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August 25th, 2008. Springfield, Georgia. A 911 operator had difficulty understanding a woman who called for help. After a number of minutes, police and emergency personnel are dispatched to the home of the respected Heidt family. The details were disturbing. Someone had entered the home while Philip, Linda, and their adult son, Carey, would be asleep. Linda was actually awake, though, and was disturbed by the sound of a shotgun. Her son, her husband, as well as herself were all shot. Only Linda survived the attack. Detectives found only a few clues but they would lead them to their prime suspect. But an arrest wasn't made right away. They wanted to wait and see if Linda, who was recovering from a shotgun blast to her face and neck, would be able to identify the one who had done this to her and her family. Join us as we discuss a disturbing crime that was difficult for most of the family members to come to terms with.

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From wondering why I just another Just justin I'm doing well. How are you I'm doing? Wonderful everyone stating the end of the episode play problem for you for a podcast that we all like you to Hear- and I was just in new york city-
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ups and I say strange because again, You know someone so someone doesn't do this or that, but are you going off of your perception or are you going off of evidence just unless jump into this saga about when this was and which family were talking about its philip. Linda height, they had three children craig Chris, and carry to the outside world. They were pretty normal, seem perfect, philip and carry were successful businessmen in real estate in pillars of the community, but you're. Three family members are attacked in a brutal invasion. Please, zero in on one of the heights as the perpetrator. This on august, twenty fifth, two thousand and eight in springfield georgia. It takes place at philip and Linda's home
their son. Carry was also spending the night with now he's a grown, a doll, but there are close family and there a self proclaimed christian family, so they have a really tight knit group here. They're getting ready for bed at least philip and carry were in bed that's when Linda here's a loud noise come from the bedroom, and I think she actually thought that it was a lightning strike or something to do. the fact she ran into the room to check on philip now when she said philip, There is motion in the room and she saw flash. I guess Linda, had turned her head just enough, so this flash was a shotgun blast to her head he went through the side of her face and the pellets continue. Into her shoulder. She was able
stagger her way over to the telephone next to the bed, but the phone lines had been cut. She black and later on, she woke up on the floor. when she saw her teeth on the floor or and realise that She was soaked in gasoline. That's a nightmarish scene This attack on the family had taken place when at least philip and carry were in bed Linda had gotten up to go, bathroom. So you can see how she would be in a little out of it. when she hears a noise yo your ma comes up with an explanation somehow, despite being shot she in the base in the face and in the neck area, she managed to get back up and get to a phone hearst phone which was in the kitchen and sheep,
all diamond, want. This was at three a m that she managed to make. This call, cause she was shot in the face it took roughly. They say six minutes for that disk I you to understand that she needed police there because she was trying to say help she was trying to say they were shot, but she could hardly speak. The police are despatched once they arrive, they can smell the gasoline from the I've way the house has been completely doused in accelerant. They find barely hanging on the life and she's miss in part of her lower jaw and chin and there's a huge hole and her shoulder the police approached her. She had taken clothing and pushed it up again. her face there to try and stem
the sight of blood. The police also find the bodies of her has philip and her son carry. How do we get to this point, and I no that home invasions just happen, but this doesn't seem to be a You came to rob you and then things went wrong this outright attack with murder as the intent, but the police weren't sure. First in when they smell the gas, they were worried that it was a murder suicide that the house was gonna, be lit up once pass that they realise that this was some type of home invasion and then The question of who could have done this because This was a well respected family and you know sure the two man that were murdered in the home, their real estate, pete they are long history.
