the guy that belarus was having an argument with talent gave him a false address, so Berossus calling in this sphere I call on it You finches address
not even the same person that he was having a beef with online, not that that matters, but it's not even the person he thinks it is that's how it but this whole situation is at six ten p m star city hall got a call from some said that his mother, his dad with a gun, so the employee at city hall, try transfer the call to name one one, but the call dropped the fur rang again at six fifteen and the transfer again failed, but call ends up going through and the third time nine eleven, namely one answers the call it six eighteen man guess his address and says I gesture my dad in the head, because he was our with my mom and it was getting way out of control and he said that he was point. The gun at his mom brother, who were hiding in a closet, Annie His name has ryan and then ed, I didn't mean to kill my dad, but he's also
Can you not saying the house on fire and the line those dead, so I want one now has an active situation, or so they think Wichita police officers respond and they get to the house. six twenty four p m now, they're not told how the call came in because the key actually went to city hall, not nine when one but their responding here. Sixteen which top police officers and Sedgwick county sheriffs deputies are there and the person in charge is sergeant. Benjamin Junker he's the supervisor his officers surround the house, but this does give them any kind of pause that this was Ninety nine one one call they weren't told it to name one one call they're just dispatching to a place. I would hope that in the future somebody call city hall that doesn't have a way to trace a call back that, maybe just maybe we question the validity of the car or call the house here we'll get to that
These officers have surrounded andrew finches, home and to officer, spot someone in the second story- window Bobby up and down. So officer says I think someone's performing cpr an offer for a start. Moving toward the home three officers or st now they had wanted to. He's a a system to speak to whoever was in the house, but the door opened before they could use that pierre system. Andrew was at home. He was actually sitting on his couch and his seventeen year old niece and there are other. You know. Roommates were all home. Andrew here's, a noise outside make us look out the window, but I couldn't see anything so he open. The door and is created by these police office. There's shouting at him to raise his hands now. you watch the video of this he's. Staying on his front, porch
these police officers, are high behind vehicles across the street from him. Would say it's a good forty yards or forty metres from where the play officers are two Andrews front door. It's when time its december. It's already work out at you know: six thirty, it is dark. The sun is down So all we have is ST lights, illuminating this area drew hearing all this noise. The shouts raises hands, but then Apparently he moved one of his arms his hand toward his waist and that got office just in rap who was across the street with a rifle nervous and he fired a shot. and it hit the edge of the screen door and then went through Andrews chest Andrew fell back into the house police and the home. Soon after I watch this video from all of the different angles: erin
Can you just imagine you're at home, you're alive? abiding citizen, your doing anything wrong be here. Commotion outside year, something going on you walk out onto your porch of the hall That you're supposed to be at that you're legally allowed to be at, and then you have a bunch police officers or people might not even be able to tell. who they were screaming at you here this his hands and he's getting multiple. Man's from different people yelled at him from again Forty metres away and somehow these police officers they see him going for a gun, it's dark and it's free. they metres away. In fact, Donny actually say in a lot of the reports that they saw gone. They say that it appeared. He was going for his gun. They just assume
Well, I think what this is just as if his hand is up and that it moves down toward his ways, they don't have to see a gun. It's a threatening move to them. We can use deadly force for any deadline, any time they feel there is a threat, real or otherwise. At weep said this before on episodes. Police can shoot you if they perceive there's at perceive their doesn't even have to be one. I just like it situation, and I just think Andrew is a good. You know forty metres. Forty yards away from these cops even how to hang on a little pistol the effective ranges, no more than twenty five meters. These police officers are well outside of any effective range is not that a bullet can't travel and hit somebody, but I would just think give the guy a second too
see if he actually has a gun or not, because he's not gonna hit anything from forty. forty metres away on his front porch firing into the darkness police officers that are strategically placed behind cars and other houses. I'm just saying. Well, I honestly Dont know what an effect a range of a pistol is, but if I look it up, it is that it's not right a reliable beyond fifty yards. Oh, while the indoor ranges only go to twenty five yards, so most people don't train beyond twenty five yards at all right. Well, I guess may point here is whatever they effective range. Is the officers were pretty far out from him and had him surrounded. They shot him He goes down and then They proceed to move into the home and they handcuffed the three other people there and take him out Of course, when they look around, they can't find a gun on andrew, near andrew or even the now Now we have the shooting
and on our man. an unarmed man who wasn't even the quote: unquote The target of the swat call this Just some random guy had no idea what was going on and andrew now dead because of this swatting call they keep referring to. It is rank in all of these articles that I've read, but this isn't a prank. This is a call intending harm. This is a call and tending the police to show up and kill you. I'm not gonna Words, I'm not going to sugar coated. You want the police to show up and kill your target your victim. It's a deadly, situation that they ve created, get a word from our sponsor. up imagine having an extra day every week. More time to cook healthy meals, work on that novel region, been some really good tv or pod cas now. What's up simple: with click up the productivity platform.