Looking carry they both worked at sentry, twenty one together for a long time that was their own business and then later they went to well banker. They successful, the only thing that happened recently was there was a downturn in the real estate market by foremost there arrears there are very successful and very well respected. So who could have done? This You know the police there like, let's start within and go out so this interviewing people now, at this point in time, Linda's hang on and they can't read. get information out of her she's in and out consciousness, probably put in a medic induced coma, so they can do emergency surgery on also We have to say that the themselves didn't feel like that. should investigate this. They shouldn't take the lead on it anyway, because this felt big. well known family, whatever it happened,
They want to make sure it's it's done properly and with money no, they need to have the funding, so they go to the gb I, which is the georgia bureau of investigation and date, did know the family to so it's kind of close to home for them, and they want it done right. They do the right thing in gb. I comes in to start the investigation This county, where took place, only had an average of about one murder a year. It said five in the morning when they go to interview their first family member and they wake up robin height. Who is carries. Wife, remember, carries D so they go to talk to robin and they let her know there was an attack on your family, your huh, Then your father and mother, in law had been shot, of course, seems like oh, like she's in shock, but
want to know who could have done this. You know of any body who would have had some sort of motive for this sheet. Of course says Oh, she doesn't know anybody that would hurt the family, the height family. Now there to other sons, chris and crag, and there notified to the gb I invested. It's the scene, this It is crazy because big, only are there puddles of gas and it just the whole ass, reeks of it. But there is broken window. You know in the door and there's actually impression on that door from what appears to be the butt of a shock on so long like someone used above a shock and break the window possible entry point right. Except for there is a key, the the so seed and really need to bust the window.
Yet in you know their way, sayer cops instincts, while these figures on the scene This too then says this is a stage seeing right off the bat there is not even a wow. This looks like a a break in and a robbery. It's this scene is staged and I applaud them because it's so obvious this back door. Normally from they understand. You know they talked family members. This backdoor gets dead bolted and there is a key, but it gets put on the mantel and it was there. It was in the lock, but they also find out this back door. There is another key for it and it was kept in a storage room in the carport and at key is missing. Correct ass, so somebody had to have prior knowledge of where Its key was located. Hence star from the inside inside job stage scene.
So once they have this information, no they're really going to focus on family members as they go through the same though they noticed that Most of the things in the house are not out of place. There's nothin missing others money, that's left out on tables, so they have to use this evidence is observation that robbery and fast was not the motivation. They do wonder, though, about the gas. Obviously, it was going to be used as an accelerant. The best they can come up with, though, is that Linda must have been responsible. or that not being lit up. Maybe the fact that she called I'm on one gun the phone. Whoever had done it hurt and got other quick like there was. No time to waste, they found fingerprints by them. useless you. It is asia. Fingerprints won over another over another there's. No,
on layer them also, you would think that they would test people for gun residue now, who would they test it didn't seem like Linda would have been responsible because they didn't find the weapon at seeing these people are obviously shot, but they didn't fit. Find any shell casings and they didn't find a weapon so obviously the man Suicide angle goes out the window since. There was no weapon found at the scene was obviously used in the attacks. The we're done this had left with it taken the shell casings with them. It doesn't take long just then for them to find the obvious suspect the obvious person who could have done ass? An that's because robin high, who was married to carry one of the victims?
They find out that she was having an affair with the oldest brother in the family. Craig you have carry, who is very successful businessman and he's always working long hours doing his thing and then you have crag whose unemployed owes back child support. four couple children. He you want to take care of craigs got a lot of free time, so she gravitate towards him and their having this elongated affair, it started that year, but to the problem is, is Craig doesn't own up to it and the police ask him about it. He says we're just good friends they say. Will we know she was at your place at this time and anywhere over there? We we know ok, so, and so we saw you to hear- and he said, explaining it all away. Oh shit
drop by my house cassini to shower before she went, and did this other thing and so on and so forth, but robin she doesn't hide it. She talks of the police about it. In fact, They find out that she had told her husband about the affair. Now You can only imagine this family real, tight, knit very religious. A very christian family, they have. owns huns wife, coming out in saying I been carrying on an affair with your oldest son. You have adultery and betrayal. All of this within this family it really escalates, because they find out that when she took older husband, he was really upset, but the purse you seem to get. The most upset was philip father, the father. He he almost came unglued There are a lot of arguments about the situation and even worse, point during one argument: he snatched rob
keys away. So she couldn't leave. Does you Monday, some more. Even was trying to explain to her, you can mess around with craig. He can't you You have a job, he won't be able to provide for you. the local media was reporting that philip told her plainly, this lifestyle you have, you won't be able to keep it. They find out that tensions were building between carrying crag and with the family, joy, but there was a a night where robin whistle to go for a slumber party for the kids, I guess, and by family, friends and stuff well, some of the poor. I got sick and cancelled the slumber party. Well, instead of telling carry her husband at the party had been cancelled. She decided well here's my free night out with crag.
So they go up, got into the woods where Craig has this or the family has a cabin. What you say and They have a long romantic night together, but in the morning there rudely awoken by a helicopter, hovering overhead and apparently carry and possibly philip, had arranged for a family friend to fly as helicopter up take photographs of the cabin with both robins and craigs car. Front. I'm assuming carries doing this one too, not like. I know about the affair, and I know where you are in two as a problem. does documentation causes. This is gonna work, Hu, a divorce right now, that's the thing now is My understanding was carry was against divorce. This was, moreover, I think, server stronger mood to try and get her to return home like
you're fine, it's over meanwhile, inside the cabin according to robin, she was playing the saying you. I don't think this is connected, don't worry about it because, while Craig didn't fully trust, that he was getting really angry and, according to her, he had made some comment like they keep this up. I mean. old school on them. I remember the movie pop fiction. I'm gonna get medieval. This is I'm going to retire elliot. That's the only meaning. That phrase has said so far it does look like there is of motive here right between robin and Craig absolutely just from. The animosity, this building the affair or even though it's been admitted to is carrying on it's not looking good for this family, and then you add in the fact that philip, as now threaten to read them out of the will or grey We reduce their inheritance, yeah, that's what happens, you notes
often people say well, you're not gonna, be in the will, and then they don't do anything hard to start a well. It seems like right, but here he does calls his attorney up and just says I want to change it. I want to cut craig out of the will. But when he sits down and actually goes to change it with with his attorney, ends up softening. You know still really angry? He says instead of a third you'll, have a ninth of the inheritance that he was going to get. So it does change and meanwhile carry has come. acted his own, ensure it's person and said yeah. I don't want anything going to my wife now. I want all put in trust for my kids. They are three kids. This is putting a lot of tension on the marriage and the family, but the these are doing their due diligence and
actually go and speak with Chris. The other son they find out that he actually owned. A well gauge shotgun and they suspect that gauge shotgun was used in this murder. They find out that Chris has a pretty solid alibi and they take his twelve gauge shotgun, Send it offer testing to see if it had been fired. His gun had not been recently fired, So they no longer consider Chris a suspect that leaves crag, which of course, we ve kind of painted a pitcher of motive here for craig. Be sure to check out where the crowded sing in theatres July fifteenth based The best selling book comes a juicy mystery full of romance murder and deadly secrets. Daisy agro jones plays kyar an outsider who europe alone in the marshes of north carolina when
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I can't find my gas can. let's just say if the gb eyes playing worlds dumb. criminal bingo they're, just marking off boxes here, because how would craig? No, exactly what was used in this crime and why would he be pre trying to explain where these items are not only that, but they try. Figure out where he was at the time of this attack. And he doesn't have an alibi He doesn't want to admit that he was a having an affair or be killing. His family already talked about the insurance, and about this inheritance, philip and care as good as they were in real estate, and they were very, very good the whole industry had taken a down turn around that time. Business was not doing well,
I remember I was actually trying to some house round oh seven, o, eight and- was bad time, so called Craig, is now trying to say. You know why Looking at me there things that could have happened here. And so one thing volunteers tat if you looking for someone who has a shot gun, you could look at my brother Chris. What he doesn't understand is they ve already looked at chris and they ve test, chris is shocking, and also he says that hey cut me other wills, I'm not the one, who stand to benefit from their gas. So he keeps pointing over Chris he's denying any kind of affair with robin and again I had do it this. So for any of you that have fired, shotgun you probably stand. This
for those of you that have never shot kind of long gun or shotgun. You hold it up to your your shoulder when you fire it now different firing. Instructors will tell you different ways, but for the most part, the but other shock and is going to have a great amount of recall. and it can slide off your shoulder and hit you in the arm and you're going to get bruising, care how how professional. The shooter you are this thing kicks donkey and you're going to get bruised, and they find craig has some odd bruising on his arms. who bruises on his right bicep in one. Has left they'd know that this murder required three shots: one for each family member assist adding up another check mark on that bingo and what is Craig say? How does he explained these bruises errand? Well,