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slash gin. Why, today, to get ten percent off your first month, that's better help ici LP, dot, com, slash Jen, why Andrews. Mother LISA, she tells me officers that Andrew heard a noise went to the door screamed and was shot. She that she didn't hear the police identify themselves. They did not know, on the door- and she says that answer didn't, receive any warnings before he was shot and if you watch the video yeah she's right they didn't say, if you do that, you're gonna get shot, they just shot him because they perceived threat. So what is this deputy police chief, have to say about this on court. To deputy police chief, troy, Having stan, he said that Andrew was given several commands to put his hands up and that he,
moved his hands sorted waste multiple times, which is what triggered pardoned upon officer rap too believe he was reaching for a weapon. He was in several commands. It's hard to tell were here. What does commands are because the video is mean people are yelling or each other. and there wasn't enough time to pass between Andrew. Walking out that door and the shot ringing out for him to each to his waistband multiple times or hake is pretty much once from all video I've watched because unless you walked out with his hands down his waistband there's not multiples here. It's not and again Andrew wasn't doing anything wrong. So he's being told put your hands up. Fry andrew knows there there can somebody else not even him that was The things that I thought my first was reading about cases. Why would he think it was about him?
wasn't doing anything that would invite the police to his home, like that, so he was probably confused. Also bothers me. You brought it up multiple times, but it needs to be said again. There were multiple and being given to him, and this is where I feel like. If you're going to communicate with somebody? There should have been some one who was told ok you're, the one that's gonna, communicate with them. That's not what happened and when you have but people shouting out. I just think it's very confusing. Is watching the video and knowing all of it in know, hindsight's twenty twenty, but the cops surrounded my house and were posted. apollo around, but their guns out, told to come outside. I wouldn't because I personally do think there be any way to survive that scenario. I think you would be better hiding in your house under a bed and just waiting for them to come in and find you oh, how this plays out any different because
Andrew was obviously confused and didn't know what's going on, and I don't see how he was gonna live through this, but happens, while the police are inside Andrews home, searching it pan cuffing his family, while, in the home, tyler Barras called back to city hall ass to be connected to nine one one. He had more to say said. I should My dad with a black hand, gun, and he forcing his mom and brothers stay in the closet, and then he said that the house was one story and they poured lastly, in the house and might set on fire so that information gets relayed to the police, who were read the finch house. There, and a two story house? It does not smell at gasoline, they did not fall and any weapons there, and that's realized. This was probably a false report because it's not making any sense right so at seven, fifty p m
Jane gaskell messages. Or barras, and said this shit has me dying. They showed up my old house there now there's your connection, because an french, he doesn't know shane gaskell, he doesn't know Tyler Barras. He doesn't know the people who were gaming right, but and he used to live at the address but had been evicted from that address. That's why he knew it and tyler responded. You gave an ad that you don't live at, but you are acting tough ella well so then shane tells Barras. You should delete the tweet. You posted on your twitter account because you had posted a screen shot of the dams where gaskell sent the address. Barberess refused to do that. Belarus has docks term and called the police to
This house has now been informed that that's not even the right house, but his doubling down on his stupidity and chain reaches back nine. Fifty one p m. time. He says me, you and babe need to delete every and this is a murder case now so tyler with this. Nation decides to tweet that kid's house swatted is on the news. So then, twitter users began tweeting back at em and obviously pieper upset, but he responds I didn't get anyone killed because I discharge, a weapon at being a swat member. Isn't my profession, in other words, made some calls, but I didn't pull the trigger. So it's not my problem. Thank god. He is so stupid to tweet this publicly out their otherwise it might have been pretty hearted trace it back to him, so andrew finch shortly after the shooting at the hospital, he was pronounced dead and officer raw
was placed on administrative paid leave after the shooting at me, with getting too deep into what officer rap dead psych at this point tyler belarus is when you set the solemn motion, because without his calls officer, rap wooden, have been there with us open a rifle, exactly at least you know when I was digging into this justin. That was the first thing I thought of was my god. I mean without tyler Barris. This doesn't happen, but because of his actions, you have officer showing up with above If, in their heads that someone been killed and more people are in danger and they need to do something. Now we can talk about how handle that situation will get into that. But at the very core of this this is Tyler Berossus doing Tyler Paris has a long history of doing stuff like this. This is why