he claims that he was getting out of the shower and slipped and fell over the toilet, but of course they're saying will you have three bruises, though? How do you get three out of that and he says he fell again. Maybe the police are, by he's clumsy, he's clumsy happens right, but they're, trying to see how those bruises would appear where they did. It's not making sense them I know a guy who's son is in competitive clay, shooting you know, shotgun shooting, skeet, shooting yeah, and I talk to him about it. and I explained the bruising and all others- and he said we are taking look at it's like. Yet the this is from a shocking there's. No doubt now, I just yeah I guess it depends on who you are because too Average person that would know anything about this or had read up on it. It makes sense,
from a shotgun, but if Craig couldn't have done this and say couldn't in quotes then may The toilet did it well. Did you see the reenactment of him trying to fall into his toilet? It was a bow. Is awesome as kathleen peterson down the stairs and repeatedly hitting her head on the wall and sprang blood everywhere. It's just unlikely if you're looking to make this a mystery yeah good luck with that You have to really accept some crazy things. Obviously, at this point, the These are thinking Craig did this, but in some jurisdictions police would have moved and arrested him the gb I once more evidence they want to really make sure that they investigate this thing to the nth degree. as much as they can before they make an arrest, because there are not just gonna,
run for it as soon as they think they have enough are waiting for Linda the mom that survived the attack to wake up and become coherent, so she can just point the finger at the attacker and then the cases wrapped up in a nice package yeah they need letter he'll. When she was in the hospital she had visitors. There were some officers there, but then her son Chris came by to visit and one of the off it was in the room, reported that she smiled when came in, but here's the weird thing when Craig entered the room, apparently Linda was not smiling and her vitals started rising. She seemed stressed, And she just wasn't as warm You know, obviously she needs to recover. Both Chris. She seemed very happy. He was in the room that was conveyed both craig. It just wasn't like that
let's get to it, though just any went Linda can talk with you finally can say something. She says it was a slender person that was in the room, but as it couldn't have been craig, she says craig is not capable of this. I is a nice guy who would who is always? Will to help others and he's a good christian. And she knows his heart and I'm not trying to be disparaging or dismissive with those comments, but This is how this family identifies Linda absolutely does, I believe her own son could do this. And not only that, but Chris, the middle child, who Craig seemed all too eager to throw into the bus here. He doesn't believe Craig did it either. We ve seen this a lot. with other cases and other families
they don't want to believe that a family member somebody I ve known and loved? All their lives would be capable of something so heinous now when they investigated crag they found. mixed in things. They found three shot: gun shells, winchester shaka shells in his truck, and they seem to be of the same type that would have used in these attacks They also found that his bed at the place he was staying at had no sheets. It had like a comforter or something but underneath that no sheets at all, of course So why was sleeping on the couch, but they said looked everywhere, they could and they never found the sheet set, had been on the bed. It's possible eat, strip them off and got rid of them, or maybe he just didn't sleep with sheets who knows Maybe he couldn't afford sheets, because while he was living off his family's money because he was an employed, I don't know they. Of course, once a complete
inventory of any kind of firearms city he has. Here. You go we passes over the last stand of, on that list is one weapon which is a remington eight. Seventy shot gun a great fit for what must have been used, except as he had said it's missing. I dont know where it is and, of course, it's around that time that he tells them about how his boots ask. Can all that missing? He doesn't know where it is. Let's stop. Here, though, just in the police Okay, we can criticize them different cases in the crisis, different departments different jurisdictions, but in this He's here police are literally following the evidence you get the relationships is anything been going on and they are able to build a timeline leading up to this. These attacks. They can show how robin height told the family about the affair and yet she in craig continued that affair. Philip