is user name. His handle has swat tenant, his handle the only capital letters in his handle r s w. Eighty there's a reason for that he thinks this is funny and people with to him as a serial swat her now, Fbi actually got involved here and they assisted the police departments in which tar and los angeles in locating tyler barras they kay em. On december, twenty nine twenty seventeen he was arrested making the false report in Wichita that resulted in the death, of Andrew french when at that point there looking at his history. All that I'm Caesar been charged with, things is pretty much as rapture. How many times is the sky engaging in swatting? I have liked pages here, air and like when you do through this. I believe
if this is something that he was engaging in because one he got a thrill out of too, he was making money off of it at three. He was never the council, getting away with it. That's why I think he was He was taking this seriously. Somebody had to die thrilling gusting state of affairs here, but between twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen. He had made the calls in ohio, nevada, illinois, indiana, virginia texas, arizona, Massachusetts, Missouri, main pennsylvania, new mexico indiana Michigan florida connecticut in new york. I dont know what states he was an act of animal The fool might have been shorter arm. He played halo, so twenty fifteen. He was. actually swatted by somebody else and are Tyler says had he remembers hearing the helicopter hovering over his house before
He realized that had to be a police chopper and he thought how, would it be if I could do to anyone. I wanted He says it was just appealing to him. It made him feel powerful and he brag to his grandmother about calling himself. I hacking, god, he lived their grandmother, his grandmother, Wendy Gregory she's, woman who raised him, she knew he was doing this either a she didn't understand the calibre the situation or be. He was exactly giving her the whole story. It called in a bomb threat, the Glen dale police department and timber of twenty fifteen he said are, there is bad, inside, of the abc studios and gone down, This isn't even somewhere he's playing com, duty against her anything. This is just him being a jackass calling up and running.
adding false stuff, but they tried to trace. The call it was a spoofed ip address. Many called back in october claiming there were bombs inside, abc studios, cops and the squatter sent out. They don't find anything, but they and identify the collar and toe Andy Gregory called into a north ridge police officer and said it was her twenty two year old grandson who the one making these bond threats and die she gave his name. Tyler bears so this north A police officer was able to get in a call to the glinda ale department and they were able to HU. This person was yeah. She was watching the news and tyler had asked her. Do you think I can clear out that building? If I wanted to, because the a b c studios was on t v right and while when she found out about the bomb threat she he went back to tyler and said: did you do this and you
yeah I did, but he threatened her. He threatened to beat her face. HU, a bloody mass and then blocked their house. If she read it him out and she was worried that he would do it, but she had a friend. An officer and she had a contacting them. so. The lapd will show up at tyler's house searched the home and they found his iphone with over forty thousand messages on it. Caning evidence that he was responsible for the bomb threats across the country and he had mould we'll twitter accounts using gamer nicknames all having vague associations to swatting people. He targeted, his gamer friends, high schools and colleges, nino and His friends were like I don't want to go to school. Today, even ignoble I'll, get you out of school, and he would call that high school or college up call in a bomb threat adequacy
eggs about these on twitter, like an idiot, but I'm glad he's an idiot october, fifteen twenty fifteen human charged with two felony counts of false report of a bomb to agency or business, one felony count of criminal threat and a misdemeanor for waiting a witness reporting a crime because he threaten his grandmother, his bail was set at one million dollars. Now he pleaded no contest. The two counts: making a false power port, and he was sentenced to two years and eight months got credit for time, serving behavior, and he was released on January twentieth, twenty seventeen. Then he went right back to his old ways. He, was arrested for illegally entering his grandmothers house because, obviously she took it protection order out against him, because she didn't want him anywhere near her and again he was sentenced but pleaded no contest. He got it you're behind bars, but he didn't get a year because, you know they released him early
august of twenty seventeen yeah, he went to my shelter after that, and that's why, and go to the library to do what else right make more false reports. There were more bomb reports after he got out again. This is just to tell you to show you his behaviour his pattern. This isn't like he did at one time and then was like goops. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this now. He gonna throw out of this and I would encourage any of you there curious about his patterns, his behaviour, his history go read about it there, the lot more here, but it just weak spend a while talking about all the threats that he made an he even would go after the f c c big government organization. Here and they were discussing a vote for net neutrality, something you would think he would probably support but whatever He calls on banter and