had become enraged, carry was very upset and there was a final phone call that happened that day that evening, Robin told cry, egg about how carry had left the home was gonna, go, stay, Aaron's house. And she also said that helicopter philip and carry were behind that so she's infuriated this family with the affair and she's told craig My husband carries going to be with his pen. On this night at this location and he was behind the helicopter thing that enraged you so much. This phone call is just handing somebody all the ammunition they would need. Now the pie these mean? There is rumours that this was my fear, related or real estate deal, gone wrong were Roving met dealers that just decided the hit the heights that
But the evidence doesn't dictate any of those the evidence points inside. So I applaud the police in this case. They don't. blinders on their not being distracted by any other theories in this attack well with the spare key being found in the double its that's his bad and with the broken window right there it just doesn't make any sense. Bingo. This is dumb. Criminal stuff And there are only so many people that new, where that sparky was hidden now do give a polygraph to craig and, of course, we recently did that live show, and we had a detective on with us, and he said that detectors really like I grasped as they get a really good feel for someone there trying to interview they get a good feel naked I out whether it's worth going for with them were whether a probably not
all they can really sort that out when they're hooked up, and they can ask him the questions. It's it's just. enhanced interrogation. It's an enhanced questioning process doesn't give you whether or not there are lying. It gives you a red on their body language and how they respond under pressure now they, apparently in their minds, get a lot out of this polygraph because one of the and was did you kill Your father and brother and shoot your mother in the face and cry response was he didn't know, and if he did, he didn't remember it. So if they were suspicious before this is adding fuel to that fire. there's not much to know about the autopsies, because there's not much know about the autopsies other than each of these people were shot within just pretty much a few feet.
it was described, is up close and personal. Now, even after this attack, kragan robin continue seeing each other and robin thinks that craig isn't, capable of this either right. He he moves into the house and, according to robin her kids, don't think that she's with craig he's just family any staying with them to help out he's, taking, kids to school, and things like that going on a family outings, but they go and they buy rings there looking at marriage, but- something happens in those months following the murders robin. Starting to really feel the pressure she says that even close friends of hers are disappearing, meaning There are no longer returning phone call. they don't want to go anywhere. They dont want to meet for lunch and its
or one of her really good friends drops off. I think that that pressure really hits, and she starts thinking. You know what I I don't think this is going to work out with craig. That's one way to look at it. I don't doubt that that was part of this, but I also wonder since craig wasn going to provide anything. He wasn't going to work everything would have been on robin and how They can have money because carry was the breadwinner right, comes craig, his older brother, but he doesn't have a job in all this inheritance. Stuff well turns out that robin spent it all on a trial, she spent it on defense attorneys for craig justin. This went to trial. This investigation resulted
in an arrest in late may, where craig height was indicted for the murder of philip, the murder of carry and multiple charges, including evaded assault on Linda height burglary, with intent, murder, arson, arson, degree Your member, all they seller and everywhere possess a firearm during the commission of a crime so on and so forth, just a ton of charges even along the way before the trial I've is arrested for threatening a witness. This is just not looking good for robin and crag. She has to move away. She has to move to charleston until the trial starts showing being able to move back later. But now you talk about people standing up for each other. Well, she stood for craig in a way that just wasn't good. But of course, like I said, things were starting to fall apart in a part of it, yeah. Her friends were leaving her family like her craig was
providing. I imagine, that's part of it- and there's no real inheritance there. You know, how is she supposed to provide? I mean she's she seeing craig. Now, I think, as a dead weight. When this trial happens December first, two thousand and ten. This is a couple years later. She will testify against craig height now she doesn't say that they plan this and she as an immunity or something like that, she just starts testify as it character. Witness against him. Where is she did not believe he was capable of doing this crime now she's talking about the conflicts and the incidents that happened between the brothers Andy helicopters that are flying over the cabins in the affair openly.