I would just assume error and that if the f c c is getting I'm threats they would the means to trace this call back. They would have the means to track this person down pretty pretty quick well either way we're talking at least twenty four fake bomb threats in california and, of course, many other rats and hoaxes across the country. At this point, I think you, you understand the gravity of the situation and, of course, he's living out of a shelter here, it's money, so he starts charging people ten to fifteen dollars. If they want to hire him to call in a bomb threat her too swat somebody and did so that he made over seven hundred dollars. now we have One of these calls finally ending in the loss of life. Just like you really intended from the gekko. The reason why I make a point to say that is because you know you don't make a false
all talking about somebody who is murdered somebody or in a holding people active unless you want the police to show up in force and it's really sad, because there are facebook groups groups out on twitter, even in the had cast community that try to pull this stuff That's really disgusting to me, because I know that they ve truly ten to cause harm to others and its It's real toxic environment for some people, so paris was arrested at the public library, in los angeles, and these and family by way of their attorney. Kurt currents released statement on December thirtieth, mrs, what they said. While the fat, we as pleased and alleged water was detained. This water did not and unarmed man stepping out onto support that was it
a pity officer. While the w pity has attempted to deflect the cause of death to a phone call Andrew was killed by a bullet fire by an officer who clearly had no cause to fire frank. where no prank no officer claim to have seen a weapon before firing and that fact alone this shooting reckless at best. Family remains hopeful that all responsible are brought to justice, including the shooter right justin, it seems like the family is kind of knowledge is that this water has responsibility, but they really feel like this down to someone pulling a trigger their expecting the police to look at how the call came in how it couldn't be traced back, how the caller said that there was a a hostage situation, so you know their expecting please to try to make contact
call the house, but this all happen so fast, unclear if the police had a chance or not, but they obviously don't feel the shooting was justified because when a man whose at his home completely law abiding citizen, not breaking the law, can walk to his front porch and be shot by police officers. The family just doesn't think that's right, but we had talk before when discussing the pet, it family case that in office We can believe they're dealing with a hostage situation, but if they dont handle it like one, it's kind of weird and we We understand that these officers were supposed to use a p a system, but I don't stand by. They can't just call the house it feels like they do We are treating this as a real situation and that they didn't have time to get all the information they needed because time is of the essence.
I'm not saying they didn't do wrong here, I'm just so. Thank you about tyler, paris and how he set this up. I mean It sound like someone was already dead and two more lives were in danger and possibly the house was going to be burned up. So yeah I think it's a little more complicated but will continue so discourse, then you have public joining in and critical rising the police, because they're saying you let arrests get away with this for so long right. I mean they had him in custody before and he's just released back into the public. I mean this case is a mass. Just. This is just a mess. You would think that somebody who has been a stood and charged with this. Usually when your let out, you have I'm sort of my turning your probation officer is true, can you something to make sure that you are not doing this and I am sure they say that you know you can't
can engage in games or stuff anymore, but they didn't have any means of going to a public library and preventing him from doing this. While they do have me, to do that, they just chose not to that's why this be if your continued missus he was able to get away with it and tell somebody died, but it's anywhere, a third twenty eighteen los Angeles county DE filed a fugitive from just This war against paris because he was charged with a felony in kansas and add bond hearing in allay barest confirm that he was the man wanted by the Kansas court systems. So this is carbon interesting thing: the file, a fugitive from justice war that various they no worries that agenda here, waving any right to extradition because by
still in his head- thinks he hasn't done anything wrong because he didn't pull the trigger and they're gonna and him off to, Kansas, well, basically, happens from here tolerable, sesar news and many p. Oh come out of the woodwork right saying I know this is this. Is the person did? This? Is the person that that he's now being named as the person who did all these bomb threats and again it's a lot These police departments are not talking to each other, so they all have their isolated case, but now their they they're able to start connecting the dots on how many things how many cause he's actually made across the country, and this gets caught He because there are charges and warrants issued against tyler Barras from all over the place, even in canada. But there is a seven page, affidavit unsealed on january, twenty six to twenty eighteen and that's when people find out
the details of how this went down, how Barras ended up swatting Andrew finch's home, and they go through the casey Viner who got into heated argument and then threatened. Swat gaskell and that's when he gave that address your where he used to live on. That's what barris used when he called in now. Is viner is suspect, in several swatting incidents self. Now, according to the media, people in wichita They were really upset shooting- and there were few fires posted around the city stating arrest you pity officer, justin rap and are also tee shirts made and andrew just family rented for billboards had said: Annie finches dead, if you believe in justice, it's time to file charges there,
their family members dead, offer nothing. I mean weaken get this situation and say yeah. The police had the wrong information the police were going at this, as if it was a a murder and hostage situation, and that's how they're going to respond to that but how is Andrew supposed to respond to police who think there's a hostile situation going on when Andrew is just showing at his house, he has idea why they ve shown up again. I think he was confused. Hindsight my twenty. You could say: oh he said just lay down, but I mean he has no idea. What's happening, he wasn't even coming outside because they commanded him. He was coming outside because he heard something going on. He thought that maybe somebody was breaking into car, he thought maybe one neighbors had the police called on him. He didn't even know what was going on and then he's dead with
in a minute of walking out his front door in february of twenty eighteen kansas. Past the Andrew t finch act. This is because swatting. Well, the penalties weren't that high for that, so they increase those penalties which included maximum sentence of forty one years in prison that, made law on April twelfth twenty eighteen, I mean if you can get it with it the way. Paris has then. Obviously the report, oceans, the punishment isn't enough. You know, I think, about tyler barracks in his comments, his statements whatever and I compare to what andrew finches family has said and I feel like they are trying to say that everyone who is involved in the death of Andrew offence should pay, but Tyler Barras continues to Leave that he's just showing off how much of an ea he is and that because,
he didn't actually pull a trigger that he's, not the one that should pay for what happened, because he used a computer in jail and started tweeting and one things he said was how am I on the internet if I'm in jail, because I'm an eagle That's how all right now, who is talking shit? Your asses about to get swatted his litter, trying to swap people from jail or threatening to swap people again. This is this: is somebody does not get it. They are having fun with the situation, and yet some one has died because of their actions. Minutes like anyone who is called in a swatting collar, incur if anyone to call in its because truly don't feel any connection here. They don't feel any responsibility and he has access to a computer behind bars. This is me by going to me of all the people here,
that should be cut off yeah. It makes no sense to me, but the district attorney mark bennet tackles this on and response to the calls for a just and wrap to be charged and he says that he will not prosecute the officer. He says to charge rap require evidence, not twenty twenty hindsight that it unreasonable for him to believe. In that moment, the man who came to the door posed arrested the officers near the house. There is in patient evidence to overcome self defense, immunity under Kansas law which what if the police had come true the door or were on his property and andrew did have a gun, and why to defend his own property against intruders. It's all stacked, enforcements favour here. They can you if they perceive a threat, and this is it clear example of
officer shooting somebody with a rifle from ass, a street who felt threatened. Andrew's mother LISA she got. Than attorney named andrews, strong out of chicago together they wrote a complaint and they filed a civil right suit against the city tyler baron had a preliminary hearing on me twenty second of twenty eighteen and an officer rap testifying the swat had not arrived at the scene, yet he thought he was dealing a homicide and hostage situation, he was worried that the person who answer the door which shoot at them now he said did not see a weapon and andrews hand, but he thought he was reaching for a guy so he shot him to protect the other police officers, but the district attorney mark bennet. He had a forty to pay. Report on this incident and in that report he said that rule officer number one stated I believe, that I see a gun his hand and so
right there. When you have contradictions between statements made the night of, and statements made later, that's gonna give lot of fuel to the fire, this family to go after, the city in the police force and file, a lawsuit rap was asked. Have you heard of swatting before, and he said that he had never heard of this before now, essentially that this was new to him, I'm not surprised by this. Are you I m, because I thought that police departments were supposed to keep up The latest scams the latest crimes and I guess, unless you have you know, have responded to a swatting call, then europe It might not know about this or individual officers may not know about it. If I haven't been dealing with it, but I would just assume that the chief of police or captains should keep me off