Prosecution does a great job, the beginning, the trial they really set up. How craig did this? You know they have to paint craig as the perpetrator they have of very good circumstantial evidence and the scenario that plays out in the courtroom there. The way they describe it is sounds totally legit describe craig as having gone out to his parents house, he cut phone lines. Then he went in with that. Spare key goes in attacks harry with the shock on shooting and once then goes up and shoots philip and then shoots, linda and, of course, here no idea, probably cuz it's in the middle of the night. That Linda is going to survive. This and by the way she only survived because she turned her head at the right time. If she hadn't turned her head, she might not have one so then after he attacked them, he picked up his shock
shells started walking round the house with canada gasoline pouring it everywhere intending to burn the whole thing down and destroy evidence, so he's heading towards the door. but he hears his mother trying to talk on the phone and he that no one is called now. Pretty much everybody knows this right. If you dial nine one they're gonna get your location, so we high tells it out of there. but before he leaves he smashes a pane of glass at the door to make it look like. There was a burglary like someone broke in at least at least, but he forgot that set a keys that you to enter the home yeah that spare key, that he got from the sea room under the carport, of course, the way that a the prosecution, the police, see it. I mean I'm not and they came out and said this, but their implying skies a dummy or he was panicked and fled the scene. Now before the attack, robin hat-
a three point: five million dollar life insurance policy on her husband carry and, if carries killed, she takes that. If the families killed like her father and gets the share of the estate now before the attack craig had gone, and looked at some land and some property a house to buy from another real at her. He did not use his brothers to look at this other property, this other house, Weird yeah, he went to a real estate agent in christie, Campo and now Surfers question is why you talking to me, like your family, does real estate and he said well we're on the outs and the black sheep that you know and he told her, he said if my father fire. I wouldn t on him, so says what are you gonna pay for this?
he says he has some land someway timberline. Where you can go. I guess harvest trees that he could sell and pay for this, while the realtor goes out and starts pulling deeds and tax, records and she finds that he has no way of paying for this property, Apparently he was expecting a windfall of money to come in. I guess yet, apparently he said he had a mortgage, but that mortgage was for a home where his well. his former wife and his kids were living and it was a house a mortgage- his father was paying for so right. Here is where I would think Did robin have some prior knowledge? Was this more planned with her its possibility? We If we want to give robin pass, we could say Craig was expecting her to get that
point, five million and the inheritance from the family, and then he was he's gonna sponge money off of her cause. That's what he's done its entire life, but that's all good ass, an but she's, not trial and he's actually testifying on the part with the prosecution here so she's, not on trial. Now, obviously the people like an effingham county, they have their opinions and they would think oh. She must have something I could sit here and say: well, it seems reasonable that when she told him carries over your parents house right now. Staying the night- and he said: ok, I'm She could have gotten a vibe right. She knows build up. She knows all the threats that went between him and the family. Three philip. He himself She knows about all that, but does that make a responsible? We just don't know, because there's no evidence that support it's one way or the other, we need to say because they were romantically involved that it's possible, but it's not proven.