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the term supply. May twenty second, twenty eighteen, a federal grandeur in kansas, handed out indict. It's against belarus by and gaskell for wire fraud and This was also indicted for cyberstalking so now, the other guy, you're being pulled into. They were kind of accessories to this, but the charter Is there getting hit with her slap on the right I think so may twenty third We attain an indictment, was unsealed charged gasket. one. Cannot obstruction of justice? One can of conspiracy, doubt struck justice and one count: a wire fraud sea gas goes. Definite, casey viner asked higher barrister make false call, and after that gas sent to more messages to him? Do you want to try again so their showing here how he ate this situation on. So when goes question about the messages that he had been saying. Debarrassed. He told the sir. It was one of his old ip address as he was using, but that's not true, because
He was actually using the ip address of another resident in Kansas, so these guys are trying to be tricky. But it's not came because this is an investigation. May twenty fourth federal power, scares charge paris with the bomb threat to the fcc and the fbi and December twenty seventeen. Just him that I think, while if it wasn't heavy around it before it is now clear and now there finally taking this guy seriously and hitting them with all the charges and all of the things that they should have been from the beginning, before Somebody had to lose their life now Andrew finch brother named Jerome and he reached out to tyler Barris. I guess he wanted to know why this happened embarrassed response to him was. I cannot say that I don't feel level of guilt for what happened your brother, I cannot twitter was aiming to live at that address and was begging to be swatted. I mean begging, You bet I dont think I'd want to read
from tyler, if I was the brother of Andrew finch, now and it just shows how brazen an end policy is in saying this guy was begging for me to swat him and have him killed, but whoops sorry, it was your brother that ended up getting killed, resist its so disgusting. now, a lot with settled on november, thirteenth of twenty eighteen, when Tyler Barras pleaded guilty to fifty one federal charges which handle federal cases that were filed in Kansas, California, in Washington DC, and then he had nine charges dropped in Kansas, left him with three that he played guilty to fall, information and hoaxes cyber stalking and conspiracy. He also pled guilty to charges in d c threatened. kill another or damage property by fire and he made bombed threats. cfcs summer fourteenth and the fbi headquarters on December twenty second, so forty six
out of swatting while living and allay and using credit. at cards to purchase things without permission. and in addition, he also informed investigators in california about sixteen more calls that they didn't even know about. It started episode out about the the woman who stir her own kidnapping, her own abduction and whether eighteen months was enough for her. the matter what these Persons to- I don't think it's enough. I I zero sympathy for any the people involved. With this Oh yeah, I dont know. How do you send someone like this? Just and obviously they haven't been able to keep em up the internet, off the phones and yet he's been causing so much damage, while the the attorney Stephen Mcallister said he was going recommended twenty year sentence. If belarus would write, policy letters to the police, dispatchers and the finch family, but if he
if you didn't comply with that, he was going to get. Much longer sentence and nepal and what I don't even know why he saying this, because I think an apology from the sky was is basically useless idea. The same I, that this guy is a repeat offender and If it was a one time deal that just went terribly wrong. Sure may be given another chance, but this guy, is what he does in it. It doesn't matter to me if you're cereal, rapist or cereal murderer whatever. It is, if you doing over and over and over again well, maybe should be removed from society, because what this guy is doing is extremely dangerous. It's not only putting people's lives in danger. But it's also putting the police officers lives in danger to because what, if one of these people pulls out a gun and shoots the cops. I mean what he's doing is it
it's gone on for too long, and if that he got a license, I dont think I would. I would care you made your bed lie in it, man, because the only way they're gonna, get you to stop doing what you're doing paris was sentenced march, twenty nine twenty nineteen- he got twenty years or a prison. This gloody two hundred and fifty months for kansas ninety months for california and five years for washington dc thou april twelfth twenty nineteen casey viner pleaded guilty to conspiracy, obstruction of justice and federal court and united dates attorney for the district of Kansas recommended that he not serve any jail time. But prosecutors recommended two years were probation home confinement. Pursuing advanced edge asian, steady employment and no gaming for two years see I had a friend to got into an altercation at a party and threatened somebody date urged him with making a terrorist threat. This is just a verbal. right when a bunch drunk
but were yelling at each other by the way and the people is threatening word even in the in the house, so it's even more ridiculous. He got a ten year sentence, suspended ten years programme, for a drunken argument, not a party in you? tell me that the sky, These waters are getting as me, in other sentences. Two years probation like very disappointing, well made twenty for twenty nineteen, shame gaskell's attorney and fell scares, they filed a joint motion. They are requesting a deferred prosecution gas was charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, wire fraud and making a false statement during investigation, the pretrial diversion agreement stated that the government agreed not to. sue prosecution for eighteen months and gasoline to waive speedy trial, the fences and pay a thousand dollars restitution and fees. Now, just not like the way the sentences are coming down,
but remember, there are multiple charges all over the place see where they end up because casey Viner well september thirteen twenty nineteen. He was instead. Fifteen months in prison is also restrict from gaming for two years, this restriction from gaining for two years is that, like the worst, an ever for these guys because they love gaming. So much is this the justice coming in, I just why not restrict them from gaming. Ever again, I mean I don't even know why this is a thing and how do they eat and that minute. It seems like it's more of a seatbelt, take it like if they were to get caught gaming. Then they would in violation. But how do you restrict someone from gaming? How do you enforce that change? Asco he violated his probation and in september twenty two One fair prosecutors said: ok, we're we're gonna resume prosecution against you. Now it's weird
Weird thing last, we said my child, you're the Finch family had file the lawsuit. This law it against officer rap, was for excessive force and they all filed a lawsuit against sergeant junker for supervisory liability and file the lawsuit against wichita for municipal liability? Now they seeking compensatory and punitive damages based on the actions of officers lack of action by this argent they seeking more than twenty five million dollars so the trial was set for september, twenty nine twenty twenty, you kind of started is talking about how these commands were being shouted out almost like at random. I think right, yeah. There is really no way this purse and understand what was going on and the law suit, lay set out. It says that the sergeant sergeant junker did not take steps to further. The officers identified themselves and the officers were up
Julie, recognisable as police, and that junker failed designate a primary point of contact responsible for communicating with any civilian who might come outside again. That's something I out up. I dont understand how you have all these people randomly shouting commands. There should be one person speaking so that they can at least East attempt communication here, because otherwise, it's just a bunch of yelling, that's But I hear when I watch the video. Everyone's yelling hours a person supposed to comply Firstly, if their contradictory commands, they also talk about in this lawsuit that Jocker failed to conductor. Mary exam to assess the threat that he failed to call, swat and the crisis intervention team swat better how to handle the situation. I would bet right their special weapons and tactics, If we're going with this is a homicide henhouses situation than yes, they would. There were
Oh d, escalation techniques used here they talk about how rap angela her were across the street forty yards from the house and wrap could not see the off says who were standing right outside house in it. Our position to evaluate the threat now you're. Obviously it's work, so I don't how well that scope was working for him. But if you watch the video there are officers who have a better view of andrew french, but none of the officers close the house fire their weapons, only officer rapid, so the ones that were closer and had a better vantage point didn't perceive a threat. This is why the family it's filing a lawsuit because it does. makes sense to them now since there no communication here, good communication. You know, even on top of that, communication that was happening. No one, actually informed andrew fence tat. His life was in danger if he didn't comply,
I really wonder whether even knew what was going on so just in that the officer believed that it was possible that andrew was turning to go back into his house, because he was scared and other off for have agreed, but this and Andrew finch after being shot? No one assisted him for fifteen minutes. Handcuffed him and left him lying on the floor. They let him we doubt so this officer officer rap he returned active. Do ten months after shooting andrew finch hand, he was actually promoted to detective and october. Twenty four nineteen this officer file the lawsuit against the city which talk claiming breach of contract because he was kept on restricted duty after after, He was cleared of wrong doing and after receiving two medical clearances- and he said the city so didn't. Allow him to work part time as a security officer, four months after the shooting, which caused him to whose, by his
the more than thirty thousand dollars. So he wanted that plus interest. So the district court- the? U S, district court, to their response seem to indicate that they think it jerry could find that Andrew bench was unarmed and on threatening so basically rejected his arguments here, but the french, family and officer rap were both appealing to the tenth circle, court of appeals, Damn they did not find an officer wraps favour one I like how the appeals court they actually ruled that andrew French have not committed any crimes. Had no way of knowing why police force running his house. Do we? have the right to feel secure in their own homes and this canada, questions surrounding this whole case of the shooting of Andrew fetch, so I guess no, it's gonna be interesting to see how this now this his finishes just in by as far as I can tell it seems like the courts.