This sounds like a very open and shut case. not want to be Craig's defense attorney. How do you defend this guy? they got analysed, gun right, the duty of any gun, resolute on my client, no ok, the avonlea fingerprints at the scene. Now You have any evidence of a weapon that belonged to him at the scene. Would you have tying our client to the scene? all you have is your theories. How can you put him at the scene- and you know- they. All the prosecution has to do is say, ok The next best thing we have motive, which is lasting greed. He wanted his brother's wife forum, of he didn't, have any money by his friend. had money, so he could get rid of his family. He does not have an alibi for that night in into that morning. He also had linda's testimony who said
She was shot by a slender man and was it wasn't her son with somebody else who she didn't recognize. They also, of course, can paint this whole picture of this affair and all of the animosity that took place there. is all leading up to that night, they can you can really file that time. I like, I said earlier there using that in court. What the jury's was to do it that are they the turn off their ability to reason. Just because you don't have The murder weapon and because you don't have video entering the residents. They ve never needed that in court cases all they have to do, is say, what's most reasonable here, what do we find evidence of? We didn't find a breakin. So, let's go through that. they found evidence that someone knew where the spare key was hidden and use.
It tend the home and then and then then stage to look like a burglary, even though nothing was rifle drew. Nothing, out of place. Money was left out in the open whoever done it had known exactly where to go. The sad thing is is we carry, was shot. He was shot in the bed that he had slept in when he did live there. However, on this new where to go, knew what to do got in got out? This was a hit in the prosecution painted as such, said this is a hit, someone who had a lot of animosity and a lot of reason to go to that house and commit murder that night, they didn't expect that linda survive. most of you know- I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now audible offers incredible selection of audio books across every genre. I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from top
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away. She use the money that came in to pay for craigs defence. He was just trying to help out and What can you say that that that I have no reason to go after I think I mean people can guess they can have their theory, Is she had an alibi? They were able to verify I where she was the whole night. I don't anyone was saying that she was the the one point trigger It's just whether or not she had prior knowledge is the argument in this case craigs, when you did this, warning to the prosecutions theory, there's nothing suggest that he told her I'm going There are many take care of them accordingly robin his word was okay, when he found out that carry was staying the night over it. Falaba lenders for men and women on a jury justin there, a slew of charges, eleven counts where they find
guilty on all counts this jury. she was struggling with finding craig guilty. I guess during most the duration of the trial. They were not agreeing and took robins testimony before they started sinking up with a guilty verdict. People say, beyond reasonable doubt, but what would be a reasonable, alternate explanation here, that a mafia hit or a roving band of math heads new The key was, and new, where everyone was that night and stole shot gun boots in gas can from crag or just how, they have their own and he just happens to have his missing? I mean it's hard to try
I find this man innocent. I want to go to these charges. Murder of philip murder of carry aggravate assault of lender, with intent to murder, aggravated assault of linda with a deadly weapon aggravated by We have linda burglary, authentic to commit murder burglary with intent to commit arson. Attempt to commit arson in the first degree, possession a firearm during commission, the crime of murder, of philip the same for carry and course: possession of firearms during commission of the crime of anger made a battery upon linda when it comes the sentence craig height on january, in two thousand and eleven they don't go easy on Craig. This was brutal attack on a love, family and effingham county there. So many p Will it came out for their funerals, who had talked about how love they were? How they were respected and how they know for a fact that, Linda and philip
their best to raise a good family and they gave back that community. All they could day day. Spend a lot of time at their church day spent time working with the city They just were always therefore others when it came, I'm descends. I think they looked at craig and said yeah. You really are announce you did this and we don't have any sympathy for you. What did they give him? They gave him a life sentence for each of the murder, so to life sentences and then eighty, five years on top of that for the other charges to be served consecutively, ouch, he again, now that and explain I mean I'm sure everyone knows but consecutively jesting, that's what after another not currently, which is all at the same time. so yeah once There's one licence. Another one and then eighty five years
it shed his age. He isn't as forties. This is three life sentences now I guess we have to talk about it because we always do there is always appeals he's going to appeal this licence and ass. Just stand fair, I'm looking at this thing. What are you going to appeal on, but there's always technicalities right. What now, but I mean like in this case, he's going how arguments like this shouldn't and held here this trial. It should have been held elsewhere, because the media have been talk. About this case, so many people have already made their minds when they pulled the jury. Yea some people said, I already have a good feeling about how I voted on this He saw this as a major issue. Ok, apart from that, There is a question of a gun that robin had given to a friend to repair this happened to be a remedy.