Really don't believe that officer rap has much of an argument here, but they also I believe that the Finch family has. Any real course of action. and against the city of Wichita, because and then they say the lawsuit from the french family has failed to show any deliberately indifferent policies were customs that caused rap to use excessive lethal force, meaning no wrong doing. You can prove that he was acting outside of the house, are trained the police car policy? This is typical, most please shootings. They go wrong there's a civil lawsuit filed because the surviving family members filters something wrong here and they see that the police officers not being criminally charge, so they're gonna go for a civil suit and down officers have
five immunity- they have a lot of things that protect them. They have police unions, have insurance companies usually when you, are firing civil suits, it's not really against the police officer, but in this case it's their naming him now right. But I What they're saying, though, is that this can basically be put on officer rap, so the family can deal with him in court, but they can't really deal with the city I don't know if the wind or not will see how that plays out so Erin. I have a few questions and I don't need you or anyone to answer them. I just I just want people to think about these court since and their own mind and come up with their own views. But does it say about our society that we could intentionally call the police with the intent then killing a person, I don't want anyone to think that swatting is a funny prank, because it's definitely intended to target a victim
waste cops time and put everyone's lives in danger. Secondly, if the Please officer is completely cleared in this case. And there's no wrong doing, meaning the shooting was justified. Should Tyler Barras be charged with anything beyond what he's been charged with, because you can't exactly charge felony murderer manslaughter any of those things, because the shooter is justified. That makes hence its if the police officer, did in the wrong. Then you could say: we'll tyler barriers put this emotion, but if the police officers shooting was justified, and can You put it. a manslaughter charge on tyler, just a question that I'm working people to think about I don't want anyone to send us an angry email saying well now it's! This is the way it's just. I want you to think about that, because this the way, the course stems and they attorneys her thinking about it and, lastly, can allow
abiding citizen feel secure in their own home if they commit no crime meant does it. All it takes is just one phone call one allegation of guilt which could justify the use of deadly force against this really shows that you're not innocent. Proven guilty, this really to show that we don't really have freedom. If you can call the police and have them sharper somebody's house, with zero evidence, just one phone call and one allegation. Are we truly free, are we truly innocent until proven guilty? Just ask yourself if we are these are some of the thoughts I had well, through this case and it made me really question if we are truly free while the ones I have is there were what sixteen officers on scene we one officer shot Andrew finch, who was unarmed and
you have the problem of. He said that he thought he saw a gun, but then later. He claims that Andrew his hand toward his waist multiple times or something no other officer actually pulled the trigger, so he had one per and making the decision and again it's like when I go through this whole case. I understand why the family feels where they do about officer rap, I'm wondering why everyone else is made the decisions they make even more so than what officer wrapped it, because he was promoted later he was promoted a gasping, saying you can make a mistake and it won't be held against you forever you one want a lot of the youtube videos and common sanctions about this case. You're fired, a lot of ex military members of the military, next military saying when I was over and afghanistan or iraq were not allowed to
somebody if we perceive a threat. In fact, so the time we have to be fired upon before we can return fire now, given somebody, pulls a gun out and is going to aim it at you. I think you do have the right and I think police do have the right to use deadly force, but it's this whole perceived threat business that Oh really had a problem with especially people and the military. Has they literally will comment? If I did, this overrun Ghana Stan. I would be in jail right now for murder. Yet somehow in america we allow a perceived threat. to justify the use of deadly force com. During the two is a little I opening for some people. I don't feel comfortable with way this is the This has ended up either. I feel like this is proof that I am sir, just really isn't justice, you know, but again the person who, I feel has
most on their shoulders with this is Tyler barras, because he's the one did this again and again and again and it finally, halted in death. Any still has an apparently learned his lesson, if you listen to his comments about this, he's always deflecting blame saying he didn't pull the trigger. It's like, let's be real here it's just like if you caused people, the panic- and I'm out of a movie theater people are being trapped. especially young children. You might say why his yell out that there was a bomb or a sugar or a fire? I didn't actually trample anyone know, but you, did this. You set in motion you'd knocked the first no down which caused all the other dominoes to fall you knew what you were doing and I think most of the blame lies on paris. I will clarify that for anyone thanks dad I'm putting all the blame on the police know I'm putting it all on belarus, but I think the police me
to be more informed and need to ascertain a threat before using deadly force, just thought that was the way they did things. But I've learned, over the years that that's not how things actually work? I go back when officer rap answered that question, have you I heard of swatting before and me I think you know he's answering honestly, which I'll just take him at his word. He said he didn't hear of it before, maybe, hopefully, the or this gets out there, the more people understand that real possibility go into hostage situation. Like it's a hostage situation, get there personnel on scene like right off the bat, if you don't have a traced call back to the home, then maybe action at a little, maybe you try to make contact first. If you have the supposed keller outside the house, ass, an you have all the guns on him. You are
control, the situation and it just really surprising to me that there be a person panicked to the boy where they would pull the trigger like that. But again, I'm not in their shoes, but I just think you have everything under control. You have this oppose it, shooter outside their home no gun inside you have em like they just move in autumn again maybe were asking for too much here. But again, I think sir, it's an education thing and the more people to hear about this. Maybe it'll cause incidents in the future to be handled better. Hopefully never miss an episode of generation. Why subscribe to us unable pack ass spotify, cast box or realistic right now after subscribing please this review. Our website is generally pod, dot com visit to learn more about events and updates justin, and I have vodka. Ass mine is free. And an investigative story, each scene
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