Eight. Seventy now the police said checked it out, didn't think much of it, but that events are saying how come we didn't get to look into this weapon. This Help this in some way, and you didn't let us do. It those are just some of the issues, but I think the main issue here is that where was hell where the trial was held and the jury members, I think that was craigs main argument, no events, no change of end use. What you're saying this goes to the higher court. its decided that he doesn't have a base in any kind of basis for real appeal here, because they said in order for came to be correct about the jury, members and about the venue need to be changed. Needed to find that war. was being said by the jury members and by the media had to be in. Amatory had to be incorrect. I had you of
changed what was in some way that we have been unfair to him. But the thing was when they went through all information, they couldn't find anything that wasn't true what you're not in a fair right slander, reliable. When it's true, didn't go to a real estate agent and talk about buying a bunch of acreage in a nice bay home and all this we need a job when are claiming to happen, pretty you can sell that you don't have wet weather not true. Here I have to give props to the jury. Less involved. In this case, I have to give proper to the investigators involved with the case. Everyone did their job. His appeal is shot down. Obviously As we said, the mother Linda and his brother Chris still vouch for crag apps really do not believe he was involved with this crime and most of the residents in that area feel like
robin was involved. Somehow I guess had some power tat s a lot of pressure on the sheriff to go after robin and arrest her? They said they would arrest her if they had enough evidence, but they don't prosecution. The da's like I'm, not gonna, go after her, so why would the sheriff bother arresting her? I think part of its cost I mean why spend all that money for another trial when they don't like they have enough. What to appease the public mean nothing is going to be perfect, you might argue that you believe robin knew you have to of it in a court of law, There was also an interesting question put to Linda. journalists wanted to know if she believed that robbing I have been involved now. Let me Linda's response of no comment is not surprising. This is my personal belief. I think when family members are in denial or don't accept
that someone they love was involved in horrific crimes against them and other family members, its safety there protect, themselves I get that its twin humans are were built. That way try to find ways to survive, and if India were to come out and say yeah, I think robins involved. Where does that lead? It would be back to craig my opinion. I was this not connected. There's also the complicated matter of the grandchildren, because robin carries kids there. Three kids, located issue. If she comes out and says, oh, I think robin was involved. Robin so has custody of those kids. Now, luckily, there was a quarter, wayne and linda shares that custody, but- Is that going to work out if she's out there saying I think robin had something to do with this. Oh, this is, I think, keeping the peace and with robbins testimony. I mean I think that she would be
more prone to say, rabbits, not involved because she doesn't think Craig was involved died. I think it's a package deal. There It's really interesting to, because when this whole a fair was exposed, and there were arguments going on someone heads. That full of response was. He was so livid upset it what it was going to do, the family and the reputation but Linda had a different take on it. Should thought oh well, carry and robin we'll get divorced, and then robin will be with Craig. That was her response. That is very different from her husband's response and from carries. when I understand carry, did not want a divorce and he loved her he was definitely trying to work his wife back into his life. Urban paints, this picture of well, we kind of drifting apart because, especially with the downturn in real estate. He was a lot of time at the office pry, because He was trying to stay afloat somehow.
making a lot more work to do that and she started, I bawling craig height the day, bad boy, the dead beat. I had all the free time. And that's the way she put it was he gave me the attention that carry didn't. She did go on and say that carry was a great husband and a great father. She gives them a lot of credit. She had a lot of good things to say I am robin has since move gone remarried, and has her three children with her new husband. Thanks for joy, Yes for another episode of generation. Why? If you enjoy the show, please leave us review where we listen, that could be an apple pie, cas or cash box, pod being wherever rollo or social media for twitter at general, pod, instagram generation. Why podcast, which is my favorite and, of course book the generation, why podcast
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